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Improving Rice Yields and Nitrogen Use Efficiency by Optimizing Nitrogen Management and Applications to Rapeseed in Rapeseed-Rice Rotation System. Ma, Peng; Lan, Yan; Lyu, Tengfei; Zhang, Yujie; Lin, Dan; Li, Feijie; Li, Yu; Yang, Zhiyuan; Sun, Yo Aug 1, 2020 6125
Effects of Daily Light Integral and LED Spectrum on Growth and Nutritional Quality of Hydroponic Spinach. Gao, Wei; He, Dongxian; Ji, Fang; Zhang, Sen; Zheng, Jianfeng Aug 1, 2020 10208
Maintenance of Photosynthesis as Leaves Age Improves Whole Plant Water Use Efficiency in an Australian Wheat Cultivar. Kretzler, Bailey; Sales, Cristina Rodrigues Gabriel; Karady, Michal; Carmo-Silva, Elizabete; Dodd, I Report Aug 1, 2020 7422
The Submergence of the Graft Union Causes the Death of Grafted Mango Trees (Mangifera indica L.) under Flooding. Saeki, Akira; Iwasaki, Naoto Aug 1, 2020 3966
Silicon-Mediated Physiological and Agronomic Responses of Maize to Drought Stress Imposed at the Vegetative and Reproductive Stages. Ning, Dongfeng; Qin, Anzhen; Liu, Zhandong; Duan, Aiwang; Xiao, Junfu; Zhang, Jiyang; Liu, Zugui; Zh Aug 1, 2020 7407
Effects of Multiple Planting Densities on Lignin Metabolism and Lodging Resistance of the Strip Intercropped Soybean Stem. Cheng, Bin; Raza, Ali; Wang, Li; Xu, Mei; Lu, Junji; Gao, Yang; Qin, Sisi; Zhang, Yi; Ahmad, Irshan; Aug 1, 2020 10567
Stomata and Xylem Vessels Traits Improved by Melatonin Application Contribute to Enhancing Salt Tolerance and Fatty Acid Composition of Brassica napus L. Plants. Mohamed, Ibrahim A.A.; El-Badri, M. A. Ali; Saleem, Muhammad Hamzah; Khan, Mohammad Nauman; Nawaz, M Aug 1, 2020 12387
Coordinating Postanthesis Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism of Hybrid Rice through Different Irrigation and Nitrogen Regimes. Sun, Yongjian; Sun, Yuanyuan; Yan, Fengjun; Li, Yue; Wu, Yuxia; Guo, Changchun; Ma, Peng; Yang, Guot Aug 1, 2020 13882
Productive and Physiological Response of Organic Potato Grown under Highly Calcareous Soils to Fertilization and Mycorrhization Management. Lombardo, Sara; Abbate, Cristina; Pandino, Gaetano; Parisi, Bruno; Scavo, Aurelio; Mauromicale, Giov Aug 1, 2020 10767
Supplementary Light Source Affects Growth and Development of Carnation 'Dreambyul' Cuttings. Wang, Mengzhao; Xiao, Jie Wei, Hao; Jeong, Byoung Ryong Aug 1, 2020 7078
Effects of Photoperiod Interacted with Nutrient Solution Concentration on Nutritional Quality and Antioxidant and Mineral Content in Lettuce. Song, Jiali; Huang, Hui; Song, Shiwei; Zhang, Yiting; Su, Wei; Liu, Houcheng Jul 1, 2020 6598
A Novel New Light Recipe Significantly Increases the Growth and Yield of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Grown in a Plant Factory System. Rihan, Hail Z.; Aldarkazali, Mohammed; Mohamed, Shiren J.; McMulkin, Nancy B.; Jbara, Marwa H.; Full Jul 1, 2020 7484
Genotypic Variability of Photosynthetic Parameters in Maize Ear-Leaves at Different Cadmium Levels in Soil. Franic, Mario; Galic, Vlatko; Loncaric, Zdenko; Simic, Domagoj Report Jul 1, 2020 11561
Supplementary LED Interlighting Improves Yield and Precocity of Greenhouse Tomatoes in the Mediterranean. Paucek, Ivan; Pennisi, Giuseppina; Pistillo, Alessandro; Appolloni, Elisa; Crepaldi, Andrea; Calegar Jul 1, 2020 6172
Response of Broccoli Transplants to LED Light during Short and Long-Term Storage. Wojciechowska, Renata; Kunicki, Edward; Dlugosz-Grochowska, Olga; Kolton, Anna Jul 1, 2020 10341
Growth and Acclimation of In Vitro-Propagated M9 Apple Rootstock Plantlets under Various Visible Light Spectrums. Chung, Guem-Jae; Lee, Jin-Hui; Oh, Myung-Min Jul 1, 2020 5735
Plant Responses to UV Blocking Greenhouse Covering Materials: A Review. Katsoulas, Nikolaos; Bari, Anastasia; Papaioannou, Chryssoula Jul 1, 2020 10125
Analysis of Proteomic Profile of Contrasting Phosphorus Responsive Rice Cultivars Grown under Phosphorus Deficiency. Tantray, Aadil Yousuf; Ali, Hayssam M.; Ahmad, Altai Jul 1, 2020 10419
Effect of Water Stress on the Physiological Characteristics of Five Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Cultivars. Kalamartzis, Iakovos; Menexes, George; Georgiou, Pantazis; Dordas, Christos Jul 1, 2020 11687
Effect of Light Spectrum on Gas Exchange, Growth and Biochemical Characteristics of Einkorn Seedlings. Bartucca, Maria Luce; Del Buono, Daniele; Ballerini, Eleonora; Benincasa, Paolo; Falcinelli, Beatric Jul 1, 2020 7190
Leaf application of chitosan and physiological evaluation of maize hybrids contrasting for drought tolerance under water restriction/Aplicacao foliar de quitosana e avaliacao fisiologica de hibridos de milho contrastantes para tolerancia a seca sob restricao hidrica. Veroneze-Junior, V.; Martins, M.; Leod, L. Mc; Souza, K.R.D.; Santos-Filho, P.R.; Magalhaes, P.C.; C Jul 1, 2020 5647
Evaluation of Rice Genotypes for Early- and Mid-season Vigor Using Morphological and Physiological Traits. Jumaa, Salah H.; Sehgal, Akanksha; Kakar, Naqeebullah; Redona, Edilberto D.; Chastain, Daryl; Warbur Report Jul 1, 2020 14627
Foliar Spraying with Compound Amino Acid-Iron Fertilizer Increases Leaf Fresh Weight, Photosynthesis, and Fe-S Cluster Gene Expression in Peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch). Sheng, Yuting; Cheng, Hao; Wang, Limin; Shen, Jingyuan; Tang, Meiling; Liang, Meixia; Zhang, Kai; Zh Jun 30, 2020 6274
Finding the Sweet Spot: Sub-Ambient Light Increases Fitness and Kleptoplast Survival in the Sea Slug Plakobranchus cf. ianthobaptus Gould, 1852. Donohoo, Samantha A.; Wade, Rachael M.; Sherwood, Alison R. Jun 1, 2020 7150
CsICE1 Functions in Cold Tolerance by Regulating Polyamine levels May through Interacting with Arginine Decarboxylase in the Tea Tree. Zhu, Xujun; Zhao, Xue; Ren, Taiyu; Ma, Yuanchun; Wang, Yuhua; Fang, Wanping Jun 1, 2020 5245
Leaf Characteristics at Recovery Stage Affect Seed Oil and Protein Content Under the Interactive Effects of Nitrogen and Waterlogging in Rapeseed. Kuai, Jie; Li, Xiaoyong; Xie, Yan; Li, Zhen; Wang, Bo; Zhou, Guangsheng Jun 1, 2020 8075
The Photosynthetic Performance of Red Leaf Lettuce under UV-A Irradiation. Samuoliene, Giedre; Virsile, Akvile; Miliauskiene, Jurga; Haimi, Perttu; Lauzike, Kristina; Jankausk Jun 1, 2020 5063
Unraveling Ecophysiological Mechanisms in Potatoes under Different Irrigation Methods: A Preliminary Field Evaluation. Silva-Diaz, Cecilia; Ramirez, David A.; Rodriguez-Delfin, Alfredo; de Mendiburu, Felipe; Rinza, Javi Jun 1, 2020 9385
Is There a Possibility to Involve the Hormesis Effect on the Soybean with Glyphosate Sub-Lethal Amounts Used to Control Weed Species Amaranthus retroflexus L.? Meseldzija, Maja; Lazic, Sanja; Dudic, Milica; Sunjka, Dragana; Rajkovic, Milos; Markovic, Todor; Vu Jun 1, 2020 5797
Clonal Behavior in Response to Soil Water Availability in Tempranillo Grapevine cv: From Plant Growth to Water Use Efficiency. Tortosa, Ignacio; Escalona, Jose M.; Toro, Guillermo; Douthe, Cyril; Medrano, Hipolito Jun 1, 2020 7840
NaCl and [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] Salinities Have Different Impact on Photosynthesis and Yield-Related Parameters in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Irakoze, Willy; Prodjinoto, Hermann; Nijimbere, Severin; Rufyikiri, Gervais; Lutts, Stanley Jun 1, 2020 6049
