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United States : Klobuchar Highlights Critical Need for Election Security Legislation. Oct 15, 2019 737
a PS220k queen's preach; cash wasted ON POINTLESS STATE OPENING; Brexit deal talks come to the crunch; Johnsonslammed for propaganda ploy. EXCLUSIVE BY NIGEL NELSON Political Editor Oct 13, 2019 563
Outrage over pro-Tory 'propaganda' clip broadcast in 'thousands' of primary schools; Labour MP Stella Creasy asked Boris Johnson to agree that primary schools should stay "Brexit propaganda-free zones". Nicola Bartlett Sep 26, 2019 370
Why are our politicians considered to be so untrustworthy? If you are going to accuse politicians of being untrustworthy, dishonest and relentlessly propagandistic, then you are going to have justify why you believe that is the case... Sep 6, 2019 1198
Blurred lines as politicians change like the wind; Are politicians willing to sacrifice their beliefs to further their own careers? JOHN JEWELL considers the issue. Sep 6, 2019 1187
Propaganda, Pandering, and Politics. Singleton, Marilyn M. Aug 19, 2019 911
Sar Kheng: Ignore 'propaganda of certain politicians'. Aug 14, 2019 822
The conflict after the Pazzi conspiracy and Poliziano's 'Coniurationis commentarium': Literature, law and politics. Celati, Marta Aug 1, 2019 11357
Centre running propaganda machinery to attack Opposition: TMC MP Mahua Moitra. Jul 24, 2019 498
Report: US to Divert Funds from 'Poor Central American Children' to Pay Guaido Salaries, Propaganda. Jul 18, 2019 373
Pulong to Speaker aspirants: Spare me from your issues. Jul 1, 2019 305
State-funded growth projects in Nyanza are on the right track, says lawmaker. Jul 1, 2019 884
It's not alright to trivialise assassination talk. Jun 29, 2019 615
Gov'ts fund propaganda instead of civic education -Prof. Adei. Jun 27, 2019 694
Those who refuse to say Vande Mataram have no right to live in India: Sarangi. Jun 24, 2019 960
Rally against pro-China Taiwanese media held in Taipei. Jun 23, 2019 557
"WHEN YOU SEE ME ON THE NEWS, YOU'LL KNOW WHO I AM". Marcus, Jon Jun 22, 2019 5305
Bharat: Nurturing nationalism with national polls. May 31, 2019 711
Andanar: Voters insulted by black propaganda vs Duterte. May 18, 2019 553
Modi is propaganda minister, not PM: Shatrughan Minister. May 17, 2019 1191
Modi is propaganda minister, not PM: Shatrughan Sinha. May 17, 2019 1191
Propaganda of Congress leaders in UP reflects casteist, narrow and double standard of party: Mayawati. Apr 30, 2019 266
Politics of those using Pashtoon card is over: CM. Apr 25, 2019 411
Campaign propaganda on PUVs & securing permits for political rallies. Apr 15, 2019 644
HEY BIG SPINNER; MP SLAMS SECRETARY OF STATE'S SPLURGE; Mundell spends PS19k on social media PR for Tories. Mar 24, 2019 573
Congress urges EC to ban biopic on PM Modi during Lok Sabha election phase. Mar 15, 2019 335
China Rolls Out Rap Songs To Pump Up Parliament. Mar 7, 2019 684
Narco list, a chilling propaganda tool - Sen. Binay. Mar 4, 2019 541
PHMA for countering propaganda against Pakistan textile. Feb 28, 2019 419
Senate condemns Indian propaganda against Pakistan over Pulwama incident. Feb 26, 2019 328
Senate body passes unanimous resolution condemning Indian baseless propaganda against Pakistan. Feb 22, 2019 595
Nigeria's Do-Or-Die Politics. Feb 12, 2019 1049
Bollywood embraces India's election season. Jan 24, 2019 706
Criticos y rebeldes en America del Sur. Prensa, redes de interaccion y debate politico en la formacion de la opinion publica moderna en tiempos de la independencia (1810-1822). Moran Ramos, Luis Daniel Jan 1, 2019 14497
We want scrutiny We want answers We want the truth INFOWARS SCANDAL; Minister accuseD of misleading Parliament minister accused misleading Parliamentover fun funding of shadowy propaganda unitMPs demand probe into tweet attack on Labour. Dec 16, 2018 1328
Opp must apologise for misleading propaganda: Ram Madhav on Rafale verdict. Dec 14, 2018 483
