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LET'S PLAY HORSESHOE THEORY. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Sep 18, 2021 1312
Neo-Nazi schoolboys who wanted to bomb London because it 'isn't English' spared jail; Self-described 'commander' was just 14 when he set up extremist right-wing group discussing terrorism. By, Tara Cobham Sep 10, 2021 446
Fox News and other right-wing media outlets slam US President Joe Biden after vaccination speech. Arab News Sep 10, 2021 263
Texts. Sep 3, 2021 235
Ataullah Mengal a rare breed. Sep 2, 2021 1090
'Hollow ring to Welsh Labour's claims it has been a radical force' A new book of essays provides a sustained critique of Welsh Labour's progressive credentials in government from a left-wing perspective, reports political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Sep 2, 2021 1093
Waziristan MNA, nationalists form political party. Sep 2, 2021 782
PNP to help Cordillera's tokhang vs leftists only within realm of human rights. Aug 25, 2021 429
Hindu extremism and Muslims in India. Dr Muhammad Akram Zaheer Aug 9, 2021 1564
Church's struggles are not just left vs. right. Winters, Michael Sean Column Aug 6, 2021 1272
Getting the Problem Definition Right: The Radical Right, Populism, Nativism and Public Health: Comment on "A Scoping Review of Populist Radical Right Parties' Influence on Welfare Policy and its Implications for Population Health in Europe". De Cleen, Benjamin; Speed, Ewen Jul 24, 2021 3921
Wisconsin bishop restricts ministry of Fr. James Altman. White, Christopher Jul 23, 2021 351
Progress or War: On Islamophobia and Europe's Demographic Shifts. Jul 21, 2021 1168
Afghanistan jitters, surprises and lessons. Jul 21, 2021 1972
After long count, rural teacher named Peru's president-elect. Associated Press Jul 20, 2021 205
European nations must embrace change if they are to progress. Ramzy Baroud Jul 19, 2021 1135
Battling for glory in England. Jul 15, 2021 716
For history to repeat itself. Jul 15, 2021 926
Age of the Alt-Right: New-Age Media and White Nationalism in Trump's America. Cagliuso, Dominique Jul 11, 2021 8907
When Dilip Kumar was honoured with Pakistan's highest civil award Nishan-e-Imtiaz. Jul 8, 2021 782
Israel's new government dealt blow in controversial citizenship vote. Reuters News Service Jul 6, 2021 385
Controversial Israeli law that obstructs Palestinian family reunification fails a vote in the Israeli parliament. Jul 6, 2021 403
COVID Lab-leak Theory Media Lied, People Died. Kirkwood, R. Cort Jul 5, 2021 3642
Dear Friends and Readers. Bui, Phong H. Essay Jul 1, 2021 1175
Rhetorical Forms in Right-Wing Populist Discourse. Hariman, Robert Report Jul 1, 2021 5683
Sweden Opposition Leader Tapped As Potential New PM. Jun 29, 2021 389
Toward Successful COIN: Shining Path's Decline. Colby, Darren Jun 22, 2021 4764
Market Unfreedom: Causes and Cure. Bovard, Rachel Jun 22, 2021 1076
Demonstrators at Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis to denounce police violations and impunity. Jun 18, 2021 159
Can new Israeli administration unite despite widely disparate members? Jun 17, 2021 504
DPK seems to have lost momentum for change. Jun 17, 2021 540
EXPLAINER: Who is Naftali Bennett, Israel's new leader? Jun 15, 2021 776
Netanyahu out, Bennett in as Israel marks end of an era. Reuters News Service Jun 14, 2021 1560
Who is Naftali Bennett, Israel's new leader? Jun 14, 2021 880
Netanyahu goes today. Jun 13, 2021 323
Netanyahu 'might be down but he's not out'. Daoud Kuttab Jun 13, 2021 493
Man who slapped French president gets 4-month prison sentence. Jun 11, 2021 304
Akbayan tells Makabayan: Don't be selective in condemning NPA atrocities. Jun 11, 2021 236
What new Israeli coalition could mean for US ties. Kerry Boyd Anderson Jun 8, 2021 971
Crunch vote for coalition aimed at unseating Israeli PM draws nearer. Jun 7, 2021 219
