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Articles from Science News (November 12, 2016)

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4.5 billion years of human history. Underwood, Emily Book review 507
Al system learns like a human, stores info like a computer. Hamers, Laurel Brief article 213
Amoeba gives clues to animal origins: single-celled life had molecular tools for going multicellular. Hamers, Laurel 408
Ancient avian voice box unearthed: oldest known syrinx fossil suggests bird honked like a duck. Rosen, Meghan 390
Apes recognize others' false beliefs: animals anticipate person's thoughts and actions, scientists say. Bower, Bruce 558
Artificial intelligence needs smart senses to be useful. Emerson, Eva Editorial 559
Big Viking families nurtured murder: killers tended to have more relatives than their victims. Bower, Bruce 637
Bookshelf. Brief article 167
Building a 'community of geeks'. 383
Buzzkill. Brief article 342
Comet 67P cracking under pressure. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 230
Constant connections: new units based on fundamental properties of the universe will make measurements more precise. Conover, Emily 3288
Cosmic census of galaxies updated to 2 trillion. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 243
Dark matter searches come up empty: physicists broaden efforts to identify bulk of universe's mass. Conover, Emily 1549
Deep earthquakes surprise scientists: new type of weak temblor in upper mantle detected. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 269
DNA data point to unknown hominid: Melanesians carry clues to ancestor not revealed by fossils. Saey, Tina Hesman 572
Eggs grown from mouse skin cells: new technique re-creates ovary conditions in lab dish. Saey, Tina Hesman 724
Elephants walk on their tippy-toes. Thompson, Helen Brief article 176
First peek under clouds reveals Jupiter's surprising depths. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 254
Flower lures flies with smell of honeybee fear. Martin, Cassie Brief article 235
Hot and spicy pain signals get blocked in naked mole-rats. Sanders, Laura Brief article 169
How to make a (zebra)fish face. DeMarco, Emily Brief article 248
Hyperelastic bone: a flexible 3-D printed scaffold designed to repair broken or damaged bone. Martin, Cassie Brief article 201
Jumping spider hears distant sounds: Arachnid can detect airborne noise from across a room. Milius, Susan 549
More vaccines promised. Brief article 170
Pavlov's fish. Brief article 169
Physicists make 'time crystal' in lab: flipped ions demonstrate new form of symmetry breaking. Conover, Emily 540
Possibly cloudy forecast for Pluto. Brief article 208
Robot awakening: physical intelligence makes machines aware of the world around them. Rosen, Meghan 2911
Roller coaster knocks out stones in kidney model. Beil, Laura 498
San Andreas has neighbor. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 170
Saturnian moon may host buried sea. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 122
Star struck. Brief article 146
Strep B pigment attacks placenta: bacterial weapon pokes holes in immune cells, study shows. Ehrenberg, Rachel 533
Zika disrupts cellular processes to impair brain development. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 260

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