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Putin greets Sisi on 1952 Revolution anniversary, urges continuing building up cooperation with Egypt. Egypt Today staff Jul 23, 2021 211
Sisi: 23 July Revolution changed reality of life in Egypt, put nation on world's political map. Egypt Today staff Jul 23, 2021 457
Kris, Sara, Bongbong in dream showdown. Jul 17, 2021 931
Whither China? No clear answer. Jul 14, 2021 806
Vision of China in 2049. Dr Moonis Ahmar Jul 11, 2021 938
Buhari and poverty alleviation. Jul 8, 2021 961
Egypt-US relations: New chapter under Biden's Administration. Daily News Egypt Jul 4, 2021 743
A revolution of the heart. Jul 4, 2021 1017
PDM renews anti-govt drive with rally in Swat. Jul 4, 2021 826
President for gaining stronghold in upcoming 'global intellectual revolution'. Jul 2, 2021 501
Pakistan can emerge as power by joining 'intellectual revolution': President. Jul 2, 2021 504
Arab Parliament Speaker commends Egyptian president's efforts since June 30 Revolution. Egypt Today staff Jul 1, 2021 278
9 things that did not exist in Egypt before June 30 Revolution. Egypt Today staff Jul 1, 2021 2392
9 things that didn't exist in Egypt before June 30 Revolution. Noha El Tawil Jul 1, 2021 2412
Pakistan can emerge as power by joining 'intellectual revolution': President. Jul 1, 2021 503
Buhari, Dot-Nation And Poverty Alleviation. Jul 1, 2021 994
Egypt in race against time to achieve aspirations of citizens: Al-Sisi. Daily News Egypt Jun 30, 2021 647
30 June Revolution: Egypt reaps fruits of development. Egypt Today staff Jun 30, 2021 1442
Egypt's intellectuals: June 30 revolution is the source of Egypt's huge soft power. Egypt Today Jun 29, 2021 211
Is South-East Truly A DOT And 10.5 Million Citizens Lifted Out-Of-Poverty? Jun 28, 2021 974
Government reforming education to produce critical thinkers - Bawumia. Jun 28, 2021 692
Let's watch what Iran's new president does, not what he says. Hassan Al-Mustafa Jun 27, 2021 1075
What the election of Raisi tells us about the future of the Islamic Rep. Sick, Gary Jun 25, 2021 1055
Reform or Revolution in Global Health? Jun 9, 2021 779
June 12: Democracy Day And Proposed Revolution. Jun 9, 2021 1003
Three eco champions have launched a brick revolution in Jedburgh; A revolutionary plastic brick developed in Jedburgh by three eco champions is threatening to make concrete and cement obsolete. Jun 4, 2021 557
Iran regime doing all it can to ensure Raisi becomes president. Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Jun 3, 2021 939
Liberia's Vice President Jewel Taylor calls for an African industrial revolution In an interview with Africa Renewal, Ms. Taylor also discusses Liberia's development priorities. Interview May 27, 2021 1474
Small cap movers: Revolution Bars cries viva el government! May 16, 2021 678
Piece Hall boss backs a 'green revolution' for North; The Government faces a "moment in history" to empower and invest in a green future to combat the glaring generations of structural unemployment inequalities that are holding back Northern communities, a Yorkshire business leader has said. Ruth Dacey May 9, 2021 461
UMT brings about revolution in education sector: UMT President. May 5, 2021 238
Narrow Artificial Intelligence Is Latest Disrupter to Insurance Industry: NAI, just like the Industrial Revolution, is going to result in new government programs, as well as new theories of contract law and injury law. Thomas, Pete; Busenhart, Samantha May 1, 2021 488
Care service ice is top priority; STRAP ELECTIONE L2E0CT2IO1N STURGEON UNVEILS BIG IDEA SNP leader promises a revolution in the sector so badly hit by the pandemic. CHRIS McCALL Apr 21, 2021 515
Myanmar on the Cusp of Revolution Philippines in a Dilemma Afghanistan: US Mission Accomplished? Mongolia: Between the Dragon and the Bear. Apr 21, 2021 2061
Revolution Bars urges UK government to lift COVID-19 restrictions early after vaccine success. Apr 14, 2021 451
