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Teaching Mathematics to Young Children through the Use of Concrete and Virtual Manipulatives.

ERIC Descriptors: Manipulative Materials; Young Children; Mathematical Concepts; Mathematics Instruction; Concept Formation; Educational Technology; Computer Uses in Education; Early Childhood Education; Constructivism (Learning); Cooperative Learning; Classroom Communication

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The use of manipulatives is an essential key to teaching mathematics to young children. Throughout history, different types of manipulatives have been used to aid in comprehension of mathematical concepts including quipu, abaci and pattern blocks. Today, concrete and virtual manipulatives are the tools that early childhood teachers are using in their mathematics classrooms across the country to instruct young learners. The concrete experience that these objects provide allows children to have a greater understanding of mathematical concepts which becomes the basis of their conceptual mathematical knowledge. Teachers who effectively implement concrete and virtual manipulatives create a mathematically rich environment in which young learners are able to examine ideas critically and solve problems. The use of these manipulatives fosters the beginning of life-long mathematical learning in inquisitive young learners.

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Author:D'Angelo, Frank; Iliev, Nevin
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 12, 2012
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