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DSWD targets complete list of poor households by 2021. Sep 17, 2020 562
SAP inclusion in Bayanihan 2 gets extra push. Sep 16, 2020 526
House panel passes bill providing free, discounted funeral services for indigents. Sep 2, 2020 751
Community validation of initial list of poor households expected next month. Aug 19, 2020 574
Greater than kings: Any account of leadership must include the saga of the poor. Camille, Alice Aug 1, 2020 1230
TOWARD A DEMOSPRUDENCE OF POVERTY. Bell, Monica; Garlock, Stephanie; Nabavi-Noori, Alexander Apr 1, 2020 24411
DETENTION BY ANY OTHER NAME. Mayson, Sandra G. Apr 1, 2020 18167
Impact of a Community-Delivered Parenting Curriculum on Perceived Parenting Stress and Parent-Reported Outcomes in a Low-Income Diverse Population. Kistin, Caroline J.; Touw, Sharon; Collins, Hannah; Sporn, Nora; Finnegan, Karen E. Report Mar 1, 2020 8565
Understanding Poverty as Social and Economic Enigma: Exploration through Qualitative Research Method. Shaikh, Sanober Salman; Shaikh, Samiuddin; Talpur, Urooj Report Dec 31, 2019 7113
WEALTH, EQUAL PROTECTION, AND DUE PROCESS. Garrett, Brandon L. Nov 1, 2019 20819
Ramadan Mega free medical camp facilitates hawksbay scheme villagers. Brief article Jun 16, 2019 327
Rethinking Credit as Social Provision. Atkinson, Abbye May 1, 2019 31874
'CONTRARY TO THE SPIRIT OF THE AGE': IMPRISONMENT FOR DEBT IN COLONIAL VICTORIA, 1857-90. Boyd, Jodie; Ramsay, Ian; Ali, Paul Apr 1, 2019 17974
Plaintiff escapes liability for costs because of indigent status. Mar 3, 2019 674
Pro-lifers help poor couple have their baby. Terzo, Sarah Mar 1, 2019 388
Does work-for-welfare work? Employment requirements for government assistance are not as simple as proponents say. Ryan, Bill Feb 1, 2019 643
Gates Foundation highlights Africa's demographic challenge. Thomas, David Nov 1, 2018 1091
The argument over bail. Vieth, Peter Jul 9, 2018 1281
Poor Information: How Economics Affects the Information Lives of Low-Income Individuals. Hamilton, James T.; Morgan, Fiona Report Jul 1, 2018 9290
The Accused Poor. Headworth, Spencer; Ossei-Owusu, Shaun Essay Jun 22, 2018 9944
Gentrification and Resistance: Racial Projects in the Neoliberal Order. Alvare, Melissa Archer Essay Jun 22, 2018 8160
Branches Turn Out to Support Poor People's Campaign: 40 Days of Action from Coast to Coast. Mar 22, 2018 1390
Omnibus bills fall short on bail reform, defense bar says. Murphy, Pat Jan 25, 2018 2013
Arkansas Foodbank. Brief article Oct 16, 2017 252
PRIVACY, POVERTY, AND BIG DATA: A MATRIX OF VULNERABILITIES FOR POOR AMERICANS. Madden, Mary; Gilman, Michele; Levy, Karen; Marwick, Alice Sep 1, 2017 30722
No Recovery Yet for Spain's Poor. Crabtree, Steve Survey Aug 14, 2017 516
The reach of the cash-based safety net for poor families with children in America. Rachidi, Angela; Jin, Shijie Report Feb 1, 2017 3605
Poverty, hunger, and US agricultural policy: do farm programs affect the nutrition of poor Americans? Glauber, Joseph W.; Sumner, Daniel A.; Wilde, Parke E. Report Jan 1, 2017 18462
Lesson from the least of these. Woodson, Robert Jan 1, 2017 3739
No jail over bail: city sued. Ciaramella, C.J. Brief article Nov 23, 2016 242
A leg up to those on the margins: at Donnelly, there's a short distance between life of the academy and life on the streets. Roberts, Tom Editorial Nov 4, 2016 1958
2016 Poverty Survey: attitudes toward the poor, poverty, and welfare in the United States. Survey Sep 1, 2016 4852
Want to eat better? Sorry, we're closed. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 306
Hike in minimum wage maximizes hurt to most vulnerable. Hoar, William P. Jul 4, 2016 2059
Willow Springs: a Louisiana civil action. Houck, Oliver A. Jun 22, 2016 28253
Papa's not a rolling stone: low-income men and their children. Cabrera, Natasha J.; Mincy, Ron Essay Jun 22, 2016 2519
