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Faculty professional development workshop at Sargodha University. Oct 3, 2022 200
Students must use knowledge acquired to develop workable solutions. Oct 1, 2022 508
Improving Academic Outcomes and Behaviours through SEL (Social and Emotional Learning). Barbuceanu, Costina Denisa Sep 30, 2022 3804
Antonio Guterres is correct: Only total transformation can save failing education. Sep 28, 2022 1116
Teacher's Day Exhibition. Sep 27, 2022 332
Huawei, Thailand SWU Launch Global Educational Demo Site. Sep 27, 2022 707
Egypt launches programme to teach Chinese in schools. Sep 27, 2022 230
Budget 2023: Rural Development Ministry wants to transform Kemas preschools into smart classes. Sep 27, 2022 163
Chap Chamroeun Tola: Nurturing the art of dance in distant France. Sep 27, 2022 1538
Building the best school for the next generation. Sep 26, 2022 942
Egypt launches pilot program to teach Chinese in middle schools. Xinhua Sep 26, 2022 240
Ebola outbreak in Uganda: the health system has never been betterprepared. Sep 26, 2022 229
Budget 2023: Rural Development Ministry wants to transform Kemas preschools into smart classes. Sep 26, 2022 164
Innovating learning and education in the new normal and beyond. Sep 25, 2022 979
Analysis of the Correlation between Football Education Environment and Students' Psychology Health Based on Gauss Characteristics. Qiao, Shu; Huang, Gaosong Sep 25, 2022 6060
Cultivation Method Analysis for Teachers' Teaching Ability Driven by Artificial Intelligence Technology. Chen, Yanfang; Xu, Shasha Sep 24, 2022 5641
The Blended Teaching Practice of College English Audiovisual Courses in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of BOPPPS Model. Yuan, Minmin Sep 24, 2022 5912
Analysis of Psychological Disorders and Adaptive Influence of Blended Learning of College Students. Li, Yi Sep 24, 2022 7422
Improved RRT-Based Moving Path Planning Algorithm for Teaching Reform and Innovation in Western Orchestral Ensemble Classes in Colleges and Universities. Zhang, Wang Sep 24, 2022 7006
Advisor Bhatnagar inspects several institutions of public importance at Pahalgam. Sep 24, 2022 673
PLAY IT LIKE SAIDA. Sep 24, 2022 644
Council offering 10-week course on how to stand up; Learners will "participate in chair based and standing exercises". By, Neil Shaw Sep 23, 2022 555
Invest in public varsities, don't build others - Helb CEO Ringera. Sep 23, 2022 566
How poverty of learning holds back Africa's growth. Sep 23, 2022 468
Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Improving Pupils' Deep Learning in Primary School Mathematics Teaching in Fujian Province. Qiu, Yaping; Pan, Junjie; Ishak, Nor Asniza Sep 23, 2022 5711
Teaching Quality Evaluation of Animal Science Specialty Based on IPSO-BP Neural Network Model. Chen, Liyan; Wang, Lihua; Zhang, Chunyou Sep 23, 2022 4873
Analysis of the Influence of Outward Bound Training Based on Data Analysis in College Physical Training. Wang, Diliang; Huang, Guoyang Sep 23, 2022 6240
Research on the Use of Task-Based Language Teaching Method in English Language Teaching Based on Big Data 5G IoT Scenario. Xu, Chunjing Sep 23, 2022 6713
A Study on the Usefulness of Stochastic Simulation Algorithms for Teaching and Learning in College Physical Education Classrooms. Xu, Ju Sep 23, 2022 3476
Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Adaptability of College English Learning Based on Artificial Intelligence Teaching Assistance. Cao, Lingmei; Zhu, Shuxian Sep 23, 2022 6321
Sharjah Museums opens hall for archaeology learning. Sep 22, 2022 443
Student Management Method of Private Colleges and Universities Based on Geographic Information System and WIFI. Qiao, Dongmin; Yang, Huan; Liu, Ying Sep 22, 2022 5354
Digital Media Teaching and Effectiveness Evaluation Integrating Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Zhang, RuiYao Sep 22, 2022 7028
Importance of educational psychology. Sep 22, 2022 175
Huawei, Thailand SWU Launch Global Educational Demo Site. Sep 21, 2022 704
How political interference keeps hurting Africa's universities. Sep 21, 2022 1153
SAIP Celebrates Graduates of Training of Trainers Program. Sep 20, 2022 236
Discrete Dynamic Modeling Analysis of College Students' Ideological and Political Education Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Wang, Huiling Sep 20, 2022 5783
A Russian Continuous Speech Recognition System Based on the DTW Algorithm under Artificial Intelligence. Yu, Chunping; Wang, Xin Sep 19, 2022 6373
Research on Intelligent Multimedia Distance Teaching System considering Virtual Reality Technology. Zeng, Yi Sep 19, 2022 5641
