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Articles from Science News (March 23, 2013)

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Antianxiety drugs affect fish: perch eat faster and swim more with low-level exposure. Wayman, Erin 427
Baseball's resident physicist. Seppa, Nathan 563
Bees tune in to flowers' buzz: floral electric fields could offer cues to pollinators. Milius, Susan 357
Bitter and sour taste detectors also say 'too salty'. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 106
Chilly temps turn monarchs north: butterflies' migratory path flipped by exposure to cold. Rosen, Meghan 424
Cosmic ray factories. Grant, Andrew Brief article 140
Date of Neandertal demise debated: improved radiocarbon method suggests older age for fossils. Wayman, Erin 704
Diversity breeds resistance. Kollipara, Puneet Brief article 150
Double duty for immune cells: in rats, a developmental role for microglia in the brain. Sanders, Laura 365
Exploring the limits and power of the lab mouse. Emerson, Eva Editorial 389
Grand Canyon rising. Flynn, Joe; Witze, Alexandra Letter to the editor 128
It matters whether you're a man or a mouse: relevance of rodent models for inflammation questioned. Saey, Tina Hesman 718
Lipstick identity revealed. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 210
Melting ice spurs algae. Wayman, Erin Brief article 166
New cave-dwelling nettle. Bobac, Allison Brief article 118
Nothing to fear but suffocation: loophole found in fearlessness of people with rare disorder. Sanders, Laura 362
Of mice and man: the lab mouse is being remodeled to better mimic how humans respond to disease. Gaidos, Susan 3137
Pollution's links to asthma, allergy: airborne PAH tied to disabled immune-regulating cells. Seppa, Nathan 535
Promising treatment for hives. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 115
Quakes in slo-mo: barely detectable tremors may portend major destruction. Witze, Alexandra 2263
Radial routes outside Mesopotamia. Bower, Bruce Brief article 166
Say what? Grant, Andrew Definition 135
Science Past: from the issue of March 23, 1963. Brief article 123
Scientists race to understand deadly new virus: SARS-like infection causes severe illness, but may not spread quickly among people. Saey, Tina Hesman 1260
Sea slug carries disposable penis: hermaphrodites shed organ after use, then uncoil another. Milius, Susan 351
Seeing clearly. Conner, Carolyn; LePorte, Simon G.; Seppa, Nathan; Thomas, Patricia Letter to the editor 267
Sleep loss affects gene activity. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 179
Smoking ban cuts preterm births. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 179
Smoking damages mouse brains. Sanders, Laura Brief article 120
Surprise makes recall wobbly: painful memories weakened in therapy with drug. Sanders, Laura 362
The Lady and Her Monsters. Travis, Kate Book review 262
Uncertainty at a grand scale: Heisenberg's principle observed in macroscopic objects. Grant, Andrew 489
Virus used as cancer killer: treatment triggers immune system to kill malignancies. Seppa, Nathan 465
Visions of infinity. Siegfried, Tom Book review 297
Vitamin D may boost efficacy of hepatitis B shot. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 109
Women's sports sociology. Meyer, Jack Letter to the editor 102

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