PPP, ANP to contact nationalist groups on security challenges. Jun 7, 2021 167
Israel's Netanyahu Alleges Election Fraud, Accuses Rival Of Duplicity. Jun 6, 2021 628
Only economic policies of PPP can take the country ahead: Bilawal. Jun 6, 2021 359
Italian right-wing parties led by Salvini, Berlusconi consider merger. Jun 6, 2021 196
PPP promises 'Roti, Kapra aur Makan' if it comes to power. Jun 5, 2021 293
Netanyahu attacks attempts to end his 12-year run as premier. Shaimaa Raafat Jun 3, 2021 181
Israel opposition parties agrees to form government. Jun 2, 2021 281
Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute worries "2021 is on Track to Become the Most Devastating Antiabortion State Legislative Session in Decades". Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2021 815
Jamaat: Won't allow use of our soil against Afghanistan. S.Muddasir Ali Shah May 31, 2021 160
"Government of change" in Israel to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Reuters News Service May 30, 2021 271
Nationalist Elam gain big in parliament vote. Reuters News Service May 30, 2021 313
Can the Catholic Church agree to change anything? Zagano, Phyllis Column May 28, 2021 848
On the Ethics of Non-Palestinians Promoting Nonviolence. May 24, 2021 1254
Labour must offer people hope again. May 21, 2021 291
Labour needs to offer hope. May 21, 2021 221
Drakeford should seize the day and go for reform of the Senedd; Will Welsh Labour have the courage to reform the Senedd's numbers and voting system following election victory and new remarks by Drakeford, asks Political editor-atlarge Martin Shipton. May 20, 2021 1027
Biden faces criticism from Democrats over Israel. Arab News May 17, 2021 379
Support of Trump within church has driven some Catholics to the exits. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten May 14, 2021 1686
Why populism's negative politics failed to seduce voters in Wales; The Senedd election has shown how populism has proved to be, well, unpopular in Wales, argues political editor-at-large Martin Shipton... Martin Shipton May 11, 2021 1000
The long road to revolution begins in a street near you. LOKI THE SCOTTISH RAPPER DARREN MCGARVEY twitter@lokiscottishrap May 7, 2021 560
Arguments Swing Left and Right over Rumours of 'Coup against Buhari'. May 5, 2021 831
Wafula Buke lives in an ODM world that no longer exists. May 5, 2021 607
Malaya on 'epal' signages ban: Some community pantries being used to push political agenda. May 3, 2021 357
CROSSBOW MANIAC FUELLED BY HATRED; Racial tensions were running high in Britain 40 years ago - with the National Front on the rise and inner-cities a powder keg ready to explode, culminating in the summer riots that reached Handsworth in July. It was in this toxic atmosphere that one lone wolf extremist set out to wage his own terrifying war of hate on the streets of Birmingham... May 2, 2021 1084
The Confrontations Are Coming. Starr, Paul May 1, 2021 1985
First police officer in UK convicted of being member of neo-Nazi terror group jailed; PC Ben Hannam, 22, was found guilty of membership of banned right-wing extremist group National Action (NA) -he was also convicted of lying on his application and vetting forms to join the Metropolitan Police. By, Emily Pennink & Danya Bazaraa Apr 30, 2021 594
Supreme Court rejects leftist ex-lawmakers' request to restore Assembly seats. Apr 29, 2021 443
Where is the money coming from to fund the Welsh Conservatives' Senedd election promises? Political editor at large Martin Shipton analyses the Welsh Conservative Party's manifesto for Senedd election 2021; Political editor at large Martin Shipton analyses the Welsh Conservative Party's manifesto for Senedd election 2021. By, Martin Shipton Apr 23, 2021 991
Civility under assault. Apr 23, 2021 495
