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The documentary "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words" to open January 31. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2020 577
Ratcatcher: CHILDHOOD, TRAUMA AND TRANSITIONAL SPACES. Lopez, Cristina Alvarez Dec 1, 2019 2699
Remembrancers as Reconstruction: EXCAVATING MEMORY IN ROMA. O'brien, Gabrielle Dec 1, 2019 2490
DON'T RUN ON "BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID": The Academy Award-winning song, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head," proves a mystery and a marvel in the legendary Paul Newman and Robert Redford Western. Gehring, Wes D. Nov 1, 2019 1675
Starstruck. Durante, Jaymes Oct 1, 2019 6428
A Threatened Refuge. Oct 1, 2019 177
Letting the Old Ways Die GENDER AND CHARACTERISATION IN A STAR IS BORN: The fourth rendition of one of Hollywood's most iconic titles, Bradley Cooper's film takes on the challenge of adapting an old story of love, fame and dysfunction to a twenty-first-century milieu. As ZOE GOODALL argues, however, its attempts to balance fidelity to the story with contemporary gender norms ultimately have uneven results. Goodall, Zoe Critical essay Jun 1, 2019 3087
Wong Kar Wai. Carew, Anthony Jun 1, 2019 5492
Killing Time: ZERO DARK THIRTY'S THEATRE OF CRUELTY. Godfrey, Nicholas Critical essay Jun 1, 2019 3152
Voices from the Past: REVISITING GONE WITH THE WIND. McFarlane, Brian Critical essay Jun 1, 2019 3398
FILM A LA MODE: Juxtaposing East and West in Yellow Is Forbidden. Brammer, Rebekah May 1, 2019 2368
THE COST OF COUNTRY: Capital and Ownership in Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley. Siemienowicz, Rochelle May 1, 2019 2804
AGE OF ACCEPTANCE: Community and Inclusion in Sue Thomson's The Coming Back Out Ball Movie. Russell, Stephen A. May 1, 2019 2314
RHETORIC AND REMINISCENCE: Graham Freudenberg, Political Memory and The Scribe. Furze, Anders May 1, 2019 2567
Other Voices: Grace, Who Waits Alone and New Australian Underground Cinema. Heslin, David May 1, 2019 2976
Proof. Lucas, Rose Critical essay May 1, 2019 7072
Italian unification's blind spot: Verga's "Liberta" and Vancini's Bronte: Cronaca di un massacro che i libri di storia non hanno mai raccontato. Poggiolo-Kaftan, Giordana Critical essay May 1, 2019 7470
Fun until the end: The nightclub fantasy in the Italian cinema of the economic miracle. Mobili, Giorgio Critical essay May 1, 2019 8239
Ingmar Bergman. Mattia, Joanna Di Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 6281
A Universal Picture The Gods of Hail, Caesar! Wilson, Jake Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 3223
Peeling Back the Layers: Exploring Metafiction in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Brammer, Rebekah Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 2241
ROMA. Manning, Kathleen Brief article Mar 1, 2019 320
The Aesthetic of the Ecstatic: REIMAGINING BLACK MASCULINITY IN MOONLIGHT. Mattia, Joanna Di Report Mar 1, 2019 3284
Rough Justice: RAGE AND REDEMPTION IN THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI. Crittenden, Jasmine Report Mar 1, 2019 2554
Building the Fourth Wall: ARCHITECTURE AND THE MOVING IMAGE: Film has a long and varied history of interacting with architecture, revealing a cinematic fascination with the aesthetic qualities, narrative possibilities and symbolic connotations of buildings. These structures may be silent and unmoving, but they nonetheless have a great deal of communicative potential on screen, as ANTHONY CAREW outlines. Carew, Anthony Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 3183
Aesthetics of Power: FORM AND IDEOLOGY IN TRIUMPH OF THE WILL. Redwood, Thomas Report Mar 1, 2019 3283
Nothing Is Sacred: PRIVATION AND PIETY IN SIMON OF THE DESERT. Albarran-Torres, Cesar Report Mar 1, 2019 2727
Lost in Landscape: NATURE AND DISPLACEMENT INISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS Juxtaposing the human suffering and brutal bureaucracy of a Christmas Island detention centre with the perpetual cycles of the surrounding environment, Gabrielle Brady's film is an unusually poetic documentary representation of Australia's refugee policies. As ANDERS FURZE finds, it is a work that is as evocative as it is intimate. Furze, Anders Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 2438
Antisocial Justice Warriors: SPITE AND PERFORMATIVITY IN HEATHERS. Flux, Elizabeth Report Mar 1, 2019 2760
PLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: Melissa Anderson on the films of Christian Petzold. Anderson, Melissa Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 1496
Couple wrapping up project of a lifetime: Documentary takes on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, scientist. Bourbon, Julie Feb 22, 2019 1540
