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Swedish man jailed for seven years for Napa rape. Jul 28, 2015 289
We've been through hell say cleared rape accused. Jul 28, 2015 409
I didn't do anything, rape accused tells jury. Jul 25, 2015 379
Care worker guilty of raping young boy. Jul 25, 2015 467
'It's a lie' says man accused of raping woman. Jul 24, 2015 498
Study on terminology and indicators for data collection on rape, femicide and intimate partner violence. Jul 23, 2015 383
Victim's friend confronted rape accused in nightclub court told. Jul 23, 2015 314
Trial on alleged rape. Jul 22, 2015 175
Rape accused pair are given date for court. Jul 17, 2015 248
HOOK 'SORRY' FOR RAPE CASE INSULT; Radio host said victim gave 'implied consent'. Jul 16, 2015 423
freed to rape; Psychiatrists allowed this sexual deviant to be released from a secure unit but 3 months later he brutally attacked a mum at knifepoint.. How many times do they get it wrong? RAPE SCANDAL DOCTORS SLAMMED Ali was let out on medics' advice three months before he raped sobbing mum, 29. Jul 15, 2015 728
How many times do they get it wrong? RAPE SCANDAL DOCTORS SLAMMED Ali was let out on medics' advice three months before he raped sobbing mum, 29. Jul 15, 2015 674
Belief is suspended by this sentence for rape. Jul 15, 2015 569
Smirking beast who raped girlfriend as she slept avoids jail; Fury as judge suspends 7yr sentence. Jul 14, 2015 560
I met the man who raped me and forgave him; mum's amazing prison visit. Jul 12, 2015 1100
Sold & raped, Cgarh girl recalls horror. Jul 9, 2015 630
Somalia: Teenage university student gang raped. Jul 2, 2015 447
SC says no mediation in rape cases. Jul 2, 2015 531
City lawyer who raped teen jailed for 11 years. Jul 2, 2015 392
Monster; Paedophile firefighter facing jail for raping girl, 9, after blaze rescue. Jun 28, 2015 432
US Human Rights report mentions 33,707 cases of rape in India in 2013. Jun 26, 2015 793
Rape row comic told his booking at city club is off. Jun 25, 2015 531
Maid raped, hanged by 'unknown trespasser: Lawyer tells RAK court. Jun 25, 2015 425
Pharmacist held for raping wife of rape accused. Jun 23, 2015 260
Peepli Live maker faces rape charges. Jun 22, 2015 389
Study Proves, to Slash Rapes, Treat Women as Adults, Says Prof Banzhaf. Jun 22, 2015 839
Stranger raped sleeping mum. Jun 20, 2015 407
Man raped vulnerable victim repeatedly; JAILED FOR 12 YEARS AFTER 'ATROCIOUS' TARGETING OF MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN. Jun 20, 2015 373
THE FACEBOOK BEAST; Pervert jailed for 10 years after luring 14-year-old into sex before brutal rape. Jun 20, 2015 385
Gang rape of two minor girls rocks Bengaluru. Jun 19, 2015 465
Young mother took her own life after 'taxi' rape. Jun 18, 2015 421
Ceri took some pills and told her mum she loved her before slipping away; INQUEST INTO TRAGIC RAPE VICTIM. Jun 18, 2015 517
Sally Anne killer: I'm sorry you were jailed for rape I committed; He confesses to Costa assault before murder. Jun 18, 2015 444
Our stepfather gave me and my little sister HIV when he raped us... our mum betrayed us when she stood by him; GIRL REVEALS FAMILY'S NIGHTMARE SECRET. Jun 14, 2015 1758
Police officer raped woman, court is told. Jun 11, 2015 526
Young woman raped then forced to wed her attacker; 'Obsessed' Cardiff man first in UK to be prosecuted under new law; Rapist jailed for 16 years over forced marriage in legal first. Jun 11, 2015 1043
Policeman in the dock accused of rape and assault of a woman. Jun 11, 2015 513
Men charged with rape; In Brief. Jun 9, 2015 181
