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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (August 1, 2008)

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"Bad old days"; the myth of the 1950s. Book review 113
"Brothers" or others?; propriety and gender for Muslim Arab Sudanese in Egypt. Book review 111
"Providence has freed our hands"; women's missions and the American encounter with Japan. Book review 124
"Tell me, o muse"; the Song of Deborah (Judges 5) in the light of heroic poetry. Brief article 178
(Re)constructing Armenia in Lebanon and Syria; ethno-cultural diversity and the state in the aftermath of a refugee crisis. Book review 142
1,001 questions and answers on Pesach. Book review 142
100 best paintings in New York. Brief article 157
100 careers in the music business, 2d ed. Book review 113
100 classic hikes in Colorado, 3d ed. Book review 120
100 classic hikes in Southern California; San Bernardino National Forest, Angeles National Forest, Santa Lucia Mountians, Big Sur and the Sierras. Book review 105
100 ideas for teaching communication, language and literacy. Brief article 139
100 ideas for teaching creative development. Book review 149
100 ideas for teaching drama. Book review 117
100 ideas for teaching problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. Book review 103
1916; the long revolution. Brief article 125
21st century security and CPTED; designing for critical infrastructure protection and crime prevention. Book review 156
365 low or no cost workplace teambuilding activities; games and exercises designed to build trust and encourage teamwork among employees. Brief article 138
50 reasons people give for believing in a God. Brief article 122
501 movie directors. Book review 114
6 Microsoft Office business applications for Office Sharepoint Server 2007. Book review 122
9/11 contradictions; an open letter to Congress and the press. Brief article 135
A beginner's guide to language and gender. Brief article 116
A bibliographical survey of the published works of the eighteenth-century Wesleys (Samuel the Elder, Samuel the Younger, Mehetabel, John, and Charles). Brief article 126
A bibliography of East European travel writing on Europe. Brief article 154
A blessing in disguise; 39 life lessons from today's greatest teachers. Book review 127
A box full of tales; easy ways to share library resources through story boxes. Book review 129
A case study of the American Indian boarding school movement; an oral history of Saint Joseph's Indian industrial school. Book review 157
A casebook of social change in developing areas. (reprint, 1966). Brief article 101
A city's museum; a history of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Brief article 118
A companion to American cultural history. Brief article 175
A companion to Greek tragedy. (reprint, 2005). Brief article 120
A companion to Restoration drama. Book review 136
A companion to the anthropology of American Indians. Brief article 113
A companion to the anthropology of Japan. (reprint, 2005). Book review 148
A companion to the literature and culture of the American south. (reprint, 2004). Book review 139
A comparative analysis of U.S. policy toward European defense autonomy; enduring dilemmas in transatlantic relations. Book review 170
A concise companion to Aboriginal history. Book review 110
A concise introduction to Tibetan Buddhism. Book review 90
A contemporary introduction to sociology; culture and society in transition. Book review 118
A critical evaluation of conservation and development in Sub-Saharan Africa; 7v. Book review 154
A culture of rapid improvement; creating and sustaining an engaged workforce. Brief article 133
A day in the life of a college student leader; case studies for undergraduate leaders. Book review 145
A deafening silence; hidden violence against women and children. Book review 95
A different story; aesthetics and the history of Western music. Book review 108
A dimly burning wick; memoir from the ruins of Hiroshima. Brief article 109
A feminist companion to patristic literature. Book review 82
A field guide for female interrogators. Book review 206
A foreign affair; Billy Wilder's American films. Brief article 103
A freewheelin' time; a memoir of Greenwich Village in the sixties. Book review 128
A global history of modern historiography. Book review 150
A grammar of Hup. (CD-ROM included). Book review 120
A guide to econometrics, 6th ed. Brief article 99
A guide to teaching introductory psychology. Book review 164
A guide to writing academic essays in religious studies. Book review 146
A handbook for media librarians. Book review 128
A handbook on international wilderness law and policy. Book review 153
A historical geography of China. (reprint, 1965). Brief article 125
A history of American political theories. (reprint, 1903). Book review 151
A history of broadcasting in the United States. Book review 104
A history of Florence 1200-1575. (reprint, 2006). Book review 177
A history of Irish farming; 1750-1950. Book review 119
