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Investigating early childhood teachers' understandings of and practices in education for sustainability in Queensland: a Japan-Australia research collaboration. Inoue, Michiko; O'Gorman, Lyndal; Davis, Julie Jul 1, 2016 7912
Developing a course content strategy: what every institution needs to know about the future of learning materials. Ellis, Tony Feb 1, 2016 602
Want to teach college? Become an adjunct! French, G. Richard; Swartz, Brenda; Taurman, Kenneth R. Dec 1, 2015 3198
The discourse of drama supporting literacy learning in an early years classroom. Harden, Annette Essay Oct 1, 2015 5475
Linking practice with theory to model cultural responsiveness: lessons learned from a collaborative service-learning project in an urban elementary classroom. Endo, Rachel Case study Sep 22, 2015 8148
Peach State Health Plan's Partnership with the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society Provides Resources and Education to Support Women's Health in Georgia. Sep 14, 2015 460
Beyond the criteria: evidence of teacher learning in a performance assessment. Stewart, Anissa R.; Scalzo, Jennifer N.; Merino, Nicole; Nilsen, Katherine Jun 22, 2015 11283
Cultivating mathematical affections: the influence of Christian faith on mathematics pedagogy. Wilkerson, Joshua B. Essay Jun 1, 2015 9308
Top-level budget vs. detail-level actuals. Jelen, Bill Jun 1, 2015 902
Negative or crippling results of multiple-choice test question on effective teaching and learning. Edwards, Matthew E. Apr 1, 2015 265
Teaching human anatomy and physiology: a comparison of student response system quizzes to conventional paper tests (multiple choice) at Jacksonville State University. Rayburn, James R. Report Apr 1, 2015 249
Study finds volunteers can boost reading proficiency and resources in schools. Mar 4, 2015 1230
Influences on teachers' decisions about literacy for secondary students with severe disabilities. Ruppar, Andrea L.; Gaffney, Janet S.; Dymond, Stacy K. Case study Jan 1, 2015 9226
Gathering totals from worksheets of various size. Jelen, Bill Nov 1, 2014 792
Assessment in early primary education: an empirical study of five school contexts. DeLuca, Christopher; Hughes, Scott Oct 1, 2014 9859
Study the relationship between classroom management styles and pupils' exam anxiety. Nejad, Mohammad Ali Taleghani; Asadzadeh, Hassan Report Jun 1, 2014 2732
Effect of heuristic teaching on scores of elementary schools' students. Tiari, Keyvan; Ghaemi, Mahdi; Naghezade-Anhar, Abdolhossin; Asadi, Hadi Apr 15, 2014 2982
Writing Strategies for the Common Core: Integrating Reading Comprehension Into the Writing Process Grades 6-8. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 139
Characteristics of exemplary programs in preparing graduate assistants to teach economics. Milkman, Martin; McCoy, James Author abstract Mar 22, 2014 3471
Supporting striving readers through technology-based instruction. Laverick, DeAnna M. Mar 22, 2014 4109
Using experiments and media to introduce game theory into the principles classroom. Nikolaev, Boris Mar 22, 2014 3583
Joyce Sibbett: education through a child's lens. Felix, Devin Interview Mar 1, 2014 667
Exploring linguistic repertoires: multiple language use and multimodal literacy activity in five classrooms. D'warte, Jacqueline Report Feb 1, 2014 6125
Reading and language arts worksheets don't grow dendrites; 20 literacy strategies that engage the brain, 2d ed. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 161
Developing critical languaculture pedagogies in higher education; theory and practice. Book review Dec 1, 2013 116
Playing Jeopardy in the classroom: an empirical study. Simkin, Mark G. Sep 22, 2013 6402
Teaching the skills that children need to succeed. Brody, Scott Sep 1, 2013 2971
Mini camp ... a taste of sleep-away camp. Dawson, Bonnie; Clark-Thomas, Beth Anne Jul 1, 2013 2058
The cool counselor for the right reasons. Maguire, Stephen May 1, 2013 1399
Let's cook Alaska. Anderson, Tasha Brief article May 1, 2013 273