" Rapes happen with mutual consent'. Jun 7, 2015 374
Sex attacker raped nine-year-old. Jun 5, 2015 481
To Deal with Campus Rapes, Should They Sing Kumbaya?, Quips Professor John Banzhaf. Jun 5, 2015 578
Stalker locked up after rape threat. Jun 4, 2015 449
MAN JAILED 7 YEARS FOR RAPING GIRL, 4; Pervert step-dad assaulted child while mother was at evening class. Jun 4, 2015 482
Rape suspect remanded. Jun 4, 2015 187
'Radical change needed' in police handling of rape. Jun 3, 2015 255
Colleges May Turn Date Rape Allegations Over to Regional Consortia, Says Professor John Banzhaf. Jun 2, 2015 841
'Fake cops kidnap, rape maid'. Jun 2, 2015 294
It's a match. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Brief article Jun 1, 2015 221
Everything's awesome and Camille Paglia is unhappy! The author of sexual personae talks about feminism, rape, academia, and Hillary Clinton. Gillespie, Nick Interview Jun 1, 2015 4987
Change limit in rape cases. May 30, 2015 289
9 men indicted for raping minor in Elazyy- village. May 26, 2015 519
50yo man rapes his teenage daughter for two years. May 25, 2015 115
UN expert urges Sudan to investigate mass rape allegations in Darfur. May 24, 2015 382
HE DID RAPE GIRL, 7, AT ISOLATED COTTAGE; Huddersfield engineer guilty of abusing youngsters. May 22, 2015 595
Abbott: Texas Will Work to Comply With Anti-Prison Rape Law. May 21, 2015 398
Senior govt official suspended over rape charge. May 19, 2015 404
MUM'S TERROR AFTER GIRL FLEES RAPE BID; Brave teen fights off perv attack. May 15, 2015 516
Rape victim helps convict attacker from beyond grave. May 15, 2015 703
Smile on rape victim's face turns around the case. May 13, 2015 510
Army recruiter is found guilty of raping cadets. May 6, 2015 304
Losing Ceri a hole in our lives that can never be filled; MUM KILLED HERSELF AFTER BEING RAPED BY FAKE TAXI DRIVER. May 1, 2015 872
MY 16 MONTH RAPE ORDEAL; Footballer tells how girl's false allegation left him ashamed to leave house & his dreams in tatters PICKING UP THE PIECES EX-PARTICK KID TRYING TO REBUILD HIS CAREER. Apr 30, 2015 735
' Marital rapes can't be applied to India'. Apr 30, 2015 432
Diana Karazon speaks out about long-term friend Saoud Abou Sultan's rape incident. Brief article Apr 29, 2015 328
Manager denies raping drunk woman twice at nightclub. Apr 28, 2015 465
Nightclub manager 'raped drunk reveller'. Apr 28, 2015 465
I threatened rapist Bayley with an axe; Ex-pal caught killer raping girl. Apr 28, 2015 262
Mother was in cahoots with sons who raped minor sisters. Apr 25, 2015 556
Raped Dalit battles death as she sets self ablaze. Apr 23, 2015 665
As I researched my Emmerdale sex assault role, I found vile web sites saying rape was cool... as a mum to a young boy I found it very disturbing; NATALIE TELLS HOW SHE STUMBLED ON NET PORN HORROR SHOCKEDNATALIE TELLS HOW SHE STUMBLED ON NET PORN HORROR. Apr 23, 2015 978
As I researched my Emmerdale sex assault role, I found vile web sites saying rape was cool... as a mum to a young boy I found it very disturbing; SOAP STAR NATALIE ON HER NET PORN HORROR. Apr 23, 2015 1374
Masseuse 'knocked unconscious, raped'. Apr 22, 2015 375
Rape victim lambasts night stalker in court. Apr 21, 2015 481
Rapist Emirati singer Saoud Abou Sultan sentenced to three years behind bars. Brief article Apr 21, 2015 186
Dad raped us, slaughtered our pets and shattered our lives... now he has made us victims again; SISTERS ABUSED BY DEMENTIAdad say: we were denied justiceEXCLUSIVE. Apr 19, 2015 810
Abused at 12 by a teacher, raped by an Asian sex gang weeks later but I fought back to get justice; CHILDHOOD HELL OF GIRL TWICE TARGETED BY PERVERTSEXCLUSIVE. Apr 19, 2015 1329
