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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (December 1, 2013)

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!Salud!; British volunteers in the Republican Medical Service during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Book review 194
"A plaine and easie waie to remedie a horse"; equine medicine in early modern England. Book review 131
"A touch of greatness"; a history of Tennessee State University. Book review 106
"A" Force; the origins of British deception during the Second World War. Book review 108
"Can we all get along?"; racial and ethnic minorities in American politics, 6th ed. Book review 108
"Dear unforgettable brother"; the Stavig letters from Norway and America, 1881-1937. Book review 133
"The first wit of the age"; essays on Swift and his contemporaries in honour of Hermann J. Real. Book review 196
"The slippery memory of men"; the place of Pomerania in the medieval Kingdom of Poland. Book review 132
"This is Jerusalem calling"; state radio in Mandate Palestine. Brief article 221
'Abd al-Latif al-Bagdadi's philosophical journey; from Aristotle's Metaphysics to the 'Metaphysical Science'. Book review 136
'Send back the money!'; the Free Church of Scotland and American slavery. Book review 187
'Tibetanness' under threat?; neo-integrationism, minority education and career strategies in Qinghai, P.R. China. Book review 146
100 commonly asked questions in math class; answers that promote mathematical understanding, grades 6-12. Book review 105
101 design ingredients to solve big tech problems. Book review 170
1913; in search of the world before the Great War. Book review 207
27; a history of the 27 Club through the lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse. Book review 227
3-D story telling; how stereoscopic 3D works and how to use it. Book review 106
40 chances; finding hope in a hungry world. Brief article 171
50 fantastic things to do with preschoolers. Book review 101
500 common Chinese proverbs and colloquial expressions; an annotated frequency dictionary. Book review 136
8 keys to eliminating passive-aggressiveness; strategies for transforming your relationships for greater authenticity and joy. Book review 114
A celebration of algebraic geometry; a conference in honor of Joe Harris' 60th birthday, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, August 25-28, 2011. Brief article 202
A Cheyenne voice; the complete John Stands in Timber interviews. Book review 255
A city of marble; the rhetoric of Augustan Rome. Book review 162
A clinician's guide to helping children cope and cooperate with medical care; an applied behavioral approach. Book review 171
A commentary on selected speeches of Isaios. Book review 147
A companion to medieval Palermo; the history of a Mediterranean city from 600 to 1500. Book review 201
A companion to Meister Eckhart. Book review 169
A companion to Venetian history, 1400-1797. Book review 147
A course in field theory. Book review 116
A cultural history of the Arabic language. Book review 128
A different story; the writings of Colm Toibin. Book review 162
A fatal balancing act; the dilemma of the Reich Association of Jews in Germany, 1939-1945. Book review 120
A forged glamour; landscape, identity and material culture in the Iron Age. Book review 411
A freedom budget for all Americans; recapturing the promise of the civil rights movement in the struggle for economic justice today. Book review 150
A global history of the developing world. Book review 157
A global standard for reporting conflict. Book review 154
A God torn to pieces; the Nietzsche case. Book review 137
A grammar of the Great Andamanese language; an ethnolinguistic study. Brief article 122
A guide book of United States coins; professional edition, 5th ed. Book review 249
A guide to algorithm design; paradigms, methods, and complexity analysis. Book review 105
A history of twentieth-century music in a theoretic-analytical context. Book review 149
A lawyer writes; a practical guide to legal analysis, 2d ed. Book review 151
A life in letters. Book review 242
A love affair with birds; the life of Thomas Sadler Roberts. Book review 111
A man's guide to healthy aging; stay smart, strong, and active. Book review 121
A manal of dermatology. Book review 167
A mayor's life; governing New York's gorgeous mosaic. Book review 126
A military history of Africa; 3v. Book review 243
A natural history of Australian bats; working the night shift. Book review 216
A new apophaticism; Augustine and the redemption of signs. Book review 104
A new era in U.S. health care; critical next steps under the Affordable Care Act. Book review 104
A north light; twenty-five years in a municipal art gallery. Book review 145
A policy travelogue; tracing welfare reform in Aotearoa/New Zealand and Canada. Book review 115
A political economy of contemporary capitalism and its crisis; demystifying finance. Book review 208
