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Articles from South African Medical Journal (June 1, 2012)

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'Formulaic' gender-abuse guidelines seldom followed. Bateman, Chris Report 1430
100 years of UCT's Faculty of Health Sciences. Jacobs, Marian Report 1000
A community officer's perspective of a rural hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. Perumal, Rubeshan; Padayatchi, Nesri Editorial 927
A randomised controlled trial of suture materials used for caesarean section skin closure: do wound infection rates differ? Chunder, A.; Devjee, J.; Khedun, S.M.; Moodley, J.; Esterhuizen, T. Report 2599
A rural perspective: four stories. Nash, Jenny; Rapatsa, Alwyn; Reid, Steve; Gaunt, Ben Viewpoint essay 2081
Access to livelihood assets among youth with and without disabilities in South Africa: Implications for health professional education. Lorenzo, Theresa; Cramm, Jane Murray Report 3155
Advances in childhood tuberculosis--contributions from the University of Cape Town. Zar, Heather J.; Eley, Brian; Nicol, Mark P.; Figaji, Anthony; Hawkridge, Anthony Report 4283
Aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss in HIV-positive and HIV-negative multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients. Harris, Tashneem; Bardien, Soraya; Schaaf, H. Simon; Petersen, Lucretia; de Jong, Greetje; Fagan, Jo Report 2928
Aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss. Editorial 207
Anaesthesia--what has the University of Cape Town contributed? Thomas, Jennifer M.; Reed, Anthony R.; Gordon, Peter C.; Dyer, Robert A.; James, Michael F. Report 2820
Approaches to target identification and validation for tuberculosis drug discovery: a University of Cape Town perspective. Warner, Digby F.; Mizrahi, Valerie Report 3289
Biomedical engineering at the University of Cape Town--challenges and opportunities. Douglas, Tania S. Report 936
Burden of antituberculosis and antiretroviral drug-induced liver injury at a secondary hospital in South Africa. Schutz, Charlotte; Ismail, Zahiera; Proxenos, Charles John; Marais, Suzaan; Burton, Rosie; Kenyon, C Report 4366
Cardioprotection from metabolism to molecules to certainties. Opie, Lionel H. Report 1763
Centenary of the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences. Seggie, Janet L.; Fieggen, Graham; Greenberg, Jacqueline; Kathard, Harsha; Henley, Lesley Report 328
Complement component C5 and C6 mutation screening indicated in meningococcal disease in South Africa. Owen, E.P.; Leisegang, F.; Whitelaw, A.; Simpson, J.; Baker, S.; Wurzner, R.; Potter, P.; Orren, A. Report 2495
Contributions of the University of Cape Town to medical science in the first 100 years: personal reflections. Saunders, Stuart Report 2157
Delay in commencing treatment for MDR TB at a specialised TB treatment centre in KwaZulu-Natal. Narasimooloo, R.; Ross, A. Report 2401
Dermatological manifestations of measles infection in hospitalised paediatric patients observed in the 2009-2011 Western Cape epidemic. Tod, Bianca; Carrara, Henri; Levin, Michael; Todd, Gail Report 3258
Diagnosing breast cancer: an opportunity for innovative engineering. Vaughan, Christopher L.; Evans, Michael D. Report 2620
Early outcomes of thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke in a South African tertiary care centre. Wasserman, Sean; Bryer, Alan Report 3203
Euthanasia--no dignity in death in the absence of an ethos of respect for human life. Ncayiyana, Daniel J. Report 1024
Fifty years of porphyria at the University of Cape Town. Meissner, Peter N.; Corrigall, Anne V.; Hift, Richard J. Report 3525
Fresh-frozen plasma use in a South African tertiary hospital. Visser, Adele; Geldenhuys, Annelize; du Preez, Samantha; van de Vyver, Annemarie Report 1024
From comprehensive medicine to public health at the University of Cape Town: a 40-year journey. Hoffman, M.; Coetzee, D.; Hodes, R.; London, L. Report 3529
From medical manners to moral reasoning: an historical overview of bioethics in the University of Cape Town's Faculty of Health Sciences. Benatar, Solomon R.; Benatar, David Report 2972
From the pursuit of excellence to the quest for significance: promotion of a Childsafe South Africa. van As, A.B.; Millar, Alastair J.W. 1484