A GORY TALE OF TERROR! Thomas Beard on Andy Milligan. Beard, Thomas Critical essay Feb 1, 2019 1399
Monstrous Motherhood: Summoning the Abject in The Babadook. Aranjuez, Adolfo Critical essay Dec 1, 2018 3530
APOLLO ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2018: JOHN AKOMFRAH. Ahmed, Fatema Dec 1, 2018 2061
DANCE DANCE DEVOLUTION: Melissa Anderson on Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria. Anderson, Melissa Critical essay Nov 1, 2018 822
STATIC SHOCK: AMY TAUBIN ON ANDY WARHOL'S JACK SMITH, 1964. Taubin, Amy Critical essay Nov 1, 2018 918
FALLEN ANGLES: DENNIS LIM ON THE FILMS OF HEINZ EMIGHOLZ. Lim, Dennis Critical essay Oct 1, 2018 2837
French & Italian Language & Literature. Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 1616
Kenya Film Classification Board Bans Film; Ban Briefly Suspended By Kenya High Court. Brief article Sep 22, 2018 232
Werner Schroeter e Vincent Monnikendam: Il sangue di Napoli da una prospettiva straniera tra tradizione e internazionalismo. Rotondi, Armando Aug 1, 2018 6492
"Chisf e 'o paese d' 'o sole". La rappresentazione di Napoli in Rossellini e Martone. Coen, Carlo Aug 1, 2018 7005
Introduction: On Coogler and Cole's Black Panther Film (2018): Global Perspectives, Reflections and Contexts for Educators. Robinson, Marsha R.; Neumann, Caryn Essay Aug 1, 2018 5564
Echoes of Pan Africanism in Black Panther. Onyango, Rosemary A. Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 1373
To the Ancestral Plane: African Spiritism in Ryan Coogler's Black Panther (Marvel Studios, 2018) and the Desensitization to Spiritualism in Hollywood. Morris, Lleuella Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 1335
Combat, Couture, and Caribbeana: Cultural Process in Coogler's Black Panther (2018). Wynter, D. E. Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 1408
If only an abortion-minded woman could see ...: "Portrait of Lotte, 0 to 18years" in 5:37. Andrusko, Dave Brief article Aug 1, 2018 349
Speaking truth to power. Milner, Henry Jun 22, 2018 1411
SUPERPOWER: HANNAH BLACK ON BLACK PANTHER. Black, Hannah Critical essay May 1, 2018 3029
KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES: Melissa Anderson on Sophie Fiennes's Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. Anderson, Melissa Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 1481
Dracula Untold. Sanna, Antonio Critical essay Mar 10, 2018 2223
Hitch Has His Doubts. Gehring, Wes D. Mar 1, 2018 795
Catharsis. Wertz, Jay Feb 1, 2018 597
TAKE ME TO CHURCH: A new film explores the search for identity among the grittiness and beauty of New York's homeless LGBT youth. Artavia, David Feb 1, 2018 887
NAVIGATING THE MODERN WORLD. Andrews, Beverly Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 1312
Armenian Rhapsody. Kauffman, Bill Jan 1, 2018 789
Nolan's Batman Saga: Realism and Heroism. Birzer, Bradley J. Jan 1, 2018 3750
The Suppression of Satirizing Belgian Community Difficulties in Flemish Cinema and the Film Adaptation of Will-O'-the Wisp. Willems, Gertjan Critical essay Dec 1, 2017 6958
William Kentridge. Smoke, Ashes, Fable: 20.10.2017-25.02.2018. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 129
Oscar pick makes hardline unhappy. Nov 24, 2017 554
Cinema e televisione, da conflitto a sinergia: La mafia uccide solo d'estate di Pierfrancesco Diliberto. Paparcone, Anna Nov 1, 2017 9478
Fixing Ground Zero: Race and Religion in Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend. Heyes, Michael E. Critical essay Oct 1, 2017 8678
Depictions of Catholic and Protestant Bodies in Elizabeth (dir. Kapur, 1998). DeSilva, Jennifer M.; Orewiler, Alison R. Critical essay Oct 1, 2017 12100
Now That was a Nice Hanging: The Hateful Eight as Parable? Walsh, Richard G. Critical essay Oct 1, 2017 8611
Scorsese's Silence: Film as Practical Theodicy. Deweese-Boyd, Ian Critical essay Oct 1, 2017 9578
Game theory: Adam Jasper on Harun Farocki's final project. Jasper, Adam Critical essay Sep 1, 2017 1701
The Witty, Wistful Films of Whit Stillman. Paletta, Anthony Sep 1, 2017 4680
Dunkirk: miracle or blunder? Byas, Steve Aug 21, 2017 4505
A mother's son: a documentary chronicles how a mother and transgender son discover each other for the first time. Artavia, David Aug 1, 2017 709
Quand un film historique controverse devient une opportunite pour problematiser la nation canadienne. Boutonnet, Vincent Report Jul 1, 2017 7356
The cover. Brief article Jun 22, 2017 186
Does Nature Abhor a Vacuum of Patriarchy? Missing Fathers in the Films of Whit Stillman. Foley, Michael P. Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 8817
Habemus papem: The Young Pope mixes up some memes. Riddick, Ruth Jun 22, 2017 1451
