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could true blues lose? Bexley Tories' 'disgust' at Johnson. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Dec 1, 2021 337
Rejoice and trust the Welsh Government. Dec 1, 2021 488
Keir's tilt to the right unlikely to attract many back to Labour; Does Keir Starmer now have an election-winning team in place after this week's surprise reshuffle, or has he played into the Conservatives'hands by moving to the right, asks political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Dec 1, 2021 978
Shadow Cabinet reshuffle in full -meet Keir Starmer's new team after shake-up drama; The Labour Party has had a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle under Keir Starmer -but his deputy Angela Rayner was unaware of the details until it was already under way. Here's what's changed and a snap profile of each big player. By, Dan Bloom & Aletha Adu Nov 30, 2021 1998
Texts. Nov 30, 2021 196
How to win back voters; DM1ST 34 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 30.11.2021 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Nov 30, 2021 191
Tories and Plaid clash over NVZs. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Nov 30, 2021 644
Tensions at the top of the Labour Party. Nov 30, 2021 372
ON THIS DAY. Nov 28, 2021 153
Your new law will kill more migrants; FEARS OVER POWERS SNP MP blasts Tories' bill. Gordon Blackstock Nov 28, 2021 321
Is Brum's red wall in danger of falling at polls? COMMENT WE SAY. Nov 28, 2021 910
Lack of new levelling-up money is 'bad news for Wales'. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Nov 27, 2021 771
Tories' only care is fleecing poor; DM1ST FRIDAY 26.11.2021 DAILY MIRROR 53 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Nov 26, 2021 662
Bridge cash would go far on the A75. Nov 26, 2021 165
Labour race row as four councillors in Sandwell 'deselected'. RHI STORER Local Democracy Reporter Nov 25, 2021 424
City disquiet may see voters put their trust INTORIES again. Jonathan Walker Nov 25, 2021 938
Fury as Tories introduce 'outrageous' laws that could jail protesters for a year; Insulate Britain activists who block a highway could be jailed for a year under the proposals -as could people who chain themselves to railings or dig tunnels next to the construction of a railway. By, Dan Bloom Nov 25, 2021 798
Care vote and Peppa Pig pile pressure on Johnson. DAVID HUGHES Press Association Nov 24, 2021 764
'HS2 is another Government broken promise'. JOHN GREENWOOD Local Democracy Reporting Service Nov 24, 2021 268
Brexit united the Tories but they're heading for a fall. David Taylor-Gooby Nov 24, 2021 910
LAME DUCK PM; BOJO FACES CALLS TO QUIT Party's fears after Peppa Pig ramble and rebellion. DAVID HUGHES Nov 24, 2021 1617
Tories 'write no confidence letters in Boris Johnson' -but Raab says it's 'tittle tattle'; Boris Johnson has suffered blows to his authority in recent weeks, with speculation mounting over complaints to the backbench 1922 Committee. By, Lizzy Buchan Nov 24, 2021 478
Northern leaders round on Tories over latest HS2 "betrayal"; Mayors from across the region lined up to attack the decision to axe the eastern leg and water down Northern Powerhouse Rail. By, Ben Glaze Nov 24, 2021 647
Red Wall industrial firms "sold out" by Tories amid energy crisis, warns Labour; Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband accused ministers of failing to help factories battling sky high power prices. By, Ben Glaze Nov 24, 2021 562
Labour and Tories to blame for travel cuts. Nov 24, 2021 270
Pigging out as poorest hit; SOCIAL CARE SCANDAL: PM FACES BACKBENCH REVOLT Tories scurry back from PS15k-a-table ball to vote on cap Red Wall MPs oppose 'inheritance tax on the North'. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Nov 23, 2021 723
No10 in chaos as Boris Johnson's spokesman forced to insist 'the PM is well'; Boris Johnson is under pressure, with one senior Tory branding it 'amateur hour at the London Palladium -lurching from one self-inflicted c**k-up to the other'. By, Lizzy Buchan & Dan Bloom Nov 23, 2021 721
Rural homes to blame for Tories watering down gigabit broadband vow -Dorries; The controversial Cabinet Minister was making her first appearance before the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. By, Ben Glaze Nov 23, 2021 536
Nurses in 'disbelief' as Tories vote down Jeremy Hunt's bid to solve NHS staff crisis; An amendment from the ex-Health Secretary, supported by nearly 60 of the UK's most prominent health and care organisations, was voted down on the orders of the government. By, Martin Bagot Nov 23, 2021 599
Moment top Tories flood out of lavish donor ball to vote for £900m care hit to the poor; Desperate Tory chiefs brought forward last night's fundraiser to shore up their coffers with super-rich donors paying tens of thousands for time with ministers -and Boris Johnson sharing a table with two of the UK's richest people. By, Pippa Crerar & Mikey Smith Nov 23, 2021 826
ADDICTS CAN'T WAIT FOR MSPs; historic community visit Sturgeon warns Tories over drugs law plan. CHRIS McCALL Deputy Political Editor Nov 23, 2021 358
Pigging out BY PIPPA CRERAR poorest. hit; SOCIAL CARE SCANDAL: P : PM FACES BACKBENCH REVOLT >>>> Tories scurry back from PS15k-a-table ball to vote on cap >>>> Red Wall MPs oppose 'inheritance tax on the North'. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Nov 23, 2021 731
Tories must pay back cash says MSP. Nov 23, 2021 354
Health and Care Bill explained -and why anti-NHS-privatisation groups are angry; The Tories' Health and Care Bill will make sweeping changes to the structure of the NHS in England -undoing 2012 reforms. But as MPs vote on Monday and Tuesday, many people are raising concerns. By, Martin Bagot & Dan Bloom Nov 22, 2021 1491
Conservatives are no friends of North. Nov 22, 2021 171
The mask's slipped as Tories scent blood. KEVIN MAGUIRE Stalking the corridors of power Nov 22, 2021 350
Northern home owners to pay more for care; Tory cap change hits the poorest. EXCLUSIVE BY MIKEY SMITH Whitehall Correspondent Nov 21, 2021 394
Expert says Covid 'unlikely' to soar in UK this winter as Tories refuse to impose Plan B; Oxford vaccine chief Prof Sir Andrew Pollard said the UK is unlikely to see the 'very sharp rise' of other European countries -because our rates of virus and death are already so high. By, Dan Bloom Nov 21, 2021 767
NORTH TO PAY MORE FOR CARE; Millions saved 'paid for by poorest'. EXCLUSIVE by Mikey Smith Nov 21, 2021 238
Lobbying firms hand almost £2m to political parties -including a cabinet minister; As well as paying MPs as advisors, analysis found least 23 firms listed on the official lobbying register, or their directors, have donated to political parties or MPs since the register was set up in 2015. By, Mikey Smith Nov 20, 2021 580
