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Man 'raped six women and killed pets in rage' Court hears of sick crimes as 50-year-old faces 40 charges. Oct 28, 2014 414
Man poses as sponsor's representative, rapes maid. Oct 27, 2014 296
A man has been accused of trying to rape a woman in her hotel room in Abu Dhabi. Oct 27, 2014 266
Rape victim, 16, recorded her attacker. Oct 27, 2014 183
Sharia Law Slammed, Mullah Gets 20-year Rape Sentence And No Honour Killing For The Child. Oct 27, 2014 439
Revealed HUNDREDS OF SEX ATTACKS INSIDE THE GATES OF THE PLAYGROUND; police PROBE 328 SEXUAL POLICE PROBE 328 SEXUAL OFFENCES IN SCHOOLS IN THREE YEARS Shock figures include 48 rapes and half of alleged attackers are under 16. Oct 26, 2014 892
'Evans rape case destroyed my career and life' Ex-Walsall player acquitted at same trial says controversy has dogged him ever since. Oct 26, 2014 587
Afghan mullah receives 20 years for rape. Nordland, Rod Oct 26, 2014 257
Rape victim comments 'clumsy', admits Buerk. Oct 24, 2014 559
MCGUINNESS: I BELIEVE MAIRIA; SF chief backs woman over Provo rape claim. Oct 24, 2014 332
Legal-Bay Continues to Assist Victims of Prison Rape and Prison Injuries through Lawsuit Settlement Funding Services. Oct 24, 2014 1131
Buerk admits 'clumsiness' over BBC rape trailer. Oct 24, 2014 542
BBC apology over radio criticism of rape victim. Oct 23, 2014 633
BBC apologises over Buerk rape victim comments. Oct 23, 2014 682
Dismissed rape cases now being re-investigated. Oct 22, 2014 324
Dhaula Kuan rape convicts get life term. Oct 21, 2014 407
It's his life in ruins, not mine...I want to be a singer, he's in prison for rape and that's his life. Oct 21, 2014 1229
Inquiry into Evans rape conviction fast-tracked. Oct 20, 2014 776
Man who raped sleeping teen is jailed for 6 years PPI PAGE 8. Oct 20, 2014 586
Fast-track for Ched Evans rape conviction inquiry. Oct 20, 2014 620
Rape victims failed by police, not Judy. Oct 19, 2014 705
Ched evans I regret everything ...I am lucky my girl stood by me; SOCCER RAPIST BREAKS SILENCE OVER SEX ASSAULT; Rape Crisis It's an insult to the woman he raped and all victims out there; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 19, 2014 1143
Judy's rape view is same as judge's. Oct 18, 2014 591
Rape reports at highest ever level; 'It's positive if it's because more victims are willing to come forward'. Oct 17, 2014 597
Adams: I DID meet Mairia but she said NOTHING about rape; Sinn Fein leader denies he knew of sex abuse claims. Oct 17, 2014 703
RAPES UP 29%...TO HIGHEST LEVEL EVER; 22,116 in a year, that's 60 a day; 48% rise in knifepoint attacks. Oct 17, 2014 427
RAPES UP 29%...TO HIGHEST LEVEL EVER. Oct 17, 2014 166
Madeley warns Twitter trolls over rape threat. Oct 17, 2014 196
Rape reports soar by 29% to hit record high. Oct 17, 2014 496
Rape threat trolls are in deep trouble, trust me; WARNING RICHARD REPORTS WEB ATTACKS Police called after Chloe and Judy targeted online. Oct 16, 2014 532
To the trolls wishing rape on me: Stop, you are utterly pathetic... Judy backlash hits her daughter Chloe. Oct 16, 2014 432
Ched 'wouldn't be capable' of committing rape, insists partner. Oct 15, 2014 611
' Make prostitution legal to curb rapes'. Oct 15, 2014 453
DEFIANT JUDY: I WILL BE BACK; Loose Women panellist stands by her opinions on the Ched Evans rape case despite backlash; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 15, 2014 655
