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Articles from The American Prospect (December 1, 2004)

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A redder Senate in '06? Rosenfeld, Sam 528
All action, no talk: the Democrats do a very good job of mobilizing. But they're not so great at persuading. Faux, Jeff 2370
An uncertain trumpet. Kuttner, Robert 730
Big-box battle. Rosen, Ruth Book Review 1196
Choice language: abortion is a right that ends in sorrow. Democratic rhetoric in the future must acknowledge this fact. Blustain, Sarah 1465
Clothes call: at midnight on December 31, WTO rules regulating the international trade in apparel are set to expire. If you think China is dominant now ... McGarvey, Ayelish 1861
Conviction politics: one Democratic hero emerged from November 2. His fellow Democrats should study up on why. Perlstein, Rick 822
God and the New Deal: the men who made the New Deal and built the CIO were secular liberals and socialists. But they knew that to succeed, they would have to accommodate traditional religion. Meyerson, Harold 2378
Heal Thy 'Self': what the Democrats didn't get: for most middle-class people, self-interest means far more than economics. Franke-Ruta, Garance 1536
Insecurity blanket: Kerry's foreign-policy problem was really his party's. It's time for Democrats to get serious once and for all. Yglesias, Matthew 1459
Keeping the faith. Reich, Robert 749
Let the record reflect. Stephanopoulos, George R.; Gitlin, Todd Letter to the Editor 385
Life after Yasir: Ariel Sharon has outlived his hated rival Arafat. But now that he's gone, so is Sharon's biggest excuse for not negotiating with the Palestinians. Benn, Aluf 1483
Mind the gender gap: why Democrats are losing women at an alarming rate. Greenberg, Anna 740
Morals of the election. Starr, Paul 728
Operation save face: victory in Iraq as Bush has defined it is utterly unattainable. There's a better way out. Galbraith, Peter W. 4283
Opportunity knocks: it may look grim now, but the Republicans' hubris and incompetence will ultimately prove their undoing. Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. 843
Sales-tax scam. Yglesias, Matthew 531
Separation anxiety. Silver, Sam Letter to the Editor 184
State speaks. Miller, John; McKelvey, Tara Letter to the Editor 451
Staying the course: the fight isn't over; it's just begun. And progressives have more ammunition than you think. Borosage, Robert L. 1714
Tax missimplification: it's not a done deal. McIntyre, Robert S. 747
Then came the hammer. Rosenfeld, Sam Book Review 2404
Think globally: just how many elections do Democrats have to lose before they deal with their foreign-policy problem? Mann, James 829
Top of the world, Ma. McKelvey, Tara 341
Uno, dos, tres ... Meyerson, Harold Brief Article 332
Voting alone: in red-state America, politics is much more deeply integrated into other aspects of people's daily lives. Cohen, Lizabeth 843
Wedding-bell blues: it's possible that Democrats could have fought this one to a draw if they had emphasized discrimination. Wildman, Sarah 1376
What's next? The mourning period is over. Now, four simple guidelines for becoming a majority party. Brinkley, Alan 4128
What's up, docs? It's impossible not to sympathize with liberal documentary filmmakers' political impulses. But there's a different progressive ideal that's been lost. Thrupkaew, Noy Critical Essay 1640
While you were sleeping. Dubner, Jeffrey 284

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