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Articles from Science News (January 2, 2010)

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Title Author Type Words
2009 Science News of the year. Quill, Elizabeth Cover story 6921
About to break. Brief article 125
Another side of snowflakes. Sanders, Laura Brief article 174
Ardi puts new spin on hominid evolution. Brief article 188
Back story: megafloods change landscapes. Brief article 262
Bacteria do the electron shuffle: Shewanella contacting metals show 'touch-and-go' behavior. Sanders, Laura Brief article 275
Better flu-fighting models. Saey, Tina Hesman 344
Black hole may build its home: lone quasar suggests new theories of galaxy formation. Grossman, Lisa Brief article 316
Bones show signs of cannibalism: disputed work hints at ritual sacrifices at 7,000-year-old site. Bower, Bruce 628
Bookshelf. Brief article 166
Cancer-fighting roles. Brief article 190
Chink found in invisibility armor: charged particles could spot location of a cloaked object. Sanders, Laura 384
Climate brouhaha. Fowler, James L. Letter to the editor 305
Cracking the nitrogen connection: reaction cleaves [N.sub.2] triple bond to make useful carbon link. Ehrenberg, Rachel 373
Dark matter particle found, maybe: mine experiment yields evidence of possible WIMP detection. Cowen, Ron 377
Depression drug shifts personality; antidepressant's efficacy may depend on altering two traits. Bower, Bruce 286
Enjoyed the read. Rizzuto, Paul Letter to the editor 171
Feathered dinosaur predates oldest bird. Brief article 145
First programmable quantum computer. Brief article 180
Gentler winters shrink sheep. Brief article 152
Giant panda bear genome unveiled: bamboo diet may be linked to inability to taste savories. Sanders, Laura 355
Good leukemia drug news. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 106
H1N1 hits sickle-cell kids hard. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 138
H1N1 strikes and spreads. Brief article 196
Leaders warm to climate action. Brief article 161
Megaflood filled Mediterranean in geological snap: model finds water levels rose more than 10 meters per day. Grossman, Lisa 863
Nanotech powers up paper battery: new technology would offer easy, light energy storage. Ehrenberg, Rachel 352
New bond in the basement. Brief article 147
Outsized beaver. Skala, Greg Letter to the editor 183
Patients with vitamin D deficiency fare worse in battle with lymphoma: more data needed to verify link to white blood cell cancer. Seppa, Nathan 554
Routine tree deaths doubled. Brief article 145
Science past: from the issue of January 2, 1960. Reprint 113
Scientific observations. Chu, Steven Brief article 138
Slinging a shot at hepatitis C: blocking microRNA molecule impairs replication of virus. Saey, Tina Hesman 370
Some birds prefer northern winter: differing migratory routes could signal eventual species split. Milius, Susan 422
STEM talent: moving beyond traditional boundaries. Marshall, Stephanie Pace Viewpoint essay 724
That yeast smells good. Brief article 147
The (-est). Brief article 103
The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe. Raloff, Janet Book review 289
The stats on fielding. Brief article 109
The Three Cultures: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Humanities in the 21st Century. Zelkowitz, Rachel Book review 267
The Top 10 science news stories since time began. Siegfried, Tom 367
Uncloaked appreciation. Walker, Mac; Graf, Robert Letter to the editor 151
Water on the moon. Brief article 159

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