Dad raped us, slaughtered our pets and shattered our lives... now he has made us victims again; SISTERS ABUSED BY DEMENTIAdad say: we were denied justice; EXCLUSIVE. Apr 19, 2015 844
Fake cops jailed for kidnapping, raping tourist. Apr 19, 2015 409
'My life has been torn apart by rape'. Apr 18, 2015 538
Pensioner jailed for raping 24-yr-old; MAN WHO CLAIMS HE WAS IN BED AT TIME OF ATTACK GETS 11 YEARS. Apr 17, 2015 571
Woman cried rape to cover up steamy threesome; SCANDAL SEX DECEIT girl in DOCK Store worker accused colleague and her hubby of attack after enjoying hotel romp. Apr 15, 2015 431
Alleged Wall St rape victim: I used every ounce of strength to fight off attacker; STUDENT 'SEX ASSAULT' TRIALWoman breaks down as she tells court of ordeal. Apr 15, 2015 977
Driver gets 3 years in jail for rape bid. Apr 15, 2015 419
A comic may alter Indian attitudes toward rape. Apr 14, 2015 762
I'd started to rebuild my life after rape ordeal ... then he rang up out of the blue. Apr 14, 2015 833
Teen denied bail over rape bid claim on 15-yr-old girl. Apr 14, 2015 297
Policeman in dock for raping tourist in desert. Apr 14, 2015 394
He was a man I should have been able to trust. But from the age of three he raped and abused me. Apr 10, 2015 730
Wall Street rape accused showed 'no sign of injury' Man charged with attack on Irish student. Apr 10, 2015 487
'Irish girl raped by Wall Street banker because he wanted sex on his birthday' Court told 'victim' was attacked after accepting invite to party at executive's luxury mansion. Apr 9, 2015 826
Sergeant's 'sex abuse of 11 young recruits' One 'rape victim' fell pregnant. Apr 9, 2015 638
Sergeant's 'sex abuse of ELEVEN young recruits' One 'rape victim' became pregnant, court hears. Apr 9, 2015 451
Three men rape 26yo woman, steal goods worth 100 thousand som from her store. Apr 8, 2015 322
Extend limit for rape cases. Apr 7, 2015 510
Rape accused paid ` 2,000 to enter India. Apr 5, 2015 418
Pataudi rape victim pregnant. Apr 5, 2015 352
DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY; SAVAGERY VICTIM STABBED 44 TIMES Cocaine-crazed dad murdered prostitute Luciana in knife frenzy then raped two other call girls beside her mutilated body while his four-year-old son slept in next room. Apr 3, 2015 864
HORROR OF GIRL AGED 13 RAPED IN PARK BY BOY AGED 14; Attacked as she lay unconscious HORROR IN PARK VICTIM,13, ATTACKED AS SHE LAY UNCONSCIOUS My bubbly wee girl's unrecognisable since she was raped by 14-yr-old .. it's like the child has gone from her. Apr 2, 2015 1067
Panchayat makes mockery of justice in Dalit girl's rape case. Apr 2, 2015 480
GUILTY; TWISTED PERVERT'S SICK LUST FOR PASSENGERS Justice catches up with taxi driver who fled to Norway for two years after raping a teenager and pestering another two young girls for sex. Apr 1, 2015 620
Witnesses in rape attack probe traced. Apr 1, 2015 150
Denim Day Detroit Returns to End Rape Kit Backlog. Apr 1, 2015 386
Detectives trace key witness in city rape inquiry. Mar 31, 2015 320
Worker for state agency accused of rape. Semon, Craig S. Mar 31, 2015 237
Monster threatened to rape me and Jill in his vile letters ...It haunts me that police may have missed a chance to stop killer; TV HOST TELLS OF COPS' MURDER BLUNDER. Mar 29, 2015 1628
Jobless man on trial for rape bid in Dubai. Mar 29, 2015 225
Bayley raped 3 women before murder of Jill; Lifted court orders reveal scale of beast's depravity. Mar 27, 2015 302
2 arrested in gang rape of an elderly nun. Banerjee, Manik Mar 27, 2015 316
