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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (February 1, 2005)

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'The promise of sleep'. Munoz, Rodrigo A. Book Review 914
Action, advocacy empower survivors of suicide. McNamara, Damian 1230
Acupuncture improves headache, neck pain: the modality is put to the test in trials involving 15,000 headache and 13,000 neck pain patients. Walsh, Nancy 506
Acute dysphoric mania. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 183
Adolescent use of drugs, tobacco continues decline: more are abusing painkillers, inhalants. Kirn, Timothy F. 1307
Adopted youths no more likely to engage in high-risk activities. Sullivan, Michele G. 408
After a stillbirth, the needs of grieving parents can vary. Franklin, Deeanna 639
Alzheimer's cognition falls as depression spikes. Zoler, Mitchel L. 319
Anticonvulsants in psychiatry: their similarities are different Part 2--clinical applications. Grady, Meghan M. 855
Atypical antipsychotics in youth: use caution. Mahoney, Diana 759
Biologic rhythms are key in assessing sleep: aligning circadian rhythms can maximize patients' performance in workplace, on road. Splete, Heidi 675
Bipolar drugs may raise risk of osteoporosis. Goldman, Erik L. 602
Black Alzheimer's caregivers less likely to be depressed. Frieden, Joyce 398
Black box warning is added to antidepressant labeling. Mahoney, Diana Brief Article 247
Brain may hold key to chronic low back pain. Wendling, Patrice 736
Broad approach required in treating agitation, psychosis. Finn, Robert 505
Bulimic patients respond to family therapy, CBT. Worcester, Sharon 639
Buprenorphine adherence is a struggle for some. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 205
Caffeine and naps only slightly helpful to night shift workers. Mulcahy, Nicholas 407
Cardiovascular exercise improves the aging brain. Finn, Robert 443
CBT relieves chronic fatigue. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 127
Cholinesterase inhibitors underprescribed by all. Kubetin, Sally Koch 378
Clozapine calms aggression. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 132
Consumers Union issues its first guide on drug cost effectiveness. Ault, Alicia 948
Debate continues over categorizing paraphilias. Frieden, Joyce 619
Diabetes drug appears to slow cognitive decline. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article 269
Diagnoses vary with arrest history. Frieden, Joyce 403
Diagnosis and treatment of restless legs found lacking. Jancin, Bruce 321
Drug use among gay men pervasive. Worcester, Sharon 573
Drugs remain secondary in autism treatment: psychopharmacologic agents are frequently used but still do not correct the core deficits of the disorder. Evans, Jeff 912
Early intensive glucose control cut neuropathy risk in type 1 diabetes. Tucker, Miriam E. 479
Early intervention key to schizophrenia Tx. Mahoney, Diana 1126
Enlightened education: preventing audience abuse. Davis, Richard L. 594
Enlist teens in smoking cessation. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 161
Experiencing nature may help to quell ADHD. Foley, Kevin 486
Explore emotions of atopic dermatitis patients. Sullivan, Michele G. 535
FDA approves new drug for postherpetic neuralgia. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 398
Fibromyalgia pain responds to pramipexole. Walsh, Nancy 604
Financial benefits of Medicaid managed care appear elusive. Frieden, Joyce 602
Finding fulfillment in coaching. Brunk, Doug Interview 1605
Functional MRI could become lie detector. Johnson, Kate 544
Gay, bisexual teens face greater parenthood risk. Sullivan, Michele G. 556
Gender differences in panic disorder. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 140
Genes, circuits, and pharmacology: clinical connections in schizophrenia. Shayegan, Darius K. Brief Article 237
Group therapy can improve viral load in HIV. McNamara, Damian 727
Guidelines: cut calories and salt, exercise more: to reduce consumer confusion over portion sizes, 'servings' are replaced with cups and ounces. Sullivan, Michele G. 707
HealthSouth to pay $325 million. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 124
Helping the terminally ill. Fink, Paul J. 1830
Home visits, phone calls help ease depression. McNamara, Damian 406
Imaging can match brain structure to behavior. MacReady, Norra 642
In medicating anger, consider comorbidities. Sherman, Carl 996
Injectable naltrexone shows improved efficacy. Sherman, Carl 575
Insurer goes high deductible--for its employees. Traska, M.R. 601
Internationally adopted exhibit more behavior problems as teens. Franklin, Deeanna Brief Article 141
Knee arthritis pain may predict bad weather after all. Kirn, Timothy F. 516