ATIcourses Develops Professional Coursework List for Today's Most In-Demand Technical Training Topics. Apr 11, 2013 770
Effectiveness of implementation of it enhanced pedagogy in business schools in Delhi-NCR. Anupama, R.; Bansal, Sanjeev Apr 1, 2013 4539
Mackin Educational Resources Expands New School Services Department. Jan 19, 2013 329
Developing reflective writing as effective pedagogy. Kennison, Monica Sep 1, 2012 4424
Pedagogical content knowledge for preschool mathematics: construct validity of a new teacher interview. McCray, Jennifer S.; Chen, Jie-Qi Report Jul 1, 2012 7981
Teaching by numbers--inside the modern classroom. Deakin, Quentin Essay Jun 1, 2012 3018
Access and awareness of ICT resources and services in medical college libraries in Puducherry. Dhanavandan, S.; Esmail, S. Mohammed; Nagarajan, M. Report May 1, 2012 4057
Evaluation effort slow getting out of the gate. Apr 19, 2012 600
Problem contexts for thinking about equality: an additional resource. Barlow, Angela T.; Harmon, Shannon E. Mar 1, 2012 2634
'Where have all the flowers gone?' Motivating continuation of languages in secondary school. Absalom, Matthew Report Feb 1, 2012 3871
Performance evaluation of the centre for efficient renewable energy in buildings. Bavan, Jeya; Day, Tony Report Jan 1, 2012 3382
Editorial: introduction to special issue on thinking and behavior. Crone-Todd, Darlene E. Editorial Dec 1, 2011 1092
Thinking through text comprehension I: foundation and guiding relations. Layng, T.V. Joe; Sota, Melinda; Leon, Marta Dec 1, 2011 7623
Thinking through text comprehension III: the programing of verbal and investigative repertoires. Leon, Marta; Layng, T.V. Joe; Sota, Melinda Dec 1, 2011 8253
Use of multidimensional library anxiety scale on education and psychology students in Iran. Erfanmanesh, Mohammadamin Report Aug 1, 2011 4168
Teaching mapping for digital natives: new pedagogical ideas for undergraduate cartography education. Harvey, Francis; Kotting, Jennifer Report Jul 1, 2011 4849
Information sources used by postgraduate students in library and information science: a citation analysis of dissertations. Echezona, R.I.; Okafor, V.N.; Ukwoma, S.C. Report Jul 1, 2011 2594
Supportive care needs after an acute stroke: a descriptive enquiry of caregivers' perspective. MacIsaac, Laura; Harrison, Margaret B.; Buchanan, Diane; Hopman, Wilma M. Report Jun 1, 2011 5584
Student preferences in library website vocabulary. Polger, Mark Aaron Jun 1, 2011 6086
The effect of teacher coaching with performance feedback on behavior-specific praise in inclusion classrooms. Duchaine, Ellen L.; Jolivette, Kristine; Fredrick, Laura D. Report May 1, 2011 6273
Reference service in academic libraries: accommodation of international students. Ademodi, Olugbenga Report Apr 1, 2011 4119
HCI-Book? Perspectives on e-book research, 2006-2008 (foundational to implementing new knowledge environments). Siemens, Ray; Dobson, Teresa; Ruecker, Stan; Cunningham, Richard; Galey, Alan; Warwick, Claire; Siem Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 20064
Partnership for Research & Education in Plants (PREP): involving high school students in authentic research in collaboration with scientists. Brooks, Eric; Dolan, Erin; Tax, Frans Mar 1, 2011 4294
Internet services in Nigerian private universities: a case study. Anyira, Isaac Echezonam Case study Feb 1, 2011 3645
Innovative teaching to engage and challenge twenty-first century entrepreneurship students: an interdisciplinary approach. Lane, Paul; Hunt, Jodee; Farris, John Author abstract Jan 1, 2011 7493
Learning style differences. Berry, Thomas; Settle, Amber Report Jan 1, 2011 2993
At war with the state in order to save the lives of our children: the battle to save ethnic studies in Arizona. Romero, Augustine F. Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2010 6071
Error analysis of brailled instructional materials produced by public school personnel in Texas. Herzberg, Tina Report Dec 1, 2010 4912