A history of the American peace movement; from colonial times to the present. Brief article 191
A history of the interpretation of the gospel of Mark; v.1: Through the nineteenth century. Book review 103
A history of the interpretation of the gospel of Mark; v.2: The twentieth century. Book review 90
A history of the Middle Ages, 300-1500. Book review 177
A history of Western literature; from medieval epic to modern poetry. (reprint, 1963). Book review 130
A hundred years of sociology. (reprint, 1968). Book review 166
A is for almanac; complete lessons to teach the use of reference sources in grades K-6. (CD-ROM included). Book review 106
A letter to America. Book review 86
A life in photography, 1968-2008. Brief article 100
A life less ordinary; a memoir. Book review 100
A linguistic history of Venice. Book review 110
A mother's love; crafting feminine virtue in enlightenment France. Book review 122
A narrow bridge to life; Jewish forced labor and survival in the Gross-Rosen Camp system, 1940-1945. Book review 170
A nation without guns?; the story of gun free South Africa. Brief article 115
A new agenda for higher education; shaping a life of the mind for practice. Book review 180
A new dictionary of music. Book review 104
A new paradigm of spirituality and religion; contemporary shamanic practice in Scotland. Book review 91
A passion for this earth; writers, scientists, and activists explore our relationship with nature and the environment. Book review 102
A pathfinder's story; the life and death of Jack Mossop, DFC* DFM. Book review 160
A Penitente bibliography. (reprint, 1976). Brief article 103
A perilous course; U.S. strategy and assistance to Pakistan, a report of the post-conflict reconstruction project center for strategic and international studies. Book review 198
A philosophical theory on citizenship; obligation, authority, and membership. Book review 140
A picturesque situation; Mackinac before photography, 1615-1860. Book review 124
A pocketful of history; four hundred years of America--one state quarter at a time. Book review 87
A quest for alternative sociology. Book review 147
A recast partnership?; institutional dimensions of transatlantic relations. Brief article 103
A rhetorical analysis of six Hollywood films about politics; presenting the candidate as a movie star. Book review 114
A rotten person travels the Caribbean. Book review 86
A school by every other name; culture X and public education. Book review 126
A school for each student; personalization in a climate of high expectations. Book review 161
A seed of modernism; the Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-1953. Brief article 166
A select annotated bibliography of public attitudes toward mental illness, 1975-2005. Book review 115
A short course in intellectual self-defense. Book review 171
A Shostakovich companion. Book review 122
A social and psychological account of gender transition; the diary of a transsexual academic. Book review 132
A social history of Spanish labour; new perspectives on class, politics and gender. Book review 142
A solitary war; a diplomat's chronicle of the Iraq war and its lessons. Brief article 123
A spirit of dialogue; incarnations of Ogbanje, the born-to-die, in African American fiction. Book review 97
A supply chain logistics program for warehouse management. Book review 165
A Texas journey; the centennial photographs of Polly Smith. Book review 112
A to zoo; subject access to children's picture books, supplement to the 7th edition. Book review 152
A vision of taxes within and outside European borders; festchrift in honor of Prof. Dr. Frans Vanistendael. Brief article 214
A world of gangs; armed young men and gangsta culture. Book review 151
A yankee in the Texas army. Brief article 150
A Yemen reality. (reprint, 1991). Brief article 141
Aborigines & activism; race, aborigines & the coming of the sixties to Australia. Book review 176
Above the death pit, beneath the flag; youth voyages to Poland and the performance of Israeli national identity. Book review 147
Absolute beginner's guide to eBay, 5th ed. Book review 145
Abuse and violence information for teens; health tips about the causes and consequences of abusive and violent behavior, including facts about the types of abuse and violence, the warning signs of abusive and violent behavior, health concerns of victims, and getting help and staying safe. Book review 217
Accounting and finance policies and procedures. Book review 92
Accounting for infrastructure regulation; an introduction. Book review 94
Accounting for real estate transactions; a guide for public accountants and corporate financial professionals. Book review 133
Accounts demystified; the astonishingly simple guide to accounting, 5th ed. Book review 119
Acts of teaching; how to teach writing; a text, a reader, a narrative, 2d ed. Book review 180
Adam Smith in Beijing; lineages of the twenty-first century. Brief article 118
Adaptations of Calvinism in Reformation Europe; essays in honour of Brian G. Armstrong. Brief article 123
