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Plasma from recovered COVID-19 cases has 'no clinical benefit' for patients. Arab News Oct 23, 2020 267
Coronavirus is at least 5 times deadlier than flu for hospitalised patients, study warns; A new study from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that coronavirus is at least five times deadlier than flu for hospitalised patients. By, Shivali Best Oct 21, 2020 338
Over 60% of Covid-19 patients report fatigue and breathlessness 3 months after onset; Researchers the University of Oxford have found that a large proportion of Covid-19 patients still experience breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety and depression up to 3 months after contracting the virus. By, Shivali Best Oct 19, 2020 403
IEDCR: News reports misinterpreted study on Dhaka's Covid-19 situation. Oct 14, 2020 429
MVC, Dynavax report Taiwan government subsidy for COVID-19 vaccine with CpG 1018. Oct 13, 2020 170
Australian study reveals that potential COVID-19 vaccines unaffected by mutation. Oct 11, 2020 374
Study: Leprosy patients migrating due to social stigma, rejection. Oct 10, 2020 384
Study shows Guardant Health liquid biopsy accelerates clinical trial enrollment. Oct 5, 2020 214
Moderna Covid-19 vaccine appears safe, shows signs of working in older adults: study. Sep 30, 2020 185
Eating More Olive Oil May Lower Heart Disease Risk. Sep 30, 2020 190
Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine study reveals no racial disparity in ethnically diverse COVID-19-positive patients. Sep 28, 2020 226
Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine study reveals no racial disparity in ethnically diverse COVID-19-positive patients. Sep 28, 2020 230
Mental health patients report struggles; STUDY. DANIEL HARKINS Sep 23, 2020 199
Relationship of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders with Religion and Psychosocial attitude among Local Medical College Students of Karachi: An epidemiological study. Asghar, Muhammad Arif; Rehman, Ahad Abdul; Shaq, Yousra; Siddiq, Afshan; Zehravi, Mehrukh; Khan, Kam Report Sep 17, 2020 3698
Assessment of diabetic retinopathy and diabetes management systems in Pakistan using a WHO tool. Afghani, Tayyab; Khan, Samina Bano; Mansoor, Hasssan; Nisar, Sana; Waseem, Shehzad Report Sep 17, 2020 3753
New study shows Insomnia as a possible risk factor for Type II diabetes. Sep 14, 2020 780
Type 2 diabetes linked to lack of sleep; HEALTH. NINA MASSEY Sep 9, 2020 213
Nearly half of U.S. adults have conditions putting them at risk for severe COVID-19. Sep 1, 2020 343
Magnetic resonance morphologic features predict progression of incidental pancreatic cystic lesions during follow-up. Wang, Wen-Tao; Wu, Wen-Chuan; Lou, Wen-Hui; Zeng, Meng-Su; Rao, Sheng-Xiang Sep 1, 2020 4906
Taking Your Foot s Temperature. Sep 1, 2020 275
The effect of [BRAF.sup.V600E] mutation on lymph node involvement in papillary thyroid cancer / Papiller tiroid kanserli hastalarda [BRAF.sup.V600E] mutasyonunun bolgesel lenf nodu tutulumuna etkisi. Sahin, Samet; Daglar, Gul; Menekse, Ebru; Cavdarli, Busranur; Baglan, Tolga Sep 1, 2020 4141
The Frequency of Fibromyalgia and its Relationship With Disease Activity in Female Patients With Behcet's Disease: A Cross Sectional Study. Ayar, Koray; Okmen, Burcu Metin; Altan, Lale; Oztur, Esra Kosegil Report Sep 1, 2020 4195
Coronavirus 'hasn't killed a single healthy child in the UK' new study claims; As schools get ready to return, experts say parents can be reassured by the research which shows the six children who have lost their lives with Covid-19 also had other serious illnesses or underlying health problems. By, Kate Kelland & Sam Elliott Aug 28, 2020 859
Ligand, Immunovant's IMVT-1401 study shows improvement in MG patients. Aug 25, 2020 184
Four out of 10 Pinoys say Russia COVID vaccine safe to use. Aug 24, 2020 525
Hangover cure possible as study shows 13p pill can reduce symptoms; Researchers from the University of Helsinki have revealed that the amino acid L-cysteine can help to alleviate hangovers, nausea, headaches, stress and anxiety. By, Shivali Best Aug 21, 2020 283
Eating Brussels sprouts can slash your risk of blood vessel disease by 46%, study finds; Researchers from the University of Western Australia have revealed that eating Brussels, cabbage or broccoli everyday could slash your risk of blood vessel disease by up to 46%. By, Shivali Best Aug 20, 2020 374
Lymph Node Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Induces Up To 25-Fold More T Cells Over Benchmark Vaccines and >265-Fold Greater Antibody Levels Than Recovering Patients. Aug 19, 2020 534
There are 'differences in biomarkers' in people with genetic risk of Alzheimer's disease; The study used data from nearly 400,000 people in the UK Biobank. By, Nina Massey PA & Victoria Jones Aug 18, 2020 500