Dystopia distilled in Stories Women Tell. Barbato, Lauren Jun 22, 2017 1710
Merchant's Ivory: James Ivory sails on without his partner Ismail Merchant, lovingly restoring the films that were their lives's work, like the newly re-released Maurice. Ring, Trudy Jun 1, 2017 753
SLUMBER PARTY GIRL ASLEEP AND GROWING INTO GROWING UP: In this uniquely Australian and highly theatrical coming-of-age tale, a teenage girl faces the loss of her childhood with the help of surreal dreamscapes and quirky characters, write ANNA KUCH and BRIDGET HANNA. Kuch, Anna; Hanna, Bridget Jun 1, 2017 3172
Temporal Truths THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME: In this charming feature animation, time travel enables a teenage girl to learn important lessons about life, and about herself. By presenting a narrative that rejects individualism in favour of group harmony, writes SUSAN BYE, Mamoru Hosoda's film also gives Western viewers important insights into Japans unique culture. Bye, Susan Critical essay Jun 1, 2017 3156
RICHARD LINKLATER. Carew, Anthony Jun 1, 2017 5745
After the Japan 3/11 Disaster: Slow Violence and Slow Living in The Land of Hope and Homeland. Chang, Kathryn Yalan Critical essay Jun 1, 2017 7464
Nostalgia for the Future: Home Landscape in the Films of Jia Zhangke. Yao, Sijia Critical essay Jun 1, 2017 5188
Censorship tale. Kauffman, Bill May 1, 2017 777
The persistence of memory: J. Hoberman on Paz Encina. Hoberman, J. Critical essay May 1, 2017 1590
Why Black gay filmmaker Marlon Riggs matters now: his work stands as inspiration for resistance to homophobia and racial hatred. Stephens, Charles Apr 1, 2017 639
Quentin Tarantino. Carew, Anthony Apr 1, 2017 4926
Factory farm film. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 144
Divine mercy functioning as grace: crucifixion imagery guides Scorcese's 'Silence' and our Lenten journey. Pacatte, Rose Critical essay Mar 24, 2017 1768
Shot in the dark: James Quandt on the films of Albert Serra. Quandt, James Critical essay Mar 1, 2017 3904
Sky hopinka. Lim, Dennis Mar 1, 2017 990
Faith and doubt in Silence: a Lenten reflection. Reardon, Patrick T. Feb 24, 2017 1514
!Ay que tiempos! J. Hoberman on Julio Bracho. Hoberman, J. Feb 1, 2017 1512
No nook of English ground secure: Dennis Lim on the films of Patrick Keiller. Lim, Dennis Critical essay Feb 1, 2017 1996
Teamwork behind hits: rock vids fueled Ratner's fast rise. Clement, Nick Jan 17, 2017 1512
Pay it forward: Ratner learned to give back by observing showbiz largesse, then acting on his instincts. Scharf, Lindzi Jan 17, 2017 742
Highlighting rising talent for two decades: alums of Variety's 10 to Watch Series have borne out early promise. Verini, Bob Jan 3, 2017 4000
A Teacher's Responsibility: James Baldwin and I Am Not Your Negro. Swain, Amy E. Jan 1, 2017 1612
An Interview with Eloisa Guanlao. Bushman, Karissa Interview Jan 1, 2017 2483
Violence in Fairy Tales: Basile's Lo cunto de li cunti and Garrone's Il racconto dei racconti. Mazzoni, Cristina Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 7846
"On a More Meaningful Scale": Marketing Utopia in Watchmen. Murphy, Graham J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 7127
Farhadi film makes final nine in Oscar competition. Dec 23, 2016 627
Jacques Demy's Bay of Angels: a New Wave Mode of Production. Neupert, Richard Critical essay Dec 22, 2016 4334
Demy in the New Hollywood: Model Shop. Ramaeker, Paul Critical essay Dec 22, 2016 10460
A Dance in Disguise: Figure Movement and Genre Play in Peau D'Ane. Oyallon-Koloski, Jenny Critical essay Dec 22, 2016 8008
Memories of Jacques Demy in the Cinema of Andre Techine. Boulange, Guillaume Critical essay Dec 22, 2016 6765
Dreaming of a Red Christmas: Craig Anderson on Australian horror. Heller-Nicholas, Alexandra Dec 22, 2016 2073
Cinema after cinema: Filipino Director Lav Diaz and his Independence. Finnane, Gabrielle Dec 22, 2016 3350
Reinventing Reality: Demy and his Sets. Berthome, Jean-Pierre Critical essay Dec 22, 2016 4463
Ethics, spectacle, and violence in Alex de la Iglesia's La chispa de la vida. Venkatesh, Vinodh Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 7847
Recuperating losses: history, spectacle, motility in Julio Medem's Room in Rome/Habitacion en Roma. Divine, Susan Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 7612
Pedro Almodovar grows up: after the campy I'm So Excited and the heightened, melodramatic The Skin I Live In, the Spanish auteur's new film, Julieta, is a complex, dramatic exploration of motherhood. Thomas, June Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 1208
APSA spots emerging talent: kudos have a rep for honoring Asian filmmakers early. Ramachandran, Naman Nov 15, 2016 445