DEFIANT JUDY: I WILL BE BACK; Loose Women panellist stands by her opinions on the Ched Evans rape case despite backlash. Oct 15, 2014 717
Presenter criticised for rape comments. Oct 14, 2014 415
DAD & SON QUIZZED OVER 'RAPE OF TEEN' Father recorded attack on girl, court told. Oct 14, 2014 397
TV host under fire over rape comments on show. Oct 14, 2014 262
Police probe into 'shocking' rape conviction figure. Oct 14, 2014 666
Father accused of gun and knife attack on man suspected of raping teenage daughter. Oct 13, 2014 406
RAPE CASE TEENS: CHARGES DROPPED; Four cleared but fifth boy admits 'sexual activity'. Oct 11, 2014 555
Rape charges dropped. Oct 11, 2014 115
Rape suspect in court. Oct 11, 2014 121
Arrest made as rape case reopened. Oct 11, 2014 195
Kiwi Woman Withdraws Claim She Was Gang-Raped by Tinder Date in Sydney. Oct 10, 2014 385
Court told of 'rape on mountain'. Oct 9, 2014 321
Ex-DJ 'raped teen after pop pledge'. Oct 9, 2014 212
Rape suspect will remain in jail. Thompson, Elaine Oct 9, 2014 228
Facebook Page Rack Appreciation Society Shows 'Rape Culture' in New Zealand. Oct 9, 2014 399
Bangladeshi man arrested for assaulting, raping maid. Oct 9, 2014 202
Former DJ 'raped teenage girl with Jimmy Savile'. Oct 8, 2014 246
Girl told to be thankful for being raped - court. Oct 8, 2014 540
'Jimmy Savile and DJ raped 15-year-old girl'. Oct 8, 2014 370
Savile and DJ 'raped girl of 15'. Oct 8, 2014 220
Savile raped girl, 15, with ex-Caroline DJ; Prosecutor tells court of attack on teenager who met accused in disco. Oct 8, 2014 420
Former DJ raped girl with Savile in flat, court is told. Oct 8, 2014 447
Brisbane Man Abducts German Tourist, Rapes Her 'Wolf Creek' Style; 4 Male Clients Accuse Humanitarian Lawyer Of Sexual Assault. Oct 8, 2014 316
Police reopen 54 rape investigations. Oct 7, 2014 596
Five-year jail term upheld for raping woman. Oct 6, 2014 333
Women's panel sees false rape case surge. Oct 6, 2014 493
Teenager jailed for trying to rape maid after judge upholds verdicts in Abu Dhabi. Oct 5, 2014 294
Police recording nearly two rape reports a day. Oct 4, 2014 567
MY GUILT OVER RAPE HELL; INNOCENT VICTIMS BRAVERY OF ABUSED MUM AS TOLL OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE GROWS I should have spoken up years ago but I was too scared .. now I feel so guilty that he walked free for 15 more years and attacked other women I wish I could have saved CAROL-ANNE'S STORY. Oct 4, 2014 905
I don't want anyone to suffer a rape in silence. Oct 4, 2014 686
DON'T BE OVERLY ALARMED BY STATS; THE Chronicle this week revealed the chilling statistic that Northumbria Police has received almost two reports of rape every day this year on average. Today, Prof Nicole Westmarland of Durham University's criminology department, tells of her hopes that these victims will see justice. Oct 4, 2014 456
Rape defendants are more likely to walk free in Wales. Oct 3, 2014 656
Rape trials INWALES are least likely to deliver guilty verdicts. Oct 3, 2014 577
440 - shocking number of rape claims this year. Oct 3, 2014 583
Party City rocked by another rape Stannington. Oct 2, 2014 721
If EastEnders rape gets me punched, it'll be worth it; Matt hopes victims will speak out. Oct 2, 2014 370
If EastEnders rape gets me a punch in the mouth, it'll be worth it to help one person; Matt hopes victims will speak out. Oct 2, 2014 414