Functioning at 6 months post stroke following discharge from inpatient rehabilitation. Rouillard, Susan; De Weerdt, Willy; De Wit, Liesbet; Jelsma, Jennifer Report 3508
Govt steps up to stop corrosion of health research. Bateman, Chris Report 1071
Haematological complications of HIV infection. Opie, Jessica Report 3173
Health activism in Cape Town: a case study of the Health Workers Society. Pick, W.; Claassen, J.W.B.; le Grange, C.A.; Hussey, G.D. Report 2672
Health Sciences undergraduate education at the University of Cape Town: a story of transformation. Hartman, N.; Kathard, H.; Perez, G.; Reid, S.; Irlam, J.; Gunston, G.; Janse van Rensburg, V.; Burch Report 3539
Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy. Report 237
Helicobacter pylori eradication: a randomised comparative trial of 7-day versus 14-day triple therapy. Sokwala, Ahmed; Shah, Mahesh V.; Devani, Smita; Yonga, Gerald Clinical report 3577
Herpetic ulcer of the eyelids in an immunocompromised patient. du Toit, Nagib; van der Merwe, Junet Case study 850
History of Medicine: transplantation of the heart: an overview of 40 years' clinical and research experience at Groote Schuur Hospital and the University of Cape Town: Part II. Laboratory research experience. Hassoulas, J. Report 2212
Hospital-acquired infections--when are hospitals legally liable? McQuoid-Mason, David Report 2065
Hydatid cysts of the breast and parotid gland. du Plessis, Johlene Letter to the editor 416
Immunological characterisation of an unmasking TB-IRIS case. Wilkinson, Katalin A.; Meintjes, Graeme; Seldon, Ronnett; Goliath, Rene; Wilkinson, Robert J. Report 4245
Imprisonment and torture of doctors in Bahrain. Lazarus, Colin Letter to the editor 248
Improving poisoning diagnosis and surveillance of street pesticides. Rother, Hanna-Andrea Report 2407
Infant-parent psychotherapy at primary care level: establishment of a service. Berg, Astrid Report 2571
Inflammatory pathways in cervical cancer--the University of Cape Town's contribution. Sales, Kurt J.; Katz, Arieh A. Report 3518
Legal imperatives for consent for children participating in research. Naidoo, Shan Letter to the editor 290
Low acceptability of medical male circumcision as an HIV/AIDS prevention intervention within a South African community that practises traditional circumcision. Mark, Daniella; Middelkoop, Keren; Black, Samantha; Roux, Surita; Fleurs, Llewellyn; Wood, Robin; Be Report 2642
Lowering the alcohol content of red wine does not alter its cardioprotective properties. Lamont, Kim; Blackhurst, Dee; Albertyn, Zulfah; Marais, David; Lecour, Sandrine Report 2141
Masithethe: speech and language development and difficulties in isiXhosa. Pascoe, Michelle; Smouse, Mantoa Report 2460
No health without mental health: establishing psychiatry as a major discipline in an African Faculty of Health Sciences. Gillis, Lynn; Robertson, Brian A.; Zabow, Tuviah; Stein, Dan J. Report 3184
Our surgical heritage: the role of the Department of Paediatric Surgery in the development of paediatric surgery in Cape Town, in Africa, and around the world. Rode, Heinz; Millar, Alastair J.W. Report 2369
Outcome in decompensated alcoholic cirrhotic patients with acute variceal bleeding. Krige, J.E.J.; Kotze, U.K.; Sayed, R.; Burmeister, S.; Bernon, M.; Chinnery, G. Report 3675
Phaco-emulsification versus manual small-incision cataract surgery in South Africa. Cook, Colin; Carrara, Henri; Myer, Landon Report 2672
Polyglutamine disease: from pathogenesis to therapy. Watson, Lauren M.; Scholefield, Janine; Greenberg, L. Jacquie; Wood, Matthew J.A. Report 3187
Racial discrimination: experiences of black medical school alumni at the University of Cape Town, 1945-1994. Perez, A.M.; Ahmed, N.; London, L. Report 3310
Remote sensing of HIV care programmes using centrally collected laboratory results: can we monitor ART programme effectiveness? Morrow, Carl; Munro, Alison; Wilke, Marisa; Stark, Ruth; Wood, Robin Report 3930
Renal transplantation between HIV-positive donors and recipients justified. Muller, Elmi; Barday, Zunaid; Mendelson, Marc; Kahn, Delawir Report 1529
SAMA speaks out about the victimisation of doctors in Bahrain. Sonderup, Mark Letter to the editor 412
