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STDs set to rise in Coventry after falling by more than a fifth during pandemic; The numbers plunged during lockdown. By, Debora Aru & Robert Rowlands Nov 28, 2021 803
Factors associated with multiple sexual partners among first-year students in a South African university. Osuafor, Godswill N.; Okoli, Chinwe E. Nov 25, 2021 5645
STDs likely to rise in Cov after falling by over a fifth during pandemic. DEBORA ARU & ROBERT ROWLANDS Nov 24, 2021 758
Sexually diseases drop over last year; 5 MINUTE BRIEFING. Nov 16, 2021 276
HIV Prevention Program Eligibility Among Adolescent Girls and Young Women--Namibia, 2019. Agathis, Nickolas T.; Annor, Francis B.; Coomer, Rachel; Hegle, Jennifer; Patel, Pragna; Forster, No Nov 12, 2021 3898
Can Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Cause Infertility? Nov 10, 2021 444
Taking Morning-After Pill Protects Against Pregnancy, Not STIs -Experts. Nov 6, 2021 692
LGBTQ+ And Its Impact on Health and Wealth. Nov 4, 2021 871
Can Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Cause Infertility? Nov 3, 2021 425
Urgent: Let's talk about sex. Nov 2, 2021 574
Types Of High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy. Oct 27, 2021 511
Donovanosis: All we know about grim 'flesh-eating' STI that is sweeping UK; Donovanosis is still extremely rare in the UK and causes 'beefy-red' bloody sores and ulcers on the genitals -like many sexually transmitted infections, it can be treated with a three-week course of antibiotics. By, Alahna Kindred Oct 26, 2021 536
'I have herpes but it won't stop me from dating -I even put it in my Tinder bio'; A woman has gone viral on social media for her continuous efforts to raise awareness of the herpes virus and reduce stigma around having sexually transmitted infections. By, Courtney Pochin Oct 23, 2021 586
Types Of High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy. Oct 20, 2021 434
Cases of rare STI that causes painful and bad-smelling ulcers on the rise in London; London has the highest number of cases of the STD in England. By, Seren Hughes & Neil Shaw Oct 18, 2021 362
1,282 found infected with HIV before blood donation in Karachi. Oct 9, 2021 672
Sexual Health Education Reduces Rate Of Teenage Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, STIs -Dr Yemi Adeyemi, Winner Of UK's Sexual Health Awards. Oct 9, 2021 1038
HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Awareness and Referral to Providers Among Hispanic/Latino Persons--United States, 2019. Rao, Shubha; Mulatu, Mesfin S.; Xia, Mingjing; Wang, Guoshen; Song, Wei; Essuon, Aba; Patel, Deesha; Oct 8, 2021 4012
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Induces a Positive Selection Pressure at Gag-Pol Sites in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Favoring Drug Resistance Mutations. Report Oct 2, 2021 5437
Antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Mycoplasma genitalium isolates from the private healthcare sector in South Africa: A pilot study. Maduna, L.D.; Peters, R.P.H.; Kingsburgh, C.; Strydom, K.-A.; Kock, M.M. Report Oct 1, 2021 2484
Diagnostics of Gonococcal Infection in Ukraine: Current Challenges in Resource-Constrained Settings. Boiko, Iryna; Krynytska, Inna; Kohut, Ihor; Bezkorovaina, Halyna; Stepanenko, Viktor Survey Oct 1, 2021 3915
CDC revamps treatment guidelines in first update since 2015. Hicks, Lucy Oct 1, 2021 541
Overcoming Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Hesitancy. Fancher, Stephanie Sep 22, 2021 973
Gilead to present data on company's virology research at virtual IDWeek 2021. Sep 20, 2021 152
187 Ugandans enrol for HIV vaccine trial. Sep 17, 2021 667
SEX BUG RISK FOR LOCKDOWN BRITS; STI surge feared in post-Covid bonking boom. EXCLUSIVE by Chris McLaughlin Sep 12, 2021 334
Randy Brits making up for lost time after lockdown to spark surge in STIs, experts warn; The highest rates of sexual transmitted illness is among 20 to 34 year olds, with chlamydia accounting for more than half of cases. Public Health England advises regular testing. By, Chris McLaughlin Sep 11, 2021 359
The Global Fund estimates that COVID-19 disruption caused many deaths from TB and AIDS in poorest countries. Sep 8, 2021 262
The Global Fund estimates that COVID-19 disruption caused many deaths from TB and AIDS in poorest countries. Sep 8, 2021 263
Medlinker and China Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control launched expert consensus on A. Sep 3, 2021 808
Not all HPV genotypes pose same risk for disease. Broache, Molly Sep 1, 2021 1061
STI CARE: Achieving a 'new sexual health paradigm' means expanding care. Haelle, Tara Sep 1, 2021 1314
Govt efforts in family planning, HIV continued amid Covid-19 pandemic. Aug 25, 2021 832
Drug to beat Covid -and sexually transmitted infections -set for clinical trials; Medics says peptoids hold the key to defeating coronavirus, with Stanford University's Dr Annelise Barron claiming they are "almost as easy to make as bread" in what could be a big breakthrough. By, Mark Waghorn & Sam Elliott-Gibbs Aug 24, 2021 444