Let data guide Tx of eating disorders. Fairburn, Christopher 614
Letter from the editor. Stahl, Stephen M. Editorial 562
Link between depression, mortality weakened. Splete, Heidi 333
Link found between maternal asthma/allergy and autism. Wachter, Kerri 588
Making dual therapy work. London, Robert T. 1066
Many stroke patients may not respond to aspirin. Peck, Peggy 378
Maryland is addressing malpractice premiums. Schneider, Mary Ellen 933
Mechanisms of action: the interchangeable (mis)use of anticonvulsants. Grady, Meghan M. 459
Medicaid's benefits to the states. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 172
Mental health spending patterns. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 144
Modafinil still effective for sleep apnea after 17 weeks of therapy. Mulcahy, Nicholas 403
More on third parties. Letter to the Editor 842
MRI equals CT in confirming acute intracerebral hemorrhage. Kilgore, Christine 471
National suicide prevention hotline. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 124
Navigating Tx of bipolar disorder in pregnancy. Mahoney, Diana 857
NIH panel concludes that Scare tactics don't stop youth violence. Tucker, Miriam E. 393
Oocyte freezing: insurance or false security? Johnson, Kate 1018
Overinterpreting HIPAA can harm patient care. McNamara, Damian 588
Panel to MDs: avoid valproate in fertile women. Sullivan, Michele G. 650
Parasite may be the cause of new-onset seizures. McNamara, Damian 510
Partial hospitalization benefits phobia and anxiety patients. MacReady, Norra 465
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. 352
Physicians begin to address patients' low health literacy. Schneider, Mary Ellen 348
Portable health plans. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 148
Postpartum OCD. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 165
Primary care alcohol screen raised patient trust. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 305
Psych consult delays extend hospital stays. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 205
Psychiatric advanced directives face obstacles: infrastructure to uphold plans' legitimacy often does not exist or is circumvented by conflicting laws. Evans, Jeff 1735
Psychosis may alter brain structures. Goldman, Erik 745
PTSD and terrorism. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 196
PTSD rate highest in first months after brain injury. McNamara, Damian 374
Rapid HIV testing in offices poses challenges. McNamara, Damian 707
Red-tinted contact lenses may offer fast migraine relief. Mahoney, Diana 827
Reduced benefits for retirees. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 114
rEEG system helps guide prescribing. Worcester, Sharon 1124
Rimonabant markedly improves cardiovascular risk profile. Jancin, Bruce 681
Risperidone reduces disruptiveness. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 129
Safety, cost issues raised about drug importation. Schneider, Mary Ellen 627
School-based intervention helps aggressive kids cope. Mahoney, Diana 705
Seniors receptive to exercise counseling. Splete, Heidi 875
Sex and out-of-school care. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 155
Sleep found surprisingly inadequate in children of all ages. Moon, Mary Ann 912
Smoking cessation: physicians urged to lead. Jancin, Bruce 1011
Some FDA scientists feel pressured into drug approvals. Silverman, Jennifer 316
SSRIs for negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Leard-Hansson, Jan; Guttmacher, Laurence 771
Stalking suggests right-brain dysfunction. Frieden, Joyce 565
States continue to wrestle with meth addiction: Oklahoma's system will allow pharmacists to learn who has bought the drug--and in what amounts. Frieden, Joyce 1316
Statins may reduce risk of colorectal cancer. Goldman, Erik L. 782
Stroke guidelines called 'hopelessly outdated'. Kilgore, Christine 673
Study probes care of chronic pain patients among emergency physicians. Boschert, Sherry 414
T3 therapy not yet ready for psychiatric use. Jancin, Bruce 694
The 'comedy of neurosis' after Woody. Atkinson, Roland 1671
The art of Jane Gerus. Franklin, Deeanna 1373
Two ADHD drugs affect sleep differently. Mulcahy, Nicholas 693
USP issues final model formulary guidelines. Schneider, Mary Ellen 572
Value of EMDR. Letter to the Editor 400
Video feedback eases attachment problems: short-term intervention appears to enhance parent-child relationship, minimize later psychopathology. Mahoney, Diana 547
Voluntary clinical trials registration sought. Lesney, Mark S. 1246
Watch for suicidal ideation in pediatric epilepsy patients. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article 275
Women need our help. Galashaw, Darlene 1003
Your hardest task. Eastern, Joseph, S. 695

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