A Comprehensive Assessment of Cultivation Environment of Top Innovative High-Level Talents Based on Deep Learning Algorithm. Zhu, Wei; Qin, Jin Sep 19, 2022 6556
Research on Movement Analysis and Guidance in Dance Learning Based on Data Mining. Yin, Guangle; Liu, Jing Sep 19, 2022 5945
Post-Foundation Staff Development Program. Sep 18, 2022 151
NAOWA trains teachers on modern skills, safety in schools. Sep 17, 2022 565
Teaching reforms needed to keep up with the times. Sep 16, 2022 349
This is how textbooks are adapting to changing times. Sep 16, 2022 281
An Empirical Study of Blended Teaching Mode Based on SPOC in the Postpandemic Era. Chen, Xiaoning; Guo, Jin; Xu, Hongyan Sep 16, 2022 5430
Application of Deep Learning in College Physical Education Design under Flipped Classroom. Huang, Jun; Yu, Dian Sep 16, 2022 5271
Psychological Adjustment and Emotional Health Care Strategies in the Teaching Process of College Music Teachers Based on Big Data Analysis. Ma, Songqing; Liu, Yuhe Sep 16, 2022 6102
The English Teaching Methods in the Field of Public Health in Colleges and Universities Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Li, Shan Sep 16, 2022 8728
Evaluation of Teaching Quality on IP Environment Driven by Multiple Values Theory Based on Big Data. Gu, Xiujuan Sep 16, 2022 6931
Optimization Algorithm for Ideological and Political Curriculum Environment in Colleges Using Data Analysis and Neighborhood Search Operator. Luo, Chaoyuan Sep 16, 2022 5641
Say 'Amen!' to Wheaton Drama's 'Sister Act'. James Wheeler Wheaton Drama Inc. Sep 15, 2022 424
Wheaton Drama opens season with 'Sister Act' musical on Sept. 16. James Wheeler Wheaton Drama Inc. Sep 15, 2022 442
Construction and Application of the Talent Training System in Colleges and Universities Based on the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process. Yu, Yan; Qiu, Jun Sep 14, 2022 4690
Analysis of the Relationship between Dance Action and Health Psychology in the Process of Dance Performance Teaching Environment. Huang, Jing Sep 14, 2022 5609
Teaching Mode of Basic Piano Course in Colleges Based on Students' Application Ability under FC Environment. Li, Lin Sep 14, 2022 5249
Music Teaching Management and Music Culture Communication Environment Based on Ergonomics. Dong, Rui Sep 14, 2022 5569
Research on the Effectiveness of Labor Education for College Students Based on Big Data Technology. Yu, Siyue Sep 13, 2022 5781
Exploration on the Action-Oriented Teaching Mode of Higher Vocational Political Courses under the Background of Internet+Education. Li, Jiafang Sep 13, 2022 5819
A Metadata-Based Approach to the Integration of Educational Resources in Ethnic Traditional Physical Education. Chen, Xiaodan Sep 12, 2022 6247
Impact of Mental Health First Aid Training Courses on Patients' Mental Health. Zeng, Fanli; Zhong, Dexia; Chen, Xi; Li, Hongmei; Tian, Xiaofei Sep 12, 2022 4565
Advanced Intelligent English Translation Based on Multisensor Data Fusion Optimization. Wang, Cui Sep 12, 2022 6384
A Talent Training Model for Electrical Courses considering Diverse Constraint Models and Knowledge Recognition Algorithms. Min, Fanping Sep 12, 2022 5225
School year starts without Covid-19 protocols. Nikolaos Prakas Sep 12, 2022 561
School year starts without Covid-19 protocols. Sep 12, 2022 551
A hair-raising experience in education. Sep 11, 2022 727
Advancing Livelihoods and Transformation of Rural Women: The Role of Critical Pedagogy in Bridging Gender Gap in South Africa. Tawiah, Sampson; Setlhodi, Itumeleng Report Sep 11, 2022 5835
SEF, HTP set up tent schools at Mirpurkhas' relief camps. Maqbool Dal Sep 10, 2022 207
Unfair Recruitment. Sep 10, 2022 187
Design and Realization of Computer Network Virtual Experiment Economic Teaching Platform Based on Mathematical Image and Signal Processing. Li, Xiao Sep 10, 2022 6688
Teaching of Dance Choreography Course Based on Multimedia Network Environment. Sun, Yue Sep 10, 2022 6615
Cross-Media Narrative and Emotional Identity Mechanism of School Culture in Media Integration Environment. Jia, Anmin Sep 10, 2022 6667
Analysis of Teaching Strategies of College English Speculative Reading Based on Big Data Analysis of Student Behavior in Cross-Cultural Education Environment. Du, Nannan Sep 10, 2022 6391
Application of Computer-Based Simulation Teaching Combined with PBL in Colorectal Tumor Hemorrhage. Zhang, Yanling; Hu, Jinyan; Li, Lingling; Zhao, Yunpeng Sep 9, 2022 6517
The Influence of Public Mental Health Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology on the Teaching Effect of Business Administration Major. Lu, Yixia Sep 9, 2022 6534