A political economy of the Middle East, rev. 3d ed. Book review 130
A practical guide to prairie reconstruction, 2d ed. Book review 119
A practical introduction to security and risk management. Book review 125
A preparation guide for the assessment center method, 2d ed. Book review 172
A prince among Stones; that business with the Rolling Stones and other adventures. Book review 161
A railroad atlas of the United States in 1946; v.5: Iowa & Minnesota. Book review 131
A refuge of lies; reflections on faith and fiction. Book review 113
A Roman Army reader; twenty-one selections from literary, epigraphic, and other documents. Book review 125
A room of golden shells; 100 works by artists and writers with Down syndrome. Brief article 147
A school board guide to leading successful schools; focusing on learning. Book review 146
A short history of the Spanish Civil War. Book review 182
A social history of late Ottoman women; new perspectives. Book review 152
A social market economy and European economic monetary union. Book review 125
A spy for the Union; the life and execution of Timothy Webster. Book review 114
A straightforward guide to teacher merit pay; encouraging and rewarding schoolwide improvement. Book review 127
A synoptic history of classical rhetoric, 4th ed. Book review 139
A systemic perspective to managing complexity with enterprise architecture. Book review 120
A systems approach to lithium-ion battery management. Book review 134
A teacher's guide to using the Common Core State Standards with gifted and advanced learners in the English language arts. Book review 230
A Tsilhqut'in grammar. Book review 163
A typological grammar of Panare; a Cariban language of Venezuela. Book review 119
A virtual Chinatown; the diasporic mediasphere of Chinese migrants in New Zealand. Book review 135
A Yankee on Puget Sound; pioneer dispatches of Edward Jay Allen, 1852-1855. Book review 119
ABC of cancer care. Book review 118
ABC of prehospital emergency medicine. Book review 141
About entrepreneurship. Book review 142
About the hearth; perspectives on the home, hearth, and household in the circumpolar north. Book review 170
Abraham Ibn Ezra on nativities and continuous horoscopy; a parallel Hebrew-English critical edition of the Book of Nativities and the Book of Revolution. Book review 180
Absent culture; the case of Polish Livonia. Book review 172
Academic language in diverse classrooms; English language arts, grades 3-5; promoting content and language learning. Book review 201
Academic language in diverse classrooms; English language arts, grades 6-8; promoting content and language learning. Book review 205
Academic language in diverse classrooms; English language arts, grades K-2; promoting content and language learning. Book review 227
Accountability, parliamentarism and transparency in the EU; the role of national parliaments. Book review 128
Accounting & auditing research; tools & strategies, 8th ed. Book review 173
Accumulation; the material politics of plastic. Book review 131
Achieving transformational change in academic libraries. Book review 129
Acing professional responsibility; a checklist approach to professional responsibility problems, 2d ed. Book review 163
Acing the IBD questions on the GI Board exam; the ultimate crunch-time resource. Book review 131
Actinobacteria; application in bioremediation and production of industrial enzymes. Book review 106
Action research; improving schools and empowering educators, 4th ed. Book review 174
Activated sludge technologies for treating industrial wastewaters; design and trouble shooting. Book review 102
Activity theory perspectives on technology in higher education. Book review 159
Adaptive processing of brain signals. Book review 123
Addressing tensions and dilemmas in inclusive education; living with uncertainty. Book review 125
Adjudication; essays on the philosophy, practice, and pedagogy of judging British Parliamentary debate. Book review 181
Adobe Flex 4.5 fundamentals; training from the source. (CD-ROM included). Book review 121
Adult glaucoma surgery. (DVD-ROMs included). Book review 101
Adult-gerontology nurse practitioner certification intensive review; fast facts and practice questions, 2d ed. Book review 163
Advance care planning; communicating about matters of life and death. Book review 227
Advance medical materials and applications. Book review 113
Advanced biophotonics; tissue optical sectioning. Book review 132
Advanced design and manufacturing V. Book review 151
Advanced fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for structural applications. Book review 140
Advanced manufacturing technologies and material properties. Book review 128
Advanced materials design and mechanics II; proceedings. Book review 123
Advanced research on material engineering, chemistry and environment; proceedings. Book review 142
Advanced topics in revenue law; corporation tax, international and European tax, savings, charities. Book review 146