Second chances. Clabough, Raven Jun 20, 2016 673
Enhancing poor and middle class earning capacity with stock acquisition mortgage loans. Ashford, Robert; Kantarelis, Demetri Report Jun 1, 2016 5634
Monetizing state services to the poor: intentional analysis of three Latin-American conditional cash transfer programs. Dapuez, Andres; Gavigan, Sabrina; Eger, Talita Report Apr 1, 2016 11399
Pope Francis and the theology of the people. Scannone, Juan Carlos Essay Mar 1, 2016 8775
There is nothing wrong with Kansas: the effect of race and economics on voting correctly in U.S. presidential elections. Glas, Jeffrey M.; Richey, Sean; Taylor, J. Benjamin; Zhu, Junyan Essay Mar 1, 2016 7153
We are collaborators in service to the poor. McCahill, Bob Dec 18, 2015 961
'Knotted Grotto' highlights needs of poor. Brief article Oct 23, 2015 320
Bishop: ensure poor can attend. Brief article Aug 14, 2015 174
Mama Money. Bandura, Valerie Poem Jul 1, 2015 288
Low income families biggest Budget losers. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 273
Un tour por la pobreza: la vida en las barriadas de Mumbai y Manila segun Slumdog Millionaire de Danny Boyle y The Solemn Lantern Maker de Merlinda Bobis. Hanrahan, Feidhlim Critical essay Jun 1, 2015 8799
"It's not at all about poverty. It's about identity": Mario Macilau's politically charged photographs are achieving international attention. Dalby, Alexa May 1, 2015 522
The poor children of the poor: coping with diabetes control in a resource-poor setting. de Villiers, F.P.R. May 1, 2015 2594
Police were created to control poor and working class people. Mitrani, Sam Mar 22, 2015 1424
All-volunteer medical team treats city's poor at clinic. Odell, Catherine M. Jan 16, 2015 1401
An experience where I was changed by getting to know a person living in poverty was ... Brief article Nov 1, 2014 226
'Puebla' upholds poor. Oct 24, 2014 130
Patron of the poor. Clark, Meghan J. Oct 1, 2014 668
from Requiem. Komunyakaa, Yusef Poem Sep 22, 2014 399
A two way street of solidarity. Rotondaro, Vinnie Aug 29, 2014 1772
Two nations under God. Massingale, Bryan Aug 1, 2014 676
Open season move proposed. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2014 133
Rohani starts 2nd round of food welfare deliveries. Brief article Jul 11, 2014 172
Cardinal outlines Haiti's challenges, gifts: Langlois' recent elevation brings happiness and visibility to his nation. Mcmanus, Jim Jul 4, 2014 1872
Shifting. Siegel, Joan I. Poem Jun 22, 2014 198
Rise of the nonworking rich. Reich, Robert Jun 22, 2014 802
Thrift store plans divide Milwaukee nonprofit. Rohde, Marie Jun 20, 2014 955
Protecting civil rights in the shadows. Super, David A. Jun 1, 2014 11998
'That kind of luxe just ain't for us': the progressive lineage of Macklemore's and Lorde's attacks on the pleasures of the poor. Russell, Thaddeus May 1, 2014 1077
In Argentine shanties, priests live like the sheep they shepherd. Agren, David Mar 28, 2014 506
He Can Make Us Cry. Anjum, Tanveer Poem Mar 22, 2014 271
God Said, Let There Be an End. Hashmi, Aurangzeb Alamgir Poem Mar 22, 2014 271
Treat everyone equally. Brashler, James A. Jan 20, 2014 771
Give your income equality bubble a pop. Column Jan 3, 2014 773
Are we violating the human rights of the world's poor? Responses to four critics. Pogge, Thomas Jan 1, 2014 22779
Enrollment in SNAP not improving "poor" diets. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 199
Modest needs: spare change adds up when it comes to helping people in financial crisis. Daniel, Alice Dec 1, 2013 1263
How poverty taxes the brain. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 226
Poor, with savings: New York is helping low-income families pay down debts and cover expenses. But don't expect this program to go national. Potts, Monica Nov 1, 2013 1754
Mercy for the spiritually poor essential for reform. Kung, Hans Oct 11, 2013 1194