Thinking and Research on Ideology Education of University Student Based on Deep Learning in Small Sample Environment. Kong, Lingyun Sep 9, 2022 6575
Analysis of the Effect of Classroom Reform of English Literature on the Theme of Environmental Protection in Universities Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Li, Xuefeng Report Sep 9, 2022 5760
Petrovietnam University meets ABET standards. Sep 9, 2022 242
Petrovietnam University meets ABET standards. Sep 9, 2022 200
Shady recruitment. Sep 9, 2022 187
How Edo State is tackling the calculus of innovative teaching. Sep 9, 2022 1402
Survey of assessment of teaching learning methods for physiology among undergraduate medical students at a university. Rabia Siddiqui, Saif Ullah Shaikh, Lalarukh Munawar, Iram Saddiqa and Muhammad Faisal Fahim Sep 9, 2022 1842
Predicament and Outlet: The Deep Fusion of Information Technology and Political Thought Teaching in Institution of Higher Learning under the Background of Fragmented Learning Environment. Wen, Xueqiu Sep 8, 2022 6817
Development of Physical Education Network Course Resources Based on Intelligent Sensor Network. Li, Moutao; Song, Ditao; Hu, Xiaoyong Sep 8, 2022 4528
Scenario-Based Teaching Design of International Trade Practice Based on Deep Learning. Lan, Zhenfeng Report Sep 8, 2022 5721
Evaluation of Teaching Quality of English Courses in Comprehensive Universities under Multiple Indicators. Song, Haiying Sep 7, 2022 5233
Digital Development Path of Music Appreciation Based on the Kalman Filter. Li, Xiumin Report Sep 7, 2022 6005
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Sep 7, 2022 14493
Abalos sets BARMM 2-day educational summit in September. Sep 6, 2022 239
Challenges and Optimization Paths of Guzheng Professional Education in Colleges under Big Data Era. Cheng, Li; Hu, Liang Sep 6, 2022 7721
Clustering Algorithm in English Language Learning Pattern Matching under Big Data Framework. Zheng, Liying Sep 6, 2022 7019
Why government should encourage girl-child education. Sep 6, 2022 976
Muscat Football Academy launches training programme. Sep 5, 2022 264
Millions of Vietnamese students begin new academic year. Sep 5, 2022 278
Edo Trains 1,446 Teachers under EdoBEST 2.0. Sep 5, 2022 336
A Study on the Application of Random Matrix Theory in the Construction of the Evaluation System of Public English Flipped Classroom Teaching in Higher Education Institutions. Sun, Xuemei; Lin, Xun Sep 5, 2022 4916
Construction of a Prediction Model for Distance Education Quality Assessment Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Wang, Peizhang Sep 5, 2022 5943
Data Analysis of College English Speculative Reading Teaching Based on Multimodal Teaching Theory in a Complex Cross-Cultural Environment. Jiang, Tiantian Sep 5, 2022 7081
A Novel English Translation Model in Complex Environments Using Two-Stream Convolutional Neural Networks. Zhang, Lijuan Sep 5, 2022 6925
Thank you teachers. Sep 5, 2022 394
Teaching the next generation. Sep 4, 2022 897
Edo begins training of additional 1,446 teachers, head teachers under EdoBEST 2.0. Sep 3, 2022 399
Edo begins training of additional 1,446 teachers, head teachers under EdoBEST 2.0. Sep 3, 2022 405
Oguz han Engineering and Technology University offers wide opportunities for additional and ever-growing education. Sep 1, 2022 254
Subject: UNESCO Chair on 'Visual Anticipation and Futures Literacy towards Visual Literacy' established at the Open University of Cyprus. Sep 1, 2022 328
three tools for teaching design in your classroom--monday morning ready: The engineering design process is very involved, and it is easy to superficially treat some design steps by rushing through them. Isabell, Tonya; Mentzer, Nathan Sep 1, 2022 2474
Exploration of Happy Learning for College Students with the Integration of Thinking Visualization and Action Learning in the Internet + Environment. Han, Zhen Sep 1, 2022 5658
Hands-on Learning Anywhere, Anytime: zSpace's Virtual Labs Hep Renton College's Automotive Program Stay the Course. Sep 1, 2022 578
Podcasting as a Learning Tool in Medical Education: Prior to and During the Pandemic Period. Okonski, Ryan; Toy, Serkan; Wolpaw, Jed Report Sep 1, 2022 4745
Impaired Affect Perception in Presence of Spared Electrodermal Activity with Affective Stimuli Among Children with Specific Learning Disorder: A Controlled Study. Sari, Mesut; Ozturk, Yusuf; Ozcan, Guler Gol; Balta, Busra; Tufan, Ali Evren Report Sep 1, 2022 6831
Questionnaires based evaluation of teaching and learning methods among MBBS, BDS and Nursing students. Muhammad Aamir Rafique, Muhammad Adnan Akram, Farrukh Aqil, Maria Khan, Zuhha Nawaz, Arooj Fatima an Aug 31, 2022 2485