Impact of Chelated or Inorganic Manganese and Zinc Applications in Closed Hydroponic Bean Crops on Growth, Yield, Photosynthesis, and Nutrient Uptake. Neocleous, Damianos; Nikolaou, Georgios; Ntatsi, Georgia; Savvas, Dimitrios Jun 1, 2020 8986
Biochar Mitigates Combined Effects of Drought and Salinity Stress in Quinoa. Yang, Aizheng; Akhtar, Saqib Saleem; Li, Lin; Fu, Qiang; Li, Quanfeng; Naeem, Muhammad Asif; He, Xin Jun 1, 2020 7034
Response to the Cold Stress Signaling of the Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis) Elicited by Chitosan Oligosaccharide. Li, Yingying; Zhang, Qiuqiu; Ou, Lina; Ji, Dezhong; Liu, Tao; Lan, Rongmeng; Li, Xiangyang; Jin, Lin Jun 1, 2020 6474
Overexpression of GmRIQ2-like (Glyma.04G174400) Enhances the Tolerance of Strong Light Stress and Reduces Photoinhibition in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.). Deng, Jing; Li, Dongmei; Yin, Huayi; Ma, Li; Zhang, Jiukun; Zhang, Binbin May 1, 2020 8273
Beneficial Effects of Biochar and Chitosan on Antioxidative Capacity, Osmolytes Accumulation, and Anatomical Characters of Water-Stressed Barley Plants. Hafez, Yaser; Attia, Kotb; Alamery, Salman; Ghazy, Abdelhalim; Al-Doss, Abdullah; Ibrahim, Eid; Rash May 1, 2020 7119
Physiological and Biochemical Responses to Salt Stress in Cultivated Eggplant (Solatium melongena L.) and in S. insanum L., a Close Wild Relative. Brenes, Marco; Solana, Andrea; Boscaiu, Monica; Fita, Ana; Vicente, Oscar; Calatayud, Angeles; Prohe May 1, 2020 11302
Fermented Alfalfa Brown Juice Significantly Stimulates the Growth and Development of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Plants. Kisvarga, Szilvia; Barna, Dome; Kovacs, Szilvia; Csatari, Gabor; Toth, Ibolya O.; Fari, Miklos Gabor May 1, 2020 5939
Exogenous Melatonin Improves Salt Tolerance by Mitigating Osmotic, Ion, and Oxidative Stresses in Maize Seedlings. Ren, Jianhong; Ye, Jun; Yin, Lina; Li, Gouxia; Deng, Xiping; Wang, Shiwen May 1, 2020 6529
Effects of Soft Rock and Biochar Applications on Millet (Setaria italica L.) Crop Performance in Sandy Soil. Sun, Yingying; Zhang, Ningning; Yan, Jiakun; Zhang, Suiqi May 1, 2020 9276
Determining Ion Toxicity in Cucumber under Salinity Stress. Chen, Tsu-Wei; Pineda, Ilka Mabell Gomez; Brand, Annika Marlen; Stutzel, Hartmut Report May 1, 2020 9239
Wild Miscanthus Germplasm in a Drought-Affected Area: Physiology and Agronomy Appraisals. Scordia, Danilo; Scalici, Giovanni; Clifton-Brown, John; Robson, Paul; Patane, Cristina; Cosentino, May 1, 2020 8987
Minimizing Adverse Effects of Pb on Maize Plants by Combined Treatment with Jasmonic, Salicylic Acids and Proline. Sofy, Mahmoud R.; Seleiman, Mahmoud F.; Alhammad, Bushra A.; Alharbi, Basmah M.; Mohamed, Heba I. May 1, 2020 10420
Subalpine Fir (Abies laciocarpa) and Norway Spruce (Picea abies) Seedlings Show Different Growth Responses to Blue Light. Navidad, Hazel; Floistad, Inger Sundheim; Olsen, Jorunn E.; Torre, Sissel May 1, 2020 5312
Effect of Irrigation Water Containing Iodine on Plant Physiological Processes and Elemental Concentrations of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata L.) and Tomato (Solatium lycopersicum L.) Cultivated in Different Soils. Dobosy, Peter; Vetesi, Viktoria; Sandil, Sirat; Endredi, Anett; Kropfl, Krisztina; Ovari, Mihaly; Ta May 1, 2020 9065
Changes in Agronomic and Physiological Traits of Sugarcane Grown with Saline Irrigation Water. Watanabe, Kenta; Takaragawa, Hiroo; Ueno, Masami; Kawamitsu, Yoshinobu May 1, 2020 7665
Influence of SDHI Seed Treatment on the Physiological Conditions of Spring Barley Seedlings under Drought Stress. Radzikowska, Dominika; Grzanka, Monika; Kowalczewski, Przemyslaw Lukasz; Glowicka-Woloszyn, Romana; May 1, 2020 10169
Design of a Real-Time Gas-Exchange Measurement System for Crop Stands in Environmental Scenarios. Klaring, Hans-Peter; Korner, Oliver May 1, 2020 8875
Using Smartphone Application to Estimate the Defoliation Caused by Insect Herbivory in Various Crops. Ullah, Muhammad Irfan; Arshad, Muhammad; Ali, Sajjad; Abdullah, Asad; Khalid, Samina; Aatif, Hafiz M Report Apr 10, 2020 4190
Subsoiling Improves the Photosynthetic Characteristics of Leaves and Water Use Efficiency of Rainfed Summer Maize in the Southern Huang-Huai-Hai Plain of China. Wu, Wenming; Wang, Shiji; Zhang, Lin; Li, Jincai; Song, Youhong; Peng, Chen; Chen, Xiang; Jing, Lili Apr 1, 2020 8932
Substrate Application of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Enhanced Low-temperature and Weak-light Stress Tolerance in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). Anwar, Ali; Wang, Jun; Yu, Xianchang; He, Chaoxing; Li, Yansu Apr 1, 2020 5361
Changes in Leaf Structure and Chemical Compositions Investigated by FTIR Are Correlated with Different Low Potassium Adaptation of Two Cotton Genotypes. Wu, Xiuwen; Hao, Yanshu; Riaz, Muhammad; Jiang, Cuncang Apr 1, 2020 4705
Exogenous Brassinolide Enhances the Growth and Cold Resistance of Maize (Zea mays L.) Seedlings under Chilling Stress. Sun, Yujun; He, Yunhan; Irfan, Ali Raza; Liu, Xinmeng; Yu, Qiaoqiao; Zhang, Qian; Yang, Deguang Apr 1, 2020 8905
Influence of Exogenous Hydrogen Peroxide on Plant Physiology, Leaf Anatomy and Rubisco Gene Expression of the Ficus deltoidea Jack var. Deltoidea. Jamaludin, Rosnah; Mat, Nashriyah; Mohd, Khamsah Suryati; Badaluddin, Noor Afiza; Mahmud, Khairil; S Apr 1, 2020 9393
Efficient Physiological and Nutrient Use Efficiency Responses of Maize Leaves to Drought Stress under Different Field Nitrogen Conditions. Wang, Yang; Huang, Yufang; Fu, Wen; Guo, Wenqing; Ren, Ning; Zhao, Yanan; Ye, Youliang Apr 1, 2020 6175
Response of Photosynthetic Performance to Drought Duration and Re-Watering in Maize. Jia, Yuying; Xiao, Wanxin; Ye, Yusheng; Wang, Xiaolin; Liu, Xiaoli; Wang, Guohong; Li, Gang; Wang, Y Apr 1, 2020 6053
Poaceae with PGPR Bacteria and Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Partnerships as a Model System for Plant Microbiome Manipulation for Phytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Contaminated Agricultural Soils. Guarino, Carmine; Marziano, Mario; Tartaglia, Maria; Prigioniero, Antonello; Postiglione, Alessia; S Apr 1, 2020 7313
Cover Crops Affect Performance of Organic Scarlotta Seedless Table Grapes Under Plastic Film Covering in Southern Italy. Tarricone, Luigi; Debiase, Giambattista; Masi, Gianvito; Gentilesco, Giovanni; Montemurro, Francesco Apr 1, 2020 6800
Physiology, Growth and Yield of Different Cassava Genotypes Planted in Upland with Dry Environment during High Storage Root Accumulation Stage. Wongnoi, Settawoot; Banterng, Poramate; Vorasoot, Nimitr; Jogloy, Sanun; Theerakulpisut, Piyada Apr 1, 2020 9053
Influence of Electromagnetic Stimulation of Seeds on the Photosynthetic Indicators in Medicago sativa L. Leaves at Various Stages of Development. Dziwulska-Hunek, Agata; Kornarzynska-Gregorowicz, Agnieszka; Niemczynowicz, Agnieszka; Matwijczuk, A Apr 1, 2020 8430
The Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Plant Growth, Mineral Accumulation, as Well as Biological and Chemical Properties of Ficus deltoidea. Nurnaeimah, Nik; Mat, Nashriyah; Mohd, Khamsah Suryati; Badaluddin, Noor Afiza; Yusoff, Nornasuha; S Apr 1, 2020 10666
