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Alphamega shoppers get Pelikan school supplies via Stick & Win scheme. Press Release Jun 28, 2022 257
School demands money for head's new vehicle despite pupils not having books. Jun 27, 2022 302
Subway celebrates 26th anniversary with e-learning program. Jun 27, 2022 624
24-year-old teaching assistant's blood vessels burst in brain and instantly left him unable to walk or talk as he lay in classroom; In a split second his life changed. By, Laura Clements Jun 26, 2022 1993
New learning, teaching methods in private-school system to improve student competency in PHL. Jun 25, 2022 362
Don't intimidate teachers, address their grievances. Jun 25, 2022 453
It'd be wise to domicile junior secondary in primary schools. Jun 25, 2022 331
USAID Donates Teaching Aids To Three Health Institutions In Abuja. Jun 24, 2022 426
DepEd receives teaching, learning materials from USAID. Jun 24, 2022 335
UM picks Anthology's Blackboard for data insights, hybrid teaching. Jun 23, 2022 359
Teacher solon vows to support Marcos admin's planned review of the K-12 program. Jun 23, 2022 538
I'll abolish delocalisation policy, Ruto tells teachers. Jun 23, 2022 352
Private schools should invest in junior secondary to aid CBC- Magoha. Jun 23, 2022 344
Love labour: Journalist teaching IDP children for free. Jun 23, 2022 343
All schools to get CPR curriculum for first-aid soon: Salman Sufi. Jun 21, 2022 249
All schools to get CPR curriculum for first-aid soon: Salman Sufi. Jun 21, 2022 249
Chinese-aided school building inaugurated in NW Cambodia's remote area. Jun 21, 2022 430
TikTok, 10 Minute School to launch online learning campaign #EkshoTeEksho. Jun 20, 2022 478
Lawmaker Mwadkwon boosts primary education in Plateau. Jun 19, 2022 395
Comparative Study of Physical Education Teaching in Middle Schools at Home and Abroad Using Clustering Algorithm. Tan, Dejun Report Jun 18, 2022 6285
Optimization of Classroom Teaching Strategies for College English Listening and Speaking Based on Random Matrix Theory. Liao, Danlu Jun 18, 2022 7245
Application of Key Technologies of College English Online Teaching Platform in Deep Learning. Du, Minghui Jun 17, 2022 7203
Research on Teaching Quality Evaluation of Ideological Politics Teachers in Colleges and Universities Based on a Structural Equation Model. Fu, Xinggan; Chen, Wenyan Jun 17, 2022 4901
Construction of Wireless Sensor Network Video Surveillance System for Multimedia Classroom Education and Teaching under 5G Communication Network. Wu, Wenping; Lu, Biao Jun 17, 2022 7163
A Model for Analyzing Teaching Quality Data of Sports Faculties Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network. Li, Xue Jun 17, 2022 6422
Intelligent Integration Method of AI English Teaching Resource Information under Multi-Agent Collaboration. Liu, Minjuan Jun 17, 2022 6453
Application of Differential Evolution Algorithm in the Construction and Simulation of Interactive English Translation Teaching Mode. Che, Chi Jun 17, 2022 5396
COD Dual Enrollment Program Expands College Courses and Degree Pathways for District 502 High School Students. COD News Bureau Jun 17, 2022 453
Design of a Multimedia-Assisted Distance English Teaching System for College Students. Feng, Haili Jun 16, 2022 4826
Piano Teaching Knowledge Graph Construction Based on Cross-Media Data Analysis and Semantic Network. Li, Han Jun 16, 2022 6230
South Wales secondary schools rolling out the new curriculum next term. Jun 16, 2022 220
NIMASA donates educational materials to physically challenged students in C' River. Jun 16, 2022 348
Naperville's Highlands School holds school supplies drive for Haiti. Submitted by Mary Goetz Jun 16, 2022 419
Coventry primary school celebrates 60th anniversary; Potters Green has been teaching children from the local community since the early 1960s. By, Danny Thompson Jun 15, 2022 657
Summer Reading is underway at Lake Villa District Library. Nina Kenney Jun 15, 2022 277
Education Ministry survey: Over 90% J&K schools have handwash facility to keep COVID at bay. Jun 15, 2022 339
Continual Digital Twin Technology Application on the Construction of English-Chinese Bilingual Teaching Mode. Haijie, Wang; Li, Zhang Jun 15, 2022 5941
VLF donates M650k to Resource Center for the blind. Jun 14, 2022 499
Huawei, Education Ministry Deepen ICT Education. Jun 14, 2022 447
Ukrainian teachers share horror of trying to teach kids while being bombed by Russians; WhatsApp became a live feed of horrors for teachers in occupied Ukraine as 12-year-olds, 14-year-olds, and 16-year-olds all began sharing their stories of being bombed. By, Rachel Hagan Jun 13, 2022 1626
Touched by plight of pupils, Northern Ireland couple open school in Zimbabwe. Jun 13, 2022 519
