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A Randomized controlled study to evaluate the effect of flipped classroom relative to a traditional demonstration method on learning of procedural skills in dermatology residents. Malik, Sakina Sadiq; Yasmeen, Rahlia; Khan, Rehan Ahmed Report Sep 17, 2020 3159
Problem-based learning: A critical review of its educational objectives and rationale for its implementation in higher education institutes of Pakistan. Thahim, Kalimullah Editorial Jul 11, 2020 1196
Appraisal of the Curricular Assessment Process. Jenks, Viveka; Green, Abby Report Dec 22, 2019 4771
The Use of Humor in Assessment: A Case Study. Blau, Julia J.C.; Blau, Eric T. Case study Dec 22, 2019 1949
An Evaluation of Teaching with Acoustical Guidance (TAGteach) for Improving Passing Skills among University Rugby Athletes. Elmore, Tiffany; Healy, Olive; Lydon, Sinead; Murray, Clodagh Author abstract Dec 1, 2018 3352
Learning to learn and teach: Student seminar as a teaching-learning method in undergraduate medical physiology through students' perspective. Patil, Ashwini Namdeorao; Pande, Bageshree Nilkanth; Borade, Nirmala Gopal Report Oct 1, 2018 3793
Student Perceptions of Accelerated Course Delivery Format for Teacher Preparation Coursework. Colclasure, Blake C.; LaRose, Sarah E.; Warner, Anna J.; Ruth, Taylor K.; Bunch, J.C.; Thoron, Andre Report Jul 1, 2018 8478
Voice Class: A Learner-Centered Approach. Sauerland, William May 1, 2018 3787
Using the Six Americas Framework to Communicate and Educate about Global Warming. Taylor, Melissa; Lamm, Alexa J.; Israel, Glenn D.; Rampold, Shelli D. Report Apr 1, 2018 7688
Evaluating First Year Agriculture Teachers' Use of Reflection. Meder, Amanda; Smalley, Scott; Retallick, Michael Report Apr 1, 2018 7216
UTAH'S TECH BRAND NEEDS "DOPE FLOW". Plothow, Brad Apr 1, 2018 1029
Teachers' Perceptions of Needs and Supports for Handwriting Instruction in Kindergarten. Nye, Jill A.; Sood, Divya Report Mar 22, 2018 6213
IDENTIFYING EDUCATIONAL APPROACHES TO SUPPORT STUDENTS WITH DYSLEXIA: In order to integrate a specialized academic focus to learners with dyslexia and other reading differences, it is essential to understand and integrate the six strategies noted in this article to increase support, understanding, and communication that is essential to a collaborative team of educational caregivers. Shaw, Angela Mar 1, 2018 2611
Weaknesses in Evaluation of Teaching Practice in the Formal and Non-Formal Teacher Education Institutions. Younus, Fouzia; Farooq, R.A.; Tabassum, Rabia Report Dec 31, 2017 3363
An Emerging Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Pragmatic Formulas. Zavialova, Alisa Report Dec 15, 2017 4660
Impact of horizontal and vertical integration: Learning and perception in first-year medical students. Dulloo, Puja; Vedi, Neeraj; Gandotra, Achleshwar Report Nov 1, 2017 5084
Lily pad doubling: proportional reasoning development. Robichaux-Davis, Rebecca R. Jun 22, 2017 3992
Ghost from the past. Hamilton, Linda Brief article Jun 1, 2017 261
Educating for future careers: why we need a more responsive and pragmatic way of teaching and learning. Ryan, Bill Viewpoint essay May 12, 2017 648
Useless college majors. Kinderman, Robin Apr 3, 2017 2488
What real high performance looks like. Nehring, James; Charner-Laird, Megin; Szczesiul, Stacy Apr 1, 2017 2750
Parent engagement in healthy schools. Aidala, Joanne; Straim, Karen Feb 1, 2017 1753
Campfire tales: education start-up aims to transform learning: Founded by 3 design educators, Aether Global Learning wants to boost the soft skills and broaden the horizons of tomorrow's workforce. Grace, Robert Interview Jan 1, 2017 2009
Evaluation of a coaching experiential learning project on OT student abilities and perceptions. Phillips, Erin A. Report Jan 1, 2017 7146
Checklist for excellence in science teaching and learning. Ediger, Marlow Dec 22, 2016 1299
Bad parenting, bad education, and the state of America. Biddle, Craig Column Dec 22, 2016 1721