Five blood molecules linked to severe Covid-19 outcome in patients identified. Aug 8, 2020 339
Decreased Symptoms for "Patient Patients". Aug 1, 2020 255
Tumor Regression Grade Predicts Survival in Locally Advanced Gastric Adenocarcinoma Patients with Lymph Node Metastasis. Tong, Yilin; Zhu, Yanmei; Zhao, Yan; Shan, Zexing; Zhang, Jianjun; Liu, Dong Jul 31, 2020 5197
Nature Publishes Non-Human Primate Preclinical Viral Challenge Study of Single-shot Ad26 Vaccine that Protects Against SARS-CoV-2. Jul 31, 2020 169
Myriad Genetics launches radiographic progression prognostic tool. Jul 28, 2020 349
Avoid stress to prevent Alzheimer's, says new study. Jul 21, 2020 217
Prediabetes increases heart disease, death risk: Study. Jul 18, 2020 427
UK, US And Canada Accuse Russia Of Vaccine Research Hacking. Jul 17, 2020 737
Dr Noor Hisham: Covid-19 study found low antibodies in recovered patients from Sungai Lui cluster. Jul 14, 2020 328
Anti-diabetes drug also 'lessens kidney, heart disease' risk. Jul 13, 2020 442
Harrow Health announces publication of study on ImprisRx's eyedrops. Clinical report Jul 13, 2020 210
Study: Bangladesh's drowning death rate 5th highest among Commonwealth countries. Jul 13, 2020 615
New Study: Coronavirus Genetic Risk Factor Inherited from Neanderthals. Jul 8, 2020 673
2.7m Kenyans may be exposed to Covid-19, study shows. Jul 3, 2020 867
Latest Covid-19 cases caused by new more-infectious strain of virus, study shows; While the new variant can spread more easily, it is unlikely to cause more severe cases of the disease, researchers believe. By, Shivali Best & Brett Gibbons Jul 3, 2020 318
Nigerian men are more at risk of Non-Communicable Diseases than women, study finds. Jul 1, 2020 679
DOH revises protocol for discharging COVID-19 patients, studying shorter home quarantine. Jun 26, 2020 403
Severe Covid-19 can damage the brain, preliminary study finds. Clinical report Jun 26, 2020 355
Vizient Data Show 610% Increase in Demand for Dexamethasone after Study Shows Effectiveness for Patients Severely Ill with COVID-19. Jun 25, 2020 354
Teleflex: Data published shows UroLift System as superior treatment to Rezum. Jun 22, 2020 257
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 187
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 187
Listening to music 30 mins a day good for heart: Study. Jun 10, 2020 430
Takeda Pharmaceutical's Takhzyro "Well Tolerated" In HELP Study. Jun 8, 2020 328
Myriad Genetics announces publication of study on GeneSight Psychotropic test. Jun 8, 2020 194
Alcohol-related liver disease: New drug targets found. Jun 3, 2020 346
Culper Research short VBI Vaccines, says shares 'worthless'. Jun 2, 2020 212
Comparing COVID-19, flu death tolls 'extremely dangerous'. Frellick, Marcia Jun 1, 2020 1168
Blood Test Identifies Risk of Disease Linked to Stroke and Dementia. Jun 1, 2020 405
Belimumab may improve skin disease, pilot study finds. Jancin, Bruce Jun 1, 2020 800
Hydroxychloroquine linked to higher risk of death in coronavirus patients - Study. Clinical report May 27, 2020 410
Present Challenge Facing NCDC Is Capacity For COVID-19 Sample Collection - FG. May 27, 2020 722
WHO suspends clinical trial with hydroxychloroquine on COVID-19 patients. Xinhua May 26, 2020 324
Coronavirus patients stop being infectious after 11 days, says study; The new study, undertaken by top Singaporean infectious disease experts, suggests hospitals could discharge patients much faster than they are -with positive tests often only picking up non-contagious fragments of the bug. By, Ryan Merrifield May 25, 2020 386
Healthgrades COVID-19 Patient Confidence Study Shows Consumer Confidence Towards Healthcare Providers on the Rise. May 22, 2020 265
Drug touted by Trump as Covid-19 treatment tied to increased risk of death. May 22, 2020 307
More evidence emerges on why covid-19 is so much worse than the flu. May 22, 2020 580
LivaNova announces publication of VNS Therapy study. Clinical report May 20, 2020 307
Scientists report positive outcome of passive immunisation trial. May 19, 2020 406
First Large-scale Study Links Acute Kidney Injury and COVID-19 Hospitalizations. May 15, 2020 439
Cairo University conducts 8 clinical trials on coronavirus: statement. Egypt Today staff May 15, 2020 522
New study funds anti-viral drug trio to shorten coronavirus illness in mild cases. May 9, 2020 633
Coronavirus mutation detected by American research team. Arab News May 7, 2020 557
Covid-19 ICU death rate 'is similar to Ebola'. May 3, 2020 351
Remote Rehab for Stroke: Stroke survivors can reap the rewards of rehabilitation without leaving their homes. May 1, 2020 707
Eggs, Choline, TMAO, and Cardiovascular Disease. Schor, Jacob May 1, 2020 3764
Study examines heritability of psoriatic disease subtypes. Nogrady, Bianca May 1, 2020 435