Advances in abrasive technology XVI; proceedings. Book review 124
Advances in accounting behavioral research. Book review 176
Advances in applied science and industrial technology; 2v. Book review 173
Advances in chromatography; v.51. Book review 112
Advances in Graves' disease and other hyperthyroid disorders. Book review 145
Advances in group processes; thirtieth anniversary ed. Book review 140
Advances in inorganic phosphate materials; select papers. Book review 123
Advances in material science and technology; select papers. Book review 127
Advances in materials, processing and manufacturing; proceedings. Book review 157
Advances in network complexity. Book review 108
Advances in parapsychological research; 9. Book review 160
Advances in thermofluids; proceedings. Book review 171
Advances in wind turbine blade design and materials. Book review 125
Advancing library education; technological innovation and instructional design. Book review 138
Advancing technology and educational development through blended learning in emerging economies. Book review 143
Advertising law; marketing law and commercial freedom of expression. Book review 151
Advocating for English learners; a guide for educators. Book review 192
Affective teaching in nursing; connecting to feelings, values, and inner awareness. Book review 136
African intellectuals and decolonization. Book review 149
Afrofuturism; the world of black sci-fi and fantasy culture. Book review 157
After Alexander; the time of the Diadochi (323-281 BC). Book review 195
Agents of change; how content coaching transforms teaching & learning. Book review 278
Agricultural development in China, 1368-1968, 2d ed. Book review 114
AIDS drugs for all social movements and market transformations. Book review 247
Air mobility; a brief history of the American experience. Book review 108
Al Jazeera and the global media landscape; the south is talking back. Book review 194
Alcohol and drugs in North America; a historical encyclopedia; 2v. Book review 245
Alexandrian cosmopolitanism; an archive. Book review 103
Alfred Russel Wallace; explorer, evolutionist, public intellectual; a thinker for our own times? Book review 243
Algerian sketches. Book review 117
Algorithmic and artificial intelligence methods for protein bioinformatics. Book review 112
Ali Smith; contemporary critical perspectives. Book review 132
Alignment and ergativity in new Indo-Aryan languages. Book review 139
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 2013, 13th ed.; 4v. Book review 134
American anarchism. Book review 209
American automobiles of the Brass Era; essential specifications of 4,000+ gasoline powered passenger cars, 1906-1915, with a statistical and historical overview. Book review 186
American education; a history, 5th ed. Book review 119
American gun; a history of the U.S. in ten firearms. Book review 110
American short fiction. (online access included). Book review 190
American work-sports; a history of competitions for cornhuskers, lumberjacks, firemen and others. Book review 139
Ammonia volatilisation from livestock slurries and mineral fertilisers. Book review 108
Among wolves; Gordon Haber's insights into Alaska's most misunderstood animal. Book review 136
Amos; a commentary based on Amos in Codex Vaticanus. Book review 123
An account of the manners and customs of the modern Egyptians; the definitive 1860 edition. (reprint, 2003). Book review 135
An Australian locomotive guide. (reprint, 2012). Book review 116
An economic history of early modern India. Book review 135
An examination of late Assyrian metalwork; with special reference to Nimrud. Book review 305
An inquiry into modes of existence; an anthropology of the moderns. Book review 202
An introduction to biological membranes; from bilayers to rafts. Book review 104
An introduction to human resource management, 3d ed. Book review 125
An introduction to numerical methods and analysis, 2d ed. Book review 118
An introduction to probability & stochastic processes. (reprint, 1973). Book review 141
An island's law; a bibliographical guide to Ireland's legal past. Book review 106
An Osage journey to Europe, 1827-1830; three French accounts. Book review 207
Anaesthetics for junior doctors and allied professionals; the essential guide. Book review 138
Analysis of piezoelectric structures and devices. Book review 115
Analytical chemistry for technicians, 4th ed. Book review 117
Analytical chemistry, 7th ed. Book review 144
Analyzing social networks. Book review 150
Anatomy of a giant carbonate reservoir; Fullerton Clear Fork (lower Permian) Field, Permian Basin, Texas. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 178
Ancestral journeys; the peopling of Europe from the first venturers to the Vikings. Book review 180
Ancient and early medieval Chinese literature; a reference guide; part two. Book review 124
Ancient roots and ruins; a guide to understanding the Romans, their world, and their language; grades 4-8. Book review 172