Cost estimation of a school-based intervention for improving HIV/AIDS risk perception among secondary school adolescents in Enugu State, Nigeria. Eneogu, Njideka Dorathy; Ejimonye, Jovita Chinelo; Ogbueghu, Sylvester N; Nnachi, Robert Azu; Eskay, Report Aug 23, 2021 3164
18 children under 14 test positive for a sex disease; Report reveals scale of STIs in Ireland. MARITA MOLONEY Aug 19, 2021 246
Inflammasome Therapeutics to develop dual sustained release HIV prevention and birth control implant for women. Aug 10, 2021 216
Inflammasome Therapeutics to develop dual sustained release HIV prevention and birth control implant for women. Aug 10, 2021 217
Men, it's time we talk openly about HPV. Jul 27, 2021 630
Determinants of treatment seeking behaviour for sexually transmitted infections in Nigeria. Ebong, Utibe S.; Makinde, Olusesan A. Jul 9, 2021 4511
The effect of supervised dynamic exercise program on somatosensory temporal discrimination in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. Korucu, Zubeyde Tugce; Onurlu, Ilknur; Korucu, Alperen; Gunendi, Zafer Clinical report Jul 8, 2021 4950
Link Between Infertility And Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases. Jul 7, 2021 424
All the facts about HPV; Changes to cervical screening mean many women are learning they are HPV-positive. But is it an STD and does it raise the risk of cancer? Here's what you need to know about the condition. Jul 4, 2021 1328
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HPV; Cervical screening changes mean many women are learning they are HPV-positive. But is it an STD and does it raise their risk of cancer? Jul 4, 2021 866
Alarm as condom shortage bites while Kenya fights with donors over taxation. Jul 3, 2021 743
Irony as Kenya to return Sh1bn HIV cash to Global Fund. Jul 2, 2021 713
CDC revamps STI treatment guidelines for the first time in 6 years. Hicks, Lucy Jul 1, 2021 417
Secnidazole gets FDA nod for trichomoniasis. Splete, Heidi Jul 1, 2021 304
A Brief History of Markets, Households and Infectious Diseases in Japan. Kenichi Tomobe Jun 30, 2021 3651
HealthLand launches ultra-high sensitivity HIV RNA PCR test. Jun 30, 2021 626
Once-a-month pill for HIV prevention coming. Jun 28, 2021 499
HIV Testing Trends Among Persons with Commercial Insurance or Medicaid--United States, 2014-2019. Henny, Kirk D.; Zhu, Weiming; Huang, Ya-lin A.; Townes, Ashley; Delaney, Kevin P.; Hoover, Karen W. Jun 25, 2021 3181
One in 10 people in Asia infected with herpes virus: WCM-Q study. Jun 23, 2021 453
Prevention and Treatment of Venereal Diseases in the Lithuanian Army, 1919-1923. Simkute, Viktorija Report Jun 5, 2021 4898
I was the face of Covid& venereal disease..." Butit's all in the Line Of Duty; STAR ON GOING VIRAL AS COP SHOW MEME Actress Anna Maxwell Martin on the joys of being a screen baddie and the laughs to be had at the school gates in hit BBC2 sitcom Motherland. RICK FULTON Jun 2, 2021 1117
Soliciting parental consent among adolescent minor mothers: A barrier in adolescent HIV research? Gebrekristos, Luwam T.; Shazi, Zinhle; Moodley, Dhayendre; Maman, Suzanne; Groves, Allison K. Editorial Jun 1, 2021 1770
Avoid this silent killer with safe sex practices. May 27, 2021 906
The STD Is Not HIV- Lyta's Babymama Clears The Air. May 26, 2021 244
ALARMING TRUTH: Even babies can get HPV--a sexually transmitted infection. May 25, 2021 610
AIDS Council urges govt not to sideline those with HIV during pandemic. May 14, 2021 211
GSK's ViiV says HIV drug gets rolling probe from US watchdog. May 4, 2021 155
100,000 daily new HIV infections in Nigeria, NGO raises alarm. May 2, 2021 530
HIV care coverage among HIV-positive adolescent girls and young women in South Africa: Results from the HERStory Study. Mathews, C.; Cheyip, M.; Beauclair, R.; Puren, A.; Lombard, C.; Jonas, K.; Ayalew, K.A.; Govindasamy Report May 1, 2021 7014
Antimicrobial, pH-modulating gel shows promise in STIs. Lubell, Jennifer May 1, 2021 1027
'The dangers of ruling out older women for cervical cancer testing'; Most cervical cancers in older women are likely the result of HPV infections acquired years ago and older women who are HPV positive may already have precancerous or cancerous cells in their cervix, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. By, Miriam Stoppard Apr 25, 2021 439
COVID-19 driven uncertainty for prevention could pose risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Mar 28, 2021 182
Declines in Prevalence of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine-Type Infection Among Females after Introduction of Vaccine--United States, 2003-2018. Rosenblum, Hannah G.; Lewis, Rayleen M.; Gargano, Julia W.; Querec, Troy D.; Unger, Elizabeth R.; Ma Mar 26, 2021 3899
Experts warn that 'summer of sex' may lead to high strength gonorrhoea epidemic; Londoners are urged to 'have the same attitude to wearing a condom as they would a facemask'. By, Madeline Mussen Mar 22, 2021 587
U.S. assures Plateau Govt on support for its peace initiatives, health. Mar 18, 2021 420
Link Between Infertility And Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases. Mar 10, 2021 511
Let's apply the lessons from the AIDS crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic. Frierson, Robert; Lippmann, Steven Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2021 320
