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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (February 1, 2014)

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"De Manibus Valachorum Scismaticorum": Romanians and Power in the Mediaeval Kingdom of Hungary. Book review 157
"No Other but a Woman's Reason": Women on Shakespeare: Towards Commemorating the 450th Anniversary of Shakespeare's Birth. Brief article 133
"Old Slow Town"; Detroit during the Civil War. Book review 181
"The other" in translation; a case for comparative translation studies. Book review 127
"The stars of eternal truth and right"; Bertha von Suttner's campaigning for peace, social justice, and womanhood. Brief article 144
"When race breaks out"; conversations about race and racism in college classrooms, 2d rev. ed. Book review 128
1913: The Year Before the Storm. Book review 123
2000 World Census of Agriculture; analysis and international comparison of the results (1996-2005). Brief article 121
25 to Survive: Reducing Residential Injury and LODD. Brief article 109
3D face modeling, analysis and recognition. Brief article 142
3DTV: Processing and Transmission of 3D video signals. Brief article 110
4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband, 2nd Edition. Book review 103
50 and more essential NMR experiments; a detailed guide. Book review 137
500 common bird calls in southern Africa. (CD included). Book review 138
80s Fashion: From Club to Catwalk. Book review 107
A Brief Introduction to Theta Functions (reprint, 1961). Brief article 102
A Cold War State of Mind: Brainwashing and Postwar American Society. Brief article 200
A companion to Gregory the Great. Brief article 215
A companion to Hildegard of Bingen. Brief article 110
A critical hypertext analysis of social media; the true colours of Facebook. Brief article 107
A deeper sense of place; stories and journeys of indigenous-academic collaboration. Brief article 146
A dictionary of hearing. Book review 108
A dictionary of Owa; a language of the Solomon Islands. Book review 111
A dimension of sound; music in the Twilight Zone. Book review 164
A framework for value management practice, 2d ed. Book review 144
A Glance in the Mirror: Dutch and Polish Religious Cultures. Brief article 137
A Grammar of Bilinarra: An Australian Aboriginal Language of the Northern Territory. Book review 139
A Guide to Laboratory Investigations, 6th Edition. Book review 104
A handbook of comparative social policy, 2d ed. Book review 153
A history of Ottoman economic thought; developments before the 19th century. Brief article 163
A national force; the evolution of Canada's army, 1950-2000. Book review 152
A New Model for Balanced Growth and Convergence: Achieving Economic Sustainability in CESEE Countries. Book review 256
A poetics of unnatural narrative. Book review 126
A practical guide to mental health problems in children with autistic spectrum disorder; it's not just their autism! Book review 188
A practical guide to setting up an IVF lab, embryo culture systems and running the unit. Book review 162
A principled stand; the story of Hirabayashi v. United States. Brief article 178
A race so different; performance and law in Asian America. Book review 177
A re-assessment of Aristotle's economic thought. Brief article 101
A reader's book of days; true tales from the lives and works of writers for every day of the year. Brief article 238
A rhetoric of literate action; literate action; v.1. Brief article 119
A rogue's life; R. Clay Crawford, prison escapee, Union Army officer, pretend millionaire, phony physician and the most respected man in Macon, Georgia. Book review 122
A Scholar's Guide to Getting Published in English: Critical Choices and Practical Strategies. Brief article 139
A self made of words; crafting a distinctive persona in nonfiction writing. Brief article 104
A small price to pay; consumer culture on the Canadian home front, 1939-45. Brief article 127
A Tacitus Reader: Selections from Annales, Historiae, Germania, Agricola, and Dialogus. Brief article 102
A teacher's guide to education law, 5th ed. Book review 145
A theory of contemporary rhetoric. Book review 113
A time to break silence; the essential works of Martin Luther King, Jr., for students. Brief article 173
A Treatise on Good Robots. Book review 252
Abandonment in Dixie; underdevelopment in the Black Belt. Brief article 110
Abeloff's clinical oncology, 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 241
Aboard the Fabre Line to Providence: Immigration to Rhode Island. Book review 135
Academic governance; disciplines and policy. Book review 128
Academic knowledge construction and multimodal curriculum development. Book review 166
Academic profiling; Latinos, Asian Americans, and the achievement gap. Book review 121
Accelerating health care transformation with Lean and innovation; the Virginia Mason experience. Book review 184
Accelerating MATLAB With GPU Computing: A Primer With Examples. Book review 126
Access and identity management for libraries; controlling access to online information. Book review 168