A vision for a better world: creating a sustainable future is possible, but first, we need to imagine a healthy planet and recognize our power to change. Welch, Bryan Essay Oct 1, 2013 1778
From poor to pope. Brief article Sep 27, 2013 182
Expanding college opportunities: intervention yields strong returns for low-income high-achievers. Hoxby, Caroline; Turner, Sarah Sep 22, 2013 3566
"Uncharitable Tongues": Women and Abusive Language in Early Twentieth-Century Ireland. Delay, Cara Essay Sep 22, 2013 10635
A bar to marriage for the poor. Bower, Bruce Brief article Sep 21, 2013 121
Rohani to cut rich off the dole--(but how?). Sep 6, 2013 376
Savings and personal discount rates in a matched savings program for low-income families. Klawitter, Marieka M.; Anderson, C. Leigh; Gugerty, Mary Kay Report Jul 1, 2013 12613
Poor people lose: Gideon and the critique of rights. Butler, Paul D. Jun 1, 2013 11183
Bishops remind Congress that poor must be first in budget priorities. Sadowski, Dennis Mar 29, 2013 670
The missing "one-offs": the hidden supply of high-achieving, low-income students. Hoxby, Caroline; Avery, Christopher Report Mar 22, 2013 7797
The missing "one-offs": the hidden supply of high-achieving, low-income students. Hoxby, Caroline; Avery, Christopher Report Mar 22, 2013 16282
Will fair trade coffee stunt your (economic) growth? A response to Paul Myers. Claar, Victor V. Essay Mar 22, 2013 2917
Effective economic growth for the poor requires going deeper and sometimes more slowly: a response to Victor V. Claar. Myers, Paul Essay Mar 22, 2013 1752
The urgency of poverty and the hope of genuinely fair trade: a surresponse to Paul Myers. Claar, Victor V. Essay Mar 22, 2013 1867
Loan to help poor. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 274
Distracted into debt. Jan 1, 2013 594
Investments--on pro-poor development projects on goats: ensuring success for improved livelihoods. Devendra, C. Report Jan 1, 2013 10804
No such thing as a free lunch: paternalism, poverty, and food justice. Goldberg, Rebecca L. Jan 1, 2013 7598
No such thing as a free lunch: paternalism, poverty, and food justice. Goldberg, Rebecca L. Jan 1, 2013 24377
Unlocking the mystery of capital: a case study on property rights and capital accumulation. Velasco, Mark Anthony M. Report Jan 1, 2013 4596
Income Biggest Barrier to Banking in Developing Countries; Costs, proximity, and documentation among obstacles to account ownership. Klapper, Leora; Randall, Douglas; Marlar, Jenny Survey Dec 19, 2012 772
Too little money leads to too much borrowing and bad financial choices: experimental findings challenged by other researchers. Bower, Bruce Dec 1, 2012 710
Perceptions and myths regarding oral health care amongst strata of low socio economic community in Karachi, Pakistan. Khan, Saad Ahmed; Dawani, Narendar; Bilal, Sobia Report Nov 30, 2012 3816
Inventors take on toilet challenge. Abercrombie, Sharon Nov 22, 2012 840
New homes lift only happiness: housing vouchers did not bring families out of poverty. Bower, Bruce Brief article Oct 20, 2012 283
Why African nations must consider poverty reduction as a priority agenda. Were, Gertrude Editorial Oct 1, 2012 105
Taiwan's low-income families up 20% YoY as of end of June. Chen, Renee Brief article Sep 26, 2012 202
In U.S., Exercise Has Bigger Emotional Payoff for Low-Income; Low-income Americans also reap more gains from healthy eating. Cochrane, Megan; Witters, Dan Survey Aug 28, 2012 964
Warrington: Half-Naked Chicken Fiend is Bottom-Scratchin' Bad. Brief article Aug 22, 2012 206
Poverty-Driven Indian Couple Sell New-Born for Son's Treatment. Brief article Aug 11, 2012 338
HECER-UNU-WIDER Seminar: Living through Crises: How the Food, Fuel, and Financial Shocks Affect the Poor. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 271
Placida Lihinikaduwa. Brief article Jul 6, 2012 112