Ancient textiles, modern science; re-creating techniques through experiment; proceedings. Book review 129
Andreas Werckmeister's Cribrum musicum (1700) and Harmonologia musica (1702); the original German treatises with parallel, annotated English translations. Book review 132
Android application development for dummies, 2d ed. Book review 155
Anglo-Saxon graves and grave goods of the 6th and 7th centuries AD; a chronological framework. Book review 196
Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and history; 18. Brief article 139
Anglophone literatures in the Asian diaspora; literary transnationalism and translingual migrations. Book review 187
Animism and the question of life. Book review 250
Ann Arbor beer; a hoppy history of Tree Town brewing. Book review 112
Annual review of analytical chemistry; v.6, 2013. Book review 288
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics; v.51, 2013. Book review 109
Annual review of comparative and international education 2013. Book review 205
Annual review of genomics and human genetics; v.14, 2013. Book review 112
Annual review of global peace operations, 2013. Book review 106
Annual review of microbiology; v.67, 2013. Book review 122
Annual review of phytopathology; v.51, 2013. Book review 124
Annual review of sociology; v.39, 2013. Book review 163
Anorexia and mimetic desire. Book review 149
Anthony's textbook of anatomy & physiology, 20th ed. Book review 234
Anthropology of race; genes, biology, and culture. Book review 132
Antibodies; a laboratory manual, 2d ed. Book review 122
Antimicrobial therapeutics reviews; the bacterial cell wall as an antimicrobial target. Book review 126
Antimicrobial therapy in veterinary medicine, 5th ed. Book review 189
Antoni Szalowski; person and work. Book review 164
APA dictionary of statistics and research methods. Book review 112
Apples of North America; 192 exceptional varieties for gardeners, growers, and cooks. Book review 123
Application of dimensional analysis in economics. Book review 108
Application of structural equation modeling in educational research and practice. Book review 128
Application of structural methods to Rocky Mountain hydrocarbon exploration and development. Book review 165
Applied creep mechanics. Book review 119
Applied crystallography XXII; select papers. Book review 173
Applied mechanics, materials and mechanical engineering; proceedings. Book review 139
Applied physics and material applications; select papers. Brief article 136
Applied sport management skills, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 190
Applying guiding principles of effective program delivery. Book review 157
Applying your generalist training; a field guide for social workers. Book review 222
Apprenticeship in a globalised world; premises, promises and pitfalls. Book review 155
Approaches to literary readings of ancient Jewish writings. Book review 167
Aqueous pretreatment of plant biomass for biological and chemical conversion to fuels and chemicals. Book review 136
Arbitration in China; a legal and cultural analysis. Book review 144
Archaeological survey and the city. Book review 316
Archaeology; down to earth, 5th ed. Book review 119
Architectural guide Taiwan. Book review 121
Architecture in photographs. Book review 134
Architecture on the carpet; the curious tale of construction toys and the genesis of modern buildings. Book review 338
Architectures and protocols for secure information technology infrastructures. Book review 149
Aristotle and black drama; a theater of civil disobedience. Book review 130
Armageddon films FAQ; all that's left to know about zombies, contagions, aliens, and the end of the world as we know it. Book review 173
ARRL's hands-on radio experiments; v.2. Book review 120
Art against dictatorship; making and exporting arpilleras under Pinochet. Book review 234
Art and architecture in Mexico. Book review 161
Ascaris; the neglected parasite. Brief article 186
Asian language processing; proceedings. Book review 149
Aspects of sovereignty; Sino-Swedish reflections. Book review 197
Assessing intelligence in children and adolescents; a practical guide. Book review 274
Assessing the war on terror. Book review 140
Assessment and evaluation of time factors in online teaching and learning. Book review 148
Assessment and outcomes in the arts therapies; a person-centred approach. Book review 145
Assessment and student success in a differentiated classroom. Book review 122
Assessment in child care; using and developing frameworks for practice, 2d ed. Book review 216
Assessment of learners with dyslexic-type difficulties. Book review 188
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XXII; proceedings. Book review 104
Asymptotic analysis and perturbation theory. Book review 105
Atlas of Australian and New Zealand hydrocarbon seals; worldwide analogs for cap rocks and intraformational barriers in clastic depositional settings. Book review 155
