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WATCH: 'I am George Floyd' - NFL players send powerful video message about racial inequality. Matthew Smith, Sport Editor Jun 5, 2020 246
'I AM George Floyd': NFL players send powerful video message about racial inequality. Matthew Smith, Sport Editor Jun 5, 2020 246
DuPage officials looking for 'concrete actions' to improve race relations. Robert Sanchez Jun 4, 2020 454
50% more likely to die; >>Study reveals BAME risk >>>>Call for race equality action. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jun 3, 2020 588
50% more likely to die; >>Study reveals BAME risk >>>>Call for race equality action. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jun 3, 2020 617
Racism: Africa is not innocent. Jun 3, 2020 1364
50% more likely to die; Study reveals BAME risk >>>>Call for race equality action. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jun 3, 2020 619
Coronavirus: BAME deaths report 'delayed amid fears it could stoke racial tensions'; The Government denies the delay of a report into the high number of coronavirus deaths among BAME communities from is due to concerns over the chaotic situation in the US. By, John Besley Jun 2, 2020 381
Amanah's Khalid Samad slams Perlis mufti for fanning racial tensions. Apr 1, 2020 447
Global politics of race and birth rates. Mar 7, 2020 1179
Forbidden Lovers; Award-winning book series Noughts and Crosses moves from the page to the screen - taking us into a dystopian world where racial tensions are rife NOUGHTS AND CROSSES Thur 9pm BBC One NEW. Feb 29, 2020 601
NBA champion Hodges to discuss racial inequality. Submitted by Oakton Community College Feb 18, 2020 284
Report: Universities Must Cultivate Race-Conscious Policies to Address Historical Inequities. Elfman, Lois Feb 6, 2020 786
Rising racial tensions in Sabah must be nipped in the bud, says police chief. Feb 4, 2020 427
SUPP chief reminds Sarawak to treasure racial harmony in CNY message. Jan 23, 2020 403
Pointless for govt to pursue economic equality at cost of racial harmony, deputy minister tells Malaysians. Jan 20, 2020 674
We must still dare to dream We've made great progress in race relations, but must admit how far we still must go. Jan 19, 2020 483
Penang CM tells local govt to pay attention to 'soft power', avoid racial conflicts. Jan 10, 2020 603
A Harvard Physician's Reports on an 1857 Visit to the Saamaka. Price, Richard; Willoughby, Christopher D.E. Dec 22, 2019 7215
PM says racial inequality impeding Malaysia's success, but govt can't clear hurdles alone. Dec 2, 2019 403
Remembrancers as Reconstruction: EXCAVATING MEMORY IN ROMA. O'brien, Gabrielle Dec 1, 2019 2490
At Nature's Mercy: THE CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIAN WESTERN. McFarlane, Brian Dec 1, 2019 3585
Singer Claims He Was Victim of Racial Incident on Flight. Nov 17, 2019 200
A 'teachable moment' about race relations. Marie Wilson Nov 16, 2019 272
Poison in the Ivy: Race Relations and the Reproduction of Inequality on Elite College Campuses. Book review Nov 1, 2019 128
Poison in the Ivy: Race Relations and the Reproduction of Inequality on Elite College Campuses. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 127
Attitudes to racism in Scotland 'rolling backwards,' experts warn. Oct 15, 2019 639
Race relations at its worst today? Yes, says Umno Youth leader, adding both sides to blame. Oct 5, 2019 400
Keep race card out of Tanjung Piai by-election, says Amanah veep. Oct 3, 2019 357
Hate speech exacerbating societal, racial tensions with 'deadly consequences around the world', say UN experts. Sep 24, 2019 411
The Color Gradient of Economic Opportunity: Implications of Skin Tone Labor Market Segmentation for Puerto Ricans in the United States. Visser, M. Anne Report Sep 22, 2019 10957
Macrobert play discusses race issues then and now. Sep 20, 2019 294
Macrobert play discusses race issues then and now. Sep 18, 2019 292
Home minister: No compromise for those who stir racial tensions on social media. Sep 13, 2019 315
Kit Siang issues third challenge to Malaysian youth in racial harmony campaign. Sep 9, 2019 479
Kit Siang urges govt to curb spreading of fake news to prevent distortion of interracial relation. Aug 31, 2019 549
Rapture shine spotlight on the politics of race. Aug 28, 2019 420
Rapture shine spotlight on the politics of race. Aug 28, 2019 420
