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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (October 1, 2001)

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A comparison of sounds recorded from a catfish (orinocodoras eigenmanni, doradidae) in an aquarium and in the field. Kaatz, Ingrid M.; Lobel, Phillip S. Brief Article 986
A novel, kinesin-rich preparation derived from squid giant axons. Clay, John R.; Kuzirian, Alan M. 1151
Action potentials occur spontaneously in squid giant axons with moderately alkaline intracellular pH. Clay, John R.; Shrier, Alvin Statistical Data Included 4309
Age structure of the pleasant bay population of crepidula fornicata: a possible tool for estimating horseshoe crab age. Grady, Sara P.; Rutecki, Deborah; Carmichael, Ruth; Valiela, Ivan Brief Article 887
An initial study on the effects of signal intermittency on the odor plume tracking behavior of the american lobster, homarus americanus. Kozlowski, Corinne; Yopak, Kara; Voigt, Rainer; Atema, Jelle Brief Article 1108
Bimodal units in the torus semicircularis of the toadfish (opsanus tau). Fay, R.R.; Edds-Walton, P.L. Brief Article 777
Centrifuge polarizing microscope with dual specimen chambers and injection ports. Knudson, Robert A.; Inoue, Shinya; Goda, Makoto Brief Article 768
Cholinergic modulation of odor-evoked oscillations in the frog olfactory bulb. Hall, Benjamin; Delaney, Kerry Brief Article 819
Cuttlefish cue visually on area--not shape or aspect ratio--of light objects in the substrate to produce disruptive body patterns for camouflage. Chiao, Chuan-Chin; Hanlon, Roger T. 1029
Development of genetically tagged bay scallops for evaluation of seeding programs. Chikarmane, Hemant M.; Kuzirian, Alan M.; Carroll, Ian; Dengler, Robbin 1209
Differentiation of pharyngeal muscles on the basis of enzyme activities in the cichlid tramitichromis intermedius. Rice, Aaron N.; Portnoy, David S.; Kaatz, Ingrid M.; Lobel, Phillip S. Brief Article 849
Dissolved nitrogen dynamics in groundwater under a coastal massachusetts forest. Hinckley, Eve-Lyn S.; Neill, Christopher; McHorney, Richard; Lezberg, Ann 1507
Drag, drafting, and mechanical interactions in canopies of the red alga chondrus crispus. Johnson, Amy S. 7585
Dye coupling evidence for gap junctions between supramedullary/dorsal neurons of the cunner, tautogolabrus adspersus. Zottoli, S.J.; Arnolds, D.E.W.; Asamoah, N.O.; Chevez, C.; Fuller, S.N.; Hiza, N.A.; Nierman, J.E.; Brief Article 721
Endogenous zinc as a neuromodulator in vertebrate retina: evidence from the retinal slice. Chappell, Richard L.; Redenti, Stephen 1538
Escape and aggregation responses of three echinoderms to conspecific stimuli. Campbell, A.C.; Coppard, S.; D'Abreo, C.; Tudor-Thomas, R. 7052
Evidence for directed mitotic cleavage plane reorientations during retinal development within the zebrafish. Link, Brian A. Brief Article 903
Fluorescence polarization of gfp crystals. Inoue, Shinya; Goda, Makoto Brief Article 809
Growth, visual field, and resolution in the juvenile limulus lateral eye. Meadors, S.; McGuiness, C.; Dodge, F.A.; Barlow, R.B. 1276
Hydrogen peroxide: An effective treatment for ballast water. Kuzirian, Alan M.; Terry, Eleanor C.S.; Bechtel, Deanna L.; James, Patrick L. 1719
Hydromineral regulation in the hydrothermal vent crab bythograea thermydron. Martinez, Anne-Sophie; Toullecs, Jean-Yves; Shillito, Bruce; Charmantier-Daures, Mireille; Charmanti Statistical Data Included 5565
Introduction to the featured report: Green Fluorescent Protein: Enhanced Optical Signals from Native Crystals. Brief Article 494
Lt[B.sub.4] evokes the calcium signal that initiates nuclear envelope breakdown through a multi-enzyme network in sand dollar (echinaracnius parma) cells. Silver, Robert B. 1814
Mariculture of the toadfish opsanus tau. Mensinger, Allen F.; Stephenson, Katherine A.; Pollema, Sarah L.; Richmond, Hazel E.; Price, Nichole 1184
Messenger RNAs located in spiny dogfish oligodendrocyte processes. Smith, Ryan; Kavanagh, Emma; Morrison, Hilary G.; Gould, Robert M. 994
Microsporidian spore/sporoplasm dynactin in spraguea. Weidner, Earl Brief Article 658