24-Year-Old Male Briton Cries Rape At Oktoberfest In Munich. Sep 30, 2014 280
Boy arrested after OAP is raped in flat. Sep 29, 2014 146
DISGUSTING, ABHORRENT, ALARMING – Sheriff's verdict; RAPE THREAT TROLL IN DOCK AT LAST; Two years after we find him, website creep faces justice; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 28, 2014 581
Jail term not increased for woman's false claim of rape. Sep 26, 2014 305
Beast raped a girl of five. Sep 24, 2014 352
BEAST GETS 18YRS FOR 12 HOUR RAPE ORDEAL; Thug 'a danger to the public'. Sep 24, 2014 431
Suspect appears in court on rape charge. Sep 23, 2014 193
Viral Photo: Philippine Mall Giant Pulls Out T-Shirt With Rape Joke. Sep 23, 2014 426
Swedish Man Acquitted Of Rape Trial Due To Sexsomnia. Sep 23, 2014 357
23-year-old man held for raping woman outside hotel bar. Sep 22, 2014 282
NOW THEY LOSE THE EVIDENCE; VICTIM'S FURY AFTER POLICE BLUNDERS; First, cops forget to send rape case to prosecutors rape case to prosecutors; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 21, 2014 552
Agency head: 'Sorrow' over rape case. Sep 20, 2014 476
Why should our sister's killer be allowed to die with dignity when our suffering goes on ? Frank murdered and raped a girl of 19. After 30 years in jail he's won the right to euthanasia by lethal injection, which has left her family asking... Sep 18, 2014 1618
Why should our sister's killer be allowed to die with dignity when our suffering goes on? Frank murdered and raped a girl of 19. After 30 years in jail he's won the right to euthanasia by lethal injection, which has left her family asking... Sep 18, 2014 1620
800 Scottish children raped in past three years. Sep 18, 2014 200
Shameful Rape Culture In Australia Has Women Blamed For Rape And Physical Abuse. Sep 17, 2014 411
Teen offender on game outing accused of rape. Sep 17, 2014 413
rape accused tried to escape from cell; Court told 'distressed' defendant attempted to jump out of custody suite. Sep 16, 2014 327
Rape victim barred from Kolkata pub. Sep 16, 2014 324
United Kingdom : Two new rape support centres to help victims recover. Sep 16, 2014 427
Cook accused of raping his friend's girlfriend at knifepoint. Sep 11, 2014 305
A ray of hope for UP rape survivor. Sep 10, 2014 347
AU troops raped girls; WORLD BULLETINS. Sep 9, 2014 117
Africa Union Troops 'Rape' Girls in Mogadishu, Somalia. Sep 8, 2014 246
Man held for threatening and raping woman in Dubai. Sep 8, 2014 224
Report Says 1,400 White Children In Rotherdam Raped by Muslim Men From 1997 To 2013. Sep 7, 2014 262
Student in dock for raping 13-yr-old after spiking drink. Sep 7, 2014 404
Report's rape figures are disturbing. Sep 6, 2014 179
CDC survey: One in 5 US women raped. Chen, Caroline Sep 6, 2014 337
Badaun rape case accused get bail. Sep 5, 2014 398
Ariana Grande Asked To Apologize for Brother Frankie's Rape Joke On 'Big Brother 16'. Sep 1, 2014 398
Cop accused of kidnapping, raping woman. Sep 1, 2014 360
Jailed: Drunk who raped woman in front of daughter. Sep 1, 2014 469
Arab convicted of male rape in RAK appeals 15-year sentence. Aug 31, 2014 340
enders to air shock rape plot; TV bosses hope to raise awareness. Aug 31, 2014 424
New appeal in hunt for men who raped teen. Aug 30, 2014 332
I told police the names of 250 men who raped me.. they did NOTHING; CHILD ABUSE VICTIMS REVEAL FULL HORROR OF SCANDAL; Woman who led inquiry says authorities should have done more to stop terror; Outrage as no officials are sacked or disciplined despite a long catalogue of claims. Aug 28, 2014 995
