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Affinity discovers potent antibodies that can completely neutralize SARS-CoV-2 infection. Jul 2, 2020 199
Affinity discovers potent antibodies that can completely neutralize SARS-CoV-2 infection. Jul 2, 2020 195
Artelo Biosciences expands Stony Brook commercial license agreement. Jun 29, 2020 165
Integral Molecular Provides Rapid Safety Testing of COVID-19 Antibody Therapeutics with its Membrane Proteome Array Technology. Jun 19, 2020 411
Integral reports launch of rapid safety testing of COVID-19 antibody via Membrane Proteome Array technology. Jun 15, 2020 198
Integral reports launch of rapid safety testing of COVID-19 antibody via Membrane Proteome Array technology. Jun 15, 2020 202
Integral Molecular to implement Membrane Proteome Array technology for antibody specificity profiling for development of SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic antibodies. Jun 15, 2020 170
Integral Molecular to implement Membrane Proteome Array technology for antibody specificity profiling for development of SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic antibodies. Jun 15, 2020 174
Integral Molecular Provides Rapid Safety Testing of COVID-19 Antibody Therapeutics with its Membrane Proteome Array Technology. Jun 12, 2020 411
Qualigen Therapeutics partners with University of Louisville to develop AS1411 for treatment of COVID-19. Jun 11, 2020 174
Qualigen Therapeutics partners with University of Louisville to develop AS1411 for treatment of COVID-19. Jun 11, 2020 178
Qualigen Therapeutics signs license agreement with University of Louisville. Jun 10, 2020 260
Trevena collaborates with Imperial College London to evaluate TRV027. Jun 2, 2020 238
Epigenetic Mechanisms in the Neurodevelopmental Theory of Depression. Talarowska, Monika May 31, 2020 6523
Genetic Analysis of EGLN1 C127S Variant in Taiwanese Parkinson's Disease. Chiang, Han-Lin; Chen, Chiung Mei; Chen, Yi-Chun; Chao, Chih-Ying; Wu, Yih-Ru; Lee-Chen, Guey-Jen May 31, 2020 2503
Hypoxic Wharton's Jelly Stem Cell Conditioned Medium Induces Immunogenic Cell Death in Lymphoma Cells. Lin, Hao Daniel; Fong, Chui-Yee; Biswas, Arijit; Bongso, Ariff May 31, 2020 9751
New Synthetic 3-Benzoyl-5-Hydroxy-2H-Chromen-2-One (LM-031) Inhibits Polyglutamine Aggregation and Promotes Neurite Outgrowth through Enhancement of CREB, NRF2, and Reduction of AMPK[alpha] in SCA17 Cell Models. Chen, Chiung-Mei; Chen, Wan-Ling; Yang, Shu-Ting; Lin, Te-Hsien; Yang, Shu-Mei; Lin, Wenwei; Chao, C Report May 31, 2020 10064
Intravenous Arginine Administration Downregulates NLRP3 Inflammasome Activity and Attenuates Acute Kidney Injury in Mice with Polymicrobial Sepsis. Tanuseputero, Sharon Angela; Lin, Ming-Tsan; Yeh, Sung-Ling; Yeh, Chiu-Li May 31, 2020 6797
Hoth Therapeutics recruits new member to Scientific Advisory Board. May 25, 2020 183
Hoth Therapeutics recruits new member to Scientific Advisory Board. May 25, 2020 187
Hoth Therapeutics licenses novel peptide COVID-19 therapeutic. May 20, 2020 182
Coronavirus Can Enter The Body Through The Eyes, Scientists Say. May 10, 2020 744
Virgin coconut oil eyed as COVID-19 cure. May 5, 2020 186
Chemical Synthesis, Efficacy, and Safety of Antimalarial Hybrid Drug Comprising of Sarcosine and Aniline Pharmacophores as Scaffolds. Niyibizi, Jean Baptiste; Kirira, Peter G.; Kimani, Francis T.; Oyatsi, Fiona; Nganga, Joseph K. Apr 30, 2020 8596
Identification of Hub Genes Related to Carcinogenesis and Prognosis in Colorectal Cancer Based on Integrated Bioinformatics. Gong, Benjiao; Kao, Yanlei; Zhang, Chenglin; Sun, Fudong; Gong, Zhaohua; Chen, Jian Apr 30, 2020 6930
Effects and Mechanisms of Dendrobium officinalis Six Nostrum for Treatment of Hyperuricemia with Hyperlipidemia. Guo, Lin-Feng; Chen, Xue; Lei, Shan-Shan; Li, Bo; Zhang, Ning-Yu; Ge, Hong-Zhang; Yang, Ke; Lv, Gui- Apr 30, 2020 7177
Comparative Study of PPAR[gamma]--Targets in Human Extravillous and Villous Cytotrophoblasts. Liu, Fulin; Rouault, Christine; Guesnon, Mickael; Zhu, Wencan; Clement, Karine; Degrelle, Severine A Apr 30, 2020 9690
HMMPred: Accurate Prediction of DNA-Binding Proteins Based on HMM Profiles and XGBoost Feature Selection. Sang, Xiuzhi; Xiao, Wanyue; Zheng, Huiwen; Yang, Yang; Liu, Taigang Apr 30, 2020 5730
PredDBP-Stack: Prediction of DNA-Binding Proteins from HMM Profiles using a Stacked Ensemble Method. Wang, Jun; Zheng, Huiwen; Yang, Yang; Xiao, Wanyue; Liu, Taigang Apr 30, 2020 5127
Identification of Methylated Gene Biomarkers in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Based on Machine Learning. Ren, Jianting; Zhang, Bo; Wei, Dongfeng; Zhang, Zhanjun Apr 30, 2020 6015
Cerebral Mitochondrial Function and Cognitive Performance during Aging: A Longitudinal Study in NMRI Mice. Reutzel, Martina; Grewal, Rekha; Dilberger, Benjamin; Silaidos, Carmina; Joppe, Aljoscha; Eckert, Gu Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 9431
Coronavirus infects people through the nose so 'masks are crucial,' study claims; Britain is now believed to be stockpiling face masks to be used on public transport and in shops after Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon advised Scots to wear masks. By, Danya Bazaraa Apr 30, 2020 388
Experimental cancer drug could stop coronavirus in its tracks, scientists claim; Scientists from the University of Louisville have developed a technology that they believe could stop the virus from infecting human cells. By, Shivali Best Apr 27, 2020 273
Integral Molecular awarded USD1m from NIAID to fight COVID-19. Apr 24, 2020 177
Integral Molecular awarded USD1m from NIAID to fight COVID-19. Apr 24, 2020 173
COVID-19: A global health hazard. Dr Rajkumar Singh Apr 17, 2020 1242
Taiwan, Australia scientists find coronavirus mutation could jeopardize vaccine. Apr 15, 2020 513
Novavax identifies coronavirus vaccine candidate, NVX-CoV2373. Apr 8, 2020 205
Genomic Insight into the Spread of Meropenem-Resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae [Spain.sup.23]F-ST81, Taiwan. Chen, Yi-Yin; Hsieh, Yu-Chia; Gong, Yu-Nong; Liao, Wei-Chao; Li, Shiao-Wen; Chang, Ian Yi-Feng; Lin, Apr 1, 2020 7600
Esmolol inhibits inflammation and apoptosis in the intestinal tissue via the overexpression of NF-[kappa]B-p65 in the early stage sepsis rats. Guo, Chang-An; Ma, Li; Su, Xiao-Lu; Wang, Ying-Zhen; Zhen, Ling-Ling; Zhang, Bei; An, Hong; Liu, Hon Apr 1, 2020 5650
Innate Antimicrobial Defense of Skin and Oral Mucosa. Wertz, Philip W.; de Szalay, Sarah Apr 1, 2020 4227
Esmolol inhibits inflammation and apoptosis in the intestinal tissue via the overexpression of NF-kB-p65 in the early stage sepsis rats. Guo, Chang-An; Ma, Li; Su, Xiao-Lu; Wang, Ying-Zhen; Zhen, Ling-Ling; Zhang, Bei; An, Hong; Liu, Hon Apr 1, 2020 6167