The Communist Resistance in Romania: Considerations on the Politics of Memory/Der kommunistische Widerstand in Rumanien: ein Einblick in die gedachtnispolitische Auseinandersetzung. Gyongy, Antonela Dec 1, 2018 6534
La realizacion de sondeos y encuestas de opinion publica durante la gestion del General Viola en la ultima dictadura militar (1981). Risler, Julia; Schenquer, Laura Dec 1, 2018 12507
Oppn's efforts for grand-alliance is manifestation of dynasty politics: Modi. Nov 4, 2018 490
Congress becoming victim of its own propaganda: Swamy on Azad's remark. Oct 18, 2018 263
The Brexit endgame. Oct 17, 2018 1064
Attacks on Trump Echo Smears of JBS: Pro-globalist socialists have twisted virtually every word and action of Donald Trump to make them bad--just as they have done with the JBS for decades. Jasper, William F. Oct 8, 2018 2044
Reading China: Predicting Policy Change with Machine Learning. Chan, Julian TszKin; Zhong, Weifeng Report Oct 1, 2018 12680
Ukraine : President supports the idea of the bill on registration of agents of influence of the aggressor state the Russian Federation. Sep 21, 2018 251
Palace unfazed by testimony of Marawi Sultan before int'l tribunal. Sep 18, 2018 261
Osun State in the throes of electioneering campaign. Aug 19, 2018 1877
Trump and Putin's do-si-do. Aug 7, 2018 534
Trump and Putin's do-si-do. Aug 7, 2018 753
Vietnam : The Ministry of Home Affairs and Vietnam Television signed a program on coordination of information and propaganda on state administrative reform in the period of 2018-2020. Aug 7, 2018 803
Democracy? Money-crazy is the order of the day. Aug 2, 2018 1489
Rehman Malik says FATF grey-listing 'influenced by Indian propaganda against Pakistan'. Jul 10, 2018 424
Opposition senators want probe on PTV-4 airing of Chinese shows. Jul 9, 2018 500
Philippines : Minority senators seek probe on planned airing of Chinese shows in PTV-4. Jul 9, 2018 467
Rehman Malik says FATF grey-listing 'influenced by Indian propaganda against Pakistan'. Jul 9, 2018 424
Ruto tells of plot to undermine his 2022 presidential ambition. Jun 22, 2018 556
Why We Fight: A Study of U.S. Government War-Making Propaganda. Seagren, Chad W.; Henderson, David R. Essay Jun 22, 2018 10261
Sharmistha's 'Control Z'. Jun 11, 2018 1134
Congress likens morphed Pranab RSS image with Nazi propaganda. Jun 10, 2018 185
Army not be dragged into politics: DG ISPR. Jun 5, 2018 1482
Power Of Propaganda. May 14, 2018 993
2019: No amount of intimidation, propaganda can stop PDP's victory -Secondus. May 6, 2018 901
VIDEOGAMES AS WAR PROPAGANDA. Brief article Apr 18, 2018 127
Tory rising star admits hacking Labour MP's website and replacing it with Conservative propaganda; Kemi Badenoch apologised for the "foolish prank". Computer hacking is a criminal offence. Apr 8, 2018 325
Armenia propagandizing fascism, says MP. Apr 2, 2018 221
Turkey : Regarding the Statement Adopted by the Portuguese Parliament on Operation Olive Branch. Mar 31, 2018 227
Turkey : The Statement Adopted by the Portuguese Parliament on Operation Olive Branch. Mar 31, 2018 227
Azerbaijani youth prevents Armenian propaganda at European Parliament. Mar 1, 2018 366
MP Karamushkina calls for fight against 'homosexuality propaganda' in Kyrgyzstan. Feb 14, 2018 138
Top US officials warn of Russia meddling in upcoming US midterm elections. Feb 13, 2018 266
Turkey Detains 91, Including Politicians, Journalists, Over Syria Comments. Jan 24, 2018 501
Urgent: The Parliament Votes On Limiting The Weapons By The State During The Time Of Election Propaganda. Jan 22, 2018 108
Twitter may notify users exposed to Russian propaganda during 2016 election. Jan 18, 2018 514
Ahsan for holding APC against Trump's madness. Jan 10, 2018 624
Propaganda, Inc. Clyde, Marianne Jan 1, 2018 703
PML-N govt massive development works make opposition parties restless. Dec 29, 2017 558
Legitimizing premature campaigning. Dec 14, 2017 641