Access, management and usage of electronic resources. Book review 143
Accomplishing NAGPRA; perspectives on the intent, impact, and future of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Brief article 154
Accounting in Central and Eastern Europe. Brief article 137
Achieving impact in research. Book review 144
Achieving STEEEP health care. Brief article 258
Acquired Language Disorders: A Case-based Approach, 2nd Edition (CD-ROM included). Book review 106
Action Research, Innovation and Change: International Perspectives Across Disciplines. Brief article 143
Acupuncture; an anatomical approach, 2d ed. Brief article 143
Adobe Photoshop CC; classroom in a book. (online access included). Brief article 137
Adobe Speedgrade CC; classroom in a book. (online access included). Brief article 113
Adolescent mental health; prevention and intervention. Brief article 168
Adsorption by powders and porous solids; principles, methodology and applications, 2d ed. Book review 144
Adult EEG: An Interactive Reading Session, 2nd Edition. Video recording review 127
Advanced ceramics for dentistry. Book review 110
Advanced materials for joint implants. Brief article 212
Advanced research and trends in new technologies, software, human-computer interaction, and communicability. Brief article 203
Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Chemistry, Bioinformatics III (MECB 2013); select papers. Book review 146
Advanced soil mechanics, 4th ed. Brief article 126
Advances in ceramic matrix composites. Book review 124
Advances in fracture and damage mechanics XII; select papers. Book review 162
Advances in Hot Metal Extrusion and Simulation of Light Alloys (ICEB 2013); select papers. Book review 155
Advances in manufacturing science and engineering; proceedings; 4v. Book review 163
Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XV (IMCC); select papers. Brief article 160
Advances on materials engineering; select papers. Book review 235
Aeronautical Applications of Non-Destructive Testing. Book review 105
Aesthetic sexuality; a literary history of sadomasochism. Brief article 118
Aesthetics and ethics in twenty-first century British novels; Zadie Smith, Nadeem Aslam, Hari Kunzru and David Mitchell. Brief article 126
Africa in a changing global environment; perspectives of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in Africa. Book review 170
Africa: Challenges of Multilingualsim. Book review 134
African Literatures and Beyond: A Florilegium. Book review 139
African participation at the World Trade Organization; legal and institutional aspects, 1995-2010. Brief article 173
After Darwin; animals, emotions, and the mind. Brief article 236
After melancholia; a reappraisal of second-generation diasporic subjectivity in the work of Jhumpa Lahiri. Brief article 150
Against the grain; Jewish intellectuals in hard times. Brief article 111
Against understanding; v.1: Commentary and critique in a Lacanian key. Book review 111
Air pollution control equipment selection guide, 2d ed. Brief article 117
Aircraft flight dynamics and control. Brief article 119
Alcohol and opium in the Old West; use, abuse, and influence. Book review 147
Alcohol in the European Union; consumption, harm and policy approaches. Brief article 223
Alcuin: Theology and Thought. Book review 116
Alkynes in Cycloadditions. Book review 198
Alleviating poverty in Nigeria through the improvement of the labour conditions in the informal economy; a socio-ethical enquiry. Book review 157
Along the streets of Bronzeville; black Chicago's literary landscape. Brief article 155
Alpine Plants of the Northwest: Wyoming to Alaska. Brief article 307
Altchek's diagnosis and management of ovarian disorders, 3d ed. Book review 177
Alternate history; playing with contingency and necessity. Brief article 161
Aluminum ore; the political economy of the global bauxite industry. Book review 204
America's great game; the CIA's secret Arabists and the shaping of the modern Middle East. Brief article 174
American environmentalism; philosophy, history, and public policy. Brief article 214
American foundations and the European welfare states. Book review 160
American Gun Culture: Collectors, Shows, and the Story of the Gun, 2nd Edition. Book review 160
American immigration; an encyclopedia of political, social, and cultural change, 2d ed; 4v. Brief article 252
American Politics Today, 3rd Texas Edition. Book review 151
American post-modernist novels. (online access included). Brief article 140
American spies; espionage against the United States from the Cold War to the present. Brief article 161
American-Type Options: Stochastic Approximation Methods; Volume 1. Book review 121
Amphibians and Reptiles of San Luis Potosi. Book review 138
An Atlas of the World's Conifers: An Analysis of their Distribution, Biogeography, Diversity and Conservation Status. Brief article 143
An Eleventh-Century Egyptian Guide to the Universe: The Book of Curiosities. Brief article 192
