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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (February 1, 2008)

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"They take our jobs!": and 20 other myths about immigration. Book Review 112
"To spare no pains"; Zebulon Montgomery Pike and his 1806-1807 Southwest expedition; a bicentennial commemoration. Book Review 120
'National Education' through mutually supportive devices; a case study of Zionist education. Book Review 135
100 classic hikes in Arizona, 3d ed. Book Review 91
100 days in photographs; pivotal events that changed the world. Book Review 114
100 great American novels you've (probably) never read. Book Review 126
1000 garden ideas. Book Review 101
101 businesses you can start with less than one thousand dollars; for stay-at-home moms and dads. Book Review 129
101 careers in gerontology. Book Review 145
12 going on 29; surviving your daughter's tween years. Book Review 157
1650-1850; ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era; v.14. Book Review 102
24 and philosophy; the world according to Jack. Book Review 93
99 jumpstarts for kids' social studies reports; research help for grades 3-8. Book Review 128
A "dress rehearsal" for revolution; John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon's works in eighteenth-century British America. Book Review 109
A beginner's guide to Descartes's Meditations. Book Review 95
A biographical dictionary of Australian and New Zealand economists. Book Review 104
A call to action; an introduction to education, philosophy, and native North America. Book Review 172
A cautious silence; the politics of Australian anthropology. Book Review 95
A century of retablos; the Janis and Dennis Lyon collection of New Mexican santos, 1780-1880. Book Review 126
A chronology of United States-Iraqi relations, 1920-2006. Book Review 125
A collector's guide to military rifle disassembly and reassembly; step-by-step color breakdowns for all your favorite surplus and vintage rifles! Book Review 102
A companion to Latina/o studies. Book Review 142
A companion to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer studies. Book Review 147
A comparison of Judeo-Christian theism and philosophical naturalism as explanatory worldviews. Book Review 112
A concise companion to contemporary British and Irish drama. Brief Article 174
A concise introduction to logic, 10th ed. Book Review 150
A death in the family; a restoration of the author's text. Book Review 188
A democracy is born; an insider's account of the battle against terrorism in Afghanistan. Book Review 171
A fatal drifting apart; democratic social knowledge and Chicago reform. Book Review 170
A fearsome heritage; diverse legacies of the Cold War. Book Review 209
A fierce, wild joy; the Civil War letters of Colonel Edward J. Wood, 48th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Book Review 143
A geography of the Carolinas. Book Review 129
A glimpse of heaven; Catholic churches of England and Wales. Book Review 120
A handbook of terrorism and insurgency in Southeast Asia. Book Review 156
A history of American classical music. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 132
A history of contemporary Chinese literature. Book Review 123
A history of disability in nineteenth-century Scotland. Book Review 96
A holistic approach to rights; affirmative action, reproductive rights, censorship, and future generations. Book Review 93
A Huguenot on the Hackensack; David Demarest and his legacy. Book Review 175
A land so strange; the epic journey of Cabeza de Vaca; the extraordinary tale of a shipwrecked Spaniard who walked across America in the sixteenth century. Book Review 126
A lesbian history of Britain; love and sex between women since 1500. Book Review 170
A life of Picasso; the triumphant years, 1917-1932. Book Review 117
A literary revolution; in the spirit of the Harlem renaissance. Book Review 86
A long way from home. (reprint, 1937). Book Review 136
A Luis Leal reader. Book Review 131
A mighty mass of brick and smoke; Victorian and Edwardian representations of London. Book Review 141
A military history of China; from the Manchu conquest to Tian'anmen Square. Book Review 128
A military history of Italy. Book Review 81
A military history of modern Spain; from the Napoleonic era to the international war on terror. Book review 166
A new chronology of Venetian opera and related genres, 1660-1760. Book Review 172
A new diplomacy for sustainable development; the challenge of global change. Book Review 155
A parents' and teachers' guide to bilingualism, 3d ed. Book Review 108
A peculiar alchemy; a centennial history of the School of American Research, 1907-2007. Book review 104
A phenomenology of love and hate. Book Review 103
A place to call home; the amazing success story of modern orphanages. Book Review 177
A political economy of the Middle East, 3d ed. Book Review 195
A political history of the House of Lords, 1811-1846, from the regency to corn law repeal. Brief Article 176
A portable God; the origin of Judaism and Christianity. Book Review 101
