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Snape in the grass gets visit

Let's be honest, John Stape is not the sort of bloke most women would take home to meet mum.

A couple of years ago, when he was a respectable teacher, perhaps it would have been different.

However, to say he's blotted his copybook is something of an understatement.

Having kidnapped Rosie and kept her prisoner in his granny's attic for weeks was unforgettable.

But despite his heinous crime, Fiz still has a very soft spot for him and on Monday goes to visit him in prison.

Meanwhile, Peter and Michelle go for an uncomfortable meal, Joe's plan on moving out of Gail's hits a snag when he puts his back out, and David is not happy that Gary catches Tina when she falls.

Elsewhere, when Julie flirts with Jason, Eileen tells Paula they would be sisters-in-law if they married, and Molly confronts Sally about her garage salary.



Wylde at love affair with Andy

The Wyldes have never exactly been Andy Sugden's biggest fans.

So when Mark and Natasha learn daughter Maisie has been secretly seeing the wife-beating farmer behind their backs, they are far from pleased.

It was no surprise that Maisie went to great lengths, pretending to be seeing Marlon, to throw them off the scent.

But when the Wyldes discover the truth, they insist the pair break up immediately.

Gathering in the Woolpack to see Andy put an end to the romance, Mark, Natasha and Nathan are instead shocked to see the couple kiss in front of everyone.

Has the well-heeled family's wayward daughter damaged her relationship with her parents again?

As if that wasn't enough, the Wyldes aren't the only ones to have a problem with Andy and Maisie's relationship this week, when Debbie comes to the farm and finds Sarah has been left on her own.

Her anger only grows when the couple come in and Andy is in the process of buttoning up his shirt.

Meanwhile, Lee is far from happy when he discovers a deer trap has been set on the Home Farm estate.

Questioning Sam about it, he stalks off, only for Sam to find Zak close by. Could the Dingle dad be the one responsible?


Karl and Susan have to face a nightmare in Neighbours on Thur sday when the police tell them they may have found Zeke. They rush to the hospital where a teenager is intensive care. Is it their stepson, or is Zeke still missing?


Sleeping on it

So, is Greg a nice guy or just a creep?

The jury's still out. After all, he didn't tell Steph he was married when they met but redeemed himself slightly by helping to save Charlie's life and dumping his wife Veronica for his girlfriend.

Then he turns up on Steph's doorstep after Veronica freezes his bank account, leaving him with no money and no way of paying for a hotel for the night.

The mechanic falls for his big puppy dog eyes routine and allows him to stay - but only if he sleeps on the couch.

The next morning, Libby spots him leaving and jumps to the wrong conclusion, then tears a strip off her former friend.

Dan realises something other than Steph's love life is bothering his fiancee and she opens up about the guilt she feels about failing to save Zeke.

But there is worse to come for her. Veronica loses her grip and brands her a husband-stealer, leaving Steph humiliated.

Daniel reverts to type


Ever since he turned up in Shieldinch, Daniel has been attempting to turn over a new leaf and prove he's put his bad-boy past behind him.

So far he's done a good job. He's acted as a mentor to waifs and strays for a start and generally been a good bloke.

But all that changes this week during a confrontation with Lenny.

Even somebody with the patience of a saint would find it hard to keep their temper if Lenny's got a bee in his bonnet and is feeling in the mood to mix things up a bit.

After the assault, Daniel struggles with his conscience, wondering how he could have slipped so easily back into his old ways.

Malcolm is worried too. He witnessed the attack and knows full well that he should inform the police.

But is he willing to report Daniel, or does Lenny deserve what he gets?


Trey tries to milk it

The course of true love has never run smoothly for Miles and Kirsty.

The Aussie duo weathered several storms until Hurri-Kane breezed back into his wife's life a few months ago, and she skipped off with him to try to rebuild their family.

Not unsurprisingly, it didn't work and Kirsty then tried to pick up where she left off in Summer Bay.

Her part-time job at the school brought her into contact with cocky teen Trey who firmly believed his cheeky smile would win the heart of any woman within a 10-foot distance - including Kirsty. The lad was over the moon when she agreed to give him private lessons, helping him study Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. But it's a truth universally acknowledged that a pretty single mum must be in want of a snog from a hormonal teenager.

And so it goes on Friday, as Trey tries his best moves on a horrified Kirsty. Making an uncomfortable situation even worse, the whole sorry matter is witnessed by a furious Miles before Trey quickly makes himself scarce.

Court in the act of lying

Scheming Max Brannigan tries to convince ex-lover Stacey to perjure herself


It's a shame Peggy decided to stand down from the council elections as it seems the good people of Walford definitely need someone to fight for more traffic-calming measures.

Just ask Max Branning, who was run over and left for dead last year by his own daughter.

Fortunately, for once the insurance salesman isn't holding a grudge. And as Lauren appears in court this week, all he and Tanya care about is making sure the teenager walks free. To increase her chances of coming home, Max has even been pleading with Stacey to change her testimony and say Lauren didn't target him.