The Role of Deep Roots in Sorghum Yield Production under Drought Conditions. Chen, Xiaofei; Wu, Qi; Gao, Yue; Zhang, Jiao; Wang, Yitao; Zhang, Ruidong; Zhou, Yufei; Xiao, Muji; Apr 1, 2020 7815
Conservation of Vriesea flammea L.B.Sm., an endemic Brazilian bromeliad: effects of nutrients and carbon source on plant development/Conservacao de Vriesea flammea L.B.Sm., uma bromelia Brasileira endemica: efeitos dos nutrientes e fonte de carbono sobre o desenvolvimento das plantas. Sasamori, M.H.; Endres, D., Junior; Droste, A. Apr 1, 2020 9267
Effects of Climate Temperature and Water Stress on Plant Growth and Accumulation of Antioxidant Compounds in Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Leafy Vegetable. Huqail, Asma Al-; Dakak, Rehab M. El-; Sanad, Marwa Nme; Badr, Reem H.; Ibrahim, Mohamed M.; Soliman Mar 31, 2020 8221
Effect of Root Restriction on the Growth, Photosynthesis Rate, and Source and Sink Relationship of Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) Grown in Soilless Culture. Zakaria, Nurul Idayu; Ismail, Mohd Razi; Awang, Yahya; Wahab, Puteri Edaroyati Megat; Berahim, Zulka Mar 1, 2020 9439
GanoCare[R] Improves Oil Palm Growth and Resistance against Ganoderma Basal Stem Rot Disease in Nursery and Field Trials. Rebitanim, Nur Akmal; Hanafi, Mohamed Musa; Idris, Abu Seman; Abdullah, Siti Nor Akmar; Mohidin, Has Mar 1, 2020 10812
Growth Response of Cassava to Deficit Irrigation and Potassium Fertigation during the Early Growth Phase. Wasonga, Daniel O.; Kleemola, Jouko; Alakukku, Laura; Makela, Pirjo S.A. Mar 1, 2020 7823
Effect of Greenhouse C[O.sub.2] Supplementation on Yield and Mineral Element Concentrations of Leafy Greens Grown Using Nutrient Film Technique. Singh, Hardeep; Poudel, Megha R.; Dunn, Bruce L.; Fontanier, Charles; Kakani, Gopal Mar 1, 2020 6929
Comparisons of Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Physiological Characteristics of Wheat Seedlings Influenced by Iso-Osmotic Stresses from Polyethylene Glycol and Sodium Chloride. Lan, Chiu-Yueh; Lin, Kuan-Hung; Chen, Chun-Liang; Huang, Wen-Dar; Chen, Chang-Chang Mar 1, 2020 6557
A Review of Modeled Water Use Efficiency of Highly Productive Perennial Grasses Useful for Bioenergy. Kiniry, James R.; Kim, Sumin Mar 1, 2020 7028
Effect of Supplementary Lighting Duration on Growth and Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Grafted Watermelon Seedlings. Wei, Hao; Wang, Mengzhao; Jeong, Byoung Ryong Mar 1, 2020 9310
Application of Anti-Transpirant to Control Sugar Accumulation in Grape Berries and Alcohol Degree in Wines Obtained from Thinned and Unthinned Vines of cv. Falanghina (Vitis vinifera L.). Vaio, Claudio Di; Villano, Clizia; Lisanti, Maria Tiziana; Marallo, Nadia; Cirillo, Aurora; Lorenzo, Mar 1, 2020 5892
Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilization to Improve Qualitative Performances and Physiological and Yield Responses of Potato (Solatium tuberosum L.). Lombardo, Sara; Pandino, Gaetano; Mauromicale, Giovanni Mar 1, 2020 11138
Determination of Adequate Substrate Water Content for Mass Production of a High Value-Added Medicinal Plant, Crepidiastrum denticulatum (Houtt.) Pak & Kawano. Park, Song-Yi; Kim, Jongyun; Oh, Myung-Min Mar 1, 2020 4780
Mentha and Oregano Soil Amendment Induces Enhancement of Tomato Tolerance against Soilborne Diseases, Yield and Quality. Kadoglidou, Kalliopi; Chatzopoulou, Paschalina; Maloupa, Eleni; Kalaitzidis, Argyrios; Ghoghoberidze Mar 1, 2020 12255
Estimating the Protein Concentration in Rice Grain Using UAV Imagery Together with Agroclimatic Data. Hama, Akira; Tanaka, Kei; Mochizuki, Atsushi; Tsuruoka, Yasuo; Kondoh, Akihiko Mar 1, 2020 6913
New Eco-Friendly Polymeric-Coated Urea Fertilizers Enhanced Crop Yield in Wheat. Gil-Ortiz, Ricardo; Naranjo, Miguel Angel; Ruiz-Navarro, Antonio; Caballero-Molada, Marcos; Atares, Mar 1, 2020 9151
Leaf Gas Exchange and Root Nodulation Respond to Planting Density in Soybean [Glycine max (L) Merrill]. Mwamlima, Louis Hortensius; Ouma, Josephine Pamela; Cheruiyot, Erick Kimutai Mar 1, 2020 4782
Leymus chinensis Tolerates Mowing Disturbance by Maintaining Photosynthesis in Saline-Alkali Heterogeneous Habitats. Lu, Nan; Qu, Luhao; Liu, Jun; Yang, Jiyun; Bai, Long; Huang, Yue; Zhou, Yanchun Mar 1, 2020 6753
Nitrogen and phosphorus availability affect wheat carbon allocation pathways: rhizodeposition and mycorrhizal symbiosis. Bicharanloo, Bahareh; Shirvan, Milad Bagheri; Keitel, Claudia; Dijkstra, Feike A. Report Mar 1, 2020 10810
Effects of Drip Irrigation with Plastic on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Biomass Distribution of Muskmelon. Wang, Jingwei; Niu, Wenquan; Li, Yuan Mar 1, 2020 7298
Land Equivalent Ratio in the Intercropping of Cucumber with Lettuce as a Function of Cucumber Population Density. Ribas, Rodolfo Gustavo Teixeira; Filho, Arthur Bernardes Cecilio; Dutra, Alexson Filgueiras; Barbosa Report Mar 1, 2020 6467
Differential Aquaporin Response to Distinct Effects of Two Zn Concentrations after Foliar Application in Pak Choi (Brassica rapa L.) Plants. Fatemi, Hamideh; Zaghdoud, Chokri; Nortes, Pedro A.; Carvajal, Micaela; Martinez-Ballesta, Maria del Mar 1, 2020 9185
Variations in Growth, Physiology, and Antioxidative Defense Responses of Two Tomato (Solatium lycopersicum L.) Cultivars after Co-Infection of Fusarium oxysporum and Meloidogyne incognita. Maqsood, Ambreen; Wu, Haiyan; Kamran, Muhammad; Altaf, Hussain; Mustafa, Adnan; Ahmar, Sunny; Hong, Feb 1, 2020 12163
Paclobutrazol Application Favors Yield Improvement of Maize Under Semiarid Regions by Delaying Leaf Senescence and Regulating Photosynthetic Capacity and Antioxidant System During Grain-Filling Stage. Kamran, Muhammad; Ahmad, Shakeel; Ahmad, Irshad; Hussain, Izhar; Meng, Xiangping; Zhang, Xudong; Jav Feb 1, 2020 12222
Modeling the Interaction of Plastic Film Mulch and Potato Canopy Growth with Soil Heat Transport in a Semiarid Area. Zhang, You-Liang; Wang, Feng-Xin; Shock, Clinton C.; Feng, Shao-Yuan Feb 1, 2020 9749
Appraisal of Combined Applications of Trichoderma virens and a Biopolymer-Based Biostimulant on Lettuce Agronomical, Physiological, and Qualitative Properties under Variable N Regimes. Rouphael, Youssef; Carillo, Petronia; Colla, Giuseppe; Fiorentino, Nunzio; Sabatino, Leo; El-Nakhel, Feb 1, 2020 10959
A Composite Bioinoculant Based on the Combined Application of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi. Allaga, Henrietta; Boka, Bettina; Poor, Peter; Nagy, Viktor David; Szucs, Attila; Stankovics, Istvan Feb 1, 2020 9191
Induced Mutagenesis Enhances Lodging Resistance and Photosynthetic Efficiency of Kodomillet (Paspalum Scrobiculatum). Jency, James Poornima; Rajasekaran, Ravikesavan; Singh, Roshan Kumar; Muthurajan, Raveendran; Prabha Feb 1, 2020 6123
Effects of Cover Whitening Concentrations on the Microclimate and on the Development and Yield of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentutn Mill.) Inside Mediterranean Greenhouses. Moreno-Teruel, Maria de los Angeles; Valera, Diego; Molina-Aiz, Francisco Domingo; Lopez-Martinez, A Feb 1, 2020 14857
