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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (May 1, 2008)

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"A noble unrest"; contemporary essays on the work of George MacDonald. Brief Article 179
"Black" British aesthetics today. Brief Article 153
"The trail of the human serpent is over everything"; Jamesian perspectives on mind, world, and religion. Brief Article 158
"Un-American" Hollywood; politics and film in the blacklist era. Book Review 114
(Re)thinking art; a guide for beginners. Brief Article 97
(Re)visualizing national history; museums and national identities in Europe in the new millenium. Book Review 162
10 moral paradoxes. Brief Article 127
100 most popular nonfiction authors; biographical sketches and bibliographies. Brief Article 139
101 songwriting wrongs and how to right them; how to craft and sell your songs, 2d ed. Book Review 104
1858; Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and the war they failed to see. Brief Article 121
1956 and all that. Book Review 176
21st century research on drugs and ethnicity; studies supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Brief Article 186
360 [degree] diary. Book Review 90
75 outrageous ways for librarians to impact student achievement in grades K-8. Brief Article 161
A & G Murray and the cotton mills of Ancoats. Book Review 125
A beginner's guide to the study of religion. Book Review 89
A better look at intelligent behavior; cognition and emotion. Brief Article 129
A brief history of Egypt. Book Review 122
A brief history of the Caribbean. Book Review 167
A brief history of the Netherlands. Book Review 84
A brush with animals; Japanese paintings, 1700-1950. Book Review 96
A celebration of Limerick's silver. Book Review 125
A chronology of world Christianity. Book Review 106
A companion to Charles Dickens. Book Review 191
A companion to classical receptions. Book Review 114
A companion to contemporary political philosophy, 2d ed.; 2v. Brief Article 168
A companion to digital literary studies. Book Review 179
A companion to Emily Dickinson. Book Review 141
A companion to Greek and Roman historiography; 2v. Brief Article 174
A companion to Heidegger. (reprint, 2005). Brief Article 161
A companion to James Joyce. Book Review 178
A companion to Kant's Critique of pure reason. Book Review 120
A companion to Latin American history. Brief Article 101
A companion to Victorian poetry. (reprint, 2002). Brief Article 141
A complete history of American comic books. Book Review 121
A comprehensive French grammar, 6th ed. Book Review 110
A concise guide to the EU anti-dumping/anti-subsidies procedures. Book Review 132
A concise history of the French Revolution. Book Review 98
A concordance to Herman Melville's Benito Cereno. Book Review 110
A conductor's guide to nineteenth-century choral-orchestral works. Brief Article 136
A crisis of waste?; understanding the rubbish society. Brief Article 177
A cross-cultural theory of voter behavior. Book Review 159
A cultural index to Vedic literature. Brief Article 155
A cumulative index to volumes I-VI of Paul Oskar Kristeller's Iter italicum; accedunt alia itinera: A finding list of uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued humanistic manuscripts of the Renaissance... Book Review 127
A dictionary of geography, 2d ed. (reprint, 1970). Brief Article 130
A failed Eldorado; colonial capitalism, rural industrialization, African land rights in Kenya, and the Kakamega Gold Rush, 1930-1952. Brief Article 124
A fire in my heart; Kurdish tales. Brief Article 125
A fork in the trail; mouthwatering meals and tempting treats for the backcountry. Book Review 129
A functional Cyprus settlement; the constitutional dimension. Book Review 166
A globally integrated climate policy for Canada. Book Review 128
A glorious and terrible life with you; selected correspondence of Northrop Frye and Helen Kemp, 1932-1939. Brief Article 135
A grammar of Lao. Book Review 106
A grammar of Mapuche. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 170
A guide to vocational education and training. Book Review 123
A history of Cambodia, 4th ed. Book Review 122
A history of literary criticism and theory; from Plato to the present. (reprint, 2005). Brief Article 171
A history of Oxford anthropology. Brief Article 134
A history of the Hellenistic world, 323-30 BC. Book Review 159
A history of the Roman republic. Book Review 97
A house divided during the Civil War era. Book Review 133
A Huron-English/English-Huron dictionary (listing both words and noun and verb roots). Brief Article 180
A journey called aging; challenges and opportunities in older adulthood. Book Review 145
A kingly craft; art and leadership in Ethiopia: A social history of art and visual culture in pre-modern Africa. Brief Article 230