However, if the stallholder is their only hope, then the Brannings are in serious trouble as a fragile Stacey tells Mo she won't be going to court, choosing to get drunk instead.

None of the other witnesses seem to be doing Lauren any favours either, as the judge appears unimpressed by Tanya's explanation as to why she confessed to protect her daughter.

Peter Beale also inadvertently makes things worse when he describes what happened on the night of the accident, while Max has some awkward questions to answer about his affair with Stacey.

The salesman loses his temper and starts shouting at the jury that they've already made up their mind about Lauren.While it might give them some insight into why his daughter wanted to run him over, it's unlikely to help her.

Realising that Stacey's testimony is now the only thing that can save the troubled teen, the concerned dad again asks her to change her statement - but Tanya is stunned to find Mo on her doorstep, complaining Max is trying to bribe the stallholder to lie.

The beautician can't believe her estranged husband is still fibbing and advises Stacey to do whatever her conscience tells her.

These words seem to have more effect on the Slater than any of Max's pleas.

But, as she and Lauren prepare to take the stand on the last day of the trial, will they sway the jury?




NEIGHBOURS: Susan and Karl give Rachel their support as she throws herself into her music career.

EASTENDERS: Chelsea's (left) date with Theo doesn't go to plan when Stacey makes a play for him.

EMMERDALE: Ashley is furious to discover Sandy has been using Gabby in his campaign, and throws him out of the house. Paddy and Chas try to play happy families with Aaron.

CORRIE: Norris does his best to look pleased when Mary points out she's now free to travel the world with him, and Rita plans a surprise 70th birthday party for Colin.

HOME&AWAY: Irene discovers Lou is married when his wife confronts her at the yacht club, and Martha reveals she's used Jack's insurance money to buy Geoff's farm.


NEIGHBOURS: Dan becomes concerned for Libby, and Rebecca asks for the football team's help.

EASTENDERS: Ricky jumps to the wrong conclusion when he finds Todd and Whitney alone together.

RIVER CITY: Nicki discovers the extent of Bob's (left) problems. Ewan refuses to tell Sammi who he was with when he hit Ben.

EMMERDALE: A chat with Debbie makes Sandy see that he needs to build bridges with Ashley, while Nathan gains the upper hand in the battle for Katie's affections.

HOME&AWAY: Aden does his best to cheer Belle up after she tells him she's quit her job, little suspecting she was sacked. Irene is unsure of what to do about Lou.


NEIGHBOURS: The Kennedys receive a worrying phone call, and Donna asks Elle to write an article about Rachel's budding music career.

EMMERDALE: David tells Leyla (left) to come to him with her problems in future. Sam fears Zak has trapped a deer at Home Farm.

CORRIE: Gail is secretly pleased when Joe hurts his back and can't move out of the house. Newly religious Sophie atones for her past sins, including stealing sweets from the Kabin, and Ken forgets his wedding anniversary.

HOME&AWAY: Xavier realises he and Brendan may be staying in the Bay for longer than they expected, and Leah is pleased to see VJ is bonding with Roman.


NEIGHBOURS: Susan (left) and Karl are called to the hospital to identify a patient, and Toadie tells Callum he should try to respect Kelly's beliefs.

EASTENDERS: Patrick opens up to Tommy about his past, but the writer makes a confession of his own.

EMMERDALE: Lee misses a date with Katie, but at least he has a good excuse - he fell into a poacher's trap. David wonders if Leyla is only interested in his wallet, and Nathan hatches a plan to annoy Andy.

HOME&AWAY: Xavier continues to hide Brendan from Ruby, despite a lecture from Hugo on the importance of taking more responsibility for his brother. Charlie grows increasingly confused about her friendship with Joey.


NEIGHBOURS: Harold tells his friends he's donating his house to the Salvation Army, but doesn't get the positive reaction he was hoping for.

EASTENDERS: Ricky realises he was wrong about Todd, and Charlie confronts Brenda over the photo.

EMMERDALE: Mark warns Faye to keep away from Home Farm. Nathan's investigations into the poaching prove that for once, Zak is innocent.

CORRIE: David seems surprisingly calm when he gets home to find Joe is still there, and is now employing Gary. Tara buys Darryl an expensive present using Dev's money, and Molly asks if she can take a look at the garage books.

HOME&AWAY: Leah (above) thinks back to her birthday party, and begins to see Roman in a different light - which leads to them sharing a kiss. Joey and Charlie also start to grow closer when they go out for lunch.


If recent reports are to belie ved, EastEnders' bosses are planning to bring back the Jackson family. Although Lindsey Coulson, who played matriarch Carol, has ruled it out, it'still hoped that Natalie Cassidy (Sonia), Howard Anton y (Alan) and Devon Ander son (Billy) could return.


AN INSIDE JOB... John Stape VULNERABLE... Steph and Greg CAUGHT... Trey makes a move on Kirsty in front of Miles END OF THE AFFAIR... The Wyldes gather in the pub SLIPPERY CUSTOMER... Max, top, in the witness box and, above, he tries to convince Tracey to lie in court to clear his daughter Lauren, right IN A FRACAS... Daniel
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