'Racial tensions heightened at Edinburgh festivals,' claims campaigner. Aug 27, 2019 375
Be more responsible in using social media, advises DPM. Aug 25, 2019 373
Mujahid: Let's not drag out issue of Dr Zakir Naik's remarks on race. Aug 20, 2019 383
Police issue warning against those using Zakir Naik issue to undermine racial harmony. Aug 16, 2019 266
Harmony in Malaysia? Look to common interests over law, says minister. Aug 14, 2019 881
Deputy IGP: Stop manipulating deadly Sungai Besi road rage incident to trigger racial tension. Aug 12, 2019 446
Trump will do the (far) right thing after more slaughter; Don't expect meaningful gun control in wake of weekend's mass shootings, the President will go right back to stoking racial tensions. Aug 9, 2019 742
Trump will do the (far) right thing after more slaughter; Don't expect meaningful gun control in wake of weekend's mass shootings, the President will go right back to stoking racial tensions. Aug 8, 2019 737
Trump will do the (far) right thing after more slaughter; Don't expect meaningful gun control in wake of weekend's mass shootings, the President will go right back to stoking racial tensions. Aug 8, 2019 729
Trump will do the (far) right thing after more slaughter; Don't expect meaningful gun control in wake of weekend's mass shootings, the President will go right back to stoking racial tensions. Aug 8, 2019 726
Trump will do the (far) right thing after more slaughter; Don't expect meaningful gun control in wake of weekend's mass shootings, the President will go right back to stoking racial tensions. Aug 8, 2019 725
Trump will do the (far) right thing after more slaughter; Don't expect meaningful gun control in wake of weekend's mass shootings, the President will go right back to stoking racial tensions. Aug 8, 2019 730
Polls Show Sour Views of Race Relations in Trump's America. Jul 17, 2019 867
The show will go on Confederate Railroad will perform in Marion in September. While some residents welcome it, others see it as a 'step backward' in race relations, but ... Confederate. Jul 17, 2019 1231
A step backward in race relations? Jul 12, 2019 657
The show will go on Confederate Railroad will perform in Marion in September. While some residents welcome it, others see it as a 'step backward' in race relations Show. Jul 12, 2019 1196
The show will go on Confederate Railroad will perform in Marion in September. While some residents welcome it, others see it as a 'step backward' in race relations, but ... Band. Jul 12, 2019 1229
The show will go on Confederate Railroad will perform in Marion in September. While some residents welcome it, others see it as a 'step backward' in race relations, but ... Jul 12, 2019 1229
Bias In, Bias Out. Mayson, Sandra G. Jul 1, 2019 35783
Filial Phantasmagoria: The Apocryphal Sons of Antonio Maceo (Father of the Cuban Nation). Lambe, Jennifer L. Jun 22, 2019 15594
Race riots stain on city's past mustn't be swept under rug;, JUNE 5, 2019 south wales echo 25 I Loves the 'DiffCHRIS AMODEO Twitter: @ilovesthediff. Jun 5, 2019 1051
No racial tension in Malaysia under Pakatan, Mat Sabu insists. May 28, 2019 328
Kit Siang says debate with Najib off amid fears of racial conflict. May 23, 2019 416
Farage 'stoking racial tension' with comments about Oldham; PROTESTS AFTER BREXIT CHAMPION CLAIMED TOWN A 'DIVIDED SOCIETY'. Apr 30, 2019 533
Poll: Most Americans Say Trump Has Made US Race Relations Worse. Apr 11, 2019 367
April Ryan. Apr 2, 2019 238
Self-Guided Tour, 1987. Cassity, Turner Poem Mar 22, 2019 326
Tempted by Whiteness?: Linguistic Capital and Higher Education in Japan. Koshino, Kako Mar 22, 2019 9221
Tight communities, racial tensions and rose-tinted views - but we still find positivity in TS1; Immigration has become a talking point, but James Cain finds a tight-knit community that faces a host of problems together. Mar 17, 2019 2254
Slavery's Long Shadow: Race and Reconciliation in American Christianity. Book review Mar 1, 2019 142
Learie Constantine and Race Relations in Britain and the Empire. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 114
Naming, Race, and White Supremacy in the Teaching of Religion and Islam: Incorporating Intersectional Interventions. Nguyen, Martin T. Report Mar 1, 2019 8427
Judson to host race relations series. Feb 16, 2019 282
TALKING ABOUT A REVOLUTION. Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Feb 1, 2019 616