'Sons of Guns,' Discovery Channel Show Cancelled: Cast Member William Hayden Faces Child Rape Charges. Aug 28, 2014 409
1,400 children raped and tortured in UK town; Pakistanis under scanner. Aug 28, 2014 399
Hundreds of Men Rape Teen for Three Years. Aug 27, 2014 715
Tourist says traumatised after 'kidnap and rape' ordeal. Aug 26, 2014 509
FAW refuse to rule out Ched return; 'He's talented and we need a goalscorer' officials say of striker jailed after rape. Aug 25, 2014 577
Two sent to police custody for rape. Aug 23, 2014 274
Rape case probe may lead to police sackings. Aug 21, 2014 603
Teen Dixon raped woman in 90s in 'horrifying attack'. Aug 21, 2014 536
Concerns over police decision to drop 11 rape cases. Aug 21, 2014 543
Five boys on rape charges. Aug 21, 2014 140
Teenager jailed after 'life-altering' rape of woman in her 90s. Aug 21, 2014 593
' Potency test of accused necessary in rape cases'. Aug 21, 2014 176
Nurse records statement in 5- star hotel gang rape case. Aug 20, 2014 290
GIRL TELLS OF RAPE ORDEAL AFTER FANCY DRESS PARTY; Alleged victim claims she was taken to country road and attacked in car. Aug 20, 2014 259
Dropped rape claims probed. Aug 20, 2014 661
Detectives investigated over rape 'no crimes'. Aug 20, 2014 269
Barbaric Rape Has Women Pleading to Be Killed [Video]. Aug 18, 2014 496
I was young and naive when I was raped by this evil man. Now, I need to look into his eyes and ask him just one thing. Why? – Rachel Cannon yesterday; ATTACK VICTIM WANTS TO MEET MONSTER EXCLUSIVE. Aug 17, 2014 692
My evil dad let Scots Tory abuse and rape me. I was aged four. SCARRED BRAVE SUSIE SPEAKS OUT OVER CHILDHOOD HELL QC's daughter tells how friend of Thatcher preyed on her.. with her father's blessing. Aug 15, 2014 902
Man jailed after raping pensioner. Aug 11, 2014 488
Chief's death sparks rapes, looting in remote Lakes state villages. Aug 10, 2014 707
THIS TIME, THROW AWAY THE KEY; FREED FIEND CAUGHT WITH CHILD PORN; Paedophile who raped baby faces life; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 10, 2014 445
M etro official among two accused of rape. Aug 10, 2014 164
Muslim groups see conspiracy in Meerut gang rape. Aug 9, 2014 564
Woman used sex chat website to set up rape of pal; Six-year jail term for 'bizarre' plot. Aug 9, 2014 410
Stop glorifying rape through fashion. Aug 8, 2014 359
Nobody knows what the prevalence of male rape is... but we know there's a need for our help here; City abuse centre launches new service to help men who are victims of sexual violence. Aug 8, 2014 442
Male rape is taboo but we need to talk about it. I get asked, 'Why didn't you fight back?' I didn't want to die. The victim is never to blame. Never. Society needs to change; SPEAKING OUT CALLUM BREAKS SILENCE ON ATTACK. Aug 8, 2014 1230
FIVE TEENS CHARGED WITH GIRL'S RAPE; Teenagers face rape charges. Aug 7, 2014 291
Gurgaon cops scramble for clues in girl's rape & murder. Aug 6, 2014 437
UP Govt. should take Meerut gang rape incident seriously: Mamta Sharma. Aug 5, 2014 313
Controversy surrounding Mumbai model's rape allegations gets murkier. Aug 5, 2014 388
Meerut gang rape case: Mulayam Singh Yadav assures strict action. Aug 5, 2014 351
Victims pressure US cities to test rape kits; Hundreds of thousands sit on shelves. Eckholm, Erik Aug 3, 2014 1189