Three issues essential to kick-starting Libya's recovery. Dr. Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg Apr 14, 2021 1008
Driving fintech revolution: UPaisa, Abacus partner to fast track digital transformation. Apr 14, 2021 355
New UAE strategy an 'Industrial Revolution', say leaders. Apr 4, 2021 1522
The rise and rise of ebook prices: The last decade promised a revolution but high prices have stirred up a rebellion. Rebecca Pool asks: what's the way forward? Apr 1, 2021 2264
A Look at Communism and Democracy in Octavian Paler's "Question Time". Burtea-Cioroianu, Cristina-Eugenia Apr 1, 2021 5484
Gombe Rice Pyramid: Buhari Flags Off North East Rice Cultivation Programme. Mar 26, 2021 850
From Maigadi To Megida In One Administration. Mar 25, 2021 1869
New UAE strategy an 'Industrial Revolution' say leaders. Mar 23, 2021 1643
Leaders get behind plan for transport revolution. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Mar 17, 2021 590
Leaders back plan for transport revolution; ... and call on the government to give north 'its fair share'. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Mar 17, 2021 545
Climate change: UK government still doesn't have plan to kickstart the green revolution the public wants and the world needs - Douglas Chapman MP; The UK government needs to read the room on their so-called Green Revolution. Douglas Chapman Mar 16, 2021 1080
How Khomeini's fundamentalist views drive Iranian incitement and malign behavior. Hani Nasira Mar 16, 2021 1342
Myanmar Coup: Civilian leader in hiding vows to continue 'revolution'. Mar 15, 2021 290
No country for minorities: The agony of Iran's ethnic Arabs, Kurds, Balochis and Azeris. Oubai Shahbandar Mar 8, 2021 1412
March: The month of celebrating women. Nihal Samir Mar 5, 2021 1021
The revolution has unraveled. Mar 4, 2021 1448
Why Iran's hate-filled public school curriculum should be a global concern. David Andrew Weinberg Mar 3, 2021 1974
Why Tunisians are still out on the streets - a decade after the 'Dignity Revolution'. Mar 2, 2021 794
Don't give room for radical revolution, ex-minister warns political leaders. Mar 1, 2021 308
Message of H.E Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan On the occasion of the 42nd Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Feb 28, 2021 380
Myanmar protest recalls our own EDSA Revolution of 1986. Feb 28, 2021 485
Edsa: The unfinished revolution. Feb 26, 2021 935
Duplicate People Power Revolution to defeat COVID-19- DILG. Feb 25, 2021 331
Robredo on people power: Democracy under constant threat. Feb 25, 2021 1107
Why Gov Abdulrazaq Enjoys Massive Support In Kwara. Feb 25, 2021 1727
We need to talk about EDSA: 35 years after EDSA People Power Revolution. Feb 24, 2021 1134
The EDSA spirit never dies. Feb 24, 2021 820
Colour revolution: A real threat or just an illusion? Feb 23, 2021 1418
How a Gen Z-er wants Edsa to be remembered. Feb 22, 2021 884
Libya celebrates 10th anniversary of February 17 revolution, the suffering continues. Walaa Ali Feb 17, 2021 1346
Many parties, many masters. Feb 17, 2021 1761
The Middle East in 2020. Feb 13, 2021 597
LIST: 5 things to do on Valentine's Day 2021. Feb 13, 2021 1589
Many parties, many masters. Feb 10, 2021 1749
Siraj calls for 'Islamic revolution'. Feb 8, 2021 395
Delhi-Washington-Beijing likely tussle in Kathmandu. Feb 3, 2021 2634
Shadow of spring. Zarrar Khuhro Feb 1, 2021 894
Develop Curriculum To Prepare Students For Fourth Industrial Revolution, NITDA Tasks Educational Institutions. Jan 31, 2021 311
Ideals of the revolution shape Tunisia's approach to international diplomacy. Ephrem Kossaify Jan 30, 2021 1329
How friendship with Venezuela benefits Iran's isolated regime. Hamdan Al-Shehri Jan 30, 2021 1385
25 January Revolution: A decade of upheaval, setbacks, challenges, and successes. Mohamed Samir Jan 24, 2021 4564
