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TV critic: SOAP BOX.


STONEFISH was always a rogue when he was originally a Ramsay Street resident and things aren't much better now he's back. He turned out to be a bad influence on his little brother Toadie, encouraging him and Steph to join him for a night on the town which made Toadie late for work the next day - something which didn't exactly go down well with boss Tim Collins who was quick to point out how hard Rosie was working in comparison.

Declan celebrated his birthday and couldn't believe his luck when Oliver gave him a car, against Rebecca's wishes. She shared a snog with Paul and enjoyed every second, but will have the smile wiped off her face when she learns what Elle's been up to, namely hunting down Richard Aaronow - Oliver and Declan's violent father.


MCNALLY was thrilled as Viv's book launch got off to a disastrous start. The flamboyant author went to the Woolpack and tempted a few of the locals with free food and booze at the village hall - much to Diane's annoyance.

Meanwhile, Bob went behind Viv's back and bribed some pensioners to buy copies of her tome. Elsewhere, Donna found the missing girl and after she refused to go to the police station, the policewoman took her home. However, she lived to regret it when the youngster took off with a stash of money and jewellery.

Perdy was annoyed to discover Grayson was investigating Rosemary's disappearance and hammered home the point they were better off without her.

Later, Debbie gave a handsome stranger short shrift when he offered to help her after she had broken down. However, he eventually won her over with a bunch of flowers. And David agreed to help Nicola track down son-in-law Miles, but Jasmine got to him first.


OB developed a crush on Summer and although Sarah tried to convince her that he was a good catch, the new girl was clueless - but still took a job at Mobs, much to OB's delight.

Neville urged Rhys to help his sister with her grief over Noel's death, but he refused. Finally, the one-time lovers talked about their dad, but when Rhys insisted she leave town, Beth refused. Tina had a good first day at work, thanks to her friendly (and good-looking) boss Pete. In fact, she couldn't stop talking about him, much to Dom's annoyance, but he forgave her when she suggested they forgo dinner for 'dessert'.

Jacqui carried on as normal, although it was clear she was having a hard time dealing with the revelation that Tony had an eight-year-old son. He tried to talk to her about it and even suggested that he'd stay away from Harry if it were a problem. But she snapped and said didn't want to be the one to blame if he became a deadbeat dad, like her own.

Tony was shocked when she told him that if Harry was a part of his life, he was a part of her life too. But the fiery McQueen warned Tessie that if she ever tried it on with Tony, she'd be in trouble.


LUCAS is one of those teenagers who, when he sulks, looks like he's been sucking lemons for a week. The stroppy lad donned the expression again after Tony revealed he'd taken Geoff in for a few days and, in a beautiful moment, told Lucas to "shut up" about it.

He eventually palmed the lad off on Lynne, but when Belle accused him of walking in on her while she was in the shower, Geoff ended up back at square one.

Tony tried to talk some sense into Bruce, but Lucas decided to twist the knife with his former footie rival, telling him he "wouldn't stop until everyone knew what he was really like". Poor Geoff was reduced to tears at the outburst, forcing Lucas to prove he's not such a bad old stick by bringing him home.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 3, 2007
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