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Ronnie's in a bad brood...

After everything she's been through recently, you can't blame Ronnie for being down - but Monday finds her feeling positive as she vows to start getting on with her life.

Jack is suspicious of his girlfriend's unusually sunny mood and jumps to the conclusion she must be trying to butter him up.

When she later suggests it's stupid for them to be sharing a tiny flat when he owns Tanya's house, he thinks he knows exactly what's on her mind.

Over a romantic lunch, Jack tells Ronnie he isn't ready for them to start a family just yet. She's outraged, and insists she doesn't have an ulterior agenda, but when she later pricks holes in a condom, it looks like the excopper's instincts were right.

Elsewhere, Zainab plays Cupid for Syed and Parveen. Even when their first meeting ends in disaster, the pushy mum is still convinced the pair will bond.

Aaron's a glass act to follow

Aaron is not a happy bunny at the thought of Clyde being locked up all weekend - and Andy's car window takes the full force of his anger.

Just when surly Sugden thinks things can't get any worse, Victoria and Mick give him a dressing down for neglecting the farm.

There's plenty of drama elsewhere in the village as Cain tells Natasha to stay away from Debbie - but then the bad lad and Maisie get up close and personal at a hotel.

Meanwhile, Carl has to be held back by Jimmy.

The reason? Cain parked his truck in the village blocking traffic. On the subject of motoring mayhem, Bob shouts at Gennie on her first driving lesson and the poor girl is close to tears as he storms off in a huff.

ALSO THISWEEK... In Neighbours, Elle spends time alone in her room while Lucas plays cards with the boys.

finds old love letters belong ing to him and She becomes insecur e about their relation-shipishe hiding something? NEIGHBOURS WEEKDAYS,CH5,5.35pm Not so Sunny

A new face arrives on Ramsay Street.

She's Sunny Lee, an exchange student who moves into the Kennedy household.

She makes an impression - sadly, not a good one.

Instead, she rubs everyone up the wrong way, including the usually chirpy Donna.

Sunny also calls into Zeke's radio show and confesses how miserable she is about being in Erinsborough, then is obsessed with finding out the true identity of DJ Lost Boy. Zeke also breaks a story involving a car accident which Ringo has taken the blame for, even though it was caused by Adam Clark.

When Ringo eventually comes clean, he's sacked from the footie team for lying.

Cass is also a liar but her tall tales finally catch up with her when she gets genuine threatening letters.

Chas's dressing down


Innes Maitland arrives in Shieldinch and makes an impression on Amber Murdoch.

He's an art student with lots of creativity and shows it by persuading flatmate Charlie to throw a housewarming party with the theme of 'big hair'.

Amber's efforts to impress the newcomer look set to fall flat, however, when Charlie's younger sister Jennifer gets a little worse for wear and spills a drink all over her dress.

Meanwhile, Shirley's cash problems are brought into sharp focus. Nicki takes the matter into her own hands by calling Della to give her the full picture.

Initially, Shirley is angry with Nicki for sticking her nose in but soon forgets all that when she's reunited with her daughter. Della invites Shirley to Spain - but who'll run the salon?


Irene cracks up

Perhaps Summer Bay should stop trying to be a holiday resort for sun-seekers and offer a tour of murder sights and tragic locations.

There's barely a week goes by without a death. This time it's Irene in the thick of it. Her nightmare continues when an unidentified person pushes another bottle of gin through the bars of her cell.

Things go from bad to worse when the decomposed body of Lou is pulled from the ocean. Belle breaks the news to Irene and, when she learns Lou is gone, she breaks down completely.

Meanwhile, Liam has a session at a studio to record some music. Belle is pleased but her happiness is short-lived - Aden informs her he has seen Liam buying drugs. When two girls are brought into the station for smoking pot, Angelo tells Belle her boyfriend has been pushing drugs


