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Articles from The Biological Bulletin (February 1, 1997)

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A molecular model for mechanosensation in Caenorhabditis elegans. Chalfie, Martin 420
Actin-dependent pigment granule transport in retinal pigment epithelial cells. Burnside, Beth; King-Smith, Christina 1226
Activity-dependent regulation of neural networks: the role of inhibitory synaptic plasticity in adaptive gain control in the siphon withdrawal reflex of Aplysia. Fischer, Thomas M.; Carew, Thaoms J. 1945
Complex oscillations in simple neural systems. Baxter, Douglas A.; Byrne, John H. 2332
Complex signal processing by weakly electric fishes. Kawasaki, Masashi 285
Conflicting morphological and reproductive species boundaries in the coral genus Platygyra. Miller, Karen; Babcock, Russell 6884
Effects of common estuarine pollutants on the immune reactions of tunicates. Raftos, David; Hutchinson, Aimee 5693
Expression and regulation of a sea urchin Msx class homeobox gene: insights into the evolution and function of a gene family that participates in the patterning of the early embryo. Maxson, Rob; Tan, Hongying; Dobias, Sonia L.; Wu, Hailin; Bell, Jeffrey R.; Ma, Liang 474
Fate specification along the sea urchin embryo animal-vegetal axis. Angerer, Robert C.; Angerer, Lynne M. 1932
From neurons to behavior: vocal-acoustic communication in teleost fish. Bass, Andrew H.; Bodnar, Deana A.; McKibben, Jessica R. 1689
Getting a head in frog development. Elinson, Richard P. 1602
Gravitropism in the rhizoids of the alga Chara: a model system for microgravity research. Kiss, John Z. 1287
Grvitaxis in flagellates. Hader, Donat-Peter 942
How do neurons monitor their mechanical status? Morris, Catherine E.; Lesiuk, Howard; Mills, Linda R. 1344
Imaging neural activity with single cell resolution in an intact, behaving vertebrate. Fetcho, Joseph R.; Cox, Kingsley J.A.; O'Malley, Donald M. 2632
Introduction. Dawidowicz, E.A. 944
Mauthner system discrimination of stimulus direction from the acceleration and pressure components at sound onset. Eaton, Robert C.; Guzik, Audrey L.; Casagrand, Janet L. 2536
Mechanogated channels in Xenopus oocytes: different gating modes enable a channel to switch from a phasic to a tonic mechanotransducer. Hamill, Owen P.; McBride, Don W., Jr. 1278
Mechanosensitive channels for E. coli: a genetic and molecular dissection. Blount, Paul; Sukharev, Sergei I.; Moe, Paul; Kung, Ching 1058
Mechanosensitive channels: introduction. Loewenstein, Werner R. 463
Multiple myosin motors and mechanoelectrical transduction by hair cells. Gillespie, Peter G. 2244
Myosin drives retrograde F-actin flow in neuronal growth cones. Lin, C.H.; Espreafico, E.M.; Mooseker, M.S.; Forscher, P. 1734
Ovarian development in the class holothuroidea: a reassessment of the 'tubule recruitment model'. Sewell, M.A.; Tyler, P.A.; Young, C.M.; Conand, C. 6344
Patterns and consequences of whole colony growth in the compound ascidian Polyclinum planum. Holyoak, Alan R. 5800
Probing rice gravitropism with cytoskeletal drugs and cytoskeletal mutants. Nick, Peter; Godbole, Rea; Wang, Qi Yan 1373
Stages of larval development and stem cell population changes during metamorphosis of a hydrozoan planula. Martin, Vicki J.; Archer, William E. 5807
Subcuticular rejection: an advanced mode of the allogeneic rejection in the compound ascidians Botrylloides simodensis and B. fucus. Hirose, Euichi; Saito, Yasunori; Watanabe, Hiroshi 3376
The influence of gravity and light on developmental polarity of single cells of Ceratopteris richardii gametophytes. Edwards, Erin Swint; Roux, Stanley J. 1261

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