West's view of Iran's 'balancing' role now obsolete. Khaled Abou Zahr Jan 21, 2021 1094
Iran's most celebrated fighter pilot Col. Behzad Mo'ezzi dies in Paris aged 83. Ali Safavi Jan 19, 2021 1112
Trump falls. Dr Farid A Malik Jan 19, 2021 1011
Persons with disabilities still endure poverty, marginalisation in post-Revolution Tunisia (civil society). Jan 15, 2021 230
Tunisia marks revolution's 10th anniversary in lockdown. Arab News Jan 14, 2021 933
President Museveni, are you still leader of the people's revolution? Jan 10, 2021 670
Scottish distilleries handed up to [pounds sterling]75,000 as part of UK Government 'green revolution'; Scottish distilleries are set to be handed up to [pounds sterling]75,000 by the UK Government as part its "green revolution". Alexander Brown Jan 8, 2021 437
State and Social Movements in Iran: Phases of Contentious Activism. Dr. Sadia Rafique and Prof. Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt Dec 31, 2020 5463
Yemen's new government sworn in, ending months of wrangling. Saeed Al-Batati Dec 26, 2020 503
LTDH denounces violence against families of martyrs and wounded of Revolution. Dec 26, 2020 226
Arab Spring ten years later. Dec 22, 2020 1109
Passive Revolution and the Movement against Mass Incarceration: From Prison Abolition to Redemption Script. Robinson, William I.; Soto, Oscar Fabian Dec 22, 2020 3097
Arab winter: how to explain the failure of democracy. Gwynne Dyer Dec 20, 2020 815
Families of martyrs and wounded of Revolution stage sit-in at government square. Dec 18, 2020 188
"Political calculations behind non-publication of official list of Revolution martyrs and wounded" (Taoufik Bouderbala). Dec 17, 2020 336
Reinventing China: Mao's Ideas on National Reform. Li, Wei Essay Dec 15, 2020 6303
Comment: Adapting to digital technology is one of the policy challenges of our age; "There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." Lenin, of course, was speaking about the Russian revolution, but it might be equally applicable to the rapid adoption of digital technology that has occurred in Scotland over the last few months as a bulwark against the pandemic. Mark Thomson Dec 7, 2020 558
US Senate resolution backs Thai pro-democracy movement, urges end to govt violence. Dec 4, 2020 463
Protection of the democratic system in the constitutions of European states from the former communist bloc. Introduction to the issue. Skorut, Pawel Report Dec 1, 2020 5977
Arab Spring and Emergence of Syrian Crisis. Nov 30, 2020 1456
Memories; Looking back at what made the news in years gone by Cuban revolutionary who defied the might of 11 US presidents. Sally McDonald smcdonald@sundaypost,com Nov 29, 2020 795
Regime tries lockdown to stop corona. Nov 27, 2020 1993
Failed leaders in a failed system. Nov 25, 2020 1206
Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill hails green revolution as good news for Plaxton; Scarborough's MP has hailed the Government's new green revolution plan as good news for the town's Plaxton plant. Sarah Fitton Nov 23, 2020 503
North could be set for a PS6bn travel revolution; GOVERNMENT URGED TO BACK MAJOR TRANSPORT PLAN. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter @danhollandnews Nov 17, 2020 794
Street protests as Slovakia marks the Velvet Revolution anniversary. Nov 17, 2020 1411
Boris Johnson to hail offshore wind as he unveils plans for green revolution; Boris Johnson has hailed offshore wind as he unveiled the UK Government's [pounds sterling]12 billion Green Industrial Revolution. Alexander Brown Nov 17, 2020 400
Black Women, Latinas Poised To Start A Political Revolution. Nov 13, 2020 839
Book review: The Lenin Plot, by Barnes Carr; A new book about the immediate aftermath of the Russian Revolution sheds fascinating new light on Allied attempts to effect regime change in Moscow, writes Vin Arthey. Vin Arthey Nov 12, 2020 849