Adaptive Response of a Native Mediterranean Grapevine Cultivar Upon Short-Term Exposure to Drought and Heat Stress in the Context of Climate Change. Tzortzakis, Nikolaos; Chrysargyris, Antonios; Aziz, Aziz Feb 1, 2020 7271
Leaf Removal Affects Maize Morphology and Grain Yield. Liu, Guangzhou; Yang, Yunshan; Liu, Wanmao; Guo, Xiaoxia; Xue, Jun; Xie, Ruizhi; Ming, Bo; Wang, Ker Feb 1, 2020 7699
Growth, Photosynthesis, and Physiological Responses of Ornamental Plants to Complementation with Monochromic or Mixed Red-Blue LEDs for Use in Indoor Environments. Garcia-Caparros, Pedro; Martinez-Ramirez, Gabriela; Almansa, Eva Maria; Barbero, Francisco Javier; C Feb 1, 2020 6239
The Evaluation of Growth Performance, Photosynthetic Capacity, and Primary and Secondary Metabolite Content of Leaf Lettuce Grown under Limited Irradiation of Blue and Red LED Light in an Urban Plant Factory. Azad, Obyedul Kalam; Kjaer, Katrine Heinsvig; Adnan; Naznin, Most Tahera; Lim, Jung Dae; Sung, In Je Feb 1, 2020 8657
Automatic Determination of the Parameters of Electrical Signals and Functional Responses of Plants Using the Wavelet Transformation Method. Mudrilov, Maxim; Katicheva, Lyubov; Ladeynova, Maria; Balalaeva, Irina; Sukhov, Vladimir; Vodeneev, Jan 1, 2020 8016
Remedial Application of Urea Eliminates Yield Losses in Wheat Waterlogged during Stem Elongation. Ding, Jinfeng; Liang, Peng; Guo, Desheng; Liu, Dejun; Yin, Mingxiao; Zhu, Min; Li, Chunyan; Zhu, Xin Jan 1, 2020 7698
Physiological responses of beet plants irrigated with saline water and silicon application. de Melo Filho, Jose Sebastiao; da Silva, Toshik Iarley; de Melo Goncalves, Anderson Carlos; de Sousa Jan 1, 2020 4297
Ecophysiology of the Southern Highbush blueberry cv. Biloxi in response to nitrogen fertigation. de Lima, Firmino Nunes; Miranda, Gabriel Soares; Yamanishi, Osvaldo Kiyoshi; de Carvalho Pires, Marc Jan 1, 2020 3899
Synergetic Effects of Zinc, Boron, Silicon, and Zeolite Nanoparticles on Confer Tolerance in Potato Plants Subjected to Salinity. Mahmoud, Abdel Wahab M.; Abdeldaym, Emad A.; Abdelaziz, Suzy M.; El-Sawy, Mohamed B. I.; Mottaleb, S Jan 1, 2020 13672
Effects of Salt Stress on Growth, Photosynthesis, and Mineral Nutrients of 18 Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Cultivars. Liu, Cuiyu; Zhao, Xueqing; Yan, Junxin; Yuan, Zhaohe; Gu, Mengmeng Jan 1, 2020 10053
Production and Implication of Bio-Activated Organic Fertilizer Enriched with Zinc-Solubilizing Bacteria to Boost up Maize (Zea mays L.) Production and Biofortification under Two Cropping Seasons. Hussain, Azhar; Zahir, Zahir Ahmad; Ditta, Allah; Tahir, Muhammad Usman; Ahmad, Maqshoof; Mumtaz, Mu Jan 1, 2020 10883
Physiological Beneficial Effect of Rhizophagus intraradices Inoculation on Tomato Plant Yield under Water Deficit Conditions. Fracasso, Alessandra; Telo, Luca; Lanfranco, Luisa; Bonfante, Paola; Amaducci, Stefano Jan 1, 2020 10573
Optimizing the Electrical Conductivity of a Nutrient Solution for Plant Growth and Bioactive Compounds of Agastache rugosa in a Plant Factory. Lam, Vu Phong; Kim, Sung Jin; Park, Jong Seok Jan 1, 2020 8598
Seed Pre-Soaking with Melatonin Improves Wheat Yield by Delaying Leaf Senescence and Promoting Root Development. Ye, Jun; Yang, Wenjia; Li, Yulin; Wang, Shiwen; Yin, Lina; Deng, Xiping Jan 1, 2020 6479
Is Phytomelatonin a New Plant Hormone? Arnao, Marino B.; Hernandez-Ruiz, Josefa Jan 1, 2020 7029
Analysis of Grain Yield Differences Among Soybean Cultivars under Maize--Soybean Intercropping. Wang, Xingcai; Wu, Xiaoling; Ding, Guohui; Yang, Feng; Yong, Taiwen; Wang, Xiaochun; Yang, Wenyu Report Jan 1, 2020 7650
Fittonia verschaffeltii Response to Artificial Light Treatments: BIOMASS, Nutrient Concentrations and Physiological Changes. Garcia-Caparros, Pedro; Almansa, Eva Maria; Barbero, Francisco Javier; Chica, Rosa Maria; Lao, Maria Jan 1, 2020 6152
Comparison of Biochemical, Anatomical, Morphological, and Physiological Responses to Salinity Stress in Wheat and Barley Genotypes Deferring in Salinity Tolerance. Zeeshan, Muhammad; Lu, Meiqin; Sehar, Shafaque; Holford, Paul; Wu, Feibo Report Jan 1, 2020 6864
Plant Biostimulant Effects of Baker's Yeast Vinasse and Selenium on Tomatoes through Foliar Fertilization. Dima, Stefan-Ovidiu; Neamtu, Constantin; Desliu-Avram, Malina; Ghiurea, Marius; Capra, Luiza; Radu, Jan 1, 2020 11962
Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Photosynthesis and Growth of Tomato Plants as Affected by Long-Term Oxygen Root Zone Deprivation and Grafting. Mauro, Rosario Paolo; Agnello, Michele; Distefano, Miriam; Sabatino, Leo; Primo, Alberto San Bautist Jan 1, 2020 9102
Interactive Effects of the C[O.sub.2] Enrichment and Nitrogen Supply on the Biomass Accumulation, Gas Exchange Properties, and Mineral Elements Concentrations in Cucumber Plants at Different Growth Stages. Li, Xun; Dong, Jinlong; Gruda, Nazim S.; Chu, Wenying; Duan, Zengqiang Jan 1, 2020 10732
LEA Gene Expression Assessment in Advanced Mutant Rice Genotypes under Drought Stress. Kamarudin, Zarifth Shafika; Yusop, Mohd Rafii; Ismail, Mohd Razi; Mohamed, Mahmud Tengku Muda; Harun Jan 1, 2020 5311
Variation in Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Wild Elymus nutans Ecotypes from Different Altitudes in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau. Qi, Juan; Liu, Wenhui; Jiao, Ting; Hamblin, Ann Jan 1, 2020 7162
Nanophosphorus Fertilizer Stimulates Growth and Photosynthetic Activity and Improves P Status in Rice. Miranda-Villagomez, Erika; Trejo-Tellez, Libia Iris; Gomez-Merina, Fernando Carlos; Sandoval-Villa, Dec 31, 2019 10412
Transcriptomic Evidence of Adaptive Evolution of the Epiphytic Fern Asplenium nidus. Zhang, Jiao; Liu, Li; Shu, Jiang-Ping; Jin, Dong-Mei; Shen, Hui; Chen, Hong-Feng; Zhang, Rui; Yan, Y Dec 31, 2019 5409
Exogenous Melatonin Delays Methyl Jasmonate-Triggered Senescence in Tomato Leaves. Wang, Meiling; Zhang, Tong; Ding, Fei Dec 1, 2019 6669
The Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Photosystem II of the Host Plant Under Salt Stress: A Meta-Analysis. Wang, Yingnan; Wang, Jinghong; Yan, Xiufeng; Sun, Shengnan; Lin, Jixiang Dec 1, 2019 8048
Arsenic Accumulation in Grafted Melon Plants: Role of Rootstock in Modulating Root-To-Shoot Translocation and Physiological Response. Allevato, Enrica; Mauro, Rosario Paolo; Stazi, Silvia Rita; Marabottini, Rosita; Leonardi, Cherubino Dec 1, 2019 10216
Simulating Growth and Development Processes of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.): Adaptation and Evaluation of the CSM-CROPGRO Model. Prager, Achim; Boote, Kenneth J.; Munz, Sebastian; Graeff-Honninger, Simone Dec 1, 2019 14379
Moderate Drip Irrigation Level with Low Mepiquat Chloride Application Increases Cotton Lint Yield by Improving Leaf Photosynthetic Rate and Reproductive Organ Biomass Accumulation in Arid Region. Gao, Hongyun; Ma, Hui; Khan, Aziz; Xia, Jun; Hao, Xianzhe; Wang, Fangyong; Luo, Honghai Dec 1, 2019 9874
Water Deficit Effects on Soybean Root Morphology and Early-Season Vigor. Wijewardana, Chathurika; Alsajri, F.A.; Irby, J.T.; Krutz, L.J.; Golden, B.R.; Henry, W.B.; Reddy, K Dec 1, 2019 8492
Effects of Brassinosteroids on Photosynthetic Performance and Nitrogen Metabolism in Pepper Seedlings under Chilling Stress. Yang, Ping; Wang, Yu; Li, Jie; Bian, Zhonghua Dec 1, 2019 8101