Surprise! Now PM's hospital promises fall apart; SATURDAY 20.11.2021 DAILY AFTER TORIES' BROKEN NORTHERN HS2 RAIL PLEDGE ... >> Watchdog says vow unachievable >> >>Labour slams Johnson's betrayal. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Nov 20, 2021 1027
Surprise! Now pm's hospital promises fall apart; AFTER TORIES' BROKEN NORTHERN HS2 RAIL PLEDGE ... Watchdog says vow unachievable Labour slams Johnson's betrayal. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Nov 20, 2021 1027
Time out EXTRA. Nov 20, 2021 552
tories' drugs room u-turn; ross breaks ranks with london Party won't oppose consumption rooms. MARK MCGIVERN Nov 20, 2021 434
Tories finally join drugs crisis fight; RECORD VIEW. Nov 20, 2021 259
Keir Starmer declines 5 times to say if Corbyn would've been a 'better PM' than Johnson; The Labour leader was asked the pointed question by a BBC interviewer and swerved -saying while a Labour government was better than a Tory one, he'd turned the party round from its 2019 election disaster. By, Dan Bloom Nov 19, 2021 855
HS2 betrayal: 13 times in a decade the Tories broke rail promises to the North; The HS2 rail route to Leeds has been scrapped while Northern Powerhouse Rail has been downgraded. Yet Boris Johnson claims it's "total rubbish" to say promises have been broken. We show why that's flagrantly untrue. By, Dan Bloom Nov 19, 2021 1442
Fury over Tories' 'Great Train Robbery'. PIPPA CRERAR Nov 19, 2021 228
Boris Johnson confronted about his father Stanley Johnson allegedly groping women; The Prime Minister was pressed by reporters while in the north of England after a senior Tory MP and a journalist made claims. By, Rachel Wearmouth Nov 18, 2021 471
MP Jess: I'd have given Boris's dad punch in the face. Nov 18, 2021 307
Article 16 is a very real option, says Lord Frost. REBECCA BLACK Nov 18, 2021 209
Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid clashes with Dominic Raab in Tory sleaze row; The broadcaster blasted the government for trying to 'water down' standards. By, Ryan Paton Nov 18, 2021 386
Devolution the only way to 'level up' LETTERS Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Nov 18, 2021 152
Tories 'to axe HS2 eastern leg and Northern Powerhouse rail' in betrayal of the north; The move is a major blow to Boris Johnson's levelling-up promises and has been heavily criticised by his own Tory backbenchers. By, Pippa Crerar Nov 17, 2021 571
Elections Bill 'power grab' puts watchdog's ability under threat; A Bill that is progressing quietly through Parliament could seriously undermine British democracy, argues Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Nov 17, 2021 921
16% increase for councillors wrong; LETTERS. Nov 17, 2021 261
Tories or 'criminal authorities' should investigate Stanley Johnson, says Keir Starmer; Labour's leader said the Conservative Party 'or the criminal authorities' should probe two separate allegations dating to 2003 and 2019. By, Dan Bloom Nov 16, 2021 684
Must our heartlands remain broken? FRANK COFFIELD on how the Government's levelling up project is a far bigger task than it appears to believe. FRANK COFFIELD Nov 16, 2021 1085
Contempt for nurses; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Nov 16, 2021 207
7 MSPs raked in PS325k on side work. PETER DAVIDSON Nov 15, 2021 382
Minimum price of booze needs to rise to 65p; Lib Dems back 50p level being increased. JOHN DINGWALL Nov 15, 2021 227
Top Tories descend on by-election battleground as Boris Johnson's poll numbers tumble; Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Theresa May have all visited Old Bexley and Sidcup ahead of a by-election next month -as the PM saw his poll lead trashed by sleaze accusations. By, Mikey Smith Nov 13, 2021 290
Alec gets on the campaign trail for Paisley by-election. Alison Rennie Nov 13, 2021 377
Cox claimed PS1500 for 7 car trips to Commons but then voted in person just 3 times; THE TORIES' ' SLEAZE JUST KEEPS COMING.. NICK SOMMERLAD Nov 13, 2021 894
Cox claimed PS1,500 for 7 car trips to Commons but then voted in person just 3 times; ' SLEAZE JUST KEEPS COMING.. THE TORIES'. EXCLUSIVE BY NICK SOMMERLAD Investigations Editor Nov 13, 2021 754
Johnson's party loses UK opinion poll lead after sleaze scandal. Reuters News Service Nov 13, 2021 291
There is no more point to Boris Johnson. It's time the Tories staged a coup -for all our sakes; He was elected to get Brexit done, and see off Jeremy Corbyn. With no other purpose, he's just a liability for the UK, says Fleet Street Fox. By, Fleet Street Fox Nov 12, 2021 1296
Call for action as MSs debate ways to tackle rising cases of 'spiking'. DEMI ROBERTS Reporter Nov 12, 2021 1154
Boris Johnson Tory sleaze scandal -all your questions answered including what happens next; The Government has promised MPs a vote next week to reverse their plans to form a new Tory-led ethics body -leaving it to MPs themselves to decide.... but this row is showing no signs of slowing down. By, Pippa Crerar Nov 11, 2021 812
Boris Johnson accused of 'stitch up' to help Tories at next London elections; The planned changes would stop Londoners having a second preference vote. By, Josiah Mortimer Nov 11, 2021 530
Green solutions, but not in my backyard; LETTERS. Nov 11, 2021 238
Plea to save democracy; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Nov 11, 2021 208
'Tories will continue to put greed before right and honour under Johnson's gravy train'; It is not surprising that some Tory MPs reportedly feel they can no longer defend the Government as Boris Johnson shows he has no interest in trying to clean up Parliament. By, Voice of the Mirror Nov 10, 2021 348
Texts. Nov 9, 2021 237
Tories treat the Irish like dirt.. again; DMEEIR TUESDAY 09.11.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 17 JOHN kierans The Beast from the East. JOHN kierans Nov 9, 2021 186
UK police looking into House of Lords appointments issue. Reuters News Service Nov 9, 2021 313
tories' foot off the gas; Minister snubs call to hold next summit sooner. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Nov 8, 2021 319
Tory MPs express 'misery' over sleaze scandal as 'many wish they'd voted differently'; Some Conservative MPs of the 2019 intake are said to be 'beating themselves up' for following Boris Johnson's marching orders on the sleaze vote last week. By, Aletha Adu Nov 8, 2021 627
shameful, wrong ... and unworthy; Ex-PM John Major blasts 'politically corrupt' Tory government. NIGEL NELSON Political Editor Nov 7, 2021 338
Dire warning over region being swallowed by sea. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Nov 5, 2021 324