Adapting Nathanial Hawthorne to the screen; forging new worlds. Brief article 115
Addressing verification challenges; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 172
Administrative assistant's and secretary's handbook, 3d ed. Book review 128
Administrative reform in post-war Lebanon; donor prescriptions and local realities. Brief article 180
Adobe houses for today; flexible plans for your adobe home, rev.ed. Book review 139
Adobe InDesign CS3 one-on-one. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 115
Adolescent problem behaviors; delinquency, aggression, and drug use. Book review 132
Adolescent smoking and health research. Book review 173
Adolescents and online fan fiction. Brief article 105
Adolescents and risk; making sense of adolescent psychology. Brief article 117
Adoption in the United States; a reference for families, professionals, and students. Brief article 195
Adrenaline junkies and template zombies; understanding patterns of project behavior. Book review 123
Advances in biological and chemical terrorism countermeasures. Book review 113
Advances in sport psychology, 3d ed. Book review 104
Advances in the protection of museum collections from earthquake damage; papers from a conference held at the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Villa. Brief article 228
Advancing refugee protection in South Africa. Brief article 218
Adventures in criminal justice research; data analysis using SPSS 15.0 and 16.0 for Windows, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 175
Advocating for English learners; selected essays. Book review 150
Aedificia nova; studies in honor of Rosemary Cramp. Brief article 135
Afoot and afield; Portland/Vancouver; a comprehensive hiking guide, 2d ed. Brief article 168
Africa development indicators; 2007. (CD-ROM included). Book review 181
Africa doesn't matter; how the west has failed the poorest continent and what we can do about it. Brief article 161
African American icons of sport; triumph, courage, and excellence. Book review 172
African Americans and the culture of pain. Book review 159
African diasporas; ancestors, migrations and borders. Brief article 146
African legends, myths, and folktales for readers theatre. Brief article 127
African statistical yearbook, 2006. Brief article 87
African-born women faculty in the United States; lives in contradiction. Book review 124
After finitude. Brief article 116
After romanticism. Brief article 179
Against all odds; readers theatre for grades 3-8. Book review 161
Against Ratzinger. Book review 98
Against schooling; toward an education that matters. Brief article 178
Against the grain; the Vayda tradition in human ecology and ecological anthropology. Brief article 171
Against the terror of neoliberalism; politics beyond the age of greed. Book review 146
Ageing labour forces; promises and prospects. Book review 159
Agency, visuality and society at the Chartreuse de Champmol. Book review 99
Aggression and violence, post-traumatic stress, and absenteeism among employees in penitentiaries. Book review 159
Agility; start to finish. Book review 150
Ah Q archaeology; Lu Xun, Ah Q, Ah Q progeny and the national character discourse in twentieth century China. (reprint, 2006). Book review 142
Aircraft record cards of the United States Air Force; how to read the codes. Book review 102
Airport interiors; design for business. Book review 93
Akkadian literature of the late period. Brief article 134
Alexander the Great; coinage, finances, and policy. Book review 146
All about promoting trade in services; a complete handbook. Brief article 80
All honor to Jefferson?; the Virginia slavery debates and the positive good thesis. Book review 116
All the presidents' spokesmen; spinning the news--White House press secretaries from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush. Book review 109
All the Shah's men; an American coup and the roots of Middle East terror, 2008 ed. Book review 185
All tomorrow's cultures; anthropological engagements with the future. Brief article 94
Already ready; nurturing writers in preschool and kindergarten. Book review 151
Altarpieces and their viewers in the churches of Rome from Caravaggio to Guido Reni. Brief article 177
Alternative anthropological perspectives on education; perspectives on comprehensive education; v.1. Brief article 182
Alternative exchanges; second-hand circulations from the sixteenth century to the present. Brief article 114
Always I am Caesar. Book review 104
America fights back; armed self-defense in a violent age. Book review 94
America's "war on terrorism"; new dimensions in U.S. government and national security. Book review 144
America's army; a model for interagency effectiveness. Book review 144
America's spiritual utopias; the quest for heaven on earth. Book review 84
America's unseen kids; teaching English/language arts in today's forgotten high schools. Brief article 183
America's war on terrorism; the revival of the nation-state versus universal human rights. Book review 150
America; our next chapter; tough questions, straight answers. Book review 113