SAT VI--after 10 years closing in on a new and better vaccine to prevent tuberculosis. Hanekom, Willem A.; Hawkridge, Anthony; Mahomed, Hassan; Scriba, Thomas J.; Tameris, Michele; Hughes Report 3511
Shedding the load of hypertension: the proteolytic processing of angiotensin-converting enzyme. Ehlers, Mario R.W.; Gordon, Kerry; Schwager, Sylva L.U.; Sturrock, Edward D. Report 2742
Silicosis claim to boost primary health care? Brief article 223
Silicosis--10000 gold miners getting set to sue. Bateman, Chris Report 1966
Skin closure for caesarean section. Editorial 220
South African HIV-1 vaccine candidates--the journey from the bench to clinical trials. Williamson, Anna-Lise; Rybicki, Ed; Shephard, Enid; Gray, Glenda; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Downing, Katri Clinical report 3506
Stem cell therapy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. FrancloHenning; Carr, Jonathan Letter to the editor 446
Suicidal ideation and attempt among South African medical students. van Niekerk, L.; Scribante, L.; Raubenheimer, P.J. Report 1751
The characteristics of juvenile myasthenia gravis among South Africans. Heckmann, J.M.; Hansen, P.; van Toorn, R.; Lubbe, E.; van Rensburg, E. Janse; Wilmshurst, J. Report 4426
The complexity of HIV vasculopathy. Stanley, Alan; Candy, Sally; Levin, Candyce; Heckmann, Jeannine M. Case study 1851
The effect of physiological concentrations of bile acids on the in vitro growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Epstein, D.; Mistry, K.; Whitelaw, A.; Watermeyer, G.; Pettengell, K.E. Report 1327
The gynaecological subspecialties: advances in women's health. van der Spuy, Zephne M.; Dyer, Silke J.; Jeffery, Stephen T.; Denny, Lynette A. Medical condition overview 3275
The place and the person: named buildings, rooms and places on the campus of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town. Dent, David M.; Perez, Gonda Report 3084
The prevalence and burden of pain and other symptoms among South Africans attending HAART clinics. Farrant, Lindsay; Gwyther, Liz; Dinat, Natalya; Mmoledi, Keletso; Hatta, Ntombi; Harding, Richard Report 1781
The role of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Groote Schuur Hospital in addressing South Africa's greatest burden of disease. Pandie, Mishal; van der Plas, Helen; Maartens, Gary; Mendelson, Marc Report 2927
The state and future of research at the University of Cape Town's Faculty of Health Sciences. Hussey, Gregory D.; Hawkridge, Anthony Report 2568
The Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO) of the University of Cape Town: a review of the past 69 years. Favara, D.M.; Mendelsohn, S.C. Report 1908
The Surgical Society of the University of Cape Town--a society on the cutting edge. Leusink, Astrid; Hoffman, Ross Report 976
The UCT faculty of health sciences charter. Report 522
The University of Cape Town taught me how to challenge beliefs. Noakes, Timothy David Report 3797
The University of Cape Town's contribution to medical genetics in Africa--from the past into the future. Beighton, P.; Fieggen, K.; Wonkam, A.; Ramesar, R.; Greenberg, J. Report 2640
The University of Cape Town's Medical Faculty and Groote Schuur Hospital. Sanders, Hannah-Reeve; Kane-Berman, Jocelyne Report 1063
Transplantation of the heart: an overview of 40 years' clinical and research experience at Groote Schuur Hospital and the University of Cape Town: Part I. Surgical experience and clinical studies. Hassoulas, J. Report 2630
Trauma and violence in the Later Stone Age of Southern Africa. Morris, Alan G. Report 2009
Treatment of carcinoma of the anal canal at Groote Schuur Hospital. Robertson, B.; Shepherd, L.; Abratt, R.P.; Hunter, A.; Goldberg, P. Report 2867
Twelve-month outcomes of patients admitted to the acute general medical service at Groote Schuur Hospital. Stuart-Clark, H.; Vorajee, N.; Zuma, S.; van Niekerk, L.; Burch, V.; Raubenheimer, P.; Peter, J.G. Report 3949
Ubuntu research values needed for Africa. Bateman, Chris Report 1405
UCT@100.great! De V. Van Niekerk, J.P. 1173
What healthcare financing changes are needed to reach universal coverage in South Africa? McIntyre, Diane Report 1225
Willem Abraham Cronje. Kruger, Johan Obituary 498

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