House unanimously passes bill mandating tri-media discounts on election propaganda. Dec 12, 2017 426
Bill giving political ads 50-percent discount okayed. Dec 12, 2017 220
GRENADA-POLITICS-Election candidate promises to sue her opponent for defamation. Dec 4, 2017 337
New call to ban Trump from Brum. Dec 1, 2017 340
Pop Goes The Economy. Nov 20, 2017 1954
China : Notice of the Party Group of China Petrochemical Corporation on Earnestly Studying, Propagating and Implementing the 19th CPC National Congress Spirit. Nov 9, 2017 896
Raza Rabbani calls for strong national narrative in face of blighting accusations and propaganda to blame Pakistan. Oct 29, 2017 829
IDENTIFYING THE REAL FASCISTS: Supposedly Antifa is left-wing, anti-fascist, and opposed to right-wing neo-Nazis; however, it is fascist to the core, supporting totalitarianism and violence--just like neo-Nazis. Jasper, William F. Cover story Oct 9, 2017 1839
Drilon on PNP claim of zero EJKs: Goebbels propaganda. Oct 8, 2017 412
Tweets With Junk News Targeted Swing States During 2016 Election. Denisse Moreno Sep 28, 2017 674
Stop spreading false propaganda, says Congress after GDP decline. Sep 1, 2017 380
United States : Portman, Murphy Call on State Department to Step Up Efforts to Counter Russian Propaganda. Aug 4, 2017 248
The Cultural Cold War Goes "Vulgar": Radio Serial Melodrama in Post-Korean War South Korea, 1956-1960. Kim, Bohyeong Report Aug 1, 2017 9794
Black is the new red containing Jihad. Englund, Scott Jul 1, 2017 5074
Natasha V. Chang. The Crisis-Woman. Body Politics and the Modern Woman in Fascist Italy. Catrickes, Maria Alexandra Book review Jun 22, 2017 1039
United States : At the Atlantic Council, Portman Highlights Next Steps in America's Strategy to Support Ukraine. Apr 13, 2017 592
From espionage to cyber propaganda: pawn storm's activities over the past two years. Apr 1, 2017 435
Panelo calls impeach rap vs Duterte 'black propaganda'. Mar 16, 2017 276
Resist barbarism in the White House. Mikulich, Alex Jan 27, 2017 897
The Outrage Industry: Political Opinion Media and the New Incivility. Berry, Jeffrey M.; Sobieraj, Sarah Dec 22, 2016 754
National megaprojects: economic growth stimulus or political propaganda? Nov 14, 2016 516
West could lose the propaganda war with ISIS, says MP Byrne; New book reveals how internet has brain-washed thousands of recruits. Nov 3, 2016 596
India earning sympathies through propaganda: JI. Oct 7, 2016 405
SURGICAL SELF- GOALS. Oct 5, 2016 702
Opening of the museum of international propaganda. Bartruff, Dave Oct 1, 2016 951
Zafar-ul-Haq urges political leadership to shun politics of allegations. Sep 18, 2016 227
Zafar-ul-Haq urges political leadership to shun politics of allegations. Sep 18, 2016 227
The blurred object of communist nostalgia: radio free Europe. Komska, Yuliya Essay Jul 1, 2016 5329
Living with trolls. Jun 18, 2016 944
MP Jones condemns the pro-EU leaflet as 'crude propaganda'. May 9, 2016 467
Pro-EU pamphlet 'crude propaganda' - N.Wales Tory MP; GOVERNMENT EFFORTS 'WILL BACKFIRE' HE SAYS. May 9, 2016 470
Police forgot they were supposed to be upholding law and justice; be the is MP MARIA EAGLE TOLD PARLIAMENT ABOUT 'BETTISON'S BLACK PROPAGANDA'. Apr 28, 2016 1134
Police forgot they were supposed to be upholding law and justice; be the this is you MP MARIA EAGLE TOLD PARLIAMENT ABOUT 'BETTISON'S BLACK PROPAGANDA'. Apr 27, 2016 1131
American Diplomacy Links--April 2016. Clack, George Apr 1, 2016 1341
Supervillanos muy reales: el uso politico del villano en la trilogia de "El Caballero Oscuro" de Christopher Nolan. Rodriguez de Austria, Alfonso M. Mar 1, 2016 8152
Usos politico-partidistas en cuentas de Twitter de administraciones publicas. Vazquez Sande, Pablo Jan 1, 2016 10703
Los bloques electorales en Espana. Una propuesta de modelo alternativo para superar el conflicto. Marques-Pascual, Joaquin; Fondevila-Gascon, Joan-Francesc; de-Uribe-Gil, Clara; Perello-Sobrepere, M Jan 1, 2016 7391