Just imagine ... Brief article Dec 1, 2016 131
Documenter les facons de faire d'enseignants de 6e annee du primaire en mathematiques, en lecture et en ecriture dans toutes les etapes de la demarche d'evaluation. Ramoo, Lakshmee Devi; Durand, Micheline-Joanne Brief article Dec 1, 2016 7311
Assessment and comparison of teaching effectiveness of chalk and talk and microsoft powerpoint presentation. Vishwekar, Pallavi Satish; Basapure, Prashant H. Report Oct 24, 2016 2238
Richard Clark's "mere vehicles" debate. Koehler, Brandon Aug 1, 2016 2255
New DEU model trialled in Wellington. Aug 1, 2016 337
Making investments where it matters most at Beaverton School District. Kavanagh, Shayne Aug 1, 2016 2579
Instructional methods used by health sciences librarians to teach evidence-based practice (EBP): a systematic review. Swanberg, Stephanie M.; Dennison, Carolyn Ching; Farrell, Alison; Machel, Viola; Marton, Christine; Report Jul 1, 2016 8944
Peer Observation and Evaluation Tool (POET): a formative peer review supporting scholarly teaching. Crabtree, Jeffrey L.; Scott, Patricia J.; Kuo, Fengyi Report Jun 22, 2016 7239
Student perceptions of scholarly writing. O'Brien, Shirley Peganoff; Marken, Dory; Petrey, Kelsey Bennett Report Jun 22, 2016 7887
Infusing career development to strengthen Middle School English Language Arts curricula. Lapan, Richard T.; Marcotte, Amanda M.; Storey, Robert; Carbone, Patricia; Loehr-Lapan, Sharon; Guer Statistical table Jun 1, 2016 6775
Why education still matters: several recent events point out the contradictions facing education in the state's largest city. Cook, Brad Apr 29, 2016 754
Increasing the efficiency of education systems by improving human resource management. Bucata, George; Rizescu, Alexandru Marius Apr 1, 2016 2248
LESS DEVELOPED AREAS A PRIORITY: HEC CHIEF. Nawaz, Tasleem Brief article Jan 10, 2016 192
For the love of the child: bestowing value amidst inconsistent inclusive education beliefs and practices for one student with severe disabilities. Mooney, Laura Rae; Lashewicz, Bonnie Report Dec 1, 2015 8493
The PRO instructional strategy in the construction of scientific explanations. Tang, Kok-Sing Report Dec 1, 2015 4532
Smarter balanced: setup for failure: state should acknowledge there's a problem and work to correct it. Banfield, Ann Marie Nov 27, 2015 552
Today's games are tomorrow's coders. Oct 1, 2015 1169
Overestimating Plato and underestimating Isocrates: the example of Thomas Jefferson. Muir, James R. Sep 22, 2015 7024
Teaching and learning at the creek: implementing a context-based environmental science unit in the middle years. King, Donna; Ginns, Ian Sep 1, 2015 6457
Growing a primary science specialism: assembling people, places, materials and ideas. Lynch, Julianne; Frankel, Nadine; McCarthy, Kerry; Sharp, Lindy Sep 1, 2015 5060
10 things your child's teaching team wish you knew: parents and the teaching staff share a common objective: working together to ensure the best experience for your son or daughter. Picon, Deanna Sep 1, 2015 2053
Class absence, instructor lecture notes, intellectual styles, and learning outcomes. Harmon, Oskar; Alpert, William; Banik, Archita; Lambrinos, James Statistical data Sep 1, 2015 6555
Pakistan introduces project for knowledge based economy'. Brief article Aug 23, 2015 159
Tech Education' can drive Pakistan forward. Brief article Aug 23, 2015 192
To what extent are the final cost objectives of universities subsidized? Phillips, Cynthia R.; Olson, Jeffery E. Statistical data Jun 22, 2015 7714
The effect of teaching approach with dramatization used in Science and technology lesson to the students achievment level. Ilhan, Ekrem Levent; Burcak, Celik Okan; Esenturk, Oguz Kaan; Karasahinoglu, Tugce Report Jun 15, 2015 3902
Student responses to a context- and inquiry-based three-step teaching model. Walan, Susanne; Rundgren, Shu-Nu Chang Report Jun 1, 2015 4064
