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Books recently published.

This column is compiled quarterly based on the output of the monographic music cataloging units of the Library of Congress. Entries appear on the list as they are cataloged by the library, regardless of the date of publication.


Accornero, Giovanni, Ivan Epicoco, and Eraldo Guerci. Annibale Fagnola, Annibalotto Fagnola, Stefano Vittorio Fasciolo, Riccardo Genovese. Eng. language version ed. by Duane Rosengard. Torino: II salabue, 1999. 254 p. ISBN 8887618011. LC 2002-536832.

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Archer Gibson and his records for the Aeolian duo-art organ. Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association, International, Robin Pratt, ed. New York: AMICA Publications, c1999. 15 p. LC 2002-278362.

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Avalon, Moses. Confessions of a record producer: how to survive the scams and shams of the music business. San Francisco: Backbeat Books, c2001. xi, 274 p. ISBN 087930-660-2. LC 2001-052701.

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Barclay, Michael, Ian A. D. Jack, and Jason Schneider. Have not been the same: the CanRock renaissance, 1985-95. Toronto: ECW Press, 2001. xvi, 757 p. ISBN 1-55022-475-1. LC 2002-327664.

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The biological foundations of music. Ed. by Robert J. Zatorre and Isabelle Peretz. New York: New York Academy of Sciences, c2001. x, 462 P. ISBN 1-57331-306-8 (hbk.: alk. paper). ISBN 1-57331-307-6 (pbk.: alk. paper). LC 2001-030421.

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 930

Blink-182: tales from beneath your mom. New York: Pocket Books, c2001. 105 P. ISBN 0-7434-2207-4 (pbk.). LC 2002-265712.

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Boonzajer Flaes, Robert M. Brass unbound: secret children of the colonial brass band. Amsterdam: Royal Tropical Institute, c2000. 165 p. ISBN 9068322788. LC 2002317298.

Bouckaert, Thierry. Elisabeth's dream, a musical offering: fifty years of the Queen Elisabeth Competition. Trans. from the French by Peter King and Sara Montgomery. Bruxelles: Complexe, 2001. 257 p. ISBN 2-87027-860-8. LC 2002-385304.

Brant, Liz and Tony Harvey. Choosing and using music in training. Aldershot, Hants, England; Burlington, VT: Gower, c2001. 58 p. + 1 computer optical disc. ISBN 0-566-08426-0. LC 2001-086889.

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Brown, Geoff. Otis Redding: try a little tenderness. Edinburgh: Mojo Books, 2001. 170 p. ISBN 1-84195-086-6. LC 2001-391548.

Mojo heroes, 3

Brun, Paul. A new history of the double bass. Villeneuve-d' Ascq: P. Brun, 2000. 317 p. ISBN 2-9514461-0-1. LC 2001-442938.

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Caballero, Carlo. Faure and French musical aesthetics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c2001. xi, 333 p. ISBN 0-52178 107-8. LC 00-46732.

Music in she twentieth century

Campbell, Patricia Shehan and Carol ScottKassner. Music in childhood: from preschool through the elementary grades. Motivation and management (chap. 3) and Technology for music instruction (chap. 14) by Kirk Kassner. Australia; Belmont, CA: Schirmer/Thomson Learning, c2002. xiii, 434 p. + 1 sound disc. ISBN 0-53458554-X. LC 200 1-048347.

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Music its the 20th century

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Bio-bibliographics in music, no. 88

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Contributions 10 the study of music and dance, no.

Davies, Peter J. The character of a genius: Beethoven in perspective. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002. 319 p. ISBN 0-313-31913-8 (alk. paper). LC 2001.018022.

Contributions to the study of music and dance, no. 60

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Contains a profile or Faith Hill; when turned over and read from thc back cover forward, contains a profile of LeAnn Rimes

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