A practical guide to assessment centres and selection methods; measuring competency for recruitment and development. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 166
A record of Cambodia; the land and its people. Book Review 119
A shorter commentary on Romans. Book Review 113
A spirited exchange; the wine and brandy trade between France and the Dutch Republic in its Atlantic framework, 1600-1650. Book Review 199
A student's guide to methodology; justifying enquiry, 2d ed. Book Review 162
A student's guide to presentations; making your presentation count. Book Review 163
A to Z of American women writers, rev. ed. Book Review 149
A treatise on acting, from memory and by improvisation (1699); Dell'arte rappresentativa, premeditata ed all'improviso. Bilingual ed. in English and Italian. Book Review 103
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about qualitative research. Brief Article 159
A woman's world again; true stories of world travel. Book Review 85
Aboriginal folk tales of Taiwan; animals, heroes, heroic adventures. Book Review 98
Abortion in the United States; a reference handbook. Book Review 113
Abraham Lincoln, president-elect; the four critical months from election to inauguration. (reprint, 2005). Brief Article 103
Absolute beginners; der mittelalterliche beitrag zu einem ausgang vom unbedingten. Book Review 177
Absolute war; Soviet Russia in the Second World War II. Book Review 134
Academic librarians as emotionally intelligent leaders. Book Review 113
Accelerating decline in America's high-skilled workforce; implications for immigration policy. Book Review 172
Accounting and the global economy under Sarbanes-Oxley. Book Review 163
Accounting best practices, 5th ed. Book Review 98
Accounting policies and procedures manual; a blueprint for running an effective and efficient department, 5th ed. Book Review 153
Accounting theory; conceptual issues in a political and economic environment, 7th ed. Book Review 158
Achieving competitiveness through innovations--a challenge for Poland and other new EU member states. Book Review 177
Acts of faith; the story of an American Muslim, the struggle for the soul of a generation. Brief Article 103
Ad ingenii acuitionem; studies in honour of Alfonso Maieru. Book Review 112
Adjudicatory authority in private international law; a comparative study. Book Review 202
Administrative leadership in the public sector. Book Review 154
Adolescent literacy instruction; policies and promising practices. Book Review 115
Adoption; a reference handbook, 2d ed. Brief Article 94
Adorno and Heidegger; philosophical questions. Book Review 171
Adriaen Thomasz. Key (c. 1545-c.1589); portrait of a Calvinist painter. Book Review 136
Adult education teachers; developing critical literacy education. Book Review 158
Adults as children; images of childhood in the ancient world and the New Testament. Book Review 93
Advances in banking technology and management; impacts of ICT and CRM. Book Review 97
Advocacy for school leaders; becoming a strong voice for education. Brief Article 164
Aesthetic transformations; taking Nietzsche at his word. Book Review 134
Aesthetics and literature. Brief Article 140
Aesthetics at work. Book Review 97
Affections of the mind; the politics of sacramental marriage in late medieval English literature. Book Review 116
Africa and the war on terrorism. Book Review 183
Africa yearbook; v.3: Politics, economy and society south of the Sahara in 2006. Book Review 152
African Americans in Congress; a documentary history. Book Review 184
African Growth and Opportunity Act; an implementation guide. Book Review 131
African renaissance in the millennium; the political, social, and economic discourses on the way forward. Book Review 96
After multiculturalism; the politics of race and the dialectics of liberty. Book Review 107
After the storm; Bob Walker and the East Bay Regional Park District. Book Review 97
After war; the political economy of exporting democracy. Book Review 201
After you, Mr. Lear; in the wake of Edward Lear in Italy; the story of a voyage to rediscover the ways of Edward Lear, artist and author, through his paintings, diaries and letters. Book Review 115
Age of atrocity; violence and political conflict in early modern Ireland. Book Review 140
Agee agonistes; essays on the life, legend, and works of James Agee. Book Review 182
Ageing and the public service; human resource challenges. Book Review 108
Agent of change; print culture studies after Elizabeth L. Eisenstein. Book Review 115
Agent-based models. Book Review 153
Agglomeration, technology and business groups. Book Review 166
Agriculture for development. Book Review 102
Aldous Huxley; selected letters. Book Review 97
Alfredo Arreguin; patterns of dreams and nature/desenos, suenos, y naturaleza, 2d ed. Book Review 146
Alive and kicking. Book Review 139
All in a day's work...from heritage to artist. Brief article 119
Allegory of survival; the theater of Kang-Baek Lee. Book Review 126
Alma parens originalis?; the receptions of classical literature and thought in Africa, Europe, the United States, and Cuba. Book Review 172
