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Sperm retrieval and intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcomes with testicular sperm aspiration in men with severe oligozoospermia and cryptozoospermia. Alharbi, Mohannad; Almarzouq, Ahmad; Zini, Armand Report Mar 27, 2021 3637
The Surrogacy Regulation (2019) Bill of India: A Critique. Srivastava, Astha Report Jan 1, 2021 6955
In vitro maturation with letrozole priming: Can it be a solution for patients with cancerophobia? A pilot study/Letrozol ile oncullenmis in vitro maturasyon: Kanserfobik hastalarda bir cozum olabilir mi? Bir pilot calisma. Hatirnaz, Safak; Hatirnaz, Ebru Saynur; Basbug, Alper; Pektas, Mine Kanat; Erol, Onur; Dahan, Michae Report Dec 1, 2020 4132
Honey, I frooz the kids: It's becoming popular for twentysomethings who don't want babies until later in life to freeze their eggs. Just don't count on it succeeding. Rochman, Bonnie Sep 1, 2019 2499
Surrogacy, an Excellent Opportunity for Women with More Threats. Editorial Apr 1, 2019 817
Biopower, Disability and Capitalism: Neoliberal Eugenics and the Future of ART Regulation. Goodrow, Gabrielle Mar 22, 2019 9251
CHOOSING SMART EMBRYOS ISN'T IMMORAL. Bailey, Ronald Feb 21, 2019 675
Effect of Artificial Oocyte Activation on Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection Outcomes in Patients with Lower Percentage of Sperm Containing Phospholipase C[zeta]: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Nazarian, Hamid; Azad, Nahid; Nazari, Leila; Piryaei, Abbas; Heidari, Mohammad Hassan; Masteri-Farah Report Jan 1, 2019 4320
How Do I Tell My Sister She Can't Have My Sperm? Reisman-Brill, Joan Jan 1, 2019 610
Are we designing inequality into our genes? Designer babies aren't futuristic. They're already here. Hexcher, Laura Nov 1, 2018 1140
Ethical Issues in the Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Nigeria: Empirical Data from Fertility Practitioners. Okonta, Patrick I.; Ajayi, Richard; Bamgbopa, Kehinde; Ogbeche, Rose; Okeke, Chizara C.; Onwuzurigbo Report Sep 1, 2018 3519
To What Extent Are Cryopreserved Sperm and Testicular Biopsy Samples Used in Assisted Reproduction? Rosenbusch, Bernd Report Apr 1, 2018 2302
THE POLITICS OF PRO AND NONREPRODUCTION POLICIES IN ISRAEL. Almog, Shulamit; Bassan, Sharon Mar 22, 2018 19857
IT'S OK TO EDI YOUR KIDS' GENES. Bailey, Ronald Oct 25, 2017 687
Freeze all Policy: An Expanded Strategy Before Its Clinical Approval. Sadeghi, Mohammad Reza Editorial Oct 1, 2017 932
Early Fertilization Abnormalities in the Human: An Exhausted Area of Research? Rosenbusch, Bernd Essay Oct 1, 2017 2783
A new way to reproduce: scientists are trying to manufacture eggs and sperm in the laboratory. Will it end reproduction as we know it? Regalado, Antonio Sep 1, 2017 3844
Inconceivable. Butler, Kiera Sep 1, 2017 2154
Giant ziplock baggies full of lambs are going to change everything. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Aug 1, 2017 1203
How Can Personalized Medicine Improve Assisted Reproduction Technology Outcomes? Sadeghi, Mohammad Reza Editorial Jul 1, 2017 823
Constitutional parentage. Grossman, Joanna L. Jun 22, 2017 13562
From biopolitics to bioeconomies: the ART of (re-)producing white futures in Mexico's surrogacy market. Schurr, Carolin Essay Apr 1, 2017 10434
Effect of Acupuncture on Endometrial Angiogenesis and Uterus Dendritic Cells in COH Rats during Peri-Implantation Period. Dong, Haoxu; Zhong, Zhiyan; Chen, Wei; Wu, Xiao; Zhang, Qing; Huang, Guangying; Yang, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 10454
Rejuvenating the chance of motherhood? An audacious startup thinks it can give 40-ish women a better shot at having children. Should desperate would-be parents believe it? Weintraub, Karen Jan 1, 2017 3358
Reproductive selection bias. Roth, Lauren R. Jan 1, 2017 25974