CDC: Vaccine for recent flu season cut visits to doctors by nearly half. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2020 381
Largest COVID-19 Study of Hospitalized Patients in US Links Comorbidities to Acuity. Apr 22, 2020 502
Testicles may make men more vulnerable to Covid-19, new study shows. Apr 21, 2020 547
Coronavirus: Regular exercise 'may protect against deadly complication', study finds; Researchers say their findings 'strongly support' the possibility that exercise can prevent, or at least reduce, acute respiratory distress syndrome -a deadly complication of coronavirus. By, Shivali Best Apr 16, 2020 329
Hypertension and obesity in community of Nain-Sukh. Ahmed, Hina; Thaver, Inayat Hussain Report Apr 15, 2020 2387
Blood from cured Covid-19 patients is medicine - study. Apr 11, 2020 191
Digestive symptoms first sign of coronavirus for some patients: Study. Clinical report Apr 5, 2020 350
Castle Biosciences announces publication of analysis of DecisionDx-Melanoma test. Apr 1, 2020 344
Hospitals will move to digital pathology: study. Report Apr 1, 2020 447
NASH TRIAL: Belapectin misses study endpoints, but aids some patients. Karon, Amy Apr 1, 2020 753
High androgen levels during pregnancy increase the risk of PCOS for several generations. Mar 31, 2020 712
Irregular sleeping habits may increase heart disease risk: Study. Clinical report Mar 26, 2020 475
Eli Lilly to delay new study starts, pause enrollment in most ongoing studies. Mar 23, 2020 311
Listening to music 30 mins a day good for heart: Study. Mar 19, 2020 427
Coronavirus: Digestive issues 'could be first sign of the disease', scientists say; A new study has revealed that if you catch the coronavirus, the first sign of the disease may actually be digestive issues. By, Shivali Best Mar 19, 2020 269
Prediabetes Prevalence Needs Public Health Response. Mar 16, 2020 935
Breathing dirty air leads to weight gain, diabetes. Mar 14, 2020 524
Breathing dirty air leads to weight gain, diabetes. Mar 14, 2020 524
Eat more plant-based foods for better heart health. Mar 12, 2020 268
Coronavirus could be most contagious before symptoms appear, study warns; A new study by researchers in Munich and Berlin has warned that the disease could be most contagious before symptoms even appear. By, Shivali Best Mar 12, 2020 291
How sugary drinks could raise heart disease risk. Mar 5, 2020 582
Cognitive decline: Could hearing aids reduce the risk? Mar 4, 2020 460
Study ties gut bacteria to pulmonary arterial hypertenion. Kirkner, Richard Mark Mar 1, 2020 655
Gut bacteria may be tied to pulmonary arterial hypertension. Kirkner, Richard Mark Mar 1, 2020 684
As neurologic drug costs rise, adherence to therapy drops. Smith, Jennie Mar 1, 2020 391
Preoperative and Postoperative Gleason Score Correlation of Patients Who Underwent Radical Prostatectomy. Guner, Ekrem; Simsek, Abdulmuttalip Mar 1, 2020 2048
New Study Finds Patients Commonly Prescribed Opioids and Antibiotics for Dental Conditions at Emergency Departments. Mar 1, 2020 319
New study uncovers dental patient preferences. Report Mar 1, 2020 269
Vaping-associated lung injury. Mar 1, 2020 473
10pc of global population affected by a 'rare' disease: WEF research. Amin Ahmed Feb 28, 2020 403
More than 40% of status epilepticus patients suffer adverse outcomes. Feb 19, 2020 333
Chronic kidney disease killing over 1mn people worldwide. Feb 15, 2020 381
Effects of Life style factors on the symptoms of gastro esophageal reflux disease: A cross sectional study in a Pakistani population. Shahid Ahmed, Sajjad Jamil, Hafeezullah Shaikh and Maryam Abbasi Clinical report Feb 14, 2020 3686
Study Finds Angle's Parsortix Can Predict Melanoma Sufferers Survival. Feb 11, 2020 273
Anorexia linked to low bone density, osteoporosis. Cimino, Steve Feb 1, 2020 342
Pollution dangerous to seniors' health. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2020 196
Vaccines Market Worldwide Demand, Growth Potential And Opportunity Outlook 2022. Jan 28, 2020 547
Global Flow Cytometry Market Size is Projected to Reach USD 6.4 Billion by 2025 from USD 4.0 Billion in 2019, Growing at a CAGR of 8.3%. Jan 28, 2020 965
Study focuses on researchers identifying opportunities to advance genomic medicine. ANI Jan 27, 2020 507
Do Gut Bacteria Affect Children's Behavior? Darwin Malicdem Jan 27, 2020 379
Teprotumumab Bests Placebo for Active Thyroid Eye Disease; Outcomes better with teprotumumab versus placebo for proptosis, inflammation, diplopia, quality of life. Jan 23, 2020 265
Men Beware: Your 'Dad Bod' Has A Deadly Effect. Darwin Malicdem Jan 22, 2020 387
Global Viral Vectors Market Analysis, Drivers & Challenges During the Forecast Period, 2020-2024. Jan 21, 2020 761