Mismeasuring--and its consequences. Levinson, Mark Jul 1, 2012 1392
A survey of non-conventional plant items consumed during periods of food scarcity by low income groups in Atra village of Khulna district, Bangladesh. Paul, Anita; Arif, Sadique Mohammad; Biswas, Sujit; Islam, Muhammad Tazul; Arif, Md. Hasan Al; Kahal Report Jul 1, 2012 4014
ACA: concern about state Medicaid expansion decisions: will some states really turn down a huge federal carrot--coverage for the poor and working poor--just because there's no stick? Knopf, Alison Jul 1, 2012 2327
UNU-WIDER HECER-UNU-WIDER Seminar: Living through Crises: How the Food, Fuel, and Financial Shocks Affect the Poor. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 268
Poorest Chinese See Better Access to Food, Shelter; Improvement coincides with economic recovery, poverty reduction programs. Crabtree, Steve; Srinivasan, Rajesh Survey Mar 27, 2012 483
Poor, near poor, and new poor numbers rising. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 284
Living politics: practices and protests of 'the poor' in democratic South Africa. Chance, Kerry Ryan Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 369
Why prescriptions aren't filled. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 119
Functioning falters faster among poor. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 270
What's new with WIC? Mangels, Reed Jan 1, 2012 400
Is Cooperative Microfinance1 a Myth or Reality? An Economic Analysis of the Welfare of Marginalized Segments. Khana, Zahoor; Yasinb, Hafiz Muhammad; Ullah, Asmat Report Dec 31, 2011 3699
Half of America poor. Buchheit, Paul Dec 22, 2011 843
Getting healthy food to low-income people. McElwee, Joshua J.; Winter, Joe Nov 25, 2011 1678
Adherence to medication regimens among low-income patients with multiple comorbid chronic conditions. Mishra, Shiraz I.; Gioia, Deborah; Childress, Saltanat; Barnet, Beth; Webster, Ramothea L. Report Nov 1, 2011 6361
Connecting people to their governments: mobile phones may become valuable tools for empowering the disadvantaged. Docksai, Rick Nov 1, 2011 760
Supporting Positive Youth Development in the Americas. Feierstein, Mark Essay Nov 1, 2011 1741
The material well-being of the poor and the middle class since 1980. Meyer, Bruce D.; Sullivan, James X. Report Oct 25, 2011 10249
The material well-being of the poor and the middle class since 1980. Meyer, Bruce D.; Sullivan, James X. Report Oct 25, 2011 5213
Catholic leaders focus on growing US poverty. Filteau, Jerry Sep 30, 2011 897
Vocations boom in Africa: Nigerian nuns' physical, spiritual energy enlivens work with the poor. Lefevere, Patricia Sep 30, 2011 1271
More Taiwanese families drop below poverty line. Li, Judy Statistical data Sep 23, 2011 648
Christ and the needy (1895). Kuyper, Abraham Essay Sep 22, 2011 17330
Understanding life in poverty. Nyyssola, Milla Conference notes Sep 1, 2011 967
Study: minority, low-income students lack adequate access to educational opportunities. Dervarics, Charles Aug 4, 2011 851
Help wanted: what do people at the bottom need to succeed? Let's ask them. Jul 1, 2011 1166
The Strengths of Poor Families. Author abstract May 11, 2011 214
Share the wealth: the early disciples had more in common than their faith in Jesus. So what does that mean for today's believers? Camille, Alice May 1, 2011 1226
Raise the rates. Clarke, John May 1, 2011 532
Nudgers vs. nannies: the civil war between British busybodies. O'Neill, Brendan Mar 26, 2011 957
Who's dying in Canada. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 270
A Two-Generational Child-Focused Program Enhanced with Employment Services: Eighteen-Month Impacts from the Kansas and Missouri Sites of the Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ Demonstration and Evaluation Project. Hsueh, JoAnn; Jacobs, Erin; Farrell, Mary Author abstract Mar 1, 2011 427