DNA editing in human embryos begins: Swedish lab is not alone in doing such experiments, scientists say. Saey, Tina Hesman Oct 29, 2016 330
Babies, bodies and buyers. Williams, Patricia J. Sep 22, 2016 5963
A hidden gendercide: discrepancies between embryo destruction and sex selective abortion laws. Kanowsky, Mary Sep 22, 2016 13006
Time waits for no woman. Lehmann-Haupt, Rachel Sep 1, 2016 2099
Growing human embryos outside the womb: new record, old questions. Prentice, David Jun 1, 2016 677
Consideration of genetic connections in child custody disputes between same-sex parents: fair or foul? Feinberg, Jessica Mar 22, 2016 23382
Bridging the gap between the "have" and the "have-nots": the ACA prohibits insurance coverage discrimination based upon infertility status. Mastroianni, Marissa A. Sep 22, 2015 13330
Blunting the edge: federalism, criminal law, and the importance of legislative history after the Reference Re Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Snow, Dave Jul 1, 2015 5716
Blunting the edge: federalism, criminal law, and the importance of legislative history after the Reference Re Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Snow, Dave Jul 1, 2015 11882
The inaccessible road to motherhood - the tragic consequence of not having reproductive policies for Israelis with disabilities. Dorfman, Doron Jun 22, 2015 16325
Responding to requests for assisted reproductive technology intervention involving women who cannot give consent. Bard, Jennifer S.; Penrose, Lindsay Jan 1, 2015 12453
Surrogacy legislation in India. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 331
Relationship between dietary fat intake, its major food sources and assisted reproduction parameters. Kazemi, Ashraf; Ramezanzadeh, Fatemeh; Nasr-Esfahani, Mohammad Hosein Report Oct 1, 2014 4854
The "progeny" of Florida's reproductive technology statutes. Bendeck, Odette Marie Feb 1, 2014 6329
Colonizing the (reproductive) future: the discursive construction of arts as technologies of self. Myers, Caitlin E.C. Essay Jan 1, 2014 13785
The governance gap in assisted human reproduction. Cattapan, Alana; Eichler, Margrit; Weir, Lorna Conference news Dec 2, 2013 1932
Being fruitful and multiplying: legal, philosophical, religious, and medical perspectives on assisted reproductive technologies in Israel and internationally. Rosenblum, Irit Sep 22, 2013 7627
Decentering the individual and centering community. Report Sep 1, 2013 4962
The Assisted Human Reproduction Act Reference and the thin line between health and crime. Ogbogu, Ubaka Mar 22, 2013 3107
Management of infertility in HIV infected couples: a review. Agboghoroma, Chris O.; Giwa-Osagie, Osato. F. Report Dec 1, 2012 4637
Assisted reproductive technologies and birth defects, Australia. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 301
Cryopreservation of embryos by vitrification at a private sector reproductive medicine facility in Karachi. Khan, Majida; Zafar, Shaheen; Syed, Serajuddaula Report Sep 30, 2012 3366
Federalizing embryo transfers: taming the wild west of reproductive medicine? Daar, Judith Jun 22, 2012 9768
Federalizing embryo transfers: taming the wild west of reproductive medicine? Daar, Judith Jun 22, 2012 21551
Anonymously provided sperm and the Constitution. Byrn, Mary Patricia; Ireland, Rebecca Mar 22, 2012 13532
Genetically related children: harvesting of gametes from deceased or incompetent persons. Kindregan, Charles P., Jr. Sep 22, 2011 14000
-Origio launches IVF medium EmbryoGen. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 298
"With liberty and justice for all (families)": the modern American same-sex family. Gonzalez, Lissette Mar 22, 2011 15966
The new Uniform Probate Code's surprising gender inequities. Knaplund, Kristine S. Mar 22, 2011 10793
The state of surrogacy laws: determining legal parentage for gay fathers. Dana, Anne R. Mar 22, 2011 21410