Factors associated with age of first sex among women screened for an observational contraceptive vaginal ring study in Kisumu, Kenya, 2014. Ondenge, Ken; Gvetadze, Roman; Otieno, George; Gust, Deborah A.; McLellan-Lemal, Eleanor Report Mar 1, 2021 9270
Internet Study about Risk Factors Associated with HIV among Heterosexuals in Puerto Rico. Perez-Jimenez, David; Acosta-Perez, Edna; Ortega-Guzman, Jesus M.; Maldonado-Martinez, Jose A. Encuesta Mar 1, 2021 5587
Family physicians can help achieve national STI goals. Wheat, Santina J.G. Feb 1, 2021 1214
Pandemic Is Putting a Damper on Testing. Feb 1, 2021 246
City strengthens HIV prevention efforts, hopes to end transmission by 2030. Jan 21, 2021 1074
Britain facing 'gonorrhoea outbreak' when lockdown ends, health chief warns; People are being urged to get tested for STIs when restrictions are eased to stop the spread. By, Annette Belcher-BM & Jacob Phillips Jan 17, 2021 289
UK set for gonorrhoea 'pandemic' when Covid lockdown ends, doctor claims; London sexual health clinic chief Dr John McSorley has urged people to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases to help stop the spread of them once lockdown lifts. By, Jacob Phillips & Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Jan 16, 2021 405
Wales' vaccination stis 'a marathon not s n strategy t asprint'. ADAM HALE AND CLAIRE HAYHURST Jan 12, 2021 1050
Update on HIV Infection and Efficacy of Preventive Treatment. Capriotti, Theresa; Kirkman, Diana Report Jan 1, 2021 4179
Incidence and predictors of sexually transmitted infections among adult HIV-positive patients receiving antiretroviral therapy at Themba Lethu HIV clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa. Onoya, D.; Manjengwa, P.; Nattey, C.; Kgowedi, S.; Mbele, M.; Shumba, K.; Fox, M.P. Report Jan 1, 2021 4980
Human immunodeficiency virus infection and syphilis among homeless people in a large city of Central-Western Brazil: prevalence, risk factors, human immunodeficiency virus-1 genetic diversity, and drug resistance mutations. Pinheiro, Raquel Silva; Carvalho, Paulie Marcelly Ribeiro dos Santos; Matos, Marcos Andre de; Caetan Report Jan 1, 2021 6729
Sexually transmitted infections among women living with HIV in a Brazilian city. Boldrini, Neide Aparecida Tosato; Volpini, Lays Paula Bondi; Freitas, Luciana Bueno; Spano, Liliana Report Jan 1, 2021 4495
Concurrent COVID-19 and Acute HIV: A Case Report and Diagnostic Review. Johnson, Kelly A.; Graglia, Sally; Lynch, Elizabeth D.; De Mesa, Joanna; Antunez, Erin; Torres, Sand Jan 1, 2021 2460
Assessing and Improving the Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infections among High School Adolescents. Jefferson, Itisha S.; Robinson, S. Kayo; Tung-Hahn, Eleanor; Schumann, Roan; Marrero-Conti, Synthia; Jan 1, 2021 3962
Awareness of and Preferences for Preexposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among MSM at High Risk of HIV Infection in Southern China: Findings from the T2T Study. Chen, Weiying; Ding, Yi; Chen, Jianghao; Zhao, Peipei; Wang, Zhenyu; Meng, Xiaojun; Jia, Tianjian Survey Jan 1, 2021 8891
Seroprevalence of Human Herpesvirus Infections in Newly Diagnosed HIV-Infected Key Populations in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Kamori, Doreen; Joachim, Agricola; Mizinduko, Mucho; Barabona, Godfrey; Mahiti, Macdonald; Kibwana, Jan 1, 2021 4044
Sex Differences in HIV Testing among Older Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review. Gebremeskel, Akalewold T.; Gunawardena, Nathali; Omonaiye, Olumuyiwa; Yaya, Sanni Jan 1, 2021 5507
Dual Contraceptive Use and Factor Associated with People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Mesfin, Yibeltal; Argaw, Muche; Geze, Shegaw; Tefera, Bitew Jan 1, 2021 4533
Giant Condyloma Acuminata (Buschke-Lowenstein Tumor): Review of an Unusual Disease and Difficult to Manage. Nieves-Condoy, Jefferson F.; Acuña-Pinzón, Camilo L.; Chavarría-Chavira, José L.; Hinojosa-Ugarte, D Jan 1, 2021 4519
Dynamics of HSV-2 in the Presence of Optimal Counseling and Education among Prisoners. Mhlanga, A. Jan 1, 2021 9817
Recent Progress in Electrochemical Detection of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) via Graphene-Based Nanosensors. Mousavi, Seyyed Mojtaba; Behbudi, Gity; Hashemi, Seyyed Alireza; Babapoor, Aziz; Chiang, Wei-Hung; R Jan 1, 2021 11228
Kenyan women to receive world's first injection to stop HIV. Dec 27, 2020 500
Update to CDC's Treatment Guidelines for Gonococcal Infection, 2020. St. Cyr, Sancta; Barbee, Lindley; Workowski, Kimberly A.; Bachmann, Laura H.; Pham, Cau; Schlanger, Dec 18, 2020 4081
Cgn Thg launches service to help people in HIV prevention. Dec 16, 2020 619
UNAIDS lauds Pakistan's health services package. Dec 10, 2020 441
Behavioral change key to curbing STI spread- Official. Dec 10, 2020 308
US Govt Spends $6bn To Fight HIV/AIDS In Nigeria, Says Envoy. Dec 10, 2020 383
Revised Law on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Controlwill facilitate prevention activities. Dec 9, 2020 1019
HIV prevention efforts remain slow to meet targets: Report. Dec 2, 2020 605