A Two-Generational Child-Focused Program Enhanced with Employment Services: Eighteen-Month Impacts from the Kansas and Missouri Sites of the Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ Demonstration and Evaluation Project. Executive Summary. Hsueh, JoAnn; Jacobs, Erin; Farrell, Mary Author abstract Mar 1, 2011 233
Young Christians seek intentional community among poor. Beaven, Steve Jan 21, 2011 889
Thrift store spirituality: God is in the room, wearing used clothes: the messiness of real charity at a St. Vincent de Paul store. Schlumpf, Heidi Jan 21, 2011 915
We're in this together: God and the poor. Inglis, Glenn Column Jan 1, 2011 1129
Class matters. Hashimoto, Erica J. Jan 1, 2011 21901
Rethinking criminal responsibility for poor offenders: choice, monstrosity, and the logic of practice. Sylvestre, Marie-Eve Nov 1, 2010 21322
DP World helps the local Djibouti community. Brief article Sep 7, 2010 187
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Toward Reduced Poverty across Generations: Early Findings from New York City's Conditional Cash Transfer Program". Report Sep 1, 2010 234
NLC, Treasury Department co-host meeting on expanding access to the financial mainstream. McComas, Laura Conference notes Aug 9, 2010 573
Intervention et representation de la pauvrete. Tremblay, Pierre-Andre Aug 1, 2010 11003
Welfare reforms affect poorest the most. Aug 1, 2010 404
What would Jesus report? In our 24-hour news cycle culture, the plight of the poor gets buried beneath sensational stories of scandal. McCormick, Patrick Aug 1, 2010 1036
Cry, the beloved country. Holbrook, Emily Brief article Jul 1, 2010 195
Santa Fe, N.M., holds annual charity baby shower. Turner, Laura Brief article Jun 7, 2010 119
Power and servanthood. Cosby, Gordon Brief article Jun 1, 2010 279
Migrants: illegals or God's ambassadors? Every day hundreds of poor Central Americans leave their countries and head north. They're not alone. The poor are in motion everywhere today. Brackley, Dean May 14, 2010 3062
Another model of church is possible. Editorial Apr 16, 2010 497
For whose benefit?: social control and the construction of Providence's Dexter Asylum. Newman, Etan Essay Mar 22, 2010 11608
The Brown Collar. Osman, Ladan Poem Mar 22, 2010 330
Running to stand still in Haiti: even for those who rise above brutal reality, change is difficult to imagine. Roberts, Tom Jan 22, 2010 3307
Just ask yourself: how can I be useful to the poor? McCahill, Bob Dec 25, 2009 1253
'Invisible deaths, silent deaths': 'bodies without masters' in Republican Shanghai. Henriot, Christian Essay Dec 22, 2009 14613
Poverty status and willingness to pay for local public services. Alozie, Nicholas O.; McNamara, Catherine Report Dec 22, 2009 8653
Low-income households in Q3 hit record 100,000-plus in Taiwan. Brief article Dec 4, 2009 263
Recession hurts poor most in long term. Dec 1, 2009 248
Recipe for disaster: fighting global warming's effects on the world's poor. Ball, Jim Dec 1, 2009 591
Interfaith prayer seeks more 'green' jobs for poor. Filteau, Jerry Oct 30, 2009 356
Study investigates if online education is key to helping more low-income students obtain degrees. Feintuch, Howard Report Oct 15, 2009 1323
Minimum responsiveness and the political exclusion of the poor. Ross, Bertrall L., II; Smith, Terry Sep 22, 2009 12621
Microcredit lending: an alternative to payday loans for the working poor. Gallagher, Tom Aug 21, 2009 1074
No tax increase for middle class: Obama. Brief article Aug 3, 2009 84
Trouble ahead for suburbanites? Brief article Jul 1, 2009 142
The climate gap: poor hardest hit by climate change. Nguyen, Ngoc Jun 26, 2009 608
Causes and consequences of early life health. Case, Anne; Paxson, Christina Jun 22, 2009 1809
UN calls for 'food democracy'. Jun 22, 2009 307
The option for the poor arises from faith in Christ. Gutierrez, Gustavo Essay Jun 1, 2009 4239
