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Articles from Advances in Environmental Biology (January 1, 2012)

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A brief look at the evaluation of new students Iran's primary. Tahereh, Roshani 2310
A study to determine the envelope curve of precipitation (case study: Semnan province). Arekhi, Saleh Report 2065
Analysis of meteorological parameters in case studies of precipitation due to the Black Sea. Ghafarian, Parvin; Meshkatee, Amir H.; Azadi, Majid; Farahani, Majid M. Report 1780
Analyzed in divorce convention on the rights of women in Islam and Iran. Asgari, Hosainymighadam 4273
Antioxidant and antifungal activities of Padina Pavonica and Sargassum Vulgare from the Lebanese Mediterranean coast. Khaled, Naja; Hiba, Mawlawi; Asma, Chbani Report 4105
Approach on juvenile criminal responsibility and function of the Iranian police. Boshra, Mohammadifard 2790
Barium and fluoride evaluation of Sudha dam water near Bhoker. Sayyed Juned, A.; Bhosle Arjun, B. Report 2798
Barriers of pressurized irrigation development in shush city. Sabaghi, Mohammad Aghapour; Ostvar, Nazanin 4594
Calibration of loss estimation methods in HEC-HMS for simulation of surface runoff (case study: Amirkabir Dam Watershed, Iran). Sardoii, Elham Rafiei; Rostami, Noredin; Sigaroudi, Shahram Khalighi; Taheri, Somaieh Report 3052
Changes in yield and morphologic traits of spring safflower as affected by nitrogen rates and sowing dates. Bitarafan, Zahra; Rad, Amir Hossein Shirani; Delkhosh, Babak Report 3456
Childhood malignancy and cardiotoxicity of anthracyclines. Sorkhabi, Rouhangiz; Rastkar, Bahman; Mohseni-Tavakooli, Said; Faranoush, Mohammad Report 2790
Comparative study of heavy metal (Cd, Fe, Mn, and Ni) concentrations in soft tissue of gastropod Thais mutabilis and sediments from intertidal zone of Bandar Abbas. Astani, M.; Vosoughi, A.R.; Salimi, L.; Ebrahimi, M. Report 3413
Comparison of grain driller in barley cropping in Shoushtar region, Iran. Jamshidi, A.R.; afzali, H.; Tayari, E. Report 1352
Conflict between parents and children can cause trichotillomania. Alizadeh, Abdollah Report 1565
Determining and investigation of the rate of natural radioactivity and environmental pollutions resulted in the soils around Shoorabil Lake. Ahadzadeh, Ali 2266
Developing decision support tools for optimum domestic management by Bayesian belief networks in Tehran, Iran. Asadilour, M.; Kaveh, F.; Manshuri, M.; Khosrojerdi, A. Report 5772
Direct electron transfer of hemoglobin on cadmium oxide nanoparticles modified carbon paste electrode. Mazaheri, G.H.; Fazilati, M.; Rezaei-zarchi, S.; Negahdary, M.; Kalantar-Dehnavy, A.; Hadi, M.R. Report 3307
Drought stress and sowing date effects on yield and some grain traits of rapeseed cultivars. Delkhosh, Babak; Rad, Amir Hossein Shirani; Bitarafan, Zahra; nejad, Gelareh Mousavi Report 3283
Effect of allelopathic weeds on characteristics seed growth in maize (Zea mays l. cv. KSC 704). Hesammi, Einallah Report 2340
Effect of dietary metabolizable energy and crude protein on feed intake, carcass traits, and mohair production by Markhoz (Iranian Angora) male kids. Kordestany, Ardeshir Hafsy; Ebne-Abbasi, Rahman Report 3834
Effect of different green manure crops and nitrogen levels on biomass production efficiency and nitrogen concentration in wheat (Triticumaestivum L.) and soil. Aynehband, Amir; Gerami, Farzad; Fateh, Esfandiar Report 2784
Effect of different seed priming on germination rate and seedling growth of Ziziphus spina-christi. Takhti, S.; Shekafandeh, A. Report 3337
Effect of irrigation ending date on physiological growth parameters, and yields of sunflower hybrids. Mojaddam, Mani; Mandegar, Somayeh; hovayzeh, Mehdi Soltani; Shokuhfar, Alireza Report 4128
Effect of superabsorbent polymer (Tawarat A200) on two hybrid of corn (KSC700 and KSC500) under deficit irrigation. Rafiei, Felora; Nourmohammadi, Gorban; Chokan, Rajab; Kashani, Ali; Abad, Houssein Haidari Sharif; S Report 4373
Effects of cognitive-behavioral stress management training on the syndrome of burnout in employed women nurses: a case study in hospitals of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences. Karimi, Somaye; Hasani, Mohadese; Dalvand, Mohammad Reza Report 4285