Dynamic changes and characterization of the protein and carbohydrate fractions of native grass grown in Inner Mongolia during ensiling and the aerobic stage. Du, Zhumei; Risu, Na; Gentu, Ge; Jia, Yushan; Cai, Yimin Apr 1, 2020 11049
Chromium acetate stimulates adipogenesis through regulation of gene expression and phosphorylation of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase in bovine intramuscular or subcutaneous adipocytes. Kim, Jongkyoo; Chung, Kiyong; Johnson, Bradley J. Apr 1, 2020 4958
In vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic characterization of LMT-28 as a novel small molecular interleukin-6 inhibitor. Ahn, Sung-Hoon; Heo, Tae-Hwe; Jun, Hyun-Sik; Choi, Yongseok Apr 1, 2020 5161
Recurrent Hypoglycemia in a Case of Congenital Analbuminemia. Litzel, Martin; Caridi, Gianluca; Lugani, Francesca; Campagnoli, Monica; Minchiotti, Lorenzo; Fischl Mar 31, 2020 3248
S100A12 in Digestive Diseases and Health: A Scoping Review. Carvalho, Alexandre; Lu, Jacky; Francis, Jamisha D.; Moore, Rebecca E.; Haley, Kathryn P.; Doster, R Mar 31, 2020 9249
Bredemolic Acid Ameliorates Selected Liver Function Biomarkers in a Diet-Induced Prediabetic Rat Model. Akinnuga, Akinjide Moses; Siboto, Angezwa; Khumalo, Bongiwe; Sibiya, Ntethelelo Hopewell; Ngubane, P Mar 31, 2020 5836
Urinary I-FABP, L-FABP, TFF-3, and SAA Can Diagnose and Predict the Disease Course in Necrotizing Enterocolitis at the Early Stage of Disease. Coufal, Stepan; Kokesova, Alena; Tlaskalova-Hogenova, Helena; Frybova, Barbora; Snajdauf, Jiri; Rygl Mar 31, 2020 5955
CCAAT/Enhancer-Binding Protein [beta] Mediates Oxygen-Induced Retinal Neovascularization via Retinal Vascular Damage and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. Li, Tingting; Cai, Xuan; Wang, Xiangning; Zhang, Xueyan; Zhang, Hui; Xu, Biwei; Li, Shiwei; Hu, Jian Mar 31, 2020 6544
Effects of Four Kinds of Oxide Nanoparticles on Proteins in Extracellular Polymeric Substances of Sludge. Wang, Weiyun; Zang, Ying; Wang, Cijia; Wang, Kangni; Li, Rundong Mar 31, 2020 8249
Characterization and Functional Analysis of Polyadenylation Sites in Fast and Slow Muscles. Deng, Lulu; Li, Long; Zou, Cheng; Fang, Chengchi; Li, Changchun Mar 31, 2020 7707
Citral Induced Apoptosis through Modulation of Key Genes Involved in Fatty Acid Biosynthesis in Human Prostate Cancer Cells: In Silico and In Vitro Study. Balusamy, Sri Renukadevi; Perumalsamy, Haribalan; Veerappan, Karpagam; Huq, Md. Amdadul; Rajeshkumar Mar 31, 2020 8823
Proteomic Analysis of Exosomes from Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Tissue Injury. Xing, Xin; Han, Shuang; Cheng, Gu; Ni, Yifeng; Li, Zhi; Li, Zubing Mar 31, 2020 4921
The Essential Oil from Acori Tatarinowii Rhizome (the Dried Rhizome of Acorus tatarinowii Schott) Prevents Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Cell Injury in PC12 Cells: A Signaling Triggered by CREB/PGC-1[alpha] Activation. Yan, Lu; Mahady, Gail; Qian, Yiyun; Song, Pingping; Jian, Tunyu; Ding, Xiaoqin; Guan, Fuqin; Shan, Y Mar 31, 2020 7720
Duzhong Butiansu Prescription Improves Heat Stress-Induced Spermatogenic Dysfunction by Regulating Sperm Formation and Heat Stress Pathway. Hou, Ying; Yuan, Peipei; Fu, Yang; Zhang, Qi; Wei, Yaxin; Gao, Liyuan; Liu, Li; Wang, Xiaolan; Zheng Mar 31, 2020 6796
Iron Chelation Properties of Green Tea EpigaUocatechin-3-GaUate (EGCG) in Colorectal Cancer Cells: Analysis on Tfr/Fth Regulations and Molecular Docking. Nesran, Zarith Nameyrra Md; Shafie, Nurul Husna; Tohid, Siti Farah Md; Norhaizan, Mohd Esa; Ismail, Mar 31, 2020 4836
Protective Effect of a Mixture of Astragalus membranaceus and Lithospermum erythrorhizon Extract against Hepatic Steatosis in High Fat Diet-Induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Mice. Choi, Doo Jin; Kim, Seong Cheol; Park, Gi Eun; Choi, Bo-Ram; Lee, Dae Young; Lee, Young-Seob; Park, Mar 31, 2020 7562
Sorrento reports license agreement with Mabpharm for possible COVID-19 treatment. Mar 24, 2020 164
Sorrento develops STI-4398 for potential prevention & treatment of COVID-19. Mar 20, 2020 270
Argonne scientists studying coronavirus proteins to seek treatment. Marie Wilson Mar 17, 2020 468
Immunohistochemistry of mammary Paget's disease: Cytokeratin 7, GATA3, andHER2 are sensitive markers. Arain, Shoukat A.; Arafah, Maria; Raddaoui, Said; Tulba, Asma; Alkhawaja, Fatimah H.; Shedoukhy, Ahl Mar 1, 2020 3045
Improving Small Intestinal Motility in Experimental Acute Necrotising Pancreatitis by Modulating the CPI-17/MLCP Pathway Using Chaiqin Chengqi Decoction. Lin, Ziqi; Zhang, Chenlong; Zhang, Xiaoxin; Shi, Na; Wen, Yongjian; Han, Chengxia; Du, Dan; Liu, Tin Mar 1, 2020 8169
The Effect of Maternal Diet with Fish Oil on Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Response in Sow and New-Born Piglets. Luo, W.L.; Luo, Z.; Xu, X.; Zhao, S.; Li, S.H.; Sho, T.; Yao, J.; Zhang, J.; Xu, W.N.; Xu, J.X. Mar 1, 2020 8186
Metformin Reduces the Senescence of Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells in Diabetic Nephropathy via the MBNL1/miR-130a-3p/STAT3 Pathway. Jiang, Xue; Ruan, Xue-lei; Xue, Yi-xue; Yang, Shuang; Shi, Mai; Wang, Li-ning Mar 1, 2020 9927
miR-146b-5p Plays a Critical Role in the Regulation of Autophagy in [DELTA]per Brucella melitensis-Infected RAW264.7 Cells. Hanwei, Jiao; Nie, Xin; Zhu, Huapei; Li, Baobao; Pang, Feng; Yang, Xiaohong; Cao, Ruiyong; Yang, Xia Mar 1, 2020 7924
Suppression of KIF22 Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Xenograft Tumor Growth in Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Liu, Yi; Li, Rong-Hua; Ren, Gang; Jiang, Jin Mar 1, 2020 5615
Association between Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism in MicroRNA Target Site of DDB2 and Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Southern Chinese Population. Qiu, Moqin; Liu, Yingchun; Zhou, Zihan; Jiang, Yanji; Lin, Qiuling; Huo, Rongrui; Liang, Xiumei; Yu, Mar 1, 2020 3401
Reaction of Lectin-Specific Antibody with Human Tissue: Possible Contributions to Autoimmunity. Vojdani, Aristo; Afar, Daniel; Vojdani, Elroy Mar 1, 2020 10059
RNA [N.sup.6]-Methyladenosine Modifications and the Immune Response. Wang, Ya-Nan; Yu, Chen-Yang; Jin, Hong-Zhong Mar 1, 2020 5484
Expression of lipid metabolism genes provides new insights into intramuscular fat deposition in Laiwu pigs. Wang, Hui; Wang, Jin; Yang, Dan-dan; Liu, Zong-li; Zeng, Yong-qing; Chen, Wei Mar 1, 2020 4291
Dysregulation in the Unfolded Protein Response in the FGR Rat Pancreas. Liu, Xiaomei; Guo, Yanyan; Wang, Jun; Zhu, Liangliang; Gao, Linlin Mar 1, 2020 5642
Methylophiopogonanone A, an Ophiopogon homoisoflavonoid, alleviates high-fat diet-induced hyperlipidemia: assessment of its potential mechanism. Li, Zhao; Wu, Ying-Ying; Yu, Bei-Xin Mar 1, 2020 4577