World AIDS Day: DCI Donates Cash To Infected Women, Children. Dec 2, 2020 543
BAN Sensitises Abuja Residents On HIV/AIDS Prevention. Dec 2, 2020 328
US supports PHL's HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment efforts. Dec 2, 2020 445
HIV prevention efforts remain slow to reach 2020 targets: Report. Dec 1, 2020 605
HIV cases in Pakistan rise by 74%. Dec 1, 2020 230
Evaluation of Syphilis Coinfection in HIV-Infected Individuals/HIV'le Infekte Bireylerde Sifilis Koinfeksiyonunun Degerlendirilmesi. Dinc, Harika Oyku; Alkan, Sena; Ozbey, Dogukan; Sirekbasan, Serhat; Gareayaghi, Nesrin; Cihan, Merve Report Dec 1, 2020 2578
USPSTF update on sexually transmitted infections: Counseling--even if [less than or equal to] 30 minutes in a single session--can help curtail the spread of STIs, which are steadily increasing in incidence. Campos-Outcalt, Doug Dec 1, 2020 2078
UNAIDS, UNFPA launch fourth annual progress report of Global HIV Prevention Coalition. Nov 30, 2020 597
UN report shows surge in HIV infections. Nov 30, 2020 253
UNAIDS, UNFPA launch fourth annual progress report of Global HIV Prevention Coalition. Nov 30, 2020 659
UNAIDS,UNFPA launch fourth annual progress report of Global HIV Prevention Coalition. Nov 30, 2020 659
National guidelines for management of STIs launched. Nov 28, 2020 538
That Single Injection Can Prevent Cervical Cancer -Experts. Nov 28, 2020 935
Six Injections A Year Could Stop New HIV Infections. Nov 19, 2020 1490
GlaxoSmithKline says HIV prevention candidate more effective than standard of care. Nov 10, 2020 329
UN hails new therapy to prevent HIV in women. Nov 10, 2020 295
Glaxo Study Finds ViiV Healthcare's Cabotegravir Superior For HIV. Nov 9, 2020 244
Sexually transmitted diseases drop by fifth. CILLIAN O'BRIEN Oct 26, 2020 353
Can a virgin suffer from HPV?? Oct 12, 2020 374
Concern over city rise in STI cases; SEXUAL HEALTH SERVICES 'NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE' AND NEED REFORM, SAYS REPORT. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Oct 5, 2020 301
Uptake and acceptability of medical male circumcision among young males in two culturally distinct settings in South Africa: A longitudinal, community-based study (the MACHO study). Smith, P.J.; Wallace, M.; Beijneveld, J.A.; Bennie, T.; Myer, L.; Dietrich, J.J.; Johnson, L.F.; Gra Report Oct 1, 2020 4676
SFH Partners Nasarawa To Provide Adolescent Reproductive Health Services. Sep 23, 2020 1615
Could Covid-19 be sexually transmitted? Sep 21, 2020 200
Fears over large jump in cases of gonorrhoea. Sep 14, 2020 389
Which cities have the highest rate of STIs in the UK; Google searches for chlamydia plunged by 78% during peak lockdown. By, Neil Shaw Sep 14, 2020 421
Improve access to HIV self-testing to prevent stigma, Researcher urges FG. Sep 11, 2020 642
Hundreds more cases of sexually transmitted diseases in our region. ANNIE GOUK and ANDREW ROBINSON Sep 7, 2020 575
STD: Sexually transmitted death. Sep 7, 2020 1673
The gonorrhea infection rates in each London borough as government warns of STI outbreak; In one London borough more than 1 in ever 100 residents caught gonorrhoea. By, Qasim Peracha Sep 4, 2020 575
Toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae--Associated Genital Ulceration. Fuchs, Frieder; Markert, Derya; Wagner, Isabel V.; Liebau, Max C.; Berger, Anja; Dangel, Alexandra; Sep 1, 2020 1084
LGBT+ Individuals' Sexual and Mental Health: A Comparison with Hetereosexual Group. Boyacioglu, Nur Elcin; Keser Ozcan, Neslihan; Sahin, Ardil Bayram Sep 1, 2020 5846
Morphological evaluation of the effects of exercise on high-fat-diet-induced liver damage in rats. Elmas, Merve Acikel; Atay, Nilsu; Ozakpinar, Ozlem Bingol; Arbak, Serap; Kolgazi, Meltem; Sener, Gok Sep 1, 2020 3610
Morphological evaluation of the effects of exercise on high-fat-diet-induced liver damage in rats. Elmas, Merve Acikel; Atay, Nilsu; Ozakpinar, Ozlem Bingol; Arbak, Serap; Kolgazi, Meltem; Sener, Gok Report Sep 1, 2020 3165
Persistent High-Risk HPV Infection and Molecular Changes Related to the Development of Cervical Cancer. Moreno-Acosta, Pablo; Romero-Rojas, Alfredo; Vial, Nicolas; Huertas, Antonio; Acosta, Jinneth; Mayor Aug 31, 2020 4437
Parent-Adolescent Communication on Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues and Associated Factors among Preparatory and Secondary School Students of Dabat Town, Northwest Ethiopia. Adam, Nigussie Dagnachew; Demissie, Getu Debalkie; Gelagay, Abebaw Addis Aug 31, 2020 4537
Boys and girls benefit from HPV vaccine. Aug 24, 2020 743
Boys and girls can benefit from the HPV vaccine. Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko Aug 24, 2020 553
Vile rapist who treated girl, 14, like 'human sex toy' and gave her two STDs jailed; Brian Russell has now been jailed for more than eight years for his sick crimes after his victim bravely told the police of her horrific ordeal, in which she caught two STDs and had to abort her unborn baby. By, Ellie Iorizzo & Kara O'Neill Aug 22, 2020 525
BlueCity releases ESG, CSR reports. Aug 18, 2020 485
Group advises rape survivors to take PEP after 72 hours. Aug 4, 2020 527