Effects of different levels of drip irrigation (tape) and plant density on yield and yield components of corn in one-row and two-row cultivation in north of Khozestan, Iran. Jamshidi, Amin Reza; mahmodzadeh, Mohsen; Tayari, Elham Report 2583
Effects of different N fertilizer levels on N uptake and partitioning among different organs and tuber N content in potato cultivars. Kandi, Mehdi Aghighi Shahverdi; Gholipour, Abdolghayoum; Tobeh, Ahmad; Jahanbakhsh, Sodabeh 3694
Effects of topical heterologous blood serum and bovine thrombin activated platelet rich plasma on experimental corneal stromal ulcers in rabbit. Kaffashi Elahi, R.; Mousavi, G.H.; Mohajeri, D. Report 2536
Environmental factors behind obesity of Sudanese women aged 40-50 years a case study wed Medani area. Ahmed Mohamed, Nagah Abdelwahab Report 1824
Environmental pollution and the future prospects of central heating systems. Hossein, Zolfagharyazizi 2383
Essential oil composition, phenolic content, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity in Salvia officinalis L. cultivated in Iran. Alizadeh, Ardalan; Shaabani, Majid Report 3915
Evaluation effects of Quercetin on kidney apoptosis in Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat. Afshin, Zahedi; Arash, Khaki; Mohammad, Nori; Fatemeh, Fathiazad Report 3025
Evaluation of desertification intensity based on soil and water criteria in Alamarvdasht region. Rahbaralam, M.; Zehtabian, Gh. R.; shams, R. Fallah; Gholami, H. Report 2931
Evaluation of intercropping of Rhodes grass with alfalfa under irrigation at Shambat. Idris, Atif Elsadig; H.khairy, Alaaaldin Idris; Yassin, Mohamed Ibrahim Report 2089
Evaluation of plant population density on growth, grain yield and yield components of four maize hybrids. Sadeghi, Mehdi; Naderi, Ahmad; Lak, Shahram; Fathi, Ghodrat Allah Report 4599
Genetic study of agronomic traits in barley based diallel cross analysis. aghamiri, Seyed mohammad mehdi seyed; mostafavi, Khodadad; mohammadi, Abdollah Report 4422
Genotype by environment interaction and oil yield stability analysis of six sunflower cultivars in Khoy, Iran. Tabrizi, Hossein Zeinalzadeh Report 3093
Impacts of fish meal and corn gluten meal on performance and body tissue mobilization of Holstein fresh cows. Aboozar, Mehran; Amanlou, Hamid; Aghazadeh, Ali Mirza; Nazer-Adl, Kambiz; Moeini, Moosa Report 6547
Induction of antioxidant enzyme system by a nitrogen fertilizer Npk in wheat Triticum durum. Sabrina, Bouchelaghem; Reda, Djebar Mohammed; Houria, Et Berrebbah Report 1165
Investigation of antioxidant system activity in rats liver exposed to ammonium metavanadate and/ or nickel sulfate. Kamal, Mahmoud; Tamara, Shalahmetova; Shaban, Deraz Report 5910
Investigation of the effect of [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] nanoparticles on the blood cells and liver enzymes in male rat. Rezaei-Zarchi, Saeed; Rad, Somaye; Soezi, Mahdieh; Negahdary, Masoud; Amrollahi, Fatemeh; Mazaheri, Report 3726
Iran's criminal policy towards drug crime. Maryam, Bayat 4942
Kinetic analysis of sugarcane bagasse hydrolysis process. Darouneh, Ehsan; Zabihi, Vahid; Radjabi, Rouhollah; Hedayat, Najaf Report 2346
Mapping soil erosion and sediment yield susceptibility using RUSLE, Remote Sensing and GIS (case study: Cham Gardalan Watershed, Iran). Arekhi, Saleh; Bolourani, Ali Darvishi; Shabani, Afshin; Fathizad, Hassan; Ahamdyasbchin, Salman Report 7271
Mechanical and physical properties of sugarloaf. Hashemifard, Habib; Mehranzadeh, Mohammad; Chenari, Mohammad Report 2385
Medicinal trees and shrubs introduced and cultivated in Iran: a pharmacological approach. Mikaili, Peyman; Sharifi, Massoumeh; Sarahroodi, Shadi Report 3540
Pharmacological properties of herbal oil extracts used in Iranian traditional medicine. Mikaili, Peyman; Shayegh, Jalal; Sarahroodi, Shadi; Sharifi, Massoumeh Report 3140
Pharmacological review of medicinal trees spontaneous in Iran: a historical and modern study. Mikaili, Peyman; Sharifi, Massoumeh; Sarahroodi, Shadi; Shayegh, Jalal Report 5909