Stand up to this undermining of our cherished democratic values; The UK Government has threatened to overturn legal judgements, change the standards regime governing the behaviour of MPs and introduced pork barrel politics into the distribution of regional aid. Is it in danger of turning Britain into a rogue state, asks Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Nov 5, 2021 1037
Tories' antics were a twos-up to what's left of democracy. LOKI THE SCOTTISH RAPPER DARREN MCGARVEY twitter@lokiscottishrap Nov 5, 2021 596
Christmas deadline for Covid booster programme 'set to be missed' as cases surge; Older adults won't have been offered boosters until after hospitals have reached their busiest time of year, NHS bosses believe. By, Martin Bagot Nov 4, 2021 598
Ex-climate change minister leads list of top Tories taking most domestic flights; Research reveals Tory ministers have taken dozens of domestic flights, as Number 10 defended Boris Johnson's decision to take a private jet back from the COP26 climate summit. By, Mikey Smith Nov 4, 2021 839
Boris Johnson's push to change sleaze rules dealt blow as parties vow to boycott talks; Strong words from Labour, SNP and Lib Dem sources after the Owen Paterson debacle, with one source saying 'it's laughable. They didn't want to listen to anyone yesterday, now they have totally f***ed it up they suddenly need talks'. By, Pippa Crerar Nov 4, 2021 1332
Why by-election result could be a bellwether for next year. ALEX SEABROOK Local Democracy Reporter Nov 3, 2021 953
'Tory sleaze back with a vengeance as rotten Government take the public for fools'; Morals and principles are strangers to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government once again shows it's one rule for Tories and another for everybody else. By, Voice of the Mirror Nov 3, 2021 368
Green councillor defects to Plaid. Nov 2, 2021 183
Tories under fire over continued backing for M4 relief road amid carbon emissions crisis. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Nov 2, 2021 669
Disgraced MP allowed back into Tory party; 'HE SHOULD HAVE RESIGNED OVER SEXUAL HARASSMENT'. SAM BLEWETT RUTH MOSALSKI Nov 2, 2021 297
Only Green councillor defects. Nov 2, 2021 166
Conservatives criticised for still backing M4 relief road. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Nov 2, 2021 718
Law to ban plastic wet wipes to help the planet passes first hurdle; Labour MP Fleur Anderson's bill was backed by Tory MP Sir Philip Dunne, former leader of the Lib Dems Tim Farron and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. The Plastics (Wet Wipes) Bill will be read again in the Commons on Friday November 19. By, Aletha Adu Nov 2, 2021 547
Tories admit 'scar' of child poverty as Rishi Sunak defends tax bombshell budget; The Chancellor claimed it was "unfair" of Labour to complain about tax hikes if public services get better. By, Rachel Wearmouth Nov 1, 2021 686
MLA gets on his bike. SHAUNA CORR in Glasgow Nov 1, 2021 265
Tories' gutter politics; SUNDAY PEOPLE ? OCTOBER 31, 2021 Keir Mudie YOUR MAN IN WESTMINSTER Why did 265 of them vote for sewage in sea? Keir Mudie Oct 31, 2021 538
All aboard for the transport revolution ... mind the gaps; 70,000 LIVE IN HARD-TO-REACH AREAS. ELLIOTT RYDER ECHO Correspondent @LivEchoNews Oct 30, 2021 1121
MS website 'mistake' says NHS survey data to be shared with Tory party; DISCLAIMER'S WRONG, SAYS SPOKESMAN OVER PUBLICLY-FUNDED INFO-GATHERING. RICHARD EVANS Local Democracy Reporter Oct 29, 2021 416
Labour select for commissioner role. Oct 28, 2021 362
'Union is at risk as aggressive Tories encroach on Wales' At the annual Aneurin Bevan Memorial Lecture, First Minister Mark Drakeford said the Conservative Government is 'breaching the principle of devolution daily'. Political editor Ruth Mosalski reports. Oct 28, 2021 965
Tories call for free parking to save city's high streets; Lack of investment in suburbs, says group. Mark Cardwell Local Democracy Reporter Oct 28, 2021 527
Full list of 100 areas in UK getting 'levelling-up funds' in 2021 Budget; Chancellor Rishi Sunak said he hopes the Tories' landmark levelling up agenda would act as a golden thread which runs through his 2021 Budget. A Tory led council got the single most biggest levelling up grant, worth £49.6 million pounds. By, Aletha Adu Oct 27, 2021 1006
Paisley says 'end Protocol to avoid fall of Stormont'. Oct 27, 2021 161
Tories dither as disaster looms; DM1ST TUESDAY 26.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 39 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Oct 26, 2021 567
Tide of filth; WATER COMPANIES TURNING OUR B R BEACHES INTO SAFETY HAZARD >>>>Fury at Tories over sewage vote >>>>Discharges for 3m hours in year >>>>Pollution". has become 'routine'. EXCLUSIVE BY NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Oct 26, 2021 1038
Tide of filth; WATER COMPANIES TURNING OUR B R BEACHES INTO SAFETY HAZARD >>>>Fury at Tories over sewage vote >>>>Discharge.s for 3m hours in year >>>>Pollution". has become 'routine'. EXCLUSIVE BY NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Oct 26, 2021 1038
How Democrats' progressive-moderate split imperils Biden's climate legacy. Arab News Oct 25, 2021 1860
Lib Dems accuse Government of creating 'tax bombshell' for smaller businesses; Research commissioned by the party said businesses with fewer than 250 employees would pay an extra £2.4 billion a year due to the 1.25% rise in national insurance. By, Geraldine Scott, PA Political Correspondent & Josh Luckhurst Oct 25, 2021 630
Millionaire hotel tycoon, 33, collapses and dies after partying at Mayfair hotspot; Mr Chadha was closely linked to the Conservative Party and ran the multi-million-pound Nine Group, which had extensive hotel and property interests. By, mirror Oct 25, 2021 577
Lib Dems accuse Government of creating 'tax bombshell' for smaller businesses; Research commissioned by the party said businesses with fewer than 250 employees would pay an extra £2.4 billion a year due to the 1.25% rise in national insurance. By, Geraldine Scott, PA Political Correspondent & Josh Luckhurst Oct 25, 2021 630
Scotland is being failed by two bad governments . This 's about living with dignity .. or without it; LABOUR LEADER STARMER HITS OUT AT Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon Sir Keir vows to win back voters north of the Border. EXCLUSIVE John Ferguson | Political Editor Oct 24, 2021 852
Rishi Sunak dismisses Marcus Rashford's call for free school meals extension in Budget; The Manchester United striker said levelling up should "surely" start with ensuring that "every child in Britain can eat well at least once a day" -as the Chancellor came under pressure from fellow Tories to give more help to struggling families. By, Aletha Adu Oct 24, 2021 524
Read report on outbreak; Letters. Oct 23, 2021 261
