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Articles from Environmental Health Perspectives (August 1, 2016)

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A multimedia e-book--A Story of Health: filling a gap in environmental health literacy for health professionals. Miller, Mark D.; Valenti, Maria; Schettler, Ted; Tencza, Brian Report 2849
Ambient fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and preterm birth in New York City. Johnson, Sarah; Bobb, Jennifer F.; Ito, Kazuhiko; Savitz, David A.; Elston, Beth; Shmool, Jessie L.C Report 7361
An exposome perspective on environmental enteric dysfunction. Mapesa, Job O.; Maxwell, Amy L.; Ryan, Elizabeth P. Report 5588
An informatics approach to evaluating combined chemical exposures from consumer products: a case study of asthma-associated chemicals and potential endocrine disruptors. Gabb, Henry A.; Blake, Catherine Report 10882
An informatics approach to reading the label: identifying common chemical mixtures in personal care products. Potera, Carol 1060
Arsenic and the placental epigenome: unlocking the secrets of prenatal exposure. Konkel, Lindsey 953
Arsenic species in chicken breast: temporal variations of metabolites, elimination kinetics, and residual concentrations. Liu, Qingqing; Peng, Hanyong; Lu, Xiufen; Zuidhof, Martin J.; Li, Xing-Fang; Le, X. Chris Report 9098
Associations between blood and urine arsenic concentrations and global levels of post-translational histone modifications in Bangladeshi men and women. Howe, Caitlin G.; Liu, Xinhua; Hall, Megan N.; Slavkovich, Vesna; Ilievski, Vesna; Parvez, Faruque; Report 8757
Associations of residential long-term air pollution exposures and satellite-derived greenness with insulin resistance in German adolescents. Thiering, Elisabeth; Markevych, Iana; Bruske, Irene; Fuertes, Elaine; Kratzsch, Jurgen; Sugiri, Doro 9635
Childhood exposure to ambient air pollutants and the onset of asthma: an administrative cohort study in Quebec. Tetreault, Louis-Francois; Doucet, Marieve; Gamache, Philippe; Fournier, Michel; Brand, Allan; Kosat 8181
Combined effects of high-dose bisphenol A and oxidizing agent (KBr[O.sub.3]) on cellular microenvironment, gene expression, and chromatin structure of Ku70-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Gassman, Natalie R.; Coskun, Erdem; Jaruga, Pawel; Dizdaroglu, Miral; Wilson, Samuel H. 12289
EHP highlights of the past year. Darney, Sally Perreault Editorial 927
Epigenome-wide assessment of DNA methylation in the placenta and arsenic exposure in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study (USA). Green, Benjamin B.; Karagas, Margaret R.; Punshon, Tracy; Jackson, Brian P.; Robbins, David J.; Hous Clinical report 7520
Estimating causal effects of long-term [PM.sub.2.5] exposure on mortality in New Jersey. Wang, Yan; Kloog, Itai; Coull, Brent A.; Kosheleva, Anna; Zanobetti, Antonella; Schwartz, Joel D. Report 8635
Interactions between diet and exposure to secondhand smoke on the prevalence of childhood obesity: results from NHANES, 2007-2010. Moore, Brianna F.; Clark, Maggie L.; Bachand, Annette; Reynolds, Stephen J.; Nelson, Tracy L.; Peel, Report 8334
It came from beneath: detecting and mitigating vapor intrusion. Cernansky, Rachel 3529
Key elements for judging the quality of a risk assessment. Fenner-Crisp, Penelope A.; Dellarco, Vicki L. 10529
Laying a community-based foundation for data-driven semantic standards in environmental health sciences. Mattingly, Carolyn J.; Boyles, Rebecca; Lawler, Cindy P.; Haugen, Astrid C.; Dearry, Allen; Haendel, 5165
Modeled perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure and liver function in a Mid-Ohio Valley community. Darrow, Lyndsey A.; Groth, Alyx C.; Winquist, Andrea; Shin, Hyeong-Moo; Bartell, Scott M.; Steenland 7985
On the utility of ToxCast[TM] and ToxPi as methods for identifying new obesogens. Janesick, Amanda Shaine; Dimastrogiovanni, Giorgio; Vanek, Lenka; Boulos, Christy; Chamorro-Garcia, Report 10688
Organoarsenic drugs over time: the pharmacokinetics of roxarsone in chicken meat. Konkel, Lindsey 1106
Particulate matter exposure and cardiopulmonary differences in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Aaron, Carrie P.; Chervona, Yana; Kawut, Steven M.; Roux, Ana V. Diez; Shen, Mingwu; Bluemke, David 9265
Perfluoroalkyl Substances, sex hormones, and insulin-like growth factor-1 at 6-9 years of age: a cross-sectional analysis within the C8 Health Project. Lopez-Espinosa, Maria-Jose; Mondal, Debapriya; Armstrong, Ben G.; Eskenazi, Brenda; Fletcher, Tony 8000
Prenatal arsenic exposure and birth outcomes among a population residing near a mining-related superfund site. Henn, Birgit Claus; Ettinger, Adrienne S.; Hopkins, Marianne R.; Jim, Rebecca; Amarasiriwardena, Chi 9040
Prenatal triclosan exposure and anthropometric measures including anogenital distance in Danish infants. Lassen, Tina Harmer; Frederiksen, Hanne; Kyhl, Henriette Boye; Swan, Shanna H.; Main, Katharina M.; Medical condition overview 8722
Prioritizing environmental chemicals for obesity and diabetes outcomes research: a screening approach using ToxCast[TM] high-throughput data. Auerbach, Scott; Filer, Dayne; Reif, David; Walker, Vickie; Holloway, Alison C.; Schlezinger, Jennif 15056
Quantile regression analysis of the distributional effects of air pollution on blood pressure, heart rate variability, blood lipids, and biomarkers of inflammation in elderly American men: the normative aging study. Bind, Marie-Abele; Peters, Annette; Koutrakis, Petros; Coull, Brent; Vokonas, Pantel; Schwartz, Joel Report 8597
Relation between in utero arsenic exposure and birth outcomes in a cohort of mothers and their newborns from New Hampshire. Gilbert-Diamond, Diane; Emond, Jennifer A.; Baker, Emily R.; Korrick, Susan A.; Karagas, Margaret R. 11971
Secreted phosphoprotein 1 and sex-specific differences in silica-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice. Latoche, Joseph D.; Ufelle, Alexander Chukwuma; Fazzi, Fabrizio; Ganguly, Koustav; Leikauf, George D Report 7670
The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and physical health among adult women in southern Louisiana: The Women and Their Children's Health (WaTCH) Study. Peres, Lauren C.; Trapido, Edward; Rung, Ariane L.; Harrington, Daniel J.; Oral, Evrim; Fang, Zhide; 6144
The exposome: embracing the complexity for discovery in environmental health. Cui, Yuxia; Balshaw, David M.; Kwok, Richard K.; Thompson, Claudia L.; Collman, Gwen W.; Birnbaum, L 4336
The uncertain relationship between air pollution and risk of preterm birth: does spatial variation drive disparate findings? Seltenrich, Nate 1132

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