Exploring juvenile sentencing laws: the Tennessean and a documentary filmmaker partner for digital series. Nov 1, 2016 530
A United Kingdom: Amma Asante's new film explores Botswana's founding leader, Seretse Khama's marriage to a white English woman--and how the British establishment attempted to sabotage it. Andrews, Beverly Nov 1, 2016 778
Beautiful minds. Rainey, James Oct 18, 2016 1353
Double Awards Elan in Variety Honoree Pablo Larrain's Year: Chilean helmer is drawing raves for his English 'Jackie' and Spanish 'Neruda'. Lodge, Guy Oct 11, 2016 747
Journeying through the wild: the jungle book. Leslie, Carolyn Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 2595
Whiplash drumming to a different beat: in this confronting take on the master-apprentice trope, Damien Chazelle challenges viewers to consider how far the protagonist should--and how far they themselves would go to achieve success. Nelson, Susanna Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 2974
Liminal vision: transformation and renewal in Pan's Labyrinth. O'Brien, Gabrielle Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 2966
Smoke and mirrors in the South: Elia Kazan's A Streetcar Named Desire. Crittenden, Jasmine Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 2676
Artificial intimacy: Technology and Human Connection in Her. Carew, Anthony Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 3516
Six ways of looking at Anomalisa. Smith, David L. Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 10742
Between documentary and fiction: The films of Kore-eda Hirokazu. Yamada, Marc Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 7345
Bearing witness: The sight of a sacrifice in Cristian Mungiu's beyond the hills. Girdwood, Megan Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 7445
The crimes of love. The (un)censored version of the flood story in Noah (2014). Kosior, Wojciech Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 11958
Zen Noir vis-a-vis Myers-Briggs personality typology: Semiotic multivalency as grounds for dialog. Godfrey, Edward J. Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 9280
Hidden in plain sight: surveillance, domestic violence and observance. Heller-Nicholas, Alexandra Interview Sep 22, 2016 2078
Tiff Filmmakers to watch. Brodsky, Katherine Sep 6, 2016 832
Sketches from over the years. Burton, Tim Brief article Sep 6, 2016 195
Burton's movies dazzle with wild exuberance: his films are populated by nightmarish characters with a hint of sympathy. Gleiberman, Owen Sep 6, 2016 515
Hacksaw Ridge. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 289
Prodigy, renegade, DANCER. Escoyne, Courtney Brief article Sep 1, 2016 148
Freedom of association: Erika Balsom on the cinema of Pere Portabella. Balsom, Erika Sep 1, 2016 3421
Tuning in for Beatles, Motown, Dylan shows. Lee, Chris Aug 2, 2016 722
'Hush': how a pro-choice filmmaker blew the lid off a major abortion cover-up. Green, Jewels Reprint Aug 1, 2016 870
Spinning out of control: Baz Luhrmann goes on the record about the struggles behind the scenes of his hip-hop opus the get down/ one of the most expensive series in TV history. Littleton, Cynthia Jul 26, 2016 2080
Douglas Trumbull. Gray, Tim Interview Jul 26, 2016 621
Matters of consequence: growing up with the Little Prince. Aranjuez, Adolfo Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 3634
A vote of one's own: suffragette and women's rights. Leslie, Carolyn Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 3634
Sound and fury: ambition, absence and anger in Justin Kurzel's Macbeth: this interpretation of one of Shakespeare's most revered traqedies stays true to the essence of the source text, at the same time managing to feel both contemporary and original. Ward, Sarah Cover story Jul 1, 2016 3212
Kathryn Bigelow. Godfrey, Nicholas Jul 1, 2016 5233
Missing communism in 1985 and 2015 Greece: nostalgia in Rinio Dragasaki's short film Dad, Lenin and Freddy. Filippaki, Iro Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 4293
Manipulation and memory in John Huston's The Battle of San Pietro. Evangelista, Matthew Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 12882
Deactivating feminism: Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron, and Avatar. Nesbitt, Jennifer P. Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 8295
Cinema as refuge: Frank Borzage and the mystical tradition. Bilton, Alan J. Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 7578
Target audiences: Ed Halter on the films of Marlon Riggs. Halter, Ed Jun 22, 2016 3830
Tough jobs: Maddie Parry and controversial workplaces. Neill, Alexandra Jun 22, 2016 2113
Art with the right ingredients: an and the films of Naomi Kawase. Carew, Anthony Jun 22, 2016 3004