Physiological and Proteomic Analyses Reveal Adaptive Mechanisms of Ryegrass (Annual vs. Perennial) Seedlings to Salt Stress. Peng, Xiaoyuan; Yu, Dafu; Yan, Junxin; Zhang, Na; Lin, Jixiang; Wang, Jinghong Dec 1, 2019 10648
Both Multi-Segment Light Intensity and Extended Photoperiod Lighting Strategies, with the Same Daily Light Integral, Promoted Lactuca sativa L. Growth and Photosynthesis. Mao, Hanping; Hang, Teng; Zhang, Xiaodong; Lu, Na Dec 1, 2019 6729
Changes in Leaf Structural and Functional Characteristics when Changing Planting Density at Different Growth Stages Alters Cotton Lint Yield under a New Planting Model. Khan, Aziz; Zheng, Jie; Tan, Daniel Kean Yuen; Khan, Ahmad; Akhtar, Kashif; Kong, Xiangjun; Munsif, Dec 1, 2019 9232
Incorporation of Manure into Ridge and Furrow Planting System Boosts Yields of Maize by Optimizing Soil Moisture and Improving Photosynthesis. Qin, Anzhen; Fang, Yanjie; Ning, Dongfeng; Liu, Zhandong; Zhao, Ben; Xiao, Junfu; Duan, Aiwang; Yong Dec 1, 2019 9419
Adjusting Ceptometer Data to Improve Leaf Area Index Measurements. Pokovai, Klara; Fodor, Nandor Dec 1, 2019 6289
Optimal LED Wavelength Composition for the Production of High-Quality Watermelon and Interspecific Squash Seedlings Used for Grafting. Bantis, Filippos; Koukounaras, Athanasios; Siomos, Anastasios S.; Radoglou, Kalliopi; Dangitsis, Chr Dec 1, 2019 5649
Comparison of SHD and Open-Center Training Systems in Almond Tree Orchards cv. 'Soleta'. Casanova-Gascon, Jose; Figueras-Panillo, Marcos; Iglesias-Castellarnau, Ignasi; Martin-Ramos, Pablo Dec 1, 2019 8665
Effect of Light Intensity on Rooting and Growth of Hydroponic Strawberry Runner Plants in a LED Plant Factory. Zheng, Jianfeng; Ji, Fang; He, Dongxian; Niu, Genhua Dec 1, 2019 6199
Thermotolerance and Physiological Traits as Fast Tools to Heat Tolerance Selection in Experimental Sugarcane Genotypes. Castro-Nava, Sergio; Lopez-Rubio, Enrique Dec 1, 2019 3136
Effects of Nitrogen Foliar Fertilization on the Vegetative and Productive Performance of the Olive Tree and on Oil Quality. Regni, Luca; Proietti, Primo Dec 1, 2019 5142
Comparative Water Relations of Two Contrasting Date Palm Genotypes under Salinity. Kharusi, Latifa Al; Sunkar, Ramanjulu; Yahyai, Rashid Al-; Yaish, Mahmoud W. Nov 30, 2019 9652
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot ... while helping to save the planet, too. Nov 24, 2019 525
CREATING THE BOUGH-WOW FACTOR; A beautiful tree will not only transform your outdoor space no matter how small, it will help save the planet too. DIARMUID GAVIN Nov 24, 2019 495
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping save the planet too. Nov 23, 2019 486
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping save the planet too. YOUR GARDEN With Diarmuid Gavin Nov 21, 2019 525
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping to save the planet too. Nov 21, 2019 525
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping to save the planet too. Nov 21, 2019 525
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping save the planet too. Nov 21, 2019 525
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping save the planet too. Nov 21, 2019 486
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping to save the planet too. Nov 20, 2019 522
Barking up the right tree; A beautiful tree will transform your plot... while helping to save the planet too. YOUR GARDEN With Diarmuid Gavin Nov 20, 2019 531
Scientists discover key to photosynthesis that could help meet food security demands. ANI Nov 18, 2019 465
Key to Photosynthesis Unlocked. Nov 18, 2019 418
Creating the bough-wow factor; IN THE GARDEN; A beautiful tree will transform your plot while helping save the planet too. with DAIRMUID GAVIN Nov 16, 2019 590
Creating the bough-wow factor; A beautiful tree will transform your plot while helping save the planet too. with DAIRMUID GAVIN Nov 16, 2019 594
Creating the bough-wow factor. with DAIRMUID GAVIN Nov 16, 2019 602
Scientists Create Artificial Leaf To Help Combat Climate Change. Jan Cortes Nov 5, 2019 363
Substrate Volumetric Water Content Controls Growth and Development of Containerized Culinary Herbs. Currey, Christopher J.; Flax, Nicholas J.; Litvin, Alexander G.; Metz, Vincent C. Nov 1, 2019 5439
Influence of Foliar Kaolin Application and Irrigation on Photosynthetic Activity of Grape Berries. Garrido, Andreia; Serodio, Joao; De Vos, Ric; Conde, Artur; Cunha, Ana Nov 1, 2019 8795
Genotypic Variation in Cotton Genotypes for Phosphorus-Use Efficiency. Iqbal, Asif; Gui, Huiping; Zhang, Hengheng; Wang, Xiangru; Pang, Nianchang; Dong, Qiang; Song, Meizh Nov 1, 2019 10376
Variability in Water Use Efficiency of Grapevine Tempranillo Clones and Stability over Years at Field Conditions. Tortosa, Ignacio; Douthe, Cyril; Pou, Alicia; Balda, Pedro; Hernandez-Montes, Esther; Toro, Guillerm Nov 1, 2019 6944
Melatonin Stimulates Activities and Expression Level of Antioxidant Enzymes and Preserves Functionality of Photosynthetic Apparatus in Hickory Plants (Carya cathayensis Sarg.) under PEG-Promoted Drought. Wang, Junfeng; Chen, Juanjuan; Sharma, Anket; Tao, Shenchen; Zheng, Bingsong; Landi, Marco; Yuan, Hu Nov 1, 2019 6015
Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterial Mitigation of Drought Stress in Crop Plants: Implications for Sustainable Agriculture. Ojuederie, Omena Bernard; Olanrewaju, Oluwaseyi Samuel; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti Nov 1, 2019 18292
Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Combined with Supplemental Light Improve Growth and Quality of Plug Seedlings of Astragalus membranaceus Bunge and Codonopsis lanceolata Benth. et Hook. f. Liu, Ya; Ren, Xiuxia; Jeong, Byoung Ryong Nov 1, 2019 10645
Boron Excess Imbalances Root/Shoot Allometry, Photosynthetic and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters and Sugar Metabolism in Apple Plants. Oikonomou, Alexia; Ladikou, Evangelia-Vasiliki; Chatziperou, Georgia; Margaritopoulou, Theoni; Landi Nov 1, 2019 9644
Silicon Compensates Phosphorus Deficit-Induced Growth Inhibition by Improving Photosynthetic Capacity, Antioxidant Potential, and Nutrient Homeostasis in Tomato. Zhang, Yi; Liang, Ying; Zhao, Xin; Jin, Xiu; Hou, Leiping; Shi, Yu; Ahammed, Golam Jalal Nov 1, 2019 8531
The Growth and Development of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) and Bush Basil (Ocimum minimum) Grown under Three Light Regimes in a Controlled Environment. Aldarkazali, Mohammed; Rihan, Hail Z.; Carne, Demelza; Fuller, Michael P. Nov 1, 2019 6644
Bioregulators Can Improve Biomass Production, Photosynthetic Efficiency, and Ornamental Quality of Gazania rigens L. Zulfiqar, Faisal; Younis, Adnan; Abideen, Zainul; Francini, Alessandra; Ferrante, Antonio Nov 1, 2019 6051
Organic based integrated nutrient management scheme enhances soil carbon storage in rainfed rice (Oryza sativa) cultivation. Saikia, Parijat; Baruah, Kushal Kumar; Bhattacharya, Satya Sundar; Choudhury, Chandrima Report Nov 1, 2019 12148
Green Synthesis of Nanofertilizers and Their Application as a Foliar for Cucurbita pepo L. Hassan, Ahmed Shebl A.A.; Salama, Dina M.; Aziz, M.E. Abd El-; Elwahed, Mohamed S.A. Abd Oct 31, 2019 6959