Network Audio Data and Music Composition Teaching Based on Heterogeneous Cellular Network. Zhang, Qi Jun 13, 2022 7253
MOOC and Flipped Classroom Task-Based English Teaching Model for Colleges and Universities Using Data Mining and Few-Shot Learning Technology. Gong, Yujuan; Zhou, Jie Jun 13, 2022 6332
Arkansas Business Exec Q&A. Jun 13, 2022 506
Research on the Multimodal Digital Teaching Quality Data Evaluation Model Based on Fuzzy BP Neural Network. Feng, Wenyan; Feng, Fan Jun 11, 2022 6988
Evaluation of the Physical Education Teaching and Training Efficiency by the Integration of Ideological and Political Courses with Lightweight Deep Learning. Zhang, Shuaiqi Jun 11, 2022 6318
Human Intelligence Analysis through Perception of AI in Teaching and Learning. Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Jagannadham, D. B. V.; Alqahtani, Hamed; Noorulhasan Naveed, Quadri; Islam, S Jun 11, 2022 5707
Senator Donates Education Materials To Public Schools In Kwara State. Jun 11, 2022 522
Avatar Learning Center virtual math and science courses for K-12 students supplement curriculum taught in school; prepare students for upcoming academic year. Emma Sammuli Jun 10, 2022 706
Kwara: Unending hijab crisis. Jun 10, 2022 1206
Research on Mobile Ideological and Political Teaching in Universities Based on the Android Platform. Chen, Jinxin; Guan, Yuanyuan Report Jun 10, 2022 4764
Grey Relational Analysis Method for Probabilistic Double Hierarchy Linguistic Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making and Its Application to College Tennis Classroom Teaching Effect Evaluation. Wang, Lihua; Li, Huiming; Zhang, Jianpeng; Yang, Jin Report Jun 10, 2022 8793
English-Assisted Teaching Evaluation System Based on Artificial Intelligence and Rasch Model. Guo, Erying; Sun, Li Jun 10, 2022 5358
The Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network in Teaching. Luo, Qun; Yang, Jiliang Jun 10, 2022 6109
Analysis Model of Human Resource Cross-Media Fusion Based on Deep Neural Network. Ma, Shengqing; Xuan, Shanwen; Liang, Yinjing Jun 10, 2022 6271
Research on Discrete Dynamic Modeling of Learner Behavior Analysis in English Teaching. Fu, Junru; Cao, Lingmei Jun 9, 2022 5218
Design and Application of Vocal Music Teaching Management System. Sudu, Langteng Jun 8, 2022 6031
MOOC Teaching Model of Basic Education Based on Fuzzy Decision Tree Algorithm. Yuanyuan, Zhang Jun 8, 2022 5032
Sharing of Teaching Resources for English Majors Based on Ubiquitous Learning Resource Sharing Platform and Neural Network. Zhang, Lijuan Jun 8, 2022 6574
Primary school children get little academic benefit from homework. Jun 8, 2022 682
New teaching award a tribute to Betty Campbell. Jun 8, 2022 483
Summer Reading is underway at Lake Villa District Library. Nina Kenney Jun 8, 2022 284
School children get little academic benefit from homework. Jun 8, 2022 679
'Esho Shikhi' project launched to ensure quality primary education. Jun 7, 2022 278
Construction of Mathematics Teaching Environment Based on Big Data on the Wisdom Cloud Platform of Higher Vocational Education. Sun, Xiaokang; Huang, Xiangshu; Yu, Hui; Liu, Xirui Jun 7, 2022 6667
Feasibility Analysis and Discrete Dynamic Modeling of Physical Education Teaching Strategy Based on Intelligent Computing. Wang, Ge Jun 7, 2022 5187
Generative Adversarial Network for Musical Notation Recognition during Music Teaching. Li, Na Jun 7, 2022 6499
Construction and Practice of Multiple Mixed Teaching Mode Based on Big Data Analysis: A Case Study of “International Trade” Course. Wu, Xiaoyuan Jun 6, 2022 5472
Optimization of English Online Teaching Scheme Based on Cloud Platform Technology. Xu, Huina Jun 6, 2022 5591
Integrated Design of College English Teaching Based on Internet and Information Technology. Zhang, Hongtao; Zhu, Cheng; He, Na Jun 6, 2022 4522
New boarding facility for vulnerable girls in Chimanimani. Jun 6, 2022 434
Lesson in sharing love and respect for pets. Jun 5, 2022 1280
From rural boy to global software developer. Jun 4, 2022 1070
Integration and Application of Online Sports Resources Based on Multidimensional Intelligent Technology and Resource Optimization Architecture. Chu, Ting Jun 3, 2022 5124
Construction of a Multimedia Education Resource Security Model Based on Multistage Integration. Yuan, Lina Report Jun 3, 2022 6157
NUTP: Empowerment of school-based assessment can allay parents' concerns over PT3 abolishment. Jun 3, 2022 531
Hijab: Kwara Reopens Oyun Baptist High School. Jun 2, 2022 349
Winners emerge in MKO/FRES essay competition. Jun 2, 2022 480
Design and Implementation of Computer Network Virtual Experiment Education Teaching Platform Based on Mathematical Image and Signal Processing. Sun, Haoyue; Hao, Juan; Yang, Yang; Yin, Xinxin Report Jun 2, 2022 6377