Management of community-acquired pneumonia in children: South African Thoracic Society guidelines (part 3). Reubenson, G.; Avenant, T.; Moore, D.P.; Itzikowitz, G.; Andronikou, S.; Cohen, C.; Green, R.J.; Jee Aug 1, 2020 6579
Prevention of community-acquired pneumonia in children: South African Thoracic Society guidelines (part 4). Zar, H.J.; Moore, D.P.; Andronikou, S.; Argent, A.C.; Avenant, T.; Cohen, C.; Green, R.J.; Itzikowit Aug 1, 2020 7046
Out-of-pocket costs and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis persistence in a US multicity demonstration project. Furukawa, Nathan W.; Schneider, John A.; Coleman, Megan E.; Wiener, Jeffrey B.; Shrestha, Ram K.; Sm Report Aug 1, 2020 5256
Doxycycline and Sitafloxacin Combination Therapy for Treating Highly Resistant Mycoplasma genitalium. Durukan, Duygu; Doyle, Michelle; Murray, Gerald; Bodiyabadu, Kaveesha; Vodstrcil, Lenka; Chow, Eric Aug 1, 2020 3056
The Effects of HPV Test on Anxiety, Emotion and Depression in Women / HPV Testinin Kadinlardaki Anksiyete, Duygu Durum ve Depresyon Uzerine Etkileri. Uzun, Sakine Betul; Sakin, Onder; Cetin, Huseyin; Simsek, Engin Ersin Aug 1, 2020 3728
Risks of HIV/AIDS Transmission: A Study on the Perceptions of the Wives of Migrant Workers of Bangladesh. Kabir, Humayun; Fatema, Syadani Riyad; Hoque, Saiful; Ara, Mst. Jesmin; Maple, Myfanwy Report Aug 1, 2020 10290
Cervical Cytology of Samples with Ureaplasma urealyticum, Ureaplasma parvum, Chlamydia trachomatis, Trichomonas vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Detected by Multiplex PCR. Carneiro, Fabiana Pirani; Daros, Andersen Charles; Daros, Adriana Cysneiro Milhomem; Castro, Tercia Report Jul 31, 2020 5567
Cervical Cancer Screening Service Utilization and Associated Factors among Women in the Shabadino District, Southern Ethiopia. Kasim, Jeylan; Kalu, Abdurehman; Kamara, Bekele; Alema, Haileselasie Berhane Jul 31, 2020 3960
Network Will Test Vaccines. Jul 27, 2020 375
PEPFAR Invest $85 billion in HIV and AIDS Prevention. Jul 23, 2020 668
Gilead Sciences Presents Survey Findings on PrEP Access and Utilization in the US During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Orders. Jul 8, 2020 509
Brits 'shouldn't go back to normal sexual behaviours' this weekend as restrictions lift; A new survey has revealed that 48% of young Brits agree that the pandemic has made them much more conscious of other viruses -including STIs. By, Shivali Best Jul 4, 2020 448
Saturday Night's Alright to reminisce with Sir Elton John. Jul 3, 2020 285
Saturday Night's Alright to reminisce with Sir Elton John. Jul 3, 2020 285
Distribution of Human Papillomavirus and Antisperm Antibody in Semen and Its Association with Semen Parameters Among Infertile Men. Piroozmand, Ahmad; Nasab, Seyed Dawood Mousavi; Erami, Mahzad; Hashemi, Seyed Mohammad Ali; Khodabak Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 3727
The Effect of Theory-Based HIV/AIDS Educational Program on Preventive Behaviors Among Female Adolescents in Tehran: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Farahani, Farideh Khalajabadi; Darabi, Fatemeh; Yaseri, Mehdi Jul 1, 2020 7237
AAP releases updated guidance on male teen sexual health. Craven, Jeff Jul 1, 2020 933
When Back Pain Suddenly Increases to Full Body Aches. Steadman, Laura; Myers, Lisa Report Jul 1, 2020 1350
Telemedicine as a tool for PrEP delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic in a large HIV prevention service in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. Hoagland, Brenda; Torres, Thiago S.; Bezerra, Daniel R.B.; Geraldo, Kim; Pimenta, Cristina; Veloso, Jul 1, 2020 2008
Frequency of HIV seropositivity in patients with sexually transmitted infections presenting in the dermatology department of a tertiary care hospital. Burhan Ashraf, Shehla Shaukat, Mahwish Zahoor, Tahir Jamil Ahmad and Ijaz Hussain Jun 30, 2020 3738
Preconception Care Uptake and Immediate Outcomes among Discordant Couples Accessing Routine HIV Care in Kenya. Gitahi, Nyawira; Eshiwani, Sheila Juliet; Mutai, Kenneth; Mecha, Jared Ongechi; Kiarie, James Njogu Jun 30, 2020 3688
Amended law on drug prevention and control needs detailedprovisions on treatment, intervention. Jun 27, 2020 580
Preventive treatment for people at high risk of HIV infection the most effective solution. Jun 26, 2020 819
STI testing kits sent out. Jun 25, 2020 472
Awareness of sexually transmitted diseases among young adults of Karachi; a cross-sectional study. Aijaz, Saher; Mehraj, Jaishri Report Jun 16, 2020 4414
Managing Trichomonas vaginalis infections: Prevalent and nonreportable, trichomonas infection, when left untreated, can cause complications in women, men, and infants, and co-infection with other STIs increases concerns. Edwards, Emily S.; Duff, Patrick Jun 1, 2020 2599
Frequency of Mycoplasma genitalium, Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum among Females Patients Attending Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinics at Ain Shams University Hospital. Salam, Shimaa A. Abdel; Khattab, Mona A.; Faisal, Malames M. Jun 1, 2020 3235