Blaming the poor. Farham, Bridget Editorial Jun 1, 2009 640
Tool screens families at risk for food insecurity. Napoli, Denise Survey Jun 1, 2009 539
The within-year concentration of medical care: implications for family out-of-pocket expenditure burdens. Selden, Thomas M. Survey Jun 1, 2009 9856
Global health and local poverty: rich countries' responses to vulnerable populations. Simms, Chris D.; Persaud, D. David Report May 1, 2009 2484
Rich and poor in Australian craft: Kevin Murray speaks at Objectspace in Auckland, New Zealand. Murray, Kevin May 1, 2009 2808
The influence of religiosity on depression among low-income people with diabetes. Kilbourne, Barbara; Cummings, Sherry M.; Levine, Robert S. Report May 1, 2009 7333
The undeserving poor: as the undeserving poor become ever more closely associated with negative characteristics, the well-adjusted majority can continue to enjoy the benefits of 'meritocracy' with easy minds. Nunn, Heather; Biressi, Anita Essay Mar 22, 2009 3631
Who will speak for the voiceless? Kline, Gary Column Mar 22, 2009 2008
"Just be there for them": perceptions of fathering among single, low-income men. Forste, Renata; Bartkowski, John P.; Jackson, Rebecca Allen Report Jan 1, 2009 10716
Investing in people: making a difference, one small loan at a time. Fried, Rona Jan 1, 2009 742
The poverty pulpit. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 198
Person-to-person micro-lending. Priesnitz, Wendy Brief article Nov 1, 2008 233
Faces that always will remain. Dunn, Ryan Nov 1, 2008 995
Women breaking the cycle of poverty: women's organisations in Africa are taking the issue of income generation through microcredit by its horns. As New African Woman's Zarina Geloo reports from Zambia, economically empowering women could not have come at a better time and is long over due. Oct 1, 2008 1562
Mexico: defying the odds: sixteen-year-old Cesar is working hard so that his family's sacrifices will pay off. Malkin, Elisabeth Sep 15, 2008 1650
The prevention imperative. Farham, Bridget Editorial Sep 1, 2008 589
The poor still pay more: the small-loan industry preys on low-income Americans who often have no choice but to accept their outrageous payment terms. But this big business may be facing trouble. Mierzwinski, Ed Sep 1, 2008 5664
A Country's Richest Citizens Report Greatest Desire to Migrate; Pattern holds in rich and poor countries. Survey Jul 30, 2008 884
Literacy Programs with Parent Involvement. Montgomery, Joel R. Report Jul 23, 2008 195
Do high-deductible plans coupled with HSAs promote underinsurance? The sick and poor are left underinsured. Woolhandler, Steffie Jul 15, 2008 377
Low-wage maternal employment and parenting style. Jackson, Aurora P.; Bentler, Peter M.; Franke, Todd M. Report Jul 1, 2008 7380
Tax rebate for low-income people. Brief article Jun 22, 2008 199
Massachusetts' health reform program improves access, researcher finds. Bell, Allison Jun 9, 2008 614
Feeding the masses: hunters are donating more deer to needy programs. Hart, David Brief article Jun 1, 2008 292
To give or not to give? Berger, Rose Marie Jun 1, 2008 799
Change the climate in Washington: the poor are victims of our failure to protect the environment. Misleh, Daniel Apr 1, 2008 1077
Crop losses set to affect world's poorest regions. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 234
Eat Smart Program encourages healthy eating for minority and low-income populations in Washington, D.C. Carter, Avi Apr 1, 2008 517
Bad rap on the schools: bad schools are not going to sink the American economic. Despite what the headlines say, U.S. students fare well in international comparisons. It's the schools serving the poor that demand our attention. Mathews, Jay Mar 22, 2008 2392
Going green: don't drop the justice. Rodriguez, Robby Mar 1, 2008 1316