Analysis of Two-Piano Teaching Assistant Training Based on Neural Network Model Sound Sequence Recognition. Dai, Lei Jun 2, 2022 8140
The Application of Wireless Network-Based Artificial Intelligence Robots in Badminton Teaching and Training. Gao, Shouling Jun 2, 2022 6130
Highlands School Holds School Supplies Drive for Haiti. Mary Goetz Jun 2, 2022 430
Design of an Intelligent Sensor Teaching Experiment System and Measurement of Student Innovation Literacy. Li, Xiaorong; Xing, Qianli Jun 2, 2022 5548
Teaching critical literacy in the middle years: New meanings, layers, and hopes. Alvermann, Donna E. Jun 1, 2022 4605
From Student to Teacher: Reasons for teaching while you're still learning. Register, Julia Mary Jun 1, 2022 792
MAKING THE MOST OF OUR WORDS: Strategies for Providing Effective Feedback in Our Teaching. Wachter, Michelle Jun 1, 2022 1991
Ministry to sanction parties abusing aid fund for Islamic schools. Jun 1, 2022 337
Tolon SHS Classrooms Converted Into Dormitories. Jun 1, 2022 280
Radically Inclusive Teaching with Newcomer and Emergent Plurilingual Students: Braving Up. Brief article Jun 1, 2022 167
TEACHING TOWARD TOMORROW: By integrating CMA exam content into their curricula, colleges and universities can ensure accounting students are being taught the critical skills and knowledge they'll need throughout their career. Jiles, Loreal Jun 1, 2022 3113
Imphal West: Aided school found no longer functioning. May 31, 2022 252
Corps member renovates classrooms, provides educational materials for pupils. May 31, 2022 412
Rotarian asks teachers to inspire students to pick careers in ICTa-. May 31, 2022 388
Navy Donates Educational Materials To Mark 66th Anniversary In Sapele. May 31, 2022 503
Teaching strategies for rehabilitation curriculum: Coping with the Covid-19 situation. Afzal, Binash; Mumtaz, Nazia; Rehman, Syed Shakil Ur; Ghulam, Saqulain Report May 31, 2022 3183
Online English Teaching System under the Background of Epidemic Situation Based on Intelligent Feature Recognition Technology. Chen, Luoyun; Wang, Weiwei May 31, 2022 6328
Evaluation of Physical Education Teaching Effect Based on Action Skill Recognition. Ding, Xia; Peng, Wei; Yi, Xiaoling May 31, 2022 5610
Multiagent Culture Algorithm-Based Interactive Design of College English Online Teaching Process. Peng, Nianfan May 31, 2022 5834
Design of Teaching Quality Analysis and Management System for PE Courses Based on Data-Mining Algorithm. Li, Sen; Yanrui Luo, May 31, 2022 6569
Multi-source Intelligent Management System of College Snow and Ice Teaching Based on Cloud Platform. Yi, ChongYu; Liu, Yongqiang; Zhiqiang, Zhao May 31, 2022 5515
Analysis and Optimization of Flute Playing and Teaching System Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Xu, Cong May 30, 2022 6200
On the Mode of Enhanced VR Virtual Simulation Technology in the Field of Foreign Language Teaching. Zhang, Haibo May 30, 2022 6421
Speech by Minister Chan Chun Sing at the Opening Ceremony of the Ninth Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, at the Nanyang Auditorium, Nanyang Technological University. Conference news May 30, 2022 2350
Best Free Online Educational Game Sites for Children. May 30, 2022 1048
Allocation of English Distance Teaching Resources based on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Multi-Objective Optimization. Cheng, Li; Wang, Yangzi; Hu, Bin; Maia, Darchia May 29, 2022 6207
Study on the Integration of Computer-Assisted Teaching Methods for Teaching Volleyball in College Physical Education. Zhang, Jinfeng May 29, 2022 4772
Exploration and Research on Smart Sports Classrooms in Colleges in the Information Age. Zhang, Yongmao; Zhao, Hua; Peng, Dan May 29, 2022 4716
An Automatic Pronunciation Error Detection and Correction Mechanism in English Teaching Based on an Improved Random Forest Model. Dai, Yuhua May 29, 2022 5996
Multimodal English Teaching Classroom Interaction Based on Artificial Neural Network. Hua, Wenbin May 28, 2022 7756
Analysis and Practice of Applying Oriented Teaching Method to Improve the Effect of College English Teaching. Yang, Hua May 28, 2022 8230
Design of Assessment Judging Model for Physical Education Professional Skills Course Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Few-Shot Learning. Chen, Qingjie; Dong, Minkai May 28, 2022 7415
HSBC Sri Lanka, APAD partner to keep children in school amidst economic challenges. May 28, 2022 536
HSBC SL in partnership with APAD ensures children remain in school amidst economic challenges. May 28, 2022 519
HSBC SL in partnership with APAD ensures children remain in school amidst economic challenges. Daily Financial Times May 28, 2022 530