Troponin Testing May Be Overused in Geriatric Patients; Findings show high false-positive rate in elderly with nonspecific complaints in the emergency department. Jan 21, 2020 214
Microtome Market Size to Exhibit a CAGR of 6.1% By 2025 / Share Analysis, Emerging Trends and Future Growth Insights. Jan 17, 2020 978
Sepsis 'a bigger killer than cancer' worldwide. Jan 17, 2020 217
MedAware Systems Launches New Support System for Clinical Evaluation Reports (CER) for Medical Devices in the EU. Jan 16, 2020 352
How Palliative Care Remade End-of-Life Care at New York Hospitals. Jan 16, 2020 333
Are Doctors Discarding 'Injured' Kidneys That Might Be Used for Transplant? Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Jan 16, 2020 874
Shift in dietary practices needed to fight 'epidemic' of cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan. Jan 15, 2020 322
Shift in dietary practices needed to fight 'epidemic' of cardiovascular diseases. Jan 15, 2020 366
Critical Illness Insurance Market 2020: Global Analysis, Trends, Share, Size and Forecast to 2024. Jan 15, 2020 706
FDA: Weight Control Drug Lorcaserin May Raise Cancer Risk; Health care providers should balance the benefits of taking lorcaserin against the potential risks. Jan 15, 2020 200
Shift in dietary practices needed to fight 'epidemic' of cardiovascular diseases. Jan 14, 2020 652
Epoxy Curing Agents Market is estimated to surpass US$ 4 Bn by 2028. Jan 13, 2020 662
Cannabidiol (CBD) 2020 Global Market Company Profiles, Analysis and Industrial Overview Research Report 2025. Report Jan 13, 2020 808
Prenatal exposure to flame retardants may be associated with reading problems in children. ANI Jan 12, 2020 365
Alzheimer can spread it roots if you lose even one night's sleep! ANI Jan 12, 2020 367
Brain diseases influence speaking ability, study shows. ANI Jan 12, 2020 906
Study suggests early intervention in hyperkalemia can cut mortality by half. ANI Jan 9, 2020 195
Conjugate Vaccines Market Expected to Grow with a CAGR of 9% During the Forecast Period, 2020-2024. Jan 9, 2020 780
Pediatric Vaccines Market: Could This Ease to Speed Relief? Jan 9, 2020 1039
Life Expectancy Free of Chronic Disease Up With Healthy Lifestyle; Adults with four or five low-risk lifestyle factors have increased life expectancy free of diabetes, CVD, cancer. Clinical report Jan 9, 2020 265
Even 1 Night's Bad Sleep Can Raise Levels of a Brain 'Marker' for Alzheimer's. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Jan 8, 2020 717
Can Diabetes Lead To Cardiac Failure? Jan Cortes Jan 6, 2020 348
Mediterranean diet can preserve transplanted kidneys, suggests study. ANI Jan 5, 2020 338
Peripheral Nervous System Events Not Common in Lupus; History of neuropathy, older age at diagnosis among factors tied to longer time to resolution of PNS events. Jan 3, 2020 303
Donor Heart Acceptance Practices Vary Across Transplant Centers; Several key factors predicting nonuse, acceptance variability not tied to increased recipient mortality. Jan 3, 2020 272
Transplant recipients can follow Mediterranean diet to preserve kidney health, Study suggests. ANI Jan 3, 2020 323
Mediterranean Diet May Help Preserve Kidney Function After Transplant. Jan 2, 2020 249
Tau-PET Signal Predicts Atrophy in Early Alzheimer Disease; Association between baseline tau-PET and subsequent atrophy particularly strong in younger patients. Jan 2, 2020 240
Vegan diet slashes risk of life-threatening diseases. Jan 2, 2020 558
Experts say vegan diet could help cut diabetes and heart disease risk. Jan 2, 2020 541
Botanical Science: TCM Plant Extract Library & Chamomile for Skin Disorders: AHPA compiles recent research on botanicals and plant compounds published in peer-reviewed journals. Johnson, Holly Jan 1, 2020 952
Telemonitoring Interventions in COPD Patients: Overview of Systematic Reviews. Li, Xuanlin; Xie, Yang; Zhao, Hulei; Zhang, Hailong; Yu, Xueqing; Li, Jiansheng Jan 1, 2020 6665
Study Shows Link Between Atopic Dermatitis and Vitiligo; Subgroup analyses show significant associations between adult, childhood AD and vitiligo. Dec 31, 2019 212
Frailty Score May Predict Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma; Frailty score based on age, Charlson Comorbidity Index, ECOS PS predicts outcomes in FIRST trial. Dec 31, 2019 212
New Workflow Could Improve Imaging Assessment in Research; Use of a tumor response assessment core can avoid potential bias by medical oncologists in oncology trials. Dec 31, 2019 259
Insecticides Tied to Heart Disease Deaths. Dec 30, 2019 364
Young Cancer Patients Fare Better on Private Insurance. Dec 30, 2019 412
High Lipoprotein(a) Is Risk Factor for CVD in Type 1 Diabetes; Lp(a) significant risk factor for macrovascular disease, albuminuria, calcified aortic valve disease. Dec 30, 2019 263
Public Insurance Tied to Lower Cancer Survival in Young Patients; Findings seen among patients <40 years with bone or soft tissue sarcomas, regardless of disease stage. Dec 27, 2019 225