Animating Gallipoli: Leanne Pooley and Matthew Metcalfe on 25 April. Pfeiffer, Oliver Interview Jun 22, 2016 1826
No place for auteurs in today's film biz: even with the help of heavy hitters, young indie directors are hard-pressed to make a living. O'Falt, Chris Jun 21, 2016 652
A different role for a familiar face: the character actor best known for HBO's "Big Love" and "Silicon Valley" hopes to make a directorial splash with "Captain Fantastic". Riley, Jenelle Interview Jun 21, 2016 1176
Resources grow as foreigners flock in: outsiders working in the Czech Republic find a lot to love in the country's infrastructure. Longwell, Todd Jun 21, 2016 792
Who's your daddy? A festival fave is now available. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 157
Cinematic Folds underneath "East Asia": Humorous Traces of History in H Story and Secret Sunshine. Inoue, Mayumo Essay Jun 1, 2016 8786
Pair Helm antic empire: will Ferrell and Adam McKay celebrate a decade of taking comedy very seriously with their wildly successful company. Riley, Jenelle May 24, 2016 2573
'Short' revealed secret plan of the Garynistas: McKay and Ferrell have quietly loaded their comedies with sharp left-of-center politics. Gaydos, Steven May 24, 2016 938
DP helps Woody Allen go digital for Cannes opener. Barraclough, Leo May 17, 2016 606
Case study: an 'ideal' pic for a banker's backing: Rudd-Coogan comedy clicked with Canadians. McNary, Dave May 10, 2016 418
Epic prank forces film censors to watch paint dry for 10 hours. Butcher, Anne Brief article May 1, 2016 209
A cinema of resistance: P. Adams Sitney on the films of Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet. Critical essay May 1, 2016 4985
Make-or-break time for big summer films. Lang, Brent Apr 26, 2016 535
Francis Ford Coppola and the longing to be 'impressive': 'Godfather' director once wrestled with self-doubt. Saval, Malina Apr 26, 2016 642
Reign men. Birnbaum, Debra Interview Apr 19, 2016 3027
Nonfiction pics put truth up front: filmmakers place family and social issues under the microscope. Apr 12, 2016 3417
'I didn't realize that my brand was bromance'. Wagmeister, Elizabeth Brief article Apr 5, 2016 305
'Sea' of dreams: Kimberly Steward's K Period Media, which produced Sundance favorite "Manchester by the Sea," aims to provide indie filmmakers a diversity of opportunity. Setoodeh, Ramin Apr 5, 2016 1195
A Lynchian director From Another Place. Could it be Twin Peaks? Rosner, Leah Hochbaum Apr 1, 2016 1051
Vengeance in Vogue: The Dressmaker. Leslie, Carolyn Cover story Apr 1, 2016 3077
Looking for Hitchcock: reviewing literature on an icon. McFarlane, Brian Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 3500
Fear takes flight: adaptation, paranoia and punishment in The Birds. Stitson, Roger Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 2675
The blonde who knew too much: revisiting Marnie. Smith, Nathan Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 3323
Sofia Coppola. Carew, Anthony Apr 1, 2016 5573
Michael Moore is back with a new axe to grind. Forst, Lyndall Brief article Apr 1, 2016 251
Agonizing transitions and turning away from God in two Tunisian movies. Yacoubi, Imen Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 6280
Different images of God: theological-aesthetical evaluation of films by Andrey Zvyagintsev and Pavel Lungin. Kondyuk, Denys Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 5993
"Noah's beasts were the stars": Arthur Melbourne Cooper's Noah's Ark (1909). Shepherd, David Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 6981
Rivette's The Nun: Religion between Sadism and Masochism. Stellino, Paolo; Rozzoni, Claudio Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 7436
The seal of the confessional: Robert Lepage's Le Confessionnal in social and cultural context. Reinhartz, Adele Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 6678
Tracking the fallen apple: ineffability religious tropes, and existential despair in Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Kickasola, Joseph Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 7012
"Aftertones of Infinity": biblical and Darwinian evocations in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life and To the Wonder. Robbins, Gregory Allen Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 6124
Raffaella Leone: Italian cinema royalty drives new wave of distrib deals, adds production arm. Vivarelli, Nick Mar 29, 2016 423
Hate, pride and "the deepest malice of the war": Ralph Fiennes 'Coriolanus. Sanna, Antonio Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 4496
The ideological train to globalization: Bong Joon-ho's The Host and Snowpiercer. Taylor, Brandon Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 2702