A Green Win In Greenland's Elections. Aaditi P. Apr 22, 2021 454
Pie-in-the-sky spending spree out of Conservative character; Yesterday, the Welsh Conservatives launched their manifesto ahead of next month's Senedd election. Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton gives his verdict. Apr 21, 2021 979
Challenging writ of state not justified. Apr 20, 2021 1183
COLUMN: POETS VERSUS POLITICOS. Harris Khalique Column Apr 18, 2021 1019
Have taken action against TLP because it challenged writ of state: PM Imran. Apr 18, 2021 285
Italy's Salvini sent to trial on migrant kidnapping charge. Reuters News Service Apr 17, 2021 338
PM Imran pays tribute to police for 'heroic stand' against TLP violence. Apr 16, 2021 388
Past in Perspective. Apr 14, 2021 173
At least three killed, more than 100 arrested as TLP protest continues across Pakistan. Apr 13, 2021 815
Italian politicians slam Libyan release of alleged human trafficker. Francesco Bongarra Apr 13, 2021 534
Ecuador begins electing new president in left-right battle. Apr 11, 2021 681
Top Turkish court reverses ban on news outlets. Arab News Apr 9, 2021 574
The PDM split. Apr 8, 2021 560
House urged to probe into death of 'quarantine violator' after being forced to exercise. Apr 8, 2021 486
Odumakin: Triumph of activism over materialism. Apr 8, 2021 1824
Leftwing party opposed to mining project wins Greenland vote. Apr 7, 2021 346
White, Black and Asian. Apr 5, 2021 792
Left-wing Palestinian factions fail to agree on unified list for May 22 vote. HAZEM BALOUSHA Mar 30, 2021 811
Final Israeli Election Results Confirm Deadlock. Mar 27, 2021 413
Rise of authoritarianism and future of democracy in spotlight. Mar 25, 2021 507
Tayseer Khaled: The Knesset elections still indicate right-wing and fascist tendencies in Israel. Mar 25, 2021 569
Netanyahu's future unclear as exit polls forecast stalemate in Israel's election. Reuters News Service Mar 24, 2021 635
The Atlanta tragedy, hate train and leadership. Mar 23, 2021 1013
FREEZE TEXAS: Lethal Green Leftists: Reaction to Texas' deep freeze proves that environmentalists value arbitrary emissions regulations over human life. Terrell, Rebecca Mar 22, 2021 1985
Making an Example of Trump. Kirkwood, R. Cort Mar 22, 2021 786
The thin blue line; In the late 1970s Birmingham was again faced with political protests that turned violent. The annual report of the Chief Constable reported how police coped with 'The Battle of Digbeth'. Mar 22, 2021 544
Legislators vote for right to die. Mar 20, 2021 219
Legislators vote for right to die. Mar 20, 2021 219
Middle East Forum: A 'pro-Israel' Think Tank that Supports and Funds Neo-Nazis and Antisemites across the World. Mar 20, 2021 2470
Candidate checks must be improved. Mar 17, 2021 387
The Media-Capture Epidemic. Mar 16, 2021 910
Right-wing Parties Race to Acquire Settlers' votes for Knesset at Expense of Jerusalemites. Mar 8, 2021 646
Left-wing parties and organisations rally in Tunis to demand a new political system. Mar 6, 2021 317
March for freedom. Aasim Sajjad Akhtar Mar 5, 2021 769
Whites vs. Reds: The mostly unknown Finnish Civil War has lessons for America today. Haywood, Charles Mar 1, 2021 3362
Open Letter to Metroman, E Sreedharan. Mar 1, 2021 688
Defending "Western" Values: Reactionary Neoliberalism in the Americas. Segura-Ballar, Gabriela Mar 1, 2021 17240
Incipient Fascism: Black Radical Perspectives. Toscano, Alberto Mar 1, 2021 7929
Netanyahu pushing for new settlement, Palestinian officials warn. Daoud Kuttab Feb 26, 2021 455
Legacy of Rusul Bux Palijo. Feb 22, 2021 509
Anger over Israeli PM's vote-sharing deal with controversial anti-Arab party. Daoud Kuttab Feb 19, 2021 474
EU remains wary of separatist movements. Feb 13, 2021 327
'Free expression discouraged in Labour debates'. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Feb 10, 2021 668