A legacy of art; paintings and scultptures by artist life members of the National Arts Club. Brief Article 185
A methodical system of universal law; or, The laws of nature and nations; with supplements and a discourse by George Turnbull. Brief Article 142
A new generation in international strategic management. Book Review 203
A new history of jazz, 2d ed. Book Review 158
A path to peace; fresh hope for the world: Dramatic explorations. Brief Article 107
A politics of the scene. Book Review 112
A population history of the Huron-Petun, A.D. 500-1650. Book Review 167
A portrait of the young in the new multilingual Spain. Book Review 184
A practical application of supply chain management principles. Book Review 130
A practical guide to ethics; living and leading with integrity. Book Review 159
A practical guide to national competition rules across Europe, 2d ed. Brief Article 193
A practical guide to software licensing for licensees and licensors; analyses and model forms, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 173
A psychological investigation of the use of Shakespeare's emotional language; the case of his Roman tragedies. Book Review 190
A reader in the anthropology of religion, 2d ed. Brief Article 118
A recipe book for tutors; teaching the kinesthetic learner. Brief Article 137
A repertorium of Middle English prose sermons; 4v. Book Review 165
A residential interpersonal treatment for social phobia. Book Review 177
A restless past; history and the American public. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 124
A social history of Mexico's railroads; peons, prisoners, and priests. Brief Article 118
A sociology of educating, 5th ed. Brief Article 163
A story of her own; the female Oedipus complex reexamined and renamed. Book Review 135
A stupid, unjust, and criminal war; Iraq, 2001-2007. Brief Article 102
A summarie of the chronicles of England, diligently collected, abridged, and continued unto this present yeare of Christ, 1604, by John Stow. Brief Article 124
A survival guide for college managers and leaders. Brief Article 134
A sweet, separate intimacy; women writers of the American frontier, 1800-1922. Brief Article 163
A synopsis of the Indian tribes within the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, and in the British and Russian possessions in North America. (reprint, 1836). Brief Article 152
A terrorist's call to global jihad; deciphering Abu Musab al-Suri's Islamic jihad manifesto. Brief Article 133
A theory for Bible translation; an optimal equivalence model. Brief Article 118
A theory of direct legislation. Book Review 146
A theory of enclaves. Book Review 104
A theory of local entrepreneurship in the knowledge economy. Book Review 160
A to Z of Greek and Roman women, rev. ed. Book Review 121
A to Z of teaching in FE. Book Review 156
A tradition redefined; modern and contemporary Chinese ink paintings from the Chu-tsing Li collection, 1950-2000. Brief Article 158
A visible company of professionals; African Americans and the National Education Association during the civil rights movement. Book Review 149
A word from our viewers; reflections from early television audiences. Brief Article 145
A year without "made in China"; one family's true life adventure in the global economy. Brief article 106
A.H.M. Jones and the later Roman Empire. Brief Article 137
Abortion; a documentary and reference guide. Brief Article 118
Abraham Lincoln; the prairie years and the war years, illustrated ed. Book Review 162
Abuse of older men. Brief Article 155
Abusir IX; The pyramid complex of Raneferef at Abusir; the archeology. Book Review 152
Academic literacy and the languages of change. Brief article 178
Academic writing and genre; a systematic analysis. Book Review 148
Access to East European and Eurasian culture; publishing, acquisitions, digitization, metadata. Book Review 145
Access to government in the computer age; an examination of state public records law. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 205
Accountability for results; the realities of data-driven decision making. Book Review 143
Accounting for mother nature; changing demands for her bounty. Book Review 89
Accounting information systems, 6th ed. Brief Article 82
Achaemenid culture and local traditions in Anatolia, Southern Caucasus and Iran; new discoveries. Brief Article 123
Achieving better service delivery through decentralization in Ethiopia. Book Review 127
Achieving educational standards using the Big6. Book Review 172
Achieving excellence in preschool literary instruction. Book Review 171
Action reflection learning; solving real business problems by connecting learning with earning. Brief Article 101
Action research primer. Book Review 109
Action-oriented principals; facing the demands of external pressures. Book Review 125
Activism and LGBT psychology. Brief Article 136
