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Report writing for Security Personnel.

Report Writing for Security Personnel was written to provide the security officer and supervisor with basic knowledge for improving their writing skills, efficiency, and professional image. The next supports this purpose with clear ideas and practical exercises. The authors also provide useful examples and visual aids. The book is well organized and easily understandable at the security officer level.

Little has been written on the subject of security officer report writing. This book is long overdue and is presented in an interesting and informative way. It provides a significant foundation for the officer regarding basic and essential report-writing skills.

The author provide a nice balance between technical and substantive information, and they are successful in providing officers with the fundamentals necessary for improved performance. The book thoroughly covers the topic, avoiding the gunshot approach often found in security-related books.

The book flows well and moves along quickly. The authors spend sufficient time on explanations and then move on to practical exercises.

I would use this book as a training resource for instructing security officers on report writing, and I would recommend it to colleagues without hesitation.

Reviewer: Pamela Collins, coordinator of security and loss prevention at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY, and chairman of the ASIS Standing Committee on Academic Programs.
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Author:Collins, Pamela
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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