THE GOOD KIND OF TROUBLE: The Fosters's spin-off expands the notion of family--and increases visibility for queers of color and bisexuals. Gilchrist, Tracy E. Feb 1, 2019 862
Hitler must be turning in his grave. Goodwin, Clayton Essay Feb 1, 2019 1331
Making a (State)ment About Race. Jan 1, 2019 359
NEITHER JUST NOR EQUITABLE. Race in the Congressional Debate of the Second Morrill Act of 1890. Wheatle, Katherine I.E. Jan 1, 2019 8565
Growing Lawless Hair in White Australia. Lawless, Ann Personal account Dec 15, 2018 3482
Kit Siang: PM may not have full info on third vote. Dec 12, 2018 471
Despite PM's snub, DAP MP says third vote won't trigger racial conflict. Dec 10, 2018 928
Investors see country's fundamentals and stability as main selling points despite recent temple incident. Dec 5, 2018 554
Don't stir up racial tension, Muhyiddin warns Perkasa rally after Subang temple riot. Dec 1, 2018 304
"BEING MORE THAN AN ALLY". Shaw, Todd C. Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2018 3120
The Peoples Press: The Evolution of the Media's Treatment of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple. Coulthard, Cheryl Dec 1, 2018 6896
Don't link temple riots to ICERD, Opposition MPs say. Nov 28, 2018 503
DPM: No compromise for those who attempt to stoke racial tension. Nov 28, 2018 283
Who'll benefit from racial strife? Under-probe former govt leaders, service vets say. Nov 23, 2018 553
Voter suppression a symptom as US racial inequality lingers; Dr Cherrie Short takes a look at how voting is a basic right. Nov 17, 2018 970
America's issues come to a head on Tuesday. Nov 3, 2018 691
BEAUSE I WANT US TO DO RETTER. Speech Nov 1, 2018 3222
When does violence against women matter? Gender, race and class in Australian media representations of sexual violence and homicide. Hart, Chelsea; Gilbertson, Amanda Report Nov 1, 2018 11571
Airline probes 'racial incident' UK BULLETINS. Oct 24, 2018 122
How racial misinformation shapes politics, according to an ex-BN 'cybertrooper'. Oct 5, 2018 530
Constantine--the great all-rounder. Goodwin, Clayton Oct 1, 2018 1334
Bilibid and beyond: Race, body size, and the native in early American colonial Philippines. Gealogo, Francis A. Report Oct 1, 2018 7417
The salvational currents of emigration': Racial theories and social disputes in the Philippines at the end of the nineteenth century. Rodao, Florentino Report Oct 1, 2018 9959
Better to work on multiracial parties than race-based ones, Saifuddin says of new Indian party. Sep 11, 2018 270
Nike adverts capture sole of battle for race equality; STATESIDE. Sep 8, 2018 254
Kit Siang urges Balakong voters to reject Opposition's toxic politics. Sep 5, 2018 315
Cop who Tasered own police race relations adviser in the face 'used unnecessary, unreasonable or disproportionate force'; Acting sergeant Claire Boddie mistook Judah Adunbi for a wanted man when she spotted him walking his dog along road in Bristol. Sep 5, 2018 890
Rethinking the Color Line: Readings in Race and Ethnicity, 6th Edition. Book review Sep 1, 2018 189
Blue Soca Fugue. Thornhill, Samantha Poem Sep 1, 2018 635
The colour of the American criminal justice system; Dr Cherrie Short looks at the racial inequalities in the criminal justice system in America - and draws comparisons with the UK. Aug 25, 2018 954
State panel to hold discussion on alleged racial tension in York County. Thurlow, Emily Aug 15, 2018 423
Poll: Almost Two-Thirds Say Racial Tensions Are Worse One Year After Charlottesville. Aug 14, 2018 297
I am Legend as American Myth: Race and Masculinity in the Novel and Its Film Adaptations. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 250
'I Remember You Was Conflicted': Reflections on Black Panther, the African American/African Divide, and Scholarly Positionings. LaRue, Robert Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 1875
With no proper minister, can racial harmony stay on Pakatan's agenda? Jul 10, 2018 1044
Luxury. Diaz, Joanne Poem Jul 1, 2018 771
Distinguished church figure dies, aged 83. Obituary Jun 22, 2018 426
Cracker. Menes, Orlando Ricardo Short story Jun 22, 2018 2964
Race, Family Relations, and the Politics of Childhood in Gabriel Gbadamosi's Vauxhall. McLaren, Joseph Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 6352
The Bakru Speaks: Money-Making Demons and Racial Stereotypes in Guyana and Suriname. Pires, Rogerio Brittes W.; Strange, Stuart Earle; Mello, Marcelo Moura Jun 22, 2018 13174