Impact of fiscal resources allocation to schools based on a differentiated supervision model. Epps, Adrian L. Report Nov 13, 2010 4189
If you want to know why students fail, just ask them: self and peer assessments of factors affecting academic performance. DeVilbiss, Carita; Rice, Valerie J.; Laws, Linda; Alfred, Petra Oct 1, 2010 3797
Building fluent performance: measuring response rate and multiplying response opportunities. Binder, Carl Report Sep 22, 2010 6306
Integrating frequency-based mathematics instruction with a multi-level assessment system to enhance response to intervention frameworks. Moors, Alison; Weisenburgh-Snyder, Amy; Robbins, Joanne Sep 22, 2010 9244
A comparative analysis of the CABAS[R] model of education at the Fred S. Keller School: a twenty-year review. Singer-Dudek, Jessica; Speckman, JeanneMarie; Nuzzolo, Robin Sep 22, 2010 5522
College research methodology courses: revisiting general instructional goals and objectives. Lei, Simon A. Report Sep 1, 2010 2406
Global perspectives on medical practice: taking teaching skills to Laos. Splete, Heidi Interview Apr 1, 2010 1265
Lessons from ten years of TEAC's accrediting activity. Murray, Frank B. Report Mar 22, 2010 4822
Managing cognitive load in the mathematics classroom. Chinnappan, Mohan; Chandler, Paul Mar 22, 2010 2919
Access to health information by people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Edewor, Nelson Report Feb 1, 2010 3119
Evaluation of references in dissertations and theses against the holdings in a university library. Omoba, Florence Adeola; Fabunmi, Beatrice Ayodeji Report Feb 1, 2010 5940
A transdisciplinary approach to faculty development in nursing education technology. Griffin-Sobel, Joyce P.; Acee, Anna; Sharoff, Leighsa; Cobus-Kuo, Laura; Woodstock-Wallace, Anne; Do Jan 1, 2010 2333
The effects of a human sexuality course on college students' sexual attitudes and perceived course outcomes. Pettijohn, Terry F., II; Dunlap, Audrey V. Report Jan 1, 2010 5216
Smoking and asthma prevalence in Celal Bayar University Medical School students/Celal Bayar Universitesi Saglik Grubu ogrencilerinde sigara ve astim prevalansi. Goktalay, Tugba; Ozyurt, Beyhan Cengiz; Celik, Pinar Report Dec 1, 2009 3044
Does collecting and grading homework assignments impact student achievement in an introductory economics course? Geide-Stevenson, Doris Sep 1, 2009 3994
Pedagogies of absence: education beyond an ethos of standardization. O'Malley, Michael P. Essay Jun 22, 2009 1567
E-learning and problem based learning integration in cardiology education/Kardiyoloji egitiminde e-ogrenme ve probleme dayali ogrenme entegrasyonu. Gurpinar, Erol; Zayim, Nese; Basarici, Ibrahim; Gunduz, Filiz; Asar, Mevlut; Oguz, Nurettin Report Jun 1, 2009 3839
But can they work? students learning outside of the classroom. Underwood, Julia Report Mar 1, 2009 2955
Missouri district brings struggling learners up to snuff. Pascopella, Angela Dec 1, 2008 580
Looking up data from worksheets using INDIRECT. Jelen, Bill Sep 1, 2008 858
Introducing digit analysis with an interactive class exercise. Linville, Mark Report Sep 1, 2008 5675
An investigation of the impacts of teacher-driven professional development on pedagogy and student learning. Colbert, Joel A.; Brown, Richard S.; Choi, SunHee; Thomas, Steven Report Mar 22, 2008 7240
Learn about Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes Wholesalers in the US. Feb 22, 2008 316
New Study Finds Schools Don't Target Resources to Students Near Proficiency Threshold in Response to NCLB. Oct 31, 2007 545
The Pedagogy of The Sun Also Rises. Daiker, Donald A. Sep 22, 2007 6488
The politics of pedagogy: civics education and epistemology at Victorian primary schools, 1930s and 1950s. MacKnight, Vicki Jul 1, 2007 9712
Keller's Personalized System of Instruction: was it a fleeting fancy or is there a revival on the horizon? Eyre, Heidi L. Jun 22, 2007 4108
Guided notes: an interactive method for success in secondary and college mathematics classrooms. Montis, Kristine K. Jun 22, 2007 4553
