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4Ps beneficiaries, soldiers in vaccine priority list. Oct 14, 2020 646
Impact of a Community-Delivered Parenting Curriculum on Perceived Parenting Stress and Parent-Reported Outcomes in a Low-Income Diverse Population. Kistin, Caroline J.; Touw, Sharon; Collins, Hannah; Sporn, Nora; Finnegan, Karen E. Report Mar 1, 2020 8565
All-volunteer medical team treats city's poor at clinic. Odell, Catherine M. Jan 16, 2015 1401
Open season move proposed. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2014 133
No such thing as a free lunch: paternalism, poverty, and food justice. Goldberg, Rebecca L. Jan 1, 2013 24377
No such thing as a free lunch: paternalism, poverty, and food justice. Goldberg, Rebecca L. Jan 1, 2013 7598
Perceptions and myths regarding oral health care amongst strata of low socio economic community in Karachi, Pakistan. Khan, Saad Ahmed; Dawani, Narendar; Bilal, Sobia Report Nov 30, 2012 3816
Inventors take on toilet challenge. Abercrombie, Sharon Nov 22, 2012 840
In U.S., Exercise Has Bigger Emotional Payoff for Low-Income; Low-income Americans also reap more gains from healthy eating. Cochrane, Megan; Witters, Dan Survey Aug 28, 2012 964
ACA: concern about state Medicaid expansion decisions: will some states really turn down a huge federal carrot--coverage for the poor and working poor--just because there's no stick? Knopf, Alison Jul 1, 2012 2327
Why prescriptions aren't filled. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 119
Functioning falters faster among poor. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 270
Adherence to medication regimens among low-income patients with multiple comorbid chronic conditions. Mishra, Shiraz I.; Gioia, Deborah; Childress, Saltanat; Barnet, Beth; Webster, Ramothea L. Report Nov 1, 2011 6361
Nudgers vs. nannies: the civil war between British busybodies. O'Neill, Brendan Mar 26, 2011 957
Who's dying in Canada. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 270
The climate gap: poor hardest hit by climate change. Nguyen, Ngoc Jun 26, 2009 608
Causes and consequences of early life health. Case, Anne; Paxson, Christina Jun 22, 2009 1809
Blaming the poor. Farham, Bridget Editorial Jun 1, 2009 640
The within-year concentration of medical care: implications for family out-of-pocket expenditure burdens. Selden, Thomas M. Survey Jun 1, 2009 9856
Tool screens families at risk for food insecurity. Napoli, Denise Survey Jun 1, 2009 539
Global health and local poverty: rich countries' responses to vulnerable populations. Simms, Chris D.; Persaud, D. David Report May 1, 2009 2484
The influence of religiosity on depression among low-income people with diabetes. Kilbourne, Barbara; Cummings, Sherry M.; Levine, Robert S. Report May 1, 2009 7333
The prevention imperative. Farham, Bridget Editorial Sep 1, 2008 589
Do high-deductible plans coupled with HSAs promote underinsurance? The sick and poor are left underinsured. Woolhandler, Steffie Jul 15, 2008 377
Tax rebate for low-income people. Brief article Jun 22, 2008 199
Massachusetts' health reform program improves access, researcher finds. Bell, Allison Jun 9, 2008 614
Eat Smart Program encourages healthy eating for minority and low-income populations in Washington, D.C. Carter, Avi Apr 1, 2008 517
Obligations to the low-income population. Fine, Bryan R. Feb 1, 2008 836
Rise in poor patients is tearing medical safety net. Finkelstein, Joel B. Report Nov 1, 2007 376
Poor people get cancer too. Kirsch, Ralph Jul 1, 2007 897
A-MDT, a slowly ticking time bomb? Pandey, Aparna Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2007 1098
CMS moves to assist poor. Brief article Apr 23, 2007 174
Diminished need for folate measurements among indigent populations in the post folic acid supplementation era. Joelson, Dean W.; Fiebig, Eberhard W.; Wu, Alan H.B. Clinical report Mar 1, 2007 4535
Low income women speak out through "photovoice" projects in Winnipeg and Saskatoon. Dec 22, 2006 565
Cuts harming services for mentally ill. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 178
Important to ensure that the poor don't miss out on health improvements. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 217
Tennessee governor offers options for Medicaid reform. Schneider, Mary Ellen Sep 15, 2005 506
Health disparities: not just a medical issue. Flores, George Sep 15, 2005 660
Growing the circle of healing: a doctor and traditional healers empower a community. Martinez, Demetria Jul 15, 2005 645
Honey, I sprayed the kids. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 242
The price of hunger. Halweil, Brian Mar 1, 2005 373
Indoor air pollutants: limited-resource households and child care facilities. Pierce, M. Mar 1, 2005 3379
