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CELEBRITY Big Brother's Dennis Rodman is a violent adulterer who hates women, his first wife warned last night.

Anicka Bakes says the cross-dressing basketball superstar cheated on her when she was pregnant with his daughter Alexis - and then bragged about his affair with Madonna, saying she was "awful" in bed.

Last night the former model said: "He is a serial adulterer who cannot stop having affairs. If a girl is young and pretty, he will go for it."

Her outburst came hours after Rodman - worth an estimated pounds 6million - had a four-in-a-bed romp with BB babes Jodie Marsh, Traci Bingham and Chantelle Houghton.

And she warned them: "You are stupid if you go anywhere near him. You will be used and tossed aside."

Anicka had a turbulent seven-year relationship with Rodman and the couple had a daughter Alexis, now 17.

She claimed Rodman, who was married to second wife Carmen Electra for just nine days:

GOT her pregnant six times and pressured her to have four abortions.

CHEATED on her so many times she lost count.

REGULARLY beat her. After one fight, she fell and had a miscarriage

BOASTED of his fling with Madonna and claimed the singer was desperate to have his child.

Anicka warned that Rodman's BB housemates should not believe the laid-back, loveable rogue image he has portrayed on the programme so far.

She said she was especially concerned for Chantelle who had been flirting with Rodman - one of America's most famous sportsmen who's been married three times.

"She is young and naive," she said. "He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

"He simply hates women and doesn't show them any respect. To Dennis, women are here for no other reason than to serve him. There are pretty girls in there - and if he gets the opportunity with them, he will take it." Rodman is currently married to wife number three Michelle Moyer although the pair live separate lives.

They have a young son and daughter. Anicka said: "Dennis is an exhibitionist. If he has cameras on him 24 hours a day then he will do anything to get attention."

Anicka - who is now training to be a prison guard - met Rodman in 1987 when he was a shy and struggling U.S. basketball rookie. When she became pregnant with Alexis they got engaged - with Rodman popping the question as they had sex on the bonnet of a car.

But the pregnancy brought problems. Anicka says the outrageous star - famed for his tattoos, wearing women's clothes and dying his hair purple - appeared disgusted by her condition.

Talking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror from her home in Sacramento, California where she is now married to a police officer, she said: "He refused to sleep with me and was having affairs while I was pregnant.

"He was there for the birth but the next day he flew back to see a girlfriend in Texas. I was so hurt."

The couple had a low-key wedding in Lake Tahoe, California in 1991 - followed by a meal at a McDonalds. But as Rodman's career took off, he became more blatant about his affairs. Anicka said: "I could not begin to count how many women I caught him with. At games the players' wives sat in a certain area but he would have his girlfriends a couple of rows behind. He would have them in my home and in my bed. I would find their belongings and stains on the sheets. He tried to convince me they were mine."

Anicka told how on one occasion her husband left their young daughter Alexis in his car while he went inside a girlfriend's house for sex. "I came home early to find him leaving our house with Alexis in the car," she said. "I followed him and he stopped outside a house and left Alexis in the car. I went into the house where I found him with the girl in the bedroom. I couldn't believe it."

Although Rodman had a string of affairs, he insisted on having an active sex life at home. Anicka said: "If you've seen Dennis play basketball, you know how strong, fast and relentless he can be. He was all that and more in bed. Our sex was totally savage." She said Rodman hated using condoms - and she became pregnant six times. "I had four abortions and not a day goes by that I don't regret it." It was Rodman's philandering that led to the couple's relationship turning violent, she said. "There were many instances of Dennis grabbing my neck until I was gagging for air. But his favourite thing was smacking me with an open hand." But the worst violent incident, according to Anicka, came when she was 18 weeks pregnant and Rodman was at the height of his fame, earning pounds 2million per year. She said he lunged at her during a row about his infidelity.

"Before I could catch myself tumbled backwards and hit the marble floor with a sickening thud." Days later, she miscarried the baby. Anicka says the star's fame fuelled his cheating, but she also blames his troubled relationship with his mother Shirley and the fact his father abandoned him when he was three. Anicka said: "A lot of it comes down to the women. They liked his fame and didn't care that he had a pregnant wife."

She added: "Dennis did not get a lot of attention when he was young. When you come from a poor family and get too much too fast you don't have the right morals."

They started divorce proceedings in 1993, but stayed together in an on-off relationship. Then in 1994 Rodman had his famous fling with Madonna. Anicka said: "He told me on the phone that she was 'an awful lay'. He told me things like, 'All I kept thinking about when I was with her was you. She was just awful. She wanted my baby'. It was crazy, I could not believe what I was hearing."

After his fling with Madonna Rodman's contact with Anicka and their daughter became less frequent. And, says Anicka, he began dressing in women's clothes and dying his hair blonde. In 1998 he had a nine-day marriage to Bay-watch babe Carmen Electra - a pal of Big Brother's Traci Bingham.

Anicka said: "He called just before he and Carmen got married

Rodman in wedding outfit in '96 and said it was a huge mistake to get hitched. He said he was completely drunk. He had a bad alcohol problem at that time, but he has stopped drinking now." In May 2003 Rodman married current wife Michelle.

Anicka said: "He and Michelle live in separate houses and have a weird marriage. He sees his kids if it is convenient."

She said the last straw in her relationship with Rodman came last year when he failed to send his daughter a 16th birthday gift. "All I feel now is disgust for Dennis. Alexis does not give a s**t about him either." "His housemates on the show think he is wacky and fun. But I know the truth."



Sex with him was just savage

He would hit and throttle me

I lost count of all his affairs


Wife No 2... Carmen Electra' Anicka with daughter Alexis, 17 in California' Wife No1 ...Anicka, at home in Sacramento last week, says Rodman was wild in bed - and a brute out of it' Anicka at a nightclub with Rodman in 1992' Tattooed Rodman in BB house yesterday' Rodman in wedding outfit in '96 Pictures: TOBY CANHAM/ SPLASH
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 8, 2006
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