#EndSARS: Next wave revolution will be led by security forces, former governorship candidate says. Oct 25, 2020 812
Occupy Parliament and vanity of latter day teacup revolutions. Oct 24, 2020 1183
SOLIDARITY FOREVER! Oct 19, 2020 1373
revolution.. Gillingham chief backs plan for reform to stop a 'financial disaster' in the EFL but warns changes must not go too far. exclusive BY JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Oct 14, 2020 678
REVOLUTION.. Gillingham chief backs plan for reform to stop a 'financial disaster' in the EFL but warns changes must not go too far. EXCLUSIVE BY JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Oct 14, 2020 677
revolution.. project big picture Gillingham chief backs plan for reform to stop a 'financial disaster' in the EFL but warns changes must not go too far. exclusive BY JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Oct 14, 2020 678
THE BIG SIX ARE REVOLTING; the prem revolution football faces civil war over plan to cut clubs from 92 to 90 Top-flight elite will use EFL's financial plight to force through change and tighten their grip on the game. JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Oct 12, 2020 681
Pandemic school closures inspire a Middle East e-learning revolution. JETHU ABRAHAM Oct 9, 2020 817
PDM to bring political revolution in Pakistan: Marriyum Aurangzeb. Oct 5, 2020 468
'Hustler nation' below-radar strategy. Oct 4, 2020 1019
Protests rock Abuja, Lagos, Osogbo, Benin, Oyo. Oct 2, 2020 1623
Yemen's president addresses nation on revolution anniversary. Arab News Sep 26, 2020 217
Which non-violent revolutions will succeed? Sep 23, 2020 890
Amidu's critique V - Kwamena Ahwoi's 'Working with Rawlings'. Sep 22, 2020 3362
Bringing Islamic revolution in country is ultimate goal of the JI: Ameerul Azim. Sep 20, 2020 353
Jonathan was more serious in agriculture than present administration -Yau Dansadau, Zamfara farmer. Sep 20, 2020 1989
Iran's standing in Arab world is plummeting fast. Sep 18, 2020 1656
Former UK PM, WEF chair push for int'l cooperation, industrial revolution in COVID fight at WKF 2020. Sep 16, 2020 607
Prepare Students For 4th Industrial Revolution, NITDA DG Tasks Varsities. Sep 4, 2020 218
The 1917 Project: When elites lose faith in a regime, a Russian Revolution becomes a real possibility. Andrews, Helen Sep 1, 2020 2168
Producing Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings: Introduction. Anden-Papadopoulos, Kari Sep 1, 2020 4880
Research on Systemic Transformation in the Countries of Central Asia. Bodio, Tadeusza; Wierzbicki, Andrzej Report Sep 1, 2020 10832
Reforms can wait. Aug 31, 2020 404
10 things you may not know about the EDSA Revolution. Laquiores-Burgos , J. C. Reprint Aug 23, 2020 843
300 assemble in Clark to support Duterte-led 'revolutionary government'. Aug 22, 2020 285
Beirut explosion represents Lebanon's collapse at sectarian system hands: Lebanese Academic. Ahmed Mamdouh Aug 17, 2020 1612
Revolution and its dimensions. Aug 9, 2020 1116
CUPP condemns attack on peaceful 'revolution' now protesters. Aug 5, 2020 310
Doctors sorry if Duterte took their suggestions as 'call for a revolt'. Aug 3, 2020 1203
Becoming militant: embodying the Guinean revolution and Guinea--China relations. Dave, Nomi Report Aug 1, 2020 11803
Dangers threatening Egypt on July revolution anniversary, El-Sisi says. LAILA MOHAMMED Jul 24, 2020 1017
An opposition group presents a secular alternative to Iran's clerical regime. Christopher Hamill-Stewart Jul 24, 2020 1322
Egypt celebrates July 23 Revolution. Mustafa Marie Jul 23, 2020 439
1952 Revolution transformed Egypt, guided African independence movements: Al-Sisi. Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 23, 2020 269
Egypt's 23 Revolution -- and beyond: challenges and gains. Amr Mohamed Kandil Jul 23, 2020 1286
Egypt's 1st lady: 1952 Revolution added to people's 'struggle records'. Egypt Today staff Jul 23, 2020 381