Do Better Neighborhoods for MTO Families Mean Better Schools? Brief No. 3. Ferryman, Kadija S.; Briggs, Xavier de Souza; Popkin, Susan J.; Rendon, Maria Author abstract Mar 1, 2008 678
SUSTAINABILITY NOTEBOOK: Maybe Payday Loans Don't Hurt the Poor. Kiesling, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2008 268
learn$ave project reports positive effect. Brief article Feb 20, 2008 236
Assessing attitudes: Pew survey highlights Black perceptions of a deepening social split between poor and middle-class Blacks. Roach, Ronald Cover story Feb 7, 2008 1731
Obligations to the low-income population. Fine, Bryan R. Feb 1, 2008 836
Compliance with the NVRA: not optional. Slater, Michael Feb 1, 2008 1610
Rise in poor patients is tearing medical safety net. Finkelstein, Joel B. Report Nov 1, 2007 376
"Stumbling into Sexualities. International Development Encounters Dissident Desire.". Gosine, Andil Brief article Sep 22, 2007 93
Expectations and perceptions of undergraduate research mentoring: comparing first generation, low income white/Caucasian and African American students. Ishiyama, John Report Sep 1, 2007 4419
Missouri No. 1 at delivering food stamps. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 194
Poor people get cancer too. Kirsch, Ralph Jul 1, 2007 897
A-MDT, a slowly ticking time bomb? Pandey, Aparna Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2007 1098
Microinsurance for megadisasters. Tucker, Patrick May 1, 2007 523
Insurance offered less to low-income families. Arias, Donya C. Brief article May 1, 2007 123
What sacrificial lambs? Powell, David A. Brief article Apr 23, 2007 301
CMS moves to assist poor. Brief article Apr 23, 2007 174
Diminished need for folate measurements among indigent populations in the post folic acid supplementation era. Joelson, Dean W.; Fiebig, Eberhard W.; Wu, Alan H.B. Clinical report Mar 1, 2007 4535
Achievementrap: How America is Failing Millions of High-Achieving Students from Lower-Income Families. Wyner, Joshua S.; Bridgeland, John M.; DiIulio, John J., Jr. Report Jan 1, 2007 294
Low income women speak out through "photovoice" projects in Winnipeg and Saskatoon. Dec 22, 2006 565
Hollywood and poverty: filmmaker puts the power of film at the service of the poor. LaReau, Renee Cover story Nov 3, 2006 2081
Bolivia: land to the masses. Lazare, Sarah Brief article Nov 1, 2006 239
U.K. poor carry more of tax load. Brief article Sep 25, 2006 127
Stay in school, stay out of poverty. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 264
Special education: examining the impact of poverty on the quality of life of families of children with disabilities. Enwefa, Regina L.; Enwefa, Stephen C.; Jennings, Robert Report Sep 22, 2006 6434
Argentinean soup feeds poor. Brief article Sep 15, 2006 159
Cuts harming services for mentally ill. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 178
Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and the Education of the Poor of America. Palmer, W. P. Report Jul 4, 2006 276
Financial well-being of young children with disabilities and their families. Parish, Susan L.; Cloud, Jennifer M. Jul 1, 2006 6709
Poor can claim justice through Shariah law, study finds. May 26, 2006 363
From 'beggars' to landowners. Jeffrey, Paul Apr 14, 2006 910
No work, no income, no Medicare--the Bridging Visa E regime. Markus, Andrew; Taylor, Jessie Apr 1, 2006 5285
Understanding poverty: an innovative workshop helps educators close the achievement gap. Long, Cindy Apr 1, 2006 705
Bishops list budget priorities. Brief article Mar 17, 2006 174
Starting point. Graceffo, Mark Brief Article Jan 27, 2006 357
Retired driver makes bread runs for the hungry. Jan 20, 2006 482
Catholic laity and religious on poverty: an account of how the preferential option for the poor manifests itself in the lives of some Catholics. Pagosa, Dorothy Dec 22, 2005 1406
eBay founder establishes microfinance partnership with Tufts University. Brief Article Dec 15, 2005 292
