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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (October 1, 2013)

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"How had it ever happened here?"; a constructivist reading of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and its role in the Pynchon canon. Book review 110
"Mouths on fire with songs"; negotiating multi-ethnic identities on the contemporary North American stage. Book review 110
"On my way"; the untold story of Rouben Mamoulian, George Gershwin, and Porgy and Bess. Book review 102
"Undetermined" Ukrainians; postwar narratives of the Waffen SS "Galicia" Division. Brief article 168
(Dis)honesty in management; manifestations and consequences. Book review 101
...the ball seemed to keep rolling...; linking up cognitive systems in language; attention and force dynamics. Book review 130
100 entertainers who changed America; an encyclopedia of pop culture luminaries; 2v. Brief article 112
100 years of subatomic physics. Book review 116
17 women who shook the world. Book review 143
1916; what the people saw. Brief article 237
24/7; late capitalism and the ends of sleep. Book review 209
25 lessons in mindfulness; now time for healthy living. Book review 141
3,000 power words and phrases for effective performance reviews. Book review 119
3-manifold groups are virtually residually p. Book review 163
72nd Conference on Glass Problems; select papers. Book review 124
8 keys to building your best relationships. Book review 111
A book of voyages. Brief article 133
A Buddhist theory of semiotics; signs, ontology, and salvation in Japanese esoteric Buddhism. Book review 114
A capital in conflict; Dublin city and the 1913 lockout. Book review 157
A clinician's brief guide to the Mental Capacity Act. Book review 155
A community of the imagination; Seoirse Bodley's Goethe settings. Book review 107
A companion to George Eliot. Brief article 124
A comprehensive approach to congenital heart diseases. Book review 184
A concise history of Nazi Germany, 4th ed. Book review 171
A counselor's introduction to neuroscience. Book review 150
A cross-disciplinary primer on the meaning and principles of innovation. Book review 236
A cultural history of fashion in the 20th and 21st centuries; from catwalk to sidewalk, 2d ed. Brief article 144
A dictionary of American idioms, 5th ed. Book review 119
A dictionary of Tauya. Brief article 120
A disability of the soul; an ethnography of schizophrenia and mental illness in contemporary Japan. (CD-ROM included). Book review 396
A faculty guide to addressing disruptive and dangerous behavior. Brief article 154
A glorious empire; archaeology and the Tudor-Stuart Atlantic world; essays in honor of Ivor Noel Hume. Brief article 126
A grammar of (Western) Garrwa. Book review 148
A grammar of Saramaccan Creole. Book review 136
A guide to co-teaching; new lessons and strategies to facilitate student learning, 3d ed. Book review 203
A handbook of modernism studies. Book review 113
A history of political ideas from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Book review 126
A human relations approach to multiculturalism in K-12 schools; selected issues and strategies. Book review 164
A Jewish professor's political punditry; fifty-plus years of published commentary. Book review 118
A journey into Mohawk and Oneida country, 1634-1635; the journal of Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert, rev. ed. Book review 131
A musical eye; the visual world of Britten and Pears. Brief article 138
A nation with the soul of a church; how Christian proclamation has shaped American history. Book review 179
A physicist's view of matter and mind. Book review 196
A self-study guide to the principles of organic chemistry; key concepts, reaction mechanisms, and practice questions for the beginner. Book review 119
A sense of place; the political landscape in late medieval Japan. Brief article 115
A short & happy guide to elder law. Book review 142
A short history of Ireland's famine. Book review 135
A step-by-step ABA curriculum for young learners with autism spectrum disorders (age 3-10). (CD-ROM included). Book review 147
A strategic-oriented implementation of projects. Book review 119
A supplement to The Dictionary of Scandinavian Words in the Languages of Britain and Ireland. Brief article 136
A tear at the edge of creation; a radical new vision for life in an imperfect universe. (reprint, 2010). Book review 212
A theater criticism/arts journalism primer: refereeing the muses. Book review 115
A theory of public opinion. (reprint, 1962). Book review 140
A theory of shield laws; journalists, their sources, and popular constitutionalism. Book review 125
A time in Arabia; life in Hadhramaut. (reprint, 1970). Brief article 129
A timeless place; the Ontario cottage. Book review 105
A unified approach to measuring poverty and inequality; theory and practice. Book review 170