Understanding Social Security Educator toolkit can teach students about Social Security. Submitted by NIKI ALVARADO, Harrisburg District Manager May 27, 2022 176
Discrimination in salary will not improve teaching and learning. May 27, 2022 717
Entebbe govt school damaged by storm seeks Shs290m for renovation. May 27, 2022 380
Rotary hears of help for remote Nepalese. May 27, 2022 537
Entebbe govt school damaged by storm seeks Shs290m for renovation. May 27, 2022 378
Research on Optimization and Allocation of English Teaching Resources. Liu, Chongya; Xia, Jue Report May 27, 2022 4438
Research on Intelligent Retrieval Method of Teaching Resources on Large-Scale Network Platform. Su, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Tianjing Report May 27, 2022 4863
Evaluation of the Quality of Football Teaching in Colleges and Universities Based on Artificial Neural Networks. Yang, Rui; Lin, Hui May 27, 2022 6079
Research on Audio Recognition Based on the Deep Neural Network in Music Teaching. Cui, Yun; Wang, Fu May 27, 2022 4782
Influence of Ideological and Political Integration of Curriculum Based on Deep Learning on the Teaching Design of Sports Aerobics. Li, Ming; Luzi, Chen Zhai May 26, 2022 6024
Construction and Research of Constructive English Teaching Model Applying Multimodal Neural Network Algorithm. Zhang, Nan; Wang, Hao May 26, 2022 7724
DepEd, BDO Foundation and Huawei award best learning modules. May 26, 2022 492
Orthodontic Experts donates school supplies to children in need. Submitted by Ben Weisberg May 26, 2022 224
Reasons to be cheerful: What we learned from lockdown lessons; education Wales Edited by Abbie Wightwick 029 2024 3765 EVERY THURSDAY IN YOUR Thursday, May 26, 2022 Lockdown schooling had its advantages, research across the world shows. Academics Nina Bergdahl and Melissa Bond report on the takeaways for teaching today. May 26, 2022 852
A project offering weapons beyond education to defeat challenges in conflict setting. May 25, 2022 1207
Application of Artificial Intelligence Combined with 5G Technology in the Reform of English Teaching in Universities. Liu, Can; Sun, Xia May 25, 2022 4859
Orthodontic Experts donates school supplies to kids in need. Submitted by Ben Weisberg May 24, 2022 224
Improvement of English Teaching Process Management Based on Intelligent Data Sampling. Cheng, Jin Report May 24, 2022 6362
Innovation and Discrete Dynamic Modeling of College Music Teaching Model Based on Multiple Intelligences Theory. Yi, Chen May 24, 2022 5271
Teacher education key to national development-Osafo-Maafo. May 24, 2022 402
Qatar Charity distributes school supplies to Bangladesh's underprivileged students. May 24, 2022 322
World Bank to provide $25 million additional financing loan for Education Improvement Project in Armenia. admin May 23, 2022 630
DepEd cites the need to develop effective learning materials in teaching, learning. May 23, 2022 473
Bystanders learn that aiding and abetting doesn't pay. May 23, 2022 558
Modern Weird Teaching - A Hype Devoid of Reality. May 22, 2022 916
Nigeria Advocates For Standardization Of Teaching Profession. May 21, 2022 558
Application of Intelligent Speech Synthesis Technology Assisted by Mobile Intelligent Terminal in Foreign Language Teaching. Zhang, Zhehua May 21, 2022 7085
Research and Analysis on the Integration of Artificial Intelligence in College English Teaching. Jiang, Dashan; Pei, Yubing; Yang, Gongping; Wang, Xue May 21, 2022 4171
The Integrated Processing Method of Educational Information Resources Based on Edge Computing. Lv, Zhimei May 20, 2022 5243
Systematic Mode Construction of Mixed Teaching from the Perspective of Deep Learning. Zhao, Danni May 20, 2022 6931
Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Rural Physical Education Teaching Resources Allocation and Utilization in the Context of Artificial Intelligence. Zhou, Fujian May 20, 2022 7111
Okowa's Grant For Mission Schools. May 20, 2022 1252
Analysis of Music Teaching in Basic Education Integrating Scientific Computing Visualization and Computer Music Technology. Zhao, Yanyan Report May 19, 2022 7449
Design of Online Ideological and Political Teaching of Building Architecture from the Perspective of Machine Learning. Li, Xuhui May 18, 2022 5951
The Application of 5G and Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Innovation and Reform of College English Education. Zang, Guangya; Liu, Ming; Yu, Baoying May 18, 2022 4234
Development and Application of Information Resources for Education and Teaching of Yarn History Based on 5G Network Technology. Zhang, Wen; Yang, Xiaoming May 18, 2022 6131
