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CELTIC Boys' Club sex abuse victims hope to sue child molester Jim Torbett for damages.

And one victim, who was abused by Torbett on a foreign tour when he was just 13, is pushing for him to face a criminal court in Norway.

Boys' Club founder Torbett, 51, a millionaire businessman, faces jail after being convicted of sexually abusing three boys more than 30 years ago.

It followed a Record investigation which unmasked him as the deviant who preyed on youngsters with dreams of playing for Celtic.

A jury at Glasgow Sheriff Court found him guilty of molesting former Scotland star Alan Brazil, 38, James McGrory, 44, and David Gordon, 38. Torbett will be sentenced later this month.

Yesterday, David Gordon, the Glasgow taxi driver who reported the abuse to police after 24 years, said: "I was delighted to see Torbett convicted in court, but he has ruined a lot of lives and should be made to pay."

David has already filed a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, but he also plans to sue Torbett for personal damages.

He added: "I have every right to sue Torbett, not just for personal damages but so it may act as a deterrent to other child abusers."

David, on a youth form with Celtic when at the Boys' Club, is also considering suing the Parkhead club.

Victim John McCluskey is seeking legal advice on his best way forward. As Torbett abused him in Norway, his case could not be heard in a Scottish court.

But now that Torbett has been convicted he is hoping police in Norway will investigate his case. He too plans to sue Torbett for damages.
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Author:Smith, Anna
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 14, 1998
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