BMI, Survival Linked in NSCLC Treated With Atezolizumab; Overall, progression-free survival improved for patients with high BMI; link strongest with high PD-L1 expression. Dec 27, 2019 268
Patients OK With Use of Checklist Prior to Induction of Anesthesia; Patients experience less discomfort with preinduction checklist use than anesthesia providers expect. Clinical report Dec 26, 2019 240
Many Hospitals Fail to Provide Instructions for Patient Portals; Authors say hospitals need to provide patients with more information and clarify expectations for use. Dec 26, 2019 229
Eating spicy food reduces risk of stroke, heart disease, study claims. Dec 24, 2019 302
Report Estimates Readmission, Death After Vaping Illness Discharge; Based on these findings, second report presents guidelines updating postdischarge management. Report Dec 23, 2019 309
Vaccines Market Size, Share, Trend - Global Industry Forecast Analysis 2020 / Radiant Insights,Inc. Industry overview Dec 20, 2019 834
Chordoma Disease Market: Diagnosis and Treatment 2020 to Encounter Countless Growth Opportunities / Promising Growth Opportunities With Global Key Companies. Dec 19, 2019 922
Variability in Lumbar Fusion Surgery Driven by Patient Factors; However, selecting patients more likely to have favorable outcomes would greatly cut surgery volumes. Dec 19, 2019 197
Global BCG Vaccine Market 2019 Industry Analysis, Share, Growth, Sales, Trends, Supply, Forecast 2025. Dec 18, 2019 628
Definitive Research Study Shows Genes Contribute Only 5-10% to a Person's Chance of Developing a Disease. Report Dec 18, 2019 1172
Cannabis Use Disorder May Up Risk of Perioperative Heart Attack; Findings in national study of patients undergoing 11 elective surgeries. Clinical report Dec 18, 2019 267
Global Ophthalmology Disorders Drug Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Dec 17, 2019 1372
Infectious Disease Treatments Market Size is expected to grow at CAGR of 7.1% by 2023, Global Industry Growth, In-Depth Analysis, Business Insight, Top Key Players, Regional Outlook. Dec 17, 2019 1036
Egg intake doesn't up heart disease, stroke risks: Study. Dec 17, 2019 406
New in-vivo study confirms that ciliate vaccine protects against flu. Dec 16, 2019 458
Cancer Drug Shows Promise for Parkinson's Patients. Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter Dec 16, 2019 689
Palliative Care Reaching More Inpatients With Serious Illness; From 2013 to 2017, more patients discharged alive, consistent with palliative care earlier in illness. Dec 16, 2019 227
Many Lung Cancer Patients Receive Meds That Prolong QTc Interval; Receipt of these medications prolonging corrected QT interval limits patients' eligibility for clinical trials. Dec 16, 2019 229
E-Cigarette Use Independent Risk Factor for Chronic Lung Disease; Odds of developing respiratory disease higher for dual users of e-cigarettes, combustible tobacco. Dec 16, 2019 247
Site Start Up: Best Practices For Success, 2019 Report. Report Dec 13, 2019 1334
Model May Predict Barrett Esophagus Diagnosis in GERD Patients; Model validated for prediction of Barrett esophagus, with eight features showing diagnostic value. Dec 13, 2019 280
Secondhand Smoke Starts Kids on Path to Heart Disease: Study. Dec 12, 2019 327
1999 to 2017 Saw Drop in IBD Hospitalization Rate for Whites; Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis hospitalizations decreased for white, but not black, seniors aged ≥65. Dec 12, 2019 225
Chordoma Market to witness growth as research and development pave new hope for treatment / Market Research Future Analysis upto 2023. Dec 10, 2019 911
Sometimes, Aspirin May Be Enough to Ease Migraines. Dec 10, 2019 470
Researchers find key risk factors for teenage suicide. ANI Dec 9, 2019 487
Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic Market Key Updates / World's Top 10 Leaders Analysis, Revenue and Global Demand / Exclusive Reportage by MRFR. Dec 9, 2019 894
Hepatitis B Vaccines Market SWOT Analysis by Key Players- GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Sanofi Pasteur. Dec 9, 2019 855
Many Patients Overestimate the Benefits of PCI; Study of the informed consent process reveals 60 percent of patients mistakenly believe PCI is curative. Dec 9, 2019 237
Moderate, Severe Depressive Symptoms Common in Lung Cancer; Patients with severe depressive symptoms also report feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, traumatic stress. Dec 9, 2019 263
Exposure to Air Pollution May Up Mortality After Heart Transplant; Estimated mortality hazard ratio 1.43 per 10 [micro]g/m[superscript three] increment increase in annual PM2.5 exposure. Dec 9, 2019 245
Study: CBD may curtail opioid use. Dec 9, 2019 229
Consumers Doing Rx Research Online. Dec 9, 2019 377