Prediction of forages dietary cation-anion difference and its simplification. Abdouli, H.; Ayed, M. Haj; Salem, H. Ben; Korchani, T. Report 3476
Production of bioethanol from cassava and sweet potato peels. Oyeleke, S.B.; Dauda, B.E.N.; Oyewole, O.A.; Okoliegbe, I.N.; Ojebode, T. Report 2595
Remobilization at various grain sorghum genotypes response to impairment of plant photosynthesis using potassium iodide. Ramazanzadeh, Soolmaz; Beheshti, Alireza; Asgharipour, Mohammad R. Report 7460
Sheikh Heydar Monument role in tourism development. Azizzadeh, Raveyeh Report 1341
Southern site of Tehran ground water pollution survey. Farhadian, Amir Hossein Report 2620
Study correlation analysis between characters in maize hybrids in salinity stress condition. Soheil, Zrandy; Mohammad, Sharrif Moghaddasi 5361
Study of nutrient accumulation in the aerial and forage yield affected by using of nitroxin, supernitro plus and biophosphor in order to reduce consumption of chemical fertilizers and drought-resistant in corn (KSC-704). Shoaei, S.H.; Noor-mohammadi, G.H.; Choukan, R.; Kashani, A.; Heydari, Sharifabad H.; Rafiei, F. Report 4664
The analyses of sustainable soil management in the Rafsanjani Township pistachio garden. Tayari, Elham; Ommani, Ahmad Reza; Jamshidi, Amin Reza Report 3386
The diagnostic and prognostic value of salivary sCD44 level determination in oral malignant and potentially premalignant lesions. Ghalwash, Dalia M.; Gaaly, Khaled El; Zahran, Fat'heya M.; Shaker, Olfat; Fol, Hossam A. El- Report 4570
The effect of different rates of nitrogen and plant density on qualitative and quantitative traits of Indian mustard. Keivanrad, Sahar; Delkhosh, Babak; Rad, Amir Hossein Shirani; Zandi, Peiman Report 6579
The effect of sowing date, pattern of planting and nitrogen on quantitative and qualitative yield in summer sowing buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum moench). Sobhanil, Mohammad Reza; Rahmikhdoev, Gulahmad; Mazaheri, Dariush; Majidian, Majid 6135
The effects of planting date on grain yield and yield components of rice cultivars. Lack, Shahram; Marani, Nasim Mahdian; Mombeni, Mehran 5962
The effects of soil physical characteristics on gully erosion development in Kohgiloyeh & Boyer Ahmad province, Iran. Shahrivar, A.; Christopher, T.B.S. 3467
The exposure immunogenic protein of viral nervous necrotic on Humpback grouper that influences to proliferation and expression of immune cells (interferon [gamma] and NF-Kb cell). Yanuhar, Uun; Gusman, Ery; Arfiati, Diana Report 5329
The fluorometric response of cyanobateria to short exposure of heavy metal. Shing, Wong Ling; Heng, Lee Yook; Surif, Salmijah Report 3043
The impact of drought stress on some effective physiological traits of corn under different managements of nitrogen consumption. Mojaddam, Mani; Lack, Shahram Report 5560
The impact of drought stress on some effective physiological traits of corn under different managements of nitrogen consumption. Mojaddam, Mani; Lack, Shahram Report 5627
The investigation of Central Bank Independence on inflation in Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Saeedavi, Abdollah 1940
The protective effect of Penicillamine against Bleomycine induced pulmonary fibrosis in rats. Mikaili, Peyman; Hemmati, Ali Asghar; Khodayar, Mohammad Javad; Ghafurian, Mehri; Rashidi, Iran Report 2543
The singular and combined effects of entomopathogenic fungi, Beauveria bassiana (Bals) and Lecanicillium muscarium (Petch) with insecticide imidacloprid on different nymphal stages of Trialeurodes vaporariorum in the laboratory conditions. Malekan, Naser; Hatami, Bijan; Ebadi, Rahim; Akhavan, Alireza; Radjabi, Rouhollah 6334
The survey of removal of suspended solids from river at flooding period by plain sedimentation process. Mehdinejad, Mohammad Hadi; Bina, Bijan; Hadian, Shervin Report 2184
The sustainable environment. Yazdi, Soheila Khoshnevis; Shakouri, Bahram 4134
The sustainable marine aquaculture. Shakouri, Bahram; Yazdi, Soheila khoshnevis Report 3843
Trace elements accumulation and nutritive value in muscle tissue of golden mullet from the Kiashahr Port (Caspian Sea). Ardalan, Aria; Sharif, Amir Abdollah; Farahani, Zhale Report 2136

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