The basics about Common Core, testing: the annual assessment is part of the way schools are held accountable for the almost $1 billion the state spends on education. Rafio, Tom May 15, 2015 598
Quantitative outcomes for nursing students in a flipped classroom. Harrington, Susan Ann; Bosch, Melodee Vanden; Schoofs, Nancy; Beel-Bates, Cynthia; Anderson, Kirk Report May 1, 2015 1926
Planning for a great school year how it's done. Picon, Deanna May 1, 2015 1771
Defining high-quality career and technical education: Building a framework for best practice. Hyslop, Alisha; Imperatore, Catherine May 1, 2015 2433
Let projects: be your guide. Gatlin, Jennifer Mar 1, 2015 1261
Reading Freud today for the destiny of a psychology of education. Britzman, Deborah Mar 1, 2015 6813
From punishment to punctuation: the primal scene and the pedagogy of psychoanalysis. McLaughlin, Becky Mar 1, 2015 6457
Teaching relationships: broadening understandings through the social psychology of the classroom. Rubie-Davies, Christine M. Mar 1, 2015 6961
Educational psychology, neuroscience and lesson study: translating research knowledge into practice requires teacher research. Norwich, Brahm Mar 1, 2015 6916
Collaborations Resulting in New Leadership Model Operationalization with Disadvantaged Students. Nikodym, Jacqueline Z.; Tejeda, Armando R.; Moffett, David W. Report Feb 4, 2015 297
Testing times across the nation. DeNisco, Alison Jan 1, 2015 610
Interventions can salve unseen anxiety barriers. Minahan, Jessica; Schultz, Jerome J. Dec 1, 2014 3063
Bridgeport public schools and chromebooks: a 1-to-1 district transformation: cutting-edge technology plays an important role in district turnaround effort. Conference notes Dec 1, 2014 1276
Coaching the coaches: best practices for administrators coaching administrators. Young, Charles; Gonzales, Lisa Dec 1, 2014 684
TEVTA takes initiative to review courses. Brief article Nov 23, 2014 118
Common ground: integrating the common core and CTE. Richner, David Nov 1, 2014 2724
Educational Equity, Adequacy, and Equal Opportunity in the Commonwealth: An Evaluation of Pennsylvania's School Finance System. Baker, Bruce; Levin, Jesse Author abstract Oct 1, 2014 446
First-year evaluation. Sep 22, 2014 615
Data meeting model: developing data focused pre-service teachers. Hoaglund, Amy E.; Birkenfeld, Karen J.; Bluiett, Tarsha Report Sep 22, 2014 2700
Back to school. Ostdick, John H. Sep 1, 2014 311
Understanding the new AACSB standards. Krom, Cynthia L.; Buchholz, Alexander K. Aug 1, 2014 2801
Planning and preparation of physical education teachers towards teaching period for the implementation of form 4 physical education curriculum for the physical fitness strand. Ali, Syed Kamaruzaman Syed; Ranjbar, Zahra; Qader, Mustafa Abdul Report Jun 1, 2014 4862
Professional development: means opportunity: influencing instruction at occupational colleges. Mosterdyke, Timothy May 1, 2014 1985
To the core: house stands behind new education standards. Landrigan, Kevin Apr 4, 2014 437
Teaching today's online students: they are diverse, but a challenge to teach! Sull, Errol Craig Apr 1, 2014 1929
The core's scarlet B. Roewe, Brian Mar 28, 2014 649
Students learning through recording, transcribing and editing their task performances in second-semester Italian. Means, Tom Mar 22, 2014 6007
Pedagogic translation vs. translation teaching: a compromise between theory and practice. Petrocchi, Valeria Mar 22, 2014 4974
Social skills and life satisfaction of Lithuanian first- and senior-year university students. Malinauskas, Romualdas; Dumciene, Audrone; Lapeniene, Dalia Report Mar 1, 2014 3507
On my journey now: the narrative and works of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, the knowledge revolutionary. Person-Lynn, Kwaku; Snipes, Wesley Feb 1, 2014 12070
Attitudes of principals and teachers toward approaches used to deal with teacher incompetence. Cheng, Jao-Nan Feb 1, 2014 6886
Do age and gender influence multiple intelligences? Menevis, Ipek; Ozad, Bahire Efe Feb 1, 2014 4066
