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Articles from RISTI (Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao) (June 30, 2016)

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Title Author Type Words
A study of English intelligent classroom model based on artificial intelligence and emotion judgment. Ning, Wang Report 4056
An empirical study on spatial heterogeneity of manufacturing OFDI reverse technology spillover and dynamic threshold of absorption capacity. Fei, Shen 5496
Application of biological chip technology in sports field. Ming, Shi 4116
Application of GPS based intelligent dispatching system in public transportation. Tian, Luo; Yunjiao, Zhang; Jianyou, Zhao 4338
Application of multimedia system in the training of basketball tactics. Bing, Wu 4306
Applications of methods of information technologies in engineering and social sciences. Dinghai, Li; Jiaqiao, Sheng 237
Construction of emergency logistics system based on internet of things. Lianming, Zhao 3567
Criterios Editoriais/Criterios Editoriales. 328
Design and practice of the schedule arrangement system of track and field sports competition based on artificial intelligence. Yu, Sun 3130
Logistics forecasting method based on a hybrid quantum particle swarm optimization and RBF neural network model. Khan, Syed Abdul Rehman; Yu, Zhang 2854
Multiphase-interacting equations and their solutions in simulation of coalbed gas migration. Chen, Junguo; Liu, Weiqun; Li, Qiang; Yi, Zhengfeng; Shang, xiaoji 3426
Qualitative analysis of a rumor transmission model with multiple transmission pathways. Hua, Chen 4498
Research and analysis of computer aided of table tennis training. Shuaixu, Li 4763
Research on artificial intelligence evaluation model based on BP neural network. Fan, Huang; Guoyong, Lin 5049
Research on curriculum inquiry teaching based on artificial intelligence. Fu, Wang; Chao, Ma 4185
Research on damage mechanics of modified soil sub-grade in cold regions under coupling effect of freeze-thaw cycle and load. Li-qun, Zhang; Hong-huan, Cui Report 3607
Research on data processing technology in table tennis match. Peng, Li 4131
Research on digital art creation based on artificial intelligence. Yu, Yu 3911
Research on English Language Teaching mode based on computer network education. Han, Guojun 3836
Research on EOT filter of abnormal transmission of Terahertz sub wavelength hole. Xiang, Liu; Dongxiao, Yang; Chunyan, Yu 3993
Research on innovation design of Chinese paper cutting pattern based on evolutionary algorithm. Chenyuan, Guo 4498
Research on intelligent control strategy of urban parking guidance system based on artificial intelligence. Yinglong, Ge 4106
Research on the application of artificial intelligence computer assisted instruction system in college physical education. Ying, Chen 4256
Research on the application of computer technology in the center community construction of the experimentation area of the two-oriented society in Hunan Province. Chun, Yi; Qingqing, Yi 3676
Research on the architecture of sports decision making system based on AI technology expert system. Jun, Chen 3702
Research on the design of computer measurement and evaluation system of sports competitive psychology. Yingfeng, Hou 4323
Research on the dynamic simulation model of the new-energy power system based on grey-correlation analysis. Yubo, Tao; Hongkun, Chen; Jie, Wan; Xin, Liu 3775
Research on the establishment of intelligent cognitive student model. Jing, Zhang; Ning, Zhou 3697
Research on the intelligent teaching system of college basketball based on artificial intelligence. Tingting, Li 4638
The construction of English teachers' classroom teaching ability system based on artificial intelligence. Cuiye, Yu 3567
Video face tracking and recognition method based on adaptive feature subspace. Zhi, Liu 5665
Wireless sensor network node scheduling algorithm based on energy saving strategy. Wang, Zhihu 3386

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