Reference re Assisted Human Reproduction Act and the future of technology-assisted reproduction and embryo research in Canada. Ogbogu, Ubaka Jan 1, 2011 13389
First U.S. study of PGD use shows regional variation. Jancin, Bruce Report Dec 1, 2010 678
Sperm retrieval after death: raises ethical, legal and social issues. Seaman, Brian Jul 1, 2010 1125
Reproductive Technology: Of Labor and Markets. Briggs, Laura Essay Jun 22, 2010 6287
Assisted reproductive equality: an institutional analysis. Coan, Andrew B. Jun 22, 2010 6267
InterUterine: Exploring the Reprotech Body Through an Interspecies Aesthetic of Care. Bates, Tarsh Viewpoint essay May 1, 2010 4193
Unprotected sex versus assisted reproduction for conception in HIV-serodiscordant couples. Brief article May 1, 2010 233
Unraveling the fertility industry: challenges and strategies for movement building: report on international consultation on commercial, economic and ethical aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs). Mulay, Shree Mar 22, 2010 580
News bites. Bateman, Chris Mar 1, 2010 2010
Conceptus Inc. Brief article Oct 12, 2009 167
Exploiting the fiduciary relationship: the physician as information intermediary in assisted human reproduction. Gruben, Vanessa Sep 22, 2009 5048
Three held--human egg-trafficking case. Bateman, Chris Brief article Aug 1, 2009 100
Births using ART sharply increased in 53 countries. Napoli, Denise Jul 1, 2009 538
Fertility bill wins more support. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Jul 1, 2009 98
Racial classification in assisted reproduction. Fox, Dov Jun 1, 2009 26287
Rise in use of assisted conception techniques in Europe. Report May 1, 2009 363
Frozen embryos, divorce, and needed legislation: on the horizon or has it arrived? Gonzalez, Maria C. Apr 1, 2009 2989
Who's your daddy? Children of sperm donors are seeking more information about their once-anonymous fathers, sometimes at the risk of the fertility industry itself. Miller, Cheryl Feb 1, 2009 2893
Assisted reproduction without assisting over-collection: fair information practices and the assisted human reproduction agency of Canada. Gruben, Vanessa Jan 1, 2009 15298
Fertility: here is new information on reducing adhesions, the stress and cost of fertility treatment, unhelpful testing, and "long-shot" oocyte cryopreservation. Adamson, G. David Report Feb 1, 2008 858
The Constitution and the rights not to procreate. Cohen, I. Glenn Feb 1, 2008 33966
Asking the inconceivable? Ethical and legal considerations regarding HIV-seropositive couples' request to access assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs): a Canadian perspective. Lentz, Vanessa J. Jan 1, 2008 17511
Straightening your heir: on the constitutionality of regulating the use of preimplantation technologies to select preembryos or modify the genetic profile thereof based on expected sexual orientation. Paonessa, Louis Jun 22, 2007 15532
Reproductive medicine in South Africa and IFFS 2007--Durban. Dalmeyer, Paul Editorial Apr 1, 2007 716
A brief historical overview of assisted reproduction. Al-Nuaim, Lulu; Jenkins, Julian Apr 1, 2007 3944
Rethinking the procreative right. Dillard, Carter J. Jan 1, 2007 35524
Souls on ice: America's human embryo glut and the unbearable lightness of almost being. Mundy, Liza Jul 1, 2006 5774
Status of frozen embryos sparks moral debate. Carney, Tom Mar 3, 2006 1442
Why criminalizing sex selection techniques is unjust: an argument challenging conventional wisdom. Long, Angela M. Jan 1, 2006 17856
Regulating consent to human embryo research: a critique of Health Canada's proposal. Ram, Natalie Dec 22, 2005 5843
PGD calls for realistic and vigilant approach. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Dec 15, 2005 758
Misusing research findings. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief Article Dec 15, 2005 135