'Free expression discouraged in Labour debates now' - officials. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Feb 10, 2021 671
Distortion of wartime sex slavery. Feb 4, 2021 368
The rising tide of fascism in India. Dr Jumma Khan Marri Feb 3, 2021 909
Capitol Violence Wasn't Surprising--and Was Very Convenient for the Left. Duke, Selwyn Feb 1, 2021 805
Repairing Relationships: Newsrooms look to rebuild trust in their communities. Tornoe, Rob Feb 1, 2021 1070
Turkish right-wing, allied with Mafia, holds back economic reform. Andrew Rosenbaum Jan 30, 2021 812
Protesters rally in heart of capital to demand changing current political system. Jan 23, 2021 229
Jeremy Corbyn launches four-point 'Peace Project' in bid to stamp his legacy; The former Labour leader -who is still suspended from the party whip -unveiled more details of his 'Peace and Justice Project' to 'build on' the policies in Labour's 2019 manifesto. By, Dan Bloom Jan 17, 2021 615
Shiv Sena to contest polls in India's West Bengal. Jan 17, 2021 225
India's experience has lessons for U.S. democracy after riot. Jan 17, 2021 744
Dutch government resigns over child benefits scandal. Xinhua Jan 15, 2021 355
PS for creation of republican front bringing together social nationalist and social-liberal parties. Jan 12, 2021 346
Ex-Tory gives Farage foothold at Holyrood; Nat basher Ballantyne to lead Brexit guru's new Reform party in Scotland. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Jan 12, 2021 341
A small group of sleuths had been identifying right-wing extremists long before the attack on the Capitol. Jan 11, 2021 2832
No evidence rioters were just posing as Trump supporters. Jan 10, 2021 849
Left-wing parties urged to unite to solve problems of masses. Conference notes Jan 4, 2021 637
In blogpost, Liew Chin Tong compares and contrasts the leadership structures of DAP and Umno. Jan 3, 2021 978
Boris doesn't register right. Jan 1, 2021 204
THE CLASS OF 2020: The newest members of the Squad, in their own words. Sammon, Alexander Interview Jan 1, 2021 5412
In Colombia, the Struggle Continues. Reeves, Leni Villagomez Jan 1, 2021 942
POLITICS. Dec 27, 2020 174
Parliament votes to legalise euthanasia. Dec 18, 2020 527
Duterte Youth seeks revival of Cold War-era anti-subversion law. Dec 15, 2020 733
Sajith in a political crisis. Dec 7, 2020 188
'Maradona took Argentina out of sadness'. Dec 5, 2020 1103
French Muslims of Arab origin feel their faith is viewed negatively: Poll. Thomas Abgrall Dec 1, 2020 794
After Duterte tirade, Makabayan bloc fears worst attacks to come. Dec 1, 2020 429
Lorenzana orders review of protocol in handling slain rebels' remains. Nov 30, 2020 482
Trump is a tool of conservative group. Nov 28, 2020 312
Agents should heed the words of Churchill - David Alexander comment; With the current governing party at Holyrood adopting a rather left-wing agenda on social issues and the Conservatives led by Boris Johnson holding an 80-seat majority at Westminster, it is not surprising that Scotland and England have grown further apart on various laws. David Alexander Nov 26, 2020 781
Biden win hurts Boris; your views. Nov 26, 2020 268
Clashes flare in locked-down Greece on 1973 student revolt anniversary. Reuters News Service Nov 17, 2020 318
Jordanians reshuffle their parliament. Daoud Kuttab Nov 11, 2020 518
Drawing lessons from the US elections. Nov 6, 2020 1002
EU Lawmaker blames Austrian Pro-Migration politicians for attack in Vienna. Nov 3, 2020 243
Europe's COVID-19 curbs prompt pushback amid bleak countdown to Christmas. Reuters News Service Nov 2, 2020 822
Nationalists suspicious of Sindh govt's will to save islands, heritage sites. Nov 2, 2020 1014
Give Centrism a Chance. Nov 1, 2020 956
Woke Crony Capitalism: Money meets left-wing ideology. Brian, Paul Nov 1, 2020 1162