Teaching Mode Design and Effect Evaluation Method of Visual Communication Design Course from the Perspective of Big Data. Xiong, Ding; Soikun, Teddy Marius; Wang, Jijun Report May 17, 2022 6373
Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence Multimedia Courseware in Classroom Teaching Application. Chen, Yu; Chen, Zhong May 17, 2022 6629
New metal-clad teaching block plan for school. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter May 17, 2022 310
St. Emily School Outreach to Aid Ukraine. B.Eiffes/St. Emily School May 17, 2022 397
Study on the Reform and Development of Modern Physical Education Teaching Based on 5G Internet Communication Technology. Du, Shaohui; Han, Ning; Yi, Feng Report May 16, 2022 6614
Delta to provide financial aid to mission schools. May 15, 2022 521
3D Video Analysis and Its Application in Developmental and Educational Psychology Teaching. Chen, Zhicheng; Ding, Lulu May 14, 2022 5775
Study on Integration and Application of Artificial Intelligence and Wireless Network in Piano Music Teaching. Li, Jiluo May 14, 2022 5586
Resource Allocation Strategy of the Educational Resource Base for MEC Multiserver Heuristic Joint Task. Luo, Ning May 14, 2022 5574
Primary school children get little academic benefit from homework; Homework should not be used as a means to improve test scores or school performance metrics. By, Paul Hopkins, University of Hull May 14, 2022 703
Primary school children get little academic benefit from homework; Homework should not be used as a means to improve test scores or school performance metrics. By, Paul Hopkins, University of Hull May 14, 2022 703
Primary school children get little academic benefit from homework; Homework should not be used as a means to improve test scores or school performance metrics. By, Paul Hopkins, University of Hull May 14, 2022 703
Primary school children get little academic benefit from homework; Homework should not be used as a means to improve test scores or school performance metrics. By, Paul Hopkins, University of Hull May 14, 2022 703
Global satellite provider, telco firm transmit academic content to more than 2,000 remote schools. May 14, 2022 321
Raphei model high school, Namrei primary school in Manipur's Ukhrul marred by poor teaching staff. May 14, 2022 377
ComClark taps SES to deliver content via satellite to public schools in PH. May 14, 2022 364
TRCN charges teachers to transform education sector, embrace modern method of teaching. May 13, 2022 578
Huge metal-clad teaching block plan revealed for Nuneaton secondary school; It will replace Etone College's 70-year-old building. By, Claire Harrison May 13, 2022 367
A Multicriteria English Teaching Decision Model Based on Deep Learning. Zhang, Jiachen May 13, 2022 4556
Evaluation of Multimedia Classroom Teaching Effectiveness Based on RS-BP Neural Network. Xie, Nan May 13, 2022 5059
Analysis on the Application of Internet Multimedia Technology in College Music Education. Cong, Lili May 12, 2022 5883
SOEs provide scholarships to 7,700 Islamic boarding school students. May 12, 2022 297
SOEs provide scholarships to 7,700 Islamic boarding school students. May 12, 2022 315
Children to learn about census. May 12, 2022 313
Philanthropic group identifies with students in rural Bomi. May 12, 2022 507
Ty-KA Continues to Support Education in South Sudan. May 11, 2022 454
College English Teaching Platform Optimization under Cross-Media and Mobile Internet Environment. Wang, Wei May 11, 2022 6399
A Method of Improving Oral English Teaching Based on PLS-SEM. Peng, Dongxiao May 11, 2022 6444
Intelligent Analysis and Application of Preschool Education Language Teaching Quality Based on Deep Neural Network. Li, Hongping; Niu, Chuanming May 10, 2022 4237
Design of College English Online Teaching Platform Based on Dual-Server PEKS Framework. Wang, Hua May 10, 2022 6357
Online English Teaching Quality Assessment Based on K-Means and Improved SSD Algorithm. Dai, Yuhua May 10, 2022 5922
Practical Teaching of Business English Majors Based on Intelligent Machine Teaching. Shi, Yu; Shi, Hu May 10, 2022 5665
A Study on Cross-Media Teaching Model for College English Classroom Based on Output-Driven Hypothetical Neural Network. Guo, Xiangyu Report May 9, 2022 7752
Optimization of the Music Teaching Management System Based on Emotion Recognition. Wang, Yin May 9, 2022 4802
Emotion Analysis Method of Teaching Evaluation Texts Based on Deep Learning in Big Data Environment. Li, Liqin May 9, 2022 5032
Convolutional Neural Network Based Network Distance English Teaching Effect Evaluation Method. Wang, Jing; Fu, Jia Report May 9, 2022 5663
Research on the Optimization of Basketball Teaching Content of Physical Education Major in Artificial Intelligence Colleges and Universities. Qiao, Rongtong; Ren, Jie; Ji, Yuguang May 9, 2022 3710