Measuring Critical Education Processes and Outcomes: Illustration from a Cluster Randomized Trial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Halpin, Peter F.; Torrente, Catalina Report Jan 1, 2014 584
A Study on Implementation of Suggested Pedagogical Practices in ADE and B.Ed. (Hons.). Ayub, Alia; Khan, Sadia Suleman Report Dec 31, 2013 5111
Implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Education Course: A Case from Teacher Education Institutions in Pakistan. Majoka, Muhammad Iqbal; Fazal, Shawana; Saeed, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2013 5928
Beliefs and Practices of Teacher Educators Teaching B.Ed (Hons) and ADE in Universities and Affiliated Colleges in Punjab. Report Dec 31, 2013 4817
The Role of Collaborating Teachers (CTs) in Facilitating Prospective Teachers (PTs) in Lesson Delivery: A Multi-Case Study of Teaching Practicum. Report Dec 31, 2013 6318
Effect of Reformed Teaching Practicum on Professional Development of B.Ed (Hons) Prospective Teachers. Report Dec 31, 2013 4627
Crossing borders: Canadian students share the SUCCESS for Teens program with kids in Mexico. Simnacher, Betsy Dec 1, 2013 478
How drawing can support writing acquisition: text construction in early writing from a Vygotskian perspective. Mackenzie, Noella; Veresov, Nikolai Report Dec 1, 2013 5604
Qualites metriques des resultats academiques universitaires. Harvey, Leon; Hebert, Marie-Helene; Simard, Catherine Nov 1, 2013 7909
The common core, aligned assessments and the 21st-century classroom: lessons learned from educators. Riley, Cattle Nov 1, 2013 1789
Validity and reliability of physical education teachers' beliefs and intentions toward teaching students with disabilities (TBITSD) questionnaire. Shahbazi, Masumeh; Esmaeili, Mohammad Reza; Sokhangoe, Yahya Report Oct 1, 2013 2152
Philosophies of reading instruction. Ediger, Marlow Sep 22, 2013 1312
Sexuality education in South Africa: whose values are we teaching? Francis, Dennis Report Sep 22, 2013 6890
Building a solid foundation from which to launch our future mathematicians. Nagy, Robin Report Sep 22, 2013 3676
Pedagogies of inclusive transition to school. Petriwskyj, Anne Report Sep 1, 2013 6061
Shakespeare and the Common Core: an opportunity to reboot: Shakespeare's works should continue to be prevalent in American secondary education, but teachers will have to improve their instructional methods to reach 21st-century students. Turchi, Laura; Thompson, Ayanna Sep 1, 2013 2113
Broadening the view of differentiated instruction: differentiation shouldn't end with planning but should continue as teachers adapt their instruction during lessons. Parsons, Seth A.; Dodman, Stephanie L.; Burrowbridge, Sarah Cohen Sep 1, 2013 2272
Before setting a course to learn, know thyself. Bathina, Jyothi Sep 1, 2013 2494
Building a pedagogy of engagement for students in poverty. Gorski, Paul C. Sep 1, 2013 2316
Brainwashing 101: more and more, colleges are becoming venues where left-wing professors attempt to indoctrinate students with liberal views, instead of focusing on academics. Kenny, Jack Aug 5, 2013 3266
Report warns against neglecting humanities. Zalaznick, Matt Aug 1, 2013 434
Teachers' challenges in educating special children in special classes of three selected primary schools, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia. Ghani, Norizan Abdul; Mohamad, Zahidah Anisah; Bakar, Che Wan Takwa Che Wan Abu Report Jul 1, 2013 5373
Investigating Pakistani Students' alternative Ideas regarding the Concept of Chemical Bonding. Report Jun 30, 2013 4436
Assessing the Parental Involvement in Schooling of Children in Public/Private Schools, and its Impact on their Achievement at Elementary Level. Hashmi, Aroona; Akhter, Mumtaz Report Jun 30, 2013 3787
Evolutionary science and literary design: teaching Huxley's brave new world interdisciplinary collaboration. Saunders, Judith P.; Ingalls, Victoria Report Jun 22, 2013 7781