Actuarial modelling of claim counts; risk classification, credibility, and bonus-malus systems. Book Review 203
Adapting information and communication technologies for effective education. Book Review 148
Administrative anti-fraud measures within the European Union. Book Review 176
Administrative ethics in the 21st century. Brief Article 117
Administrative reform. (reprint, 1969). Brief Article 103
Admiral William A. Moffett architect of naval aviation. (reprint, 1994). Book Review 81
Admiring the goose-steps; how Hitler succeeded in intimidating the world powers. Book Review 114
Adolescent suicide; an integrated approach to the assessment of risk and protective factors. Book Review 172
Adorno's concept of life. Book Review 103
Adult biliteracy; sociocultural and programmatic responses. Brief Article 161
Adult development and well-being; the impact of institutional environments. Brief Article 157
Advanced Microsoft Office documents 2007 edition inside out. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 117
Advances in e-learning; experiences and methodologies. Brief Article 217
Advances in telephone survey methodology; proceedings. Brief Article 141
Advancing the story; broadcast journalism in a multimedia world. Book Review 176
Advancing utopistics; the three component parts and errors of Marxism. Book Review 151
Advertising media planning; a brand management approach, 2d ed. Book Review 134
Advertising media workbook and sourcebook, 2d ed. Book Review 121
Aesthetics; a comprehensive anthology. Book Review 172
Affordable remodel; how to get custom results on any budget. Book Review 171
Afoot & afield; Denver/Boulder & Colorado's front range, a comprehensive hiking guide. Book Review 107
Africa and the Americas; culture, politics, and history: A multidisciplinary encyclopedia; 3v. Brief Article 179
Africa's future, Africa's challenge; early childhood care and development in sub Saharan Africa. Book Review 154
Africa, South and Southeast Asia. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 168
Africa; a guide to reference material, 2d ed. Book Review 185
African American behavior in the social environment; new perspectives. Brief Article 181
African Americans and the Oscar; decades of struggle and achievement, 2d ed. Book Review 134
African Americans in the United States Army in World War II. Book Review 162
African art music; political, social, and cultural factors behind its development and practice in Nigeria. Brief Article 149
African counterterrorism cooperation; assessing regional and subregional initiatives. Book Review 108
After Bataille; sacrifice, exposure, community. Book Review 105
After Jena; new essays on Fichte's later philosophy. Brief Article 175
After the peace; Loyalist paramilitaries in post-accord Northern Ireland. Book Review 129
Against perfectionism; defending liberal neutrality. Brief Article 143
Agincourt; Henry V and the battle that made England. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 193
Agricultural trade; planting the seeds of regional liberalization in Asia; a study by the Asia-Pacfic research and training network on trade. Book Review 190
Agro Pontino; urbanism and regional development in Lazio under Benito Mussolini. Book Review 188
Air transportation; a management perspective, 6th ed. Book Review 152
Airborne forces at war; from parachute test platoon to the 21st century. Brief Article 131
Alasdair Macintyre's engagement with Marxism; selected writings 1953-1974. Brief Article 155
Alexandria; auditoria of Kom el-Dikka and late antique education. Book review 158
Algeria cuts; women and representation, 1830 to the present. Brief Article 171
Alice Paul and the American suffrage campaign. Book Review 148
Alien-nation and repatriation; translating identity in Caribbean literature. Brief Article 146
Align the design; a blueprint for school improvement. Book Review 138
Alignment change in Iranian languages; a construction grammar approach. Book Review 186
All new real-life case studies for school administrators. Book Review 93
All roads lead to Congress; the $300 billion fight over highway funding. Brief Article 104
Allan Kaprow--art as life. Brief Article 208
Almost Catholic; an appreciation of the history, practice, and mystery of ancient faith. Brief Article 176
Amazing grace; self-taught artists from the Mullis collection. Book Review 107
America at odds, 6th student ed. Book Review 120
America's concertmasters. Book Review 164
America's man in Korea; the private letters of George C. Foulk, 1884-1887. Book Review 147
American corrections, 8th ed. Book Review 91
American crisis, southern solutions; from where we stand, peril and promise. Brief Article 213
American government; historical, popular & global perspectives, preview ed. Brief Article 175
American government; power and purpose, 10th core ed. Brief Article 107
American higher education transformed, 1940-2005; documenting the national discourse. Book Review 183