Aspiring parents, genotypes and phenotypes: the unexamined myth of the perfect baby . Gurmankin, Andrea D.; Ubel, Peter A.; Banger, Elizabeth; McGee, Glenn Sep 22, 2005 4610
Church claims of victory ring false in Italian vote. Brief Article Sep 22, 2005 267
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection may pass on neuromuscular disease gene. Bates, Betsy Aug 15, 2005 544
Oocyte cryopreservation in IVF holds promise. Johnson, Kate Aug 1, 2005 843
It takes at least two to reproduce (1). Muers, Rachel Jun 22, 2005 4214
Dead sperm donors or world hunger: Are bioethicists studying the right stuff? Murphy, Timothy F.; White, Gladys B. Mar 1, 2005 695
Oocyte freezing: insurance or false security? Johnson, Kate Feb 1, 2005 1018
Legal and ethical issues in ART "outcomes" research. Nelson, Erin L. Jan 1, 2005 12876
Real and perceived threats to reproductive health: a way forward. Yazbeck, Abdo S. Nov 1, 2004 6146
The feasibility of government partnerships with NGOs in the reproductive health field in Mexico. Gomez-Jauregui, Jesica Nov 1, 2004 8753
Treating infertility: amid a confusing array of resources, how to decide which you can trust. Seaman, Barbara Oct 1, 2004 2376
Procreative compounds: popular eugenics, artificial insemination and the rise of the American sperm banking industry. Golden, Janet Industry Overview Sep 22, 2004 12008
Procreative compounds: popular eugenics, artificial insemination and the rise of the American sperm banking industry. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 108
A gift from the heart: the experiences of women whose egg donations helped their sisters become mothers. Winter, Alanna; Daniluk, Judith C. Sep 22, 2004 11759
Swedish Government to propose bill allowing creation of cloned human embryos. Brief Article Apr 16, 2004 151
Fight forward for reproductive rights and health care. Feldt, Gloria Mar 22, 2004 497
Consistency and privacy: do these legal principles mandate gamete donor anonymity? Shields, Lisa Dec 22, 2003 5258
'Reprogenetics': hype, phobia and choice: an unreserved advocate of new reproductive technologies argues his case. Gillott, John Cover Story Dec 22, 2003 5681
Assisted reproduction tied to more birth defects: underlying infertility a culprit. Johnson, Kate Dec 15, 2003 572
Congress restricts patents. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Dec 12, 2003 160
Therapeutic Dreaming: The false promise of experimental cloning. Smith, Wesley J. Oct 1, 2003 1372
Roe and the new frontier. Roy, Lisa Shaw Sep 22, 2003 20729
Weird science. (BTW). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 189
Group pushes for reproductive services in Catholic hospitals. (Health Care). Jones, Arthur Jun 20, 2003 547
Infertility services for vets. (Veterans Benefits). Jun 1, 2003 731
The stem cell debate and Fr. De Souza. (News in Brief: Canada). Apr 1, 2003 520
Genes, parents, and assisted reproductive technologies: arts, mistakes, sex, race, & law. Bender, Leslie Jan 1, 2003 40145
Disputes over frozen preembryos & the "right not to be a parent". Pachman, Tracey S. Jan 1, 2003 11620
Clinical pregnancy rates uncovered. (South Carolina Academy of Sciences Abstracts). Karl, Leann; Bardeen, Amy; Boone, William R.; Higdon, H. Lee, III; Senter, Herman Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 117
All in the family: a child welfare perspective on human reproductive cloning. Keough, William J. Jan 1, 2003 8199
Symposium on Bill C-13: the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Caulfield, Timothy Dec 22, 2002 1063
The science of stem cells: some implications for law and policy. Daar, Abdallah S.; Sheremeta, Lorraine Dec 22, 2002 7232
Regulating the creation of novel beings. Robert, Jason Scott Dec 22, 2002 4213
Bill C-13, the Assisted Human Reproduction Act: examining the arguments against a regulatory approach. Caulfield, Timothy Dec 22, 2002 4352