Tutors can improve students' reading skills. Nelson-Royes, Andrea M. Jun 22, 2013 3356
How did they maximize learning for all of those students? Newton, Jodi; Winches, Betty Report Jun 22, 2013 1669
Teaching failure? HBCU education deans say new standards could jeopardize future for generation of students. Hawkins, B. Denise Jun 20, 2013 1283
What teachers want: supporting primary school teachers in teaching science. Fitzgerald, Angela; Schneider, Katrin Report Jun 1, 2013 2959
Getting learners to think and write. Harper, Lezlie May 1, 2013 1142
Intentional mathematics teaching in early childhood classrooms. Jung, Myoungwhon; Conderman, Gregory Report May 1, 2013 2539
First-ever IT leader survey stresses BYOD, budget issues. DeNisco, Alison May 1, 2013 338
Old program resurrects debate on student equity. DeNisco, Alison May 1, 2013 429
Raising the bar for teaching: a rigorous board exam for teachers could change who is attracted to the profession, develop a more consistent and higher level of skills among teachers, improve student outcomes, and greatly increase public regard for teachers and teaching. Mehta, Jal; Doctor, Joe Apr 1, 2013 3384
How (not) to measure faculty productivity. Bauerlein, Mark Mar 22, 2013 2961
Researching ECEC professional development: using Kelly's repertory grid to examine changes in educators' constructs about curriculum design in early childhood settings. Nailon, Di Essay Mar 1, 2013 6357
Playing with maths: facilitating the learning in play-based learning. Cohrssen, Caroline; Church, Amelia; Ishimine, Karin; Tayler, Collette Essay Mar 1, 2013 3092
A peek into the classrooms of Indiana's best-performing charter schools. Quick, Marilynn "Marks"; Conrad, Amy L. Mar 1, 2013 2936
Democratic institution, income level and number of colleges. Saito, Tetsuya Report Dec 1, 2012 893
Closing the gap: there is a veritable chasm between the shiploads of data collected on student performance and the teachers who could use that data to make instructional decisions. How do districts bridge that divide? Schaffhauser, Dian Nov 1, 2012 3056
Formative assessment: a systematic and artistic process of instruction for supporting school and lifelong learning. Clark, Ian Report Oct 1, 2012 7329
La differenciation pedagogique du point de vue d'enseignants quebecois: quelles differences pour les pratiques d'enseignement en contexte d'entree dans l'ecrit? Nootens, Pascale; Morin, Marie-France; Montesinos-Gelet, Isabelle Report Oct 1, 2012 7410
"Who will free us from the yoke of Western civilisation?" One of the most culpable things about the blatant untruths parents have been told about how well our children have been doing in schools, and what a great education system we have, is that supposedly international standards have been used to "prove" we are right up there near the top. Brooke, Amy Oct 1, 2012 1150
What number knowledge do children have when starting kindergarten in NSW? Gould, Peter Essay Sep 1, 2012 3972
College student perceptions and ideals of teaching: an exploratory pilot study. Hill, Julie Sprinkle; Christian, Tiffany Y. Report Sep 1, 2012 5800
What instructor qualities do students reward? Pepe, Julie W.; Wang, Morgan C. Report Sep 1, 2012 5460
Innovation abroad, insight at home: a global team of researchers goes around the world to see what it takes to prepare students for their futures, and suggests ways to apply the lessons here in the United States. Shear, Linda; Gallagher, Larry Sep 1, 2012 1404
State Civic Education Requirements. CIRCLE Fact Sheet. Godsay, Surbhi; Henderson, Whitney; Levine, Peter; Littenberg-Tobias, Josh Report Sep 1, 2012 262
An Exploration of Maine Community College's Admission Process: A Recommendation to Maine's Department of Education. Woodbury, Amanda L. Report Aug 12, 2012 260
Forum Guide to Supporting Data Access for Researchers: A State Education Agency Perspective. NFES 2012-809. Report Jul 1, 2012 427