Alone in Mexico; the astonishing travels of Karl Heller, 1845-1848. Book Review 182
Amazing grace; William Wilberforce and the heroic campaign to end slavery. Book Review 128
Ambiguities of witnessing; law and literature in the time of a truth commission. Book Review 128
America magica; when renaissance Europe thought it had conquered paradise, 2d ed. Book Review 171
America the middlebrow; women's novels, progressivism, and middlebrow authorship between the wars. Brief Article 93
America the principled; 6 opportunities for becoming a can-do nation once again. Book Review 190
America's social health; putting social issues back on the public agenda. Book Review 214
America, Amerikkka; elect nation and imperial violence. Book Review 144
American adventurism abroad; invasions, interventions, and regime changes since World War II, rev. & expanded ed. Book Review 219
American architects and their books, 1840-1915. Book Review 121
American babies; their life and times in the 20th century. Book Review 122
American Catholics in the Protestant imagination; rethinking the academic study of religion. Book Review 106
American foreign policy and political ambition. Book Review 108
American furies; crime, punishment, and vengeance in the age of mass imprisonment. Book Review 178
American furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I: Early colonial period; the seventeenth-century and William and Mary Styles. Book Review 126
American houses; the architecture of Fairfax & Sammons. Book Review 96
American literary geographies; spacial practice and cultural production, 1500-1900. Book Review 186
American transcendentalism; a history. Brief Article 82
American wars, American peace; notes from a son of the empire. Book Review 84
American wilderness; the story of the Hudson River school of painting. (reprint, 1978). Book Review 114
Americans and Europeans; dancing in the dark; on our differences and affinities, our interests, and our habits of life. Book Review 186
Amnesty for crimes against humanity under international law. Book Review 206
An accidental journalist; the adventures of Edmund Stevens, 1934-1945. Book Review 117
An anthropological defense of God. Book Review 88
An assistant principal's guide...; into the fire, how to prepare for and survive the position. Book Review 114
An atlas of English surnames. Book Review 121
An easy out; corporate America's addiction to outsourcing. Book Review 101
An elephant in the room; an equality and diversity training manual. Book Review 108
An ethical approach to practitioner research; dealing with issues and dilemmas in action research. Book Review 127
An examination of the Isis cult with preliminary exploration into New Testament studies. Book Review 108
An immigrant's run-in with the law; a forensic linguistic analysis. Book Review 113
An improbable war?; the outbreak of World War I and European political culture before 1914. Book Review 186
An introduction to the sociology of work and occupations. Book Review 164
Anatomy of professional practice; promising research perspectives on educational leadership. Brief Article 114
Ancient Europe. (reprint, 1965). Book Review 126
Ancient textiles; production, craft and society; proceedings. Book Review 166
Anderson's business law and the legal environment; comprehensive volume, 20th ed. Book Review 112
Angel Island. Book Review 101
Annals of the caliphs' kitchens; Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq's tenth-century Baghdadi cookbook. Book Review 188
Annotations in Greek and Latin texts from Egypt. Book Review 187
Annual review of sociology; v.33, 2007. Book Review 171
Antarctica; life on the ice. Book Review 122
Anthropology and contemporary human problems, 5th ed. Book Review 158
Anthropology matters! Book Review 139
Anti-dumping and countervailing action; limits imposed by economic and legal theory. Book Review 144
Apostle to the Inuit; the journals and ethnographic notes of Edmund James Peck, the Baffin years, 1894-1905. Book Review 121
Approaches to teaching Milton's shorter poetry and prose. Book Review 93
Arab folklore; a handbook. Book Review 96
Arab painting; text and image in illustrated Arabic manuscripts. Book Review 153
Arab women's lives retold; exploring identity through writing. Book Review 104
Arabia's hidden America; a Saudi woman's memoir. Book Review 109
Arabic-English dictionary of Qur'anic usage. Brief Article 188
Archaeology and history in Sardinia from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages; shepherds, sailors, and conquerors. Book Review 100
Archibald Monteath; Igbo, Jamaican, Moravian. Book Review 111
Are we captives of history?; historical essays on Turkey and Europe. Book Review 186
Aristotle on memory and recollection; text, translation, interpretation, and reception in Western scholasticism. Book Review 177
Arndt's story; the life of an Australian economist. Book Review 105
Arsenals of folly; the making of the nuclear arms race. Book Review 100
Art, ethics, and environment; a free enquiry into the vulgarly received notion of nature. Brief Article 131