Comparison of phenotypic methods with mecA gene based polymerase chain reaction for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus detection. Aneela Khawaja, Faiqa Arshad and Idrees Khan Feb 22, 2020 2892
Antibiogram and recent incidence of multi-drug resistant carbapenemase producing Escherichia coli isolated from paediatric patients. Sumbal Nosheen, Nadeem Irfan Bukhari, Hasan Ejaz and Nasir Abbas Feb 14, 2020 2441
Transdifferentiation of bovine epithelial cells towards adipocytes in the presence of myoepithelium. Sugathan, Subi; Lee, Sung-Jin; Shiwani, Supriya; Singh, Naresh Kumar Feb 1, 2020 5847
RNA-Binding Proteins as Targets to Improve Salt Stress Tolerance in Crops. Tellez, Sara Rosa; Kanhonou, Rodoldphe; Belles, Carlos Castellote; Serrano, Ramon; Alepuz, Paula; Ro Feb 1, 2020 7359
78 kda Glucose Regulated Protein, Pipeline Review, H2 2019: Amagen Inc, Immune Regulation Inc & Intezyne Inc. Jan 20, 2020 1192
Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor Type 1 - Pipeline Review, H2 2019. Jan 16, 2020 1105
Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 1 - Pipeline Review, H2 2019. Jan 14, 2020 910
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 7, 2020 269
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 7, 2020 269
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 7, 2020 269
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 7, 2020 269
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 7, 2020 269
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 7, 2020 265
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 6, 2020 242
HEALTH NOTES. Jan 6, 2020 268
Effects of puerarin on the Akt signaling pathway in bovine preadipocyte differentiation. Yun, Jinyan; Yu, Yongsheng; Zhou, Guoli; Luo, Xiaotong; Jin, Haiguo; Zhao, Yumin; Cao, Yang Report Jan 1, 2020 4673
The Critical Role of Bach2 in Shaping the Balance between [CD4.sup.+] T Cell Subsets in Immune-Mediated Diseases. Yang, Lingyi; Chen, Shuli; Zhao, Qiuyu; Sun, Ying; Nie, Hong Jan 1, 2020 7539
Quartz Dust Exposure Affects NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and Plasma Levels of IL-18 and IL-1Ra in Iron Foundry Workers. Hedbrant, Alexander; Andersson, Lena; Bryngelsson, Ing-Liss; Eklund, Daniel; Westberg, Hakan; Sarnda Jan 1, 2020 6138
Antiadipogenesis of Oroxylum indicum (L.) Kurz Extract via PPAR[gamma]2 in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes. Hengpratom, Tanaporn; Ngernsoungnern, Apichart; Ngernsoungnern, Piyada; Lowe, Gordon Matthew; Eumkeb Jan 1, 2020 6566
Plasma Adipokines in Patients Resuscitated from Cardiac Arrest: Difference of Visfatin between Survivors and Nonsurvivors. Chen, Yuan-Zhuo; Zhou, Shu-Qin; Chen, Yan-Qing; Peng, Hu; Zhuang, Yu-Gang Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 5775
Relationship between Urinary Liver-Type Fatty Acid-Binding Protein (L-FABP) and Sarcopenia in Spontaneously Diabetic Torii Fatty Rats. Tanabe, Jun; Ogura, Yuji; Kosaki, Keisei; Nagai, Yoshio; Sugaya, Takeshi; Ohata, Keiichi; Watanabe, Jan 1, 2020 7840
Melanogenic Effects of Maclurin Are Mediated through the Activation of cAMP/PKA/CREB and p38 MAPK/CREB Signaling Pathways. Hwang, Young Sun; Oh, Sae Woong; Park, See-Hyoung; Lee, Jienny; Yoo, Ju Ah.; Kwon, Kitae; Park, Se J Jan 1, 2020 5203
Selection and Validation of Appropriate Reference Genes for Quantitative RT-PCR Analysis in Rubia yunnanensis Diels Based on Transcriptome Data. Yi, Shanyong; Lin, Qianwen; Zhang, Xuejia; Wang, Jing; Miao, Yuanyuan; Tan, Ninghua Jan 1, 2020 12351
Antimalarial Properties of Isoquinoline Derivative from Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. Hygroscopicus: An In Silico Approach. Nugraha, Rivo Y.B.; Faratisha, Icha F.D.; Mardhiyyah, Kana; Ariel, Dio G.; Putri, Fitria F.; Nafisat Report Jan 1, 2020 8944
Researchers use deep learning to predict disease related mutations of metal binding sites in protein. ANI Dec 28, 2019 468
Malaria carrying mosquitoes are using their legs to fight off insecticides. ANI Dec 26, 2019 443
How Much Iron Do We Really Need To Consume Daily? Seema Prasad Dec 13, 2019 429
Global Protein Binding Assays Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2019-2026. Report Dec 13, 2019 512
Bond Pet Foods secures USD 1.2m seed funding. Dec 6, 2019 178
Bond Pet Foods secures USD 1.2m seed funding. Dec 6, 2019 176
FDA approves Roche's Tecentriq plus chemotherapy (Abraxane and carboplatin) for the initial treatment of metastatic non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer. Dec 4, 2019 1548
Serum Neuron-specific Enolase and S100 Calcium-binding Protein B in Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Elshorbagy, Hatem Hamed; Barseem, Naglaa Fathy; Elsadek, Akram Elshafey; Al-shokary, Ashraf Hamed; M Dec 1, 2019 9645
Isolated Growth Hormone Deficiency Type 2 due to a novel GH1 Mutation: A Case Report. Kautsar, Ahmad; Wit, Jan M.; Pulungan, Aman Dec 1, 2019 3594
A Novel Homozygous Mutation of the Acid-Labile Subunit (IGFALS) Gene in a Male Adolescent. Poyrazoglu, Sukran; Hwa, Vivian; Bas, Firdevs; Dauber, Andrew; Rosenfeld, Ron; Darendeliler, Feyza Dec 1, 2019 3923
A Glance at the Nuclear Envelope Spectrin Repeat Protein 3. Liao, Liwei; Qu, Rongmei; Ouang, Jun; Dai, Jingxing Dec 1, 2019 5731
Clinicopathological and Prognostic Significance of WW Domain Binding Protein 5 Expression in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Qian, Yangyang; Pan, Zongfu; Guo, Zhenying; Ge, Xinyang; Zheng, Guowan; Cao, Jun; Huang, Ping; Zhu, Dec 1, 2019 4121
Effects of Huazhuo Jiedu Shugan Decoction on Cognitive and Emotional Disorders in a Rat Model of Epilepsy: Possible Involvement of AC-cAMP-CREB Signaling and NPY Expression. Ping, Xin; Qin, Shao-Kun; Liu, Shu-Ning; Lu, Ye; Zhao, Ya-Nan; Cao, Ya-Fei; Zhang, Yan-Hong; Zhang, Dec 1, 2019 8421
C/EBP Homologous Protein (CHOP) Activates Macrophages and Promotes Liver Fibrosis in Schistosoma japonicum-Infected Mice. Yuan, Duan; Yang, Mengyun; Peng, Shuang; Liu, Xiaoqin; Zhong, Jixin; Guo, Yurong; Lu, Min; Nie, Hao; Dec 1, 2019 7875
A Promising Candidate: Heparin-Binding Protein Steps onto the Stage of Sepsis Prediction. Yang, Yang; Liu, Guihuan; He, Qingnan; Shen, Jie; Xu, Linyong; Zhu, Ping; Zhao, Mingyi Dec 1, 2019 9084
An Overview of the Intrinsic Role of Citrullination in Autoimmune Disorders. Alghamdi, Mohammed; Alasmari, Doaa; Assiri, Amjad; Mattar, Ehab; Aljaddawi, Abdullah A.; Alattas, Sa Dec 1, 2019 33114
Fe-HBED Analogs: A Promising Class of Iron-Chelate Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Bales, Brian C.; Grimmond, Brian; Johnson, Bruce F.; Luttrell, M. Todd; Meyer, Dan E.; Polyanskaya, Dec 1, 2019 6480