Humanizing the enemy: Wannous' The Rape. Mar 25, 2015 1373
'Huge justice deficit' facing rape victims; Just 7 per cent of complaints led to guilty verdicts, shock figures show. Mar 24, 2015 377
Rape trial of ex-business boss was fair. Mar 21, 2015 302
Maharashtra govt sacks IAS officer held for rape. Mar 21, 2015 438
Rape case re-opens after three years. Mar 21, 2015 511
I tried to find the long-lost father who raped my mum. Mar 20, 2015 1176
PM concerned over nun's rape. Mar 18, 2015 723
Woman asks for water during 'rape bid', jumps from window. Mar 18, 2015 461
India's Modi deeply concerned about rape of nun; protests flare. Mar 17, 2015 414
Cop denies raping woman in hotel; In Brief. Mar 17, 2015 215
Christians say under siege in Modi's India after rape, attacks. Mar 16, 2015 622
We were miles from anywhere with a man who had raped a model. We huddled together in a room and locked the door. It was the longest night of my life; model's horror as PHOTOSHOOT TURNS INTO STAY AT TYCOON MANSION. Mar 15, 2015 1305
Kolkata Park Street rape survivor dies. Mar 14, 2015 552
UNI BLAST AT 'RAPE TRIP' FRATERNITY; Bosses discipline posh boy students. Mar 14, 2015 295
Former teacher sentenced; 21/2 years in jail for rape of a student. Murray, Gary V. Mar 14, 2015 514
Highest rate of child rapes reported in North Wales. Mar 13, 2015 524
New premises for Rape Crisis centre. Mar 13, 2015 179
1,115 rape reports made to police in the last 12 months. Mar 13, 2015 344
Rape of 6-year-old Nepali girl triggers mass demonstrations across nation. Mar 13, 2015 610
N.Wales has highest rate of child rape; Police boss: Increase due to more reporting. Mar 12, 2015 421
Police chief reacts to report on rapes. Mar 12, 2015 156
I was a rape victim - now I want to help other girls escape abuse - now I want escape abuse; TERRIFIED WOMAN ATTACKED IN HER OWN FLAT. Mar 12, 2015 1302
Rape suspects 'more likely to face justice' ECHO SHORTS. Mar 12, 2015 145
30 years. OF RAPE BY NIGHT STALKER; 11 victims but more feared. Mar 11, 2015 167
Police arrest 22 people in India after mob lynches rape suspect. Mar 8, 2015 287
Photoshopped image of witness Darci Day with throat slit found on PC in Dwyer home; DWYER MURDER TRIAL: DAY 32 Gardai also discover file called Jenny's First Rape, Elaine murder trial told. Mar 7, 2015 816
Woman raped by burqa- clad man in B'luru. Mar 4, 2015 320
CRIME BLACK SPOTS; REVEALED: OUR LAWLESS COUNTIES; Limerick worst for murder cases; Rape trials hit a high in Monaghan; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 1, 2015 664
What is rape? Reflections of an ordinary woman. Djanie, Akua Column Mar 1, 2015 1417
Rape accused, 73: I was home in bed at time; DEFENCE QUERIES DNA EVIDENCE AS COURT TOLD: NO OTHER EVIDENCE HE WAS ANYWHERE NEAR. Feb 27, 2015 541
Two Iranians in Britain get 14 years each for rape. Feb 27, 2015 440
OAP denies raping woman who woke up halfnaked in field with his DNA on her; 24-YR-OLD FEARS HER DRINK WAS SPIKED DURING NIGHT OUT. Feb 26, 2015 744
Cleaner sentenced to death in Abu Dhabi for raping 7-year-old in school. Feb 25, 2015 342
MAN HELD OVER MP'S WIFE RAPE CLAIMS; COPS IN SEX ABUSE PROBE; Police quiz man over rape claims made by wife of MP. Feb 23, 2015 185
2 jailed in Dubai for threatening women, raping them. Feb 22, 2015 403
Music tutor jailed for raping girls in soundproof rooms. Feb 21, 2015 165
RAPE VICTIM RECOGNISED ATTACKER IN REPORT; Serial rapist admits 2005 attack after woman came forward. Feb 20, 2015 634
Former officer admits to rape; Probation granted; victim was 12. Murray, Gary V. Feb 20, 2015 578