Renowned churchman who worked to create racial harmony. Obituary Jun 21, 2018 404
Distinguished church figure dies, aged 83; very reverend peter berry championed race relations. Jun 19, 2018 465
YouTubers channel 'This is America' with 'This is Malaysia' videos on race relations. Jun 14, 2018 859
AG impasse threatens to divide public over race, religion, says Sarawak PKR. Jun 4, 2018 381
Artist on the hunt for stories on race relations for exhibition. May 21, 2018 253
Artist seeking Welsh views on race relations. May 18, 2018 509
Snapshot: Government Remains Top Problem for U.S. McCarthy, Justin Survey May 17, 2018 424
The Impact of American Civil Rights on National Security. Garrett, Amy May 1, 2018 333
In Sabah BN manifesto, focus on state rights, race relations. Apr 25, 2018 350
Racial Inequality Protesters Rally Outside White House. Apr 23, 2018 379
Guns Fall From Record High as Top Problem. Dugan, Andrew Survey Apr 17, 2018 696
ABOUT CHERRIE SHORT. Mar 24, 2018 134
Rideshaning Versus Public Transit: How Uber and Lyft tend to widen disparities of race and class in urban transportation systems. Hill, Steven Essay Mar 22, 2018 5009
Seeing Discrimination: Does Acknowledging Structural Determinants of Inequality Impact Support for the Use of Force by Police among Whites? Carter, J. Scott; Corra, Mamadi; Okorie, Sarah Mar 22, 2018 6367
The Myth of the Second Amendment: The Second Amendment is a sacred covenant between the Nation State and settlers enabling land expansion through ethnic cleansing and slavery. Nobiss, Christine Mar 22, 2018 908
Yale Offers Course to Counteract "Whiteness" in Society. Mar 19, 2018 327
RACE FUNDING ROW; PUP Cllr slams Stormont over lack of support. Mar 8, 2018 394
In GE14 manifesto, Pakatan pledges to revive national harmony council. Mar 8, 2018 257
Communal Goals, Campus Racial Climate Perceptions, and Cultural Differences in Perceived Academic Satisfaction. Soto, Cristina; Deemer, Eric D. Report Mar 1, 2018 6384
A call for unity at MHS Unity: MHS principal says racial incidents are rare. Feb 23, 2018 532
Immigration Jumps as Top Problem, Still Trails Government. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 15, 2018 921
Panther is the big cat's whiskers; MOVIE; Purrfect Marvel adventure sinks its claws into racial tension and gender equality. Feb 11, 2018 526
City medical school rejected in bid for race equality award. Feb 8, 2018 323
Looking to near peers to guide student discussions about race: To engage high school students in learning about racial identity and difference, ask college students to lead the discussion. Kaplowitz, Donna Rich; Lee, Jasmine A.; Seyka, Sheri L. Feb 1, 2018 2951
The Courage to Think: An interview with Dr. Cornel West, professor of the practice of public philosophy at Harvard, on the 25th anniversary of the publication of Race Matters. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 25, 2018 1108
Inspirational story of race relations pioneer; Book documents how things have changed. Jan 14, 2018 541
How Newcastle overcame race hate and inspired other cities - a new book tells the story; Written by race relations veteran Dr Hari Shukla, it details the transformation since he arrived in the city in 1974. Jan 14, 2018 574
Nationally-Known Artist Kishi Bashi Brings Unique Inspiration to Selma for National Day of Racial Healing. Jan 13, 2018 560
Black Belt Community Foundation TRHT to Sponsor Multiple City-Wide Events in Selma Honoring MLK Jr. Holiday and the National Day of Racial Healing. Jan 8, 2018 457
Selling Transracial Adoption: Families, Markets, and the Color Line. Book review Jan 1, 2018 291
THE RACE BEAT, REVISITED: At a time when political and social divisions over race are constantly in the headlines, news outlets are striving to cover the issues with accuracy and sensitivity. Kaleem, Jaweed Jan 1, 2018 5267
"WE HAVEN'T FULLY GRAPPLED WITH HOW MUCH WE UNWITTINGLY JUDGE JOURNALISM THROUGH A WHITE LENS": Newsrooms need to examine biases and decisions about which journalists cover stories about race. Bailey, Issac Jan 1, 2018 1333
In Defense of White Supremacy. Brown, Owen Essay Jan 1, 2018 2746
Four: Rupturing the Genre: Un-Writing Silence in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah. Ndaka, Felix Mutunga Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 644