Renters in arrears to get £65m help after Tories scrap eviction ban and UC uplift; Both the ban on evictions during the pandemic and the £20 uplift in Universal Credit have been scrapped in recent weeks. By, Mikey Smith & Jemma Crew Oct 23, 2021 858
We defend Higgins over no-show at NI centenary service; Government bats off Dail attack that they've 'snubbed' President. JAMES WARD Oct 22, 2021 351
UK Covid daily cases soar past 52,000 as Tories resist calls for Plan B rules; The latest grim coronavirus figures come just 24 hours after Health Secretary Sajid Javid resisted calls to implement the measures despite his warning that the number of cases could rise to 100,000 a day. By, Alahna Kindred Oct 21, 2021 601
Sajid Javid urges public to wear face masks -hours after Tories refuse to in Commons; The Health Secretary urged people to consider wearing a mask in busy places but did not make them compulsory again. His comments came just hours after ministers gathered in the Commons for PMQs. By, Chiara Fiorillo Oct 20, 2021 832
Families backed to halt conflict amnesty. CATHERINE WYLIE Oct 20, 2021 215
Welfare state has been eroded by cruel Tories' cuts; RECORD VIEW. Oct 20, 2021 256
Notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary denies 'radicalizing' MP's killer. Arab News Oct 19, 2021 385
Far-right activist Jayda Fransen pledges to contest Sir David Amess by-election; Her announcement comes after Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party all confirmed they would not run as mark of respect. By, Ellis Whitehouse & Brett Gibbons Oct 19, 2021 445
Boris Johnson poses for eco-friendly pictures with donor who lends him private jet; The Prime Minister stood for snaps taken by one of his three vanity photographers in front of a hydrogen-powered digger -owned by Lord Bamford, who ferries the PM round the country on his private fleet of gas-guzzling aircraft. By, Mikey Smith Oct 19, 2021 475
How do I get £5,000 grant for heat pump? Five key questions answered about Tory scheme; Mirror Environment Editor Nada Farhoud answers your questions about the Tories' heat pump scheme -from how to get athe £5,000 grant to how it all works. By, Nada Farhoud Oct 19, 2021 726
'It shouldn't have taken a Tory MP's death for this Government to finally tackle hate'; Darren Lewis says it should never have taken the passing of David Amess MP to spark the Tories into finally wanting to draw a line in the sand on the UK's culture of hate after ignoring pleas on it for years. By, Darren Lewis Oct 18, 2021 655
I'll curb European judges' power to dictate to UK, says Raab; Justice Secretary gives new details of overhaul of Human Rights Act. By, Patrick Daly, PA Political Correspondent & Debra Hunter Oct 17, 2021 412
CRUELLEST CUT; FURY OVER UNIVERSAL CREDIT UPLIFT AXE 140,000 more families a day choosing between heating and eating in UK. Nigel Nelson Oct 17, 2021 408
UK considers ways to boost lawmaker security after stabbing. Reuters News Service Oct 17, 2021 184
Syngas could prove crucial to our future. Oct 16, 2021 318
UK PM Johnson visits church where lawmaker was stabbed to death. Reuters News Service Oct 16, 2021 330
Every politician needs police protection when away from Westminster. PAUL ROUTLEDGE Oct 16, 2021 293
Every politician needs police protection when away from WESTMINSTER. PAUL ROUTLEDGE Oct 16, 2021 293
Syngas could prove crucial. Oct 16, 2021 323
GMB's Kate Garraway demands to know if Christmas will be 'cancelled' in tense Grant Schapps chat; Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway demanded answers from Transport Grant Schapps on Christmas. By, Simon Duke Oct 15, 2021 407
What Plaid achieved as a partner to Labour in government in Wales | Ieuan Wyn Jones; New light has been shed on events that nearly saw Labour ousted from power at the Senedd. Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton reports. By, Martin Shipton Oct 15, 2021 991
Welsh firm donated £20k to Tories at the same time it won UK Government funding; The UK Government now has an equity stake in Hydro Industries. By, Martin Shipton Oct 15, 2021 720
MP stabbed multiple times at constituency surgery; Sir David Amess is being treated at the scene. By, Neil Shaw Oct 15, 2021 384
doctoring the truth; >>>>Tories 'are stoking up anti-GP rhetoric' >>>>Javid ducks out of showdown with docs. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Oct 15, 2021 436
Riddikulus! Sunak claims Tories 'doing all we can' to fight shortages as Harry Potter gifts latest to be hit. GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business Oct 15, 2021 325
DOCTORING THE TRUTH; Tories 'are stoking up anti-GP rhetoric' Javid ducks out of showdown with docs. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Oct 15, 2021 436
Call to step up action over city fly-tipping. LATIFA YEDROUDJ News Reporter Oct 15, 2021 425
Councils spend over PS250m on supply teachers. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education Editor Oct 15, 2021 741
Firm that donated PS70,000 to Tories also got PS3.5m funding. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Oct 15, 2021 693
Tory donor takes his seat at the trough. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Oct 15, 2021 206
The vast sums spent by Welsh councils on supply teachers in schools; More than £250m has been paid to agencies for supply teachers amid ongoing row about how well the system works. By, Abbie Wightwick Oct 14, 2021 999
Harry Potter wands double in price as shortages cast black spell over Christmas; A £20 Harry Potter wand is now going to be £35 to £40 amid more evidence of looming Christmas shortages -but Chancellor Rishi Sunakinsists Tories are doing 'everything'. By, Graham Hiscott Oct 14, 2021 376
'Labour's election scare led to devolution progress for Wales' New light has been shed on events that nearly saw Labour ousted from power at the Senedd. Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton reports. Oct 14, 2021 1000
Quotes OF THE week... PAT McART The Wise Man from the West Quotation Oct 14, 2021 164
Don't panic buy for Christmas, Britain says after port chaos. Reuters News Service Oct 13, 2021 357
QUOTES OF THE DAY. Oct 13, 2021 230
THEY SAID WHAT? Oct 13, 2021 230
Time out extra. Oct 13, 2021 431
Tories' policy failures lower life expectancy. marTin bagoT Health Editor Oct 13, 2021 239
Key northern rail link could pump £22bn into economy over 30 years, says report; Connecting Leeds, Bradford and Manchester by high-speed trains could deliver the boost, according to a major study by an engineering consultancy. By, Ben Glaze Oct 12, 2021 626
We're going to do everything we can to improve lives here; council leader's pledge amid review into town's future - and government's latest attempts to 'level up'. JENNIFER WILLIAMS @JENWILLIAMSMEN Oct 12, 2021 1402