A usage dictionary; English-German & German-English. Book review 145
A wild justice; the death and resurrection of capital punishment in America. Book review 191
A wonderful heart; the films of William Wyler. Book review 102
A world not to come; a history of Latino writing and print culture. Book review 318
A+ guide to managing and maintaining your PC, 8th ed. (online access included). Book review 305
ABA Audio Branding Academy yearbook 2012/2013. Brief article 206
ABC of medically unexplained symptoms. Book review 125
Abdominal organ retrieval and transplantation bench surgery. Brief article 136
Abnormal psychology across the ages; 3v. Brief article 170
Abstract algebra; an introduction, 3d ed. Book review 131
AC electric motors control; advanced design techniques and applications. Book review 141
Accelerated expertise; training for high proficiency in a complex world. Brief article 146
Accelerating literacy for diverse learners; strategies for the common core classroom, K-8. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 206
Accounting fundamentals for health care management, 2d ed. Book review 204
Achieve PMP exam success; a concise study guide for the busy project manager, 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 184
Achieving the rare; Robert F. Christy's journey in physics and beyond. Book review 118
Acquisition reversal; the effects of postlingual deafness in Yoruba. Book review 135
Act like it's your business; branding and marketing strategies for actors. Book review 141
Acting power; the 21st century edition. Book review 330
Active plasmonics and tuneable plasmonic metamaterials. Brief article 109
Activities for older people in care homes; a handbook for successful activity planning. Book review 117
Activity theory in formal and informal science education. Book review 147
Adapting to sea level rise in the coastal zone; law and policy considerations. Brief article 121
Adaptive filters; theory and applications, 2d ed. Book review 124
Adobe InDesign CS6 illustrated. Book review 135
Adult guardianship law for the 21st century; proceedings. Book review 150
Advanced aircraft design; conceptual design, analysis, and optimization of subsonic civil airplanes. Book review 141
Advanced bioactive inorganic materials for bone regeneration and drug delivery. Book review 211
Advanced delivery and therapeutic applications of RNAi. Book review 199
Advanced emergency medical technician transition manual; bridging the gap to the national EMS education standards. Book review 201
Advanced high-strength steels; science, technology, and applications. Book review 133
Advanced materials researches and application; select papers. Book review 137
Advanced polymer processing III; select papers. Book review 133
Advanced processing and manufacturing technologies for structural and multifunctional materials VI; proceedings. Book review 133
Advanced research on automation, communication, architectonics and materials III; select papers. Book review 142
Advanced research on materials, applied mechanics and design science; proceedings. Book review 155
Advanced research on mechanical engineering, industry and manufacturing engineering III; select papers. Book review 158
Advanced structural damage detection; from theory to engineering applications. Brief article 134
Advanced torts; cases and materials, 4th ed. Book review 153
Advances against aspergillosis I; clinical science. Book review 156
Advances and applications in model-driven engineering. Book review 142
Advances in accounting education; teaching and curriculum innovations. Book review 145
Advances in applied science, engineering and technology; select papers. Book review 124
Advances in crack growth modeling. Brief article 115
Advances in hospitality and leisure. Book review 137
Advances in librarianship. Book review 150
Advances in management accounting. Book review 176
Advances in material science, mechanical engineering and manufacturing; select papers. Book review 187
Advances in mergers and acquisitions. Brief article 138
Advances in microbial food safety; v.1. Book review 151
Advances in modeling and design of adhesively bonded systems. Book review 139
Advances in positive organizational psychology. Book review 165
Advances in powder metallurgy; properties, processing and applications. Book review 146
Advances in synthesis, processing, and applications of nanostructures. Book review 150
Advances in ultrametric analysis; proceedings. Book review 121
Adverbial clauses in Mandarin Chinese; a corpus-based study. Book review 148
Advertising; concept and copy, 3d ed. Book review 143
Aesthetics and theurgy in Byzantium. Book review 106
Affecting grace; theatre, subject, and the Shakespearean paradox in German literature from Lessing to Kleist. Book review 208
Africa emerges; consummate challenges, abundant opportunities. Brief article 129