Lecture Video Automatic Summarization System Based on DBNet and Kalman Filtering. Sun, Fan; Tian, Xuedong Report Aug 31, 2022 4863
Application of Fuzzy Clustering in Higher Education General Management Based on Internet Environment. Wang, Qiangxin; Liu, Lei; Liu, Zhengtao; Qiao, Weichuan; Liu, Fengbin Report Aug 31, 2022 6636
Construction and Implementation Path of College English Teaching Mode in Big Data Environment. Liu, Xing Report Aug 31, 2022 5822
Closed Home Physical Education Teaching Model and Response Strategies Based on Big Data Technology. Xu, Guohong Aug 31, 2022 7404
Design of Integrated Management System of IPE Instructional Resources Information Based on Artificial Intelligence Environment. Wang, Duo Aug 31, 2022 6575
An Analysis of the Influence of Different Ways of Context Construction on the Teaching Effect of Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading for English Majors. Quan, Lihong Aug 31, 2022 6074
Design and Construction of an Interactive Intelligent Learning System for English Learners in Higher Education Institutions. Chen, Ping Aug 31, 2022 5351
Intelligent Network Teaching of Product Design Specialty Based on Video Image Processing. Gao, Zhimin; Lee, Seungjin Aug 31, 2022 5319
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 31, 2022 14623
Village s. Aug 31, 2022 2254
Slowly but surely, schools are ready for face-to-face classes. Aug 31, 2022 1291
Educational psychology. Aug 31, 2022 215
The Filipino breadwinner as hero. Editorial Aug 31, 2022 869
Bounce announces expansion into Bahrain market. Aug 30, 2022 437
Principal alters mindset to achieve excellence. Aug 30, 2022 966
Dance-Specific Action Recognition Method Based on Double-Stream CNN in Complex Environment. Jin, Yan Aug 30, 2022 6126
Construction and Analysis of College English Teaching Path under the Multiple Network Teaching Environment and Credit System. Chong, Bin; Tian, Zhongshan Aug 30, 2022 5339
Distributed Intelligent Learning and Decision Model Based on Logic Predictive Control. Zhou, Yucheng; Lu, Wen; Zhang, Yingqiu Aug 30, 2022 6117
Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Martial Arts Education Governance. Ye, Weiwu; Li, Shihong; Liu, Shuaibing; Zhou, Yuan Aug 29, 2022 7968
Remote Human-Computer Interaction and STEM Teacher Online Training Based on Embedded Internet of Things. Wu, Xinning; Zhang, Qian Aug 29, 2022 5132
Construction and Application of a Task-Based Teaching Model of College English Based on Random Matrix Theory. Dang, Leilei Aug 29, 2022 5456
Construction of Intelligent Evaluation Platform Based on Random Matrix iWrite College English Writing. Gao, Lei; Xu, Jiatong; Fu, Xiaoda; Li, Juan Report Aug 29, 2022 6229
The Use of Thinking Visualization Techniques in College Teaching Based on Improved Genetic Algorithms. Su, Luyan Aug 29, 2022 6013
A Multimodal Convolutional Neural Network Model for the Analysis of Music Genre on Children's Emotions Influence Intelligence. Chen, Wei; Wu, Guobin Aug 29, 2022 6605
Optimization of Tennis Teaching Resources and Data Visualization Based on Support Vector Machine. Zhang, Shaokun; Yu, Huan Aug 29, 2022 6143
Aii Language Center Inspires Students to 'Reach for the Stars'. Aug 29, 2022 667
Training course helps OV teachers better mother language teaching. Aug 29, 2022 213
Aii Language Center Inspires Students to 'Reach for the Stars'. Aug 29, 2022 665
Training course helps OV teachers better mother language teaching. Aug 29, 2022 213
Frame at last; SON'S JOY AS DAD FINALLY GETS RECOGNITION Artist who painted family lands first major exhibition. Anna Burnside Aug 28, 2022 597
Vocational Education Platform Based on Block Chain and IoT Technology. Li, Deming; Hu, Rui; Lin, Zhuliang Aug 28, 2022 5681
Design of Digital Teaching Platform for Spoken English Based on Virtual Reality. Bao, Shijun Aug 28, 2022 5200
Design of Music Teaching System Based on Internet of Things Multimedia Intelligent Platform. Xie, Bin Aug 27, 2022 4207
Application of Sensor-Based Intelligent Wearable Devices in Information Physical Education. Chen, Wanjun Report Aug 27, 2022 4176
Aii Language Center Inspires Students to 'Reach for the Stars'. Aug 27, 2022 676
Application of Multimode Learning Environment Based on the Internet in College English Teaching. Long, Xiaohua Aug 27, 2022 5530
The Innovative Trend of Piano Teaching in Music Education in Multicultural Education under Ecological Environment. Lu, Yuan Aug 27, 2022 6071
Image Video Teaching Method in College Physical Education. Xu, Haibo; Wan, Lun Aug 26, 2022 5863