Egypt's Sisi receives greets on anniversary of July 23 Revolution. Egypt Today staff Jul 22, 2020 350
The French Revolution and Its Important Lessons for Today's Political Life. Jul 20, 2020 1005
Injuries reported during Sudan protests to "correct course of revolution". Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 1, 2020 455
June 30 Revolution positively impacts Archaeological projects in Egypt. Mustafa Marie Jun 30, 2020 637
An Evaluation Of The Marxist Approach To The Environmental Crises. Javed Akbar Ansari, Aamir Hussain Siddiqui and Syed Ammad Ali Jun 30, 2020 6686
Mao's revolution has arrived here. Jun 29, 2020 169
Timeline: 2013 Revolution remodeling Egypt's future. Amr Mohamed Kandil Chronology Jun 29, 2020 782
Remembering the Red Republic of Gilan. Jun 27, 2020 1558
Violence, Publicity, and Incitement in the Russian Revolution of 1905-7. Morrissey, Susan K. Jun 22, 2020 15792
The Founders' Locke. West, Thomas G. Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2020 1182
Street Occupations, Neglected Democracy, and Contested Neoliberalism in Hong Kong. Martinez, Miguel A. Jun 22, 2020 9266
Is the Welfare State Crowding Out Government's Basic Functions? An Update. Patton, Sydney; Lipford, Jody W. Jun 22, 2020 1926
Paradigm Shift. Jun 18, 2020 547
The Revolution Is Here: What Insurance Leaders Need to Know. Don Bailey Jun 18, 2020 1669
President Aliyev: Azerbaijan turning into regional hub for industrial revolution [UPDATED]. Conference notes Jun 17, 2020 1152
Toyota Motor North America names new group vice president, business revolution and transformation and new chief HR officer. Jun 15, 2020 168
How the Abolitionist Grandfathers of Modern Libertarianism Won by Losing--and Lost by Winning: WHILE EUROPE WAS IN REVOLT, AMERICA HAD ITS OWN FREE SOIL REVOLUTION OF 1848. Comegna, Anthony Jun 1, 2020 4418
Fourier, Marx, and Social Reproduction. Misse, Blanca Jun 1, 2020 10218
Why Scotland may be on cusp of cycling revolution - leader comment; Lockdown surge in bike use is likely to continue as travel restrictions are eased and traffic increases. Scotsman Leader Comment May 23, 2020 619
A quiet revolution is changing the Middle East. Ronald S. Lauder May 16, 2020 810
The Education System Transformation (TEST): How a revolution in education in the Middle East will shape the sector post-coronavirus. Khuloud Al Omian May 9, 2020 1557
AJK President hopes arrival of digital revolution after COVID-19. May 4, 2020 531
AJK President hopes arrival of digital revolution after COVID-19. May 4, 2020 531
"His Every Word Became Poetry": Lenin in Urdu Literature - I. Apr 25, 2020 728
The Late Murray Rothbard Takes on the Constitution: A lost volume of American history finds the light of day. Hummel, Jeffrey Rogers Apr 8, 2020 2643
POWER OF SCOTLAND; LABOUR LEADER IN HOLYROOD PLEDGE Starmer plans devolution revolution for all of UK as he starts naming his team. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Apr 6, 2020 402
Is a software revolution on the cards? The open-access movement is calling into question business models in scholarly publishing, writes Sami Benchekroun. Benchekroun, Sami Report Apr 1, 2020 720
Revisiting the Black Wave. Travel narrative Mar 28, 2020 952
A Christian Revolution? Thompson, C. Bradley Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2020 2105
Reform, Revolution and Direct Action amongst British Miners: The Struggle for the Charter in 1919. Gildart, Keith Mar 22, 2020 1177
E-scooters set to be trialled in the region; Government preparing for start of 'transport revolution'. Neil Lancefield Staff Reporter Mar 19, 2020 539
Will Egypt allow Ethiopia to equivocate until GERD becomes a fait accompli? Taha Sakr Mar 18, 2020 594
A non-revolution turns into revolution. Mar 7, 2020 974
Glimpses of Mubarak's life in presidency, after 2011 ouster. Fatma Lotfi Mar 1, 2020 1163
Samuel Beckett's Trilogy and the Revolution of the Body in Vichy France. Davies, William Mar 1, 2020 9494