An illustrated journey; inspiration from the private art journals of traveling artists, illustrators and designers. Book review 175
An Introduction to Consultee-Centered Consultation in the Schools: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Process and Skills. Book review 119
An introduction to dust explosions; understanding the myths and realities of dust explosions for a safer workplace. Brief article 123
An Introduction to Exponential Random Graph Modeling. Book review 109
An introduction to film genres. Brief article 154
An introduction to interaction; understanding talk in formal and informal settings. Brief article 163
An introduction to number theory with cryptography. Brief article 133
An Introduction to Statistical Computing: A Simulation-Based Approach. Brief article 113
An Introduction to the Mathematics of Financial Derivatives, 3rd Edition. Book review 178
An introduction to the therapeutic frame. Brief article 123
Analysing social work communication; discourse in practice. Brief article 172
Analytic Perturbation Theory and Its Applications. Book review 130
Analyzing digital fiction. Brief article 172
Anatomy for Anaesthetists, 9th Edition. Book review 103
Ancient Ryukyu; an archaeological study of island communities. Brief article 184
Ancient synagogues -- archaeology and art; new discoveries and current research. Book review 320
Andrei Siniavskii; a hero of his time? Book review 145
Animal manure recycling; treatment and management. Book review 126
Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology; Volume 29, 2013. Book review 145
Annual Review of Environment and Resources; v.38, 2013. Brief article 186
Annual Review of Law and Social Science; Volume 9, 2013. Book review 102
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science; Volume 63, 2013. Book review 128
Annual Review of Resource Economics; v.5, 2013. Brief article 143
Anthem; social movements and the sound of solidarity in the African diaspora. Brief article 267
Anthocyanins in health and disease. Book review 166
Anti-disturbance control for systems with multiple disturbances. Book review 162
Antibiotics; targets, mechanisms and resistance. Brief article 125
Antiretroviral Treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Prospects. Book review 122
Anzac memories; living with the legend, new ed. Book review 154
Appletopia; media technology and the religious imagination of Steve Jobs. Book review 124
Application administrators handbook; installing, updating and troubleshooting software. Book review 139
Application coordination in pervasive systems. Brief article 120
Application of information technology in libraries. Book review 152
Applications of management science. Brief article 161
Applications of Molecular Microbiological Methods. Book review 167
Applied and Computational Measurable Dynamics. Book review 105
Applied calculus, 5th ed. Brief article 119
Applied Ethology 2013: Understanding Behaviour to Improve Livelihood; proceedings. Brief article 126
Applied hydrodynamics; an introduction. Brief article 111
Applied Mechatronics and Android Robotics (ICAMAR 2013); select papers. Book review 149
Applied Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis: Probabilistic Models and Statistical Inference. Brief article 133
Approaches to world literature. Book review 113
Approximation and Modeling with B-Splines. Brief article 104
Arabic Studies in the Netherlands: A Short History in Portraits, 1580-1950. Book review 105
Archaeology; cities, empires, religion, migrations of the past. (online access included). Brief article 158
Archery: Steps to Success, 4th Edition. Brief article 166
Archives and Recordkeeping: Theory into Practice. Book review 107
Around the patient bed; human factors and safety in health care. Brief article 159
Arsenal of democracy; the American automobile industry in World War II. Brief article 114
Art, history and the historiography of Judaism in Roman antiquity. Brief article 178
Art, Vision, and Nineteenth-Century Realist Drama: Acts of Seeing. Brief article 157
Art/fashion in the 21st century. Brief article 177
Arthur Erickson; layered landscapes; drawings from the Canadian Architectural Archives. Brief article 149
Artificial cilia. Brief article 142
Artificial intelligence; MICAI 2013; proceedings. Book review 219
Arts & crafts of the Islamic lands; principles, materials, practice. Brief article 370
ASHRAE greenguide; design, construction, and operation of sustainable buildings, 4th ed. Book review 114
Asian American students in higher education. Book review 130
Asian Americans in Dixie; race and migration in the South. Brief article 195
Asian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, Economic, and Political History; 3 volume set. Brief article 219
Asian tigers, African lions; comparing the development performance of Southeast Asia and Africa. Book review 202
Asian women and intimate work. Book review 156
Aspirations, access and attainment; international perspectives on widening participation and an agenda for change. Book review 145
Assessing and managing groundwater in different environments. Brief article 171
