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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2012)

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A case study: using integrated approach to design a net-zero bank branch. Athalye, Rahul; Xie, Yulong; Liu, Bing; Baechler, Michael Report 3725
A comprehensive review of radiant barrier research including laboratory and field experiments. Medina, Mario A. Report 4037
A load-aggregation method to calculate extraction temperatures of borehole heat exchangers. Claesson, Johan; Javed, Saqib Report 5749
A method to evaluate thermal response tests on groundwater-filled boreholes. Javed, Saqib; Nakos, Helena; Claesson, Johan Report 4760
A model for predicting wireless signal transmission performance of ZigBee-based sensor networks in residential houses. Li, Hui; Zhao, Lingying; Ling, Peter; Liu, Jia Report 7393
A new approach to determining passenger rail vehicle design fires. Tubbs, Jeffrey; Alston, Jarrod; Johann, Matthew; Meacham, Brian; Dembsey, Nicholas; Schebel, Kurt Report 4137
A new approach to modeling the energy performance of hydronic systems with pressure dependent control valves. Wallace, McHenry, Jr. Report 3943
A proposed method of test for spoilage of fruits and vegetables. Lineberry, Kristopher R.; Pate, Michael; Brehm-Stecher, Byron Report 2827
A virtual chilled-water flow meter development at Air handling unit level. Swamy, Atul; Song, Li; Wang, Gang Report 4882
Advanced unitary HVAC control sequence. Hart, Reid Report 4193
Advancing from the current state of energy retrofits to the future state. Freihaut, James; Hallacher, Paul Report 2632
AHRI Standard 550-590 overview of latest updates Performance Rating of Water-Chilling and Heat Pump Water-Heating Packages Using the Vapor Compression Cycle. Smith, Saunders Report 3687
An analysis of photovoltaic performance on fire station buildings in London. Day, Tony; Clark, Dan Report 3736
An empirical thermal comfort model for transient metabolic conditions. Ugursal, Ahmet; Culp, Charles H. Report 6231
An experimentally validated modeling of refrigerant distribution in a parallel microchannel evaporator. Tuo, Hanfei; Bielskus, Algirdas; Hrnjak, Pega Report 3532
An innovative dedicates outdoor air application for a government office tower. Hallenbeck, Michael Report 4129
Applications of Low Temperature Fluid (LTF) in thermally stratified thermally stratified Thermal Energy Energy Storage (TES). Andrepont, John S. Report 3588
Assessment of health-care worker exposure to pandemic flu in hospital rooms. Ghia, U.; Konangi, S.; Kishore, A.; Gressel, M.; Mead, K.; Earnest, G. Report 3983
Atrium smoke management natural venting challenges. Sinclair, Ray; Du, Xiangdong Report 5915
Central plant energy savings by operator training. Field, Brandon S.; Ellert, David Report 3869
Cold climates heat pump design optimization. Abdelaziz, Omar; Shen, Bo Report 4083
Commissioning, field testing, and maintenance of fans for life safety applications in tunnels. Feuser, Michael J. Report 2937
Comparison of heat loss and water waste characteristics of bundled vs. single pipe hot water distribution systems. Hiller, Carl C. Report 3075
Comparison of simplified computational methods of flexibility analysis to determine thermally developed U-bend and L-bend anchor forces. Robinson, Sean; Fisher, D. Scott Report 2979
Comprehensive climate analysis & passive architecture to achieve a net-zero laboratory. Feucht, Alissa; Gassman, Joshua Report 2860
Control of corrosion, microbiology & deposition in large thermal chilled water storage systems, a system management perspective. Becker, Henry; Cohen, Jon Report 2645
Control of space pressurization for sealed or tight rooms. Coogan, James Report 2591
Cooling system design for data centers utilizing containment architecture. Wilson, Davis Report 2943
Data center air energy recovery techniques. Peterson, John; McLellan, Douglas; English, Ecton Report 3539
Design and application considerations for smoke management fans. Smith, Robert Z. Report 2834
Design fires for road tunnels safety design. Kashef, A.; Viegas, J.; Mos, A.; Harvey, N. Report 3678