Research and Analysis of Evaluation and Expansion of Physical Education Teaching System Based on Internet of Things Communication. Wang, Qingyun; Li, Hua May 9, 2022 4150
Multidimensional Analysis and Evaluation of College English Teaching Quality Based on an Artificial Intelligence Model. Li, Man May 9, 2022 5799
Education Ministry, USAID to train 700 teachers, administrators in special needs education. May 8, 2022 361
Teaching and Integrating Women's Studies into the Classroom: Perspectives of Elementary Teachers. Lucey, Thomas May 8, 2022 4546
'I quit £60k corporate law job for £22k teacher's salary and have never had any regrets'; Myles Preston always dreamed of a career in teaching, but previously found himself working at a renowned law firm earing close to triple his starting salary as a trainee teacher in London. By, Sam Ormiston May 7, 2022 1133
DepEd, US wrap up 6-week early literacy, numeracy webinar series. May 7, 2022 320
Research on College English Teaching Evaluation Based on Neural Network. Zhao, Yuanyuan May 7, 2022 5542
Research on the Design of Assistant Basketball Teaching System Based on Big Data. Wang, Lin; Wei, Xiaoyun; Yuan, Guoliang May 6, 2022 8342
Analysis of Teaching Effect of English Classroom Mind Map Based on a Logistic Regression Model. Deng, Yan; Zhu, Rui May 6, 2022 6045
Teaching Innovation and Development of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities: Based on the Background of Wireless Communication and Artificial Intelligence Decision Making. Xia, Zhenpeng; Liu, Juan Report May 6, 2022 5448
Lebanon: Credible Plans Needed on Education Crisis. May 6, 2022 1436
Challenges encountered by teaching principals in rural multigrade primary schools: A South African perspective. Taole, Matshidiso May 6, 2022 6964
Army Public School Domana organises ATL community exchange programme. May 5, 2022 360
Artificial Intelligence for Assessment and Feedback to Enhance Student Success in Higher Education. Hooda, Monika; Rana, Chhavi; Dahiya, Omdev; Rizwan, Ali; Hossain, Md Shamim May 5, 2022 13821
Movement Analysis and Action Optimization of Physical Education Teaching Practice Based on Multisensing Perception. Li, Zhishuang; Li, Fengqing May 4, 2022 5037
Exploring Online Teaching Design of Curriculum Politics by Deep Learning and Visual Sensing Technology. Huang, XiaoJuan; Xie, Yanhong; Li, Yongyu May 4, 2022 5964
PLS-SEM Model of Integrated Stem Education Concept and Network Teaching Model of Architectural Engineering Course. Wang, Ping Report May 2, 2022 6245
SOA-based Information Integration Platform for Educational Management Decision Support System. Wang, Junjun Report May 2, 2022 6321
Innovation of Teaching Method of Digital Media Art Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Liu, Yumei May 2, 2022 5547
Schools seek govt permission to increase fees. May 2, 2022 427
Kwara teachers to get tablets, smartphones as KwaraLEARN begins May 16. May 2, 2022 827
Schools seek govt permission to increase fees. May 2, 2022 426
'I want to build a school for kids with disabilities'. May 2, 2022 437
Kwara teachers to get tablets, smartphones as govt is set to improve learning. May 1, 2022 519
Kwara teachers to get tablets, smartphones as special learning programme kicks off May 16. May 1, 2022 828
Phillipson: Don't tell teachers which books to teach. May 1, 2022 353
Taking Back Teaching: The Professionalization Work of Teacher Activist Organizations. Carl, Nicole Mittenfelner; Jones-Layman, Amanda; Quinn, Rand May 1, 2022 10666
OPPORTUNITIES FOR ACCOUNTANTS IN ACADEMIA: From teaching a single course to striving for a tenure-track position to teach and conduct research, there are a number of (opportunities for accounting and finance practitioners to join academia. Olsen, Kari; Smith, Sheldon; Smith, Kevin May 1, 2022 3602
GOEA Donates School Furniture to TVET. May 1, 2022 370
New Products. May 1, 2022 1574
School Meals and Other Child Nutrition Programs: Background and Funding. Billings, Kara Clifford Report May 1, 2022 24924
Experiences in Delivering Teaching and Learning Practices in Establishments of Veterinary Education of the Mediterranean Region Under COVID-19 Pandemic: From Crisis to Opportunities. Fejzic, Nihad; Seric-Haracic, Sabina; Ayaz, Naim Deniz; Meneghi, Daniele De; Basha, Ehab Abu; Tligui May 1, 2022 5875
Designing and Building Toys: A Model of Incorporating Both the Engineering Design and Design Thinking Processes in the Elementary Classroom. Liston, Maeve May 1, 2022 3861
Benefits of the Bordogni Vocalises for Horn Study. Haislip, Matthew C. May 1, 2022 2056
Fuzzy Adaptive Teaching Learning-Based Optimization for Solving Unconstrained Numerical Optimization Problems. Din, Fakhrud; Khalid, Shah; Fayaz, Muhammad; Gwak, Jeonghwan; Zamli, Kamal Z.; Mashwani, Wali Khan Apr 30, 2022 9543
