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Bill would count housework in GNP calculation.

Twenty years after an international grass-roots effort to win recognition for so-called "women's work," a bill that would have the government calculate the value of unpaid labor and include it in the gross national product has been introduced in Congress.

Sponsored by Rep. Barbara-Rose Collins, D-Mich., the measure would require the Bureau of Labor Statistics to conduct time-use surveys of unremunerated services such as housework, caring for children and others, agricultural work, volunteer work and unpaid work in family business...

Since most of the unpaid jobs are done by women, proponents of the bill say that including their unpaid labor in the GNP would change the perception that women homemakers are unproductive and would result in women's needs and demands being taken more seriously...

The House bill has been referred to the Committee on Education and Labor but has not yet been scheduled for a hearing. Its chances for final congressional approval are uncertain.
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Date:Mar 22, 1992
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