ALDH2 Overexpression Alleviates High Glucose-Induced Cardiotoxicity by Inhibiting NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation. Cao, Ruiping; Fang, Dian; Wang, Jiahui; Yu, Ying; Ye, Hongwei; Kang, Pinfang; Li, Zhenghong; Wang, H Dec 1, 2019 5348
Intratumoral Heterogeneity Determines the Expression of mTOR-pathway Proteins in Prostate Cancer. Russo, Giorgio Ivan; Hennenlotter, Jorg; Vogel, Ulrich; Kuhs, Ursula; Wurm, Thomas Manfred; Gerber, Dec 1, 2019 5081
Synthesis and Hypoglycemic and Anti-inflammatory Activity Screening of Novel Substituted 5-[Morpholino(Phenyl)Methyl]-Thiazolidine-2,4-Diones and Their Molecular Docking Studies: Yeni Substitue 5-[Morfolino(Fenil)Metil]-Tiazolidin-2,4-Dionlarin Sentezi ve Hipoglisemik ve Antienflamatuvar Aktivitelerinin Taranmasi ile Molekuler Doking Calismalari. Karumanchi, Srikanth Kumar; Atmakuri, Lakshmana Rao; Mandava, V. Basaveswara Rao; Rajala, Srikala Dec 1, 2019 9943
Lonza signs strategic collaboration with DiNAQOR. Nov 28, 2019 151
Lonza signs strategic collaboration with DiNAQOR. Nov 28, 2019 147
CARB-X grants VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals up to USD4.1m in non-dilutive funding. Nov 27, 2019 225
CARB-X grants VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals up to USD4.1m in non-dilutive funding. Nov 27, 2019 221
Anaesthesia Problems in Paediatric Dermatology. Khan, Mohd Rizwan Nov 18, 2019 5374
Avacta says expanded LG Chem collaboration could trigger further "substantial" payments. Nov 14, 2019 417
LG Chem selects second and third drug targets under expanded partnership with Avacta. Nov 13, 2019 199
LG Chem selects second and third drug targets under expanded partnership with Avacta. Nov 13, 2019 195
Abcam to Acquire Proteomics and Immunology Business from Expedeon. Nov 12, 2019 433
Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 5--A Probable Target of Kidney Renal Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma. Wang, Shuqiang; Hong, Quan; Geng, Xiaodong; Chi, Kun; Cai, Guangyan; Wu, Di Nov 1, 2019 5394
Mucoadhesive Particles: A Novel, Prolonged-Release Nanocarrier of Sitagliptin for the Treatment of Diabetics. SreeHarsha, Nagaraja; Ramnarayanan, Chandramouli; Dhubiab, Bandar E. Al-; Nair, Anroop B.; Hiremath, Nov 1, 2019 4718
Identification of Circular RNAs Regulating Islet [beta]-Cell Autophagy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Bai, Chao; Yang, Wenwen; Lu, Yao; Wei, Wei; Li, Zongbao; Zhang, Li Nov 1, 2019 5364
Protein Binding Characteristics of the Principal Green Tea Catechins: A QCM Study Comparing Crude Extract to Pure EGCG. Ali, Elsadig E.; Elmakki, Mohamed O.; Gavette, Miranda L.; Doyle, Brian J.; Timpe, Shannon J. Nov 1, 2019 6008
MicroRNA-133b Alleviates Hypoxia Injury by Direct Targeting on NOD-Like Receptor Protein 3 in Rat H9c2 Cardiomyocyte. Zhou, Yongmei; Huang, Hui; Hou, Xiaolin Nov 1, 2019 3891
Expression of La Ribonucleoprotein Domain Family Member 4B (LARP4B) in Liver Cancer and Their Clinical and Prognostic Significance. Li, Yanqing; Jiao, Yan; Li, Yang; Liu, Yanan Nov 1, 2019 4379
Altered Levels of mRNAs for Calcium-Binding/Associated Proteins, Annexin A1, S100A4, and TMEM64, in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Are Associated with Osteoporosis. Dera, Ayed A.; Ranganath, Lakshminarayan; Barraclough, Roger; Vinjamuri, Sobhan; Hamill, Sandra; Man Nov 1, 2019 6060
SmoPSI: Analysis and Prediction of Small Molecule Binding Sites Based on Protein Sequence Information. Wang, Wei; Li, Keliang; Lv, Hehe; Zhang, Hongjun; Wang, Shixun; Huang, Junwei Nov 1, 2019 5690
Neuronal Pentraxin 2 Binds PNNs and Enhances PNN Formation. Spijker, Heleen M. Van't; Rowlands, Daire; Rossier, Jean; Haenzi, Barbara; Fawcett, James W.; Kwok, Nov 1, 2019 8454
Further Disruption of the TAS3 Pathway via the Addition of the AG07 Mutation to the DRB1, DRB2 or DRB4 Mutations Severely Impairs the Reproductive Competence of Arabidopsis thaliana. Pegler, Joseph L.; Oultram, Jackson M.J.; Curtin, Shaun J.; Grof, Christopher P.L.; Eamens, Andrew L Nov 1, 2019 13730
Characterization of the BnA10.tfl1 Gene Controls Determinate Inflorescence Trait in Brassica napus L. Jia, Yongpeng; Li, Kaixiang; Liu, Haidong; Zan, Lingxiong; Du, Dezhi Nov 1, 2019 6069
Identified the Synergistic Mechanism of Drynariae Rhizoma for Treating Fracture Based on Network Pharmacology. Lin, Haixiong; Wang, Xiaotong; Wang, Ligang; Dong, Hang; Huang, Peizhen; Cai, Qunbin; Mo, Yingjie; H Nov 1, 2019 8351
Tobacco-Derived Lipopolysaccharide, Not Microbial Translocation, as a Potential Contributor to the Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Meyer, Pieter W.A.; Ally, Mahmood M.T.M.; Tikly, Mohammed; Tintinger, Gregory; Winchow, Lai Ling; St Nov 1, 2019 4294
The Application of CA and PCA to the Evaluation of Lipophilicity and Physicochemical Properties of Tetracyclic Diazaphenothiazine Derivatives. Nycz-Empel, Anna; Bober, Katarzyna; Wyszomirski, Miroslaw; Kisiel, Ewa; Zieba, Andrzej Nov 1, 2019 6157
The Gut Microbiome Modulates the Changes in Liver Metabolism and in Inflammatory Processes in the Brain of Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress Rats. Lv, Wei-Jie; Wu, Xiao-Ling; Chen, Wen-Qian; Li, Yue-Fei; Zhang, Gui-Feng; Chao, Li-Min; Zhou, Jia-Ha Nov 1, 2019 7698
Irish boffins step closer to finding skin disease cure. AOIFE MOORE Oct 21, 2019 199
Modelling the Influence of Protein Expression Levels on the Mechanical Properties of Femur Bone. Gautam, Diplesh; Rao, Venkatesh K.P. Oct 1, 2019 5170
Low Frequency of MKRN3 and DLK1 Variants in Chinese Children with Central Precocious Puberty. Chen, Ting; Chen, Linqi; Wu, Haiying; Xie, Rongrong; Wang, Fengyun; Chen, Xiuli; Sun, Hui; Xiao, Fei Oct 1, 2019 3947
MicroRNA-181a Inhibits Activated B-Cell-Like Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Progression by Repressing CARD11. Zhu, Danxia; Fang, Cheng; He, Wenting; Wu, Chen; Li, Xiaodong; Wu, Jun Oct 1, 2019 4740
Hyperinsulinemia Can Cause Kidney Disease in the IGT Stage of OLETF Rats via the INS/IRS-1/PI3-K/Akt Signaling Pathway. Zhang, Yi; Yang, Shaohua; Cui, Xiao; Yang, Juhong; Zheng, Miaoyan; Jia, Junya; Han, Fei; Yang, Xiaoy Oct 1, 2019 7392
Glucosamine salt Market Opportunities and Forecast Assessment 2018 2028. Sep 26, 2019 944
Glucosamine salt Market Opportunities and Forecast Assessment 2018 2028. Sep 25, 2019 958
Micro RNAs--A Review. Selvarajan, Sathya; Vijayaraghavan, Jaya; Bobby, Zachariah; Ramalingam, Jothimalar Sep 23, 2019 4573
Glucosamine Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future. Sep 17, 2019 817
Alexion, BridgeBio Ink Japanese License Agreement for Eidos' Transthyretin Amyloidosis Investigational Medicine. Sep 12, 2019 931
Paras Biopharmaceuticals Successfully Develops Cytofold StructQuant[R] Technology for Cytoplasmic Disulphide Formation, (for Active Folding) for Complex Therapeutic Protein. Sep 10, 2019 572