The Evolution of the Revolution: THE CHANGING NATURE OF IRAN'S AXIS OF RESISTANCE. Pollack, Kenneth M. Mar 1, 2020 8542
Teesside 'set to be a world leader in green revolution' clean energy project will capture carbon and store it under sea. KELLEY PRICE @kelleyprice_gaz Feb 28, 2020 738
DEATH OF A TYRANT; Egypt's ex-president passes away at 91. tom parry Special Correspondent Obituary Feb 26, 2020 335
DEATH OD A TYRANT. TOM PARRY Special Correspondent Obituary Feb 26, 2020 344
Pressure mounts against Iran's Supreme Leader. Bobby Ghosh Feb 25, 2020 1068
People power a warning vs iron-fist rule Robredo. Feb 25, 2020 677
Edsa Revolution: Unprecedented in the annals of history. Feb 25, 2020 889
LOOK: Veterans of 1986 People Power remember bloodless revolution. Feb 25, 2020 219
Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak dies at 91. Feb 25, 2020 244
Let us not forget EDSA. Feb 24, 2020 1001
Rewriting the Arab social contract. Feb 22, 2020 2099
Reform or revolution. Daniel Chirot Feb 21, 2020 1152
Islamic financial system can bring revolution in economic growth of Pakistan, world. Khalil Ahmed Feb 16, 2020 844
Iranians celebrate national day, anniversary of Islamic revolution. Feb 14, 2020 602
Islamic Revolution PROMOTES Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Islamic Brotherhood and Hope for Oppressed People of World. Feb 13, 2020 543
Iranians disillusioned as regime celebrates anniversary. Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Feb 13, 2020 894
Iran goes to the polls amid domestic and regional tensions. Talmiz Ahmad Feb 12, 2020 929
Islamic Revolution PROMOTES Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Islamic Brotherhood and Hope for Oppressed People of World. Feb 12, 2020 1688
Iranian Ambassador organizes a ceremony on the occasion of 41st anniversary of Iranian Islamic Revolution. Feb 11, 2020 346
VICTORY IS JUST THE BEGINNING; Sinn Fein makes stunning gains to edge toward power; Leader McDonald hails historic result a 'revolution'election heralds new; DAWN IN IRELAND'S POLITICS. FERGHAL BLANEY and DAVID YOUNG Feb 10, 2020 928
Islamic Revolution PROMOTES Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Islamic Brotherhood and Hope for Oppressed People of World. Feb 10, 2020 1688
Message of the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Karachi. Feb 10, 2020 745
Iran's ambitions guided by nationalism and sectarianism. Dr. Mohammed Al-Sulami Feb 10, 2020 1214
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming to the Middle East. Caline Malek Feb 9, 2020 1184
What lies ahead for Africa in 2020? Feb 2, 2020 2028
HERE ME ROAR: The women behind the Algerian revolution. Benaissa, Sara Feb 1, 2020 1628
A Peaceful Revolution: The Development of Police and Judicial Cooperation in the European Union. Book review Feb 1, 2020 246
Sudan promises thriving private sector if revolution prevails: For 30 years Sudan's economic development was stifled by President Bashir and his cronies, but as the transition to democracy progresses, new opportunities are opening up. Collins, Tom Cover story Feb 1, 2020 1581
What lies ahead for Africa in 2020? African Business's Shoshana Kedem examines the coming year, with analysis of political and economic trends and predictions from some of the region's top economists. Kedem, Shoshana Feb 1, 2020 1946
All eyes on PM Hassan Diab and Lebanon's deadlock. Sami Moubayed, Special to Gulf News Jan 28, 2020 1041
Blogger Lina Ben M'henni passes away at age of 36. Jan 27, 2020 199
Muqtada Al-Sadr: We Will Not Allow The Corrupt To Ride The Wave Of The Revolution. Jan 26, 2020 239
Why 'January 25' chosen for Police Day in Egypt? Egypt Today staff Jan 25, 2020 487
Protests against controversial law in India turning into a revolution: Governor. Jan 22, 2020 357
Speaker: US Standing at Peak of Animosity Towards Iran since Islamic Revolution. Jan 22, 2020 251