Karnataka writer held for rape comment. Aug 3, 2014 636
School worker gets 12-16 for rape; Young victim has Asperger condition. Murray, Gary V. Aug 1, 2014 513
Keith Urban Speaks Up on the Alleged Rape At His Concert. Aug 1, 2014 432
Penalty ruled unconstitutional. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 147
Bangalore police arrests support staff's son for allegedly raping 7-year-old. Jul 30, 2014 155
TEEN DRIVER NOT GUILTY OF RAPING GIRL HE PICKED UP; Gave her a lift in early hours of morning. Jul 30, 2014 323
Stabbing victim raped woman in her own home; 30-year-old jailed for six years after vicious attack. Jul 29, 2014 456
Activists seek action against police officers for derailing Lucknow rape investigation. Jul 28, 2014 393
UP govt. recommends CBI probe in Mohanlalganj rape case. Jul 28, 2014 387
Chhattisgarh student gang- raped in S. Delhi. Jul 28, 2014 324
Forensic report confirms gang rape in Mohanlalganj. Jul 28, 2014 408
Guilty will be punished: Rajendra Chaudhary on Mohanlalganj rape case. Jul 27, 2014 339
Mohanlalganj rape case: victim's family goes on hunger strike. Jul 27, 2014 358
UP Govt. orders CBI probe in Lucknow rape case. Jul 23, 2014 232
Woman awoke to find man raping her. Jul 23, 2014 265
India School Rape Claim: Man Arrested in Bangalore. Jul 21, 2014 285
Teenager in court on male rape allegation. Jul 21, 2014 328
Women congress workers protest against Mohanlalganj gang rape case. Jul 20, 2014 289
UP governor talks biryani when asked about rape. Jul 20, 2014 522
Bangalore parents protest against minor's rape in school. Jul 19, 2014 384
UP has the least number of rape cases: Mulayam Singh Yadav. Jul 19, 2014 276
Women rights activist Kavita Krishnan accuses Samajwadi party of encouraging rapes in UP. Jul 19, 2014 214
Uproar in Karnataka Assembly over rape of six-year-old in Bangalore school. Jul 18, 2014 286
Two juveniles convicted in Shakti Mills gang rape cases. Jul 16, 2014 229
boys, 12 and 13, freed after raping girl, 10; Fury at let-off over sex attack. Jul 16, 2014 336
GAY LIE CHEF JAILED FOR RAPING LESBIAN; Six years for pervert who conned victim back to flat. Jul 15, 2014 523
Four held for Gurgaon gang rape. Jul 14, 2014 183
A TOTAL MONSTER; 5 YEARS OF HELL BUT RAPED MUM HAS COURAGE TO HELP OTHERS 5 YEARS OF HELL BUT RAPED MUM HAS COURAGE TO HELP OTHERS Maniac ripped out contraceptive device then brutally raped her Campaign of terror included forcing her to tattoo name on arm Scumbag beat poor Tracy and attacked her with bleach Tragic victim lifts the lid on her life at hands of beast Brown. Jul 14, 2014 1168
Karnataka says mobiles spur rapes. Jul 13, 2014 346
Why did courts free my evil ex? I said he'd rape; Mum's fury after judges failed to listen. Jul 13, 2014 462
Cops: Sick pair jailed for rape of girl may have struck before. Jul 13, 2014 261
Cabbie jailed for rape attempt on passenger. Jul 13, 2014 400
Jharkhand cops say chargesheet in 'revenge' rape to be filed soon. Jul 12, 2014 269
NCW member demands action in Bokaro rape case. Jul 11, 2014 209
Rape is crime against humanity, says Angelina Jolie. Jul 11, 2014 130
Ghaziabad gang-rape victim blasts police. Jul 10, 2014 356
WOMAN RAPED IN LANE ATTACK; Taskforce cops appeal for help from public after brutal assault. Jul 10, 2014 321
Fresh data labels Delhi as ' rape capital'. Jul 9, 2014 349