Design of practical hybrid ventilation building in central Tokyo. Maria-Alejandra; Menchaca-Brandan; Ray, Stephen; Glicksman, Leon R. Report 3687
Developing advanced virtual models of combined buildings and systems for energy reduction and integrating renewables. Ford, Andy; Butterss, Ian; Brown, Tim Report 2392
Domestic hot water system performance improvement at a large university campus. Chen, Hui; Bruner, Homer, Jr.; Henry, Robert; Williams, Les; Riley, James Report 4719
Ductless task air-conditioning. Law, Tim; Sargison, Jane; Fay, Roger; Banbury, Steven Report 2820
Easy-to-use methods for multi-chiller plant energy and cost evaluation. Duda, Stephen W. Report 5345
Effect of condensation temperature and water quality on fouling of brazed-plate heat exchangers. Cremaschi, Lorenzo; Barve, Atharva; Wu, Xiaoxiao Report 9272
Effect of hybrid ventilation system on indoor environment and annual cooling load in a high-rise building. Miura, Katsuhiro; Takemasa, Yuichi; Katoh, Masahiro; Hiraoka, Masaya Report 7333
Energy audit analysis of residential air-conditioning systems in Austin, Texas. Rhodes, Joshua; Stephens, Brent; Webber, Michael E. Report 4032
Energy conservation through filtration and hydronic free cooling. Oranski, George; Mayes, Scott Report 3416
Energy efficiency, air flow regime and relative humidity in air- conditioned surgical operating theatres. Khalil, Essam E. Report 2813
Evaluation of ASHRAE dilution models to estimate dilution from rooftop exhausts. Gupta, Amit; Stathopoulos, Theodore; Saathoff, Patrick Report 8838
Exhibition and congress halls sustainable design. Warwicker, Brian; Cash, Dan Report 4578
Experimental and computational investigation of flow regimes and thermal patterns in a subway station. Khalil, Essam E.; El-Bialy, Esmail M. Report 1971
Experimental evaluation of air-side particulate fouling performance of heat exchangers. Sun, Yigang; Zhang, Yuanhui; Barker, Douglas; Ford, Steve; Johnson, Mark Report 6235
Experimental study of refrigerant two phase separation in a compact vertical T-junction. Tuo, Hanfei; Hrnjak, Pega Report 3552
Exploring alternatives to the "typical meteorological year" for incorporating climate change into building design. Rabideau, Shannon L.; Passe, Ulrike; Takle, Eugene S. Report 4479
Extremely Low Energy Design for Army Buildings: barracks. Liesen, Richard; Ellis, Peter; Zhivov, Alexander; Herron, Dale Report 14737
Extremely low-energy design for Army buildings: dining facility. Deru, Michael; Langner, Rois; Zhivov, Alexander; Liesen, Richard; Herron, Dale; Smith, Vernon Report 11434
Extremely low-energy design for Army buildings: tactical equipment maintenance facility. Langner, Rois; Deru, Michael; Zhivov, Alexander; Liesen, Richard; Herron, Dale Report 8606
Feasibility of foundation heat exchangers for residential ground source heat pump systems in the united states. Cullin, James R.; Xing, Lu; Lee, Edwin; Spitler, Jeffrey D.; Fisher, Daniel E. Report 5137
Field-test of the new ASHRAE/CIBSE/USGBC Performance Measurement Protocols for commercial buildings: basic level. Kim, Hyojin; Haberl, Jeff S. Report 4037
Heat pump water heater technology assessment based on laboratory research and energy simulation models. Hudon, Kate; Sparn, Bethany; Christensen, Dane; Maguire, Jeff Report 14556
How to make a 155 year old building a high performance building. Lubbehusen, Michael; Thornsbury, Terry Report 3542
Hydrothermal energy: sustainable benefits for island and coastal communities. Jagusztyn, Tadeusz "Ted" Report 4948
Improving the energy performance of a university building through fault detection and building systems diagnostics. Fahim, Zara; Wang, Xinlei Report 3621
In-field performance of condensing boilers. Arena, Lois B.; Butcher, Thomas A.; Zoeller, William A.; Shapiro, Carl R. Report 3879
Influence of filter fiber material on removal of ultrafine and submicron particles using carbon fiber ionizer-assisted intermediate air filters. Shi, Bingbing; Ekberg, Lars E.; Truschel, Anders; Gusten, Jan Report 3553
Installation effects on air outlet performance, part I: ideal performance-testing optimization and results. Landsberger, Brian; Reynolds, Douglas; Poots, Zaccary Report 7391