Dubai cop denies raping woman in abandoned house. Feb 19, 2015 166
When you hit rock bottom you can only go back up... Brave Jill tells of nervous breakdown, suicide bid and her determination to come back fighting after rape ordeal. Feb 17, 2015 861
Mum kills herself after cops drop NHS rape probe; Kylie, 23, put in ward with sex beast; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 17, 2015 389
Mum kills herself after cops drop NHS rape probe; Kylie, 23, put in ward with sex beast. Feb 17, 2015 390
Sudan's justice minister dismisses HRW report on mass rape in Darfur. Feb 17, 2015 618
'We were having an argument and he slapped me twice. They were really hard slaps, and I knew then it was going to get worse' Woman tells of terrifying rape ordeal by former partner who left her friend brain damaged after brutal hammer attack. Feb 16, 2015 1215
Evil bandits shot my husband dead after they raped me in front of him; HORROR IN AFRICA SCOTS HELP VICTIMS OF CIVIL WAR TO REBUILD LIVES; Shot in the leg and left to die, a mum of four tells of her nightmare in DR Congo. Feb 16, 2015 1674
CHEAP & NASTY; Rape victims' compensation CUT because of past minor offences; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 16, 2015 535
Justice for rape victims. Feb 15, 2015 522
SEX GAMES COP WALKS FREE AS RAPE NOT PROVEN; Accused claimed woman seduced him with 'provocative' strip tease. Feb 14, 2015 302
UK backs calls for new investigation into Darfur mass rape allegations. Feb 14, 2015 457
Your victim had too much to drink and was throwing herself at a number of young men; Judge 'will deter rape complaints'. Feb 14, 2015 469
Your victim had too much to drink and was throwing herself at a number of young men; Judge 'will deter rape complaints'. Feb 14, 2015 470
Your victim had too much to drink and was throwing herself at a number of young men; Fury as judge slates raped teen. Feb 14, 2015 469
Sudan dismisses HRW report on Darfur mass rape as 'reproduction of lies'. Feb 13, 2015 706
UN urges Sudan to allow full probe on mass rape claims in Darfur. Feb 13, 2015 721
HRW confirms mass rape allegations in North Darfur by Sudanese soldiers. Feb 12, 2015 768
Report on Sudan documents mass rape atrocities in Darfur. Feb 11, 2015 771
Cop accuser told mum of alleged rape. Feb 11, 2015 172
Woman held me down as policeman raped me; Mum tells court of home attack ordeal. Feb 10, 2015 585
Drivers accused of gang rape on woman in Abu Dhabi. Feb 10, 2015 223
Boy, 16, charged in rape inquiry; UK BULLETINS. Feb 9, 2015 112
The memory of her 18th birthday will haunt rape victim forever. Feb 9, 2015 880
Driver and two colleagues accused of gang raping a woman in Abu Dhabi. Feb 9, 2015 225
Law slanted in favour of the drunken victims and against lads who chance their arm... Barrister's repugnant claims on rape cases. Feb 7, 2015 763
Justice for rape victims. Feb 6, 2015 522
Fire service chief cleared of raping woman at a pub; After five-day trial, jury takes 14 minutes. Feb 5, 2015 435
Daughter raped by my relative won't go to cops. Feb 4, 2015 483
Daughter raped by my relative won't go to cops; DEAR COLEEN; Ireland's most straight-talking problem page. Feb 4, 2015 529
Daughter raped by my relative won't go to cops; DEAR COLEEN; Britain's most straight-talking problem page. Feb 4, 2015 526
Daughter raped by my relative won't go to cops; DEAR COLEEN; The UK's most straight-talking problems page. Feb 4, 2015 527
Woman raped and held prisoner, court is told. Feb 3, 2015 546
Woman screams rape, probe finds it 'consensual sex'. Feb 2, 2015 288