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca risks her relationship with Andrew as she publicly jumps to Paul's defence. EASTENDERS: Bianca (left) worries Debra will drive a wedge between her and Whitney. Chelsea fears she's not smart enough for Theo. EMMERDALE: Lizzie is annoyed to learn that Eli has been spying on her. Debbie issues Andy and Victoria with invites to Sarah's birthday party. CORRIE: Gary comes up with an alibi for the robbery, but doesn't count on Ted identifying him as the burglar. Poppy feels undermined when Steve asks Betty to return. HOME & AWAY: Hugo finds the perfect excuse for avoiding Martha - going shark-hunting with Alf and Miles. Trey apologises to Nicole, who isn't in a forgiving mood. MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: Donna stands by Cass, and Ringo is kicked off the team after he lies to protect Adam. EASTENDERS: Lucas advises Chelsea not to give up on Theo, while Tanya is forced to accept Max's help after Jack decides to put her rent up. RIVER CITY: Jimmy (left) hopes a makeover will improve his chances at an interview. EMMERDALE: Bob thinks Gennie is still harbouring feelings for him and tries to make sure she knows where she stands. Carl plots to get his money back from Cain. HOME & AWAY: Miles falls overboard during the shark hunt, and finds himself alone in the very dangerous waters. Kirsty suspects Irene has been hitting the bottle.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Lucas helps Declan to understand how Rebecca (left) feels about Paul. Zeke tries to reach out to a disappointed Ringo. EMMERDALE: Jamie is in no fit state to work after receiving very bad news from Louise, leaving Bob with no choice but to ask Gennie for help. CORRIE: David spots a flaw in his criminal masterplan when he learns Gail and Audrey are coming home early. Underworld's finances are in chaos, possibly because the staff keep taking time off to deal with personal problems. HOME & AWAY: Hugo and Alf realise they've left Miles behind and set out to find him. Meanwhile, Angelo has trouble coping with the town's constant harassment.

WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Elle plans to share a romantic dinner with Lucas, but sadly he's already organised a poker night that's strictly for boys only. EASTENDERS: Debra continues to turn Whitney against Bianca, while Chelsea faces a romantic dilemma. EMMERDALE: Cain (left) makes the Kings an offer, but when they turn it down, he decides to change tactics and hints he's harmed Scarlett. Nathan takes it upon himself to start meddling in Maisie's love life. HOME & AWAY: Rachel worries that Tony's anger towards Angelo isn't doing his health any good. Belle finds Liam high on drugs, and Aden does his best to save the addict, but endangers his own life in the process.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Elle discovers a stash of old love letters, but Lucas refuses to discuss their significance. EASTENDERS: Lucas works out that Chelsea spent the night with a man who isn't Theo. Ronnie tries to make sure she has Jack all to herself. EMMERDALE: Val tells David to ask his dad for advice on dealing with constituents in the hope it will help boost Pollard's unusually low self-esteem. CORRIE: Audrey has doubts about David's innocence, and Tony shows Luke just how bad the factory's books really are. Pam and Bill enjoy spending time together, and Kevin and Molly (above) also have fun while training. HOME & AWAY: Roman has to make a choice when Nicole tells him about Gardy's behaviour, but will he pick his friend or his daughter? Belle struggles to deal with recent events, but Aden is on hand to comfort her.

FRIDAY 17 New face on the cobbles

Maria is ready to give birth and Sally and dopey Kirk hold her hand


Maria seems to have been pregnant a lot longer than nine months so Corrie fans will breathe a sigh of relief when she's taken to hospital on Wednesday to finally give birth.

The fact she's assisted by dopey Kirk does not bode well. He's the sort of bloke who'd get lost on the way to his own bathroom.

Thankfully, Maria gets support from Sally and, unsurprisingly, the glam widow endures a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Even if the birth does go to plan, she's not out of the woods yet. After all, doting Tony, the man who arranged for Liam's death, will be hanging around, no doubt offering his services before the mother of all skeletons comes out of his closet.

Elsewhere, it seems Rosie has a special clause in her Underworld contract - a line that reads:'You must try it on with all of your male bosses'.

She's already clicked into flirting overdrive with Liam and offered herself on a plate to Tony, so it was only a matter of time until she honed in on Luke. Of course, Strong only has eyes for Michelle so it remains to be seen whether he succumbs to her charms or pats her on the head and tells her to run along.

One man Rosie definitely won't be flirting with in future is ex-teacher, excabbie and now full-time prisoner John Stape. Fiz has fallen for his charms more times than she's had hot pots, so the poor flame-haired knicker-stitcher is gutted when she gets a letter from John asking her to leave him alone. And there's fireworks in the Rovers too. Poppy, bless her, hasn't had much to do since she joined the locals last October, so it's something of a blessing when she has an argument with Steve and he sacks her.

She could take the hint and walk out with her head held high but she makes the mistake of incurring Becky's wrath. Before you know it, Ms Granger has seen red and is dragging her out by her hair. Ouch.

GOSSIPGOSSIP Corr ie's Claire Peacoc k, left, has been out of the limelight for a while, but she's about to take part in an amazing summer plot which sees the character play ed by Julia Haw orth fighting for her life follo wing a miscarriage. Claire' s marr iage to Ashley also comes under threa t. She's set to be a busy girl.


CON JOB... Ronnie feels broody JUST CARAZY... Aaron smashes Andy's Land Rover TROUBLE MAKER... Sunny Lee NEW BOY... Innes Maitland DANGER... Liam and Aden are high on drugs COMFORT... Kirk and Sally help Maria in the hospital STREET LIFE... Fiz, top, gets a letter from John saying he doesn't want to hear from her again, and Becky drags Poppy out of the Rovers by her hair
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