Studies in Teaching: 2012 Research Digest. Action Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, June 29, 2012). McCoy, Leah P., Ed. Report Jun 29, 2012 609
Bully U: central planning and higher education. Tucker, Aviezer Essay Jun 22, 2012 10477
Charlotte Danielson or National Board Certification: A Comparison and Contrasting of Two Major National Frameworks for Teaching. Viviano, Thomas Jun 8, 2012 260
Deschooling Society: Re-Examining Ivan Illich's Contributions to Critical Pedagogy for 21st Century Curriculum Theory. Varbelow, Sonja; Griffith, Bryant Report Jun 6, 2012 269
Growing Awareness, Growing Support: Teacher and Voter Understanding of the Common Core State Standards & Assessments. Report Jun 1, 2012 397
The UCT faculty of health sciences charter. Report Jun 1, 2012 522
Developing management accountants. Grantz, Regina E.; McEachern, William; Gruber, Robert Report Jun 1, 2012 4361
Editor's page. Geruschat, Duane R. Editorial Jun 1, 2012 723
Class size: effects on students' academic achievements and some remedial measures. Fan, F.A. Report May 1, 2012 1536
The 7 Components of a Portfolio Strategy. Portfolio School Districts Project. Report Apr 1, 2012 174
The Effects of Cooperative Learning on the Classroom Participation of Students Placed at Risk for Societal Failure. Drakeford, William Report Apr 1, 2012 175
Teaching Mathematics to Young Children through the Use of Concrete and Virtual Manipulatives. D'Angelo, Frank; Iliev, Nevin Report Mar 12, 2012 227
Why are Pakistani students science-phobic? Hoodbhoy, Pervez Mar 11, 2012 972
The case for targeted education aid. Roche, Jim Feb 10, 2012 564
Cuban students excel in Latin America. Carnoy, Martin Feb 1, 2012 1271
Willing but Not Yet Ready: A Glimpse of California Teachers' Preparedness for the Common Core State Standards. CenterView. Report Feb 1, 2012 543
A Scandinavian View on the Aesthetics as a Learning Media. Austring, Bennye D.; Sorensen, Merete Report Feb 1, 2012 301
Method and Tool to Achieve Necessary Level of Comprehension. Vitkovskis, Romans; Heidingers, Uldis; Jakubova, Inese; Rikmane, Ilze; Krismane, Anita Report Jan 1, 2012 298
Engendering Constructivist Learning in Tertiary Teaching. Giridharan, Beena Report Jan 1, 2012 298
Motivation and Engagement of Boys: Evidence-Based Teaching Practices. Appendices. Munns, Geoff; Arthur, Leonie; Downes, Toni; Gregson, Robyn; Power, Anne; Sawyer, Wayne; Singh, Micha Report Jan 1, 2012 416
The Condition of College & Career Readiness, 2012: New Hampshire. Report Jan 1, 2012 321
Power and Pedagogy: International Perspectives of Chinese and American Pedagogical Practices That Empower and Engage Students. Zhang, Dianyu; Flora, Bethany H. Report Jan 1, 2012 216
Examining the Impact of the Author's Pedagogy on Developing Relationality and Care in Pre-service Early Childhood Teachers. Garvis, Susie Report Jan 1, 2012 271
Teaching Vocabulary through Poetry in an EFL Classroom. Ozen, Baki; Mohammadzadeh, Behbood Report Jan 1, 2012 471
The Effect of Music on the Test Scores of the Students in Limits and Derivatives Subject in the Mathematics Exams Done with Music. Kesan, Cenk; Ozkalkan, Zuhal; Iric, Hamdullah; Kaya, Deniz Report Jan 1, 2012 237
Value Added? Report Jan 1, 2012 273
A brief look at the evaluation of new students Iran's primary. Tahereh, Roshani Jan 1, 2012 2310
The power of evidence: improving the effectiveness of government by investing in more rigorous evaluation. Glennerster, Rachel Jan 1, 2012 8878
The journey to nursing professionalism: a learner-centered approach. Rhodes, Marilyn K.; Schutt, Michelle S.; Langham, Ginny W.; Bilotta, Diane E. Report Jan 1, 2012 2428
Limit what U.S. borrows from others: a notebook of short but worthy items. Nov 1, 2011 430
Changing landscapes, shifting identities in higher education: narratives of academics in the UK. Trahar, Sheila Report Nov 1, 2011 6981
Psychological types of female primary school teachers in Anglican state-maintained schools in England and Wales: implications for continuing professional development. Francis, Leslie J.; Lankshear, David W.; Robbins, Mandy Report Nov 1, 2011 5137