RAPE REPORT RISE IS 'TIP OF ICEBERG' Warning as more victims of sexual offences find courage to tell police. Feb 1, 2015 725
Rape victim assessment: findings by psychiatrists and psychologists at Weskoppies Hospital. Coetzee, K.; Lippi, G. Report Feb 1, 2015 4302
HC dismisses Gowda son's rape case plea. Jan 30, 2015 351
New rape case guidance more than 'no means no'. Jan 29, 2015 370
Schoolboy cleared of rape. Jan 29, 2015 131
I'm frightened my sister lied about being raped. Jan 29, 2015 204
I FEAR SISTER LIED ABOUT RAPE. Editorial Jan 29, 2015 274
Gang-rape verdicts signal support for assault victims. Burke, Sheila Jan 29, 2015 775
Man raped teen after her drink 'spiked'. Jan 24, 2015 485
'Rape' threat left on TV. Jan 24, 2015 463
'Black magic' couple jailed for raping girl, 11. Jan 23, 2015 208
RAPE crisis bully boss in staff rant as victim asks for help; Ex-worker wins PS20k dismissal case against aggressive board member. Jan 23, 2015 319
Doctor says Uber victim was raped. Jan 22, 2015 336
45yo man raping his 10yo half-sister detained in Tokmok. Jan 22, 2015 189
Man sentenced to 21/2 years for raping 12-year-old girl; Defendant appeared to be crying throughout sentencing hearing. Murray, Gary V. Jan 22, 2015 326
GLITTER GOT IN BED WITH SCHOOLGIRL; Star tried to rape me, trial hears. Jan 21, 2015 293
Maid raped by man posing as sponsor, court hears. Jan 20, 2015 467
Maid claims she was raped by man posing as her sponsor. Jan 20, 2015 338
Woman says fake sponsor raped her just after she landed in Dubai. Jan 20, 2015 360
Rape victim might endure further questioning. Jan 19, 2015 207
Danish rape victim may come to India. Jan 19, 2015 548
EVANS VICTIM TO FACE MORE AGONY OVER RAPE ATTACK; She will be quizzed as part of appeal. Jan 18, 2015 431
Jury clear man, 23, of teen rapes. Jan 17, 2015 197
Man gets 8-10 years for rape, assault of prostitute. Murray, Gary V. Jan 17, 2015 520
Man, 51, charged with city rapes. Jan 16, 2015 132
Man charged with two rapes; NORTH TODAY. Jan 16, 2015 112
Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Arrested And Charged With Rape. Jan 15, 2015 315
Rape- accused singer performs in Mumbai. Jan 13, 2015 279
Witness reveals gory details of tourist's rape. Jan 13, 2015 427
'Driver kidnapped, raped woman in bus'. Jan 11, 2015 383
City woman ' gang- raped' and killed. Jan 11, 2015 398
43 months after raping girl, 19, Ched Evans finally says sorry; Rape campaigners say move has come too late. Jan 9, 2015 303
3 years, 7 months after he raped a girl, Ched Evans finally says sorry; But he still won't accept his guilt. Jan 9, 2015 471
3 years, 7 months after he raped a girl, Ched Evans finally says sorry; i'm no rapist Evans with Natasha yesterday But he still won't accept his guilt. Jan 9, 2015 463
Bill Cosby Jokes About Rape On Second Ontario Performance, Audience Thrown Out For Calling Him 'A Rapist'. Jan 9, 2015 449
Uber rape victim identifies driver. Jan 8, 2015 261
MONSTER; 20 YEARS JUDGE TELLS BRUTE HE IS THE WORST Jail for sadistic sex beast who abducted, raped and tortured multiple women over 2 decades. Jan 8, 2015 402
Clerk not guilty in store rape. Murray, Gary V. Jan 8, 2015 244
MP calls for review of anonymity in rape cases. Jan 7, 2015 670
MP hits out after 'vindictive' rape claim is dropped; HE WANTS LAW REFORM TO BAN NAMING OF ACCUSED. Jan 7, 2015 474
Tory MP's fury over 'concocted' rape allegation. Jan 7, 2015 464
doc 'gang raped' sick girl at savile hospital; Eight accuse kids' specialist. Jan 7, 2015 275
DOC 'GANG RAPED' SICK GIRL AT SAVILE HOSPITAL; Eight accuse kids' specialist. Jan 7, 2015 265
N. Darfur governor says investigations proved mass rape claims to be "fabrications". Dec 31, 2014 470