African agency in international politics. Book review 191
African American felon disenfranchisement; case studies in modern racism and political exclusion. Book review 286
African American females; addressing challenges and nurturing the future. Book review 182
African American psychology; from Africa to America, 3d ed. Book review 168
African American women in the news; gender, race, and class in journalism. Brief article 292
African American women's life issues today; vital health and social matters. Book review 129
African dress; fashion, agency, performance. Book review 155
African philosophy; an overview and a critique of the philosophical significance of African oral literature. Book review 120
African voices of the global past; 1500 to the present. Book review 150
After Bin Laden; Al Qaeda, the next generation. Book review 250
Against utility-based economics; on a life-based approach. Book review 202
Aggressive driving; insights derived from psychology's general aggression model. Book review 109
Agile contracts; creating successful projects with Scrum. Book review 214
Agriculture in Mediterranean Europe; between old and new paradigms. Book review 124
Aircraft systems integration of air-launched weapons. Book review 111
Airy curtains in the European ether; broadcasting and the Cold War. Brief article 149
Al Capp; a life to the contrary. Book review 157
Alberta oil sands; energy, industry and the environment. Book review 174
Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers and the case that ignited McCarthyism. Book review 118
All men are brothers; autobiographical reflections. (reprint, 1958). Book review 103
Alpha Five Desktop applications; beyond the basics. Book review 108
Alternative journalism, alternative voices. Book review 203
American Civil War guerrillas; changing the rules of warfare. Book review 131
American constitutional law, 10th ed. Brief article 163
American constitutional law, 9th ed; 2v. Book review 325
American constitutional law; structure and reconstruction; cases, notes, and problems, 5th ed. Book review 133
American criminal courts; legal process and social context. Book review 231
American debates on sexual equality. Book review 127
American decades; primary sources, 2000-2009. Book review 155
American foreign policy and political ambition, 2d ed. Book review 184
American foreign policy; the dynamics of choice in the 21st century, 5th ed. Book review 191
American government and popular discontent; stability without success. Brief article 206
American scissors and shears; an antique and vintage collectors' guide. Book review 118
American Silver Eagles; a guide to the U.S. bullion coin program, 2d ed. Book review 123
American sports; a history of icons, idols, and ideas; 4v. Book review 113
American taboo; the forbidden words, unspoken rules, and secret morality of popular culture. Book review 167
American theology, superhero comics, and cinema; the marvel of Stan Lee and the revolution of a genre. Book review 168
An absorbing errand; how artists and craftsmen make their way to mastery. Brief article 134
An analysis of farmers preferences for different land use options in northern Tajikistan; a choice experiment approach. Book review 152
An atlas of Northamptonshire; the medieval and early-modern landscape. Book review 137
An educational psychology of classroom management; best professional practices in the multicultural classroom. Brief article 132
An encyclopedia of Keynesian economics, 2d ed. Book review 107
An illustrated outline of Buddhism; the essentials of Buddhist spirituality. Book review 137
An introduction to central simple algebras and their applications to wireless communication. Brief article 133
An introduction to contract drafting, 2d ed. Brief article 119
An introduction to digital multimedia, 2d ed. Book review 139
An introduction to evolutionary product development. Book review 101
An introduction to mechanical engineering, 3d ed. Book review 105
An introduction to Middle East politics. Brief article 234
An introduction to multicultural education, 5th ed. Book review 198
An introduction to the New Testament, 2d ed. Book review 125
An Irish reader in moral theology; the legacy of the last fifty years; v.III: Medical and bio ethics. Book review 164
An observation survey of early literacy achievement, 3d ed. Book review 152
An unintended journey; a caregiver's guide to dementia. Book review 123
Analyzing the social web. Book review 130
Anders Zorn; a European artist seduces America. Book review 159
Anderson's business law and the legal environment, 22nd ed. Book review 172
Angels of mercy; foreign women in the Anglo-Boer War. Brief article 103
Animals impacting the world. Book review 120
Annual review of biochemistry; v.82, 2013. Book review 194
Annual review of biophysics; v.42, 2013. Book review 217
Annual review of chemical and biomolecular engineering; v.4, 2013. Book review 114