A Study on the Application Model of Blended Teaching in English Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities under the Ecological and Internet Perspectives. Qiu, Nengsheng; Qiu, Xiaoqin Aug 26, 2022 6669
Research on the Application of Blackboard Writing Images in College English Writing Teaching Aided by ?POA? Theory. Du, Haixia Report Aug 26, 2022 5486
A Study on the Construction of Translation Curriculum System for English Majors from the Perspective of Human-Computer Interaction. Li, Qi Aug 26, 2022 6087
Flourishing Potential International School of Nicosia - We pave the way. Aug 26, 2022 247
Govt to introduce mobile app for tax payment. Aug 25, 2022 927
Aerodynamic Analysis and Training Research of an S-Shaped Arc Ball Based on Hydrodynamics. Si, Pinxin Aug 25, 2022 4063
Design and Application of Collaborative Experiment Management Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Based on an Intelligent Sensor Network. Sun, Yongqiang Aug 25, 2022 7675
The Influence of Teachers' Management Efficiency and Motivation on College Students' Academic Achievement under Sustainable Innovation and the Cognition of Social Responsibility after Employment. Tan, Chang; Yi, Lianyun; Haider, Aziz; Kwen, Liew; Mamnoon, Rahman; Li, Keqing; Liu, Min Aug 25, 2022 4792
Analysis of the Operation and Management of Higher Education by Using the Media Platform. Dong, Lihui; Dong, Wenxia; Chen, Wangwei Aug 25, 2022 3776
Application of Speech Interaction System Model Based on Semantic Search in English MOOC Teaching System. Pan, Bingbing; Zhou, Yanna Aug 25, 2022 6229
Deep Learning-Based Correlation Analysis between the Evaluation Score of English Teaching Quality and the Knowledge Points. Li, Yuanyuan Aug 25, 2022 4183
An Analysis of the Cultivation Methods of Visual Communication Design in New Media Environment. Qi, Meng Aug 24, 2022 6233
Analysis of Cross-Cultural Communication in English Subjects and the Realization of Deep Learning Teaching. Niu, Jianing; Liu, Yang Aug 24, 2022 6926
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 24, 2022 14759
Flourishing Potential International School of Nicosia -- We pave the way. . Aug 24, 2022 792
Dr. Justice Ofori inducted into the Oxford Academic Union. Aug 23, 2022 583
The Evaluation Index System of Teaching Quality in Colleges and Universities: Based on the CIPP Model. Li, Yan; Hu, Conghai Aug 23, 2022 5335
Auxiliary Teaching System of Higher Mathematics Based on Random Matrix Model. Xiao, Yabin; Zhou, Bin; He, Dan; Liu, Jingzhong Aug 23, 2022 6672
The Application of Mental Health Teaching Method and Special Teaching Method in College Chinese Teaching under the Network Environment. Zhang, Wei Aug 22, 2022 6496
Philippine Classrooms Reopen After More Than Two Years. Aug 22, 2022 414
Siemens Group, EAE, NCDMB Retrain Teachers in Bayelsa. Aug 22, 2022 528
Dr Justice Ofori inducted into the Oxford Academic Union. Aug 22, 2022 448
Evaluation Method of Mixed Teaching Efficiency of College Teachers Based on Kirkpatrick Model. Liang, Fenglan; Shen, Weiwei; Shi, Hongwei; Zheng, Buqin Aug 21, 2022 6039
Analysis of Teaching Tactics Characteristics of Track and Field Sports Training in Colleges and Universities Based on Deep Neural Network. Wang, Wei Aug 21, 2022 7725
Research on the Civic Policy Model and Reform Innovation of Intelligent Sensor Technology Course. He, Zheng Wan Aug 21, 2022 5818
QNET launches FinGreen financial literacy programme. Aug 20, 2022 399
HEC making sincere efforts to enhance quality of higher education. Aug 19, 2022 302
'Listen to parents': DepEd asked to allow private schools to continue blended learning. Aug 19, 2022 487
HEC making sincere efforts to enhance quality of higher education. Aug 19, 2022 302
Evaluation of College English Teaching Quality Based on Improved BT-SVM Algorithm. Lou, Minsheng Aug 19, 2022 5488
Vocal Music Teaching Brands Recommendation Based on Review Mining and Multicriteria Decision-Making. Yu, Zhenming Report Aug 18, 2022 5495
Assessment of the Contribution of Information Adversarial Technology to Educational Development in the Context of Neural Networks. Shao, YiLin; Lu, HanNing; Liu, QingYuan; Li, GaoShuo Report Aug 18, 2022 4041
Research on Organization Design of College Chinese Teaching under Big Data Environment. Shi, Jiayu; Wu, You Aug 18, 2022 6308
Innovation of French Interpretation Teaching Mode in the New Liberal Arts Environment. Zhang, Junxiu Aug 18, 2022 5722
'Full participation needed in polio vaccination campaign'. Aug 18, 2022 1226
Tertiary education improvements needed to generate knowledgable and skilled human resources, says PM. Aug 18, 2022 545