Alexion and Eidos Therapeutics announce exclusive licensing agreement for AG10. Sep 9, 2019 160
Glucosamine salt Market Key Players, Growth, Analysis 2018 2028. Sep 7, 2019 944
Glucosamine salt Market Key Players, Growth, Analysis 2018 2028. Sep 6, 2019 958
Unique epithelial expression of S100A calcium binding protein A7A in the endometrium at conceptus implantation in pigs. Lee, Soohyung; Jang, Hwanhee; Yoo, Inkyu; Han, Jisoo; Jung, Wonchul; Ka, Hakhyun Sep 1, 2019 5471
Lipid and Cholesterol Homeostasis after Arsenic Exposure and Antibiotic Treatment in Mice: Potential Role of the Microbiota. Chi, Liang; Lai, Yunjia; Tu, Pengcheng; Liu, Chih-Wei; Xue, Jingchuan; Ru, Hongyu; Lu, Kun Sep 1, 2019 9658
SATB2 Versus CDX2: A Battle Royale for Diagnostic Supremacy in Mucinous Tumors. Brettfeld, Stefan M.; Ramos, Benjamin D.; Berry, Ryan S.; Martin, David R.; Hanson, Joshua A. Sep 1, 2019 6234
Urinary NGAL and RBP Are Biomarkers of Normoalbuminuric Renal Insufficiency in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Li, Aimei; Yi, Bin; Liu, Yan; Wang, Jianwen; Dai, Qing; Huang, Yuxi; Li, Yan Chun; Zhang, Hao Sep 1, 2019 5923
Role of Calprotectin as a Biomarker in Periodontal Disease. Wei, Lili; Liu, Mingwen; Xiong, Haofei Sep 1, 2019 8639
Response to enantiomers of (Z3Z9)-6,7-epoxy-octadecadiene, sex pheromone component of Ectropis obliqua Prout (Lepidoptera: Geometridae): electroantennagram test, field trapping, and in silico study. Guo, Feng; Yu, Jie; Yang, Yunqiu; Wan, Xiaochun Sep 1, 2019 4165
Acute Myeloid Leukemia in an Infant with t(8;19)(p11.2;q13) Translocation: Case Report and a Review of the Literature. Eason, Ashley C.; Bunting, Silvia T.; Peterson, Jess F.; Saxe, Debra; Sabnis, Himalee S. Sep 1, 2019 2603
Effects of Trimetazidine Pretreatment on Endothelial Dysfunction and Myocardial Injury in Unstable Angina Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Shao, Shuai; Shi, Zhaozhao; Tse, Gary; Wang, Xinghua; Ni, Yanping; Liu, Hongmei; Liu, Tong; Li, Guan Sep 1, 2019 4175
Conformational Changes in Wild Type KRAS Induced by Two Novel Variants p.E31K and p.G138V. Murtaza, Bibi Nazia; Qayum, Azhar; Nadeem, Shamaila Inayat; Al-Maliki, Naif Awdh; Alamri, Abdulaziz; Report Aug 31, 2019 3764
Response of Liver-Type Fatty Acid-Binding Protein (L-FABP) Gene in Golden Pompano Trachinotus ovatus (Linnaeus 1758) to Temperature and Nutrient Manipulations. Zhou, Shengjie; Wang, Pengfei; Zhao, Chao; Fu, Mingjun; Qin, Jian G.; Qiu, Lihua; Ma , Zhenhua; Lin, Report Aug 31, 2019 4891
European Commission approves Roche's Tecentriq in combination with Abraxane for people with PD-L1-positive, metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Aug 29, 2019 366
Glucosamine salt Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2018 2028. Aug 28, 2019 958
20 YEARS OF PRIDE OF BRITAIN. Aug 20, 2019 314
AC Immune announces research collaboration with University of Pennsylvania. Aug 12, 2019 215
Glucosamine salt Market Surging Demand Motivated by Modernization Set to Uphold Higher Revenue. Aug 10, 2019 944
Glucosamine salt Market Surging Demand Motivated by Modernization Set to Uphold Higher Revenue. Aug 9, 2019 958
Research report covers the Potassium Glucosamine Market share and Growth, 2018 to 2028. Aug 2, 2019 1383
Learn details of the Advances in Glucosamine Market Forecast and Segments, 2018-2028. Aug 1, 2019 1383
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Aug 1, 2019 2459
Annexin A2 Expression in Aerogenous Metastasis of Pulmonary Invasive Mucinous Adenocarcinoma: A Case Report including Immunohistochemical Analysis. Arai, Kazumori; Hirose, Masahide Aug 1, 2019 3322
Bioinformatic Analysis of Transcriptomic Data Reveals Novel Key Genes Regulating Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose Stem Cells. Cheng, Jinluo; Zhao, Xinyuan; Liu, Juan; Cui, Li; Zhu, Yanfeng; Yuan, Xiaoqing; Gao, Jianbo; Du, Yun Aug 1, 2019 3672
The RNA-Binding Protein KSRP Modulates Cytokine Expression of [CD4.sup.+] T Cells. Kafer, Rudolf; Schmidtke, Lisa; Schrick, Katharina; Montermann, Evelyn; Bros, Matthias; Kleinert, Ha Aug 1, 2019 10099
Associations between TAB2 Gene Polymorphisms and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer in a Chinese Population. Huang, Xingming; Shen, Can; Zhang, Yan; Li, Qin; Li, Kai; Wang, Yanyun; Song, Yaping; Su, Min; Zhou, Aug 1, 2019 5446
Comparison of Trace Elements in High-Molecular-Mass Multiprotein Complex and in Female Milk from Which It Was Obtained. Soboleva, Svetlana E.; Zaksas, Natalia P.; Nevinsky, Georgy A. Aug 1, 2019 7587
Interleukin-18 Expression Increases in the Aorta and Plasma of Patients with Acute Aortic Dissection. Hu, Haiying; Zhang, Guangtai; Hu, Huanli; Liu, Wenjing; Liu, Jixiang; Xin, Shuanli; Zhao, Xiufeng; H Aug 1, 2019 6447
The Antiobesity Effects of Buginawa in 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes and in a Mouse Model of High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity. Park, Yea-Jin; Seo, Dong-Wook; Ju, Jae-Yun; Cha, Yun-Yeop; An, Hyo-Jin Aug 1, 2019 7494
Ankrd2 in Mechanotransduction and Oxidative Stress Response in Skeletal Muscle: New Cues for the Pathogenesis of Muscular Laminopathies. Cenni, Vittoria; Kojic, Snezana; Capanni, Cristina; Faulkner, Georgine; Lattanzi, Giovanna Aug 1, 2019 11109
Cell Free DNA and Genometastasis/Hucre Disi DNA ve Genometastaz. Kocana, Cemal Cagil; Toprak, Selin Fulya; Yasa, Busra; Hekimoglu, Hilal; Tokdemir, Selcuk Sozer Aug 1, 2019 4253
Markers of Intestinal Damage in Individuals with and without Obesity during a 12-Week Exercise Period. Lambert, G. Patrick; Hamilton, Leah M.; Moore, Geri A.; Yee, Jennifer C.; Lanspa, Stephen J. Aug 1, 2019 2186
Can low Vitamin D Binding Protein levels be a cause of infertility in females? Jul 31, 2019 486
Newly-Discovered Stem Cell Regulator Promotes Repair Of Breast Cell DNA Damage. Jul 29, 2019 641
The effect of heat stress on frame switch splicing of X-box binding protein 1 gene in horse. Lee, Hyo Gun; Khummuang, Saichit; Youn, Hyun-Hee; Park, Jeong-Woong; Choi, Jae-Young; Shin, Teak-Soo Jul 26, 2019 5905
Rxbar protein bars cross the pond to small stores. Jul 26, 2019 120
Eisai Europe - Eisai Enters Into Collaboration Research Agreement With University Of Dundee On Targeted Protein Degradation Toward Cancer Drug Discovery -- 8/7/2019. Jul 16, 2019 304
Eisai Co., Ltd. - Eisai Enters Into Collaboration Research Agreement With University Of Dundee On Targeted Protein Degradation Toward Cancer Drug Discovery -- 8/7/2019. Jul 9, 2019 503
Eisai Europe - Eisai Enters Into Collaboration Research Agreement With University Of Dundee On Targeted Protein Degradation Toward Cancer Drug Discovery -- 8/7/2019. Jul 9, 2019 304