Exhibition at NU-Q museum explores media in Arab world. Jan 21, 2020 437
New NU-Q expo explores how Arab media continues to express dissent. Jan 21, 2020 465
FULL STATEMENT: Rawlings dares UEW over EOCO report. Jan 20, 2020 3743
CGTT calls on government to provide needed support to wounded of Revolution. Jan 20, 2020 151
Injustice riles region, not just Iran. Jan 18, 2020 807
Will be revolution in Middle East? Or resistance will be efficacious. Jan 16, 2020 1579
Anniversary of Revolution: UNFT says no democracy without freedom, equality. Jan 14, 2020 148
Podcast with Hala al-Dosari: How Exiled Saudi Arabian Activists Are Quietly Building a Resistance Movement. Jan 13, 2020 966
President of the Republic pardons 2,391 detainees on Revolution Day. Jan 13, 2020 129
How Oracle is leading the Middle East's cloud revolution. Giorgia Guantario Jan 12, 2020 1471
Sudan's Peace: putting the cart before the Horse. Jan 12, 2020 2809
Rouhani: Rigid Response Awaiting US If Repeating Criminal Act. Jan 10, 2020 915
ANTIGUA-POLITICS-Antigua says Cuban revolution is a symbol of freedom. Jan 8, 2020 383
Rouhani Calls for Regional Unity against US Terrorist Threats. Jan 5, 2020 695
Condolences message of Supreme Leader of Revolution on Martyrdom of Senior IRGC Commander Qasem Soleimani and other martyrs accompanying him/hard revenge is waiting for the criminals. Jan 4, 2020 362
President al-Assad offers condolences to Khamenei and Rouhani over the martyrdom of Soleimani. ghossoun Jan 3, 2020 524
Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder: The Crimes and Transformation of Katherine Ann Power. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 104
The Czech Republic's crisis of liberal democracy escalates. Kostelka, Filip Jan 1, 2020 2396
Freedom and Authority: "Right-Sizing" Government. Moore, John Norton Jan 1, 2020 4720
"Men Should Stay Out and Women Should Pack the Bags at Home": The City of Mice and Gender Practice in Iran. Karami, Ronak Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 8685
Gender Bias in Persian Literature Textbooks. Karami, Ronak Report Jan 1, 2020 6646
Mr. Hashemi and Family Dynamics in Iran. Karami, Ronak Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 6910
Iranian People Mark Anniversary of 2009 Pro-Gov't Rallies. Dec 30, 2019 828
Demand for change in Arab world continues. Muhittin Ataman Dec 28, 2019 1568
How about a youths party? Dec 24, 2019 1216
The Lockean-American Mind. Smith, Brian A. Dec 22, 2019 1774
Nelson's Column: why the end could be Nye for Labour's socialist revolution; Labour's next leader must learn the lessons of the past, says Sunday Mirror Political Editor Nigel Nelson. Starting with Nye Bevan. By, Nigel Nelson Column Dec 21, 2019 1007
Perhaps 1,500 died in protests. Nelson, Warren L. Dec 20, 2019 2670
Could Libya's Unravelling Spark a Wider War in the Mediterranean? Dec 19, 2019 772
Groups, Activists Call For Popular Action To Take Back Citizens' Rights. Dec 19, 2019 1049
Next decade in Pakistan would be the decade of ICT revolution based on a futuristic telecom infrastructure: President. Dec 18, 2019 425
Absence of government representatives in commemorating revolution anniversary entails continuation of marginalisation (Bouali M'barki). Dec 17, 2019 219
Revolution Leader meets UN Special Envoy to Yemen. Dec 16, 2019 225
Total of 65% of citizens in six Middle East countries think corruption increased: TI. Fatma Lotfi Dec 15, 2019 1158
Revolution or uprising? Experts talk protest semantics. Zoe Dutton Dec 10, 2019 743
Arab youth want better governance and reforms. Marwan Muasher (Core Issue) Dec 9, 2019 967
34th Business Days kick off in Sousse. Dec 6, 2019 510
IRGC Commander: Islamic World in Strongest Situation. Dec 4, 2019 1437
Pakistan's digital revolution linked with trained human resource: President. Dec 3, 2019 991
Evolution of Revolutions. Rashid A Mughal Dec 3, 2019 1068