OBJETIVOS Y ESTRATEGIAS DE LOS POLITICOS ESPANOLES EN TWITTER. Segado-Boj, Francisco; Diaz-Campo, Jesus; Lloves Sobrado, Beatriz Report Jan 1, 2016 8339
BugE-n, Millet turned into AK Party mouthpieces after takeover. Oct 30, 2015 1248
SECONDS OUT ..ROUND TWO; POLITICS SALMOND TAKES ON ROBINSON OVER 'BIAS' AGAINST YES VOTE Salmond reignites row with top BBC reporter over coverage of independence referendum. Aug 24, 2015 868
Drilon wary of new wave of black propaganda vs Senate. Apr 13, 2015 333
The framing of the North Korean Six-Party Talks by Chinese and North Korean News Agencies: communist propaganda and national interests. Jang, Won Yong; Yong, Junhao; Frederick, Edward Feb 1, 2015 5219
European Parliament says no to Kyrgyzstan's anti-gay propaganda bill. Jan 16, 2015 296
No one has suspended anti-gay propaganda bill -- Speaker. Jan 15, 2015 221
Tongues twisted left. Duke, Selwyn Dec 1, 2014 3960
Congress accuses BJP of running 'all propaganda no action' regime. Nov 26, 2014 283
Israel becoming victim of its own propaganda. Oct 18, 2014 1294
SHE'S KIM JOAN UN; BUDGET 2015: OPPOSITION SLAM BOGUS GIVEAWAY; Burton is blasted over 'propaganda worthy of North Korea'. Oct 15, 2014 1233
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan passes bill foreseeing incarceration for gay propaganda in 1st reading. Oct 15, 2014 385
Kurdish MP: The matter of International ground forces in Iraq should be away from political propaganda. Oct 12, 2014 250
Abigail Binay laments black propaganda, Senate probe vs dad. Sep 1, 2014 708
Argumentation and image games in the speech of electoral propaganda/ Argumentacao e jogo de imagens no discurso da propaganda eleitoral. dos Anjos, Hildete Pereira; Lisboa, Flavia Marinho Sep 1, 2014 6086
Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker supports prohibition of gay propaganda. Jul 2, 2014 181
Kyrgyz MP suggests punishment for propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations in media, Internet. Jun 17, 2014 319
LGBT community asks Kyrgyz parliamentarians to recall bill on prohibition of gay propaganda. May 28, 2014 193
Countering propaganda aimed to alienate Balochistan. Apr 15, 2014 1010
Baghdad Bob gives lesson in politics. Coon, Robert Mar 24, 2014 763
El congreso por la libertad cultural, visto desde las dinamicas de la Guerra Fria. Ruiz Duran, Francisco Javier Jan 1, 2014 11221
Propaganda in Greek public discourse. Propaganda scales in the presentation of the Greek MoU- bailout agreement of 2010. Poulakidakos, Stamatis; Armenakis, Antonis Jan 1, 2014 6313
MP: Armenian diplomacy is giving Azerbaijan propaganda a fitting rebuff in international structures. Mar 1, 2013 153
Anti-Israel bias at the ABC and SBS? Bullying, harrassment and nit-picking are theaffecting the ability of ABC and SBS to report fairly on the Middle East. Loewenstein, Antony Aug 1, 2006 3527
The year of the fake. Klein, Naomi Jan 26, 2004 1020
Comment. Lancaster, Pat Brief Article May 1, 2003 630
IRAN - Feb. 4 - Two Political Pollsters Jailed. Brief Article Feb 8, 2003 169
PALESTINE -Victims Of The War Against Terror. Jan 6, 2003 872
PALESTINE - Deflecting Israeli Accusations. Jan 6, 2003 593
Thompson's promotion. (Devil In The Details). Brief Article Dec 16, 2002 374
Questioning the obvious. Siddiqui, Shahina Nov 1, 2002 778
Bush presses forward on religion funding without congressional approval. (Faith-Based Foray). Benen, Steve Oct 1, 2002 643
Pork at the Pulpit: the dangers of politicizing the faith-based initiative. Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 226
Humour as a strategy in propaganda film: the case of a French cartoon from 1944. Delporte, Christian Sep 1, 2001 4402
Accentuate the negative: contemporary Congressional campaigns. Elving, Ronald D. Sep 1, 1996 5210
Europe's newspapers. Muray, Leo Jun 1, 1994 1719
Atmosphere pollution. Kopkind, Andrew editorial Apr 20, 1985 273
Beat the devil. Cockburn, Alexander column Mar 9, 1985 2021

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