"Grief is worthless": identity, consequence, & close-ups in The Counselor. Mitchell, Lee Clark Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 5850
On the off-screen voice: sound & vision in Spike Jonze's Her. Bordun, Troy Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 6259
Hitchcock's Vertigo. Lippe, Richard Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 2550
Voices of a generation: is Master of None the definitive millennial comedy? Murphy-Gill, Meghan Mar 1, 2016 982
A sequel we didn't need to see: the Oscars missed a chance to tell a more diverse story, and achieve growth for the studios. Franklin, Esther, "E.T." Feb 22, 2016 827
Brazil boost: RT Features backs festival hits and home-grown titles from rising stars. Hopewell, John Feb 9, 2016 659
Conflicts take center stage in small dramas: struggles range from personal to political. McDonald, Kathy A. Feb 3, 2016 571
English channelling: famed auteur Terence Davies continues to funnel his feelings of ostracism into powerful art with his latest film, Sunset Song. King, Loren Feb 1, 2016 636
Still fighting: Sylvester Stallone is back for another round as Rocky in Ryan Coogler's 'Creed'. Setoodeh, Ramin Jan 5, 2016 3061
The art of subversion: what transgressive tastemaker John Waters teaches the right. Girdusky, Ryan Jan 1, 2016 764
"The way forward is the way back": colonial and anti-colonial archives: the historiographic operation as a film praxis. Schefer, Raquel Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 3095
A form of proto-cinema: aesthetics of Werner Herzog's documentary essayism. Akcali, Elif; Cakirlar, Cuneyt Essay Jan 1, 2016 7472
Flying the coop: Chicken Run, escape narratives and modern history: there's plenty to examine in this clever claymation classic, from politics and war to the mechanics of parody. Lambert, Celia Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 3541
Christopher Nolan. Carew, Anthony Jan 1, 2016 4754
Culture clash: East meets West in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Crittenden, Jasmine Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 2637
Individual agency and the studio system: Don Siegel, Montage, and Warner Bros. Godfree, Ghia Essay Jan 1, 2016 8568
Star Wars, remixed: George Lucas' universe is a mashup masterwork. Sturgis, Amy H. Jan 1, 2016 2961
Eros and contemplation: the Catholic vision of Terrence Malick's To the Wonder. Urda, Kathleen E. Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 6523
Chantal Akerman: 1950-2015. Halbreich, Kathy; Mazzanti, Nicola; Mangolte, Babette; Hoberman, J.; Taubin, Amy In memoriam Jan 1, 2016 6012
Variety rewards risks: Charlie Kaufman and Will Smith challenged the status quo with passion projects. Dec 29, 2015 557
Master of suspense. Bowman, James Essay Dec 22, 2015 2756
Exiled childhood. Framing Traumas in Cristina Comencini's Don't Tell. Lanslots, Inge Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 5680
Slow violence and the (post)southern disaster narrative in Hurston, Faulkner, and beasts of the Southern Wild. Spoth, Daniel Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 8465
George Romero's night of the living dead and diary of the dead: recording history. Alpert, Robert Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 6083
Michael Haneke's Time of the Wolf: after the end, only the inescapable present. Weaver, Jimmy Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 2862
Episode of the sea: a double eulogy. Morrison, Susan Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 2794
Producer shoots first, seeks buyers later: Pietro Valsecchi forges singular path through global TV landscape. Vivarelli, Nick Dec 15, 2015 447
Putting a spotlight on Golden Globes noms. Tapley, Kristopher Dec 8, 2015 764
Grateful mates: Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson are happy to be in each other's company again in controversial and timely Western 'The Hateful Eight'. Tapley, Kristopher Dec 8, 2015 2837
Paul Feig ain't afraid of no reboots: 'Bridesmaids,' 'Spy' helmer doesn't want a single joke to be missed, which means big win for home viewers. Tribbey, Chris Dec 8, 2015 477
At the 'Heart' of the Story: Ron Howard's devotion to storytelling is crucial to his celebrated career as an Oscar-winning director. Gaita, Paul Dec 8, 2015 1277
Strangers in a Strange Land: Cinema, Identity and the Modern Nation-State in Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer/ Forasteros en tierra extrana: cine, identidad y el estado-nacion moderno en The Ghost Writer de Roman Polanski. Leal, Andres Bartolome Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 7783