American aloha; cultural tourism and the negotiation of tradition. Book review 100
American evangelicals; a contemporary history of a mainstream religious movement. Book review 116
American ideal; Theodore Roosevelt's search for American individualism. Book review 143
American Indians in the early West. Book review 143
American journal of numismatics; 19. Brief article 142
American justice; ethical foundations and the evolution of modern law. Book review 180
American progressivism; a reader. Book review 135
American reference books annual 2008 ed.; v.39. Book review 232
American stories; living American history; v.1: To 1877. Brief article 88
American stories; living American history; v.2: To 1865. Book review 105
American universities and colleges, 18th ed; 2v. Book review 166
American wars; illusions and realities. Brief article 213
Americans in British literature, 1770-1832; a breed apart. Book review 92
Among the cannibals; adventures on the trail of man's darkest ritual. Book review 108
Amoral thoughts about morality; the intersection of science, psychology, and ethics, 2d ed. Brief article 108
Amos and the cosmic imagination. Book review 90
An academic skating on thin ice. Book review 150
An African exploration of the East Asia's education experience. (CD-ROM included). Book review 171
An analytic dictionary of English etymology; an introduction. Book review 106
An army of ex-lovers; my life at the Gay community news. Book review 175
An atlas for Celtic studies; archaeology and names in ancient Europe and early medieval Ireland, Britain, and Brittany. Book review 214
An eclectic eye; selections from the Dan Leach collection. Book review 88
An English translation of Jean Renaut's Galeran de Bretagne; a thirteenth-century French romance. Book review 113
An evaluation of Alvin Plantinga's Free will defense; whether our power to do bad is something good. Brief article 108
An executive's guide to information technology; principles, business models, and terminology. Brief article 120
An introduction to Africana philosophy. Book review 100
An introduction to Islam for Jews. Brief article 122
An introduction to the International Criminal Court, 3d ed. Book review 128
An introduction to work and organizational psychology; a European perspective, 2d ed. Book review 154
An officer and a lady; Canadian military nursing and the Second World War. Book review 151
An oral history of Southern Appalachia. Book review 82
Analyses of text; properties of characters and writing systems. Book review 177
Analyzing intelligence; origins, obstacles, and innovations. Brief article 88
Analyzing urban poverty; GIS for the developing world. Book review 147
Anatomy of perjury; Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, Via Rasella, and the GINNY mission. Brief article 139
Ancestral language acquistion among Native Americans; a study of a Haida language class. Book review 124
Ancestral Zuni glaze-decorated pottery; viewing Pueblo IV regional organization through ceramic production and exchange. Brief article 188
Ancient Asyut; the first synthesis after 300 years of research. Book review 138
Ancient Indian economic thought; relevance for today. Book review 175
Andrew P. Wilson and the early Irish and Scottish national theaters, 1911-1950. Brief article 100
Angels A to Z, 2d ed. Book review 96
Anger management games for children. Book review 107
Animal subjects; an ethical reader in a posthuman world. Book review 145
Anooshi Lingit Aani Ka / Russians in Tlingit America; the battles of Sitka, 1802 and 1804. Book review 202
Another music; polemics and pleasures. Brief article 159
Antarctic partners; 50 years of New Zealand and United States cooperation in Antarctica, 1957-2007. Book review 158
Antique Trader collectible paperback price guide. Book review 105
Antique trader guide to fakes & reproductions, 4th ed. Book review 139
Antiquities under siege; cultural heritage protection after the Iraq war. Book review 141
Anything but chardonnay; a guide to the other grapes. Brief article 113
Anza-Borrego; a photographic journey. Brief article 114
Apocalypse then; prophecy and the making of the modern world. Book review 175
Applied cognitive research in K-3 classrooms. Book review 143
Applied regression analysis and generalized linear models, 2d ed. Book review 193
Applying social psychology; from problems to solutions. Book review 112
Applying to graduate school in psychology; advice from successful students and prominent psychologists. Book review 168
Approaches to teaching Pynchon's The crying of lot 49 and other works. Book review 88
Approaches to urban slums; a multimedia sourcebook on adaptive and proactive strategies. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 170
Arab cinema; history and cultural identity, rev. ed. Book review 132
Arab politics, Palestinian nationalism, and the Six Day War; the crystallization of Arab strategy and Nasir's descent to war, 1957-1967. Book review 226
Arab women and economic development; proceedings. Book review 191