Annual review of Earth and planetary sciences; v.41, 2013. Brief article 133
Annual review of neuroscience; v.36, 2013. Book review 120
Annual review of nutrition; v.33, 2013. Brief article 170
Annual review of political science; v.16, 2013. Book review 155
Another America; the story of Liberia and the former slaves who ruled it. Book review 137
Anti-corruption policy; can international actors play a constructive role? Book review 122
APA handbook of multicultural psychology; 2v. Brief article 166
Appalachia in the classroom; teaching the region. Brief article 138
Applications of contact geometry and topology in physics. Book review 106
Applications of random process excursion analysis. Book review 180
Applied longitudinal data analysis for epidemiology; a practical guide, 2d ed. Book review 193
Applying techniques to common encounters in school counseling; a case-based approach. Book review 223
Archaeology and anthropology; past, present and future. Brief article 208
Archetypes in literatures and cultures; cultural and regional studies. Brief article 213
Architecture; residential drafting and design, 11th ed. Book review 132
Ariel's ecology; plantations, personhood, and colonialism in the American tropics. Book review 121
Aristotle on practical wisdom; Nicomachean ethics VI. Book review 148
Armed political organizations; from conflict to integration. Brief article 156
Arnheim for film and media studies. Brief article 102
Art and ethics in a material world; Kant's pragmatist legacy. Brief article 131
Art parks; a tour of America's sculpture parks and gardens. Book review 122
Arthurian animation; a study of cartoon Camelots on film and television. Brief article 175
Arts & numbers; a financial guide for artists, writers, non-profits, and other members of the creative class. Book review 146
Arts, media, and justice; multimodal explorations with youth. Book review 150
Arts-based research primer. Book review 113
Asia in the global ICT innovation network; dancing with the tigers. Book review 172
Asian security and the rise of China; international relations in an age of volatility. Brief article 218
ASM handbook; v.5A; thermal spray technology. Book review 161
Assassination and commemoration; JFK, Dallas, and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Book review 153
Assembling health rights in global context; genealogies and anthropologies. Brief article 130
Assertive religion; religious intolerance in a multicultural world. Book review 110
Assessing and correcting reading and writing difficulties, 5th ed. Book review 305
Assessing evidence in a postmodern world. Brief article 171
Assessing historical thinking and understanding; innovative designs for new standards. Brief article 124
Assessing readers; qualitative diagnosis and instruction, 2d ed. Book review 163
Assessment in perspective; focusing on the reader behind the numbers. Book review 101
Assigning cultural values. Book review 111
Assistive technologies and computer access for motor disabilities. Brief article 134
Astonishment and evocation; the spell of culture in art and anthropology. Book review 144
At home in the west; the lure of public land. Brief article 259
At what cost sovereignty? Canada-US military interoperability in the war on terror. Book review 235
Atheism for beginners; a coursebook for schools and colleges. Book review 133
Athletes' careers across cultures. Book review 115
Athletic training exam review; a student guide to success, 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 150
Atlas of benthic foraminifera. Book review 129
Atlas of Drosophila morphology; wild-type and classical mutants. Book review 130
Atlas of living cell cultures. Book review 191
Atlas of uncommon pain syndromes, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 159
Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of polymers; relevance to adhesion. Brief article 140
Atomic layer deposition; principles, characteristics, and nanotechnology applications, 2d ed. Brief article 253
Atrocities, massacres, and war crimes; an encyclopedia; 2v. Book review 150
Attachment in common sense and doodles; a practical guide. Book review 144
Attachment in group psychotherapy. Book review 140
Augustine De Civitate Dei; books VIII & IX. Book review 105
Auld hands; the men who made Belfast's shipyards great. Book review 111
Australian patriography; how sons write fathers in contemporary life writing. Book review 113
Australian planting design, 2d ed. Book review 117
Autism and spirituality; psyche, self, and spirit in people on the autism spectrum. Book review 181
Autobiographical writing and identity in EFL education. Book review 107
AutoCAD and its applications; advanced, 2014, 21st ed. Book review 115
AutoCAD and its applications; basics; 2014, 21st ed. Book review 124
Aviation safety; a balanced industry approach. Book review 115