Installation effects on air outlet performance, part II: field air outlet throw and pressure loss performance difference from ideal. Landsberger, Brian; Reynolds, Douglas; Poots, Zaccary Report 11474
Installation effects on air outlet performance, part III: field air outlet sound generation performance difference from ideal. Landsberger, Brian; Reynolds, Douglas; Poots, Zaccary Report 6918
Integrated building design in tropical climates: lessons learned from the ENERPOS net zero energy building. Garde, Francis; Ottenwelter, Eric; Bornarel, Alain Report 5135
Integrated design-build delivery team achieves aggressive building energy performance goals. Allen, Duane; Stine, Todd; Avery, Jack; Marseille, Tom; Boysen, Tom; Paulson, Kimberly; Chaloeicheep Report 2550
Integrated project delivery: the obstacles of implementation. Fish, Amanda J.; Keen, Julia Report 5556
Laboratory testing of saddle-tap tees to determine loss coefficients. Nalla, A.N.; Idem, S. Report 5164
Large scale residential/municipal RES integrated refurbishment construction and HVAC systems engineering R&D needs. Todorovic, Marija Report 5493
Legislative aspects of enforcing renewables integration and success of implementation. Davies, Hywel Report 3147
Literature review of the effect of temperature and humidity on viruses. Memarzadeh, Farhad Report 10759
Low GWP R-404A alternatives for commercial refrigeration. Minor, Barbara; Wells, Ward Report 2322
Low outdoor temperature heat pump applications to reduce electric resistance second stage heat. Bush, John; Domitrovic, Ron; Amarnath, Ammi Report 4074
Maintenance and repair of building 4, Fort Benning, Georgia: bringing integrated design to existing buildings. Castelvecchi, Patrick; Mayfield, Robert Report 4261
Maximum residential energy efficiency: performance results from long-term monitoring of a passive house. Stecher, Dave; Allison, Kate Report 4155
Measured residential hot water end use. Schoenbauer, Ben; Bohac, Dave; Hewett, Martha Report 7697
Measurements of flat oval diverging-flow fitting loss coefficients. Idem, D.C.; Gibbs S. 3960
Measurements of frost growth on louvered folded fins of microchannel heat exchangers, part 1: experimental methodology. Hong, Tommy; Moallem, Ehsan; Cremaschi, Lorenzo; Fisher, Daniel E. Report 10586
Measurements of pipe insulation thermal conductivity at below ambient temperatures Part I: experimental methodology and dry tests. Cremaschi, Lorenzo; Cai, Shanshan; Worthington, Kasey; Ghajar, Afshin J. Report 9643
Metal-foam enhanced PCM storage system: the cylinder-in-cylinder geometry. Dukhan, Nihad; Chen, Chun-Long Report 2780
Modeling of household refrigerator performance with low global warming potential alternative refrigerants. Leighton, Daniel; Hwang, Yunho; Radermacher, Reinhard Report 3688
Modeling the performance of ECM and SCR parallel fan-powered terminal units in single-duct VAV systems. Davis, Michael A.; Bryant, John A.; O'Neal, Dennis L. Report 5664
Modeling the performance of ECM and SCR series fan-powered terminal units in single-duct VAV systems. Davis, Michael A.; Bryant, John A.; O'Neal, Dennis L. Report 6739
Multi-zone test facility for variable capacity multi-split heat pump systems. Upadhye, Harshal; Domitrovic, Ron; Amarnath, Ammi Report 2980
Multiple-zone variable refrigerant flow system modeling and equipment performance mapping. Shen, Bo; Rice, C. Keith Report 4957
Net zero building cluster energy systems analysis for U.S. Army installations. Zhivov, Alexander; Liesen, Richard J.; Richter, Stephan; Jank, Reinhard; Underwood, David M.; Neth, Report 11292
Neural networks approach for energy consumption in air-conditioned administrative building. Khalil, Essam E.; Medhat, Ahmed A.; Morkos, Samy M.; Salem, Mohamed Y. Report 3023
NYCT R-142 train design fire scenario characteristics. Sanchez, J. Greg Report 2902
Occupancy based heating/cooling for low energy affordable housing in hot-humid climates. Andolsun, Simge; Culp, Charles Report 4399