Give centrism a chance. Oct 31, 2020 920
What Does Israel Have against Palestinian Singer, Mohammed Assaf? Oct 28, 2020 1392
Singer Assaf the latest victim of war on Palestinian culture. Ramzy Baroud Oct 26, 2020 1075
Wales has become a 'test bed for left-wing socialist authority', claims UK government minister; Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis launched an attack on Wales' coronavirus policies. By, Will Hayward Oct 25, 2020 368
Spain's Far-Right Seeks To Oust Government With No-Confidence Vote. Oct 22, 2020 201
Spanish Prime Minister Faces No-Confidence Motion From Populists. Oct 21, 2020 198
Labour's left forms group. Oct 20, 2020 280
Labour left hopes to heal the rifts. Oct 20, 2020 578
Bolivia begins long vote count after unexpectedly calm election. Oct 19, 2020 684
New Zealand's Ardern: A victory forged in crisis. Oct 18, 2020 698
Duterte Youth's first agenda in House: Probe civilian orgs 'recruiting' for NPA. Oct 15, 2020 444
Moving from regressive to progressive politics. Oct 15, 2020 1105
Michigan plot suspects also considered kidnapping Virginia governor -FBI. Reuters News Service Oct 13, 2020 544
Our View: Signs that unprecedented Turkish meddling will backfire. CM: Our View Oct 11, 2020 815
Turkish Cypriots vote amid Varosha outcry. fm Oct 11, 2020 725
Demo for release of 'political prisoners'. Oct 10, 2020 261
Young protesters rally to denounce bill on protection of internal security forces and customs. Oct 8, 2020 214
Mantra for Democrats: Fight fire with water. Oct 7, 2020 1095
Boris Johnson's government slated for handling of coronavirus in reader survey; The Prime Minister scored just two out of 10 with Mirror readers -and even readers of a right-wing website say he has not handled the Covid pandemic well. By, Claire Miller Oct 6, 2020 1250
Right-wing UK media figure apologizes to London mosque. Benedict Spence Oct 5, 2020 471
Are writers being wilfully obtuse over Brexit? LETTERS. Oct 2, 2020 313
Turkish Cypriot vote split over Ankara's influence. fm Oct 1, 2020 558
Framing the Alimony Debates in Turkey: Struggle Between Feminist and Antifeminist Discourses to Represent "Women's Rights". Ozcan, Esra Oct 1, 2020 8790
Professionalism as a Response to Right-Wing Populism? An Analysis of a Metajournalistic Discourse. Kramer, Benjamin; Langmann, Klara Oct 1, 2020 8897
Swiss reject plan to curb EU migration. MICHAEL SHIELDS Sep 28, 2020 237
Switzerland Rejects Curbing Immigration From EU Countries. Sep 28, 2020 417
Swiss voters clearly reject curbs on EU immigration. Reuters News Service Sep 27, 2020 501
UPDATE: Swiss Voters Refuse Immigration Cuts, Embrace Paternity Leave. Sep 27, 2020 732
The Democracies' Anchor. McCarthy, Daniel Column Sep 22, 2020 880
White supremacist murderers' conspiracy theories have entered mainstream European politics - Professor Nasar Meer; The 'manifesto' published by Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 83 people, including 14-year-old children in Oslo and on the island of Utoya, has echoes in the politics of right-wing parties, writes Professor Nasar Meer. Nasar Meer Sep 15, 2020 1102
Leftist parties protest demanding modernization of jute mills, arrears. Sep 13, 2020 229
Facebook removes posts linking Oregon wildfires to activist groups. Sep 13, 2020 368
Heartless Tory ignores full story; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Sep 9, 2020 645
Heartless Tory ignores full story; YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Sep 9, 2020 642
Free, full, and fair elections. Sep 8, 2020 737
LGBT+ solidarity protest. Sep 8, 2020 220
Local Nationalism, Aristocratic Populism. Doak, Emile Sep 1, 2020 1588
ISRAEL'S RIGHT-WING LOSERS: Despite their power, the Israeli government always lets them down. Rosner, Shmuel Sep 1, 2020 822
Partisan politics and fiscal policy in the Canadian provinces. Haddow, Rodney Sep 1, 2020 8502