Eisai Enters Into Collaboration Research Agreement With University of Dundee on Targeted Protein Degradation Toward Cancer Drug Discovery. Jul 8, 2019 651
Experimental Probe Clears Neurons of Toxic Protein Involved with Alzheimer's Disease: MGH researchers part of team that developed the tool that will help reveal more about tau protein. Jul 1, 2019 898
A Case with Laron Syndrome. Ozgen, Ilker Tolga; Kutlu, Esra; Cesur, Yasar; Yesil, Gozde Jul 1, 2019 1896
Salivary Cortisol Determination in ACTH Stimulation Test to Diagnose Adrenal Insufficiency in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis. Albert, Lara; Profitos, Joaquim; Sanchez-Delgado, Jordi; Capel, Ismael; Gonzalez-Clemente, Jose Migu Jul 1, 2019 6481
Gallium-68-Labelled Indocyanine Green as a Potential Liver Reserve Imaging Agent. Xia, Yuxiao; Zhang, Li; Zhao, Yanhong; Liu, Xiangdong; Cai, Liang; Liu, Lin; Chen, Yue; Zhang, Wei Jul 1, 2019 5273
Scavenger Receptor Class B Member 1 Independent Uptake of Transthyretin by Cultured Hepatocytes Is Regulated by High Density Lipoprotein. Landers, Kelly A.; d'Emden, Michael C.; Richard, Kerry Jul 1, 2019 3903
Effect of Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements as an Adjuvant Therapy to Metformin on Menstrual Cycle Abnormalities, Hormonal Profile, and IGF-1 System in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patients: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial. Kadoura, Sally; Alhalabi, Marwan; Nattouf, Abdul Hakim Clinical report Jul 1, 2019 7426
Peptide-Protein Interaction Studies of Antimicrobial Peptides Targeting Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Spike Protein: An In Silico Approach. Mustafa, Sabeena; Balkhy, Hanan; Gabere, Musa Clinical report Jul 1, 2019 7552
Testicular Toxicity of Water Pipe Smoke Exposure in Mice and the Effect of Treatment with Nootkatone Thereon. Ali, Badreldin H.; Salam, Suhail Al-; Adham, Sirin A.; Balushi, Khalid Al; Za'abi, Mohammed Al; Beeg Jul 1, 2019 6045
Hepatoprotective Effects of Morchella esculenta against Alcohol-Induced Acute Liver Injury in the C57BL/6 Mouse Related to Nrf-2 and NF-[kappa]B Signaling. Meng, Bo; Zhang, Yuanzhu; Wang, Zhuqian; Ding, Qinran; Song, Jia; Wang, Di Jul 1, 2019 8302
Nickel Enhances Zinc-Induced Neuronal Cell Death by Priming the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response. Tanaka, Ken-ichiro; Kasai, Misato; Shimoda, Mikako; Shimizu, Ayane; Kubota, Maho; Kawahara, Masahiro Jul 1, 2019 7355
miR-451 Silencing Inhibited Doxorubicin Exposure-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Mice. Li, Jun; Wa, Weiguo; Chen, Tao; Tong, Suiyang; Jiang, Xuejun; Liu, Wanli Jul 1, 2019 5564
Identification of Upregulated HNRNPs Associated with Poor Prognosis in Pancreatic Cancer. Qiao, Lu; Xie, Ning; Bai, Yuru; Li, Yan; Shi, Yongquan; Wang, Jinhai; Liu, Na Jul 1, 2019 5387
The relationship of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D and Vitamin D binding protein in periodontitis. Jun 30, 2019 2638
Conservative treatment of Fibrous Dysplasia. Jun 30, 2019 2057
Association of ChREBP Expression and Polymorphism with Serum Biochemical Indices in Cherry Valley Duck. Luo, Hua-Lun; Zhang, Yi-Yu; Qin, Yuan-Yu; Wu, Lei Report Jun 30, 2019 5048
MIND & MEMORY NEWSBRIEFS. Jun 29, 2019 327
FDA clears first treatment for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. Jun 28, 2019 236
FDA clears first treatment for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. Jun 28, 2019 232
Glucosamine salt Market Analysis & Evolving Opportunities Studied for the Period Until 2028. Jun 7, 2019 1014
Glucosamine salt Market Analysis & Evolving Opportunities Studied for the Period Until 2028. Jun 6, 2019 1029
Immunohistochemical Study of Amelogenin Binding Proteins in an Amelogenin Point Mutation Mouse/Estudio Inmunohistoquimico de Proteinas de Union de la Amelogenina en un Raton con Mutacion Puntual de Amelogenina. Otawa-Kamogashira, Naoko; Matsuda, Yuko; Takezaki, Masaaki; Hatakeyama, Yuji; Tamaoki, Sachio; Ishik Jun 1, 2019 3941
The comparisons of blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluid S100B protein concentrations in patients with Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and multiple sclerosis. Tarasiuk, J.; Kapica-Topczewska, K.; Chorazy, M.; Borowik-Zareba, A.; Mroczko, B.; Kochanowicz, J.; Jun 1, 2019 2850
Novel Compound Heterozygous Variants in the LHCGR Gene in a Genetically Male Patient with Female External Genitalia. Yan, Mei; Dilihuma, Julaiti; Luo, Yanfei; Reyilanmu, Baoerhan; Shen, Yiping; Mireguli, Maimaiti Jun 1, 2019 4060
CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha (CEBPA) gene haploinsufficiency does not alter hematopoiesis or induce leukemia in Lck-CALM/AF10 transgenic mice. Lange, A.P.; Almeida, L.Y.; Silva, C.L. Araujo; Scheucher, P.S.; Chahud, F.; Krause, A.; Bohlander, Jun 1, 2019 3192
Advanced sensing materials based on molecularly imprinted polymers towards developing point-of-care diagnostics devices/Sensormaterjalid molekulaarselt jaljendatud polumeeridest patsiendimanusteks testideks. Kidakova, Anna; Reut, Jekaterina; Boroznjak, Roman; Opik, Andres; Syritski, Vitali Report Jun 1, 2019 5137
Odorant-binding protein 2 is involved in the preference of Sogatella furcifera (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) for rice plants infected with the Southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus. Hu, Kui; Yang, Houhong; Liu, Sheng; He, Hualiang; Ding, Wenbing; Qiu, Lin; Li, Youzhi Jun 1, 2019 4611
The Effects of Atorvastatin on the Migraine Pathophysiology in Nitroglycerin Induced Migraine in Ovariectomized Rats. Hicyilmaz, Ahmet Can; Akgun-Dar, Kadriye Jun 1, 2019 8340
'PATHWAY TO DEMENTIA': Alzheimer's-like disorder hits in LATE life. Bowser, Andrew D. Jun 1, 2019 915
Report on newly recognized cause of dementia should be read widely. Sachdev, Perminder Disease/Disorder overview Jun 1, 2019 502
Development of a Sensitive Chemiluminescence Immunoassay for the Quantification of Folic Acid in Human Serum. Chen, Xiang; Zhou, Qiyang; Zhang, Ting; Wang, ChunXin; Yu, Zheng; Ahamada, Hadji; Bai, Zhonghu; Huan Jun 1, 2019 4138
TFAP4 Promotes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Invasion and Metastasis via Activating the PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway. Huang, Tao; Chen, Qi-Feng; Chang, Bo-Yang; Shen, Lu-Jun; Li, Wang; Wu, Pei-Hong; Fan, Wei-Jun Jun 1, 2019 6143
Anticancer Effects of Emodin on HepG2 Cell: Evidence from Bioinformatic Analysis. Zhou, Rui-sheng; Wang, Xiong-Wen; Sun, Qin-feng; Ye, Zeng Jie; Liu, Jian-wei; Zhou, Dai-Han; Tang, Y Jun 1, 2019 6611