OVEREXPRESSION OF MsDNAJ-PROTEIN ENHANCES DROUGHT TOLERANCE IN TRANSGENIC TOBACCO PLANTS. Ki-Won Lee, Md. Atikur Rahman, Hee Chung Ji, Ki-Yong Kim, Hyung Soo Park, Gi Jun Choi, and Sang-Hoon Oct 31, 2019 2620
Study shows how vital coral algae adapts to warming seas. Oct 24, 2019 700
Team to make a fuel of Mother Nature. JAMIE HARRIS Oct 22, 2019 113
Man-made leaf could create 'new petrol'. Oct 22, 2019 133
Farm tech could help boost food production. Bill Gates Oct 16, 2019 626
Siemens, Evonik launch CO2-based chemicals project. Oct 10, 2019 642
Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals the Temporal and Spatial Changes in Physiological Process and Gene Expression in Common Buckwheat (Fagopyrutn esculentutn Moench) Grown under Drought Stress. Hou, Zehao; Yin, Junliang; Lu, Yifei; Song, Jinghan; Wang, Shuping; Wei, Shudong; Liu, Zhixiong; Zha Oct 1, 2019 7119
Effect of Heat Stress on Growth and Physiological Traits of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and a Comprehensive Evaluation for Heat Tolerance. Wassie, Misganaw; Zhang, Weihong; Zhang, Qiang; Ji, Kang; Chen, Liang Oct 1, 2019 10801
Effect of Drought, Nitrogen Fertilization, Temperature and Photoperiodicity on Quinoa Plant Growth and Development in the Sahel. Alvar-Beltran, Jorge; Dao, Abdalla; Marta, Anna Dalla; Saturnin, Coulibaly; Casini, Paolo; Sanou, Ja Oct 1, 2019 10189
Stimulatory Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on the Growth and Flowering of Potted Oriental Lilies. Salachna, Piotr; Zawadziriska, Andzelika Byczyriska Agnieszka; Piechocki, Rafal; Mizielinska, Malgor Oct 1, 2019 6429
Organic Manure Coupled with Inorganic Fertilizer: An Approach for the Sustainable Production of Rice by Improving Soil Properties and Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Iqbal, Anas; He, Liang; Khan, Aziz; Wei, Shangqin; Akhtar, Kashif; Ali, Izhar; Ullah, Saif; Munsif, Oct 1, 2019 11810
Manipulating the Difference between the Day and Night Temperatures Can Enhance the Quality of Astragalus membranaceus and Codonopsis lanceolata Plug Seedlings. Liu, Ya; Ren, Xiuxia; Jeong, Byoung Ryong Oct 1, 2019 6835
Physiological Responses of Onion Varieties to varying Photoperiod and Temperature Regimes. Bachie, Oli G.; Santiago, Louis S.; McGiffen, Milton E. Oct 1, 2019 4404
Differential Response of Sugar Beet to Long-Term Mild to Severe Salinity in a Soil-Pot Culture. Tahjib-UI-Arif, Md.; Sohag, Abdullah Al Mamun; Afrin, Sonya; Bashar, Kazi Khayrul; Afrin, Tania; Mah Oct 1, 2019 10285
Increasing Nutrient Solution pH Alleviated Aluminum-Induced Inhibition of Growth and Impairment of Photosynthetic Electron Transport Chain in Citrus sinensis Seedlings. Yang, Tao-Yu; Cai, Li-Ya; Qi, Yi-Ping; Yang, Lin-Tong; Lai, Ning-Wei; Chen, Li-Song Sep 30, 2019 8648
Ocean Productivity Falls as the Planet Heats Up. Koenig, Erin Sep 22, 2019 1094
CARBON FARMING: A SOLUTION TO CLIMATE CHANGE? Toensmeier, Eric Interview Sep 22, 2019 1900
Defoliation, application of S-ABA and vegetal extracts on the quality of grape and wine Malbec cultivar/ Desfolha, aplicacao de S-ABA e extratos vegetais sobre a qualidade da uva e do vinho da cv. Malbec. Pessenti, Isabela Leticia; Ayub, Ricardo Antonio; Botelho, Renato Vasconcelos Sep 1, 2019 5614
Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Solar Energy. Wei, Wei; Wang, Hui; Wang, Chunling; Luo, Hongmei Aug 31, 2019 904
Bacillus Cereus Enhanced Phytoremediation Ability of Rice Seedlings under Cadmium Toxicity. Jan, Mehmood; Shah, Gulmeena; Masood, Sadaf; Shinwari, Kamran Iqbal; Hameed, Rashida; Rha, E.S.; Jam Aug 31, 2019 7999
Why is the Amazon fires crisis sparking outcry and what are the dangers? Aug 27, 2019 599
sound judgement; THE LATEST ALBUM RELEASES RATED AND REVIEWED. Aug 22, 2019 332
sound judgement; THE LATEST ALBUM RELEASES RATED AND REVIEWED. Aug 18, 2019 332
sound judgement; THE LATEST ALBUM RELEASES RATED AND REVIEWED. Aug 18, 2019 332
ALBUM OF THE WEEK. Aug 17, 2019 153
Poppin' & Punchin' FOR BIG-TIME BASS. Quinn, Steve Aug 1, 2019 2066
Morphophysiology of buffel grass grown under different water supplies in the dry and dry-rainy seasons/ Morfofisiologia do capim-buffel cultivado sob diferentes suprimentos hidricos na estacao seca e estacao seca chuvosa. Maranhao, Samuel R.; Pompeu, Roberto C.F.F.; de Souza, Henrique A.; de Araujo, Ricardo A.; Fontinele Aug 1, 2019 3824
Morphophysiology of Tahiti lime grafted onto Sunki mandarin hybrids under salt stress/ Morfofisiologia da limeira acida Tahiti enxertada em hibridos de tangerineira Sunki sob estresse salino. Silva, Luderlandio A.; Brito, Marcos E.B.; Fernandes, Pedro D.; Sa, Francisco V. da S.; Moreira, Rom Aug 1, 2019 5508
Metabolic Activation and Scaling in Two Species of Colonial Cnidarians. Almegbel, Maram N.A.; Rowe, Emery A.; Alnaser, Fatmah N.; Yeager, Mark; Blackstone, Neil W. Report Aug 1, 2019 7243
Photosynthetic Pigments Contained in Surface Sediments from the Hydrothermal System of Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California. Ramirez-Ortega, D.B.; Soto, L.A.; Estradas-Romero, A.; Hernandez-Sandoval, F.E. Jul 31, 2019 5548
Effects of the Photosystem II Inhibitors CCCP and DCMU on Hydrogen Production by the Unicellular Halotolerant Cyanobacterium Aphanothece halophytica. Pansook, Sunisa; Incharoensakdi, Aran; Phunpruch, Saranya Jul 31, 2019 6897
A Systematic View Exploring the Role of Chloroplasts in Plant Abiotic Stress Responses. Yo-HanYoo; Hong, Woo-Jong; Jung, Ki-Hong Jul 31, 2019 8254
Origin of Photosynthesis: Strange Bacteria. Jul 27, 2019 590
Green space does not filter toxins. Jul 17, 2019 125
Material Way to Make Mars Habitable. Jul 16, 2019 874
Oceans are the 'lungs of the Earth'. Jul 1, 2019 1679
Carbon Capture Coatings: Proof Of Concept Results And Call To Action. McInnis, Brittney M.; Hurt, Jonathan D.; McDaniel, Steve; Kemp, Lisa K.; Hodges, Tyler W.; Nobles, D Jul 1, 2019 6098
Optical properties of the waters of the southern Gulf of Mexico during summer. Coria-Monter, Erik; de Leon, David Alberto Salas; Monreal-Gomez, Maria Adela; Duran-Campos, Elizabet Jul 1, 2019 4867
Visible Light-Driven Gas-Phase Artificial Photosynthesis Reactions over Ruthenium Metal Nanoparticles Modified with Anatase Ti[O.sub.2]. Morais, Eduardo; O'Modhrain, Colin; Ravindranathan Thampi, K.; Sullivan, James A. Jun 30, 2019 6313
Photosynthesis (What Living Things Eat). Toffoli, Oceane Book review Jun 22, 2019 111
Illuminating the link between plants and carbon sinks: A new method to observe photosynthesis could improve understanding of how plants store atmospheric carbon. Jun 1, 2019 650
Residual effect of imazapyr + imazapic on cotton grown in succession to soybean/ Efeito residual de imazapir + imazapic em algodao cultivado em sucessao a soja. Ribeiro, Samia R. de S.; Souza, Amanda dos S.; Leal, Jessica F.L.; Borella, Junior; Araujo, Andre L. Jun 1, 2019 3926
The Ulva spp. Conundrum: What Does the Ecophysiology of Southern Atlantic Specimens Tell Us? Oliveira, Vinicius Peruzzi; Ignacio, Barbara Lage; Martins, Nuno Tavares; Dobler, Leticia; Enrich-Pr May 31, 2019 4136
Supplementary Light Source Affects Growth, Metabolism, and Physiology of Adenophora triphylla (Thunb.) A.DC. Seedlings. Liu, Ya; Ren, Xiuxia; Jeong, Byoung Ryong May 31, 2019 11048