Brenton Tarrant: who is the killer given a life with no parole for mosque shooting in Christchurch - and what his sentence means; The Australian right-wing extremist killed 51 people at two mosques in New Zealand last year. Claire Schofield Aug 27, 2020 689
Handing ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott trade tsar role 'downright humiliating', Labour warn; Gaffe-prone Tony Abbott, who was forced from office by rivals inside Australia's right-wing Liberal party, is reported to be Britain's new joint president of the Board of Trade. By, Oliver Milne Aug 26, 2020 393
MONUMENTARL HYPOCRISY: With the approval of Democratic politicians, radical leftists are destroying our cultural infrastructure under the guise of social justice, despite the immense hypocrisy involved. Pesta, Duke Cover story Aug 24, 2020 4288
Humza Yousaf: Scotland's Justice Secretary contacts the police after receiving death threats; Mr Yousaf has said that he has contemplated leaving politics over the threats. Rachel Mackie Aug 21, 2020 465
Millennials mock leftists currying favor with China, N. Korea. Aug 13, 2020 2773
Illegal annexation day. Aug 10, 2020 439
Speech bans and 'cancel culture' put democracy at risk. Jul 24, 2020 804
Good News from Washington: AIPAC, Israel Losing to Progressive Democrats. Jul 15, 2020 1557
Mexico ruling party faces leftist rival in key state showdown. Jul 13, 2020 674
Minister's fight on as deselection possible. MARTIN SHIPTON Chief reporter Jul 8, 2020 597
OP-ED: Farhad, Rono ... and the generation of dreamers. Jul 8, 2020 1084
Protest singer satires left-wing politicians. Jul 8, 2020 930
JAILBREAK HAMSTRINGING THE POLICE: Leftist politicians and their laws and policies are guaranteeing a revolving-door "catch and release" justice system that rewards criminals and endangers the innocent. Jasper, William F. Jul 6, 2020 2859
Media & Politicians Who Defend Looters Attack Gun Owners. Krey, Patrick Jul 6, 2020 768
NPP respects Capitalism with Conscience -Kufuor. Jul 2, 2020 674
Progressive Conservatism: It's the sweet spot that led to Trump's victory in 2016. Buckley, F.H. Jul 1, 2020 1534
kray and the peer; how labour & tories united to suppress story It was a scandal that rocked the Establishment, with a shameful cover-up that forced the Sunday Mirror to pay out PS40,000 damages. But finally, after 56 years, the truth can be told of the... EXCLUSIVE BY GRACE MACASKILL Jun 28, 2020 1039
Yonsei Uni. professor slammed for writing for Japan's rightist media. Jun 28, 2020 434
How the Establishment covered up gay affair between gangster Ronnie Kray and Tory peer; EXCLUSIVE The relationship between Tory Bob Boothby and one of the Kray twins was probed by the police during the 1960s and has been explored in a new book about the scandal. By, Grace Macaskill Jun 27, 2020 1068
For a Politics of Mobility. Buckley, F.H. Jun 22, 2020 4194
Race for the Future. Clement, Matt Jun 22, 2020 8200
Good times for a change? Ireland since the general election: The hoped-for demise of the old order has not materialised, but the landscape of Irish politics is changing. Coulter, Colin; Reynolds, John Jun 22, 2020 6265
Class and nation in the age of populism: The forward march of labour restarted? Socialist organising among the new working class is the best way to defeat right-wing populism. de Miranda, Alvaro Jun 22, 2020 7881
Populism: the view from anthropology. Clarke, John Jun 22, 2020 1494
Anger over Covid conspiracies being delivered to homes. Jun 19, 2020 367
Right-wing thugs battle cops in row over protecting memorial to man.. who crushed right-wing thugs. Jun 14, 2020 307
Teacher's arrest. Jun 13, 2020 369
Netanyahu attacks 'fabricated' graft charges as trial begins. May 24, 2020 934
Important to put practicality above politics. Graham Robb May 21, 2020 892