Chancers in moonlight; DM1ST TUESDAY 12.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 39 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Oct 12, 2021 172
OP-ED: Labour has lost the plot. Oct 11, 2021 856
STATIONS OF THE CROSS; anger as tories 'block' piccadilly underground scheme in 'bare minimum' rail plan for north. STEVE ROBSON @MENNEWSDESK Oct 11, 2021 515
Universal Credit cut: Many working people will see their incomes slashed by £1,000; Hundreds of thousands of working people will see their incomes slashed by at least £1,000, say Labour. By, Pippa Crerar & Max Channon & PA Reporters Oct 11, 2021 1136
Dehenna Davison becomes first female Tory MP to come out as bisexual; Dehenna Davison, 28, was elected to represent Bishop Auckland in 2019 a key 'Red Wall' seat that fell to the Conservative Party as Boris Johnson stormed to victory. By, Tom Davidson Oct 11, 2021 392
Universal Credit cuts to wipe £500m from family incomes in 54 'red wall' seats; More than 500,000 households will be affected by £20-a-week cuts to the benefit in 54 constituencies seized by the Tories in 2019. By, Pippa Crerar Oct 11, 2021 540
Top Tories urge parents to get children vaccinated as school Covid cases surge; Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi and Health Secretary Sajid Javid issued a plea to families to encourage 12 to 15-year-olds to get the Covid jab. By, Lizzy Buchan Oct 11, 2021 482
Patients face postcode lottery to see doctor with one GP per 2,000 people in England; Hull now has one GP for every 2,821 people, more than double the 1,279 people per GP in Wirral. The Liberal Democrats, who commissioned the analysis, has called on the Government to train more GPs. By, David Lynch & Chiara Fiorillo Oct 11, 2021 563
Six major crises going on in the UK as Boris Johnson jets off on holiday; Boris Johnson is enjoying a Spanish break as Brits face misery from spiralling energy costs, fuel and food shortages, and the Universal Credit cut. By, Lizzy Buchan Oct 10, 2021 1250
Quizof the week. Oct 10, 2021 351
Fellow Tories.. my name is Boris. It's time I told the truth for a change - Britain is a failed state. And I've got a confession to make about Brexit.. John Niven Oct 10, 2021 752
Labour leader backs Burnham's transport plans on factory visit. Oct 9, 2021 241
Boris Johnson calls in ex Tesco boss amid claims senior Tories have started panic buying; One in six adults in Britain have been unable to buy essential food items. By, PA Reporters & Max Channon Oct 9, 2021 1586
I have democracy on my side.. and time too; STURGEON ISSUES WARNING TO JOHNSON First Minister insists Tory PM can't block IndyRef 2 forever. CHRIS MCCALL Oct 8, 2021 245
All Emma wants is a safe home... is that too much to ask? DM1ST FRIDAY 08.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 29 @realbritainros realbritain Ros Wynne-Jones standing up for you and your family. Ros Wynne-Jones Oct 8, 2021 980
Blame game of blustering Boris; DM1ST FRIDAY 08.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 53 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Oct 8, 2021 650
Businesses 'treated like bogeymen by Johnson'. GERALDINE SCOTT Press Association reporter Oct 8, 2021 516
British businesses deserve better than the Tories amid supply chain and labour shortage crisis, says Starmer; Labour leader says Prime Minister is just promising 'jam tomorrow' and dismissing business concerns by offering jokes and slogans. By, By Geraldine Scott, PA Political Correspondent & Steve Houghton Oct 8, 2021 504
'Insensitive' for DWP minister to sing 'Time of My Life' on day of Universal Credit cut, says Sadiq Khan; Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey was filmed performing a rendition of the power ballad yesterday morning. By, Jemma Crew (PA) & Erin Santillo Oct 7, 2021 487
ARE YOU >> joking? ANGER AFTER JOHNSON N LAUGHS OFF CRISES CRIPPLING UK... >>>> UC cuts hit... prices surge & Christmas is threatened >>>>But PM speech is vapid, gag-filled insult to those his policies hurt While minister in charge of slashing welfare belts out 'I've had the time of my life'... just as millions are plunged deeper into poverty. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor, BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor and ALETHA ADU in Manchester Oct 7, 2021 672
are you ou joking? ANGER AFTER JOHNSON N LAUGHS OFF CRISES CRIPPLING UK... >>>>UC cuts hit... prices surge & Christmas is threatened >>>>But PM speech is vapid, gag-filled insult to those his policies hurt While minister in charge of slashing welfare belts out 'I've had the time of my life'... just as millions are plunged deeper into poverty. PIPPA cReRAR Political Editor, BeN GLAZe Deputy Political Editor and ALetHA ADU in Manchester Oct 7, 2021 674
Son has 70 seizures a day in cramped, narrow pad but mum faces 10-year wait for safe home; Emma Paul and sons Jo and Leo face a daily battle in a cramped home with narrow stairs where five-year-old Leo suffers 70 seizures a day from a rare condition and has to be carried up narrow stairs multiple times. By, Ros Wynne Jones & Claire Donnelly Oct 7, 2021 1007
Boris Johnson Pledges Transformed Economy For U.K. Oct 6, 2021 795
'Is Teesside another name for the Merseyside region?' civil servant's query during northern powerhouse project. DAN O'DONOGHUE Reporter Oct 6, 2021 386
Teesside? Is that the same as Merseyside? QUESTION HIGHLIGHTS STRUGGLE OF TORIES' 'LEVELLING UP' AIMS. DAN O'DONOGHUE ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Oct 6, 2021 356
A greater level of understanding. Politics Editor JENNIFER WILLIAMS at the Tory Party conference Oct 6, 2021 552
Under fire, UK PM Johnson tries to return to election agenda. Reuters News Service Oct 6, 2021 440
Shrugging off crises, PM Johnson delights party, annoys business. Reuters News Service Oct 6, 2021 668
'Clueless Boris Johnson doesn't care how many families will suffer under his government'; Rising inflation and surging energy bills come as the government takes £20 a week off families in the Universal Credit cut, points out Torsten Bell, chief executive of the Resolution Foundation. By, Torsten Bell Oct 6, 2021 421
8 ways waffling Boris Johnson filled 45 minutes -and 8 catastrophes he ignored; Prime Minister Boris Johnson somehow made no mention of the myriad of crises currently gripping the country in his speech to the Conservative Party conference -here are eight ways he filled the time and eight looming crises he glossed over. By, Dan Bloom Conference news Oct 6, 2021 2870
Boris Johnson set to announce 'large' rise in minimum wage to take effect in weeks; The Prime Minister will say the rise will take place within the next few weeks. By, Robert Rowlands Oct 6, 2021 851