States provide the lion's share. Sep 1, 2011 749
Language class management for effective learning. Siti Akmar, Abu Samah; Siti Mariam, Abdul Aziz Report Sep 1, 2011 3314
A Discussion of a Unique Collaboration Model between Schools. de Klerk, Werner; Nienaber, Alida W. Report Sep 1, 2011 280
Want to be respected as a distance learning instructor? Don't whine, be a baby, complain, or be a snob! Sull, Errol Craig Aug 1, 2011 1955
Online instruction--the seven virtues: or, how to avoid the seven deadly presentation sins. Simonson, Michael Aug 1, 2011 819
National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Technical Assistance Centers. Final Report. Executive Summary. NCEE 2011-4032. Turnbull, Brenda J.; White, Richard N.; Sinclair, Elizabeth; Riley, Derek L.; Pistorino, Carol Abstract Aug 1, 2011 487
National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Technical Assistance Centers. Final Report. NCEE 2011-4031. Turnbull, Brenda J.; White, Richard N.; Sinclair, Elizabeth; Riley, Derek L.; Pistorino, Carol Abstract Aug 1, 2011 544
Some pedagogical reflections. Kodar, Freya Jun 18, 2011 1647
An evaluation of student performance and comparison of teaching methods using a departmental final exam. Dunlap, Mickey Report Jun 1, 2011 5935
Pedagogies of mapping. Johnson, Rebecca May 26, 2011 2070
Two lesser-used higher education funding options. May 1, 2011 466
Coping styles as mediators of teachers' classroom management techniques. Lewis, Ramon; Roache, Joel; Romi, Shlomo Report May 1, 2011 6547
Facilitating learning from animated instruction: effectiveness of questions and feedback as attention-directing strategies. Lin, Huifen Report Apr 1, 2011 7009
Anonymity in blended learning: who would you like to be? Miyazoe, Terumi; Anderson, Terry Report Apr 1, 2011 6798
Ask Errol! Sull, Errol Craig Column Apr 1, 2011 1607
A teaching note: incorporating popular culture into a history classroom. Briley, Ron Report Mar 22, 2011 1552
From the President. Davis, Anna Column Mar 1, 2011 888
Wasting talent: everyone's local school needs to do better. Peterson, Paul E. Editorial Jan 1, 2011 675
Give parents more information. Campbell, David E. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2011 309
Problematizing notions of decontextualized "best practice". Neumann, Jacob W.; Meadows, Bryan Report Jan 1, 2011 5398
Solitary, but not idle. Simonson, Michael Jan 1, 2011 665
Words matter. Ronch, Judah L. Jan 1, 2011 1219
Interventions in low-performing schools. Oct 29, 2010 541
Parental advisory: South Texas College orientation program demystifies higher education for Latino parents of first-generation students to improve its retention rates. Stuart, Reginald Oct 14, 2010 765
Accredit risk: lawsuit highlights questions about accreditation status of online, for-profit institutions. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Oct 14, 2010 848
Use of Learner-Centered Strategies in the Preparation of Community and Technical College Leaders: Assessments by Participating Doctoral Students. Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia; Muth, Rodney Report Oct 1, 2010 280
Multiliteracies, pedagogy and identities: teacher and student voices from a Toronto Elementary School. Giampapa, Frances Report Oct 1, 2010 8146
The political economy of Peter Boettke. Leeson, Peter T. Report Sep 22, 2010 3188
Reality-based education: teaching your course beyond the course. Sull, Errol Craig Aug 1, 2010 2231
GAO Review of LEA Controls over and Uses of Recovery Act Education Funds (Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools). Monitoring of Recovery Act Education Funds. GAO-10-747R. Ashby, Cornelia M. Report Jul 9, 2010 313
GAO Review of LEA Controls over and Uses of Recovery Act Education Funds (Avery County Schools). Monitoring of Recovery Act Education Funds. GAO-10-746R. Ashby, Cornelia M. Report Jul 9, 2010 289