Defining a policy rationale for the criminal regulation of reproductive technologies. Campbell, Angela Dec 22, 2002 4613
A constitutional analysis of the proposed ban on non-reproductive human cloning: An unjustified violation of freedom of expression? Billingsley, Barbara Dec 22, 2002 6378
Donate a definition. Herder, Matthew Dec 22, 2002 2953
Betwixt and between human stem cell guidelines and legislation. Baylis, Francoise Dec 22, 2002 4981
Mum's the word: donor anonymity in assisted reproduction. Johnston, Josephine Dec 22, 2002 3993
Privacy and assisted human reproduction: a discussion paper. Foster, Jennifer; Slater, Barbara Dec 22, 2002 4685
Stem cell terminology: practical, theological and ethical implications. Shanner, Laura Dec 22, 2002 3162
Overcoming motherhood: pushing the limits of reproductive choice. Stolba, Christine Dec 1, 2002 4386
Red light, green light: the California cloning and stem cell laws. McLean, Margaret R. Nov 1, 2002 478
Protecting posthumous children. (at law). Dresser, Rebecca Nov 1, 2002 1687
Assisted reproductive technologies and the Constitution. Coleman, Carl H. Nov 1, 2002 5800
UK court rules that donor children have right to know their origins. Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 180
Assisted reproduction in Jewish law. Sinclair, Daniel B. Nov 1, 2002 16404
Catholic teaching and the law concerning the new reproductive technologies. Alvare, Helen M. Nov 1, 2002 11307
Protestant perspectives on the uses of the new reproductive technologies. Cohen, Cynthia B. Nov 1, 2002 4523
The Islamic viewpoint on new assisted reproductive technologies. Fadel, Hossam E. Nov 1, 2002 4162
Bill C-56: not worthy. Jul 1, 2002 1185
The clone wars: A reason online debate. Fukuyama, Francis Jun 1, 2002 5700
Children by design: a deaf lesbian couple's decision to intentionally conceive deaf children reignites the debate over "designer" babies. (Parenting). Blotcher, Jay Brief Article May 28, 2002 334
Reprogenetics: a chance for meaningful regulation. (research notes). Knowles, Lori P. May 1, 2002 788
Conception to obtain hematopoietic stem cells. Robertson, John A.; Kahn, Jeffrey P.; Wagner, John E. May 1, 2002 5245
What are families for? Getting to an ethics of reproductive technology. Murray, Thomas H. May 1, 2002 3477
Stem cells from a biological perspective: what they are, where they are found, and what can be done with them. Niemi, William D. Mar 22, 2002 4094
Embryonic stem cell research and respect for human life: philosophical and legal reflections. McCartney, James J. Mar 22, 2002 13734
Human cloning and the right to reproduce. Foley, Elizabeth Price Mar 22, 2002 10896
Human cloning and genetic engineering: the case for proceeding cautiously. Brown, Barry L. Mar 22, 2002 12630
Biotech and theodicy: what can and what ought we to do in procreative technology? Ahlers, Rolf Mar 22, 2002 10308
The ethics weave in human genomics, embryonic stem cell research, and therapeutic cloning: promoting and protecting society's interests. Magill, Gerard Mar 22, 2002 13893
Ethical issues in stem cell research. Balint, John A. Mar 22, 2002 6915
A comparative look at the U.S and British approaches to stem cell research. Young, Cynthia Donley Mar 22, 2002 11254
The UK model: Setting the standard for embryonic stem cell research? Herder, Matthew Mar 22, 2002 8496
Use of assisted reproductive technology -- United States, 1996 and 1998. Feb 8, 2002 3539
Pregnancy and state policies. Feb 1, 2002 2125
Pro & Con: Should human reproductive cloning technology be made available to people who want biologic children? (Opinion). Feb 1, 2002 787
Frozen pre-embryos and the right to change one's mind. Shapo, Helene S. Jan 1, 2002 12727
14 days: Rock's brave new world. Marwick, Michael Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 931
Sex selection in the United Kingdom. McMillan, John Jan 1, 2002 2353