Boris Johnson calls Insulate Britain activists 'irresponsible crusties'; Prime Minister warned that the group has been 'doing considerable damage to the economy'. By, David Lynch (PA) & Erin Santillo Oct 5, 2021 380
Heartless PM Boris repeats idol Thatcher's lies to snatch £20 a week from broke families; In the Tories' day of shame Boris Johnson said he had no alternative and showed has has no shame as the heartless PM repeats the lies of his idol Margaret Thatcher to say he must snatch back £20 a week from hard-up families in a Universal Credit scandal. By, Pippa Crerar Oct 5, 2021 669
'Johnson's Universal Credit cut is shameful as he grinds down the UK just like Thatcher'; Boris Johnson fancies himself as another Thatcher and everyone knows he is grinding down England's North and Midlands and the UK as a whole just like his idol -who was booted out when the Tories finally realised they had a loser at the helm. By, Voice of the Mirror Oct 5, 2021 345
Towns need 'specific solutions' to level up, says Gove. ROB PARSONS Oct 5, 2021 418
UK tells EU again it may take unilateral steps to protect Northern Ireland trade. Reuters News Service Oct 5, 2021 589
UK finance minister: Fix public finances before cutting taxes. Reuters News Service Oct 5, 2021 212
morally indefensible; First Minister reveals talks with Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts to urge PM rethink on benefits cut. TORCUIL CRICHTON Oct 5, 2021 576
'Anti-semitism' suspension. Oct 5, 2021 152
Region bids to lead levelling up agenda by demanding multi-billion pound deal. Oct 5, 2021 436
UK to unveil new pandemic support for workers. Oct 5, 2021 669
Farmers protest as 120,000 pigs could be destroyed within days; "It's criminal that we are going to be forced to make that decision and kill healthy animals for waste.". By, Neil Shaw Oct 4, 2021 653
What the latest poll shows about the Tories' hopes in Wales if an election were held tomorrow; The Tories face losing a swathe of seats in Wales. By, Ruth Mosalski Oct 4, 2021 510
Rishi Sunak boasts he's a 'low-tax Tory' -but refuses to rule out huge council tax hike; The Tory Chancellor made a private boast to activists amid claims he could cut tax before the next election -but in the short term, he refused to rule out even more tax rises on Brits. By, Dan Bloom Oct 4, 2021 689
Fears mount that Boris Johnson will ditch key HS2 railway to Red Wall; The Government is refusing to say whether the high speed line's eastern leg will go ahead. By, Ben Glaze Oct 4, 2021 709
Boris Johnson confronted with £20 note over 'crony' peerage for megabucks donor; The PM faced fury last week after he installed banker and party donor Malcolm Offord in the House of Lords for life, and gave him a plum job in the Scotland Office -as the PM is set to scrap Universal Credit uplift within days. By, Mikey Smith Oct 4, 2021 500
Top Tories blocked Orgreave inquiry 'because it would tarnish Thatcher's memory'; Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham expressed anger at the claim, made in a book by the wife of a Tory MP. By, Mikey Smith Oct 4, 2021 567
'Nutters' are trying to become Tory MPs, says co-chairman of the Conservative Party; Ben Elliot used the eyebrow-raising phrase when asking a party member if they expected Conservative HQ to 'root out the nutters' before they get to a candidate selection. By, Dan Bloom Oct 4, 2021 463
Liz Truss warns Tories could lose the next election if Brits' lives don't improve; Liz Truss sent a warning shot to Boris Johnson over tax rises and Lidl shoppers who may find themselves struggling to afford the weekly shop. By, Dan Bloom Oct 4, 2021 606
PM hints at plan to serve up 'fantastic future' BORIS SAYS 'TRANSPORT IS CRUCIAL, SECOND IS EDUCATION'. JENNIFER WILLIAMS Oct 4, 2021 1145
Ring of steel as 10,000 march... STEVE ROBSON Oct 4, 2021 427
The Government's sticking plaster won't cover this; ALASTAIR BALLS, PETER HETHERINGTON, JANE STREATHER and SALLY YOUNG say the Government is deliberately slashing our social security system to its lowest level in years. Oct 4, 2021 952
Johnson won't use immigration to resolve shortages. GAVIN CORDON AND RICHARD WHEELER in Manchester Oct 4, 2021 710
PM will fail to level up, 51% believe. DAN O'DONOGHUE Westminster Editor Oct 4, 2021 451
JANE DODDS MS COLUMNIST; Jane Dodds, health spokeswoman for the Welsh Liberal Democrats, says we are in need of a more caring society. Jane Dodds Oct 4, 2021 369
I don't want to raise taxes again, says Prime Minister. PRESS ASSOCIATION Oct 4, 2021 688
PM's warning over Christmas shortages. GAVIN CORDON & RICHARD WHEELER Oct 4, 2021 732
UK Alerts EU Time Is Running Out To Fix Northern Ireland Accord. Oct 4, 2021 338
U.K. Minister Raises Question Over Part Of Flagship Rail Project. Oct 4, 2021 258
Windfarm ship sailed long ago; LETTERS. Oct 4, 2021 164
Tories out of touch and fuelling our cost of living crisis; RECORD VIEW. Oct 4, 2021 397
YOU CAN RUN .. BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE; PM ACCUSED OF CAUSING G A ' PERFECT STORM' OF CUTS BoJo trots out soundbites and offers cold comfort for Xmas. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Oct 4, 2021 770
General election could come in 2023 as Tory chairman refuses to rule it out; Tory Chairman Oliver Dowden would not rule out asking people to go to the polls early. By, Lizzy Buchan Oct 3, 2021 239
Top Tory retweets meme branding Boris Johnson a 'cold, calculating narcissist'; Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis shared a message warning his boss will "screw the UK over without breaking into a sweat". By, Mikey Smith Oct 3, 2021 317
Inside Boris Johnson's hidden venue for Trump-style rally on final day of Tory conference; It comes as his Cabinet ministers struggled to fill even a cut-sized hall at Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. By, Mikey Smith Conference news Oct 3, 2021 548
Latest UK news headlines on Sunday, October 3: Boris on shortages and crime, Covid rising, travel updates. By, Neil Shaw Oct 3, 2021 680
Boris Johnson -- I'd love to go on Great British Bake Off; Pie Minister Boris Johnson says he loves a Bakewall tart. By, Neil Shaw Oct 3, 2021 347
Protestors blocking motorways face six months in prison; The Government is to introduce tougher powers. By, Neil Shaw Oct 3, 2021 298
Latest UK news headlines: Motorway protesters face tougher penalties, Minister for Women 'concerned' walking home at night; Elsewhere the Minister for Women has said she feels 'concerned' when walking home at night. By, Lorna Hughes Oct 3, 2021 365
Keir should have kept his trap shut about Scotland. Lesley Roberts Oct 3, 2021 690
Commander steps in to revamp care sector; BIGGEST REVIEW IN 40 YEARS PROMISED. Gavin Cordon Press Association Reporter Oct 3, 2021 522