Poll: Most Americans Believe Race Relations Souring Under Donald Trump's Presidency. Dec 20, 2017 217
A Letter to Today's Undergrads. Blake, Daniel Dec 14, 2017 710
Tlingipino Bingo, settler colonialism and other futures. Johnston, Caleb; Pratt, Geraldine Essay Dec 1, 2017 12895
Spaces of waiting: Politics of precarious recognition in the occupied West Bank. Joronen, Mikko Essay Dec 1, 2017 10286
British Communism and the Politics of Race. Book review Dec 1, 2017 126
Change of Heart: Aurora Officers' Efforts Prompt Sisters to Rethink Opinions About Police. Nelson, Christopher Dec 1, 2017 1756
An open letter to NFL owners, coaches, commissioners, front office people, Papa John's et al. Hughes, Robin L. Nov 30, 2017 882
Colorblindness Harms Race Relations. Nov 1, 2017 458
Statue Rises for Frederick Douglass: "He saw that the protection of specific groups or classes would lead government away from protecting individual rights and towards assigning benefits and burdens. 'I know of no rights of race,' he said, 'superior to the rights of humanity.'". Morel, Lucas E. Nov 1, 2017 633
THE ARCHIVE OF BOB ADELMAN: "My life's work, in addition to being about race relations, is about the many and diverse social concerns in the great tradition of American documentary photography: poverty, mental illness, alcoholism, inadequate housing, the immigrant experience, prostitution, delinquency, illiteracy, and on and on.". Nov 1, 2017 518
Washington Protesters Demand Racial Justice amid NFL Protests. Oct 1, 2017 380
Domesticating the 'troubled family': Racialised sexuality and the postcolonial governance of family life in the UK. Turner, Joe Essay Oct 1, 2017 10507
Transforming campus culture: Racial Healing centers emerge in Charlottesville's wake. Zalaznick, Matt Oct 1, 2017 542
The Color of Cows. Lineberger, James Poem Sep 22, 2017 577
Is the constitution colorblind? Debating Antonin Scalia's record on race and Education. Melnick, R. Shep Essay Sep 22, 2017 4770
What Will It Take for Black Lives to Matter? Gitlin, Todd Essay Sep 22, 2017 5760
White Nationalism and Economic Nationalism. Kuttner, Robert Essay Sep 22, 2017 3203
Daniel Carlyle Grant and the Ku Klux Klan in Winnipeg, 1928. Waldman, Anthony Sep 22, 2017 5208
Contextualizing the Relationship between Culture and Puerto Rican Health: Towards a Place-Based Framework of Minority Health Disparities. Burgos, Giovani; Rivera, Fernando I.; Garcia, Marc A. Report Sep 22, 2017 15031
Racismo en Puerto Rico: Surveying Perceptions of Racism. Llorens, Hilda; Garcia-quijano, Carlos G.; Godreau, Isar P. Report Sep 22, 2017 11269
Marginality and Mattering: Black Student Leaders' Perceptions of Public and Private Racial Regard. Jones, Veronica Report Sep 22, 2017 8325
African American Men Theological Perspectives. Harris, William M., Sr. Essay Sep 22, 2017 7149
Government Still Top Problem, but Race, Immigration Are Up. Brenan, Megan Survey Sep 14, 2017 790
Exploring racial bias in a European country with a recent history of immigration of Black Africans. Power, Patricia M.; Harte, Colin; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne Report Sep 1, 2017 8200
Black Men on the Blacktop: Basketball and the Politics of Race. Book review Sep 1, 2017 129
Memoir: Mother of My Mothers. Persaud, Sasenarine Poem Sep 1, 2017 224
Racial conflict. Aug 29, 2017 345
Black Catholics called to 'change the narrative' about race in America. DeGeorge, Gail Jul 28, 2017 1786
Human Needs Theory: A Significant Approach to Manage Ethnic Conflicts in Pakistan. Majeed, Gulshan Report Jun 30, 2017 5413
Changing the subject: Mabel O. Wilson on race and public space. Wilson, Mabel O. Jun 22, 2017 3267
Mockingbird, Watchman, and the Adolescent. Eaton, Karly Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 9072
36-year-old man held after attack on police officer; OFFICER SUFFERED FACIAL INJURIES IN ALLEGED RACIAL INCIDENT IN LIVERPOOL. Jun 5, 2017 230
The Black and White in America: Views on Race and Inequality, Worlds Apart. May 1, 2017 4276
Do numbers add up on equality? Lisa Hutchinson looks at statistics covering all aspects of life, and discovers racial inequality still exists in Newcastle. Apr 20, 2017 540
The shocking facts about racial inequality in the city: in black and white; Government data shows how non-white people across the region are treated differently in many aspects of society. Apr 19, 2017 1101