An experimental exercise used to determine if Mississippi's science framework is adequately preparing high school graduates to make informed decisions about groundwater. Beasley, Rodney W.; Hamil, Burnett; May, James; Schmitz, Darrel Apr 1, 2007 2691
An overview of international research into the library and information needs of visually impaired people. Davies, J.E. Mar 22, 2007 4605
Of words and women: Southern Baptist publications and the progress of women in the 1970s. Shaw, Susan M. Interview Mar 22, 2007 5990
Parents' and teachers' perceptions of adolescent storm and stress: relations with parenting and teaching styles. Hines, Allyn R.; Paulson, Sharon E. Dec 22, 2006 6258
Introduction: evaluation in resource and environmental planning. Gunton, Thomas I.; Rutherford, M.B.; Williams, Peter W.; Day, J.C. Case study Dec 1, 2006 7046
NWEA Announces Enrollment of its 2000th School District; MAP Assessments Measuring Growth For Over Two Million Students. Aug 29, 2006 502
Challenging student teachers' images of teaching. Goodwin, A.L. Jun 22, 2006 3107
Washback effects on curriculum innovation. Chen, Li-Mei Jun 22, 2006 2516
Learning objects: resources for instruction. Brickell, Jean; Kanuth, Michelle; Freeman, Vicki; Latshaw, Sandra; Larson, Carol Jun 22, 2006 2516
Teaching as acting and directing. Granic-White, Maria Mar 22, 2006 3454
Light in the darkness and other celebrations and symbols. Dec 1, 2005 2174
Theorizing oppressed family pedagogy: critical lessons from a rural black family in the Post-Brown South. Hughes, Sherick Jun 22, 2005 13094
Teaching: profession or vocation? Buijs, Joseph A. Mar 1, 2005 9285
Polyphony: motivated minds. Magrath, Jane Oct 1, 2004 2236
Andragogy for adult learners in higher education. Thompson, Margaret A.; Deis, Michael H. Sep 1, 2004 5015
Hey teach! who's in the classroom and why it matters. Delgado, Chela Jun 22, 2004 2146
Confucius and Zhong/"doing one's utmost". Laumakis, Stephen J. Jan 1, 2004 3123
The knowledge guild: teachers will learn that industrial-style unionism and genuine professionalism don't mix. Doyle, Denis P. Jan 1, 2004 2573
Historical change in the cognitive and affective language of teaching. Genovese, Jeremy E.C. Dec 1, 2003 1489
Multisensory learning in inclusive classrooms. Thompson, Susan M. Sep 22, 2003 2995
Teaching mindfully: a spirituality of collaboration. Ackley, Heather Ann Sep 22, 2003 1021
Excellent teachers: exploring constructions of teaching. Vallance, R.J. Jun 22, 2003 4840
The CBA Learning Module Series, instructional design, and future directions. Eversole, Stephen Jan 1, 2003 2546
The digital bridge: divides occur all around us, but don't constrain access in the name of equality. (understanding the times). Kinnaman, Daniel E. Oct 1, 2002 663
CBI: facilitating students' medication dosage calculation and self-efficacy. (The scholarship of teaching and learning). Kitsantas, Anastasia Mar 22, 2002 2710
Mind matters: what brain-based research means for educators and for the future of math, language arts, foreign language, the arts and special education. Covino, Jennifer K. Feb 1, 2002 1987
Educational issues--cyber-learning: a primer to get you started. Bushy, Angeline Editorial Sep 22, 2001 991
Reflections of a Practitioner: Service Adds Depth to the Learning Experience for Both Student and Teacher. Winfield, Bonnie Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 898
Inquiry and Research as Foundations of Service Learning. Rappoport, Ann L. Dec 22, 2000 3468
Teaching Is Like Conducting an Orchestra. Raines, Shirley C. Brief Article Sep 22, 2000 423
Current issues regarding school-based functional assessment. Long, Ethan S.; Bahl, Alisa B. Jun 22, 2000 2144
Children playing with balloons: the 'New History' in British schools. Deuchar, Stewart Apr 1, 1997 2120
The development of Scrap's understanding of written language. Taylor, Janet B. Aug 6, 1996 3177
Pedagogy: passivity or possibility. Blasi, Mary Jane Mar 22, 1996 1986
Juggling learning and entertainment. Vukelich, Carol Jun 22, 1994 354

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