Arab-Israeli military forces in an era of asymmetric wars. (reprint, 2006). Book review 99
Archaeology and desertification; the Wadi Faynan landscape survey, Southern Jordan. (CD-ROM included). Book review 211
Archival internships; a guide for faculty, supervisors, and students. Book review 140
Are all warriors male?; gender roles on the ancient Eurasian Steppe. Book review 192
Aristophanes in performance 421 BC-AD 2007; Peace, Birds and Frogs. Brief article 135
Aristotle; a guide for the perplexed. Brief article 95
Ars musica, musica sacra. Book review 128
Art and identity in early modern Rome. Book review 144
Art and perception towards a visual science of art; pt.1. Book review 178
Art education in a climate of reform; the need for measurable goals in art instruction. Book review 185
Art in context; understanding aesthetic value. Book review 124
Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman. Book review 111
Arts-based research in education; foundations for practice. Book review 119
As luck would have it; my exile in France and Mexico, recollections and stories. Book review 151
Ascent to freedom; the practical and philosophical foundations of democratic world law. Book review 115
Ashantee. Book review 102
Asia in the global economy; finance, trade and investment. Brief article 120
Asia rising; who is leading? Book review 168
Asia's educational edge; current achievements in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and India. (reprint, 2005). Book review 163
Asia-Pacific. Book review 149
Asian voices in a postcolonial age; Vietnam, India and beyond. Book review 115
Aspects of language contact; new theoretical, methodological and empirical findings with special focus on romancisation processes. Book review 144
Aspects of power and authority in the Middle Ages. Book review 93
Aspects of research into Central Asian Buddhism; in memoriam Kogi Kundara. Brief article 93
Assessing the costs and impacts of migration policy; an international comparison. Book review 196
Assessment in FE; a practical guide for lecturers. Book review 118
Assessment, equity, and opportunity to learn. Book review 138
Asset protection; protect your wealth, limit your exposure to lawsuits, maximize your tax savings. Book review 141
Assets, livelihoods, and social policy. Book review 180
Astrolabes and angels, epigrams and enigmas; from Regiomontanus' acrostic for Cardinal Bessarion to Piero della Francesca's Flagellation of Christ. (CD-ROM included). Book review 159
At sword's point; a documentary history of the Utah War to 1858; part 1. Brief article 113
Auctions, agents and dealers; the mechanisms of the art market 1660-1830. Book review 142
Audio book; essays on sound technologies in narrative fiction. Book review 116
Augustine and liberal education. Brief article 108
Augustine and the phenomenological question of time. Brief article 100
Augustine's early theology of the church; emergence and implications, 386-391. Brief article 97
Austria, Germany, and the Cold War; from the Anschluss to the State Treaty 1938-1955. Book review 207
Autism, discrimination, and the law; a quick guide for parents, educators, and employers. Book review 177
Aztec city-state capitals. Brief article 191
Baby rhyming time. Book review 124
Bader's last fight; an in-depth investigation of a great WWII mystery. Book review 153
Badiou, Marion, and St. Paul; immanent grace. Book review 127
Balanced scorecard step-by-step for government and nonprofit agencies, 2d ed. Book review 143
Baldridge award winning quality; how to interpret the Baldridge criteria for performance excellence, 17th ed. Brief article 156
Balkan Anschluss; the annexation of Montenegro and the creation of the common South Slavic state. Book review 133
Ballistic imaging. Book review 168
Balzac and the model of painting; artist stories in La comedie humaine. Brief article 116
Banking with technology. Brief article 122
Banning landmines; disarmament, citizen diplomacy, and human security. Book review 84
Bar flower; my decadently destructive days and nights as a Tokyo nightclub hostess. Book review 167
Barron's GED Canada; high school equivalency exam, 6th ed. Book review 89
Bassini's Art of singing; an analytical, physiological and practical system for the cultivation of the voice. Brief article 127
Bathsheba in late medieval French manuscript illumination; innocent object of desire or agent of sin? Book review 174
Batman and philosophy; the dark knight of the soul. Book review 162
Battle exhortation; the rhetoric of combat leadership. Book review 98
Battlestar Galactica and philosophy; knowledge here begins out there. Brief article 117
Bead International 2008 & Beyond Basketry. Brief article 173
Becoming a professional reading teacher. Book review 154
Becoming my mother's daughter; a story of survival and renewal. Book review 114
Becoming teammates; teachers and families as literacy partners. Brief article 117
Behavioral modeling and simulation; from individuals to societies. Brief article 110

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