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Publications in Earth sciences

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Atlantic Geology Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
Australian Journal of Soil Research Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2010
Earth Sciences Research Journal Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2016
Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2016
Estonian Journal of Ecology Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2014
Geoscience Canada Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2011
Monthly Climatic Data for the World Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2016
Oceanus Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2016
  • Attracted to magnetics: a conversation with WHOI geologist Maurice Tivey.
  • Life dwells deep within Earth's crust: what's living there and how?
  • The quest for the Moho: for more than a century, scientists have yearned to find out what's going on at the mysterious boundary between Earth's crust...
  • Our ship comes in: research vessel Neil Armstrong joins WHOI fleet.
  • Shark tales: satellite tags reveal hidden world of oceans largest fish.
  • Telltale 'bathtub rings' reveal ancient rainfall.
  • Not just another lovely summer day on the water: forecasting toxic algae.
  • Let there be laser light: laser spectroscopy could illuminate key environmental gases.
  • Tagging a squishy squid: it's hard to track a soft-bodied marine organism.
  • A new eye on deep-sea fisheries: a vehicle called HabCam offers seafloor photomosaics.
  • PlankZooka & SUPR-REMUS: scientists develop new ways to sample ocean's tiny critters.
  • When the hunter became the hunted: SharkCam shows how sharks attack prey.
  • Illuminating an unexplored undersea universe: video plankton recorder unveils multitudes of unseen life.
  • Mummified microbes: life thrives in niches deep below the seafloor.
  • A slithery ocean mystery: scientists gain grasp on eels' epic migration.
  • Signs of big changes in the Arctic: a once-predictable system shifts out of balance.
  • See those black dots? They're Penguins. Now count them.
  • A luxury-laden shipwreck from 65 B.C.: marine archaeologists return to titanic of ancient world'.
  • Warming ocean drove catastrophic Australian floods: higher sea-surface temperatures fuel more evaporation and rainfall.
  • A new whale species is discovered in the wild: a surprising population dwells off Madagascar.
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    Oil Shale Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2016
    Pacific Ecologist Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2015
    Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences: Biology/Ecology Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2007
    Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences: Geology Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2006
    ROM Magazine Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2014
    Soil Research Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2016
    Storm Data Trade Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2008

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