Quality Assessment Method of Information Model Reform of Higher Mathematics Education Based on Big Data. Li, Jiao; Xue, Jiao; Fu, Hongjuan Apr 30, 2022 4926
Design of English Teaching Corpus Resource-Sharing System Based on XML Technology. Bing, Li Apr 30, 2022 6432
An Evaluation Method of English Teaching Based on Machine Learning. Jiaxin, Li Apr 30, 2022 5636
What to look for when selecting a school for your children- A review of Emem Opashi's In Quest of the Perfect Education. Apr 30, 2022 613
Rainstorm destroys Upper East French resource centre. Apr 29, 2022 411
Biology with Tibetan Buddhist monks: What I'm taking back to my college classroom from teaching at a monastery. Apr 29, 2022 1042
Pakistan and the STEAM economy [Part - III]. Ishrat Husain Apr 29, 2022 1257
Taiwan's Ministry of Education clarifies pay rates for remote teaching. Apr 29, 2022 217
A Research on the Realization Algorithm of Internet of Things Function for Smart Education. Fu, Kuiliang Apr 29, 2022 6359
Can Swimming Teaching Prevent Drowning? An Experimental Study of Children in China. Zhang, Shichao; Dai, Jia; Nie, Zhenxin Apr 29, 2022 6424
English Teaching Quality Monitoring and Multidimensional Analysis Based on the Internet of Things and Deep Learning Model. Song, Juan Apr 28, 2022 5008
Sharing Method of Online Teaching Resources of Spoken English Based on Deep Learning. Cai, Wei; Peng, Yan Apr 28, 2022 5916
Yobe Varsity Donates Laboratory Apparatus, Teaching Aids To Secondary Schools. Apr 28, 2022 239
Bongbong Marcos wants more non-teaching staff in public schools. Apr 28, 2022 358
Education minister: Face masks compulsory in school indoor areas, except in certain situations like teaching in classroom. Apr 28, 2022 526
Bongbong Marcos wants more non-teaching staff in public schools. Apr 28, 2022 358
AbdulRazaq Satisfied with Teachers' Performance in KwaraLEARN Training. Apr 28, 2022 558
AbdulRazaq excited as 1,920 teachers undergo KwaraLEARN training. Apr 28, 2022 568
Reading teacher who groomed pupil barred from teaching for life; Glass was convicted of grooming the 16-year-old girl. By, Liam Ryder Apr 27, 2022 682
PSC donates school supplies to Davao IPs. Apr 27, 2022 450
Research on the Effectiveness of Probabilistic Stochastic Convolution Neural Network Algorithm in Physical Education Teaching Evaluation. Cui, Wei Apr 27, 2022 5569
Balanced Allocation of Educational Resources Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm. Qiu, Ming Apr 27, 2022 4534
A Recognition Method Based on Speech Feature Parameters-English Teaching Practice. Zhu, Lili; Yan, Xiujing; Wang, Jing Apr 27, 2022 5777
Deep Learning-Based Assessment of Sports-Assisted Teaching and Learning. Su, Wei; Feng, Jian Apr 27, 2022 4819
Dynamic Pricing Model of Service-Oriented Educational Products Based on Revenue Management. Zeng, Jing; Lin, Ling Report Apr 26, 2022 6901
A Novel Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization with Laplace Distribution and Experience Exchange. Zhai, Zhibo; Dai, Yusen; Xue, Yingfang Report Apr 26, 2022 5960
An Advanced Deep Attention Collaborative Mechanism for Secure Educational Email Services. Chen, Yanfang; Yang, Yongzhao Apr 26, 2022 6535
The Journey of a Million Books. Apr 25, 2022 638
Education Ministry to issue guidelines to teachers on uploading teaching sessions on social media, says minister. Apr 25, 2022 241
Design and Implementation of Tourism Teaching System Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Xing, Yanhua Apr 23, 2022 5808
WFP joins Cabo Verde to mobilising resources to strengthen school feeding. Apr 23, 2022 171
Turi for maximum utilization of technology to improve educational standards. Apr 23, 2022 226
Analysis and Optimization of the Online Vocal Teaching System Based on Intelligent Computing. Jiang, Luzhen Apr 22, 2022 4146
Application of Convolutional Neural Network-Based Hierarchical Teaching Method in College English Teaching and Examination Reform. Zhang, Ruisi; Huang, Haibo Apr 22, 2022 7839
English Speech Recognition System Model Based on Computer-Aided Function and Neural Network Algorithm. Zhang, Jin Apr 22, 2022 6352
Application of Visual Sensing Techniques in Computational Intelligence for Risk Assessment of Sports Injuries in Colleges. Sun, Yan; Zheng, Yang; He, Le; Guo, Liang; Geng, Xiao Apr 22, 2022 5089
Optimization of Business English Teaching Based on the Integration of Interactive Virtual Reality Genetic Algorithm. Ma, Xiao Apr 22, 2022 5859
The Security of Student Information Management System Based upon Blockchain. Yang, Mingfeng; Wang, Jianying Apr 21, 2022 5079