Millennials Concerned About Economy, Employment, Racial Tensions, Terrorism. Apr 10, 2017 853
Blacks and cops: Milwaukee county's no-nonsense sheriff, David Clarke, gives the perspective of a black sheriff on race relations between blacks and police. Byas, Steve Book review Apr 3, 2017 1558
Multiple racial futures: spatio-temporalities of race during World War I. Olund, Eric Essay Apr 1, 2017 9935
C. Vann Woodward: Reinterpretation of Traditional Southern Historiographical Arguments. Malone, G. Charmaine Report Apr 1, 2017 6013
How much progress has been made? Apr 1, 2017 399
The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America. Davis-Sowers, Regina Book review Apr 1, 2017 945
School naming as racial resistance: black school principals and critical race pedagogy in 1890 St. Louis. Lyons, Shante J.; Davis, Matthew D. Essay Mar 22, 2017 3671
Black excellence: Fostering intellectual curiosity in minority honors students at a predominantly white research institution. Scott, Stephen C. Essay Mar 22, 2017 7811
Lotus. Krouse, Erika Short story Mar 22, 2017 7258
Can Intergroup Dialogue Combined with SLCE Answer Today's Call to Action? Hussain, Khuram; Wattles, Jeremy Report Mar 22, 2017 2998
Worries About Race Relations At Record High. Mar 16, 2017 431
A racial divide: college student attitudes concerning police in South Louisiana. Lewis, Lisa M.; Wilks, Scott E.; Geiger, Jennifer R.; Barthelemy, Juan J.; Livermore, Michelle M. Report Mar 1, 2017 5428
Globalization as a racial project: Implications for human trafficking. Williamson, Sarah Hupp Essay Jan 1, 2017 6966
Intercultural manifestations of racial, language, and class privilege in schooling: An autoethnographic tale. Marx, Sherry Report Jan 1, 2017 7924
Representing Othello in 1890s New Orleans: The Myth of Chivalry in the South. Forsyth, Vikki ess Jan 1, 2017 7459
Landscape doesn't lie: the complexities of place and race in Ivan Sen's goldstone. Ward, Sarah Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 2508
Ethnic Polarization in Punjab and the Role of AKali Dal. Report Dec 31, 2016 7260
Barberos y la narracion de las relaciones raciales en "Benito Cereno" de Melville y "La muneca" de Chesnutt. Puxan-Oliva, Marta Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 8295
A church where Black lives matter. Massingale, Bryan Dec 1, 2016 623
Culture and labor: integration of Black people in Rio de Janeiro/ Cultura e trabalho: a integracao do negro no Rio de Janeiro. Murad, Larissa Costa Dec 1, 2016 9182
Micro-aggressions and their violent impact on low income Latinos in the US: reflections of a therapist. Bonning Espitia, Birgitte Essay Dec 1, 2016 9099
Black Britons and the politics of belonging: an interview with Kennetta Hammond Perry. Goldthree, Reena N. Interview Nov 1, 2016 3415
Rise of the alt-right: white nationalism is still marginal--but anti-globalism isn't. McCconnell, Scott Nov 1, 2016 3793
Can a classroom be a family? Race, space, and the labour of care in urban teaching. Gallagher, Kathleen Case study Oct 1, 2016 12104
Some race relations history. Oct 1, 2016 396
Hidden in plain sight: students launch online guide for journalists covering race and hunger. Stroh, Sean Oct 1, 2016 494
US Police Killings Reminiscent Of Lynching, UN Group Says. Sep 24, 2016 461
The racial geography of teaching: helping white preservice teachers understand the impact of racial ideologies in the classroom. Demers, Kelly E. Report Sep 22, 2016 8802
"How do you know he's not a terrorist?" Examining microaggressions against people of South Asian descent. Kumar, Tracey Report Sep 22, 2016 6813
Using contact theory to examine a service-learning experience in a social foundations course. Tinkler, Barri; Hannah, C. Lynne; Tinkler, Alan Report Sep 22, 2016 6456
Detroit the War Years: 1701 to Present. Hunter, Kim (American poet) Poem Sep 22, 2016 522
Good news. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 132
World War II to the present. Carman, Judith E. Sep 1, 2016 5890
Race and America's future. Bell, Carl C. Sep 1, 2016 1227
Race Controversy Erupts On California College Campus. Bruce Wright Aug 12, 2016 463
Tensions spiralling after Baton Rouge shootings; Three police officers killed in the latest in a series of racial incidents in different US cities. Jul 18, 2016 503