General Knowledge Quiz. May 22, 2019 406
General Knowledge Quiz. May 20, 2019 406
Plants are working to slow effect of human-caused climate change: Study. May 17, 2019 373
New spectral analysis tech can help boost plant production. May 17, 2019 417
HOW TO COOL AN OCEAN: Climate change isn't just making the sea levels rise; it's making the oceans warmer. Now some desperate geoengineering researchers are looking into ways to slow that catastrophic trend. Buck, Holly Jean May 1, 2019 2533
Photo-selective shade nets on the production and quality of sugarcane plantlets/ Malhas fotosseletivas na producao e qualidade de mudas de cana-de-acucar. Cordeiro, Jose J.F., Jr.; Pandorfi, Heliton; Filho, Jose A.D. Barbosa; Moraes, Alex S.; Neto, Luiz A May 1, 2019 4778
Symbiotic Root-Endophytic Soil Microbes Improve Crop Productivity and Provide Environmental Benefits. Harman, Gary E.; Uphoff, Norman Apr 30, 2019 21272
Photosynthetic Pigments with Potential for a Photosynthetic Antenna: A DFT Analysis. Monzon-Bensojo, Jesus Francisco; Flores-Hidalgo, Manuel A.; Barraza-Jimenez, Diana Apr 30, 2019 11684
Horticulturist fear serious impact of hailstorm and rain on mango crops. Apr 19, 2019 411
Researchers discover peculiar organism that produce chlorophyll without engaging in photosynthesis. Apr 8, 2019 443
Algal Sources of Sequestered Chloroplasts in the Sacoglossan Sea Slug Elysia crispata Vary by Location and Ecotype. Middlebrooks, Michael L.; Curtis, Nicholas E.; Pierce, Sidney K. Report Apr 1, 2019 6966
Light-Dependent Electrical Activity in Sea Urchin Tube Feet Cells. Marconi, Lauren J.; Stivale, Avery; Shah, Muneeb A.; Shelley, Chris Report Apr 1, 2019 4117
Gas exchange, root hydraulic conductivity, water use efficiency and the growth of Toona ciliata clones and seedlings/Trocas gasosas, condutividade hidraulica das raizes, eficiencia do uso da agua e crescimento de mudas clonais e seminiferas de Toona ciliata. de Oliveira, Taiane Pires de Freitas; Barroso, Deborah Guerra; Figueiredo, Fabio Afonso Mazzei Moura Apr 1, 2019 6751
Photosynthetic responses of Eucalyptus seedlings submitted to chemical and mechanical stimulus/Respostas fotossinteticas em mudas de eucalipto submetidas a estimulo quimico e mecanico. Lima, Paulo Ricardo; Malavasi, Ubirajara Contro; Battistus, Andre Gustavo; Dranski, Joao Alexandre L Apr 1, 2019 6373
Salt stress and exogenous application of hydrogen peroxide on photosynthetic parameters of soursop/Estresse salino e aplicacao exogena de peroxido de hidrogenio nos parametros fotossinteticos da gravioleira. da Silva, Andre A.R.; de Lima, Geovani S.; de Azevedo, Carlos A.V.; Veloso, Luana L. de S.A.; Gheyi, Apr 1, 2019 5478
Spatial distribution analysis of Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. in Araucaria forest fragments with different sizes/Analise da distribuicao espacial de Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. em fragmentos de Floresta com Araucaria com diferentes tamanhos. Mallmann, I.T.; Silva, V.L.; Port, R.K.; Oliveira, F.B.; Schmitt, J.L. Apr 1, 2019 5728
Centrifugation, Storage, and Filtration of Olive Oil in an Oil Mill: Effect on the Quality and Content of Minority Compounds. Vidal, Alfonso M.; Alcala, Sonia; de Torres, Antonia; Moya, Manuel; Espinola, Francisco Mar 31, 2019 6195
Sowing operation direction and population densities in corn growing/Sentido da operacao de semeadura e densidades populacionais no cultivo do milho. Correa, Rafael D.G.; Furlani, Carlos E.A.; Zerbato, Cristiano; de Oliveira, Danilo T.; de F. Noronha Mar 1, 2019 3283
Respuesta de Fragaria mexicana y comunidades microbianas rizosfericas al aumento de temperatura. Gamboa-Mendoza, Adriana Patricia; Delgadillo-Martinez, Julian; Almaraz-Suarez, Juan Jose; Robledo-Pa Mar 1, 2019 7680
LED grow lights alter sorghum growth and sugarcane aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) plant interactions in a controlled environment. Limaje, Ankur; Armstrong, J. Scott; Paudyal, Sulochana; Hoback, Wyatt Report Mar 1, 2019 5284
Artificial Leaves Grab Carbon Dioxide from Air. Feb 13, 2019 569
Responses of antioxidant enzymes, photosynthetic pigments and carbohydrates in micropropagated Pitcairnia encholirioides L.B. Sm. (Bromeliaceae) under ex vitro water deficit and after rehydration/ Respostas de enzimas antioxidantes, pigmentos fotossinteticos e carboidratos em Pitcairnia encholirioides L.B. Sm. Resende, C.F.; Pacheco, V.S.; Dornellas, F.F.; Oliveira, A.M.S.; Freitas, J.C.E.; Peixoto, P.H.P. Feb 1, 2019 11059
Leaf exogenous application of abscisic acid triggers tolerance mechanisms to water stress in rubber/A aplicacao exogena foliar de acido abscisico desencadeia mecanismos de tolerancia a deficiencia hidrica em seringueira. de Melo, Hyrandir Cabral; Rodrigues, Fabricio Jesus; Queiros, Silas Ferreira; de Aquino Portes, Toma Jan 1, 2019 6423
Gas exchanges and photochemical efficiency of hydroponic bell pepper under salinity and plant density/Trocas gasosas e eficiencia fotoquimica do pimentao hidroponico sob salinidade e densidades de plantio. Cavalcante, Antonio R.; Junior, Jose A. Santos; de F. Furtado, Guilherme; Chaves, Lucia H.G. Jan 1, 2019 4322
Effects of shading on leaf physiology and morphology in the 'Yinhong' grape plants/Efeitos de sombra sobre a fisiologia da folha e a morfologia nas plantas de uva "Yinhong". Qiu, Tian; Wu, Yueyan; Shen, ZiLi; Wu, Yanyan; Lu, Dan; He, Jingwen Dec 15, 2018 5323
Surgery or surgical defolation in 'Grand Naine' banana in the control of black Sigatoka in the state of Rio de Janeiro/Cirurgia ou desfolha cirurgica em bananeira 'Grande Naine' no controle da Sigatoka-Negra, no Rio de Janeiro. Jimenez, Jose Leonardo Santos; Brioso, Paulo Sergio Torres Dec 15, 2018 3200
Relationship between root exudation of organic carbon and physiological variables of irrigated rice cultivars/ Relacao entre exsudacao radicular de carbono organico e variaveis fisiologicas de cultivares de arroz irrigado. Moscoso, Janielly Silva Costa; da Silva, Leandro Souza; Tarouco, Camila Peligrinotti; Nicoloso, Fern Dec 1, 2018 5235
Stimulation of Hydrogen Photoproduction in Chlorella sorokiniana Subjected to Simultaneous Nitrogen Limitation and Sulfur- and/or Phosphorus-Deprivation. Pongpadung, Piyawat; Zhang, Litao; Sathasivam, Ramaraj; Yokthongwattana, Kittisak; Juntawong, Niran; Report Dec 1, 2018 5012
Coccolithophore Relief: An Art and Science Interrogation of Ocean Acidification. Rock, Jenny; Taylor, Lynn; Allen, Ro J. Essay Dec 1, 2018 2518
Perfiles estructurales, histoquimicos y fotosinteticos de las agallas inducidas por Eugeniamyia dispar (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) en las hojas de Eugenia uniflora (Myrtaceae). Costa Rezende, Uiara; Pinheiro Moreira, Ana Silvia Franco; Coelho Kuster, Vinicius; Coelho de Olivei Dec 1, 2018 5724
Potentiality of algae extracts in alleviating stresses effect on common bean under upper Egypt conditions. Setta, Noha Gamal Abu; Saber, Hani; El-Dakkak, Abu Bakr Abd El-Azim; Galal, Hamdy Ramadan Dec 1, 2018 9234
China means business. Frost, Calvin Nov 1, 2018 1389
Importance of planting trees. Oct 10, 2018 212
Photanol Builds Demonstration Plant at AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals' Delfzijl Site. Oct 1, 2018 240