NYC man gets 18 years in college essay rape case. Peltz, Jennifer Jul 8, 2014 455
Fans slam Kanye West for equating having his picture taken to 'rape'. Jul 7, 2014 125
Breaking the silence on war and women: long targets in conflict, they are critical to peace process, activists say. Roberts, Tom Jul 4, 2014 1437
Goa CM Parrikar's rape remark sparks row. Jul 1, 2014 343
MARK OF THE BEAST; Serial rapist and woman-beater forced victim to TAT TOO his name on her chest and back BRANDED TATTOOS TOLD THE WORLD VICTIM WAS MONSTER'S PROPERTY BRANDED TATTOOS TOLD THE WORLD VICTIM WAS MONSTER'S PROPERTY John told me he would kill me if I didn't get it done and he meant it.. I cry when I see them, they bring the trauma back Maureen was battered, raped and abused by twisted lover. Jun 30, 2014 1393
Honeytrap 'fake rape' plot woman loses jail appeal. Jun 30, 2014 335
No end to rapes in UP. Jun 28, 2014 202
Jail for 'wicked', lying woman who accused her boyfriend of rape. Jun 27, 2014 443
A powerful dual role as rape victim and offender; She swapped architecture for singing and now sultry cabaret star Camille O'Sullivan is playing both rapist and victim at the RSC. She talks to Catherine Vonledebur. Jun 26, 2014 1086
The Rape of Lucrece The Swan Theatre, Stratford[...]. Jun 26, 2014 272
Judge orders retrial of man convicted of raping woman in car. Jun 25, 2014 220
Darts pro facing prison for rape and sex attacks. Jun 25, 2014 490
Man arrested for raping daughter, child abuse. Jun 25, 2014 283
RAPE VICTIM'S FURY AS SEX MONSTER IS FREED; Woman blasts legal system over brute's good behaviour release. Jun 25, 2014 538
Delhi Police constable arrested for stalking and raping widow. Jun 22, 2014 322
Rape horror revisits Capital. Jun 22, 2014 449
Another day, another rape in India. Jun 20, 2014 702
RAPE ALARM; Charity's plea for change as number of cases rockets by 23%; Sex crimes total rises nearly 12% in the first year of Police Scotland. Jun 20, 2014 546
JAILED FOR RAPE LIES; Woman's injuries were self-inflicted. Jun 20, 2014 376
2 girls gang raped in Sangla Hill. Jun 19, 2014 176
Prosecutor wants to dispel myths on rape. Jun 18, 2014 203
Cabbie charged with rape attempt, threat. Jun 18, 2014 537
EUSR: ISIL Torches Churches, Rapes Women in Mosul. Jun 17, 2014 281
We're taking the fear out of reporting rape; DVD helps prepare victims to reduce stress of questioning and facing tormentors in court. Jun 17, 2014 693
Alleged rape victim says claim is not for revenge. Jun 17, 2014 527
Woman denies lying over 'rape'. Jun 17, 2014 389
Rapes or honor killings? Jun 15, 2014 1204
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt & George Clooney's FiancA[c]e Amal Alamuddin Attends Anti-Rape Summit [VIDEO] [PHOTOS]. Jun 15, 2014 379
Online chat leads to rape trial, man raises extortion charge. Jun 15, 2014 435
Rape reporting rose this year. Jun 14, 2014 189
Church elder raped me, woman tells trial. Jun 14, 2014 430
Bhopal police baton charge women Congress workers during anti-rape protest. Jun 14, 2014 321
Rape in Congo can be a death sentence to women. Jun 14, 2014 756
Misuse of rape laws on the rise. Jun 13, 2014 436
Politics over rape continues in UP. Jun 13, 2014 400
Modi's rape-charged minister belittles zero tolerance against rape policy: Alvi. Jun 13, 2014 112
PRIEST: TIME FOR CHURCH TO FACE UP TO ABUSE CLAIM; Call for action after child rape allegation at retreat. Jun 13, 2014 400