Six including 4 women arrested for rape, prostitution in Dubai. Dec 31, 2014 426
Boy, 6, suspected of raping girl under 13; One of 160 crimes involving children below 10. Dec 29, 2014 630
Evans trolls 'force rape victim to live on the run' Her father's fury as she has to move for fifth time in 3 years. Dec 29, 2014 441
North- East Delhi rocked by double rape horror. Dec 28, 2014 241
Six men who raped over 12 women held in Mumbai. Dec 27, 2014 381
Builder's catalogue of rapes. Dec 23, 2014 182
Grandfather shoots would-be rapists. Krey, Patrick Dec 22, 2014 468
Two rape domestic help in R. K. Puram. Dec 21, 2014 177
Enders rape star: I was humbled to meet real life victim; KELLIE SPEAKS UP FOR GRITTY PLOT. Dec 21, 2014 575
Police investigating rape get 30 calls after TV show. Dec 19, 2014 469
Was vile sex attacker to blame for 2011 rape? Dec 19, 2014 423
Schoolgirl 'raped after threats of black magic'. Dec 17, 2014 794
Terrified schoolgirl 'raped after black magic threats'. Dec 17, 2014 643
Bollywood star Aamir Khan says he is raising awareness to help combat rape. Dec 17, 2014 358
HRW calls for investigation into Blue Nile rape claims. Dec 16, 2014 475
CORRUPTEDINNOCENCE18; children under 10 held on suspicion of rape in past 5 years. Dec 14, 2014 713
Two men deny rape at hotel; BRUM DUO ACCUSED OF ATTACK ON WOMAN IN CARDIFF. Dec 11, 2014 269
Rape And Sexual Assault Higher Among College-Age Nonstudent Females Than Female College Students In 1995-2013. Dec 11, 2014 741
Night intruder charged with raping ex-girlfriendeIUs sister. Dec 10, 2014 386
Tights fetish man faces life in prison; Jailed for attempted rape of OAP. Dec 10, 2014 741
Uber driver arrested for India rape was career criminal. Dec 10, 2014 696
Night intruder charged with raping ex-girlfriend's sister. Dec 10, 2014 381
Banning Uber will not help stop rapes. Dec 9, 2014 369
Indian capital bans Uber after alleged rape. Dec 9, 2014 626
Two men 'raped woman in city centre hotel'. Dec 9, 2014 358
More abductions than rapes in Delhi. Dec 8, 2014 371
Woman raped by cab driver in Delhi. Dec 7, 2014 338
Savile chauffeur guilty of raping young girls. Dec 6, 2014 307
Sudan rejects UN request to conduct second investigation into Darfur mass rape allegations. Dec 6, 2014 631
Man gets 10 years jail for rape bid in Ras Al Khaimah. Dec 5, 2014 186
MAN RAPED TEEN AT PARTY AS SHE SLEPT; Accused jailed after fellow guest woke up and caught him. Dec 2, 2014 578
'Fury' Actor Shia LaBeouf's Rape Allegations True, 'I Am Sorry' Event Collaborators Claim. Dec 2, 2014 375
Ched Evans case sparks rise in drunk rape claims; Big surge since footballer was jailed. Dec 1, 2014 305
Ched Evans case sparks rise in drunk rape claims; Big surge since footballer was jailed. Dec 1, 2014 255
you destroyed her childhood by repeatedly raping her; PERVERT JAILED FOR SEX ATTACKS What judge tells ex-railway worker. Nov 29, 2014 538
Child rape trial starts Monday; Alleged online arrangement to led to rendezvous with girl. Murray, Gary V. Nov 29, 2014 385
Shia LaBeouf Recalls Being Raped During His Art Show 'I Am Sorry'. Nov 28, 2014 386
STUDENTS IN FRAT RALLY; OUTRAGE MASS DEMO OVER 'RAPE HOLIDAY' UNI SOCIETY 150 in protest over group's sick jokes about sex attacks. Nov 27, 2014 472
Boy, 13 raped girl after sex ed lesson. Nov 25, 2014 176
UNAMID: No mass rape in Tabit, Activist: we have to fabricate one. Nov 25, 2014 634
12 years for man who raped city prostitute in back of van. Nov 24, 2014 394
Taxi driver jailed for attempted rape of an Irish woman in Dubai; Man loses appeal over attack at teacher's home. Nov 24, 2014 453