CBD Medicine May Help Ease Another Form of Seizure. Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Dec 7, 2019 725
Domestic Abuse Can Leave Legacy of Poor Health. Dec 6, 2019 435
Cancer Tied to Higher Risk for Deadly Stroke; Cancers of the breast, prostate, or colorectum most commonly associated with fatal strokes. Dec 6, 2019 229
Thyroid Disorder Market 2019-2025: Key Findings, Size, Trends, Industry Growth, Regional Study, Key Players, Strategy Profiling and Future Prospects. Report Dec 5, 2019 1132
3 Drugs for Severe Epileptic Seizures Are Equally Effective: Study. Dec 5, 2019 348
'Mobile Stroke Units' Help Rush Treatment to Patients. Elizabeth Heubeck, HealthDay Reporter Dec 5, 2019 610
Racial Differences Seen With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy; Outcome differences may be associated with inequities in clinical care, authors suggest. Dec 5, 2019 293
Chronic Kidney Disease Market 2019 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Developments, Opportunities and Forecast To 2023 at CAGR of 5.2%. Dec 4, 2019 914
Global Human Vaccines Market Analysis 2019 - Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2025. Dec 4, 2019 744
United States Influenza Vaccines Market Analysis 2019 - Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2025. Dec 4, 2019 1011
Milk Allergy Clinical Trial See New Growth Cycle, Research Reveals Emerging Market Players Outlook / Perrigo Company, Friesland Campina, Mead Johnson Nutrition. Dec 4, 2019 1119
Chronic Disease Management Market Size to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% By 2025, Industry Size, Trends, Growth Analysis, Top Company Profiles, Regional Revenue. Company overview Dec 4, 2019 1045
Mobile Stroke Unit Care May Reduce Time to Thrombolysis; Findings seen in patients with suspected acute ischemic stroke in a densely populated urban area. Dec 4, 2019 264
Review: Teleneurology Feasible for Several Neurologic Disorders; Benefits seen for management of dementia, epilepsy, MS, headache, movement disorders. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 4, 2019 258
Social media makes teens susceptible to eating disorder behaviours: Study. ANI Dec 4, 2019 394
Palmoplantar Pustulosis Confirmed as Orphan Disease; However, psoriasis frequently co-occurs in patients with palmoplantar pustulosis. Dec 3, 2019 226
United States Vaccines Market Analysis 2019 - Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2026. Dec 3, 2019 821
Obesity Might Weaken Some Drugs' Effectiveness Against AFib. Dec 2, 2019 508
End-Stage Renal Disease Patients at Higher Risk for Syphilis; Study shows incidence rate three times higher than that seen in general population. Report Dec 2, 2019 262
Breast milk help to prevent heart disease in premature born infants: Study. ANI Dec 1, 2019 408
A New Theory of Alzheimer's Disease: Lysosomal storage may be the missing link in current research. Burke, James R. Dec 1, 2019 595
Healthy diet may slow development of memory problems. Nov 29, 2019 275
Healthy diet may slow development of memory problems. Nov 29, 2019 224
Air Pollution May Up Glaucoma Risk. Nov 29, 2019 500
Characteristics of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Products Used by Patients with Associated Lung Injury and Products Seized by Law Enforcement--Minnesota, 2018 and 2019. Taylor, Joanne; Wiens, Terra; Peterson, Jason; Saravia, Stefan; Lunda, Mark; Hanson, Kaila; Wogen, M Nov 29, 2019 3471
Gunshot Wounds Have Long-Term Health Consequences: Study. Nov 27, 2019 333
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Market Observe A Huge Growth Owing To Increasing Demand For Medical Research And Technological Progress Till 2022 / Million Insights. Nov 26, 2019 788
Vitamin E Compound Likely Culprit Behind Vaping Lung Illnesses, Study Finds. Nov 26, 2019 621
Cancer Patients With Obesity Show Poorer Psychosocial Health; Among breast cancer and prostate cancer patients, scores for distress higher for obese than nonobese. Nov 26, 2019 277
Product Overview and Scope of Worldwide Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccine Market 2019. Nov 25, 2019 779
Transplant diagnostics Market Size, Value Share 2019 / Brand Analysis, Growth Factors, Business Statistics, Development Trends and Key Players Strategy by Forecast to 2023. Nov 25, 2019 991
Heart Medicines Priced Out of Reach for Many Americans. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 25, 2019 709
Endocrine Therapy Lowers QOL for Breast Cancer Patients; Effects of chemotherapy found to be more transient in comparison. Nov 25, 2019 283
Rates of Joint Surgery Higher With Psoriatic Arthritis; After 15 years of follow-up, 29 percent of psoriatic arthritis patients had received surgery. Nov 25, 2019 226