Study on the Application Effect of the Case Teaching Method Based on Primary Teaching Principle in Clinical Teaching of Radiology. Gong, Tong; Wang, Yuting; Pu, Hong; Yin, Longlin; Zhou, Mi Report Aug 17, 2022 5651
Research on the Filtering and Classification Method of Interactive Music Education Resources Based on Neural Network. Xue, Biyun; Song, Ye Aug 17, 2022 5082
Exploration of Intelligent Teaching Methods for Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities under the Background of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. An, Kaiqiang Aug 17, 2022 6111
Development of Machine Learning-Based Ideas for Teaching Physical Education and Health. Yin, Weiyu; Li, Sheng; Han, Cuiyi Report Aug 17, 2022 6186
Colostomy and ileostomy care in nursing education: Which is more effective: Synchronous or asynchronous? Yildiz, Tulin; Erden, Dilek; Sabirli, Cagla; Malak, Arzu Report Aug 17, 2022 2379
Practice and Exploration of Music Solfeggio Teaching Based on Data Mining Technology. Zhang, Wenfeng Aug 16, 2022 5827
Personalised Recommendation of PE Network Course Environment Resources Using Data Mining Analysis. Min, Fanting Aug 16, 2022 5721
Improved Collaborative Filtering Automatic Assessment System for Teaching English Writing in College. Zhang, Lu Aug 16, 2022 5689
Deep Integration of Rasch Model and English Classroom: Language Teaching Development under Information Technology. Yan, Jinyan Aug 16, 2022 7201
A Multimodal Model for College English Teaching Using Text and Image Feature Extraction. Zhao, Dan; Liu, Yafang Aug 16, 2022 6342
The Curriculum Knowledge Analysis of Marxist Philosophy and System Theory Based on Association Rules. Pan, Yingli Aug 16, 2022 5300
Design and Practical Application of Sports Visualization Platform Based on Tracking Algorithm. Hua, Xia; Han, Lei Aug 16, 2022 5837
Education ministry lists 8 areas for reforms. Aug 16, 2022 599
Training course for Vietnamese teachers abroad opens. Aug 15, 2022 243
Training course for Vietnamese teachers abroad opens. Aug 15, 2022 243
Training course for Vietnamese teachers abroad opens. Aug 15, 2022 230
Ebonyi Education Officers Applaud UNICEF's Training On Teaching Methodologies. Aug 14, 2022 583
Webometrics Ranking: Sust best science and technology university in Bangladesh. Aug 14, 2022 190
Training course for Vietnamese teachers abroad opens. Aug 14, 2022 232
Volleyball Sports Teaching Based on Augmented Reality and Wireless Communication Assistance. Ding, Wei; Li, Hao; Wang, Xi Aug 13, 2022 6333
Interactive Music Learning Model Based on RBF Algorithm. Liu, Fengqin Aug 13, 2022 4707
Research on Multimedia Music Teaching Based on Artificial Intelligence. Ma, Henghui Aug 12, 2022 4634
Sowing the seeds of success. Aug 12, 2022 1058
Schools will ignite the engine of J&K's overall development and economic growth: LG. Aug 11, 2022 758
An Empirical Analysis of Audio-Visual Teaching and Network Multi-Modal Learning Environment Theory for English Majors. Gao, Yuanyuan Aug 11, 2022 5708
'Eat the Oil Money; We Take the Crude'. Aug 11, 2022 2314
Online English Teaching System Based on Internet of Things Technology. Tao, Hui Aug 10, 2022 4381
Analysis on the Characteristics and Influence of the Teaching Environment Design of College Politics Course under the Campus Humanistic Governance Environment. Gao, Jian; Li, Bo Aug 10, 2022 5415
Evaluation of Physical Education Teaching Quality Based on the Random Multivariate Matrix Convolution Neural Network Model. Zhang, Zhigang Report Aug 10, 2022 6005
Mathematics Deep Learning Teaching Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process. Duan, Yonghua Report Aug 10, 2022 6407
Quality Evaluation of Student Education Management Work Based on Wireless Network Data Mining. Chen, Yingchun Report Aug 10, 2022 5868
Lt Governor inaugurates multiple key initiatives of education sector. Aug 10, 2022 816
A Multimodal Fusion Online Music Education System for Universities. Liu, Peng; Cao, Yixiao; Wang, Lei Aug 9, 2022 6824
Construction of Alumni Information Analysis Model Based on Big Data. Wang, Xue Aug 9, 2022 5127
A Study on the Design of English Speaking Examination System Based on SSM Framework. Zheng, Hongying Report Aug 8, 2022 7047
Mental State Assessment in College English Teaching Courses Based on Deep Learning. Ji, Beibei Aug 8, 2022 3338
Research on College English Teaching Quality Assessment Method Based on K-Means Clustering Algorithm. Lang, Wang Aug 8, 2022 4546
A Study on Exploring the Path of Psychology and Civics Teaching Reform in Universities Based on Artificial Intelligence. Han, Liang; Gong, Jijuan Aug 8, 2022 6805