Art; a world history. Book Review 106
Arthurian writers; a biographical encyclopedia. Book Review 86
Article 20; children deprived of their family environment. Book Review 120
Article 26; the right to benefit from social security. Book Review 149
Artifact classification; a conceptual and methodological approach. Book Review 111
Artisans in early imperial China. Book Review 154
Artists in their studios; where art is born. Book Review 114
Ashen sky; the letters of Pliny the Younger on the eruption of Vesuvius. Book Review 137
Ashtanga yoga; practice and philosophy; a comprehensive description of the primary series of ashtanga yoga and an authentic explanation of the Yoga sutra of Patanjali. (reprint, 2006). Book Review 115
Asian American women and men; labor, laws, and love, 2d ed. Book Review 182
Asian firms; history, institutions, and management. Book Review 110
Asian millenarianism; an interdisciplinary study of the Taiping and Tonghak rebellions in a global context. Book Review 131
Aspects of the Roman East. Book Review 119
Assessing sex offenders; problems and pitfalls. Brief Article 120
Assessment of learning. Book Review 152
Astrology, magic, and alchemy in art. Book Review 114
Ayn Rand's Atlas shrugged; a philosophical and literary companion. Book Review 149
Baby Doe Tabor; the madwoman in the cabin. Book Review 129
Backcountry crucibles; the Lehigh Valley from settlement to steel. Book Review 170
Backpacker tourism; concepts and profiles. Book Review 115
Balkan popular culture and the Ottoman ecumene; music, image, and regional political discourse. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 118
Baltic connections; archival guide to the maritime relations of the countries around the Baltic Sea (including the Netherlands) 1450-1800; 3v. Book Review 232
Baltic partnerships; integration, growth and local governance in the Baltic Sea Region. Book Review 155
Banff Springs; the story of a hotel, 4th ed. Book Review 93
Banking and financial markets in India, 1947 to 2007. Book Review 179
Banking laws in China. Brief Article 115
Bankruptcy for business; the benefits, pitfalls and alternatives. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 137
Bankrupting the enemy; the U.S. financial siege of Japan before Pearl Harbor. Brief Article 184
Barron's guide to the most competitive colleges, 5th ed. Book Review 167
Basic mortgage law; cases and materials, 2d ed. Book Review 128
Basic writings. Book Review 161
Basics of qualitative research; techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory, 3d ed. Book Review 173
Basil I, founder of the Macedonian dynasty; a study of the political and military history of the Byzantine empire in the ninth century. Book Review 144
Bataille's peak; energy, religion, and postsustainability. Book Review 94
Battle for justice; how the Bork nomination shook America. (reprint, 1989). Book Review 110
Battleground; criminal justice; 2v. Book Review 157
Beautiful evidence. Book Review 113
Becoming and consumption; the contemporary Spanish novel. Book Review 104
Becoming Jane Austen; a life. (reprint, 2003). Book Review 97
Becoming visionary; Brian De Palma's cinematic education of the senses. Book Review 153
Becoming your own emotional support system; creating a community of one. Book Review 151
Beer & philosophy; the unexamined beer isn't worth drinking. Book Review 87
Behind the veneer; the South Shoreditch furniture trade and its buildings. Book Review 117
Being and place among the Tlingit. Book Review 184
Being in time to the music. Book Review 126
Being poor in modern Europe; historical perspectives 1800-1940. Book Review 234
Being single on Noah's ark. Brief Article 134
Bench press; the collision of courts, politics, and the media. Book Review 92
Beowulf and beyond. Brief article 170
Beowulf; an illustrated edition. Book Review 113
Berenike 1999/2000; report on the excavations at Berenike, including excavations in Wadi Kalalat and Siket, and the survey of the Mons Smaragdus Region. Book Review 120
Bernhard Varenius (1622-1650). Book Review 129
Best books for children supplement to the 8th edition; preschool through grade 6. Book Review 204
Best practice in performance coaching; a handbook for leaders, coaches, HR professionals, and organizations. Book Review 170
Best practices in lean six sigma process improvement; a deeper look. Book Review 164
Best practices in quantitative methods. Book Review 121
Between national fantasies and regional realities; the paradox of identity in nineteenth-century German literature. Book Review 99
Between Venice and Istanbul; colonial landscapes in early modern Greece. Book Review 179
Beyond common sense; psychological science in the courtroom. Book Review 186
Beyond humanitarianism; what you need to know about Africa and why it matters. Book Review 116
Beyond Reception; mutual influences between antique religion, Judaism, and early Christianity. Book Review 130
Beyond red power; American Indian politics and activism since 1900. Book Review 167