Liquid cinematography and the representation of viral threats in Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men/Cinematografia liquida y la representacion de amenazas virales en Children of Men, de Alfonso Cuaron. Domingo, Julia Echeverria Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 7704
And then there was one: co-prods enable lone remaining Gulf film fest to thrive. Vivarelli, Nick Dec 1, 2015 838
We can go intercity, still. Steyn, Mark Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 1750
Bolshoi Babylon: a new documentary airing on HBO this month offers rare insight into the iconic Russian company's complicated politics. Gold, Sylviane Dec 1, 2015 1181
'Ryan told me they were interested in casting a musician': Tessa Thompson. Holmes, Mannie Brief article Nov 24, 2015 282
Lenny Abrahamson & Tom McCarthy. Setoodeh, Ramin Discussion Nov 19, 2015 1327
AFI fest premiere of 'The 33'. Brief article Nov 17, 2015 102
No auto-pilot or auto-signature: for veteran filmmakers, personal style never compromises fresh approaches. Ellwood, Gregory Nov 17, 2015 907
Huddle of helmers; it's a mix of thrillers, dramas and even animated fare in this year's crowded batch of director contenders. Nov 17, 2015 1449
The 'Lion' roars for 'Pumbaa' vet. Galas, Marj Brief article Nov 17, 2015 207
H'wood hot for debut directors from abroad: helmers in the foreign-language race can ride awards attention to bigger international careers. Lodge, Guy Nov 10, 2015 826
Cinema Italian style: Paradiso in L.A.: Oscar winner Sorrentino is back, while fest also spotlights current Italy's foreign-language entry. Holmes, Mannie Nov 10, 2015 411
Hey, toons can't do that! The year's animation contenders are breaking the rules. Debruge, Peter Nov 3, 2015 1181
Kudo vets size up year in animation: 'Inside Out,' 20l6's 'The Little Prince' excite filmmakers with Oscar pedigree. Flores, Terry Nov 3, 2015 614
Star power meets social conscience: this year's Gala films feature big names and even bigger, heavier adult themes. Gaita, Paul Nov 3, 2015 419
Mendes shakes, stirs franchise: Helmer enlivens, deepens Ian Fleming's treasured series. Debruge, Peter Oct 27, 2015 648
Italy's genre feast mixes in Asian flavor. Vivarelli, Nick Brief article Oct 27, 2015 194
Tarantino plots two ways to screen 'Hateful Eight'. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 13, 2015 524
Stonewall revisited: blockbuster director Roland Emmerich brings the landmark riots to the big screen. Hays, Matthew Oct 1, 2015 2116
Butch courage: The Killing of Sister George is a rare and unflinching glimpse into real-life late-1960s lesbianism, and it deserves reputation rehabilitation. Thomas, June Oct 1, 2015 1231
In love with monsters: Guillermo del Toro has built an empire by being the ultimate fanboy--and a bit of a scaredy-cat. Riley, Jenelle Sep 29, 2015 2900
Jean-Paul Rappeneau is France's comeback kid: 'Families' brings the 83-year-old helmer back to the silver screen after 12 years. Wise, Damon Sep 23, 2015 456
Scaling challenges, one step at a time. Cray, Tim Sep 23, 2015 544
Technicolour noir: Diao Yinan's black coal, thin ice. Carew, Anthony Sep 22, 2015 2586
Animalistic Depravity: Takashi Miike's The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji. Lewis, Alicia Sep 22, 2015 1709
Winter of discontent: the Pensive Theatre of Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Winter Sleep. O'Brien, Gabrielle Sep 22, 2015 2315
Movies Making Myths: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. Ward, Sarah Sep 22, 2015 2219
Playing the victim: Lee Su-Jin's Ha Gong-Ju. Button, Jasper Sep 22, 2015 1920
Refracting Ramingining: Still Our Country--Reflections on a Culture. Barber, Laurence Sep 22, 2015 2319
Seeing Afghanistan with New Eyes: love marriage in Kabul. Laidlaw, Emily Sep 22, 2015 2371
B-grade buffet: Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films. Judah, Tara Sep 22, 2015 2027
Jedda. Lucas, Rose Essay Sep 22, 2015 8700
HBC filmmaker's diary donated to Hudson's bay company archives. Sep 22, 2015 366
"The Best Game in the World": Masculinity, Militarism, and the Geopolitical Boundaries of Sport in The Crying Game. Caloiaro, Andrea Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 8480
Tradition and the individual artist: reflections on modernism in Woody Allen's Shadows and Fog. Owens, Joana Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 7368
Deakins, Villeneuve reteam on 'Sicario': nature's brutality in full view. Chagollan, Steve Sep 15, 2015 689
Latin American cinema takes a stand: a younger generation of filmmakers feels the need to speak out, and touches a nerve with auds. Hopewell, John; Mayorca, Emilio Sep 15, 2015 734
Channeling anger on the Mekong River: Jamie Dagg's psychological thriller unfolds in a harsh environment. Lacey, Liam Interview Sep 8, 2015 573
Majidi film largely ignored outside Iran. Sep 4, 2015 792