Occupancy of Australian office buildings: how accurate are typical assumptions used in energy performance simulation and what is the impact of inaccuracy. Egan, Aileen Marie "Annie" Report 3804
Ongoing commissioning based on BMS data logs. Feng, Yiming; Chang, Cheng; Wei, Qingpen Report 3566
Optimizing efficiency: minimizing the combined energy use of fans and ventilation air conditioning. Chang, Roger; Hawit, Omar; Wilson, Chris Report 3599
Parametric Laboratory Evaluation of Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters. Glanville, Paul; Kosar, Douglas; Suchorabski, Daniel Report 12087
Passive Houses: what may happen when energy efficiency becomes the only paradigm? Hens, H. Report 3518
Performance evaluation of the centre for efficient renewable energy in buildings. Bavan, Jeya; Day, Tony Report 3382
Practical and policy-relevant performance metrics for complex fenestration systems. Dave, Shreya; Andersen, Marilyne Report 3969
Real time optimization of building combined heat and power systems. Delgoshaei, Payam; Treado, Stephen; Windham, Andrew Report 2895
Regression models for estimating monthly energy consumptions in schools in hot and humid climates. Nassif, Nabil Report 4667
Renewable energy policy initiatives in UAE and Pakistan. Mehboob, Farooq Report 3212
Renewable energy sources within urban areas: results from European case studies. Eicker, Ursula Report 3801
Renewable energy utilization in Chinese buildings: technology development and demonstration projects. Shan, Ming; Yang, Ming; Yang, Xudong Report 3082
Residential ground source heat pumps with integrated domestic hot water generation: performance results from long-term monitoring. Stecher, Dave; Allison, Kate Report 3422
Retrofit energy efficiency modeling, assessments, and integrated technologies: seeking solutions for small and medium sized buildings. Sweetser, Richard Report 5345
Simulation modeling of a central chiller plant. Nelson, Kirby Report 5283
Simulation modeling of central chilled water systems. Nelson, Kirby Report 6138
State of the society. Jarnagin, Ron 1226
Status of renewable energy systems in the United States. Peterson, Kent W. Report 2732
Technical program: 2012 ASHRAE Winter Conference Chicago, Illinois. Calendar 23728
The challenges of treating large thermal storage and district cooling systems. Walicki, Robert S.; Yu, F. Philip; Blagojevich, Danny Report 1910
The current state of energy retrofits for small and medium buildings. Wagner, Timothy C. Report 3871
The impact of a combined dynamic shading system on the thermal performance of building perimeter zones. Rao, Sagar; Tzempelikos, Athanasios Report 3597
The prospect of hydrothermal net-zero energy data centers. Jagusztyn, Tadeusz "Ted" Report 4993
The role of solar and other renewable energy sources on the strategic energy planning: Africa's status & views. Khalil, Essam E. Report 877
Thermal network model for variable flow ground heat exchanger systems. Ruan, Wei; Horton, William Travis Report 2840
Toward net-zero energy labs in northern climate - montreal examples. Charneux, Roland Report 1610
Under-floor pressure control: a superior method of controlling data center cooling. Moss, David Report 3821
Use of first law energy balance as a screening tool for building energy data: part II - experiences of its implementation as a data quality control tool. Baltazar, Juan-Carlos; Claridge, David E.; Ji, Jing; Masuda, Hiroko; Deng, Song Report 3107
Using CUSUM method to detect faults in secondary HVAC systems. Li, Zhengwei; Paredis, Christiaan J.; Augenbroe, Godfried Report 2745
Ventilation approaches for shopping malls - an examination of natural and Hybrid Strategies. Hamlyn, David; Cash, Daniel; Still, Gwilym; Armitage, Philip; Fitzgerald, Shaun Report 3918
Ventilation effectiveness of building cluster. Tsui, Kc; Li, Yuguo Report 4080
Ventilation rate investigations in Minnesota bars and restaurants. Bohac, David L.; Hewett, Martha J.; Kapphahn, Kristopher I.; Grimsrud, David T. Report 3402
Water and energy wasted during residential shower events: findings from a pilot field study of hot-water distribution systems. Lutz, James D. Report 3313

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