Ginkgolide B Mediated Alleviation of Inflammatory Cascades and Altered Lipid Metabolism in HUVECs via Targeting PCSK-9 Expression and Functionality. Wang, Gang; Liu, Zhenbin; Li, Menghu; Li, Yu; Alvi, Sahir Sultan; Ansari, Irfan Ahmad; Khan, M. Salm Jun 1, 2019 7670
Cynomorium songaricum Extract Alleviates Memory Impairment through Increasing CREB/BDNF via Suppression of p38MAPK/ERK Pathway in Ovariectomized Rats. Tian, Fang-ze; Chang, Hong-sheng; Liu, Jian-xun; Zheng, Junchao; Cheng, Dan; Lu, Yi Jun 1, 2019 5559
The role of SEPTIN 9 (SEPT9) gene DNA methylation on bladder cancer. Varol, Nuray; Keles, Ibrahim; Yildiz, Handan Jun 1, 2019 247
A rare HNF1A gene mutation in a Turkish family with maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY). Moballegh, Asef; Dogan, Ozlem; Kargun, Sinem; Yilmaz, Nuster; Manguoglu, Esra Jun 1, 2019 265
Characterization of a novel frameshift mutation in the TRPS1 gene as a cause of Trichorhinophalengeal syndrome type 1 in a Cypriot Heritage Family. Akcan, Nese; Betmezoglu, Meryem; Manara, Elena; Paolacci, Stefano; Temel, Sahime G.; Bundak, Ruveyde Jun 1, 2019 340
Ridgeback Biotherapeutics wins FDA orphan drug designation for mAb114 for for Ebola. May 31, 2019 248
Ridgeback Biotherapeutics wins FDA orphan drug designation for mAb114 for for Ebola. May 31, 2019 244
Placental Expression of Imprinted Genes, Overall and in Sex-Specific Patterns, Associated with Placental Cadmium Concentrations and Birth Size. Everson, Todd M.; Marable, Carmen; Deyssenroth, Maya A.; Punshon, Tracy; Jackson, Brian P.; Lamberti May 1, 2019 11957
Chicken novel leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamilies B1 and B3 are transcriptional regulators of major histocompatibility complex class I genes and signaling pathways. Truong, Anh Duc; Hong, Yeojin; Lee, Janggeun; Lee, Kyungbaek; Tran, Ha Thi Thanh; Dang, Hoang Vu; Ng May 1, 2019 9516
Comparative study of thermal gelation properties and molecular forces of actomyosin extracted from normal and pale, soft and exudative-like chicken breast meat. Li, Ke; Liu, Jun-Ya; Fu, Lei; Zhao, Ying-Ying; Bai, Yan-Hong Report May 1, 2019 9070
Long Noncoding RNA MALAT1 Acts as a Competing Endogenous RNA to Regulate TGF-[beta]2 Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Lens Epithelial Cells by a MicroRNA-26a-Dependent Mechanism. Dong, Ning May 1, 2019 5861
N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea-Induced Photoreceptor Degeneration Is Inhibited by Nicotinamide via the Blockade of Upstream Events before the Phosphorylation of Signalling Proteins. Sugano, Eriko; Tabata, Kitako; Takezawa, Tsubasa; Shiraiwa, Raki; Muraoka, Hiroki; Metoki, Tomomi; K May 1, 2019 4032
Hepatic Fat Content and Liver Enzymes Are Associated with Circulating Free and Protein-Bound Advanced Glycation End Products, Which Are Associated with Low-Grade Inflammation: The CODAM Study. Bijnen, Mitchell; van Greevenbroek, Marleen M.J.; van der Kallen, Carla J.H.; Scheijen, Jean L.; van May 1, 2019 8188
Traditional Herbal Formula Taeeumjowi-Tang (TJ001) Inhibits p53-Mutant Prostate Cancer Cells Growth by Activating AMPK-Dependent Pathway. Kang, Sooyeon; Kim, Hyo In; Choi, Yu-Jeong; Lee, Seul Ki; Kim, Ji Hye; Cheon, Chunhoo; Ko, Seong-Gyu May 1, 2019 6228
MicroRNA-155 Promotes Myocardial Infarction-Induced Apoptosis by Targeting RNA-Binding Protein QKI. Guo, Jing; Liu, Hui-Bin; Sun, Chuan; Yan, Xiu-Qing; Hu, Juan; Yu, Jie; Yuan, Ye; Du, Zhi-Min May 1, 2019 6870
Vitamin D Receptor Polymorphism and Male Factor Infertility. Report Apr 30, 2019 689
Comparison of serum levels of vitamin D and vitamin D-binding protein in normal, osteopenic and osteoporotic postmenopausal women. Apr 30, 2019 3376
Night vision without goggles; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy; MEDICAL MARVEL. Apr 26, 2019 153
Gebeligin Ilk Trimesterinde Bakilan Seks Hormon Baglayici Globulin ve Yuksek Duyarli C-Reaktif Proteinin Gestasyonel Diyabetes Mellitus Ongorusundeki Yeri/Role of First Trimester Sex Hormone-Binding Globuline and High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein in Predicting Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Dikova, Nurane; Karatas, Suat; Yumru, Ayse Ender; Cakmak, Burcu Dincgez; Turker, Ulku Ayse Report Apr 17, 2019 3647
Pseudohypoparathyroidism Type la with Normocalcemia. Kutlu, Esra; Ozgen, Ilker Tolga; Cesur, Yasar; Yesil, Gozde Apr 1, 2019 1897
Change in the Microviscosity of Erythrocyte Membranes and Proteins in Blood Plasma after Graphene Oxide Addition: The ESR Spectroscopy Study. Karachevtsev, V.A.; Kartel, N.T.; Ivanov, L.V.; Lyapunov, A.N.; Nardid, O.A.; Cherkashina, Ya.O.; Iv Apr 1, 2019 5857
Immobilization of Protein A on Monodisperse Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications. Thanh, Bui Trung; Van Sau, Nguyen; Ju, Heongkyu; Bashir, Mohammed J.K.; Jun, Hieng Kiat; Phan, Thang Apr 1, 2019 6016
GATA1 Promotes Gemcitabine Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer through Antiapoptotic Pathway. Chang, Zhenyu; Zhang, Yanan; Liu, Jie; Guan, Chengjian; Gu, Xinjin; Yang, Zelong; Ye, Qinong; Ding, Apr 1, 2019 7504
A Common Variant of ASAP1 Is Associated with Tuberculosis Susceptibility in the Han Chinese Population. Chen, Cheng; Zhao, Qi; Shao, Yan; Li, Yan; Song, Honghuan; Li, Guoli; Zhu, Limei; Lu, Wei; Xu, Biao Apr 1, 2019 4572
Identification of Chinese Herbal Compounds with Potential as JAK3 Inhibitors. Su, Dan; Gao, Yu-Qiao; Deng, Yong-Jie; Zhang, Han-Hui; Wu, You-Ru; Hu, Ying; Mei, Quan-Xi Apr 1, 2019 6314
Antineuroinflammatory and Neuroprotective Effects of Gyejibokryeong-Hwan in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated BV2 Microglia. Park, Bo-Kyung; Kim, Young Hwa; Kim, Yu Ri; Choi, Jeong June; Yang, Changsop; Jang, Ik-Soon; Lee, Mi Apr 1, 2019 6926
Computational Molecular Modeling of Pin1 Inhibition Activity of Quinazoline, Benzophenone, and Pyrimidine Derivatives. Cabrera, Nicolas; Mora, Jose R.; Marquez, Edgar A. Apr 1, 2019 6976
Pharmacotherapeutics and Molecular Mechanism of Phytochemicals in Alleviating Hormone-Responsive Breast Cancer. Rampogu, Shailima; Park, Chanin; Ravinder, Doneti; Son, Minky; Baek, Ayoung; Zeb, Amir; Bavi, Rohit; Apr 1, 2019 7494
DNA Methylation of miR-122 Aggravates Oxidative Stress in Colitis Targeting SELENBP1 Partially by p65NF-[kappa]B Signaling. Bai, Jianan; Yu, Junchi; Wang, Jintian; Xue, Bingyan; He, Na; Tian, Ye; Yang, Lixia; Wang, Yipin; Wa Apr 1, 2019 6233
Syzygium cumini Leaf Extract Reverts Hypertriglyceridemia via Downregulation of the Hepatic XBP-1s/PDI/MTP Axis in Monosodium L-Glutamate-Induced Obese Rats. Franca, Lucas Martins; Coelho, Caio Fernando Ferreira; Freitas, Larissa Nara Costa; Souza, Ivana Let Apr 1, 2019 7742
Applicability of FTIR-ATR Method to Measure Carbonyls in Blood Plasma after Physical and Mental Stress. Bujok, Jolanta; Gasior-Glogowska, Marlena; Marszalek, Michal; Trochanowska-Pauk, Natalia; Zigo, Fran Apr 1, 2019 5406