Capacity in Thai public hospitals and the production of care for poor and nonpoor patients. Valdmanis, Vivian; Kumanarayake, Lilani; Lertiendumrong, Jongkol Dec 1, 2004 6485
Poor people's experiences of health services in Tanzania: a literature review. Mamdani, Masuma; Bangser, Maggie Nov 1, 2004 10725
Low-income seniors get discount cards from CMS. Oct 25, 2004 547
Mixed neighborhoods better for low-income health. Brief Article Oct 25, 2004 119
Reducing disparities in health care one community at a time. Sep 1, 2004 501
Putting poverty on the agenda on International Nurses' Day. Jun 1, 2004 617
Word power: handouts may spur interest in prostate screen: patients with low health literacy. Walsh, Nancy Apr 1, 2004 711
'Tale of two girls'. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 80
Smart living. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Dec 15, 2003 127
Breathless in Harlem: no one knows excatly what causes asthma, but many are convinced the primary culprit is air pollution, especially particles from burning diesel fuel. (World Reports). Misner, Michael Sep 22, 2003 965
Food as a weapon: the church's role in southern Africa. . Hall, Jyl Column Mar 1, 2003 434
Human pathogens in body and head lice. (Dispatches). Raoult, Didier Dec 1, 2002 2508
Biopirates and the poor. Shiva, Vandana Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 335
Managing indigent care: a case study of a safety-net emergency department. Dohan, Daniel Apr 1, 2002 6644
A Taste of What's to Come? Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 127
Needed: Rx for Drug Costs. Siegel, Marc Brief Article Jul 16, 2001 1000
The Role of Public Clinics in Preventable Hospitalizations Among Vulnerable Populations. Epstein, Andrew J. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2001 6149
Health & Wealth. Henwood, Doug Brief Article Jul 10, 2000 753
Providing health care to human beings trapped in the poverty culture. (Reconciling the Inner Self With the Business of Health Care). Benson, Dale S. Mar 1, 2000 2606
A COMPARISON STUDY Of ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE UNDER A MEDICAID MANAGED CARE PROGRAM. Rocha, Cynthia J.; England Kabalka, Liz Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 1999 6530
Aetna offers plan for the poor. (Short Takes). Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 296
Lead and bad diet give a kick in the teeth. Carpenter, S. Brief Article Jun 26, 1999 866
FP Training Comes In Local Flavors. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article Jun 15, 1999 794
Out-of-pocket health spending by poor and near-poor elderly Medicare beneficiaries. Gross, David J.; Alecxih, Lisa; Gibson, Mary Jo; Corea, John; Caplan, Craig; Brangan, Normandy Apr 1, 1999 3893
Effect of Low-Income Elderly Insurance Copayment Subsidies. Parente, Stephen T.; Evans, William N. Dec 22, 1998 10641
The functional status of inner-city primary care patients: diminished function in a family practice population and its potential determinants. Woolf, Steven H.; Rothemich, Stephen F.; Johnson, Robert E.; Marsland, David W. Oct 1, 1998 2608
Memphis's medical Graceland. Morris, G. Scott May 1, 1998 2419
Poverty major cause of seniors' poor health. Apr 1, 1998 398
Shot in the arm. Townsend, Johnny Nov 1, 1995 1132
Unwelcome companions. Taylor, Linda E. Oct 1, 1994 1142
Black, brown, red, and poisoned. Schill, Michael Jul 1, 1994 6723
Beyond doctors: workers in health-care reform. Rosen, Sumner Jun 22, 1994 2194
The price of helping the poor: Catholic hospitals suffer cuts, closure. Vidulich, Dorothy Apr 9, 1993 905
Poverty and poor health. Warren, Carol Apr 9, 1993 671
Polluting the poor. Goldman, Benjamin A. Editorial Oct 5, 1992 797
An old disease meets a new confrontation. Jun 22, 1991 281
Smoking patterns in a low-income urban population: a challenge to smoking cessation efforts. Macken, Kathleen M.; Wilder, Denise; Mersy, David J.; Madlon-Kay, Diane J. Jan 1, 1991 1363
Antihypertensive regimen and quality of life in a disadvantaged population. Glik, Deborah C.; Steadman, M. Sharm; Michels, Philip J.; Mallin, Robert Feb 1, 1990 3004
Trends in Medicaid payments and utilization, 1975-89. Reilly, Thomas W.; Clauser, Steven B.; Baugh, David K. Jan 1, 1990 7773
Improving state Medicaid programs for pregnant women and children. Hill, Ian T. Jan 1, 1990 7424
Access to Medicaid and Medicare by the low-income disabled. Ellwood, Marilyn Rymer; Burwell, Brian Jan 1, 1990 10640
Homeless in poor mental, physical health. Nov 4, 1989 607
Emergency departments need aggressive management. Lauve, Richard M. column Nov 1, 1989 1912
Cost containment: challenging fidelity and justice. Morreim, E. Haavi Dec 1, 1988 4881
That which is wanting.... Rothenberg, Leslie S.; Franklin, Cory; Speight, Barney Dec 1, 1988 181
Broken promise. Balter, Michael S. editorial Jan 12, 1985 644

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