American hungers; the problem of poverty in U.S. literature, 1840-1945. Book Review 134
American Indian higher educational experiences; cultural visions and personal journeys. Book Review 128
American Indian lacrosse; little brother of war. (reprint, 1994). Book Review 169
American Indians in a modern world. Book Review 181
American Jennie; the remarkable life of Lady Randolph Churchill. Book Review 178
American juries; the verdict. Book Review 150
American libraries and the Internet; the social construction of Web appropriation and use. Book Review 149
American murder; 2v. Book Review 128
American murder; criminals, crime, and the media. Book review 109
American photobooth. Brief Article 117
American-made; the enduring legacy of the WPA: when FDR put the nation to work. Brief Article 117
Americans; 1940-2006. Book Review 124
Amis and Amiloun, Robert of Cisyle, and Sir Amadace. Book Review 156
An American artist in Tokyo; Frances Blakemore, 1906-1997. Brief Article 175
An American dream; the life of an African American soldier and POW who spent twelve years in communist China. Book Review 155
An American heroine in the French Resistance; the diary and memoir of Virginia d'Albert-Lake. (reprint, 2006). Book Review 175
An American Jewish odyssey; American religious freedom and the Nathan Barnert Memorial Temple. Book Review 81
An American's guide to doing business in India. Book Review 81
An anthology of Spanish American modernismo; in English translation, with Spanish text. Book Review 114
An artist's handbook; materials and techniques. Book Review 134
An atlas of Roman rural settlement in England. Book Review 121
An East Asian community and the United States. Book Review 160
An encounter with Reggio Emilia; children's early learning made visible. Book Review 164
An essay on time, rev. ed. Book Review 121
An ethnography of knowledge; the production of knowledge in Mupfurudzi resettlement scheme, Zimbabwe. Book Review 125
An idler; John Hay's social and aesthetic commentaries for the press during the Civil War, 1861-1865. Book Review 122
An institutional framework for policymaking; planning & population dispersal in Israel. (reprint, 2007). Book Review 101
An introduction to assessment. Brief Article 112
An introduction to Christianity for a new millennium. Brief Article 162
An introduction to conversation analysis. Book Review 143
An introduction to political philosophy. Brief Article 90
An introduction to the modern Middle East; history, religion, political economy, politics. Brief Article 126
An introduction to the Psalms. Brief Article 95
An invitation to political thought. Brief Article 129
An unamerican business; the rise of the new European enterprise. (reprint, 2005). Brief Article 156
An uncommon Christian; James Brainerd Taylor, forgotten Evangelist in America's second great awakening. Book Review 113
Analytic philosophy; the history of an illusion. Brief Article 113
Ancient gems from the Borowski collection. Book Review 106
Ancient health; skeletal indicators of agricultural and economic intensification. Book Review 133
Ancient philosophy; essential readings with commentary. Brief Article 153
Ancilla calliopeae; ein Repertorium der neulateinischen Epik Frankreichs (1500-1700). Book Review 140
And the best screenplay award goes to...; learning from the winners; Sideways, Shakespeare in love, Crash. Brief Article 131
Andrew Taylor Still, 1828-1917. (reprint, 1991). Brief Article 175
Angles on the English-speaking world; v.7: The state of the union; Scotland 1707-2007. Book Review 109
Anglican church-building in London, 1915-1945. Brief Article 116
Angus L. Macdonald; a provincial Liberal. Brief Article 116
Animal law; welfare, interests, and rights. Book Review 125
Annual review of global peace operations, 2008. Book Review 178
Annual review of law and social science; v.3, 2007. Book Review 117
Another Japan is possible; new social movements and global citizenship education. Brief Article 127
Anthropology and child development; a cross-cultural reader. Book Review 116
Anthropology, art and cultural production. Book Review 181
Antifascism and sociology; Gino Germani (1911-1979). Book Review 138
Antique trader jewelry price guide, 2d ed. Brief Article 106
Antique trader vintage clothing price guide. Brief Article 81
Apocalypse management; Eisenhower and the discourse of national insecurity. Book Review 185
Apocalyptic transformation; apocalypse and the postmodern imagination. Brief Article 88
Applications of complex adaptive systems. Book Review 169
Applied statistics; for public and nonprofit administration, 7th ed. Brief Article 88
Applying Wittgenstein. Book Review 93
Appraisal, feedback, and development; making performance review work, 4th ed. Book Review 165
Appreciative inquiry for change management; using AI to facilitate organizational development. Brief Article 160