Knowledge, Attitude, and Preventive Practices towards Sexually Transmitted Infections among Preparatory School Students in West Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia. Kassie, Ayalnesh Asmamaw; Gudayu, Temesgen Worku; Araya, Bilen Mekonnen May 31, 2020 5433
GlaxoSmithKline posts positive interim study on HIV prevention drug. May 19, 2020 258
TOP NEWS: Glaxo Reports Positive Results From Viiv's HIV Drug Study. May 18, 2020 254
'No conclusive evidence'of Covid-19 in semen of patients. May 14, 2020 291
When stigma sticks. Zarrar Khuhro May 11, 2020 945
Coronavirus May be Sexually Transmitted, as Scientists investigates Men's Semen containing sample of virus. May 10, 2020 406
Let's talk about sex education with'Bok-Lahong Google'. May 8, 2020 681
Read HIV book to better mobilise for Covid-19 mass testing. May 7, 2020 452
QUALIFIED MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Development by Applying IPC J-STD-001G Cleanliness Standard: A test vehicle and qualification test for proving out process changes. Bixenman, Mike; Sitko, Vladimir; McMeen, Mark May 1, 2020 2928
Assay addresses Mgenitalium diagnostic abilities. Gaydos, Charlotte Report May 1, 2020 5437
High prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Western French Guiana. Manca, Maria-Francesca; Rochat-Stettler, Laurence; Carod, Jean-Frangois; Agostini, Camille; Jolivet, Clinical report May 1, 2020 3823
JOHNS HOPKINS SCHOOL OF NURSING NEWS: Two from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Will Join Sigma's Researcher Hall of Fame. May 1, 2020 358
Influence of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pregnant Adolescents on Preterm Birth and Chorioamnionitis. Fuchs, Esther; Dwiggins, Maggie; Lokken, Erica; Unger, Jennifer A.; Eckert, Linda O. Medical condition overview Apr 30, 2020 6326
Contraceptive use doesn't promote sexual immorality. Apr 2, 2020 504
Decreased Susceptibility to Azithromycin in Clinical Shigella Isolates Associated with HIV and Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases, Minnesota, USA, 2012-2015. Eikmeier, Dana; Talley, Pamela; Bowen, Anna; Leano, Fe; Dobbins, Ginette; Jawahir, Selina; Gross, An Apr 1, 2020 6256
STIs are diagnosed without coincident HIV tests too often. Franki, Lucas Apr 1, 2020 483
Paradigm shifts in sexual health: Quantitative analysis of story and fact-based health education interventions. Kteily-Hawa, Roula; Hari, Shriya; Soor, Jaspreet Kaur; Wong, Josephine Pui-Hing; Chikermane, Vijaya; Apr 1, 2020 8800
A LITTLE PREP WILL DO? Officials encourage a new nondaily PrEP strategy for those at lower risk for contracting HIV. Artavia, David Apr 1, 2020 588
Herpes Simplex Virus-2 Hepatitis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Ahmed, Amna; Granillo, Alejandro; Burns, Ethan; Glassner, Kerri; Naseem, Nishath; Force, Christopher Mar 31, 2020 2793
'Issues' at STD test labs led to delays and risk of further infection; REDUCED STAFFING AND AGEING EQUIPMENT BLAMED. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO Reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Mar 31, 2020 447
PROJECT HAPPY: A COMMUNITY BASED PARTICIPATORY RESEARCH INTERVENTION ADDRESSING HIV PREVENTION IN BLACK YOUTH. Holliday, Rhonda Conerly; Phillips, Romell; Akintobi, Tabia Henry; Mubasher, Mohamed; Banerjee, Anan Mar 22, 2020 5915
Looking back through time: The evolution of HIV control. Mar 20, 2020 1392
Experts Say Vaginal Douching Can Do More Harm Than Good. Mar 19, 2020 605
Man dumped by girlfriend when doctor misdiagnosed terminal cancer as an STD; Tony Stevens, 40, from Royal Wootton Bassett, was told by a doctor he had an STD, but months later he was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer and given five years to live. By, Jamie Hawkins Mar 18, 2020 358
Coronavirus: Precautions to take in the bedroom to reduce risk of transmission; While coronavirus itself is not a sexually transmitted disease, the virus has been shown to spread through water or mucus droplets from the nose and mouth. By, Shivali Best Mar 17, 2020 476
How Iranian Women with Human Papillomavirus Infections Describe Their Male Counterparts' Risky Sexual Behaviours? Jahdi, Fereshteh; Merghati-Khoei, Effat; Ebadi, Abbas; Kashanian, Maryam; Oskouie, Fatemeh Mar 16, 2020 4421
Couple testing crucial. Mar 3, 2020 349
HIV Modes of Transmission in Sudan in 2014. Nasirian, Maryam; Kianersi, Sina; Karamouzian, Mohammad; Sidahmed, Mohammed; Baneshi, Mohammad Reza; Mar 1, 2020 6170
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Two Ugandans run to court after condoms break during sex. Feb 26, 2020 563
Evaluation of pre-malignant cervical lesions in females presenting with abnormal pelvic complaints. Qurratul Ain Tahir and Mulazim Hussain Bukhari Feb 22, 2020 2559
Education needed to eradicate those STIs. Feb 12, 2020 192
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Rights groups strategize against HIV. Feb 9, 2020 1004
STD Gers star was a flop; Shamed Whyte's sex accusation in Ibrox book. PAUL RODGER Feb 8, 2020 208
Illicit behaviour expose teenagers to danger. Feb 3, 2020 405
Pathways from witnessing community violence to mental health problems among South African adolescents. Donenberg, G.; Naidoo, P.; Kendall, A.; Emerson, E.; Ward, C.L.; Kagee, A.; Simbayi, L.; Vermaak, R. Feb 1, 2020 9790