Research on Teaching Design of Geochemistry and Biology under the Background of Ecological Environment and Information Technology. Jiang, Lei; Yu, Na Apr 21, 2022 4466
W. Visayas schools get home learning kits from USAID. Apr 21, 2022 283
The Top Trading Platforms for Investing in Stock Market. Apr 21, 2022 799
SHARE SKILLS BY TEACHING; DM1ST 46 DAILY MIRROR THURSDAY 21.04.2022 Great tips & career advice at Edited by TRICIA PHILLIPS. TRICIA PHILLIPS Apr 21, 2022 698
SHARE SKILLS BY TEACHING; Great tips & career advice at Edited byJOBS TRICIA PHILLIPS TRICIA PHILLIPS Apr 21, 2022 698
Supply teacher, 63, 'hit pupil over the head during a science lesson' after working there for just 8 days; She has been banned from teaching in England for at least the next three years. By, Sam Ormiston Apr 20, 2022 743
Chinese linguist teaching Welsh online in Mandarin. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education Editor Apr 19, 2022 485
Chinese linguist teaching Welsh online in Mandarin. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education editor Apr 19, 2022 483
Toyota PH supports basic education with donations of computers, printed materials for blended learning. Apr 18, 2022 571
Capitol hit by fake news. Apr 18, 2022 276
Nursing Students' Perception of Clinical Teaching and Learning in Ghana: A Descriptive Qualitative Study. Amoo, Sarah Ama; Aderoju, Yaa Boahemaa Gyasi; Sarfo-Walters, Richard; Doe, Patience Fakornam; Okante Report Apr 18, 2022 6928
A Multiobjective Allocation Method for High-Quality Higher Education Resources Based on Cellular Genetic Algorithm. He, Tianshu Apr 18, 2022 5088
Performance Evaluation of SeisTutor Using Cognitive Intelligence‐Based “Kirkpatrick Model”. Singh, Ninni; Gunjan, Vinit Kumar; Kadiyala, Ramana; Xin, Qin; Gadekallu, Thippa Reddy Apr 16, 2022 7589
Hope comes to rural students in NW Cambodia, courtesy of Chinese charity. Apr 16, 2022 572
Teacher struck off after leaving girl, 14, 'grossed out' and mocking other pupils; A hearing of the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) was told that concerns arose while Andrew Gibson worked at a school between February and December 2017. By, Steven Rae & Lucy Skoulding Apr 14, 2022 2164
College Calisthenics Teaching Based on Information Technology. Wang, Bolong Apr 14, 2022 2762
Research on Effective Strategies of College Physical Education Interactive Teaching Based on Machine Learning. Zhang, Zhe; Zhang, Yinghui Apr 14, 2022 3622
Research on Mathematics Classroom Teaching Optimization Model Based on GA Neural Network. Zheng, Yuhui Apr 13, 2022 5137
Effectiveness of English Online Learning Based on Deep Learning. Xu, Jie; Liu, Yang; Liu, Jinzhong; Qu, Zuguang Apr 13, 2022 5937
DepEd Central Office 'ultimately accountable' on module errors --- group. Apr 13, 2022 486
Business Community Nod School Insurance. Apr 12, 2022 431
Webinar series launched for teachers to improve numeracy, literacy teaching. Apr 12, 2022 449
Crewe secondary school with 'undersized classrooms' is set for a huge extension; Ruskin Community High wants to extend the existing detached block. By, Belinda Ryan Apr 12, 2022 304
Crewe secondary school with 'undersized classrooms' is set for a huge extension; Ruskin Community High wants to extend the existing detached block. By, Belinda Ryan Apr 12, 2022 304
Discrete Dynamic Modeling of Learner Behavior Analysis in Physical Education Teaching. Shi, Jia; Sun, Jun; Zheng, Zhonghua Apr 12, 2022 4964
Design of a Smart Art Classroom System Based on Internet of Things. Guo, Binbin; Kou, Heung; Zhou, Yanbing Apr 12, 2022 6003
A Web-Based Auxiliary Teaching System for College English. Min, Wang Apr 11, 2022 6293
Educational Information Refinement with Application Using Massive-Scale Data Mining. Song, Cai Apr 11, 2022 5431
A Mobile Teaching Method of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Android Platform. Peng, Yu; Zeng, Yan Apr 11, 2022 6072
DepEd buck-passing on anti-Leni module hit. Apr 10, 2022 469
President for introducing special educational tools for differently-abled people. Apr 8, 2022 292
President for introducing special educational tools for differently-abled people. Apr 8, 2022 273
President calls for introducing special educational tools for differently-abled people. Apr 8, 2022 173
President Alvi calls for introducing special educational tools for differently-abled people. Apr 8, 2022 298
President for introducing special educational tools for differently-abled people. Apr 8, 2022 292
Viral 'anti-Robredo' module did not undergo conformance review --- DepEd. Apr 8, 2022 357
President for introducing special educational tools for differently-abled people. Apr 8, 2022 293
ASA Savings ; Loans supports Apitisu Presbyterian Basic School. Apr 7, 2022 286

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