Back in the west; changing lifestyles in transforming societies. Book review 139
Bacterial membranes; structural and molecular biology. Brief article 133
Balancing freedom, autonomy and accountability in education; v.4. Book review 183
Baltic polymer symposium; select papers. Book review 161
Bargaining in the shadow of the market; selected papers on bilateral and multilateral bargaining. Brief article 128
Barriers and channels formed by tight junction proteins 1. Book review 134
Base ball founders; the clubs, players, and cities of the Northeast that established the game. Book review 135
Basic concepts in modern mathematics. (reprint, 1961). Book review 132
Basic concepts of health care human resource management. (online access included). Book review 125
Basic science of spinal diseases. Book review 159
Basics of analytical chemistry and chemical equilibria. Book review 138
Basin analysis; principles and application to petroleum play assessment, 3d ed. Brief article 145
Basque and proto-Basque; language-internal and typological approaches to linguistic reconstruction. Brief article 130
Beauty, violence, representation. Brief article 257
Becoming a responsive science teacher; focusing on student thinking in secondary science. Book review 103
Becoming Habsburg; the Jews of Austrian Bukovina, 1774-1918. Book review 173
Becoming scientists; inquiry-based teaching in diverse classrooms, grades 3-5. Book review 133
Becoming Turkish; nationalist reforms and cultural negotiations in early republican Turkey, 1923-1945. Brief article 195
Before and after the horizon; Anishinaabe artists of the Great Lakes. Book review 148
Before the God in this place for good remembrance; a comparative analysis of the Aramaic votive inscriptions from Mount Gerizim. Book review 145
Behavioral health; integrating individual and family interventions in the treatment of medical conditions. Book review 156
Behind the image; research in photography. Book review 118
Being and duty; the contribution of 20th-century Polish thinkers to the theory of imperatives and norms. Book review 126
Being cool; the work of Elmore Leonard. Book review 179
Being, essence, and substance in Plato and Aristotle. Book review 220
Belly dance around the world; new communities, performance and identity. Brief article 113
Berkshire encyclopedia of world sport, 3d ed; 3v. Book review 202
Beslan; six stories of the siege. Brief article 127
Better serving teens through school library-public library collaborations. Book review 140
Between creed, rhetoric facade, and disregard; dissemination and theorization of corporate social responsibility in Austria. Book review 132
Between hostile shores; Mediterranean Convoy battles 1941-1942. Book review 164
Beyond aesthetics and politics; philosophical and axiological studies on the Avant-Garde, pragmatism, and postmodernism. Brief article 194
Beyond broadband access; developing data-based information policy strategies. Brief article 162
Beyond capitalism; building democratic alternatives for today and the future. Book review 202
Beyond equality in the American classroom; the case for inclusive education. Book review 173
Beyond Pontiac's shadow; Michilimackinac and the Anglo-Indian War of 1763. Book review 339
Beyond the piazza; public and private spaces in modern Italian culture. Book review 202
Big gods; how religion transformed cooperation and conflict. Book review 231
Bioenergy feedstocks; breeding and genetics. Brief article 145
Bioethics and public health law, 3d ed. Book review 121
Biofabrication; micro- and nano-fabrication, printing, patterning, and assemblies. Book review 292
Biofuel crop sustainability. Book review 138
Biogeochemistry; an analysis of global change, 3d ed. Book review 208
Biographical dictionary of the People's Republic of China. Brief article 129
Biological and environmental control of disease vectors. Book review 207
Biology of aging. Book review 124
Biomass as energy source; resources, systems and applications. Brief article 128
Biomimetics; advancing nanobiomaterials and tissue engineering. Book review 123
Biopolymers; reuse, recycling, and disposal. Book review 119
Bioprocess engineering; kinetics, biosystems, sustainability, and reactor design. Book review 136
Biosecurity; understanding, assessing, and preventing the threat. Book review 131
Black comics; politics of race and representation. Book review 118
Black garden; Armenia and Azerbaijan through peace and war, 2d ed. Book review 163
Blacks in and out of the left. Brief article 214
Blender master class; a hands-on guide to modeling, sculpting, materials, and rendering. (DVD included). Book review 131
Blindspot; hidden biases of good people. Brief article 165
Blogging to drive business; create and maintain valuable customer connections, 2d ed. Book review 160
Blue Highways revisited. Brief article 255
BNF for children, 2013-2014. Book review 308

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