Italian MP causes outrage with 'neo-terrorist' slur. Francasco Bongarra May 15, 2020 520
Let's not be fooled by a crisis. May 13, 2020 713
Let's not waste a crisis. Walter E. Williams May 13, 2020 717
Right-Wing Israeli Party Rejects US Conditions for Annexing Judea and Samaria. May 11, 2020 397
Israel government swearing-in delayed a day by Pompeo visit. Arab News May 11, 2020 294
Israel's High Court Approves Netanyahu-Gantz Deal. May 7, 2020 270
Anxiety Greets FG's Push To Reopen Economy. May 3, 2020 1142
Dutch Right-Wingers Share Doctored Image of Anne Frank Snorting Cocaine. Apr 30, 2020 255
Kairos Palestine raises an alarm on the dire consequences of Israel's coalition government. Apr 30, 2020 426
Prime Minister Netanyahu, Rival Gantz Agree to Joint Government System. Apr 21, 2020 462
Israel's Netanyahu, Gantz fail to meet midnight deadline for unity govt. Apr 17, 2020 328
Corbynite in-fighting signals death knell for Labour left-wing group Momentum; EXCLUSIVE: Left-wing Labour group Momentum has floundered since the appointment of Keir Starmer as party leader and a bitter bust-up has ensued over the defeat of Rebecca Long-Bailey. By, Chris McLaughlin Apr 11, 2020 307
Keir Starmer has an opportunity to unite. Apr 6, 2020 211
Gantz Becomes Knesset Speaker in Shock Alliance with Netanyahu. Mar 27, 2020 493
Nancy Santanello. Mar 22, 2020 590
The Left in the United States and the Decline of the Socialist Party of America, 1934-1935. Zumoff, Jacob A. Mar 22, 2020 16643
Israeli PM Netanyahu, Gantz agree to start negotiations on unity government. Xinhua Mar 18, 2020 186
Israel president set to put Gantz in government. ARI RABINOVITCH Mar 16, 2020 171
10% back Fianna Fail, Fine Gael & Independents deal. NEIL LESLIE Mar 16, 2020 176
Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel Netanyahu. Yossi Mekelberg Mar 14, 2020 1193
Netanyahu, Gantz Agree to Emergency Unity Gov't to Combat Coronavirus. Mar 13, 2020 1061
Netanyahu's divisive policies unites his foes -- for now. Osama Al-Sharif Mar 10, 2020 885
'Opponents of Aurat Azadi March oblivious to suffering of women'. Aamir Yasin Mar 7, 2020 772
The Covid-19 crisis is a make-orbreak moment for globalisation. Rachel Cunliffe Comment and features editor at City AM Mar 6, 2020 917
KT edit: Biden vs Sanders will be a fight to the finish. Mar 4, 2020 437
Rights concerns force House panel to delay adoption of anti-terror bills. Mar 4, 2020 698
Netanyahu ahead in Israeli election, but still lacking governing majority. Reuters News Service Mar 3, 2020 767
Netanyahu Defeats Gantz with Larger Bloc. Mar 3, 2020 464
Indicted Netanyahu claims victory in Israel vote. Mar 2, 2020 770
On both sides of the pond, parties of the left face hard choices. John Macintyre Mar 2, 2020 1122
Is Populism Serving India's Interest and that of the Region? Mar 2, 2020 1101
Anti-climate activist praises alt-right commentator at CPAC. The Washington Post Mar 1, 2020 570
Richard Burgon interview -give Labour members real power to stop MPs 'selling out'; EXCLUSIVE: In an interview with the Mirror, the left-wing candidate for Labour's deputy leadership explains why he thinks the party should double down on giving members the final say -and argues MPs are 'seduced' for 'forget their roots'. By, Oliver Milne Interview Mar 1, 2020 1362
Friends, comrades of Lal Khan share fond memories of him. Khalid Hasnain Feb 29, 2020 783
India's Machinations in Kashmir. SAAD RASOOL Feb 29, 2020 1829
Nationalist event warns against 'pink police state,' Pope Francis. McElwee, Joshua J. Feb 21, 2020 439
Political Impasse Continues In Ireland As No New Prime Minister Chosen. Feb 21, 2020 328
Blair set to urge Labour head-to-toe 'renewal'. PATRICK DALY Press Association reporter Feb 20, 2020 392
Democrats Bare Fangs At Mike Bloomberg In Fiery US Presidential Debate. Feb 20, 2020 752