labour looking to bridge divide in ni; Bigwigs want election choice. EXCLUSIVE BY NIGEL NELSON Political Editor Oct 3, 2021 204
UK PM Johnson says immigration will not solve fuel, gas, food crises. Reuters News Service Oct 3, 2021 500
Keir Starmer urged to field Labour candidates in Northern Ireland elections; Plan is to establish a non-sectarian Labour Party which would contest around three Parliamentary seats and six assembly ones as Emily Thornberry says Labour should offer NI voters an alternative. By, Nigel Nelson Oct 2, 2021 234
Tory mayor 'welcome' in city after Andy blast. ROB PARSONS Oct 2, 2021 448
'We must show progress' mayor's message to johnson on levelling up. ROB PARSONS Northern Agenda Editor @TeessideLive Oct 2, 2021 856
New Green Party leaders announced as Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay win ballot; It comes as climate change is at the top of the agenda ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow. By, Rachel Wearmouth Oct 1, 2021 399
Starmer is no Tony Blair... hell, he's not even an Ed Miliband. LOKI THE SCOTTISH RAPPER DARREN MCGARVEY twitter@lokiscottishrap Oct 1, 2021 801
Hammered by the Tories; TRIPLE WHAMMY LEAVES POOREST OUT IN THE COLD. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Oct 1, 2021 848
Economy needs more than visas; Letters. Sep 30, 2021 224
Why the trade unions need to do Labour a favour in voting reform; Although there is overwhelming support among Labour's members for future UK general elections to be fought under a proportional representation voting system, a motion to make that party policy was defeated this week because of the opposition of trade unions. Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton argues that Labour has shot itself in the foot. Martin Shipton Sep 30, 2021 1069
Politics in Wales today: Tolls on Welsh roads to be debated; What is happening today in the world of Welsh politics today? By, Ruth Mosalski Sep 29, 2021 383
Texts. Sep 29, 2021 217
Breaking with the left, Labour's Starmer promises to win back UK voters. Reuters News Service Sep 29, 2021 551
Plaid and Greens form election pact. ALEX SEABROOK Local Democracy Reporter Sep 28, 2021 464
MP praises pledge for Steel Renewal Fund. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Sep 28, 2021 655
Labour promises to ban junk food adverts near schools in England; Britain has one of the worst child obesity rates in western Europe. By, Ben Glaze & Nisha Mal Sep 28, 2021 878
Sadiq Khan speaks out about needing police protection because of 'god he worships'; The London Mayor said he was given the confidence to talk about the threats and vitriol he receives for the first time after seeing the response to Marcus Rashford and the England team speaking out about racism. By, Mikey Smith Sep 28, 2021 686
'As a Muslim, Britain First's move to become political party frightens me to my core'; As a visibly Muslim woman who wears a hijab, I worry that Britain First's supporters will feel legitimised to rabble-raise against people like me, writes Anjum Peerbacos. By, Anjum Peerbacos Sep 28, 2021 428
Men 'should be ordered off streets' to protect women when murderers at large; Government adviser Dame Vera Baird has there is a "real vacuum of police action" over violence against women following the death of Sabina Nessa who was killed in south east London. By, Tim Hanlon Sep 28, 2021 460
'Keir Starmer must rise to the occasion and speak to nation with vision and passion'; With the gloss coming off a reckless Boris Johnson, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer must seize his golden opportunity to win back the votes of the men and women who deserve a better life. By, Voice of the Mirror Sep 28, 2021 349
Mark Drakeford blasts Tories as 'one of the most awful Governments' in history; The First Minister of Wales insisted devolution is the UK's 'greatest strength, not its greatest mistake' and hopes a Labour Government will be able to prove that. By, Aletha Adu Sep 27, 2021 271
Petrol chumps; N DISARRAY OVER DRIVER CRISIS TORIES IN D >>>>PM 'ignored' HGV warning months ago >>>>Shapps blamed as fuel chaos continues. LOUIE SMITH and BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Sep 27, 2021 727
Just look at Wales, says Drakeford. STAFF REPORTER Sep 27, 2021 356
Drakeford is facing fresh calls for Welsh Covid inquiry. DAVID HUGHES Press Association Sep 27, 2021 298
New demand for FM to hold Wales Covid inquiry; CAMPAIGNER: WE FEEL ABANDONED. DAVID HUGHES Sep 27, 2021 451
Petrol chump; TORIES IN DISARRAY OVER SUPPLY CRISIS Grant Shapps says there's 'plenty of fuel' More than half of stations are run dry. CHRIS McCALL Deputy Political Editor Sep 27, 2021 806
Ed Miliband blames Tory 'charlatans' for energy crisis 'made in Downing Street'; The Shadow Business Secretary said the Tories would reverse the Universal Credit cuts which are set to take place in five days time, if they cared about the fuel poor. By, Aletha Adu Sep 26, 2021 476
UK Labour deputy leader calls governing Conservatives 'scum'. Reuters News Service Sep 26, 2021 376
Tories have failed to plan ahead. Sep 25, 2021 187
Mixed feelings on new Bill to tackle climate change; THE EARTH'S CORR Shauna Corr keeps an eye on the planet. EARTH'S CORR Sep 25, 2021 782
'Keir Starmer faces biggest week that will define if he will ever be PM -or not'; Keir Starmer is determined to grandstand the extinction of any remnants of Corbynism, whose passion still flickers in the embers of the party's worst election defeat in its history. By, Chris McLaughlin Sep 25, 2021 573
Why won't Labour go on offensive over Brexit disaster? Even Boris Johnson has admitted that a US-UK free trade agreement now seems unlikely - an outcome that would see yet another supposed advantage of Brexit crumble into dust. So why is the Labour Party behaving so timidly, asks political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Sep 24, 2021 990
Energy bills: Tories admit 'tough winter' ahead for Brits -and North hit hardest; Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng acknowledged that people in the North would bear the brung of soaring energy prices. By, Lizzy Buchan & Ben Glaze Sep 23, 2021 839
Councillors in walkout over 'horrendous' vote; Protest after Tories block deputy mayor candidate who opened up about his mental health struggles. Gurdip Thandi Local Democracy Reporter Sep 23, 2021 855
Call for care home staff vaccine rethink rejected. Jonathan Walker Political Editor Sep 23, 2021 651
Labour targets Tories in marginal seats over benefit cuts. Sep 23, 2021 228
Devolution vision set out by Lib Dems. DAN O'DONOGHUE Local Government Reporter Sep 23, 2021 465
Tories 'shame' town by blocking candidate over mental health problems; meeting halted as councillors storm out after 'horrendous' vote on deputy mayor role. GURDIP THANDI Sep 22, 2021 341