Cities use NLC's EITC toolkit to bring money back to the community. Pierce, Stephanie Casey Nov 14, 2005 723
Waiting for 'reconciliation'. Nov 11, 2005 680
The lesson of 'Grandma Housing': facing slashed spending on the poor, activists look to priest's example. Feuerherd, Joe Nov 4, 2005 1377
Important to ensure that the poor don't miss out on health improvements. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 217
Cities visit Phoenix to learn about financial education programs. Goldberg, Heidi Oct 31, 2005 812
Auto-mobility: subsidizing America's commute would reward work, boost the economy, and transform lives. Waller, Margy Oct 1, 2005 2413
Building the new freedom church of the poor. Damico, Noelle Sep 22, 2005 5541
Katrina calls attention to race and poverty in cities: many people of color and many of the economically disadvantaged remain walled off from opportunities, and in the case of Katrina, walled off from help in a time of crisis. Borut, Donald J. Column Sep 19, 2005 647
Sense of common, good revived. Roberts, Thomas W. Sep 16, 2005 610
Initial response shameful, says cardinal. Allen, John L., Jr. Sep 16, 2005 447
Spiritual directors 'widen horizons' to serve poor. Berggren, Kris Sep 16, 2005 1817
Common ground in vulnerability. Berggren, Kris Sep 16, 2005 709
Tennessee governor offers options for Medicaid reform. Schneider, Mary Ellen Sep 15, 2005 506
Health disparities: not just a medical issue. Flores, George Sep 15, 2005 660
Money and mission. Feuerherd, Joe Brief Article Aug 12, 2005 470
Growing the circle of healing: a doctor and traditional healers empower a community. Martinez, Demetria Jul 15, 2005 645
Honey, I sprayed the kids. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 242
Innovation for Teacher Quality. Final Regulations. Federal Register, Department of Education, 34 CFR Part 230. Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 201
The hard work hypothesis: is doing your homework enough to overcome the effects of poverty? Krashen, Stephen Jun 22, 2005 2861
Poverty and student achievement. Taylor, Julie Anne Jun 22, 2005 2148
Food stamped. Rosenfeld, Sam Jun 1, 2005 406
House panel reviewing CDBG's effectiveness. Konde, Pamela Sosne May 30, 2005 838
Council member testifies in support of CDBG. Davis, Lance May 30, 2005 432
Hunger lobby to swarm Capitol. Brief Article May 27, 2005 163
Can the sheepdog become the shepherd? Jones, Arthur May 6, 2005 902
Pay now, pay later: Rent-A-Center has a model for getting poor people to blow hundreds on installment purchases. Step one: Charge 400 percent interest. Schiffrin, Anya May 1, 2005 1067
Nun relocates families forced to live, work on deadly dumpsites. Advertisement Mar 11, 2005 575
Report reveals hardships among Philippines' "bridge people". Wilson, Mike Advertisement Mar 11, 2005 896
Indoor air pollutants: limited-resource households and child care facilities. Pierce, M. Mar 1, 2005 3379
Worlds apart. Mar 1, 2005 2711
Ranking the rich. Mar 1, 2005 1540
Pricing prescription drugs. Mar 1, 2005 360
The price of hunger. Halweil, Brian Mar 1, 2005 373
BC's top earners gained, lower income people lost, inequality study reports. Brief Article Jan 24, 2005 290
Perceptions of present, ideal, and future lives among Chinese adolescents experiencing economic disadvantage. Shek, Daniel T.L.; Lam, Mong-Chow; Lam, Ching-Man; Tang, Vera Dec 22, 2004 5701
Linking tax refunds and low-cost bank accounts: early lessons for program design and evaluation. Beverly, Sondra G.; Tescher, Jennifer; Romich, Jennifer L. Dec 22, 2004 3874
Capacity in Thai public hospitals and the production of care for poor and nonpoor patients. Valdmanis, Vivian; Kumanarayake, Lilani; Lertiendumrong, Jongkol Dec 1, 2004 6485
Medicare Advantage targets low-income, institutionalized patients. Schneider, Mary Ellen Dec 1, 2004 371
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