"UGTT will submit request for access to information on fate of loans granted to Tunisia after Revolution" (Bouali Mbarki). Nov 30, 2019 267
The cost of freedom: Daughters of the American Revolution honor local patriots. Christopher Placek Nov 28, 2019 819
Sudan's government endorses draft law banning al-Bashir's party. Nov 27, 2019 581
Supreme Leader: Highly Dangerous Conspiracy Foiled by Iranian people. Nov 27, 2019 1856
Pakistani FM Thanks Supreme Leader for Supporting Peace. Nov 26, 2019 491
Event to celebrate martyrs of Sudan's revolution turns into protest against RSF militia. Nov 25, 2019 315
People in Tehran Rally to Support Iran's Security, Might. Nov 25, 2019 1304
EC Secretary: Iranians Able to Resolve Problems without Foreign Meddling. Nov 25, 2019 1415
The liberal spirit captivating the Mideast's revolutions. Abdulrahman Al-Rashed Nov 24, 2019 840
Brexit Party pledges 'political revolution'. Nov 23, 2019 458
We can be cradle of a Green Jobs Revolution; Ahead of next month's general election, leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price details the party's plans for a green industrial revolution in Wales. Nov 22, 2019 685
Crime, excessive punishment in Tunisia. Rim Dhaouadi Nov 21, 2019 952
Pro-Gov't Rallies Held in Several Iranian Cities. Nov 21, 2019 1176
How the Arab Spring Brought Revolution to Europe. Nov 20, 2019 1091
Iranian leaders ignoring protesters' messages. Dr. Hamdan Al-Shehri Nov 20, 2019 788
THE CITY THAT STARTED A REVOLUTION; 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Leipzig celebrates its role in Germany's reunification. Words: Ian Packham. Ian Packham Nov 18, 2019 1183
What the president said about the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Nov 18, 2019 1221
President Rouhani's Aide Lauds Leader's Support for Gov't Plan to Increase Gasoline Prices. Nov 17, 2019 933
Tehran Traces Anti-Revolution Figures behind Violent Moves. Nov 17, 2019 842
Fourth Industrial Revolution Expo and Summit planned in Bahrain. Nov 17, 2019 387
Iran's shrinking economy faces further beating in 2020. Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Nov 17, 2019 895
Velvet Revolution Square takes its place in Bratislava. Nov 17, 2019 405
I was in the frontline because it reflected what I felt inside. Nov 15, 2019 2528
Leader: Iran Wants Abolition of Israeli Regime, Iranians Not Anti-Semitic. Nov 15, 2019 547
The Velvet Revolution embodies a peaceful change. Nov 14, 2019 160
The Kneel: How Colin Kaepernick's Protest Sparked A Revolution. Ivan Saldajeno Nov 13, 2019 799
Bahrain set to reap benefits of 4.0 Industrial Revolution. Nov 13, 2019 349
Shah's Son: 'In a Future Iran, Israel will Once Again be an Ally'. Nov 12, 2019 1152
Iran: US Perplexed by Islamic Revolution's Mobilization Power. Nov 12, 2019 380
Iran must reduce its belligerence before it is too late. Dr. Mohammed Al-Sulami Nov 11, 2019 819
Enough of sectarian politics in Lebanon. Fadi Nicholas Nassar (Geopolitix) Nov 11, 2019 839
Tunis leads the way on DAB+. Staff Reporter Nov 10, 2019 969
Differences between Sudan government, SRF and FFC are the main issues of concern. Nov 9, 2019 2245
Nelson's Column: Stand by for voters to give Jeremy Corbyn's socialist revolution full Marx; Voters have their marching orders. And Sunday Mirror Political Editor Nigel Nelsonsays they're ready to left turn. By, Nigel Nelson Column Nov 9, 2019 1001
Algerian 'Hirak' is neither a revolution nor a social movement. Imad Atoui Nov 8, 2019 1511
Is it even possible to change the regime in Iraq? Abdulrahman Al-Rashed Nov 7, 2019 743
The Fourth Revolution - Nigerian Leaders, Are You Ready? Nov 7, 2019 878
Leaders tell MPs: North needs a rail revolution. Graemewhitfield Business editor @Graemewhitfield Nov 6, 2019 472
Dharna politics. Dr Niaz Murtaza Nov 5, 2019 815
Misrepresentations of the revolution have begun. Jeffrey G. Karam Nov 4, 2019 1172

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