A place for criminal law in the regulation of reproductive technologies. Campbell, Angela Jan 1, 2002 11949
The productivities of pregnancy: Reviewing medical technologies and feminist critiques. Maher, Jane-Maree Oct 1, 2001 5158
Is Surrogate Motherhood Moral? Pyton, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2001 1749
Redefining family: Should lesbians have access to assisted reproduction? (Critique and Comment). Dower, Tami Aug 1, 2001 8165
Canadian Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies? Baylis, Francoise Jul 1, 2001 523
Seventy Ova. Jul 1, 2001 2494
House of Lords legalizes human embryo cloning. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 256
Freezing Eggs of Cancer Patients. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 581
The reemergence of Enlightenment ideas in the 1994 French bioethics debates. Ball, Nan T. Nov 1, 2000 18142
A Double-Edged Sword. Oct 1, 2000 3104
New Options for Mothers. Gosden, Roger Mar 1, 2000 2134
State legislation on reproductive health in 1990: What was proposed and enacted. (Special Report). Sollom, Terry Jan 1, 2000 5080
Many oppose human cloning. Oct 22, 1999 2310
Designer babies, anyone? Oct 22, 1999 3302
In vitro fertilization widely used. Oct 15, 1999 2951
Catholic Systems Curtail Reproductive Services. BRUNK, DOUG Jul 1, 1999 356
Genetics, reproduction, and the law. Interview Jul 1, 1999 5835
INFERTILITY COVERAGE. Kostreski, Farak Jun 1, 1999 150
Sex and science. Briggs, Laura May 1, 1999 1674
Fertility Clinics Report Treatment Outcomes. JOHNSON, KATE May 1, 1999 455
Fragmenting procreation. Pitt, Jonathan B. Case Note May 1, 1999 4187
Procreative rights in assisted reproductive technology: why the angst? Stempel, Vincent F. Mar 22, 1999 7441
More cloning news closed out 1998. Brief Article Jan 16, 1999 348
So you're having another woman's baby: economics and exploitation in gestational surrogacy. McEwen, Angie Godwin Jan 1, 1999 13936
Outcomes Data Needed on ART Children. DEMOTT, KATHRYN Sep 1, 1998 803
Assisted reproductive technology studied by New York task force. Brienza, Julie Jul 1, 1998 700
Medical miracle or medical mischief? The saga of the McCaughey septuplets. Klotzko, Arlene Judith May 1, 1998 2519
Cloning and human dignity. Madigan, Timothy J. Mar 22, 1998 1006
NRLC Letter to U.S. Senate on Cloning. Johnson, Douglas Brief Article Feb 11, 1998 394
Regulating new reproductive and genetic technologies: a feminist view of recent Canadian government initiatives. Valverde, Mariana; Weir, Lorna Jun 22, 1997 1534
In vitro fertilization: is conceiving a child worth the costs? Kershner, Kelly Cover Story May 1, 1996 2719
"Give me children or I shall die!" New reproductive technologies and harm to children. Cohen, Cynthia B. Mar 1, 1996 8338
And baby makes three ... or four ... or five: assisted reproduction. Dresser, Rebecca Dec 1, 1995 2449
The Golem, Zevi Ashkenazi, and reproductive biology. Sherwin, Byron L. Jun 22, 1995 5052
Assisted reproduction in Italy. Cattorini, Paolo Nov 1, 1994 996
Test-tube diagnosis: analyzing embryos for genetic flaws. Fackelmann, Kathy A. Oct 29, 1994 2035
Reproductive technology report urges ethics. Babych, Art Dec 17, 1993 635
Brave new biology: granny gives birth. Fackelmann, Kathy A. Feb 13, 1993 679
Babies for sale: market ethics and the new reproductive technologies. Hirschman, Elizabeth C. Dec 22, 1991 12827
Birth control, culture and the control of women. Baldwin, Rahima column Jun 22, 1991 1573
Held to a higher standard. Nelson, Hilde L. May 1, 1991 486
Reproductive gifts and gift giving: the altruistic woman. Raymond, Janice G. Nov 1, 1990 4690
The argument for unlimited procreative liberty: a feminist critique. Ryan, Maura A. Jul 1, 1990 6810
What price parenthood? Lauritzen, Paul Mar 1, 1990 7485
Babymaking: expanding horizons. Silberner, Joanne Dec 14, 1985 1308

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