In Darfur village, Sudan investigates claims of 'mass rape'. Nov 23, 2014 617
I AM SCUM .. I RAPED A WOMAN AGED 91 EVEN HIS MUM DISOWNED HIM; TERROR BEAST THREATENED TO KILL OAP TERROR Beast's confession to cops I cannot believe I done that to the old woman. I am scum. Nov 22, 2014 530
UP cop sets rape victim's husband on fire. Nov 21, 2014 596
Police talks over frat boy rape slurs. Nov 21, 2014 136
LET'S GO ON A RAPE HOLIDAY; Sickening sex attack boast of university toffs PRAT HOUSE Uni chiefs investigate sickening rape jokes and threats in fraternity's leaked minutes. Nov 20, 2014 732
UNAMID reiterates intention to conduct another investigation into mass rape allegations. Nov 19, 2014 605
Sudan again blocks UNAMID investigation into Darfur mass rape claims. Nov 17, 2014 602
Sudan refuses UNAMID's visit to Darfur's village to probe rape claims. Nov 16, 2014 166
Sudan's foreign ministry summons UNAMID chief over mass rape allegations. Nov 15, 2014 803
The Family Enhancement Centre Offering Suite of Counselling Services to Ensure Help for Rape Victims. Nov 15, 2014 400
Bill Cosby Twitter Campaign Backfired Badly With Rape Allegations Filling His Page. Nov 14, 2014 400
Sinclair denies raping girls.. 'They did not say no' WORLD'S END TRIAL ACCUSED ON STAND Prosecutor says teenagers were killed 'like something you wipe off shoes'. Nov 13, 2014 496
Raped in Italy but now police want student extradited to face 12 years in a foreign jail. Nov 13, 2014 707
Man linked to Bish case dies; Ex-Ware resident convicted for rape. Ring, Kim Nov 13, 2014 470
Tabit Rape: A scar on the conscience of our humanity. Nov 12, 2014 1575
Peacekeepers dismiss mass rape in Darfur, UN officials doubtful. Nov 11, 2014 681
Rape centre chief fury at Fran jibes. Nov 11, 2014 182
UNSC condemns' N. Korea's missile tests, briefed on purported mass rape E. Sudan. Nov 11, 2014 369
UNMID Deny Occurrence of Rape Cases at Thabit Area in North Darfur. Nov 10, 2014 259
Sudanese army denies mass rape in Darfur as UNAMID investigates claims. Nov 10, 2014 560
SPLM-N, NUP condemn alleged mass rape in Darfur, call for swift international action. Nov 10, 2014 439
Sudan army denies reports of 'mass rape' in Darfur. Nov 9, 2014 362
Rape debate gets lurid in Karnataka. Nov 9, 2014 516
My Downton rape ordeal gave hope to REAL victims of sexual violence; One victim told me she felt for the first time that she wasn't alone after watching what had happened to Anna; STAR TELLS OF SUPPORT FOR CONTROVERSIAL PLOT. Nov 9, 2014 697
My Downton rape ordeal gave hope to REAL victims of sexual violence; STAR TELLS OF SUPPORT FOR CONTROVERSIAL PLOT. Nov 9, 2014 682
MINUTES FROM BEING ABUSED; Hotel footage captures the moment groomed girl, 13, is lured into a hotel room to be raped by paedophile. Nov 9, 2014 725
UN envoy for sexual violence says concerned by mass rape in Darfur. Nov 8, 2014 279
RAPE SHAME OF HERO COP; DISGRACED OFFICER FACING PRISON; EXPOSED HERO OFFICER'S CATALOGUE OF CRIME; Rapist cop thought he was UNTOUCHABLE UNTOUCHABLE; Storey faces long jail term for assaults on 3 women and a child while he was serving on force Storey faces long. Nov 8, 2014 964
Scholar calls on Obama to lead international action to protect Darfurians after mass rape. Nov 7, 2014 478
Soldiers Mass Rape 200 Women And Children In 8-Hour Operation. Nov 7, 2014 630
MAN IN court ON RAPE charges; Assaults on girl took place over 8-year period, court told. Nov 6, 2014 231
HC didn't say menopausal women cannot be raped. Nov 5, 2014 476

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