Region sets example on integration; In the first instalment of a six-part series, veteran race relations campaigner Hari Shukla tells MIKE KELLY that the North East has a great deal to offer the nation as it wrestles with post-Brexit tensions. Jul 13, 2016 856
Flying the flag on integration; In the first instalment of a series running this week, veteran race relations campaigner Hari Shukla tells MIKE KELLY that the North East has a great deal to offer the nation as it wrestles with post-Brexit community tensions. Jul 12, 2016 973
Widespread Disturbances in US: Indicate racial overtones. Jul 8, 2016 614
MP uses Eid celebration to call for racial harmony. Jul 8, 2016 365
Aaron's roots: Spaniards, Englishmen, and Blackamoors in Titus Andronicus. Ndiaye, Noemie Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 8685
Q&A: W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Gail Christopher: using conversations, stories to heal racial injustice: new initiative addresses generations of inequality, other issues. McGill, Natalie Interview Jun 29, 2016 1369
Three: the Berlin Wall vs. The European Border, or #JeSuisCharlie vs #JeSuisNigeria--on the workings of epistemic injustice in race matters. Appeltshauser, Laura Essay Jun 22, 2016 8351
Las cargas de la representacion: notas sobre la raza y la representacion en el cine latinoamericano. Aguilera Skvirsky, Salome Critical essay Jun 1, 2016 7310
The Green Book: Race, Geography, and Critical Understanding. Pearcy, Mark Jun 1, 2016 3440
Race Relations Better In US, Obama Tells Howard Grads. May 8, 2016 340
Obama Encourages Howard Graduates to Counter Racial Inequality in US. May 8, 2016 569
Racial tensions still simmer on campus: a new book explores creating a more inclusive climate for minority students. Goral, Tim Interview May 1, 2016 1356
Why you treat me so bad? On why foreigners can get away with murder in Ghana. Ojanie, Akua Essay May 1, 2016 854
Issues: What GOP voters said. May 1, 2016 1361
Black-White health inequalities in Canada at the intersection of gender and immigration. Patterson, Andrew C.; Veenstra, Gerry Report May 1, 2016 5729
Worries Over US Race Relations Surge: Poll. Apr 13, 2016 476
U.S. Worries About Race Relations Reach a New High. Norman, Jim Survey Apr 11, 2016 751
What diversity should mean. Editorial Apr 1, 2016 744
Maria Hinojosa, anchor and executive producer of NPR's Peabody Award-winning weekly program "Latino USA," spoke about racial inequality in the United States as part of Bunker Hill Community College's Women's History Month celebration. Mar 28, 2016 239
The Grandissimes and Political Transition: The Threat of Genealogical Violence as Harbinger of Change. Bollini, Christopher Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 7128
Early childhood teachers' approaches to multicultural education & perceived barriers to disseminating anti-bias messages. Vittrup, Brigitte Report Mar 22, 2016 5306
Gandhi, Dube, and Abdurahman: Collaboration across Boundaries in Colonial South Africa. Presbey, Gail M. Report Mar 22, 2016 4455
From racial tensions to action items: protests spur push for administration and faculty diversity. Zalaznick, Matt Mar 1, 2016 859
Splitting the difference between black & white. Mar 1, 2016 391
Racial inequality at the Academy Awards visualized. Feb 28, 2016 142
The Brief: Racial Incident at Texas A&M Sparks Outrage. Feb 12, 2016 1219
Obama Visits A Mosque To Send Pointed Message To Non-Muslims. Reprint Feb 4, 2016 784
Pay gap shows 'racism is alive and well at the highest levels' After David Cameron attacked universities over racial inequality and vowed to introduce new laws to shame them into action, a new study has revealed that black workers face a massive pay gap which widens as they achieve more qualifications. Darren Devine reports. Feb 2, 2016 678
Letting the right ones in: whitelists, jurisdictional reputation, and the racial dynamics of online gambling regulation. Bedford, Kate Case study Feb 1, 2016 10357
Nature of the Scar. Priestley, Eric John Jan 1, 2016 1841
Blind to race relations. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 289
Terror-go-round: breaking the cycle of xenophobia. Bays, Ryan Jan 1, 2016 1047
Racial climate concerns. Jan 1, 2016 1228
The Technology of Race: White Supremacy and Scientifiction. Evans, Taylor Essay Jan 1, 2016 9575
