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PharmaVigilant offers clinical Process Solution.

PharmaVigilant offers Clinical trial Process Solutions designed to give sponsors complete visibility and access into the collection and management of clinical trial data. According to the company, the solution provides greater access and control of data, enabling sponsors to isolate inefficiencies, achieve cost savings and increase time to market.

"Our solution was designed to give sponsors direct visibility into the process behind building their clinical study and delivering their trial data so that any inefficiencies and wasteful costs have no place to hide," said James DeSanti, founder and chief executive officer, PharmaVigilant.

The company's clinical trial technology offerings include: InSpire: Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system; I-Ware-house: a data warehouse providing analytics across multiple trials; I-Vault eTMF: Electronic Trial Master File System (eTMF) for clinical development and submissions; I-Vault rSDV: Remote Source Document Verification (rSDV) for ongoing data monitoring independent of site visits; Inspire Control Center (ICC): A study administration tool for study start up, versioning and on-going maintenance for studies; I-Builder: Creates and validates study builds; PaySite: automated site payment with detailed reporting.

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Publication:Contract Pharma
Date:Apr 1, 2010
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