Assessing and treating culturally diverse clients; a practical guide, 4th ed. Brief article 159
Assisting in long term care, 6th ed. Book review 172
Assistive technology research, practice, and theory. Brief article 163
Athletic director's desk reference. (online access included). Brief article 126
Atlantic biographies; individuals and peoples in the Atlantic world. Book review 156
Atlas and Clinical Reference Guide for Corneal Topography. Book review 111
Atlas of clinical sleep medicine, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 184
Atlas of gynecologic surgery, 4th ed. Book review 119
Attachment theory in adult mental health; a guide to clinical practice. Brief article 146
Attitudes to national identity in Melanesia and Timor-Leste; a survey of future leaders in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Timor-Leste. Brief article 240
Autism spectrum disorder; a clinical guide for general practitioners. Brief article 115
Auto/biography and pedagogy; memory & presence in teaching. Brief article 121
AutoCAD 2014; 3D modeling (DVD-ROM included). Book review 191
AutoCAD 2014; beginning and intermediate. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 202
Automatic Control and Mechatronic Engineering II (ICACME 2013); select papers. Book review 140
Automating with SIMATIC S7-400 inside TIA Portal; configuring, programming and testing with STEP 7 Professional. Brief article 194
Automation can Prevent the Next Fukushima. Brief article 266
Autonomic nervous system. Brief article 181
Aux origines des messianismes juifs; actes du colloque international tenu en Sorbonne, a Paris, les 8 et 9 juin 2010. Brief article 124
Avalanche essentials; a step-by-step system for safety and survival. Brief article 109
Avian immunology, 2d ed. Brief article 182
Back from Tobruk. Brief article 145
Back to the future; legacies, continuities and changes in educational policy, practice and research. Book review 172
Bakassi: Or the Politics of Exclusion and Occupation? Book review 187
Barriers to loving; a clinician's perspective. Brief article 147
Basic algebraic topology. Book review 117
Basic family therapy, 6th ed. Brief article 145
Basics of organizational writing; a critical reading approach. Book review 128
Bayesian Multiple Target Tracking, 2nd Edition. Book review 127
Becoming a Teacher Through Action Research: Process, Context, and Self-Study, 3rd Edition. Book review 179
Becoming Roman? Diverging Identities and Experiences in Ancient Northwest Italy. Brief article 139
Being human, being migrant; sense of self and well-being. Brief article 175
Belonging; solidarity and division in modern societies. Book review 133
Benjamin Ferencz, Nuremberg prosecutor and peace advocate. Brief article 115
Beowulf on film; adaptations and variations. Brief article 135
Berimba's resistance; the life and times of a great Hamar spokesman; as told by his son Aike Berinas. Brief article 130
Best books for high school readers; grades 9-12, 3d ed. Brief article 129
Best books for middle school and junior high readers; grades 6-9, 3d ed. Brief article 132
Best interests of the student; applying ethical constructs to legal cases in education, 2d ed. Book review 212
Best Practice in Motivation and Management in the Classroom, 3rd Edition. Brief article 152
Best practices for transportation agency use of social media. Book review 104
Better Learning Through Structured Teaching: A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility, 2nd Edition. Brief article 125
Between Militarism and Technocratic Governance: State Formation in Contemporary Uganda. Brief article 248
Between the lines of the genetic code; genetic interactions in understanding disease and complex phenotypes. Book review 124
Between yesterday and tomorrow; German visions of Europe, 1926-1950. Book review 118
Beyond book sales; the complete guide to raising real money for your library. Brief article 156
Beyond chic; great fashion designers at home. Book review 102
Beyond Crowd Psychology: The Power of Agoral Gatherings. Book review 125
Beyond mastering; a conceptual guide. Brief article 120
Beyond the days of the giants; solving the crisis of growth and succession in today's CPA firms. Brief article 183
Beyond the God Particle. Book review 186
Beyond the Storms: Strengthening Homeland Security and Disaster Management to Achieve Resilience. Book review 115
Bible and cinema; an introduction. Brief article 155
Bilingual and multilingual education in the 21st century; building on experience. Book review 130
Billy the Kid on film, 1911-2012. Book review 153
Bio-nanoimaging: Protein Misfolding & Aggregation. Book review 104
Bioceramics (ISCM); Volume 25; select papers. Book review 160
Bioethics; health care law and ethics, 7th ed. Book review 167
Biofluid dynamics of human body systems. Brief article 137
Biological control programmes in Canada 2001-2012. Brief article 225
Biological drug products; development and strategies. Brief article 120
Biology and culture of Asian seabass; Lates calcarifer. Book review 155