Atlas of canine and feline peripheral blood smears. Book review 192
Atlas of sleep medicine, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 135
Atlas of thyroid cytopathology; with histopathologic correlations. Book review 153
Atlas of trauma/emergency surgical techniques. (online access included). Book review 140
Atonement and the logic of resurrection in the epistle of the Hebrews. (reprint, 2011). Book review 112
Attachment-focused EMDR; healing relational trauma. Book review 330
Attachments in the laboratory. Book review 135
Audience transformations; shifting audience positions in late modernity. Book review 138
Audubon; life and art in the American wilderness. (reprint, 1993). Book review 143
Augustine and Manichaean Christianity; select papers. Book review 127
Augustus, 2d ed. Book review 113
Austrian review of international and European law; v.15 (2010). Book review 283
Authority and the mountaineer in Cormac McCarthy's Appalachia. Book review 116
Authorizing the shogunate; ritual and material symbolism in the literary construction of warrior order. Book review 121
Automated people mover standards. Book review 174
Automated people movers and transit systems 2013; half a century of automated transit -- past, present, and future; proceedings. Book review 129
Automotive fire analysis; an engineering approach, 3d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 113
Aymara Indian perspectives on development in the Andes. Book review 145
Babel is everywhere!; migrant readings from Africa, Europe, and Asia. Book review 182
Balancing competing human rights claims in a diverse society; institutions, policy, principles. Book review 276
Baldrige award winning quality; how to interpret the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence, 18th ed. Book review 163
Baltic eugenics; bio-politics, race and nation in interwar Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 1918-1940. Book review 193
Banking in Oklahoma before statehood. Book review 145
Barbara Wright; translation as art. Book review 163
Basic and applied bone biology. Book review 119
Battered women doing time; injustice in the criminal justice system. Book review 150
Bearing the people away; the portable Highland Clearances companion. Book review 122
Beatrix Potter's gardening life; the plants and places that inspired the classic children's tales. Book review 131
Becoming a Nazi town; cultural life in Gottingen between the World Wars. Book review 216
Becoming a reflective practitioner, 4th ed. Book review 167
Becoming an outstanding mathematics teacher. Book review 152
Becoming East Germans; socialist structures and sensibilities after Hitler. Book review 184
Becoming sexual; a critical appraisal of the sexualization of girls. Book review 171
Beginning statistics with data analysis. (reprint 1983). Book review 120
Beneficial plant-microbial interactions; ecology and applications. Book review 124
Bereavement care for childbearing women and their families; an interactive workbook. Book review 168
Best aid to gynecology. Book review 103
Best practices in early literacy instruction. Book review 157
Best practices in prevention. Book review 171
Better library and learning space; projects, trends and ideas. Book review 157
Bewitched again; supernaturally powerful women on television, 1996-2011. Book review 147
Beyond 'any' and 'ever'; new explorations in negative polarity sensitivity. Book review 131
Beyond biblical theology; sacralized culturalism in Heikki Raisanen's hermeneutics. Book review 124
Beyond consensus; public reason and the role of convergence. Book review 112
Beyond economics and ecology: the radical thought of Ivan Illich. Book review 184
Beyond expressives; explorations in use-conditional meaning. Book review 126
Beyond gifted education; designing and implementing advanced academic programs. Book review 211
Beyond territorial disputes in the South China Sea; legal frameworks for the joint development of hydrocarbon resources. Book review 196
Beyond witnessing; a new way of humanising the world. Book review 171
Bio-tribocorrosion in biomaterials and medical implants. Book review 146
Bioenergetics, 4th ed. Book review 119
Bioengineered nanomaterials. Book review 127
Biofuel crops; production, physiology and genetics. Book review 138
Biohydrogen. Book review 126
Bioinorganic chemistry; inorganic elements in the chemistry of life; an introduction and guide, 2d ed. Book review 169
Biological inorganic chemistry; a new introduction to molecular structure and function, 2d ed. Book review 149
Biological research on addiction. Book review 194
Biology of oral cancer; key apoptotic regulators. Book review 145
Biology; the dynamic science, 3d ed. Book review 132
Biomarkers for stress in fish embryos and larvae. Book review 107
Biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases. Book review 117
Biomaterials for cancer therapeutics; diagnosis, prevention and therapy. Book review 123

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