Transcriptomic Sequencing of Airway Epithelial Cell NCI-H292 Induced by Synthetic Cationic Polypeptides. Wang, Ya-Ni; Xu, Yu-Fei; Liang, Ya-Xue; Fan, Xiao-Yun; Zha, Xiao-Jun Apr 1, 2019 8122
Elevated Platelet Galectin-3 and Rho-Associated Protein Kinase Activity Are Associated with Hemodialysis Arteriovenous Shunt Dysfunction among Subjects with Diabetes Mellitus. Chen, Po-Wei; Hsu, Ling-Wei; Chang, Hsien-Yuan; Huang, Ting-Chun; Yu, Jia- Rong; Liao, Hsin-Yu; Lee, Apr 1, 2019 6098
Transcriptional Regulation of Ovarian Steroidogenic Genes: Recent Findings Obtained from Stem Cell-Derived Steroidogenic Cells. Yazawa, Takashi; Imamichi, Yoshitaka; Sekiguchi, Toshio; Miyamoto, Kaoru; Uwada, Junsuke; Khan, Md. Apr 1, 2019 9398
CD36-Mediated Lipid Accumulation and Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome Lead to Podocyte Injury in Obesity-Related Glomerulopathy. Zhao, Jing; Rui, Hong-Liang; Yang, Min; Sun, Li-Jun; Dong, Hong-Rui; Cheng, Hong Apr 1, 2019 7392
Scientists Developing Cancer Treatment From Meteorite Metal. Mar 27, 2019 140
CSI Laboratories Begins offering Ventana PD-L1 (SP142) Assay as Companion Diagnostic Test for Triple Negative Breast Cancer as a Result of FDA Approval for Tencentriq. Mar 20, 2019 257
Celgene Provides Update on Abraxane Combination Therapy in the Treatment of Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. Mar 14, 2019 668
If You Want Infrared Vision, You May Be in Luck! Mar 6, 2019 164
Evaluation of Cerebral Blood Flow Alterations and Acute Neuronal Damage due to Water-Pipe Smoking. Karakayali, Onur; Utku, Uygar; Yilmaz, Serkan Report Mar 1, 2019 4910
Early-Life Cadmium Exposure and Bone-Related Biomarkers: A Longitudinal Study in Children. Igra, Annachiara Malin; Vahter, Marie; Raqib, Rubhana; Kippler, Maria Report Mar 1, 2019 13466
Tripchlorolide May Improve Spatial Cognition Dysfunction and Synaptic Plasticity after Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion. Yao, Zhao-Hui; Yao, Xiao-li; Zhang, Shao-feng; Hu, Ji-chang; Zhang, Yong Mar 1, 2019 9583
Nicorandil Attenuates LPS-Induced Acute Lung Injury by Pulmonary Endothelial Cell Protection via NF-[kappa]B and MAPK Pathways. He, Mengyu; Shi, Wen; Yu, Min; Li, Xiang; Xu, Jian; Zhu, Jiali; Jin, Linling; Xie, Weiping; Kong, Hu Mar 1, 2019 7285
Etifoxine, a TSPO Ligand, Worsens Hepatitis C-Related Insulin Resistance but Relieves Lipid Accumulation. Lin, Yu-Min; Sun, Hung-Yu; Chiu, Wen-Tai; Su, Hui-Chen; Chien, Yu-Chieh; Chang, Heng-Ai; Chong, Lee- Mar 1, 2019 6057
Minocycline Protects against Rotenone-Induced Neurotoxicity Correlating with Upregulation of Nurr1 in a Parkinson's Disease Rat Model. Sun, Congcong; Wang, Yun; Mo, Mingshu; Song, Chengyuan; Wang, Xingbang; Chen, Si; Liu, Yiming Mar 1, 2019 3959
Low Expression of hsa_circ_0018069 in Human Bladder Cancer and Its Clinical Significance. Li, Mingshan; Wang, Yixiang; Liu, Yili; Zhang, Xiling; Liu, Jie; Wang, Ping Mar 1, 2019 3926
Key CMM Combinations in Prescriptions for Treating Mastitis and Working Mechanism Analysis Based on Network Pharmacology. Wu, Diyao; Zhang, Xinyou; Liu, Liping; Guo, Yongkun Mar 1, 2019 6219
Expression of PAPP-A2 and IGF Pathway-Related Proteins in the Hip Joint of Normal Rat and Those with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip. Chen, Yufan; Lv, Haixiang; Li, Lianyong; Wang, Enbo; Zhang, Lijun; Zhao, Qun Mar 1, 2019 5329
Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-6 Promotes the Differentiation of Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Skeletal Muscle Independent of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor-1 and Insulin Receptor. Aboalola, Doaa; Han, Victor K.M. Mar 1, 2019 7882
Calponin 3 Regulates Cell Invasion and Doxorubicin Resistance in Gastric Cancer. Hong, Keun-Seok; Kim, Hyemin; Kim, Seon-Hee; Kim, Minju; Yoo, Jiyun Mar 1, 2019 4158
Unfolded Protein Response Pathways Correlatively Modulate Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Responses in Rat Retinal Muller Cells. Wu, Shengyu; Zhu, Xiaolu; Guo, Biechuan; Zheng, Tian; Ren, Jiangbo; Zeng, Wen; Chen, Xiaomin; Ke, Mi Mar 1, 2019 4671
Higher Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein Levels are Related to More Severe and Extensive Coronary Atherosclerosis in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Evrin, Togay; Erkan, Aycan Fahri; Ekici, Berkay; Demirtas, Selda; Korkmaz, Sule; Korkmaz, Atilla; Ka Mar 1, 2019 3705
Bicycle Therapeutics Awarded GBP 496,000 SBRI Contract to Address Antimicrobial Resistance in Humans. Feb 13, 2019 410
Vitamin D Blood Test May Speed Diagnosis. Brief article Feb 1, 2019 269
Identification of Potential Lead Molecules for Zika Envelope Protein from In Silico Perspective. Chellasamy, Selvaa Kumar; Devarajan, Shine Report Jan 1, 2019 4179
Prediction of RNA- and DNA-Binding Proteins Using Various Machine Learning Classifiers. Asghari, Mehdi Poursheikhali; Abdolmaleki, Parviz Report Jan 1, 2019 4994
Avian Influenza A(H9N2) Virus in Poultry Worker, Pakistan, 2015. Ali, Muzaffar; Yaqub, Tahir; Mukhtar, Nadia; Imran, Muhammad; Ghafoor, Aamir; Shahid, Muhammad Furqa Report Jan 1, 2019 2607
GLYCATION Accelerates Whole-Body Aging. Rosen, Amy Jan 1, 2019 2616
New brain circuit that controls anxiety found. Dec 15, 2018 765
Importance of the putative furin recognition site [sub.742][RNRR.sub.745] for antiangiogenic Sema3C activity in vitro. Valiulyte, I.; Preitakaite, V.; Tamasauskas, A.; Kazlauskas, A. Report Nov 1, 2018 3852
Rodin Therapeutics Launches Clinical Trial of Neuroimaging Tool for Measurement of Synaptic Density. Oct 19, 2018 294
Nucleic Acid Aptamers Market Emerging Trends, Business Growth Opportunities, Major Driving Factors. Oct 17, 2018 105
This common drug may cause liver failure. Oct 12, 2018 307
Role of X-Box Binding Protein-1 in Fructose-Induced De Novo Lipogenesis in HepG2 Cells. Yu, Xian; Ren, Lu-Ping; Wang, Chao; Zhu, Ya-Jun; Xing, Han-Ying; Zhao, Jing; Song, Guang-Yao Report Oct 5, 2018 5795
PD-L1 Biomarker Testing Market Higher Mortality Rates by 2027. Oct 4, 2018 1179
PD-L1 Biomarker Testing Market Likely to Emerge over a Period of 2017-2027. Oct 4, 2018 1179
Protein binding changes and drug interactions: What do we know? Eichel, Elizabeth A.; Ellingrod, Vicki L. Report Oct 1, 2018 1646
Circulating Adipocyte Fatty Acid-Binding Protein Concentrations Predict Multiple Mortality Outcomes among Men and Women with Diabetes. Lee, Chi Ho; Cheung, Chloe Y.Y.; Woo, Yu Cho; Lui, David T.W.; Yuen, Michele M.A.; Fong, Carol H.Y.; Oct 1, 2018 7217
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Sep 22, 2018 3547
Alkermes expands ongoing phase 1 study for ALKS 4230. Sep 10, 2018 109

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