Kids' Share 2010: Report on Federal Expenditures on Children through 2009. Isaacs, Julia; Steuerle, C. Eugene; Rennane, Stephanie; Macomber, Jennifer Report Jul 1, 2010 360
Orton-Gillingham-Based Strategies (Unbranded). What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jul 1, 2010 229
This mattered to me. Silberman, Rosanne K. Jul 1, 2010 920
FLAWS IN THE METHODS OF TEACHING MATHEMATICS. Khan, Ghulam Mehdi Hayat Report Jun 30, 2010 4177
Ambitious engagement. Brief article Jun 25, 2010 256
What do alternate assessments of alternate academic achievement standards measure? A multitrait-multimethod analysis. Kettler, Ryan J.; Elliott, Stephen N.; Beddow, Peter A.; Compton, Elizabeth; McGrath, Dawn; Kaase, K Report Jun 22, 2010 10086
A novice teacher fosters social competence with cooperative learning. Magnesio, Stacey; Davis, Barbara H. Essay Jun 22, 2010 4045
Using open-mind portraits as a springboard to expository text writing. Paquette, Kelli R.; Fello, Susan E. Jun 22, 2010 2939
Cultivating math and science in a school garden. Winters, Jeremy; Ring, Tracey; Burriss, Kathy Jun 22, 2010 2144
Decimats: helping students to make sense of decimal place value: Anne Roche introduces "decimats" and describes how they can be used to make sense of decimal size and decimal place value. Roche, Anne Report Jun 22, 2010 2683
Is Traditional Teaching Really All that Bad? A Within-Student Between-Subject Approach. Program on Education Policy and Governance Working Papers Series. PEPG 10-15. Schwerdt, Guido; Wuppermann, Amelie C. Report Jun 19, 2010 183
The use of competition through basketball as means of achieving the physical education lesson objectives. Ciocan, Catalin; Fleancu, Julien Leonard Report Jun 1, 2010 2074
The expanded core curriculum: where we have been, where we are going, and how we can get there. Sapp, Wendy; Hatlen, Phil Report Jun 1, 2010 5123
Bigges mob mirlimirli: teaching two way: codeswitching cultures and dialects. Bevan, Carolyn; Shillinglaw, Denise Report Jun 1, 2010 3527
Coherence and continuity in literacy learning and the middle years. McLoughlin, Rosemary Report Jun 1, 2010 2271
Literacy partnership coaches: an initiative of the South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services. Thelning, Kath; Phillips, Bronwyn; Lyon, Kathy; McDonald, Jill Report Jun 1, 2010 4115
Building capacity for literacy teaching: getting it right in secondary schools. Strong, Martin Report Jun 1, 2010 3237
English-additional-language students in the middle years of school: students in a muddle? Murray, Fran Report Jun 1, 2010 5054
The next generation of Science standards. Pascopella, Angela Jun 1, 2010 448
Learning traits in postsecondary CTE: a discussion on classroom and career. Brace, Robert May 1, 2010 1560
Practical literacy matters: teacher confidence is key. Santamaria, Laura A.; Taylor, Marissa K.; Park, Travis D.; Keene, Barrett L.; Mandele, Elizabeth van May 1, 2010 1529
Promoting positive interactions in the classroom: adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as a universal prevention program. Gershenson, Rachel A.; Lyon, Aaron R.; Budd, Karen S. Report May 1, 2010 10013
Service-learning in our classroom. English, Kevin; Moore, Deb Apr 1, 2010 1045
The Impact of Increased Funding for the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) on State Assigned School Accreditation Levels. Leonard, Ed; Box, Jennifer A. L. Report Apr 1, 2010 229
Acquired levels of geographical concepts among 5th grade students. Balci, Ali Report Mar 22, 2010 4308
Design students and their prejudice against technology. Koohgilani, Mehran; Dyer, Bryce Mar 1, 2010 4261
Link higher education and results. Toch, Thomas Mar 1, 2010 1153
States' Participation Guidelines for Alternate Assessments Based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards (AA-MAS) in 2009. Synthesis Report 75. Lazarus, Sheryl S.; Hodgson, Jennifer; Thurlow, Martha L. Report Mar 1, 2010 360
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