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HEALTH BEAT. Feb 1, 2020 563
Report: Public health system needs improvements to control STD spread. Krisberg, Kim Report Feb 1, 2020 245
New tests to speed up the diagnosis of STIs. Jan 29, 2020 576
Sexually Transmitted Disease Drug Market Comprehensive Study Explore Huge Growth in Future / Pfizer, Roche, Bayer, Eli Lilly. Jan 28, 2020 928
CytoDyn to showcase leronlimab's HIV-prevention potential at Boston medical conference. Conference news Jan 28, 2020 458
New tests to speed up the diagnosis of STIs. Jan 27, 2020 576
HIV prevention: Eswatini officials benchmark in Homa Bay. Jan 23, 2020 415
Global Sexually-Transmitted Disease Testing Market 2020: Supplier Shares & Sales Segment Forecasts by Country. Jan 22, 2020 349
2020 Europe Sexually-Transmitted Disease Testing Market - Chancroid, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, HPV & Syphilis. Jan 22, 2020 334
Action call to fight HIV; City fast tracks plan for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. ADELE MERSON Jan 15, 2020 385
Why North Carolina Has A Very High STD Rate. Johnny Vatican Jan 15, 2020 414
HIV/AIDS prevention. HAMMAL NAEEM Jan 13, 2020 163
HIV drug resistance an emerging threat, expert warns. Jan 10, 2020 856
Botswana leads in HIV/AIDS response. Medical condition overview Jan 5, 2020 679
Guidance Developed for Providing Quality STD Care; Eight sections of report include sexual history and physical exams, prevention, screening, treatment. Jan 2, 2020 251
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of HIV-Positive Adolescents Related to HIV/AIDS Prevention in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire). Richard, Azagoh-Kouadio; Roland, Yeboua Kossonou; Christian, Yao Kouassi; Cécile, Kouassi-Kouadio Am Jan 1, 2020 5082
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Contraception for Adolescents. Todd, Nicole; Black, Amanda Jan 1, 2020 10010
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Association between Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sources of the Previous Point of Care among Nigerians: Findings from Three National HIV and AIDS Reproductive Health Surveys. Morhason-Bello, Imran O.; Fagbamigbe, Adeniyi F. Survey Jan 1, 2020 8761
Workers fail to receive HIV/AIDS prevention measures. Dec 31, 2019 304
Ensure You Know Your HIV Status As You Step Into New Year a NACA. Dec 31, 2019 341
Comparison between the efficacy and safety of podophyllin resin versus cryotherapy in treatment of anogenital warts. Ahmed Kazmi, Kehkshan Tahir, Asma Nasir, Shaiqa Ali, Shahbaz Aman and Muhammad Nadeem Dec 31, 2019 2267
USAID reaches more than a million and a half vulnerable Nigerians with HIV Control Activity. Dec 19, 2019 479
UNDP says consignment of methadone intercepted in Moscow due to wrong labeling. Dec 19, 2019 369
Kenya leads in circumcision to prevent HIV. Dec 17, 2019 497
Ugandan develops App to increase access to HIV prevention drugs. Dec 17, 2019 678
Day Local Birth Attendants Got Trained On HIV Prevention. Dec 13, 2019 650
Patients taking anti-retroviral drugs vs HIV at high risk of other STIs study. Dec 12, 2019 609
Health Highlights: Dec. 12, 2019; Facebook Asked to Remove 'Factually Inaccurate' Ads About HIV Prevention Drug Hepatitis A Outbreak in Six States Linked to Fresh Blackberries. Dec 12, 2019 464
Over 140 experts attend HMC forum on venereal diseases & dermatology. Discussion Dec 8, 2019 302
Highlights of the 20th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa. Conference news Dec 4, 2019 984
We need to focus more on obstacles we meet in our fight against HIV epidemic - Jeannette Kagame. Dec 3, 2019 1467
Health Highlights: Dec. 3, 2019; 16 Cases of Hepatitis A in 6 States Possibly Caused by Fresh Blackberries eBay Bans Inclined Infant Sleepers, Other Companies Urged to Do Same New Federal Program Provides Free HIV Prevention Drugs to Uninsured. Dec 3, 2019 636
We cannot end AIDS without combating antimicrobial resistance. Dec 3, 2019 817
Use Of Birth Control As A Teen Linked To Depression. Jan Cortes Dec 2, 2019 387
Youth Against AIDS and AXA announce a collaboration to build a prevention platform for the young generation. Dec 2, 2019 549
Deputy President David Mabuza hands over bus to University of Zululand Ongoye Choir in recognition of their fight against HIV, TB and STIs. Dec 1, 2019 558
Crowd requests for STD diagnoses common on social media. Franki, Lucas Dec 1, 2019 354
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Safe sex is dangerous to ignore; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Editorial Dec 1, 2019 200
Evaluation of the prevalence of sexually transmitted bacterial pathogens in Northern Cyprus by nucleic acid amplifcation tests, and investigation of the relationship between these pathogens and cervicitis/Kuzey Kibris'ta cinsel yolla bulasan bakteriyel patojenlerin prevelansinin nukleik asit amplifikasyon testleri ile incelenmesi ve bu patojenlerin servisitle olan iliskilerinin arastirilmasi. Guralp, Onur; Bostanci, Aysegul; Basaran, Esra Ozerkman; Schild-Suhren, Meike; Kaya, Baris Dec 1, 2019 4751
