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MURDERER LET OUT OF PRISON TO RAPE; Victim was boy aged 10.


A MURDERER who raped a boy of 10 just months after release from a life sentence was yesterday told he must die in jail.

Stephen Ayre, 44, had served 20 years for bludgeoning 25-year-old Irene Hudson to death.

He was out on licence when he pulled his 10-year-old victim into a flat and threatened him with a knife.

Sentencing Ayre yesterday, Mr Justice Tugendhat told him: "You will go to prison for the rest of your life For The Rest Of Your Life is a British game show on ITV, hosted by Nicky Campbell. It is produced by Initial, a company of Endemol. Format
Round One
. You have committed very serious offences.

"I have no doubt there is a high risk of you committing other serious and violent offences if free to do so.

"There is a high risk someone else will be raped or killed."

Earlier, the court heard Ayre approached the boy, who cannot be named, while he was playing with a friend in Bradford. He lured him back to a flat by asking if he was interested in a BMX BMX
bicycle motocross


1. bicycle motocross: stunt riding over an obstacle course on a bicycle


Prosecutor Gavin Howie said the boy "prevaricated" at the door before Ayre picked him up and dragged him in.

Ayre threatened to slash the youngster's throat during the 30-minute ordeal. The boy told police: "I was terrified ter·ri·fy  
tr.v. ter·ri·fied, ter·ri·fy·ing, ter·ri·fies
1. To fill with terror; make deeply afraid. See Synonyms at frighten.

2. To menace or threaten; intimidate.

In police interviews, Ayre claimed he wanted to go back to jail.

He had a psychopathic psy·cho·path·ic
1. Of, relating to, or characterized by psychopathy.

2. Relating to or affected with an antisocial personality disorder that is usually characterized by aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior.
 disorder but not a mental illness, the hearing was told.

Leeds crown court heard there was a "sexual element" to the murder of machinist Irene Hudson.

She had formed a relationship with Ayre before he killed her with a bar beside a canal in Shipley.

He was jailed for life in 1985 and released on licence last year.

Shortly before sentencing for murder, Ayre got a suspended sentence A sentence given after the formal conviction of a crime that the convicted person is not required to serve.

In criminal cases a trial judge has the ability to suspend the sentence of a convicted person.
 for underage sex with a girl. After release, he got a conditional discharge for being drunk and disorderly.

Ayre, from Saltaire, Bradford, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to rape, abduction and inciting a child to take part in sexual activity.

West Yorkshire Probation Service said said it had launched a review but added: "It is very rare for offenders released on life licence to commit a serious offence."


JAILED: Stephen Ayre' RISK: Judge Tugendhat
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 27, 2006
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