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Benzamide Derivatives Targeting the Cell Division Protein FtsZ: Modifications of the Linker and the Benzodioxane Scaffold and Their Effects on Antimicrobial Activity. Straniero, Valentina; Suigo, Lorenzo; Casiraghi, Andrea; Sebastian-Perez, Victor; Hrast, Martina; Za Report Apr 1, 2020 13636
Analysis of the Expression of Cell Division Cycle-Associated Genes and Its Prognostic Significance in Human Lung Carcinoma: A Review of the Literature Databases. Chen, Chongxiang; Chen, Siliang; Pang, Lanlan; Yan, Honghong; Luo, Ma; Zhao, Qingyu; Lai, Jielan; Li Mar 1, 2020 6585
Targeting Bacterial Cell Division: A Binding Site-Centered Approach to the Most Promising Inhibitors of the Essential Protein FtsZ. Casiraghi, Andrea; Suigo, Lorenzo; Valoti, Ermanno; Straniero, Valentina Report Feb 1, 2020 14763
Cell Division Cycle 7 Related Protein Kinase, Pipeline Review, H2 2019 - Lin Bioscience Inc, NMS Group SpA & Sierra Oncology Inc. Jan 14, 2020 1041
Signal Blocks Stem Cell Division In Geriatric Brain. Sep 9, 2019 470
OMRF receives $1.47M grant to study cell division. Feb 26, 2019 174
Where have all the cell organelles gone during the cell division? Oct 31, 2018 472
Mechanisms of organelle division and inheritance and their implications regarding the origin of eukaryotic cells. Kuroiwa, Tsuneyoshi Report Jul 1, 2017 10004
Modeling of Complex Life Cycle Prediction Based on Cell Division. Zhang, Fucheng; Wang, Yahui; Zhang, De Jan 1, 2017 5244
Relation between in utero arsenic exposure and birth outcomes in a cohort of mothers and their newborns from New Hampshire. Gilbert-Diamond, Diane; Emond, Jennifer A.; Baker, Emily R.; Korrick, Susan A.; Karagas, Margaret R. Aug 1, 2016 11971
MreBCD-associated Cytoskeleton is Required for Proper Segregation of the Chromosomal Terminus during the Division Cycle of Escherichia Coli. Huo, Yu-Jia; Qiao, Ling; Zheng, Xiao-Wei; Cui, Cheng; Ma, Yuan-Fang; Lu, Feng Report Sep 1, 2015 3649
HIV hides in growth-promoting genes: by spurring cells to divide, virus creates long-term reservoirs. Saey, Tina Hesman Jul 26, 2014 730
Cell division discovery could optimise timing of chemotherapy. Report Jul 15, 2014 655
Drug disrupts tumor cell division. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 294
Smaller Sibling Protein Calls the Shots in Cell Division. Jan 4, 2012 591
Clusters of CDK2, CCND1, and CMYC genes involved in cancers: acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) as a modelq. Report Jan 1, 2012 4839
BRCA1 and BRCA 2. Plaut, David Report Aug 1, 2011 2067
Researchers identify protein essential for cell division in blood-forming stem cells. Dec 20, 2010 510
Researchers identify protein essential for cell division in blood-forming stem cells. Dec 13, 2010 557
Researchers identify protein essential for cell division in blood-forming stem cells. Dec 6, 2010 559
Cell division in bacteria just like clockwork. Mar 20, 2010 468
Expression of Cdc25B mRNA in duodenal mucosa of chicken. Qin, Junhui; Zhang, Hui; Bao, Huijun; Zhou, Qiang; Liu, Yi; Xu, Chunsheng; Chu, Xiaohong; Chen, Qius Report Mar 19, 2010 4102
Sugar plays vital role in cell division. Feb 6, 2010 370
Cancer-fighting roles. Brief article Jan 2, 2010 190
Hunchback-like protein is expressed in cleavage blastomeres, gastrula epithelium, and ciliary structures in gastropods. Dean, Derek; Himes, Christopher M.; Behrman, Emily; Savage, Robert M. Report Oct 1, 2009 6350
Scientists find protein that triggers plant cell division. Jun 12, 2009 424
Genetic interactions between the G1 cyclin CLN3 and TH173 May link the endoplasmic reticulum to regulated cell division. Hanckck, Jacquelyn G.; Miller, Mary E. Report Jul 1, 2008 213
Chapter 4 Cells, tissues, and organs. Parker, Rick Jan 1, 2008 3765
Improving students' understanding and perception of cell theory in school biology using a computer-based instruction simulation program. Ndirangu, Mwangi Dec 22, 2006 4682
Formulation patent issues for 2ME2 covering diseases characterized by abnormal cell division. Aug 1, 2006 460
Cell division dynamics of Drosophila Kc cells without functional mitotic centrosomes. Kagawa, Yuki; Megraw, Timothy L.; Oldenbourg, Rudolf Oct 1, 2004 319
Developmental patterns and cell lineages of vermiform embryos in dicyemid mesozoans. Furuya, Hidetaka; Hochberg, F. G.; Tsuneki, Kazuhiko Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 6517
Physiology or Medicine. Seppa, N. Brief Article Oct 13, 2001 482
Reconstitution of active pseudo-contractile rings and myosin-II-mediated vesicle transport in extracts of clam Oocytes. Wollert, Torsten; DePina, Ana S.; Sandberg, Leslie A.; Langford, George M. Oct 1, 2001 1149
Lt[B.sub.4] evokes the calcium signal that initiates nuclear envelope breakdown through a multi-enzyme network in sand dollar (echinaracnius parma) cells. Silver, Robert B. Oct 1, 2001 1814
HEALTH BEAT. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 558
High Temperatures during Endosperm Cell Division in Maize: A Genotypic Comparison under In Vitro and Field Conditions. Commuri, P.D.; Jones, R.J. Jul 1, 2001 5849
Distressed amoebas can call for help. Brief Article Mar 31, 2001 518
Microtubule-Dependent Nuclear Positioning and Nuclear-Dependent Septum Positioning in the Fission Yeast Saccharomyces pombe. Tran, P. T.; Doye, V.; Chang, F.; Inoue, S. Oct 1, 2000 1100
Muscle cells in damaged hearts may divide. Brainard, Jeffrey Brief Article Jul 25, 1998 472
Tick, tock, enzyme rewinds cellular clock. Travis, J. Jan 17, 1998 645
Fate specification along the sea urchin embryo animal-vegetal axis. Angerer, Robert C.; Angerer, Lynne M. Feb 1, 1997 1932
How does your garden grow roots? Brief Article Apr 27, 1996 303
The experimental alteration of cell lineages in the nemertean Cerebratulus lacteus: implications for the precocious establishment of embryonic axial properties. Henry, Jonathan Q.; Martindale, Mark Q. Oct 1, 1995 785
Axial specification in a basal member of the spiralian clade: lineage relationships of the first four cells to the larval body plan in the polyclad turbellarian Hoploplana inquilina. Henry, Jonathan Q.; Martindale, Mark Q.; Boyer, Barbara C. Oct 1, 1995 821
Oscillations in free /Ca2+~i during early cell division cycles in Xenopus laevis embryos. Miller, Brent; Chauhan, Amrit; Jaffe, Lionel F.; Miller, Andrew L. Oct 1, 1994 576
To copy genes, or not to copy genes. Brief Article Sep 26, 1992 176
Yeast or human, this gene's the same. May 16, 1987 171
'Off switch' for cell division found. Silberner, Joanne Aug 24, 1985 397

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