Labour need to reclaim the centre-left ground; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Letter to the editor Feb 17, 2020 806
South Wales Echo letters: Monday, February 17, 2020; Your letters to the South Wales Echo. By, Feb 17, 2020 739
Feudal lords facing their logical end, says Ghinwa. Feb 17, 2020 205
GEORGE WASHINGTON Man of Faith, Christian Gentleman: Radical leftists, in their quest to demean American culture to pave the way to redesign our government, have been disparaging our Founders, including George Washington. Byas, Steve Feb 17, 2020 3528
As ever in Ireland it's the working class people who have led the way we want our Connolly and Pearse's Republic; TV'S DUNBAR ON SINN FEIN ELECTION SUCCESS; Line Of Duty star excited about filming 6th series; THE BIG SATURDAY INTERVIEW. EOIN MURPHY Feb 15, 2020 1129
As ever in Ireland it's the working class people who have led the way we want our Connolly and Pearse's Republic; Line Of Duty star talks politics before 6th series; TV'S DUNBAR O ON ELECTIONS AND Ted Hastings. EOIN MURPHY Feb 15, 2020 1122
Our choices for primaries in U.S. House Dist. 11. Feb 14, 2020 557
Why some right-wing politicians aren't thrilled about success of 'Parasite'. Feb 12, 2020 496
Merkel's CDU successor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer set to resign. STEFAN BOSCIA @Stefan_Boscia Feb 11, 2020 154
Prevalent politics strengthens feudal-capitalist hold on power, moot told. Feb 8, 2020 383
Voting 'influence' row as Momentum HQ seen to wade in; 'no consultation', say local members. LIAM THORP Political Editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Feb 7, 2020 513
Contemplation and consideration. Feb 7, 2020 3823
MP: 'CRITICS OF MINE ARE HYSTERICAL' Politician defends attendance at right-wing conference. MARK ANDREWS Conference news Feb 4, 2020 341
Leftist leaders ask mining firms to stop polluting environment of Thar. Feb 4, 2020 666
Mayor Pete is NOT moderate on abortion, nor are his Democrat opponents. Cross, Karen Feb 1, 2020 618
Mapping Connective Actions in the Global Alt-Right and Antifa Counterpublics. Xu, Weiai Wayne Feb 1, 2020 8706
My Reality Is More Truthful Than Yours: Radical Right-Wing Politicians' and Citizens' Construction of "Fake" and "Truthfulness" on Social Media--Evidence From the United States and The Netherlands. Hameleers, Michael Feb 1, 2020 8969
THE TICKING TIME BOMB. Korwin, Alan Jan 31, 2020 940
BEST OF THE REST. Jan 30, 2020 347
The BBC keeps scoring own goals with its comms; The broadcaster is a textbook example of how not to manage your internal messaging. Emma Kane Jan 30, 2020 579
Turkish Cypriot leader will struggle to be re-elected. fm Jan 29, 2020 333
Trump To Unveil Plans For Israel-Palestine Conflict In Netanyahu Visit. Jan 27, 2020 631
CNN Analyst Admits Fabricating Story On GOP Senators. Arthur Villasanta Jan 24, 2020 439
Ed is taking the bull by the horns; A matador school is just one stop on former politician's Euro tour. With Sara Wallis Jan 23, 2020 292
Turning right into Europe. with SARA WALLIS Jan 23, 2020 823
Turning right into Europe; TODAY'S TV. with SARA WALLIS Jan 23, 2020 823
I'm from Salford.. no one messes with me; Rebecca Long-Bailey vows she'll make a tough leader; THE FIGHT FOR LABOUR:WE MEET LEFT-WING CANDIDATE. EXCLUSIVE BY PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Jan 22, 2020 1117
With a nod from parliament, Greece gets first female president. Reuters News Service Jan 22, 2020 240
Majority fooled into voting for right-wingers; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Jan 21, 2020 1282
Norway Finance Minister Quits over ISIL Woman's Return from Syria. Jan 21, 2020 422
Norway finmin quits over IS woman's return from Syria. Reuters News Service Jan 20, 2020 219

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