A Case of Neurosyphilis Presenting With Uveitis/ Uveitle Basvuran Norosifilis Olgusu. Aktug-Demir, Nazlim; Sumer, Sua; Cimen, Gizem; Ozturk, Banu; Ural, Onur Dec 1, 2019 1644
A 12-MONTH PREP IMPLANT? New research shows that a small implant in the upper arm might be the next step in long-term HIV prevention. Dec 1, 2019 604
The Outcome of Combined Electro-fulguration and Surgical Excision Techniques in the Management of Anogenital Condylomas/Anogenital Kondilom Tedavisinde Elektro-fulgurasyon ve Cerrahi Eksizyon Tekniklerinin Birlikte Kullaniminin Sonuclari. Yuksekdag, Sema; Firat, Aysun; Unal, Ethem Report Dec 1, 2019 2916
China makes progress in AIDS prevention, treatment. Dec 1, 2019 179
Utilisation of Medical Services and Outcomes at Adult Rape Clinic at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, Zimbabwe. Kufa, Kudzai; Magure, Tapiwa; Shambira, Gerald; Gombe, Notion Tafara; Juru, Tsitsi Patience; Nsubuga Report Dec 1, 2019 4017
Call for more education on avoiding Aids. AILBHE DALY Nov 30, 2019 115
Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Diagnostics Market Prediction By Testing / Diagnosis / Treatment / Analysis, Research, Drugs, Growth CAGR Forecast 2025. Nov 26, 2019 1438
HPV And Cancer: Shocking Link Between The Two Explained. Seema Prasad Disease/Disorder overview Nov 20, 2019 511
HPV Blamed for Rising Rates of Anal Cancer. Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter Nov 20, 2019 564
OVER-50s SEX INFECTIONS DOUBLE IN JUST 3 YEARS; Warning to middle-aged over STIs. BRENDA DENNEHY Nov 17, 2019 327
Duque: Sexually transmitted dengue no cause for concern. Nov 12, 2019 184
Do I have an STD. Nov 11, 2019 269
Can Dengue Be Sexually Transmitted? Darwin Malicdem Nov 10, 2019 384
Scientists ID Clue in Effort to Contain Herpes Virus. Nov 7, 2019 403
'Hey, What Is This?': Social Media, Not Docs, Increasingly Diagnosing STDs. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 5, 2019 1062
Healthcare employees obliged to undergo STD testing over gay doctor scandal. Nov 4, 2019 314
Aptar's Activ-Blister Packaging Solution Approved for HIV Drug. Nov 1, 2019 242
Clarifying Through-Hole Fill Levels: IPC-STD-001 is revising criteria for voiding and fill percentage. Bernard, David Nov 1, 2019 947
Human Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Cancer: Epidemiology, Screening, and Vaccination--Review of Current Perspectives. Chan, Chee Kai; Aimagambetova, Gulzhanat; Ukybassova, Talshyn; Kongrtay, Kuralay; Azizan, Azliyati Oct 31, 2019 9385
Fitness instructor flees home and quits job after jilted ex sends 1,168 texts; Kate Brooks, 35, was left a 'broken woman' after she hounded by businessman Heath Speakman who falsely claimed he had cancer, threatened suicide and said he had a STD. By, Amy Walker & Lorraine King Oct 30, 2019 1589
Enugu Governor Grants Free Medical Treatment To HIV Patients. Oct 30, 2019 637
GSK starts a phase III clinical programme for a potential first-in-class antibiotic, gepotidacin. Oct 28, 2019 1363
Optimum implementations of treatment and prevention tools require ending HIV: Study. ANI Oct 24, 2019 441
Global Infection Control Market 2019 Trends, Size, Share, Growth Insights, Leading Company Analysis, Growing with CAGR 7.5% with Global Industry Forecast till 2023. Industry overview Oct 24, 2019 911
The Corruptions via STGs and STFs in our Nation. Oct 24, 2019 1194
Aptar's Activ-Blister™ Packaging Solution Approved by U.S. FDA for Oral Solid Dose HIV Prevention Medicine. Oct 23, 2019 322
Spain Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Market 2019-2023 / Market Shares, Segmentation Forecasts, Competitive Landscape, Innovative Technologies, Latest Instrumentation, Opportunities for Suppliers. Oct 22, 2019 332
City a North East hotspot for STIs; IN BRIEF. Oct 22, 2019 264
California to offer HIV drugs prescription-free. Oct 21, 2019 269
The North East's STI hotspots have been revealed - here's how your area ranks; Newcastle has been named and shamed as the STI capital of the North East. Kali Lindsay Oct 19, 2019 738
Most Physicians Treating STIs Do Not Have Meds on Hand; Increasing availability of treatments will help public health officials stop increases in STIs, authors say. Oct 18, 2019 246
Fife man shouted offensive remarks at former partner after sexually transmitted infection claim. Oct 18, 2019 299
Italy Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Market 2019-2023: Market Shares, Segmentation Forecasts, Competitive Landscape, Innovative Technologies, Latest Instrumentation, Opportunities for Suppliers. Oct 17, 2019 335
City's STI rate at its highest in five years; thousands of new cases. ANNIE GOUK ECHO Correspondent news@liverpoolcom @LIVECHONEWS Oct 16, 2019 448
China rolls out plan for controlling HIV transmission. Oct 15, 2019 192
Town hall in call for roll-out of HIV prevention drug; 12 men contract virus while on waiting list. MARI ECCLES Local Democracy Reporter Oct 11, 2019 591
California To Let Residents Get HIV Prevention Drugs Without Prescription. Darwin Malicdem Oct 11, 2019 384
These Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are Rising Across US. Darwin Malicdem Oct 10, 2019 377

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