Church elders 'spiritually corrupt', rape trial is told. Jun 13, 2014 430
Indian police investigate new rape cases. Jun 13, 2014 433
Congress protests outside Delhi's UP Bhavan against rapes in UP. Jun 12, 2014 301
Stop 'politicizing rape,' Modi urges lawmakers. Jun 12, 2014 457
Minister's pledge over rapes. Jun 12, 2014 212
We must fight to stop those who use rape as a weapon of war; ANGELINA JOLIE Hollywood actress and United Nations Special Envoy. Jun 12, 2014 491
Plan to call on rape victims as trial monitors. Jun 11, 2014 337
Former darts star accused of raping young girl. Jun 11, 2014 348
Life term for raping maid reduced to five years. Jun 11, 2014 275
Remove rape as a weapon of war. Jun 10, 2014 1005
MAN HELD OVER CITY RAPE No5; Suspect arrested after woman, 37, tells of attack on way home from night out. Jun 10, 2014 392
Police claim Badaun rape was case of honour killing. Jun 8, 2014 403
Man held for raping Malaysian woman in Jaipur. Jun 7, 2014 148
Serial Rape Investigation Brought to Closure Using 4-Year-Old License Plate Reader Data. Jun 4, 2014 626
Mumbai woman raped at gunpoint. Jun 2, 2014 316
In-Depth Review: 30 Men Rape Malaysian Teen. Jun 2, 2014 921
Three rob couple, try to rape woman in Dubai. Jun 2, 2014 394
Cornered Akhilesh acts tough in Badaun rape case. Jun 1, 2014 827
Govt to offer aid for rape victims. Jun 1, 2014 577
Even when I told police about him raping me, he told me that he'd never let me go, if he couldn't have me, no one could. I've been living in fear of him for years. He took my life away bit by bit – Domestic abuse victim Liz Hislop; DOMESTIC ABUSE VICTIM FLEES SCOTLAND IN FEAR BUT BREAKS SILENCE TO BACK FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. Jun 1, 2014 1833
Come little children, I'll take thee away... Video reveals twisted mind of paedophile who raped toddler. Jun 1, 2014 369
The hidden world of sex attacks beneath Oxford's dreaming spires; uni accused of 'culture of silence' over rape and assaults; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 1, 2014 1297
The hidden world of sex attacks beneath Oxford's dreaming spires; uni accused of 'culture of silence' over rape and assaults. Jun 1, 2014 1265
The hidden world of sex attacks beneath Oxford's dreaming spires; uni accused of 'culture of silence' over rape and assaults. Jun 1, 2014 1301
Angelina Jolie, William Hague host London conference highlighting use of rape in war. Conference news Jun 1, 2014 240
Press intrusion 'like rape' -Theron. May 31, 2014 210
Fallout continues in gang-rape deaths inquiry. May 31, 2014 258
India rape case officers are fired; WORLD BRIEFLY. May 31, 2014 106
Rape victim protests NCW inaction. May 30, 2014 181
Two men flank this woman .. minutes later she is raped; Detectives release footage in hunt for attackers. May 30, 2014 307
Two men flank this woman .. minutes later she is raped; Detectives release footage 10 days after attack. May 30, 2014 307
Babysitter handed boy, 3, to paedophile who raped him. May 28, 2014 518
Police Busts Notorious Gang involved in looting, rape cases. May 28, 2014 146
' Injury marks not must to prove rape'. May 23, 2014 385
Jennifer Lawrence Jokes about Rape: Faces Backlash from Media and Fans. May 22, 2014 398
TEN YEARS FOR SERIAL RAPE BEAST; DANGER MAN VICTIMS SAY McDOUGALL MUST NEVER BE RELEASED 'deg .. so how many more women will monster attack before he is locked up for good? May 21, 2014 1506