Improving photosynthesis. Frost, Calvin Oct 1, 2018 1034
Nature's heartbeat. Hennig, Benjamin; Malhi, Yadvinder Oct 1, 2018 491
Chlorophyll a fluorescence in saccharine sorghum irrigated with saline water/Fluorescencia da clorofila a em sorgo sacarino irrigado com agua salina. Monteiro, Danilo R.; Melo, Hidelblandi F. de; Lins, Cintia M.T.; Dourado, Pablo R.M.; Santos, Hugo R Oct 1, 2018 4224
Water potential and gas exchanges in sugarcane irrigated with saline waters/Potencial hidrico e trocas gasosas em cana-de-acucar irrigada com aguas salinas. Lira, Raquele M. de; Silva, Enio F. de F.; Barros, Marcone da S.; Gordin, Leandro C.; Willadino, Lil Oct 1, 2018 2707
Growth, gas exchange and photochemical efficiency of the cowpea bean under salt stress and phosphorus fertilization. da Silva Sa, Francisco Vanies; Neto, Miguel Ferreira; de Lima, Yuri Bezerra; Paiva, Emanoela Pereira Report Oct 1, 2018 5628
The Living Breathing Ocean: CAN 'OCEAN ELEVATORS' CARRY EXCESS CARBON TO THE DEEP? Dever, Mathieu Report Sep 22, 2018 1648
All-In-One Light-Driven Water Splitting. Sep 10, 2018 660
Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis To Convert Sunlight Into Fuel. Sep 4, 2018 598
Unique process to revolutionize solar power usage discovered. Sep 4, 2018 369
Scientists find new way to turn sunlight into fuel. Sep 4, 2018 498
New Way to Turn Sunlight Into Fuel. Sep 4, 2018 628
Tracking Free Radicals in the Environment with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: How EPR enables scientists to detect species with unpaired electrons, such as free radicals, in soil, air and water. Ranguelova, Kalina Sep 1, 2018 1105
Living Cells in Wood 3. Overview; Functional Anatomy of the Parenchyma Network. Carlquist, Sherwin Report Sep 1, 2018 21531
Irrigation with saline water in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) in a soil with bovine biofertilizer/Irrigacao com agua salina na soja (Glycine max L.) em solo com biofertilizante bovino. Sousa, Geocleber G. de; Rodrigues, Valdecio dos S.; Soares, Stallone da C.; Damasceno, Italo N.; Sar Sep 1, 2018 4198
Sunlight transmitted by colored shade nets on photosynthesis and yield of cucumber/Luz solar transmitida por malhas coloridas sobre fotossintese e rendimento de pepino. Tafoya, Felipe Ayala; Juarez, Moises Gilberto Yanez; Orona, Carlos Alfonso Lopez; Lopez, Raymundo Me Sep 1, 2018 6371
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Why farmers may not need fertiliser in future. Jul 24, 2018 452
Growing a Revolution: An excerpt from a book that examines the roots of the underground economy and how to improve soil health. Montgomery, David R. Excerpt Jul 1, 2018 3358
HOUSE OF CHARDS: The dark side of the vertical-farm boom. Philpott, Tom Jul 1, 2018 737
Devonian Health Group granted US patent for anti-ageing treatment. Jun 27, 2018 197
Devonian Health Group granted US patent for anti-ageing treatment. Jun 27, 2018 193
Differential proteomic analysis of date palm leaves infested with the red palm weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Rasool, Khawaja Ghulam; Khan, Muhammad Altaf; Tufail, Muhammad; Husain, Mureed; Mehmood, Khalid; Muk Report Jun 1, 2018 7923
Scientists Engineer Artificial Cell That Mimics Metabolic Reactions. May 30, 2018 470
Older Amazonian forests help regulate global climate. May 29, 2018 536
C[O.sub.2] Enrichment Can Boost Yields and Help Mitigate Climate Change. Ashkan, Shawn; Zoldoske, David May 1, 2018 1425
Goodyear's Greenwalls. May 1, 2018 319
Photochemical efficiency in cladodes of 'Gigante' cactus pear cultivated under different spacings and organic fertilization/ Eficiencia fotoquimica em cladodios de palma forrageira 'Gigante' cultivada sob diferentes espacamentos e adubacao organica. Brito, Cleiton F.B.; Donato, Sergio L.R.; de M. Arantes, Alessandro; Donato, Paulo E.R.; da Silva, J May 1, 2018 4249
Will Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Really Boost Plant Growth? Apr 21, 2018 902
Seasonal allergies. Apr 14, 2018 304
Effects of dietary Spirulina on antioxidant status, lipid profile, immune response and performance characteristics of broiler chickens reared under high ambient temperature. Mirzaie, Sara; Zirak-Khattab, Fahim; Hosseini, Seyed Abdollah; Donyaei-Darian, Hamid Report Apr 1, 2018 5967
The Benefits of Houseplants. Mar 14, 2018 284
The race to invent the artificial leaf. Mar 1, 2018 2534
Physiological, biochemical and productive changes in sesame genotypes subjected to different rates of water replenishment/Alteracoes fisiologicas, bioquimicas e produtiva em genotipos de gergelim submetidos a diferentes taxas de reposicao hidrica. Lima, Maria S.R.; Rocha, Maria do S.; Melo, Alberto S. de; Dutra, Wellison F. Mar 1, 2018 4342
Regulation of Sugar in Sweet Sorghum Crop--A Review. Siddique, Anaytullah; Upadhyay, Hina; Sharma, Manoj Kumar; Kumar, Arun Report Mar 1, 2018 2862
Symbiont Identity Influences Patterns of Symbiosis Establishment, Host Growth, and Asexual Reproduction in a Model Cnidarian-Dinoflagellate Symbiosis. Gabay, Yasmin; Weis, Virginia M.; Davy, Simon K. Report Feb 1, 2018 6677
The sensitivity of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) plants to UV-B radiation is altered by nitrogen status/A sensibilidade das plantas de girassol (Helianthus annuus L.) a radiacao UV-B e alterada pelo suprimento de nitrogenio. Cechin, Ines; Gonzalez, Gisely Cristina; Corniani, Natalia; Fumis, Terezinha de Fatima Feb 1, 2018 4113
Salt stress and exogenous silicon influence physiological and anatomical features of in vitro-grown cape gooseberry/Estresse salino e silicio exogeno influenciam caracteristicas fisiologicas e anatomicas de fisalis cultivada in vitro. Rezende, Renata Alves Lara Silva; Rodrigues, Filipe Almendagna; Soares, Joyce Doria Rodrigues; Silve Jan 1, 2018 5261
Amino Acids, Mineral Nutrients, and Efficacy of Vermicompost and Seafood and Municipal Solid Wastes Composts. Abbey, Lord; Annan, Nana; Asiedu, Samuel Kwaku; Esan, Ebenezer Oluwaseun; Iheshiulo, Ekene Mark-Anth Report Jan 1, 2018 4474
Morphophysiological Traits of Gray Mangrove (Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh.) at Different Levels of Soil Salinity. Seedo, Kholoud Abou; Abido, Mohammad S.; Salih, Ahmed; Abahussain, Asma Jan 1, 2018 5880
Biobased Polymers and Composites. Zhang, Chaoqun; Quirino, Rafael L.; Sun, Jianzhong Jan 1, 2018 291
Biomimetic Approach to C[O.sub.2] Reduction. Gamba, Ilaria Jan 1, 2018 9189
Growth Responses and Photosynthetic Indices of Bamboo Plant (Indocalamus latifolius) under Heavy Metal Stress. Emamverdian, Abolghassem; Ding, Yulong; Mokhberdoran, Farzad; Xie, Yinfeng Jan 1, 2018 4194
New Approach of the Oxidant Peroxo Method (OPM) Route to Obtain Ti[(OH).sub.4] Nanoparticles with High Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Radiation. Nogueira, Andre E.; Ribeiro, Lucas S.; Gorup, Luiz F.; Silva, Gelson T.S.T.; Silva, Fernando F.B.; R Jan 1, 2018 6225
Photooxygenations and Self-Sensitizations of Naphthylamines: Efficient Access to Iminoquinones. Wei, Ying; Tang, Lei; Zhong, Chunxiao; Xie, Xinmiao; Sun, Pengju; Sun, Chen; Zhang, He; Zheng, Xiang Jan 1, 2018 6065

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