John McDonnell blasts Labour rule change 'stitch-up' and warns of 'dishonesty'; The former Shadow Chancellor blasted Labour leader Keir Starmer for 'bouncing' the party into changes. By, Dan Bloom Sep 22, 2021 719
'Tories blind to economic hardships as families pay price for energy crisis complacency'; Tory Governments were warned years ago that Britain required a more secure energy supply but instead placed their faith in a broken system of market forces -now millions of households are set for a stark winter. By, Voice of the Mirror Sep 22, 2021 343
Coventry MP Taiwo Owatemi gets new equalities role in shadow cabinet shake-up; Taiwo Owatemi, MP for Coventry North, has been appointed Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. By, Nick Smith Sep 22, 2021 313
UK warned of difficult winter with rises in fuel prices and extra COVID-19 universal credit due to end. Sep 21, 2021 182
UK warned of difficult winter with rises in fuel prices and extra COVID-19 universal credit due to end. Sep 21, 2021 181
Covid bereaved families furious after being blocked from Conservative Party Conference; The Covid-19 Families for Justice group, which represents around 3,000 grieving families, applied six weeks ago for the event in Manchester but have been told they cannot attend. By, Rachel Wearmouth Conference news Sep 21, 2021 430
Unite boss warns Starmer he has 'lost touch with reality' with rules shake-up; Sharon Graham said the Labour leader must offer "hope" to workers "paying the price of the pandemic", not reignite "old wars" within his party between Left and Right. By, Rachel Wearmouth Sep 21, 2021 655
Who is William Hague? Former Tory leader calls for 'elite' ministerial team to battle energy crisis; The intervention comes as four small energy companies go bust. By, Jack Gevertz Sep 21, 2021 461
Pensions triple lock: 30 worst-hit areas of Britain as Tories axe pledge; Tory MPs are tonight waving through a move to scrap the pensions triple lock. While ministers insist it's just correcting an anomaly, the Lib Dems blast the breach of a manifesto pledge -and highlighted the worst-hit areas. By, Dan Bloom Sep 20, 2021 647
Labour urges Tories to say how councils will afford national insurance hike; Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Bridget Phillipson warned that public bodies face an agonising wait to hear the Government's plans. By, Ben Glaze Sep 19, 2021 404
'As the Left springs back across Europe, this could be Keir Starmer's golden chance'; If the Left's springing back to life across Europe, why not Britain, where Starmer could be in with a shout of Downing Street, writes Kevin Maguire. By, Kevin Maguire Sep 19, 2021 376
Afghanistan refugee plan falls woefully short, say Lib Dems. Sep 18, 2021 268
After Wales' rethink on its place in UK - could it lead the way? CouldWales'APPROACHPROVIDEAWAYFORWARDFORTHEFUTUREOFTHEUK?ASKDRANWEN Elias, of Aberystwyth University, and Dr Matt Wall, of Swansea University. Sep 18, 2021 712
Gaelic language plans are slammed; Tories say economy and education should be priorities. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Sep 17, 2021 581
Lib Dems will debate 'federal state' options; ACTIVISTS TO CONSIDER PROPOSAL TO GIVE MIDLANDS MORE POWERS. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Sep 17, 2021 482
Tories use Brexit to bring back imperial measurements in shops; Pounds and ounces could make a return to your local greengrocer and butcher under a change to EU rules after Brexit -but Labour branded it a distraction from benefit cuts. By, Dan Bloom Sep 17, 2021 580
Who is Kemi Badenoch? Equalities minister criticised over 'disgusting' trans rights remarks; UK equalities minister Kemi Badenoch appeared to refer to trans women as "men" in an audio clip recorded in 2018. By, Tom Blackburn Sep 17, 2021 519
Who is Nadine Dorries? Everything you need to know about the new culture secretary; Dorries has long been a familiar face on the Tory benches at Westminster, but has been embroiled in her fair share of controversy over the years. By, Tom Blackburn Sep 16, 2021 528
Tories in southern heartlands think PM 'isn't a decent man', Lib Dem leader says; Sir Ed Davey launched a blistering, personal attack on Boris Johnson, accusing him of breaking promises 'left, right and centre'. By, Ben Glaze Sep 16, 2021 1174
Mhairi pleads with 'spineless' Tory MPs to fight against plan for PS1k benefits cut. Alison Rennie Sep 16, 2021 450
Making Scotland a better place. Sep 16, 2021 474
A return to the principles that once won red seats is vital; The Labour Party suffered unprecedented defeats in some of the region's so-called 'red wall'seats at the last general election, and its standing in Northumberland has suffered too in recent years. JAMES HARRISON spoke to the county's Labour group leader Scott Dickinson about what he thinks the party needs to do to reverse that trend. Sep 15, 2021 627
Plaid and Labour in talks. Sep 15, 2021 169
Why Comrade Ojukwu Of The Oxford Branch Communist Party Enlisted In The Army. Sep 14, 2021 434
Stormont has to COP on and move ahead with new Climate Bill; Eastwood's concern over DUP threat to collapse Assembly. SHAUNA CORR Environment Correspondent Sep 14, 2021 407
Tories can wave bye to grey vote; YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Sep 13, 2021 639
Tories sinking fast; SUNDAY PEOPLE ? SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 Keir Mudie YOUR MAN IN WESTMINSTER No amount of spin can hide care disaster. Keir Mudie Sep 12, 2021 542
THE GREEN PARTY; FANS FLOCK TO SEE BIG NAMES ON SECOND DAY OF BIG EVENT Festival promoter Geoff's joy as 50,000 celebrate at music festival. John Dingwall Sep 12, 2021 1073
Labour must show voters in north they stand with them; 'HONEYMOON IS OVER FOR TORIES'. Dan O'Donoghue Westminster Editor Sep 12, 2021 532
Priti Patel's 'get out of jail free card' should be taken away, Labour says; The Labour Party has called for the Home Secretary to be investigated by the Cabinet Office 'immediately' following reports from the Sunday Mirror that she has broken the ministerial code again. By, Aletha Adu Sep 12, 2021 423
'I doubt you have ever mixed with people you talk about' COUNCILLOR ACCUSED OF VERBAL ATTACK ON POVERTY TALK ACADEMIC. EMILY CRAIGIE @emilycraigie Sep 11, 2021 577
Concerns about Covid-19 passports. Sep 11, 2021 346
Green deal hailed. Sep 9, 2021 219
Gary Neville slams 'incompetent' Boris Johnson with ruthless Jamie Carragher comparison; Gary Neville has accused prime minister Boris Johnson of being "incompetent" on Twitter as he poked fun at Sky Sports colleague Jamie Carragher for his own goal record. By, Samuel Meade Sep 8, 2021 444
THIS WEEK. Sep 8, 2021 242

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