Expansion of Diagnostic Criteria Proposed for COPD; Expanded diagnostic criteria used to classify individuals with possible, probable, definite COPD. Nov 25, 2019 276
Poor people, more prone to heart disease : Research. Nov 25, 2019 380
Study finds sustainable way to block dengue and Zika virus. ANI Nov 23, 2019 476
Saudi Arabia Patient Engagement Solutions Market: Prospects, Trends Analysis, Market Size - Forecasts up to 2024. Nov 22, 2019 590
Russia Patient Engagement Solutions Market Opportunities & Challenges - Forecast Up Until 2024. Nov 22, 2019 529
Clinical Research Software 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast to 2024. Nov 21, 2019 909
Diet Pill, Laxative Use Often Precedes an Eating Disorder. Nov 21, 2019 378
Global Needle Free Injection Systems Market Size Analysis 2019 Regional Trends, Opportunity Assessment, Future Scope, New Technology, Upcoming Statistics, Comprehensive Research Study Till 2023. Report Nov 20, 2019 841
Human Vaccines Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2025 / AstraZeneca, Bavarian Nordic, Bharat Biotech, CSL, Emergent BioSolutions. Nov 20, 2019 1089
Global Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment Market Study 2019: Includes Historic Industry Data from 2016 and Forecasts to 2026. Nov 20, 2019 650
Heart Disease Took Big Toll in Counties Hardest Hit by Recession. Nov 20, 2019 379
Ultrasound May Ease Common Form of Hand Tremor. Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Nov 20, 2019 641
Cardiovascular Disease Rates Dropping in American Indians; Fewer men are dying from heart disease-related events, but women seeing less improvement. Nov 20, 2019 243
Vigorous Activity Weekly May Improve Outcomes in Stable CAD; Vigorous activity once, twice weekly may lower cardiac risk in stable coronary artery disease. Nov 20, 2019 295
Dyspepsia Market 2019 Growth Analysis, Treatments, Size, Share, Sales Revenue, Competitive Landscape, Outlook and Industry Insights by 2023. Nov 19, 2019 735
Russia Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities During the Forecast Period, 2019-2024. Nov 19, 2019 545
Ireland Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market: Prospects, Trends Analysis & Market Size Forecast up to 2024. Nov 19, 2019 546
India Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market: Drivers, Restraints & Opportunites During the Forecast Period, 2019-2025. Nov 19, 2019 545
Germany Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market: Prospects, Trends Analysis & Market Size with Forecasts Up Until 2024. Nov 19, 2019 547
France Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market Opportunities, Drivers & Restraints, 2019-2024. Nov 19, 2019 541
China Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market: Prospects, Trends Analysis, Market Size and Forecasts up to 2024. Nov 19, 2019 547
Brazil Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market Trends & Analysis During the Forecast Period, 2019-2024. Nov 19, 2019 544
HbA1c Variability Linked to Cardiovascular Disease Risk; Risks increased for all-cause mortality, cardiovascular events, microvascular complications. Nov 19, 2019 268
Germany Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapeutics Market Trends & Analysis, 2019-2024. Nov 19, 2019 566
Brazil Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapeutics Market Prospects, Trends Analysis & Market Size Forecast up to 2024. Nov 19, 2019 572
China Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapeutics Market Drivers, Restraints & Opportunites Up Until 2024. Nov 19, 2019 569
France Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapeutics Market - Prospects, Trends Analysis & Market Size Forecast Up Until 2024. Nov 19, 2019 572
Poultry Vaccines Market Is Predicted To Touch New Height Of $3.2 Billion By 2026: Grand View Research, Inc. Nov 18, 2019 804
Study finds how fibrosis progresses in the human lung. ANI Nov 18, 2019 574
Muscle in Middle Age Might Help Men's Hearts Later. Nov 18, 2019 319
Common TB Vaccine Associated With Lower Lung Cancer Rates; In 60-year follow-up, significantly lower lung cancer rates seen for those with childhood BCG vaccination. Nov 18, 2019 261
Sexual orientation linked to eating disorders: Study. ANI Nov 17, 2019 271
Many iNPH patients can also develop Alzheimer's disease. ANI Nov 16, 2019 316
Are You Addicted To Online Shopping? It's Time To Seek Expert Advice. Ilin Mathew Nov 15, 2019 413
Autoimmune Disease Diagnostic Market is expected to surpass US$ 18 Billion by the year end of 2025. Nov 14, 2019 1047
Study shows nudging heart patients to take statins leads to better outcomes. ANI Clinical report Nov 14, 2019 490
Global Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization (FISH) Probe Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2019-2026. Report Nov 13, 2019 1131