Molecular phylogeny of the model annelid ophryotrocha. Dahlgren, Thomas G.; Akesson, Bertil; Schander, Christoffer; Halanych, Kenneth M.; Sundberg, Per 6850
Ontogenetic changes in fibrous connective tissue organization in the oval squid, sepioteuthis lessoniana lesson, 1830. Thompson, Joseph T.; Kier, William M. 10708
Ontogenetic changes in mantle kinematics during escape-jet locomotion in the oval squid, sepioteuthis lessoniana lesson, 1830. Thompson, Joseph T.; Kier, William M. 8168
Ooplasm segregation in the squid embryo, loligo pealeii. Crawford, Karen 1155
Phalloidin labeling of developing muscle in embryos of the polychaete capitella sp. I. Hill, Susan D.; Boyer, Barbara C. Brief Article 958
Polarization reflecting iridophores in the arms of the squid loligo pealeii. Shashar, Nadav; Borst, Douglas T.; Ament, Seth A.; Saidel, William M.; Smolowitz, Roxanna M.; Hanlon 1117
Porocytosis: Quantal synaptic secretion of neurotransmitter at the neuromuscular junction through arrayed vesicles. Silver, Robert B.; Kriebel, Mahlon E.; Keller, Bruce; Pappas, George D. 1461
Real-time detection of reactive oxygen intermediates from single microglial cells. Twig, Gilad; Jung, Sung-Kwon; Messerli, Mark A.; Smith, Peter J.S.; Shirihai, Orian S. 1180
Recombinant globular tail fragment of myosin-V blocks vesicle transport in squid nerve cell extracts. Brown, Jeremiah R.; Simonetta, Kyle R.; Sandberg, Leslie A.; Stafford, Phillip; Langford, George M. Brief Article 908
Reconstitution of active pseudo-contractile rings and myosin-II-mediated vesicle transport in extracts of clam Oocytes. Wollert, Torsten; DePina, Ana S.; Sandberg, Leslie A.; Langford, George M. 1149
Response of the blood cell of the american horseshoe crab, limulus polyphemus, to a lipopolysaccharide-like molecule from the green alga chlorella. Conrad, Mara L.; Pardy, R.L.; Armstrong, Peter B. Brief Article 979
Small-scale heterogeneity of nitrogen concentrations in groundwater at the seepage face of edgartown great pond. Hauxwell, Alyson M.; Neill, Christopher; Valiela, Ivan; Kroeger, Kevin D. 1166
Stable n isotopic signatures in bay scallop tissue, feces, and pseudofeces in cape cod estuaries subject to different N loads. Fila, Laurie; Carmichael, Ruth Herrold; Shriver, Andrea; Valiela, Ivan 1503
Stereochemical specificity of lamoxirene, the sperm-releasing pheromone in kelp (laminariales, phaeophyceae). Maier, Ingo; Hertweck, Christian; Boland, Wilhelm Statistical Data Included 2542
Strategies for increasing growth of juvenile toadfish. Rider, Leila E.; Mensinger, Allen F. Brief Article 1193
The effects of salt marsh haying on benthic algal biomass. Williams, Libby; Noblitt IV, G. Carl; Buchsbaum, Robert Brief Article 942
The origins of the grass foundation. Zottoli, Steven J. 6270
The process of reducing CA1 long-term potentiation by the integrin peptide, GRGDSP, occurs within the first few minutes following theta-burst stimulation. Hernandez, R.V.; Garza, J.M.; Graves, M.E.; Martinez Jr., J.L.; LeBaron, R.G. Brief Article 826
The stellate ganglion of the squid loligo pealeii as a model for neuronal development: expression of a POU class VI homeodomain gene, Rpf-1. H. Burbach, J. Peter; Hellemons, Anita J.C.G.M.; Hoekman, Marco; Grant, Philip; Pant, Harish C. Brief Article 976
Top-down vs. bottom-up controls of microphytobenthic standing crop: role of mud snails and nitrogen supply in the littoral of waquoit bay estuaries. Novak, Melissa; Lever, Mark; Valiela, Ivan 1159
Transmitted light fluorescence microscopy revisited. Tran, P.T.; Chang, Fred 994
Up-regulation of integrins [[alpha].sub.3] [[beta].sub.1] in sulfate-starved marine sponge cells: functional correlates. Kuhns, William J.; Rusciano, Dario; Kaltenbach, Jane; Ho, Michael; Burger, Max; Fernandez-Busquets, 1226
Variable mate-guarding time and sperm allocation by male snow crabs (chionoecetes opilio) in response to sexual competition, and their impact on the mating success of females. Rondeau, Amelie; Sainte-Marie, Bernard 10722
Visually guided behavior of juvenile horseshoe crabs. Errigo, M.; McGuiness, C.; Meadors, S.; Mittmann, B.; Dodge, F.; Barlow, R. 1176

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