Research on Classroom Emotion Recognition Algorithm Based on Visual Emotion Classification. Yuan, Qinying Aug 8, 2022 7667
Teachers smothering creativity among students. Rasheed Ali Aug 8, 2022 1125
College of Law's dean at Qatar University welcomes fresh 169students to new academic year. Qatar Tribune Aug 8, 2022 266
HCM City seeks to boost technology transfer from universities. Aug 7, 2022 975
Yoga fiend attempted to break us but I'll do things my own way; Lou Prendergast went through hell on a course with notorious Bikram Choudhury. But she tells Anna Burnside her classes will be more namaste than Mister Nasty. Anna Burnside Aug 6, 2022 781
US Mission Sponsors Training Of 60 English Teachers. Aug 6, 2022 227
U.S Consul General attends PDNET ceremony. Aug 6, 2022 226
Edo to recruit 1000 new teachers, train 650 others on digital pedagogy. Aug 6, 2022 388
Exploration and Analysis of the Educational Management of University Students in the Context of Environmental Constraints. Teng, Jing Aug 5, 2022 6317
The Academic Evaluation Practice of Theoretical Courses of Physical and Vocal Music Education Major under the Concept of Quantitative Evaluation. Wang, Shuaitong Report Aug 4, 2022 5541
Machine Learning-Based Intelligent Scoring of College English Teaching in the Field of Natural Language Processing. Wang, Wei Aug 4, 2022 5306
Construction and Effect Analysis of College Students' Physical Education Teaching Mode Based on Data Mining Algorithm. Wang, Peipei Aug 4, 2022 6572
Pakistan School Bahrain students shine in national exams. Aug 4, 2022 285
Speech by Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing at Teaching Scholarship Presentation Ceremony 2022, at Orchard Hotel Singapore. Aug 4, 2022 2468
Coding literacy for kids: Algorithmics Malaysia aims to equip children of all ages with coding skills. Aug 3, 2022 1015
VR in healthcare gains momentum. Aug 3, 2022 772
Visual perception of people with autism can be improved. Aug 3, 2022 600
1000 schools to receive practical science education support. Aug 2, 2022 596
Govt. appeal donors to help tackle escalating malnutrition among children. Aug 2, 2022 476
Govt. appeal donors to help tackle escalating malnutrition among children. Daily Financial Times Aug 2, 2022 487
Evaluation Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability of Colleges and Universities Based on Improved BP Neural Network. Li, Shixiao Aug 2, 2022 6191
Classification of English Translation Teaching Models based on Multiple Intelligence Theory. Li, Xiaoli Report Aug 2, 2022 4444
The Collection and Utilization of Web Resources for Teaching World History Based on Data Mining Technology. Wu, Xia Aug 1, 2022 6149
RoCo riffing: Thoughts on the qualifying exam. Leveridge, Michael Editorial Aug 1, 2022 1437
LEARNING WITH DOCUMENTARIES: Documentaries provide an engaging, entertaining way to introduce students to accounting and auditing concepts. Pope, Kelly Richmond; Roubi, Omar Aug 1, 2022 2704
Perceptions of students regarding teaching and learning methodology for an integrated modular system. Sadia Sharif, Ayesha Masood, Iram Imran, Wafa Najeeb, Muhammad Khalid Masood and Afsheen Zakir Jul 31, 2022 2354
Competency Evaluation Model of English Teaching Position Based on Nonlinear Random Matrix. He, Xuan; Song, Xiaochuan Report Jul 31, 2022 5430
Construction of Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Experience System Integrating K-Means Clustering Algorithm. Zou, Fanna; Li, Rui Report Jul 31, 2022 6401
Medical Health Data-Driven Physical Education Scheme: Public Environment-Oriented Exercise Health Management. Yue, Nan Jul 31, 2022 5927
Design and Research of VR Basketball Teaching System Based on Embedded Intelligent Sensor. Jiang, Jinxin; Wu, Shoujiang; Zhang, Siyu Jul 31, 2022 6123
A Brief Discussion on the Influence and Significance of the Task Dismantling Teaching Method on the Political Education Environment in Colleges and Universities. Chen, Yue Jul 31, 2022 5282
Analysis of the Basic Characteristics and Teaching Environment and Mode of Music Appreciation Course Based on Core Literacy. Lv, Hua Jul 31, 2022 5869
Research on Video Target Detection and Tracking in Football Matches. Zou, Xiaoju; Huang, Yuanling; Zhou, Nairun; Fang, Zuoming Jul 31, 2022 5627
Exploration and Practice of the Integrated Teaching Method of Mind Mapping in the Standardized Training of New Pharmacists. Yuan, Li; Chen, Bei; Wu, Zhaojun; He, Gefei; Huang, Juanjuan Jul 31, 2022 4085
Development and Teaching Application of Interactive Virtual Algorithm Animation of C Language Program. Wan, Lei; Cao, Yongli; Shi, Lili; An, Ying Report Jul 30, 2022 5637