United States Digital Pathology Market Prospects, Trends Analysis, Market Size and Forecasts 2019-2024. Nov 13, 2019 591
Study reveals listening to music while driving reduces cardiac stress. ANI Nov 13, 2019 552
More Hospital Days Seen With Antipsychotic Use in Alzheimer Disease; Number of hospital days up by more than 50 percent in AD patients initiating antipsychotic medication. Nov 13, 2019 254
Physical Activity After Cancer Diagnosis Improves Survival; Findings seen among postmenopausal breast cancer patients regardless of activity level prediagnosis. Nov 13, 2019 342
Racial Bias Seen in Heart Transplants. Nov 12, 2019 393
ASN: Difelikefalin Improves Itch in CKD-Linked Pruritus; Findings seen among patients on hemodialysis with moderate-to-severe pruritus. Nov 12, 2019 276
Autistic Adults Felt 'Alien' Growing Up. Seema Prasad Nov 12, 2019 775
Organ Transplant Immunosuppressant Drugs Market Global Outlook 2019, Latest Research Analysis, Size Estimation, Industry Share, Price Trends, Growth Opportunity and Statistics Forecast To 2026. Nov 11, 2019 1095
Global Musculoskeletal System Disorder Market Analysis 2019 - Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2025. Nov 11, 2019 766
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market Global Outlook 2019, Latest Research Analysis, Size Estimation, Industry Share, Price Trends, Growth Opportunity and Statistics Forecast To 2026. Nov 11, 2019 1011
Veterinary Vaccines Market 2019 Industry Size, Booming Share, Key Players Review, Phenomenal Growth and Business Boosting Strategies till 2025. Nov 11, 2019 1215
Weight-reduction surgery may prevent strokes, lengthen lives: Study. ANI Nov 11, 2019 499
Muscle relaxant could cause mental disorientation in kidney patients: Study. ANI Nov 11, 2019 700
Muscle relaxant could cause mental disorientation in kidney patients: Study. ANI Nov 10, 2019 708
New Tool Predicts Odds of Kidney Disease. Nov 8, 2019 300
Supplements Don't Prevent Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetics. Nov 8, 2019 348
ASN: Models Can Predict Risk for Incident Chronic Kidney Disease; Risk equations had median C-values of 0.845 and 0.801 for cohorts with, without diabetes, respectively. Nov 8, 2019 275
Many Multiple Sclerosis Patients Considering Stem Cell Transplant; However, many are not well-informed regarding stem cell transplants. Nov 8, 2019 238
Idiopathic CD4+ Lymphocytopenia Pipeline Insights, 2019 Report - Development Activities, Analytical Perspective, Product Assessment. Report Nov 7, 2019 834
Insomnia symptoms linked to cardiovascular diseases. ANI Nov 7, 2019 563
Many Lung Cancer Patients Not Getting Recommended Treatment. Nov 7, 2019 320
Rural Americans Dying More From Preventable Causes Than City Dwellers. Nov 7, 2019 583
Poorer Neighborhood Walkability May Increase Cardiovascular Risk; People in less walkable areas up to 33 percent more likely to have a high 10-year cardiovascular risk. Nov 7, 2019 215
Study: Anti-Vaxxers Exploit Religion To Avoid Childhood Vaccine. Darwin Malicdem Nov 6, 2019 412
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market to Grow at USD 3.3 Billion By 2026 /Key Player - Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,Allergan; Astellas Pharma, Inc. Nov 6, 2019 1039
Organ Transplant Market 2023 Business Growth Strategies, Size, Revenue, Industry Insights, and Top Eminent Players Overview by MRFR. Nov 5, 2019 1020
Risk calculator predicts risk of death, complications from diabetes and obesity. ANI Nov 5, 2019 452
Global Hair Transplant Market is expected to reach US$ 30 Billion by the end of the year 2025. Nov 5, 2019 1019
Clinical Trials Market Advance & Cost Effective Technology 2019 to 2023 - By Industry Size, Share, Company Profiles, Impressive Growth, Demand, Latest Research & Future Profit. Company overview Nov 4, 2019 914
Chickenpox Vaccine Market Seeking Excellent Growth / Merck, GSK, Shanghai Institute, BCHT. Nov 4, 2019 1017
Global Patient Engagement Software Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Nov 4, 2019 1012
Celsion says iDMC recommends continuation of Phase III OPTIMA study. Clinical report Nov 4, 2019 293
Study shows Vapotherm's Hi_VNI improved ambulation recovery time by 32.5%. Clinical report Nov 1, 2019 187
A Retrospective Analysis of Patients Receiving Teleradiology Consultations for Computed Tomography in the Emergency Department/Serviste Bilgisayarli Tomografi icin Teleradyoloji Konsultasyonu Yapilan Hastalarin Tanimlayici Bir Analizi. Turgut, Kasim; Bucak, Ibrahim Hakan; Almis, Habip; Sirik, Mehmet; Turgut, Mehmet Nov 1, 2019 3821
The Global Viral Vector Vaccines Manufacturing Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 18.19% by 2027. Oct 31, 2019 673
AHA News: Your Neighborhood's Walkability May Be A Trick-Or-Treat For Your Heart All Year. Oct 31, 2019 677

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