Beyond systemic discrimination; educational rights, skills acquisition and the case of Roma. Book Review 162
Beyond tests and quizzes; creative assessments in college classrooms. Book Review 123
Beyond the green zone; dispatches from an unembedded journalist in occupied Iraq. Book Review 89
Beyond the internet; successful research strategies. Book Review 87
Beyond the philosopher's fear; a Cavellian reading of gender, origin, and religion in modern skepticism. Book Review 100
Beyond the threshold; explorations of liminality in literature. Book Review 181
Bible et Terre Sainte; melanges Marcel Beaudry. Book Review 116
Big book of pocket knives; identification & values, 3d ed. Book Review 82
Big pictures on the small screen; made-for-TV movies and anthology dramas. Book Review 149
Biker gangs and organized crime. Book Review 175
Biographical texts from Ramessid Egypt. Book Review 161
Bits, bytes, and balance sheets; the new economic rules of engagement in a wireless world. Book Review 122
Black communications and learning to read; building on children's linguistic and cultural strengths. Book Review 145
Black Hawk; the story of a world class helicopter. Book Review 176
Black issues in social work and social care. Brief Article 106
Black mass; apocalyptic religion and the death of utopia. Book Review 112
Black politics in conservative America, 3d ed. Book Review 167
Blacklisted by history; the real story of Joseph McCarthy and his fight against America's enemies. Book Review 165
Blended learning in higher education; framework, principles, and guidelines. Book Review 159
Blocks to robots; learning with technology in the early childhood classroom. Book Review 193
Blogging America; the new public sphere. Book Review 151
Blood and oranges; European markets and immigrant labor in rural Greece. Brief Article 159
Bob Marley; a biography. Book Review 119
Bodies of evidence; burial, memory, and the recovery of missing persons in Cyprus. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 125
Body, language, and mind; v.1: Embodiment. Book Review 116
Bologna addresses and other recent papers. Book Review 110
Books on fire; the destruction of libraries throughout history. Book Review 105
Books on trial; red scare in the heartland. Brief Article 139
Boone; a biography. Book Review 167
Border landscapes; the politics of Akha land use in China and Thailand. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 148
Borges 2.0; from text to virtual worlds. Book Review 175
Borges and Dante; echoes of a literary friendship. Book Review 85
Boss-busters & sin hounds; Kansas City and its Star. Book Review 174
Boston; an extended family. Book Review 116
Bowhill; the archaeological study of a building under repair in Exeter, Devon, 1977-95. Book Review 151
Box office archaeology; refining Hollywood's portrayals of the past. Book Review 105
Breadfruit or chestnut?; gender construction in the French Caribbean novel. (reprint, 2006). Book Review 146
Breaking the tablets; Jewish theology after the Shoah. Book Review 100
Breakthrough IT; supercharging organizational value through technology. technology, Breakthrough IT; supercharging organizational value through Book Review 94
Breakthroughs in technical analysis; new thinking from the world's top minds. Book Review 154
Bribery and extortion; undermining business, governments, and security. Book Review 126
Bringing memory forward; storied remembrance in social justice education with teachers. Book Review 110
British and Irish home arts and industries 1880-1914; marketing craft, making fashion. Book Review 160
Brotherhood of the rope; the biography of Charles Houston. (DVD included). Brief Article 157
Buddhist materiality; a cultural history of objects in Japanese Buddhism. Book Review 119
Budgeting and debt management; advice from finance industry experts about personal and family finances, banking, handling money, building and using credit...and directories for additional help and information. Book Review 191
Builders of the global village. Book Review 115
Building a culture of literacy month-by-month. Book Review 92
Building a nation's image on the World Wide Web; a study of the head of state websites of developing countries. Book Review 112
Building area studies collections. Book Review 177
Building stairs. Book Review 82
Buildings of Pittsburgh. Book Review 103
Bullying; a handbook for educators and parents. Book Review 143
Bureaucracy and democracy; accountability and performance, 2d ed. Book Review 118
Burma's mass lay meditation movement; Buddhism and the cultural construction of power. Book Review 103
Business and environmental politics in Canada. Book Review 147
Business ethics as practice; representation, reflexivity and performance. Book Review 170
Business networks and strategic alliances in China. Brief Article 121
Business structures. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 153
Business valuation; an integrated theory, 2d ed. Book Review 148
But is it racial profiling?; policing, pretext stops, and the color of suspicion. Book Review 135

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