Heather Rae films to be spotlighted at festival. Sep 1, 2015 381
Who busted the blacklist? In the controversial battle for credit, Jay Roach's 'Trumbo' splits the difference. Rainey, James Sep 1, 2015 1348
Israel-based helmer spotlights: gay Palestine: Jake Witzenfeld's documentary 'Oriented' showcases a new generation that turns politics on its head. Kamin, Debra Interview Aug 24, 2015 775
Agnieszka Holland: May 12,1976. Gaydos, Steven Interview Aug 24, 2015 453
Iran's biggest film to premiere. Aug 21, 2015 565
For the fallen Ryan Kavanaugh, hollyopathy is a perpetual state: relativity may be in bankruptcy, but the mogul still isn't willing to believe it can't succeed. Bart, Peter Column Aug 11, 2015 523
The guy from 'U.N.C.L.E.': filmmaker Guy Ritchie reboots a long-in-the-works adaptation, bringing the '60s TV spy series in from the cold. Riley, Jenelle Aug 11, 2015 1728
Helmers, scribes shine separately: script and direction are so thoroughly married that its hard to separate one from the other, especially when they're good, but they don't always get equal love at Emmy time. Rizzo, Carita Aug 11, 2015 692
Netflix adds controversy to Latin America stream: the story of a priest's sex scandal reverberates throughout Chile. De La Fuente, Anna Marie Aug 11, 2015 378
Paranoia takes over TV world--often without a game plan: alien invasion premises are out of control, and waiting for global destruction can be murder. Lowry, Brian Aug 4, 2015 626
Filmmakers give African women image boost: Ghana's Shirley Frimpong-Manso makes hit films that have helped open doors for female colleagues. Vourlias, Christopher Aug 4, 2015 749
The Vatican Tapes. Chang, Justin Brief article Jul 28, 2015 129
Dance of reinvention didn't always suit Jerry Weintraub: ace promoter was also a studio chief, but his best work was as a bold supporter of talent. Bart, Peter Obituary Jul 14, 2015 565
With Weintraub, the focus was on backing top talent: magnanimous producer was a music visionary; our last missed connection haunts me. Lefsetz, Bob Column Jul 14, 2015 627
'The tropics make it difficult to mope': the imaginative geography of Alexander Payne's the descendants (2011). Palencia, Carolina Sanchez Critical essay Jul 1, 2015 6894
Nina Jacobson: diversity in all areas needs to be addressed on the bigscreen: 'Hunger Games' producer Nina Jacobson is a vocal supporter of gay rights and an advocate for greater diversity in the entertainment industry. Lang, Brent Interview Jun 29, 2015 382
The look of silence: a new documentary film focuses on an Indonesian optometrist who interviews those involved in the 1960s communist purges. O'Hare, Ryan Jun 27, 2015 624
Lighting fire under hot movie market: kudos raise profile of Ibero-American films & push pics beyond regional buzz. De Pablos, Emiliano; Hopewell, John Jun 23, 2015 616
Sunday Bloody Sunday revisited. Brown, Julia Prewitt Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 8430
Anti-Oedipus: feminism, the western, and The Ballad of Little Jo. Grant, Barry Keith Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 7635
Life interrupted: J. Hoberman on Edward Owens. Hoberman, J. Jun 22, 2015 934
Treading water: Dean Francis' Drown. Smith, Nathan Jun 22, 2015 2212
Bloody good comedy: what we do in the shadows. Carew, Anthony Jun 22, 2015 2036
Taking Shakespeare to the streets. Judah, Tara Jun 22, 2015 2363
The road less travelled: Matthew Saville's Felony. Synnott, Ashleigh Jun 22, 2015 1659
Stunted growth: Kasimir Burgess' Fell. Douglas, James Robert Jun 22, 2015 2216
Still life: the films of Tsai Ming-Liang. Carew, Anthony Jun 22, 2015 3083
Years of being styled: Wong Kar Wai's many Grandmasters. Godfrey, Nicholas Jun 22, 2015 2177
Old recipe, new flavour: Ritesh Batra's The Lunchbox. Masukor, Sarinah Jun 22, 2015 2427
Looking and longing: Shahram Mokri's Fish & Cat. Ward, Sarah Jun 22, 2015 1939
For peace, not profit: Lynette Wallworth's Tender. Schenkel, Hanna Jun 22, 2015 2579
Struggling with silence: Rachel Perkins' Black Panther Woman. Scott-Stevenson, Julia Jun 22, 2015 2122
The horror and the humanity: Wang Bing's 'Til Madness Do Us Part. Ward, Sarah Jun 22, 2015 2341
Songs from the heart, sung on the street: Daniel Ziv's Jalanan. Edwards, Dan Jun 22, 2015 2436
Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy. Williams, Deane Jun 22, 2015 5449
Dancing to a different tune: Indian filmmakers on Bollywood Today. Trbic, Boris Jun 22, 2015 2640
Transnational Film Culture in New Zealand. Hardy, Ann Jun 22, 2015 1484
Celluloid Ceiling: Women Film Directors Breaking Through. Pickering, Karen Jun 22, 2015 1191
Vod distribution won't Fell through. Harris, Lauren Carroll Jun 22, 2015 941

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