Sex fiend preyed on girls of 15; Pervert raped 6 victims. May 21, 2014 317
Woman accused of having baby out of wedlock claims she was raped. May 21, 2014 304
South Sudanese rebels accuse government troops of women raping. May 20, 2014 328
Night club partying turns to 'rape' in Sharjah desert. May 20, 2014 436
PAMMIE: I WAS RAPED AT 12 BY MAN AGED 25; Baywatch star says affinity with animals helped her to forget abuse in childhood. May 19, 2014 392
Man stops rape. Clabough, Raven Brief article May 19, 2014 344
He tricked me into his flat, locked me in... and raped me; MINISTER 'RAPIST' HARROWING ACCOUNT OF'VICTIM'. May 18, 2014 1628
He tricked me into his flat, locked me in... and raped me; MINISTER 'RAPIST'HARROWING ACCOUNT OF'VICTIM'. May 18, 2014 1629
Hall cleared of series of rapes and sex assaults. May 17, 2014 599
Hall cleared of series of rapes and sex assaults. May 17, 2014 599
Man raped girl, 12 while on bail for sex with 14-yr-old. May 17, 2014 533
Cardinal O'Brien's fixer warned me I would never win against the Catholic Church over sex abuse hell; CLAMPDOWN ORDER TRIED TO SILENCE RAPE VICTIM Fresh agony for church school rape and torture victim David. May 17, 2014 1281
Man who raped teenager warned to expect lengthy sentence. May 16, 2014 519
Protesters demand quick justice in pending Kolkata rape cases. May 15, 2014 392
Rape gang cops trawl CCTV. May 14, 2014 326
Rape suspect wanted English girl, court told. May 14, 2014 358
RML accused admits to seven other rapes RML accused admits to seven other rapes. May 13, 2014 486
HUNT FOR CAR GANG RAPISTS; Woman, 33, is dragged off street into close and assaulted by three men WOMAN AGE 33 GANG RAPED IN CITY CLOSE Detectives appeal for help in hunting suspects. May 13, 2014 356
Dad-of-nine jailed after raping a university student, 19. May 13, 2014 592
Bangalore Police confirms gang rape of woman, registers complaint. May 12, 2014 386
India pays tribute to Delhi gang rape victim on her birth anniversary. May 11, 2014 474
I'll marry Ched and clear his name. He is NOT a rapist; LOVER OF FOOTBALL STAR JaILED FOR RAPE. May 11, 2014 1354
13-year-old boy tells of sexual abuse as four accused of gang-rape. May 11, 2014 346
Woman tells her bosses I WAS RAPED They tell her YOU'RE SACKED; ATTACK CLAIM WORKER WINS PS30K EXCLUSIVE. May 11, 2014 731
Having sex does not mean rape. May 11, 2014 398
Woman, 50, 'helped find rape victim'. May 9, 2014 420
Two gang rapes reported in 24 hours in Capital. May 8, 2014 208
Vigilantes Cut Penis of Man Suspected of Raping 3-Year-Old. May 8, 2014 310
Woman accuses brother-in-law of having wife raped. May 8, 2014 283
Young boy allegedly raped in juvenile prison. May 5, 2014 283
'New anti- rape law being misused'. May 4, 2014 334
Fury over UK training of Burma rape army. May 4, 2014 209
THE RAPE HORROR ORDEALS STORED IN 2 CITY FRIDGES; A INVESTIGATION SUNDAY ECHO SUNDAY ECHO 100s of DNA samples held from victims too scared to go to police. May 4, 2014 820
Parents cry with relief as boy cleared of rape; Youth not guilty of sexually assaulting pupil in school toilets when they were both 10. May 3, 2014 295
Police still looking for second girl in alleged rape and kidnap case. May 3, 2014 495
Rape Is Rape: How Denial, Distortion, and Victim Blaming Are Fueling a Hidden Acquaintance Rape Crisis. McDonald, Michael J. May 1, 2014 4430

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