Biomass gasification, pyrolysis, and torrefaction; practical design and theory, 2d ed. Book review 160
Biomass-based biocomposites. Book review 113
Biomaterials surface science. Book review 110
Biomedical Composites: Materials, Manufacturing and Engineering. Brief article 111
Biotextiles as medical implants. Book review 112
Black skin, white coats; Nigerian psychiatrists, decolonization, and the globalization of psychiatry. Book review 186
Black women against the land grab; the fight for racial justice in Brazil. Book review 140
Blood and Marrow Transplantation Long Term Management: Prevention and Complications. Brief article 138
Blue plate special; an autobiography of my appetites. Brief article 102
Bonhoeffer and interpretive theory; essays on methods and understanding. Brief article 163
Boundary Elements and other Mesh Reduction Methods XXXVI; proceedings. Book review 191
Brain Disorders in Critical Illness: Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Brief article 176
Brain evolution, language and psychopathology in schizophrenia. Brief article 140
Brain stimulation. Brief article 147
Brand esSense; using sense, symbol and story to design brand identity. Brief article 226
Brave Genius: A Scientist, a Philosopher, and Their Daring Adventures From French Resistance to the Nobel Prize. Brief article 206
Breakthrough leadership in the digital age; using learning science to reboot schooling. Book review 178
Breast Cytohistology (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 133
Breathing with Luce Irigaray. Brief article 122
Bridges to Consciousness: Complexes and Complexity. Brief article 129
Brigadier General John Adams, CSA: A Biography. Brief article 142
Brill's encyclopedia of Hinduism; v.5: Religious symbols, Hinduism and migration; contemporary communities outside South Asia, some modern religious groups and teachers. Book review 182
Britain and Colonial Maritime War in the Early Eighteenth Century: Silver, Seapower and the Atlantic. Brief article 204
British Navel Power in the East 1794-1805: The Command of Admiral Peter Rainier. Brief article 140
British ship building; 1500-2010. Book review 199
Broken Bones: Anthropological Analysis of Blunt Force Trauma, 2nd Edition. Brief article 135
Brown boys and rice queens; spellbinding performance in the Asias. Brief article 125
Brown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles, 7th Edition. Brief article 127
Buber and education; dialogue as conflict resolution. Brief article 135
Bud Moore's right hand man; a NASCAR team manager's career at full throttle. Brief article 136
Buffoon men; classic Hollywood comedians and queered masculinity. Brief article 128
Build Windows 8 apps with Microsoft Visual C++ step by step. Brief article 135
Building biotechnology; business, regulations, patents, law, policy, science, 4th ed. Book review 182
Building sensor networks; from design to applications. Book review 124
Building the old time religion; women evangelists in the progressive era. Book review 123
Bulk nanostructured materials; fundamentals and applications. Brief article 125
Business and scientific workflows; a web service-oriented approach. Book review 119
Business research; enjoy creating, developing and writing your business project. Book review 127
By the Book? Contemporary Publishing in Australia. Book review 117
C# 5.0 pocket reference. Brief article 165
C.G. Jung and Hans Urs von Balthasar; God and evil -- a critical comparison. Brief article 109
Caesar's Blood: Greek Tragedy in Roman Life. Book review 101
Cain Elliott; fire backstage; Philip Rieff and the monastery of culture. Book review 109
Canada's global villagers; CUSO in development, 1961-86. Brief article 131
Cancer Drug Design and Discovery, 2nd Edition. Book review 130
Cancer information for teens; health tips about cancer prevention, risks, diagnosis, and treatment; including facts about cancers of most concern to teens and young adults..., 3d ed. Brief article 172
Cancer; rehabilitation medicine quick reference. Book review 159
Capacity building for school improvement; revisited. Book review 127
Carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry; structure and mechanism, 2d ed. Brief article 153
Cardiac Electrophysiology: From Cell to Bedside, 6th Edition (online access included). Brief article 107
Caring science, mindful practice; implementing Watson's human caring theory. Brief article 133
Carotenoids and retinal disease. Book review 127
Cartographies of violence; Japanese Canadian women, memory, and the subjects of the internment. Book review 150
Case Studies in Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound (DVD-ROM included). Book review 116
Case studies in sexual deviance; toward evidence-based practice. Brief article 127
Cases on management and organizational behavior in an Arab context. Book review 193
Catalogue of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project; Volume 2: Codices 106-200, Magic Scrolls 135-284 (reprint, 2011). Brief article 146

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