Approaches to Arabic linguistics; presented to Kees Versteegh on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. Brief Article 196
Approaches to teaching Grass's The tin drum. Brief Article 156
Approaches to teaching Puig's Kiss of the Spider Woman. Book Review 168
Approaches to teaching the works of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Book Review 183
Approaching the Italian Renaissance interior; sources, methodologies, debates. Book Review 184
Approaching Yehud; new approaches to the study of the Persian period. Book Review 139
Arab/American; landscape, culture, and cuisine in two great deserts. Book Review 107
Archaeological concepts for the study of the cultural past. Book Review 202
Archaeology and capitalism; from ethics to politics. Book Review 142
Archaeology and the Crusades, proceedings. Book Review 111
Archaeology and the media. Book Review 137
Archaeology in the east and the west; proceedings. Brief Article 147
Archaeology; what it is, where it is, and how to do it. Brief Article 159
Archeology of intangible heritage. Book Review 129
Architect's essentials of starting, assessing, and transitioning a design firm. Brief Article 159
Architectural conservation; principles and practice. Book Review 112
Architectural drawing; a visual compendium of types and methods, 3d ed. Book Review 165
Architecture of Italy. Brief Article 115
Argentina; a global studies handbook. Brief Article 124
Aristotle's theory of knowledge. Brief Article 152
Aristotle, On the life-bearing spirit (De spiritu); a discussion with Plato and his predecessors on pneuma as the instrumental body of the soul. Brief Article 124
Arms and disarmament in diplomacy. Book Review 102
Around the sacred fire; native religious activism in the red power era: A narrative map of the Indian Ecumenical Conference. (reprint, 2003). Book Review 186
Art and politics; psychoanalysis, ideology, theatre. Book Review 200
Art and the Augustinian order in early Renaissance Italy. Book Review 185
Art of collecting; the Spaulding brothers and their legacy. Book Review 146
Art of the knife. Book Review 106
Arthur Mervyn, or, Memoirs of the year 1793; with related texts. Book Review 174
Arthur's round; the life and times of brewing legend Arthur Guinness. Book Review 89
Artificial crime analysis systems; using computer simulations and geographic information systems. Book Review 195
Artificial intelligence in education; building technology rich learning contexts that work. Book Review 141
Artillery of heaven; American missionaries and the failed conquest of the Middle East. Book Review 116
Artists in exile; how refugees from twentieth-century war and revolution transformed the American performing arts. Book Review 139
Arts and crafts in medieval rural environment; proceedings. Book Review 160
Arts and cultural programming; a leisure perspective. Book Review 155
Asia eyes America; regional perspectives on U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy in the twenty-first century. Book Review 180
Asia looks seaward; power and maritime strategy. Book Review 179
Asia's new regionalism. Brief Article 96
Asian art history in the twenty-first century. Book Review 139
Asian cinema; a field guide. Book Review 164
Asian diasporas; new formations, new conceptions. Book Review 147
Asian yearbook of international law; v.12, 2005-2006. Book Review 180
Asoka as depicted in his edicts. Brief Article 108
Assessing the use and impact of anti-social behaviour orders. Brief Article 124
At the crossroads of empires; middlemen, social networks and state-building in republican Shanghai. Book Review 187
At-risk children & youth; resiliency explored. Brief Article 161
Atheism in the medieval Islamic and European world; the influence of Persian and Arabic ideas of doubt and skepticism on medieval European literary thought. Brief Article 104
Athens victorious; democracy in Plato's Republic. Brief Article 138
Atlantic Coast Conference men's basketball games; a complete record through spring 2006; 3v. Book Review 256
Atlantic loyalties; Americans in Spanish West Florida, 1785-1810. Brief Article 103
Atlas of African-American history, rev. ed. Book Review 156
Atrocities and international accountability; beyond transitional justice. Brief Article 160
Attitude change; the competing views. (Reprint, 1968). Brief Article 137
Attorney's guide to business and finance fundamentals, 2d ed. Book Review 187
Aucassin & Nicolette; a chantefable from the twelfth-century minstrels; a facing-page translation. Brief Article 97
Augustin Cournot; modelling economics. Book Review 176
Augustine and history. Book Review 93
Australian social attitudes; 2: Citizenship, work and aspirations. Book Review 175
Autism, ADHD, and anorexia nervosa; essays on three childhood disorders. Brief Article 162

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