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Articles from RISTI (Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao) (August 1, 2016)

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Title Author Type Words
A novel computer desktop image compression technology based on clustering algorithm. Wang, Xing 3739
A performance evaluation model of fiscal expenditure in the new urbanization construction based on SOM neural network. Li, Heran 3479
Adaptive sliding mode control based on RBF for slip ratio of electric vehicle. Dai, Yan; Zang, Huaiquan; Di, Congna 2679
An improved BP neural network in evaluating organizational performance of financial enterprise: a "internet plus" perspective. Xiao, Chenglin; Xia, Weili 4558
Analysis of physical education mode based on multimedia information technology. Zhao, Huali 4914
Analysis of the impact of industrial cluster on urbanization based on data mining. Li, Jie; Hu, Bin 3994
Challenges of the era of big data and information technology application. Zhang, Ning 233
Dynamic analysis of psychological capital impact on individual growth of college students based on data mining. Yan, Liping 4049
Effect of sol-gel composite treatment on corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy based on computer simulation. Wang, Yufeng 4484
In silico network pharmacology-based dissection of mechanisms of the Chinese herb Radix Isatidis as an effective treatment of respiratory tract diseases. Shi, Hailong; Cui, Yaya; Wang, Yucheng; Fan, Yingying; Gong, Jiaxin; Zhang, Hong; Dang, Lin; Yan, Sh 5622
Land use classification based on texture feature of multiple-source remote sensing image. Xue, Jinru; Huang, Linya; Su, Baofeng 5361
Nonlinear visual predictive control from invariant visual features. Ye, Guoqiang; Li, Weiguang 4989
Optimization techniques for floating-point division of ternary optical computer. Xu, Qun; Wang, Lei 6161
Optimized approach of Sobel operator of image edge detection using model-based design. Ma, Xiaojuan; Nie, Yang 2624
Performance evaluation of logistics system based on analytic hierarchy process. Ren, Zejuan; Peng, Xu 4359
Positive analysis and research on internet plus education flipped classroom teaching model. Zhu, Zaiying; Chen, Xuegang 5371
Research and analysis on the reverberation scattering characteristics for active sonar echo detection system. Wu, Xiaotan; Liu, Jiyuan; Zhang, Chunhua 3931
Research on a feedback teaching approach based on automatic control feedback theory. Jiang, Chang; Xia, Mingna; Wang, Jun; Zhang, Haitao; Shi, Yunsong 2813
Research on computer-aided NURBS application of constructing female models based on Maya. Sun, Qinggang 1836
Research on credit evaluation of cross-border E-commerce negotiation based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. Yang, Shuling; Hou, Yan; Liu, Dawei 4804
Research on industry ecosystem stability and interaction mechanism of influencing factors based on data mining method. Geng, Jiafei; Zhan, Lizhen 4237
Research on the accounting information construction path based on internet of things and data mining. Wang, Yufa 3945
Research on the artistic value and technology application of environment art design based on computer-aided design. Liu, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Xin 3181
Research on the clustering analysis algorithm for data mining. Yue, Weiting 4075
Research on the college students' entrepreneurial team building based on data mining techniques. Li, Feng; Zhong, Junsheng 3921
Research on the computer-aided business process management based on data mining and apriori algorithm. Gong, Jianhu 3203
Research on the inter-core communication of multi-core embedded system via FPGA. Nie, Yang; Jing, Lili; Ma, Zhenhuan 2987
Research on the internet financial accurate model for poverty alleviation based on multi-agent and data mining. Liu, Dapeng; Wu, Ye 3845
Research on the meat food vacuum cooling model based on ANSYS simulation. Li, Bin; Kang, Zhuangli; Ma, Hanjun 3943
Research on the network security based on PrefixSpan algorithm in data mining. Zhang, Hao; Ye, Zhanxiang 4403
Research on the regional differences of financial agglomeration and economic growth based on data mining. Gong, Chenyiming; Ban, Hongyi 4660
Research on the relationship between internal control quality and company investment efficiency based on data mining. Du, Hongwei; Li, Juan; Lei, Linjie 4611
Research on the structure evaluation of regional tourism industry and information technology platform based on PCA method. Li, Long; Wu, Ling Report 4712
Research on the supply and demand balance mechanism model of city transportation system. Yao, Chen; Li, Chengbing 2186
Research on the teaching mode innovation in college football course based on multimedia technology. Zhao, Peng 3208
Research on the wind power system optimization and harmonic suppression methodologies. Yuan, Zhi; Wang, Weiqing 3887
Study on English vocabulary based on the computer-aided corpus. Yang, Chuanming 3043
Study on injection molding processing on conductive polymer composites based on computer-aided technology. Huang, Zan 4436
Study on the difference of regional economic growth and influencing factors based on data mining. Gao, Xiaolong; Ji, Yongbao Report 5481
Study on the influencing factors of using agricultural products mobile E-business platform based on customer value theory. Zou, Bo 4160
Study on the risk factors of sports injury accidents in colleges based on fuzzy neural network and information security. Hongmei, Deng; Xiaodong, Long; Ganchen, Tao; Heping, Du; Shaoyong, Wan; Chunjing, Tu Report 4982

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