Research on Blended Teaching of Flipped Classroom Based on CNN-SSA-Bi-LSTM Deep Learning Model Computer Media. Lu, Feng Jul 30, 2022 4770
College English Multimodal Teaching Based on Digital Information Technology. Wu, Dan Jul 30, 2022 5918
The Balance Reaction Ability of Teenagers Based on the Evaluation Model of Unbalanced Sports Quotient. Yang, Xiwen; He, Ruihua Report Jul 30, 2022 5815
Smart Teaching Design Mode based on Machine Learning and its Effect Evaluation. Su, Qianqian Report Jul 30, 2022 5470
A Multivariate Evaluation Model of Physical Education Teaching Quality with Random Matrix Optimization Neural Network. Zhang, Wang; Wen, Yu Report Jul 30, 2022 7788
Investigation on the Identity Construction of Young Foreign Language Teachers in Colleges and Universities Based on Feature Selection Algorithm. Yao, Lingzhi Report Jul 30, 2022 7197
Optimizing Language Teachers' Competencies Based on Big Data Technology. Miao, Xia; Wang, Yanping Report Jul 30, 2022 6143
Evaluation Method of Creative Dance Teaching Quality Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation. Gao, Mingyang; Yang, Liu Report Jul 30, 2022 6235
The Teaching of Sports Physical Education Skills under Exercise Physiology Based on Support Vector Machine. Jiang, Zhen Jul 30, 2022 7199
Practice and Reflection on Piano Teaching Reform of Music Major in Colleges and Universities under Diversified Environment. Huang, Ya Jul 30, 2022 5774
Sport Resource Classification Algorithm for Health Promotion Based on Cloud Computing: Rhythmic Gymnastics' Example. Zhang, Tairan; Han, Qing; Zhang, Zhenji Jul 30, 2022 6269
Innovative Practice of Multimusic Performance Culture Education of Core Literacy in Multimedia Environment. He, Siyuan; He, Sixian; Gao, Xin Jul 30, 2022 5340
215,000 students in 679 private educational institutions in Qatar, says ministry. Jul 29, 2022 501
Construction of a Multimedia-Assisted Teaching System for English Courses in a Multimodal Sensing Environment. Weng, Xiaobin Jul 29, 2022 6931
Education reform needs to focus on child-friendly environment. Jul 28, 2022 153
Conventional vs online learning. Jul 27, 2022 697
Language of Medical Instruction in Palestine: A Mixed Method Approach of Students' Perceptions. Jabali, Oqab Report Jul 27, 2022 7486
Development and Utilization of English Online Course Resources Based on Fuzzy Neural Network. Liao, Danlu Report Jul 26, 2022 6842
CCQ kick-starts new academic year with over 4,700 students. Qatar Tribune Jul 24, 2022 474
Launching Of SEA-VET Learning Platform & SEAMEO VOCTECH Smart Lab. Jul 23, 2022 213
African Development Bank Group President strengthens partnership with Morocco. Jul 22, 2022 658
Deconstruction and Realization of Sports Entity Simulation Based on Fish Swarm Algorithm. Wu, Kai Jul 22, 2022 6477
An Adaptive Dance Motion Smart Detection Method Using BP Neural Network Model under Dance Health Teaching Scene. Liu, Shasha Jul 22, 2022 6457
Computer-Visualized Sound Parameter Analysis Method and Its Application in Vocal Music Teaching. Yu, Zhenming Jul 22, 2022 5731
An Analysis and Research on Chinese College Students' Psychological Barriers in Oral English Output from a Cross-Cultural Perspective. Zheng, Shuai Jul 21, 2022 6653
Construction and Application of a Cloud Platform for English Teaching Supported by Computer Network Technology. Zhang, Congying Jul 21, 2022 4338
Evaluating and Exploring the Effectiveness of Journalism and Communication Discipline Construction in the Context of Smart Era. Li, Yang Jul 21, 2022 3228
VR-Based Innovation of the Ideological and Political Teaching Mode in Colleges. Chen, Feng; Jiang, Hongming Jul 21, 2022 3974
An education system in free fall. Jul 21, 2022 1217
Improved Convolutional Neural Networks for Course Teaching Quality Assessment. Liu, Yun Jul 20, 2022 6249
Automatic Integration Algorithm of Vocal Performance Learning Materials Based on Multidimensional Association Rules. Beibei, Wang Jul 19, 2022 5865
Construction and Analysis of Discrete System Dynamic Modeling of Physical Education Teaching Mode Based on Decision Tree Algorithm. Wang, Caixia; Wei, Xiaoyun; Yang, Aiqian; Zhang, Haiyan Jul 19, 2022 5797
English Translation Ability for Cultivation Mode Based on Multimodal Auxiliary Scaffolding Teaching Method. Meng, Jie Jul 19, 2022 6813
Evaluation and Analysis of Assisted Instruction and Ability Improvement Based on Artificial Intelligence. Li, Zhi; Guang, Zhao; Sun, Wen Jul 19, 2022 5476
HEC Paris opens Qatar's firstbusiness research laboratory. Qatar Tribune Jul 19, 2022 564
Gatchalian seeks digitalization of PH basic education system. Jul 19, 2022 434

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