Policies and practices on contemporary race relations and graduate study/Politicas e praticas contemporaneas sobre relacoes raciais e a pos-graduacao/Politicas y practicas contemporaneas sobre relaciones raciales y postgrado. da Silva, Marcos Antonio Batista Jan 1, 2016 6670
Through a different lens: use of terror management theory to understand Blacks' and Whites' divergent interpretations of race-related events. Parker, Ashley; Taylor, Matthew J. Report Dec 22, 2015 5082
Indiana's Outlook for 2016. Lynch, John; Slaper, Timothy F. Dec 22, 2015 1523
Beyonce at Shootaround. Davis, Jon Poem Dec 22, 2015 272
Between Practice. Hayes, Terrance Essay Dec 22, 2015 1471
Between black and white: the coloring of Asian Americans. Chanbonpin, Kim D. Dec 22, 2015 12356
Othello's testicles, Sybil's womb: the interracial child in Harlem Duet and its progenitor. Huebert, David Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 11751
Relational Interracialism and the American Dream of Race in Ha Jin's A Free Life. Tso, Sarah Yihsuan Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 10299
Anti-extremism seminar to be held in Newcastle's St Nicholas Cathedral; To mark Inter Faith week, the Newcastle Council of Faiths will host a day designed to promote racial harmony on Wednesday. Nov 18, 2015 405
3 University Of Kansas Student Leaders Called To Resign Amid Racial Tensions. Nov 16, 2015 352
University of Missouri President Resigns As Protests Over Racial Tensions From Students and Faculty Crescendo. Zalman, Jonathan Nov 9, 2015 208
Confronting racial inequality in our schools: a lesson in what happens when politicians 'fix' something that wasn't broken. Goral, Tim Interview Nov 1, 2015 1514
The new face of exclusion: microaggressions. Robinson, John M. Nov 1, 2015 611
The politics of race and the Springboks. Parker, Mushtak Oct 1, 2015 1367
Forbidden Ones. Ocasio, Grace Poem Sep 22, 2015 317
Going Home. Maharaj, Niala Short story Sep 22, 2015 4811
Cartography. Pardlo, Gregory Essay Sep 22, 2015 6348
Black bodies, white borders: mapping the color line inside and outside the United States, 1902-1916. Bontrager, Shannon Essay Sep 22, 2015 3437
In Defense of Passing. Bennett, Joshua Poem Sep 1, 2015 292
Laughs and gasps in racial tensions tale; MUSIC & THEATRE. Aug 14, 2015 531
Brickbats. Oliver, Charles Aug 1, 2015 444
Adolescent mentorship programs: Does race matter? Hengeveld, Maria E. Jul 30, 2015 831
Racism Edges Up Again as Most Important U.S. Problem. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Jul 16, 2015 768
Editor's note. Bardi, Jennifer Editorial Jul 1, 2015 643
Ameliorating (NOT!) race relations. Vatz, Richard E. Jul 1, 2015 1240
A tale of two crises: America and the American Black: a perspective. Lattimer, Robert L. Jul 1, 2015 3130
Sex and race equality at top of business 'still long way off' Firms open new front in battle for diversity in the boardroom as campaign launched. Jun 18, 2015 592
Flag-bearer for multi-culturalism; From'rabid Marxist'to being awarded the CBE, race relations activist Chris Mullard talks about how his time in the North East helped shape his career. He spoke to Mike Kelly. Jun 13, 2015 1444
Race Relations Outscores Foreign Policy as Clinton Strength. Newport, Frank May 15, 2015 1159
Bowman Political Report June 2015. Survey May 1, 2015 3491
Cruz: Obama Has "Inflamed Racial Tensions". Apr 29, 2015 694
Flesh and Spirit: The Warrior Path: Confessions of a Young Lord. Luciano, Felipe Nonfiction work Mar 22, 2015 4626
Drive-by. Walton, Anthony Poem Mar 22, 2015 365
Radical Others: Women of Color and Revolutionary Feminism. Beins, Agatha Poem Mar 22, 2015 11826
In U.S., Worries About Terrorism, Race Relations Up Sharply. McCarthy, Justin Mar 17, 2015 689
Poll: Race Relations Worsened under Obama. Mar 8, 2015 148
No Laughing Matter: Race, Poetry, and Humor. Hoagland, Tony Essay Mar 1, 2015 4598
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U.S. Mood on Economy Up, Race Relations Sharply Down. Saad, Lydia Jan 19, 2015 956
The acculturation and identity of new immigrant youth in Macao. Xin, Guan; Sandel, Todd L. Report Jan 1, 2015 10818
The swastika and the crescent: how Nazi Germany's leaders tried to recruit Muslims to their war against Jews, Britain, and Bolshevism. Motadel, David Jan 1, 2015 3958
President Obama Says Despite Protests, U.S. Race Relations Better. Dec 29, 2014 160
Rising racial tension inspires poets in city. Dec 27, 2014 450

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